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It’s an exciting, albeit challenging implementing to target and
time for marketers. As we market engage their audience and drive
in the Engagement Economy—an revenue across the business.
era where everyone and Rather than marketing broadly
everything is connected—new across a large number of
channels, strategies, and organizations, companies that
technologies have empowered employ an ABM strategy focus
us to engage our buyers like their resources on a targeted set
never before. At the same time, of accounts and look to deliver
due to the abundance of strategic, orchestrated
information available, buyer campaigns personalized to
expectations have increased and those accounts—whether
we are all fighting to garner they’re prospective or
attention and showcase our existing customers. While both
products and services.

Account-based marketing (ABM)

is a strategic approach that
organizations—from marketing to
sales to customer support—are

broad-based demand generation Account-based marketing (ABM)
and account-based marketing is not new, but it is experiencing a
strategies have their benefits, resurgence in the marketplace. In
account-based marketing is the the past, it was difficult to
most effective when you need to scale ABM initiatives due to
focus your time and efforts on the high level of personalization
high-value accounts. That’s it requires. With advances in
because the accounts that you technology, ABM is now more
target with ABM are strategic. In scalable so more organizations,
fact, they are often high-yield and often led by the marketing
considered a better fit for your team, are implementing an
products or solutions. These ABM strategy to drive higher
accounts are likely to generate value outcomes.
more revenue and often have
strategic significance like
helping to penetrate new
territories or influence a market.
This strategy can also be
effective for consumer
audiences, specifically major
purchases that involve a high level
of investment, time or money,
from the buyer (e.g. wealth
management products).


New York City, United States

Today, more B2B organizations than ever are shifting their thinking toward account-centricity.

For organizations looking for a Account-based marketing is to any account-based strategy

significant return on investment mostly referred to as a targeted across the entire customer
(ROI), their thinking needs to shift approach to acquisition that lifecycle. You will find dedicated
towards acquiring, retaining, and requires the partnership of ABM playbooks for retention,
growing high-value accounts. marketing and sales, but it can and cross-sell, upsell, and advocacy
should be more than that. later in the guide so you have
As such, a strategy that requires Account-based marketing means examples of how to put your plans
partnership between marketing selecting target accounts and into action.
and sales (or other internal teams, delivering focused and
depending on the lifecycle focus) personalized programs, messages,
will help you and your organization and content to move them toward
focus your combined energy. This your goal—whether that’s an initial
targeted approach to finding, sale, cross-sale or upsale, renewal
engaging, closing, and growing the of their contract, or even
accounts that really matter naturally advocacy. For the purposes of this
aligns to C-suite priorities as well as guide, our language and examples
your organization’s strategic goals. will primarily focus on acquisition;
however, the strategy, techniques,
and best practices can be applied
As a marketer, you’re always looking for ways to more effectively
and efficiently drive revenue for your organization.

Traditionally, many B2B marketing may be a better or more While account-based marketing is
teams have largely subscribed to an complementary way depending not a new concept, it’s gaining
inbound marketing model. This on the nature of your market. momentum across organizations
meant driving awareness and of all sizes due to recent
engaging the largest number of As marketers have become technology innovations. ABM
potential buyers through content proficient in digital marketing at inverts the broad-based marketing
marketing and other digital scale and analytic capabilities approach we just described and
marketing techniques. Then, they improved, it is clear that not all
nurtured those leads and guided the generated leads and
them down the funnel towards opportunities were from the
sales. This approach, designed to best fitting accounts. This has
cast a wide net across a large created the need for more
number of companies, can be very focused and targeted
effective. However, it’s not the only techniques and technologies.
way to organize your sales and
marketing efforts; in fact, there

An account-based approach is nothing new—that strategy has been around forever. The
big reason that companies can focus on ABM today: technology. Companies can now
map their ABM objectives to a solution that changes the conversation with accounts.”

Jeff Coveney, President, RevEngine Marketing

instead turns the focus onto a nets (catching anything and Account-Based Can
defined set of target accounts with
the aim to generate higher value
everything) to fishing with a spear
(a more targeted technique). But
Live In Harmony
for the organization. In fact, 97% of the fact is, fishing with a spear is
ABM is a proactive complement to inbound’s
marketers achieved a higher ROI still too rudimentary because it publish-and-wait approach”
with ABM than with any other doesn’t offer the ability to scale.
Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, InsightSquared
marketing initiative, according to
Alterra Group. Today’s successful ABM
strategies are powered by digital If you’ve been marketing based off a
The targeted approach required in ABM technologies, which take the traditional funnel, or broad-based
an ABM strategy hasn’t always spearfishing analogy to the next marketing strategy, don’t rule out
been well-supported by level, by adding scalability. With account-based marketing. ABM can
technology—limiting the ability of digital ABM, marketers can identify work for organizations of all sizes and
ABM to scale—but that is no longer target accounts and create can co-exist with broad-based marketing
the case. Solution providers have personalized programs or activities. You can choose targeted
taken note, and a growing number campaigns in a scalable and accounts and treat them differently as a
of marketing technology automated way. To further drive part of an ABM strategy while you also run
companies have updated their efficiency for the organization, broad-based marketing campaigns to
current offerings or created new digital ABM that is a native part engage, nurture, acquire, and grow
ones to meet the growing demand of a comprehensive marketing customers in non-target accounts.
for ABM. Many of these platform makes an ABM In fact, doing both can make you
technologies explain the benefit of strategy (regardless of the more successful.
ABM and their technology with an program size) much more
analogy: moving from fishing with achievable and successful.

It has never been a more competitive environment to earn the attention of our buyers.
Organizations realize that the only way to succeed is to focus and personalize. ABM
strategies provide a framework for that focus.”

Travis Kaufman, VP Products & Partnerships, Leadspace

Account-based marketing offers real benefits to organizations that implement it.
Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and the impact that they have.

Increase Marketing ROI

Without an ABM strategy, it’s hard to ABM focuses your organization’s 2014 ITSMA Account-Based
determine whether you’re going efforts on generating pipeline and Marketing Survey found that “ABM
after the right accounts. Some growing revenue within the right delivers the highest return on
prospects may require more initial companies—those with a high investment of any B2B marketing
investment but ultimately result in propensity to purchase from, stay strategy or tactic.” And research
bigger deal sizes, recurring revenue, with, and buy more from you— from SiriusDecisions solidifies this
and larger lifetime values; while allowing you to make a bigger statement—92% of B2B marketers
others may cost less to acquire but revenue impact with each worldwide consider ABM
eventually churn—providing little to program. In fact, compared to extremely or very important to
no value. other marketing initiatives, the their overall marketing efforts.

B2B marketing functions must demonstrate the value they create for the organization, and
are being asked to do more. But their teams and budgets aren’t growing significantly. ABM
enables better alignment between marketing and sales to make joint decisions, and create
value together. The approach allocates limited resources more judiciously against the accounts
and opportunities that help the organization deliver against organizational growth goals.”

Matt Senatore, Service Director, Account-Based Marketing, Sirius Decisions

It’s More Efficient and Targeted
With ABM, you’re targeting the matter, and then give them
accounts that have real personalized, focused attention.
significance for your business By deciding and agreeing on
(whether that’s growing revenue, which accounts to target, you can
challenging a competitor, or profoundly impact the way you
increasing thought leadership). think about sales and marketing,
and the types of programs you
Marketers and collaborating teams, execute. Instead of casting a wide
such as sales and customer net, you’ll look for ways to target
support, can focus their resources key individuals (e.g. decision-
efficiently and run programs that makers) in specific organizations.
are specifically optimized for target By strategically targeting your
accounts. Rather than having a low efforts, you minimize the
conversion rate from new names to expenditure of resources on less
qualified leads as you would with important buyers or segments of
broad-based marketing strategies, the market—often significantly
you start with a pool of accounts reducing waste. And because ABM
that are already more likely to requires organizational buy-in
convert, fill the white space of from the beginning, the entire
contacts in those accounts that organization is working towards
achieving the same goals.

Technology makes it much more practical to gather the data needed for account-based
marketing and to coordinate activities between sales and marketing teams.”

David Raab, Founder, Raab Associates

It’s Personal— Drive Attributed Revenue
Therefore, Optimized With strategic ABM, you take an
ABM not only redirects your sales account-centric view to
and marketing efforts to a targeted measurement, which ultimately
audience with laser precision, but it makes it easier to show your
also entails personalizing your impact on the accounts that
messaging and communications to matter most. You are able to
specific accounts. In fact, understand the true impact each
according to Aberdeen Group, 75% activity has on driving the sale—
of customers say they prefer across the set of coordinated
personalized offers, which makes experiences you deliver to your
sense. Targeted customers are target accounts across channels.
more likely to engage with content Because of the tight alignment
that is specifically for them and is between sales and marketing,
relevant to their business and stage each team is able to see an
in the buyer journey. And because account-centric view of their
ABM is inherently personal, your revenue attribution and
campaigns are already optimized understand which channels,
for the right audience. campaigns, and messages drove
engagement and made an impact.

Marketing is no longer a one-way street—you cannot simply shove promotions to your

prospects. You need to engage in an active dialogue and ABM lets you do that with
unparalleled precision.”

Shari Johnston, SVP of Marketing, Radius

Increase Sales and
Marketing Alignment
Plenty has been said about the ABM marketers not only speak the
elusive goal of aligning sales and same language, but also must
marketing teams, but ABM is work closely with sales to identify
B2B marketers who successfully launch and
perhaps one of the most effective accounts and pursue them
sustain formal ABM programs can improve
ways to accomplish this goal. This is throughout the sales process. ABM their firms’ revenue growth and profit
primarily due to the fact that requires both marketing and sales margins, strengthen connections between
marketers running ABM programs to work together toward the marketing and sales colleagues, and
operate with a mindset very similar strategic goal of landing and enhance interactions with customers and
to sales—they think in terms of expanding target accounts. This prospects. Success requires new working
relationships between marketing and sales.
accounts and how to target them, collaboration holds each team
drive engagement, and generate accountable for working towards
revenue from them. the same goal. Marketing is just as Forrester, “Account-Based Marketing Brings Marketing
And Sales Into The Same Orbit,” September 1, 2016
invested in targeting, engaging,
and penetrating target accounts as
sales is, and they work in tandem
to do so—planning, agreeing on
definitions and processes,
coordinating outreach, and
sharing feedback.

Improve the
Customer Experience
ABM isn’t just about acquiring new With new technologies that
target accounts, it’s also about support account-based marketing

retaining and growing them at scale, marketers can focus on
through cross-sell, upsell, and
advocacy programs. In fact,
continuing to build relationships
with their customers after the sale
according to Alterra Group, 84% to support different objectives. Not
said ABM provided significant
said ABM provided significant to mention, your successful ABM benefits to retaining and
benefits to retaining and expanding efforts can result in new expanding existing client
existing client relationships. This is opportunities with other relationships
critical when you consider that prospects in the same focus
marketers are shifting their focus area via case studies, referrals,
toward a customer-centric agenda. and more.
86% of CMOs and senior marketing
executives surveyed believe they
will own the end-to-end customer
experience by 2020, according to
The Economist.

From identifying and engaging key personas at target accounts all the way to working with
existing customers to expand product use throughout their lifetime, ABM can absolutely
be effective across the entire customer lifecycle.”

Dave Rigotti, VP Marketing, Bizible

ABM today is less about your company size and more about your business model.

Traditionally, implementing an ABM especially important for MarTech Makes ABM More Scalable and Feasible
strategy has been left to larger smaller companies selling into
organizations (that may have larger enterprises who need to build $ $ $ $
budgets and bigger teams) and was awareness and credibility.
a fairly tedious, manual, sales- Co
driven process due to how Because ABM today is more of
Cost of M
personalized each campaign centered on your business model Marketing App
needed to be in order to be than company size, when you’re licab
le to
effective. But emerging trying to engage multiple more
situat ions
technologies have changed this, stakeholders within a company— Cost of Mass Marketing
allowing businesses of all sizes to influencers, decision-makers,
implement ABM across their gatekeepers—an account-centric $
organizations as well as making it approach can help you effectively 1995 2005 2015 2025
much more effective for larger reach them at scale with
organizations. Now, small teams personalized content that
are able to run highly personalized resonates with their personas.
ABM campaigns at scale. This is

ABM isn’t about company size. If there is more than one person in the organization you
need to influence to get the deal, ABM applies.”

Matt Heinz, President and CEO, Heinz Marketing

In short, ABM is all about focusing 1. When you’re targeting very For most B2B organizations, or basic tracks), and 3% identify
on a target audience, whether it’s a few and typically very large consumer organizations with themselves as late-stage ABM
specific list of companies or a key accounts—the dream considered purchase products, practitioners (more advanced in
profile of the companies you want accounts that marketing and these situations typically apply. And their ABM journey with account-
to work with the most. There are sales both have an eye on. now that ABM technologies make it level, cross-channel marketing and
typically two different situations easier to implement and less sales programs, and are tracking
where ABM is appropriate: Example: Your sales and resource-intensive to practice, program ROI). These later lifecycle
marketing efforts might businesses of all sizes stand to stages are easier for marketers to
be best suited for the make huge strides in business and achieve with scalable technology
Fortune 100, or the top revenue growth by implementing to support them.
50 retail companies. an ABM strategy.
It’s not surprising that adoption of
2. When you’re targeting In fact, according to data from ABM is rising among SMBs—big
groups of accounts that Marketo’s The State of ABM Report, wins make a proportionally bigger
share similar characteristics, 33% of SMBs have some kind of impact in smaller organizations. A
which indicate that they are existing ABM strategy: 23% consider big logo SMB account win acts as a
more likely to generate themselves in the early stage—with marker of momentum and
revenue. This can include key the ability for basic management business credibility. Additionally, an
verticals, companies using and targeting and measurement at SMB organization may have a
certain technologies, or an account level, 7% identify larger list of target accounts and
companies that belong to very themselves as mid-stage ABM would benefit from investing in an
specific niches. practitioners (have account-level ABM strategy because of the scale
targeting programs across sales at which they can prioritize
Example: Your products and and marketing and are tracking accounts, run campaigns, and
services are ideally suited for report on the results.
financial services organizations
or colleges of a various size.



Although organizations of all sizes Here’s a checklist that can help you evaluate whether your organization should
can implement account-based implement ABM:
marketing, it’s important to
☐☐ Your sales cycle involves a research/evaluation phase due to the cost or level of
determine whether it’s right for
commitment required from the buyer and often involves multiple stakeholders
your business model before you
decide to make the move to an ☐☐ Your sales and marketing team wants to make a bigger impact with a more
account-centric approach. strategic focus

☐☐ Your best-existing customers who generate the most revenue for your business
have distinct characteristics OR You have identified accounts with distinct
characteristics that have the potential to generate more revenue

☐☐ There are organizations with needs that your solution clearly addresses

☐☐ Your organization’s goals include expanding into a new segment, territory, or

vertical, or going after your competitor’s customers

☐☐ Your organization offers several products or services and has set goals to grow
customer lifetime value through upsell and cross-sell


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you’re considering implementing
an ABM strategy or you want to
take your ABM strategy to the next
level, there are pillars and best
practices that you should address,
which will help structure your
strategy. We’ll list them for
you here, but the subsequent
chapters will offer much more
detail on each one.
An ABM strategy centers around target accounts, but to successfully market and
sell to those target accounts, there are a variety of activities that must occur.
Pillar Description
These pillars of your ABM strategy
will help you drive success and will Create your team of stakeholders across the organization and get
vary depending on your Get Organizational Buy-In buy-in on an account-based strategy. This includes aligning sales and
objectives (e.g. new accounts or marketing around goals, objectives, strategy, and metrics.
upsell, named accounts or large
group of accounts). Here’s a quick Select the target accounts that will help you achieve those goals.
summary of those pillars and what Identify Target Accounts Leverage technology to help identify accounts with the highest
they entail: propensity to buy if possible.

Content is the most critical element for any campaign. Successful

content for ABM is comprised of three critical elements: 1)
Create Engaging Content
personalized, 2) relevant, and 3) timely. There are tricks for developing
engaging content at scale. (see page 56)

Your target account contacts don’t consume information on one

Engage Across Channels channel. Make sure you have a solid cross-channel strategy for
listening to and engaging your accounts across channels.

Any good strategy starts with goals and the ability to demonstrate
movement toward those goals. Make sure you establish the right
Measure, Analyze and Optimize
metrics and check-ins so you can iterate on your ABM strategy and
show the momentum you’re driving.

Technology is not always a must-have, but for organizations that want

to effectively implement, track, and measure the previous pillars,
Select the Right Technology
technology is what makes it possible at scale. Choose technology that
supports your ABM strategy but also your larger organizational goals.

While more organizations have started to realize the value of account-based
marketing, it’s likely that each organization’s ABM journey will be unique.

Some companies have just started

to evaluate ABM, while others have
been practicing it for years and are
seasoned experts.

We’ve identified four key stages of

the ABM maturity curve, listed on
the next page. These stages are
fluid and your organization’s
position may stand between two
key stages. Wherever you are in
your ABM journey, it’s important to
continually optimize your strategy
to move forward in your journey.

In the next two years, we will see many B2B enterprises continue along the ABM maturity
curve, moving from initial pilots in a single geography (e.g. North America) to planning,
budgeting, and running ‘always-on,’ global ABM programs.”

Mani Iyer, CEO, Kwanzoo


Date and Accounts Messaging/Content Programs Metrics Team

Identifying what type of Identifying personas and Identification of optimal [Operational] Ensuring you Identifying key players-
accounts and key facets for your content gaps. Do you channels and programs can measure at each stage of select champion sales
Inception business make sense have relevant content for the lifecycle. Can account people
all the personas? activity be tracked in SFDC, or
other CRM?

Joint selection of accounts Developing/repurposing Utilizing some digital Tracking engagement Obtained stakeholder
between marketing and sales/ content for key buyers so programs with other (e.g.time with account) and buy-in across the
customer support/services/etc. it’s mostly personalized program basics other program metrics like organization
CTR, inquiries, MQLAs in
target accounts

Using predictive models and/or Have content for all Running programs that Tracking meetings with the Closely in sync with your
intent data to select accounts for personas that’s optimized for different right people in target SDRs and sales team
additional accuracy. Identifying personalized and timely personas (channel, etc.) accounts, velocity,
whether you have the contact opportunity/pipeline
information for the right contacts creation in target accounts,
Mid-Stage in your target accounts. sales metrics

Mature process of account Have content for all Running a combination Hitting your KPIs. For Closely in sync with your
selection and building out white personas that’s of digital and analog example, revenue won in collaborative teams and
space and data hygeniene. personalized, timely, and programs (e.g. web target accounts, x-sell, regions-SDRs, sales,
Identifying ways to implement relevant personalization and up-sell, renewal (stickiness) support, services, etc.
ABM for cross-sell, upsell, direct mail)
Late-Stage retention, etc.


Frankfurt, Germany
Although account-based marketing
has ‘marketing’ in the name, it
requires input from and
collaboration with stakeholders
outside of marketing. Share your
plans for ABM with other teams that
should be involved, such as sales,
services, and support. These teams
need to be aware of how you plan
to engage target accounts and
make them successful and how
their roles come into play.
You may want to put together a core team that is responsible for
developing, tracking, and measuring your ABM strategy.

If you are starting from scratch, • Executive Sponsor: Typically, • Account Executive Leader:
this team will shepherd the your executive sponsor will Helps align the strategy around
change management needed to come out of marketing, but customers and their needs,
make your ABM strategy you may have an executive creates ABM service-level
successful. If you’re already on a roll sponsor driving this strategy in agreements and leads, and
with ABM but looking for ways to sales, support, or services. educates the rest of team on
fine-tune it—it may make sense to They will act as a champion best practices.
for your ABM strategy—
form a committee. • Sales Development Leader:
offering support and
strategic guidance—from an Helps guide research on
Here is an example of who you may accounts, providing
executive standpoint.
want to include on the committee. feedback to the group to
For some organizations, this may • Marketer: Drives the ABM recalibrate if necessary.
not be feasible. At the very least, it’s strategy from creation to
execution, acts as the point • Services Leader: Looks for
important to have both marketing
person to ensure cross- opportunities to support
and sales involved, as well as the
functional collaboration, current customers in their
executives that oversee the teams.
and reports on the progress product and potentially
of the strategy. identifies new opportunities for
upsell and cross-sell.
• Marketing Operations/Sales
Operations: Works to examine • Support Leader: Strategically
your existing database, identify monitors target accounts to
trends, and report on progress. help ensure customer
Critical to choosing accounts. retention and prioritization
of cases.

Beyond that, you will also want to • Solutions Consultants: • Vertical/Industry Marketing: • Content Marketing:
define the roles different teams will Delivers information to the Provides industry or product Understands what content
have as a part of your ABM strategy. customer during the sales expertise as it relates to the exists to support your ABM
You may want to choose process. Often a key point of different target accounts. strategy and creates or
representatives or champions on contact with key decision- Helps provide a more targeted repurposes content to deliver a
these teams to help you makers in a target account. message and experience to personalized experience.
disseminate best practices and the accounts.
• Product Marketing: Shares • Designers: Integrate creative
training around ABM. While it’s easy the product roadmap and its • Corporate Marketing: design elements into
to forget, to be successful, you will relevance to the target Involved in crafting a targeted campaigns to help inspire the
have to work to continually educate accounts. Delivers tailored set of messages that are target accounts to engage.
teams on the value, process, and late-stage collateral and specifically relevant for
momentum of your ABM strategy. sales support in closing target accounts.
Other teams you may want to target accounts.
include are:

Get buy-in from the rest of the organization that will be affected by your ABM strategy. Get
stakeholders involved, which may mean working with sales closely to identify and agree
on accounts, educating the management team on changing KPIs and working with your
marketing operations team to understand your data requirements.”

Tony Yang, VP Demand Gen and Marketing Ops, Mintigo

Marketing and sales alignment is a pre-requisite for an effective ABM strategy.

As an organization considering Agree on Definitions

implementing ABM, or looking to You need to have a common Marketing’s idea of what is a
improve their current strategy, start vernacular. According to CSO high-priority account needs to
by ensuring you have the basic Insights, only 44% of companies match sales’ idea of a high-priority
foundation of organizational have formally agreed on the account, or you will inevitably see
alignment between your marketing definition of a qualified lead discord between the teams. It’s an
and sales teams. Before you get between sales and marketing. understandable step that each
started, make sure your teams are Without standardized definitions of organization must take; every
practicing these marketing and terms (in this case, qualified company defines terms
sales alignment basics: accounts), teams are naturally somewhat differently.
going to be out of sync.

Organizations struggle with creating and maintaining internal alignment as they

implement their ABM strategy. Misalignment is a problem because it affects every phase of
ABM—planning, execution, and measurement. Organizational misalignment is solved by
aligning goals and incentives.”

Dave Rigotti, Head of Marketing, Bizible

ALIGNMENT BASICS Traditional Sales and
Marketing Funnel
Set Shared Goals Compensation Joint Activities
Marketers and sales teams have One way to achieve a common Marketers often feel disconnected
traditionally had their eyes on view of the sales funnel is to from what sales reps do.
different metrics and short-term structure compensation in a similar Incorporating the marketing team
goals. Getting them to see eye-to- way for both sales and marketing— into regular sales activities can be
eye may require a new point of for instance, instituting a an important part of engaging
focus for both groups, one that commission structure for them in the whole sales process.
implementing ABM typically helps marketing that is tied to target Being present for forecast calls will
with. Technically, marketing and account opportunities created, make marketers feel accountable
sales teams share the same goal: pipeline generated, and revenue for the same goals as the sales
driving revenue by converting won. This structure builds trust team. Working more closely with
leads and growing their lifetime between the two departments the sales team allows marketers to
value. However, because of the because both teams have a greater see how they contribute to the
perceived handoff from marketing stake in improving target account success of the bottom line. Set up
to sales in a typical broad-based performance. Marketers gain a regular meetings with sales to Account-Based
marketing funnel, this process can better understanding of the impact review activity within target Marketing Funnel
seem like two separate stages and of account selection, and sales accounts and marketing programs
cause tension between the two teams understand the importance so that both teams are on the
teams. Encourage your teams to of timely and frequent follow-ups. same page.
think about the sales funnel in
terms of one process rather than
two different processes. For ABM,
like broad-based marketing,
getting agreement and buy-in on
the definitions and handoffs
between stages is a very
important foundation.

Account Scoring
Scoring—a method of ranking Once you have chosen accounts This approach helps you
leads and accounts for both their and are delivering targeted prioritize accounts and contacts
fit (i.e. right account to target) and marketing, you should score target appropriately, and your marketing
then later their sales-readiness, accounts (at the account level) and and sales teams should work
should be agreed upon by both lead activity (at the contact level) together to determine account
sales and marketing. It is essential within them by tracking MQLAs score thresholds—at what score
for ensuring that your organization instead of traditional MQLs—the “A” does a lead get sent to sales?
is aligned. representing account score.

Scoring to identify the accounts With predictive analytics, you can

to pursue is the first critical piece. determine the right account score
While we will go over how to threshold based on different
determine which accounts to dimensions like firmographic data
target later in this guide, it’s (e.g. revenue, employee size,
important to understand that industry, location), technology fit,
scoring, especially with the help and 4K signals (e.g. hiring trends,
of predictive analytics, can help funding, social media activity). This
you determine which accounts means that for prospects to be
meet your criteria and then classified as MQLAs to be passed
prioritize them. to sales, they must be a good fit
(e.g. right demographics), engage
with you, and be from a company
that’s a good match.

Structure Your Marketing Roles to Define:
Organization for Alignment • Customer Marketing:
• Demand Generation: This role
Creating the right structure This role supports sales
supports revenue goals by
between marketing and sales is through customer
generating more qualified
imperative for proper alignment. leads to pass on to the sales advocacy, testimonials,
This means defining roles in team. This includes focusing and references. Happy,
marketing and sales in a way that on many things, such as engaged customers not only
helps you engage and close your full-funnel marketing lead to greater revenue, but
target accounts more effectively. programs, lead nurturing, also lead to greater trust from
and analytics. new prospects.
Depending on your organization’s • Marketing Operations
structure, these roles may be held • Content Marketing: This role
creates valuable and (MOPS): This role monitors
by different people or different service level agreements
educational content to
teams. For organizations with lean (SLAs), scoring, and database
attract, inform, and engage an
teams, some of these roles may cleanliness for the entire
audience throughout the
be held by the same person, and sales cycle. organization, allowing
your marketing or sales team may marketing and sales to have
wear multiple hats. Let’s take a • Product Marketing: This role accurate data that helps the
look at some ways to consider is responsible for deal organization deliver the right
structuring your marketing and support, sales enablement, message at the right time.
sales teams for success. and late-stage creation.

Sales Roles to Define:

• Sales Development • Account Executives (AEs): • Sales Operations:

Representatives (SDRs): Account executives exist to This team is critical to
SDRs work closely with close sales. In the end, it’s supporting the sales team’s
marketing to bridge the gap more cost-effective to have success. They are responsible
between sales and marketing. your top sales representatives for sales commission plans,
This function has one focus: to talk to the most qualified leads. territory management,
review, contact, and qualify You don’t want your best participating in account
inquiries and deliver sales- closers wasting their time on selection, sales administration,
ready accounts to account leads that have no possibility of deal support, systems and data
executives. converting. Instead, have them management, etc.
work on accounts that have
been qualified by SDRs.

Create Service-Level
Service-level agreements (SLAs) SLAs in a broad-based marketing
originated as part of a service strategy help prioritize and assign
contract to formally define the a time stamp to leads. SLAs for
specified service, such as scope ABM are specific to account
and time. At Marketo, we adopted contacts versus individual
SLAs to build alignment and make leads, and they also will specify
our marketing to sales lead handoff progress toward defined key
throughout the funnel more performance indicators (KPIs), like
effective. SLAs contribute to account penetration, contact
another critical part of sales and frequency, etc.
marketing alignment: making sure
no qualified lead is left behind
and with ABM, that no account
is turned over without the
proper research, attention,
communication, and effort.

Nailing the basics is essential for a successful ABM strategy because ABM requires tight collaboration
and communication with your sales team.

Take your marketing and sales Prep Work

alignment to the next level as you If you are exploring the idea of
deploy an ABM strategy. If you ABM for your organization, like we
haven’t nailed down the basics, already discussed, it’s critical to get
start there and work your way buy-in from the top to bottom in
toward ABM. If you have, let’s take both the sales and marketing
a look at how you can collaborate organizations. Each team will have
with your sales team to drive some specific concerns so you will
revenue with ABM. want to address these in your initial
plan and meetings.
Account-based marketing (ABM) is
a game-changer, but it’s not
uncommon for sales to push back
against implementing it as a new
strategy. On the surface, it may
appear that ABM means that sales
will work with fewer leads, and that
kind of change can be a scary
proposition, especially when
you consider that most B2B
sales organizations need to
meet a quota.

Account-Based Marketing ABM Helps the Sales Team
Isn’t Just for Marketing Whether you’re meeting one-on-
If you’re in marketing and need to one with the Director of Sales,
convince sales to buy-in or you’re writing an email, or pitching the
in sales and need to get the rest of entire sales department, ask these
the team onboard, make sure the key questions:
sales team understands the
dramatic benefits that ABM brings • How satisfied is sales with
the target account leads they
to their lives—higher win rates,
currently get from marketing?
larger deal sizes, and increased
velocity (i.e. more efficiency), to • Is marketing generating leads
name a few. in the right accounts?

• Does the sales team have

enough accounts to
meet their quota and drive
closed business?

• How are your marketing

programs specifically helping
the sales team penetrate their
target accounts?

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: Involve Other
ALIGNMENT FOR ABM All stakeholders who impact the
customer experience need to be aware of
your strategy. Start by educating them
about the purpose and benefits of
ABM Helps the Sales Team implementing an ABM strategy.
Most sales reps will take the While ABM might force sales out of Remember, different benefits will
opportunity to provide honest their comfort zones at the beginning resonate with different stakeholders. For
feedback. Sales organizations are (especially at first when they are used example, your professional services team
commonly frustrated by what they to receiving a volume of leads), and it will want to understand how they can
feel are unqualified leads and not might take time before they start help your customers get the most out of
being able to find enough seeing new ABM-generated leads, their investment, whereas your CFO will
opportunities that will close. But most sales reps won’t turn down a want to understand why investing in ABM
those are two of the best reasons much greater percentage of qualified will provide greater ROI than your
that sales should be excited about leads from accounts that have a higher traditional marketing approach. Be sure to
an account-based strategy. propensity to buy. tailor your message internally based on
the audience.
How would your sales team like to
only talk to highly qualified,
ready-to-buy leads? ABM starts
with selecting target accounts,
which means qualifying leads from
the beginning. There is almost no
chance for an unqualified lead to
land on a sales rep’s desk
because sales and marketing have
selected target accounts together
from the start.

ABM Requires Sales’ 1. Prep your data: 2. Identify target accounts:
Input and Buy-in While this may fall primarily Because sales interacts with
Alignment between sales and on the marketing and prospects and customers and
marketing is both a prerequisite ales operations teams, are knowledgeable about
for, and a product of, an effective it’s an absolutely critical their territory, they have a list
ABM strategy. foundational step to success. of dream accounts they
Having clean, standardized, would love to close. Paired
and appended data allows with this knowledge,
Consider the six basic steps of
both sales and marketing to predictive scoring models
account-based marketing, which
look objectively at the criteria coordinate many different
we’ll cover in more detail in the
to determine accounts. data points to assist
next chapter. Almost every step marketing and sales in
depends on input and insights identifying and choosing the
from sales. right accounts to target.

One way to ensure alignment is to make your progress transparent and use the
same metrics and dashboards to measure the effectiveness of ABM for all
stakeholders in the organization.”

Tony Yang, VP of Demand Gen and Marketing Ops, Mintigo

3. Profile accounts: 4. Create the right content: 6. Measure and analyze: Account-based marketing is not a
Collaborate with sales to build Sales reps understand the In an ABM model, sales gets new marketing trick that sales
a plan to focus on the right accounts and can share all to help define the KPIs as well. needs to learn, or help implement.
part of the organizations kinds of detailed account Broad-based marketing looks It’s the natural evolution of
you’re targeting. This includes insights you can use to at a set of metrics that aren’t marketing and sales, but it doesn’t
gathering research on each develop personas. Marketing all necessarily the right fit for work unless the whole
account’s financial health, will take over a little bit here, ABM and/or don’t help sales. organization grows together—and
business initiatives, personnel, but this exercise is based on As part of an ABM team, sales
there are plenty of incentives to
technologies, organizational developing robust personas helps marketing identify the
get sales onboard.
structure, industry research, to create and curate metrics that will help
and more. personalized content. optimize an account-centric
strategy. And unlike broad-
5. Integrate ABM into your based marketing, ABM
multi-channel strategy: analysis should include sales
Marketing and sales will both activities (frequency, method)
execute this step in different for key people within each
ways and on different target account.
channels, but again, the
content and the strategy are
built on the insights
developed in the earlier steps.

Alignment starts and ends with the right objectives and metrics, but a daily triage on what’s
working and what’s not, transparency, and empathy are also key.”

Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing

Optimizing ABM for Sales Give Sales Full Account Visibility
Because account-based marketing Within sales, there can be some
New Lead
is different than the traditional friction that arises due to limited
inbound model that sales visibility into leads and low lead
representatives are used to, it’s pipeline. Typically, SDRs research
important to implement some key each account to build a list of Lead Recycled
processes to improve efficiency contacts within them and reach SDR Manager
and effectiveness. out to establish a relationship. They
continually nurture that
relationship until the prospect is Round Robin Queues
sales-ready and willing to meet.
Then, the lead gets handed to Qualifies
Account Executives (AEs), who
further evaluate the account to
understand their pain points, demo Act Now Call Now MQLA Fresh Lead
the product/service, and negotiate Queue Queue Queue Queue
the contract terms.


An example of a routing process

Build a Fair Routing Engine Make sure that you have the proper
With account-based marketing, data to support your organization’s
tensions may dissipate due to SDRs routing needs. For example, you
and AEs working together to may want to assign more leads
produce high quality leads and from target accounts based on
generate interest within target tenure. This gives more junior
accounts. While sales may receive members experience with working
While a round robin routing process helps
less leads with ABM, they are leads and allows senior members ensure that leads are distributed fairly, this
typically worth more. To address with more experience and process is meant for inbound leads. Sales
these issues, it’s a good idea to knowledge to follow up with “hot” should consider building outbound
enable visibility and implement leads more efficiently. prospecting into their sales development
guard rails at the account structure, and processes to target and profile
agreed-upon accounts.
level so you can route inbound Other strategies include
and outbound lead activities to implementing a process where
the SDRs, and/or AEs, who are leads are assigned to the SDR
engaging the account at the time. aligned with an Account Executive
in a particular territory, or
SDRs are under pressure to deliver implementing a round robin based
based on the accounts that get on region, or a combination of the
assigned to them, so the question two. Based on your target account
of fairness arises when SDRs don’t volume and your SLAs with sales,
feel like they’re getting an equal or you should clearly outline the
fair share of leads. Sales coverage distribution process that makes the
and performance results should most sense for your organization.
reflect varying demand.

Prioritize Target Accounts An account score groups the Account Selection & Enrichment Process
If your organization has a high individuals involved in a buying Use predictive account scoring and sales knowledge to select accounts
volume of target accounts you’re process and provides a group view
focusing on, sales may get of readiness to buy. You can use a
overwhelmed with the high lead sum, an average, or even a Top 100 Tier 1 Tier 2
volume, which is simply a different weighted average of individual
strategy—one where it’s critical to scores, until the group reaches
help sales prioritize accounts. sales-ready status. This supports
Leverage predictive scoring to your sales team’s efforts to
prioritize lead follow-up based on a target a set of accounts—while “Look alike”
Strategic Existing Accounts
target account’s fit, recent empowering reps to focus on Selection accounts with
accounts in CRM with
meaningful activities, activity type, the ones that are most likely criteria Account Score =
selected by Account Score =
and engagement. To do this at to convert. 100 that are
Sales 100
scale, you may want to revise and purchased
upgrade your lead scoring to an Effective account scoring must
account scoring model. determine which individuals
belong in the same account. You
can group by accounts in your • Tie leads to target accounts

CRM system or use a sophisticated Enrichment • Purchase new names

marketing platform, like Marketo, • Opt-in contacts
to infer connections based on IP
addresses and company names.

Once you have your sales and marketing alignment basics down and have started
applying it to ABM what does ongoing collaboration between the teams look like?

Plan Ongoing Communication • Weekly updates: • Quarterly review:

While it will vary from team to team, This involves the core ABM A meeting that dives deeply
especially if your teams are not in team in sales and marketing. into the business metrics,
the same physical location, it’s Share updates on a program program successes (what do
absolutely critical that the line of level, brainstorm challenges, you stop, start, and continue?),
communication between and check-in. and overall account strategy.
This meeting should involve
teams stays open. Communication • Monthly check-ins: the larger stakeholder group
can mean anything from an This includes a larger team, and is the right forum to
update email to a quarterly in- and should include your consider continued
person deep-dive session. As a executive sponsor if they are investment and expansion
marketer, you may have to actively available. This meeting is to of the ABM initiative.
solicit feedback from sales as it may evaluate the progress of the
not come proactively. Don’t just strategy in the different target
give communication lip service— account tiers and the program
plan for it. as a whole. This is where you
will share any metrics from
There are a few different types of early-indicators to pipeline and
meetings you may want to plan for any issues that arise—like
adherence to service-level
your organization to evaluate your
agreements (SLAs).
progress and make any necessary
changes to your ABM strategy.


San Francisco, United States

Depending on the nature of your
market, you may be implementing
different levels of account-based
marketing. Some organizations
might solely focus on tiers of
high-value accounts, others may
only target key verticals, and some
may fold their ABM campaign into
their broad-reaching demand
generation strategy. Whatever your
objectives are (from acquisition to
customer retention), every ABM
strategy must identify and profile
target accounts.
Account selections vary for each organization because each one has its own goals and strategy
that will determine the reasons for selecting and pursuing specific companies or verticals.

Target account identification • High yield: • Quick wins: • Competitors:

should only be done with all of the Identify top moneymakers and Seek out accounts that Target companies using
ABM stakeholders at the table. big fish, and their typically have a short purchase competing products, whether
characteristics. These decision process due to their it’s to hit your competitors
Targeting Criteria accounts are likely to result in size or structure. where it hurts or simply
In some organizations, identifying much larger than average because it’s easier to make the
deals for your sales team and • Strategic importance: switch with already educated
target accounts may be as simple You may want to target
generate substantial revenue users. In some cases,
as your CEO or sales directors accounts that align to your
over the long term. identifying your competitor’s
determining which accounts to company’s strategy—for customers is as easy as
pursue, while in others, you may • Profitability: instance, if you’re entering a reviewing logos on a
use several factors to determine Identify “look-alike” accounts new market or territory. competitor’s website. But
your target accounts. that match your best customer Sometimes, other times, you may need to
profile as well as existing acquiring new, big logos get more creative. For
Here are a few factors you might customers with cross-sell and is a strategic goal. example, if you are using a
consider when identifying upsell potential. These marketing platform with a
accounts are likely to bring you • Territory:
accounts for your ABM campaign: strong partner ecosystem, like
the most revenue and have the Pursue accounts in a specific
region of the country to Marketo, digital tools from
highest lifetime value without partners can help you identify
requiring heavy resources to directly support sales. Sales
teams are often segmented by companies using your
support them. competitor’s products.
territories and have target
• Product fit: accounts within each of those Additionally, if you notice that
Look for companies with territories. Helping sales your competitor is doing well
business needs that clearly people generate awareness with certain types of
match your solutions, which and build pipeline in their companies, you may want to
increases the likelihood they region will drive higher ROI. consider targeting that profile.
will purchase.

Agree On Timing
To further identify which accounts, • Review customer relationship
or types of accounts, you want to management history: Make sure you agree on a timeframe to
go after, do some research—it will Look in your CRM to discover lock in the target account selection.
help surface likely targets. These which companies fit into the Target account programs, in many cases,
tips offer some guidance on where high-yield or quick win take time to work–so you don’t want to
to start your research: categories mentioned previously. switch out the accounts too frequently. At
After identifying enough of each, Marketo, we lock in our target accounts
• Talk to sales: you can look for commonalities for six months.
The sales team has great insight and create a profile of a company
into which accounts can be likely to generate large deals or
targeted effectively. They may build a list of names similar to
have had conversations with those you already sold to.
companies that fell through or
can give you a better idea of • Discover existing opportunities:
the kinds of accounts to With an ABM solution that’s
pursue. Sales may suggest their native to your marketing
own list of target accounts, so platform, it’s easy to find out
look for overlaps between the whether any of the accounts
two lists. Then, agree on a fitting the profile you’re going to
system of account scoring and target have engaged previously
score the remaining potential with your brand (e.g. if have they
target accounts to see which downloaded content or
are more likely to close. frequently visit your blog).
Accounts that have already
engaged with you in the past
may be more receptive to your
marketing and show quicker
results once you target them with
personalized campaigns.

Leverage Your Data to Make 1. Data in your CRM: 3. Predictive modeling: Predictive scoring even lets you
Informed Targeting Decisions How do you organize and If you don’t know which segment companies by evaluating
Before you get started with ABM— define parent and child accounts to target or have activities such as company
selecting your accounts and account hierarchies in your already exhausted your initial growth, social network
delivering targeted campaigns— CRM? What data do you have list, consider working with participation, technology usage,
your marketing and sales in your CRM and what does it MOPS to build a predictive funding, and job data, to name a
tell you about the accounts in model. Predictive analytics few. By combining this with all the
operations teams need to do some
your database? Can your takes into account all available
prep work. This prep work will help other scoring elements
SOPS and MOPS teams data from both internal and
you make informed choices when (demographics, firmographics,
identify trends in your highest external sources (e.g.,
it comes to account selection and and BANT), you get a truly
value customers today? Do company’s tech stack, hiring
distribution. Before you get started, you have data trends, social media activities, comprehensive picture of
you will want marketing and sales gaps that you need to funding level, marketing buying signals. And for an
ops to help you get a clear picture amend before you can get a platform, CRM, blog posts, account-based marketing
of three things: clear view of who you want third-party websites, social approach, predictive scoring adds
to target? media channels, etc.) and a much-needed dimension to
applies machine learning to traditional scoring models.
2. Sales territories: determine those showing the
How are you currently highest propensity to
dividing leads across the purchase the products and
different territories? Before services you offer.
you embark on choosing
target accounts,
understanding the volume
and distribution of your
current leads is a critical task.
It’s tough to get sales buy-in if
a large percentage of the
target accounts fall in one or
two territories.

Historical Data Firmographic Data 4K+Signals

• Win rate • Annual revenue • Social media activity
• Deal size • Employee size • Funding
• Etc. • Etc. • Etc.
Switch Accounts?
Account Selection Due to long sales cycles, there can be a
Once you have a list of potential While you may have multiple lists substantial time to impact for typical ABM
accounts, it’s time to narrow it and many targets, it’s vital to programs. So, it’s best to try and keep
down and choose exactly which prioritize your lists in order to your named account lists steady and
accounts to target. To start, choose demonstrate early success and define a period of change frequency (e.g.
two to five lists of potential targets— maximize your ABM return on once a quarter).
it’s better to focus on fewer lists as investment. Give priority to the
you’re getting started so you’re able account types that are most
to iterate quickly and identify areas relevant to you—the accounts
for improvement. This will help you where you have a good
train your organization’s ABM understanding of the potential
muscles to deliver amazing buying journey and those that you
results faster. already have content to support.

Think in Tiers
As you develop your target You’ll also want to understand the Because Marketo ABM is a native
account lists, you may find that baseline score of these accounts part of Marketo’s Engagement
you have many and that their and their potential for success, so Platform, identifying target
priority for the organization differs. you need a platform that can accounts is made easier with
It can help to think about and talk synthesize different parameters built-in account matching and
about these differences as tiers. into a score that you can compare CRM integration. Account
For example: Your most important, across accounts. These scores matching automatically discovers
often most targeted list of may be made up of firmographics, and associates leads (from the
accounts, would be your Tier 1 cumulative behaviors, or even Engagement Hub)—based on the
accounts. They would get more incorporate predictive capabilities. attributes of the lead, IP, or email
time, resources, and marketing address—to the right accounts.
and sales activities dedicated to With its built-in account scoring,
helping them close. For Tier 2 Marketo ABM allows teams to
accounts, you may have a larger prioritize accounts, existing lead
targeted list and invest less into scores, or different dimensions—
targeted programs, and so on for industry, size of business, current
tiers that descend in priority. pipe, or any other historical data.

Most companies pay too little attention to their top accounts.”

Christopher Engman, CRO/CMO, Climeon AB

Example of tiered approach to programs Target Account List Size

Types of programs Programs Tier 2:

Top 20 Tier 1:~400
Web personalization for individual accounts Yes No No
Web personalization
Direct mail Yes Yes Yes
Low value direct mail Yes Yes Yes
Direct mail
Database emails Yes No No
Tradeshows (invites with free passes) Yes Yes No
In-person programs Content syndication Yes No No
Sales outreach Yes No No
Targeted emails customized to accounts Yes No No
Database emails
Appointment setting Yes Yes Yes
Advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, PPC, Twitter, etc. (based
Online advertising on attributes e.g. industry / competitive solutions) in-house or via 3rd Yes Yes Yes
party tool
Content syndication for target accounts Yes Yes No
Content syndication
Content syndication based on attributes (e.g. verticals) Yes Yes Yes
Calling campaign Yes Yes No
Sales outreach
Drive attendance campaigns Yes Yes No
Target account webinars Yes No No
Webinars / Virtual events
Broad-based webinars Yes Yes Yes
Appointment setting Target account appointment setting Yes Yes No
Contact discovery Opt-in campaigns Yes Yes No
programs with vendors Qualified lead discovery program Yes Yes No

ACCOUNT Marketo Defined
IDENTIFICATION Marketo Engagement Platform: The
Marketo Engagement Platform enables
marketers, to listen, learn, and engage with
Account Selection and their prospects and customers at scale
Marketing Operations through an engagement hub. This
As you can see, there’s a lot of data further enables the identification of
activity that goes into ABM, and new customers with more precision
accordingly, your marketing than ever before.
operations (MOPS) team is often
heavily involved. Lead management Marketo Engagement Hub: The
is a critical piece to effective sales engagement hub is built on three
and marketing alignment, and engines—automation, analytics, and AI—
without proper planning and which enable the process of listening,
execution, leads from target learning, and engaging at scale.
accounts cannot move smoothly
through the funnel. MOPS is Marketo ABM: A natively integrated
responsible for this on both a ABM solution that enables marketers to
tactical and strategic level, and will target and manage accounts and account
need input and feedback from both lists, engage target accounts across
your marketing and sales teams. channels, and measure revenue impact on
target accounts.

The cost of bad data in an inbound model is paid in email bouncebacks. Not ideal, but it’s
also not the end of the world. But, try getting a batch of customer direct mail pieces
returned to sender. That’s budget-crushing!”

Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, InsightSquared

Account Mapping
Once you have determined your Build a plan to focus on the right Effective marketing starts with
accounts, next you’ll want to map part of the organization. Gather understanding your audience, and
those accounts to marketing research on: that’s even more important when
personas so you can better your audience is a specific set of
• Financial health
understand which divisions are the people in target accounts. The
right ones to target. You need to • Business initiatives great thing about ABM is that the
understand what challenges each strategy inherently requires you to
account faces as a business, how • Personnel developments have a deep understanding of your
decisions are made in the • Technologies target accounts and their pain
organization, and who makes points. This is the same foundation,
those decisions. This sort of • Organizational structure albeit with a bit more detail, that
information is critical to a you need for developing
• SWOT analysis
successful ABM initiative. There are marketing personas.
different approaches to building • Industry analysis
out white space, so this should be A few key questions to ask:
an ongoing effort.
• Who are your key personas?

• What do they care about?

• Where do they consume


• When do different types of

content work best?

Account Mapping
You may find that within a specific sales insights will add FAQs, pain
target account, you have a few points, and other details that only
different types of audiences— come out in conversation, such as
executive and practitioner, favorite hobbies and sports teams.
technical and strategic.
Documenting these for your On average, 5.4 people have to
specific target accounts is formally sign off on each B2B
important, but so is understanding purchase, according to a CEB
whether there’s a trend across your survey, so stakeholders in any Leading B2B marketers recognize that
target accounts. purchasing decision can come committees and influencer networks drive
from a variety of roles, teams, and buying decisions. Account-based marketing
Consider the different decision- locations and each decision-maker offers a structured methodology for finding
maker personas within the target may have unique needs requiring and engaging these buyers. It builds on a
foundation of established lead management
organization you are after and get different messaging and content.
practices, coupling these with the use of
the sales team’s feedback Who are your target account’s predictive analytics to identify and score
Marketing personas will identify influencers, decision-makers, account expansion opportunities, and the
companies, titles/positions, and blockers? All of them are creation of segments and relevant content
business priorities, etc., whereas important for ABM. based on lifecycle journeys.

Gartner, “2017 Marketing Watch List: Fortify Your

Customer Focus,” November 15, 2016, G00309184

AND MAPPING and Mapping Tools
The marketing technology landscape
The number of target accounts that getting started by launching a pilot is expansive. Here’s an example of
you select will ultimately depend program, you may only need one some technologies you can consider
on your organization, bandwidth, list of 10 to 20 target accounts. Or, to augment your account profiling
resources, and goals. For instance, if you are fully adopting an ABM and mapping.
if you’re targeting a new market strategy, you may have a few
with only a few key companies, different lists (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) ACCOUNT ACCOUNT
your list will be smaller. However, if with different amounts of accounts DATA SCORING
you’re going after a vertical with depending on how personal and
many large logos, then your list will targeted you plan to be. If you’re
look larger. The number of target not sure where to get started, a ®
account lists that you have and the good best practice is to start small
number of accounts in those lists and then build your list as you
will also depend on how fully you refine your strategy.
are adopting ABM. If you are just


If you have 50 accounts that are important, you can target 25 of them with ABM and use
the other 25 as a control group. Over time you will start to see the differences, including the
financial effects.”

Christopher Engman, CRO/CMO, Climeon AB

Once you have determined that you’re going to implement an ABM strategy in your
organization,think about a tiered approach to launching the strategy and demonstrating success.

Because ABM can have a very long • Account selection process: • Team education process: • Measurement and reporting:
sales cycle, you will need to show Did your model for choosing Did your strategy go as Any good pilot is not only
the momentum of your ABM accounts work? Are you planned? Where were there going to give you a vast
activities in order to achieve the seeing early indicators of kinks in the system and how amount of lessons across the
continued investment and buy-in success? If not, what lessons can you educate the team to other areas, but you will get
that’s needed to drive sales. As you have you learned? What issues correct them? hard metrics to benchmark
think about your strategy, identify have you faced—for example, if against. Ideally you are able
reps are churning through • Scoring: see early indicators of success,
accounts and metrics that will help Does the account score and
accounts, do you replace like account penetration, that
you demonstrate early indicators the lead’s behavior score
them and how? show the momentum of your
of success as well as wins. accurately indicate the program. If you don’t, this is
• Marketing and buying stage? Do you need also critical to acknowledge so
Think of a pilot as a test sales alignment: to adjust it? you can go back to the
program—a lower risk foray into Are you seamlessly sharing drawing board before you
information? How is the • Account load per
ABM that will help you learn about invest more.
collaboration working? What salesperson:
the model and the strategy that
needs improvement? Depending on the size of your
you have set up. It is an
pilot and how many reps you
opportunity for marketing and have, you may learn about
sales to build trust with each other how thoroughly (or not)
and drive toward the same goal. accounts are attended to and
You will learn about and get nurtured. Do you need to
feedback on the following: recalibrate? Or have you
uncovered a best practice for
your organization?
Like any new business process, it can take time to build adoption. As you get wins, share
them in weekly updates and quarterly presentations. It is crucial to stay consistent and drive
the momentum of the ABM mindset until it snowballs to full adoption.”

Jeff Coveney, President, RevEngine Marketing


London, United Kingdom

Content is an effective way to offer
value to your larger audiences and
your targeted audiences, and value
is what will break through the noise
and engage them. You have likely
used content in other marketing
initiatives or for your broad-based
marketing strategies, but with a few
key techniques, you can create
scalable content that supports your
ABM programs across the entire
customer lifecycle.
Your sales team needs content too! Some
The insight that you have drawn Map Content to Accounts and Individuals training and key materials include:
from your account profiling and Here’s an example of what you may want to consider
persona mapping will help you mapping your content to: • Battle cards
create content for target accounts • Thought leadership content
even more effectively, especially Account Specifics: Stage in Sales Cycle: • Pitch deck
during the mid-late funnel stages. • Industry • Early • Email templates
Even if you don’t start with persona- • Recorded training
• Business Initiatives • Mid
specific targeting at the beginning, • Journey deck
understanding the decision-maker • Competitive dynamic • Late
personas will help you better • Etc.
understand the account/customer Persona:
journey that’s taking place. • CFO vs CIO

Understand What Exists

Creating original content takes
resources—time and money.
Before you start to create new
content, take a look at what content
you already have, which will help
you use your content resources
more effectively.

RIGHT CONTENT Solicit Sales’
Understand What Exists
While content falls under marketing’s
You may already have a
responsibilities, you may want to get sales’
comprehensive list of content with
input as well. Marketing will have data that
details about the date it was
demonstrates which pieces have the best
created, which audience it was for,
digital responses, but sales will know
whether it’s early-, mid-, or late-
which ones work best with real people
stage content, etc. But, if you don’t
when it’s time to close an account.
have that, it’s probably worth
creating, at least as it pertains to
your target accounts. This will help
you identify content that already
speaks to your target audiences
and still works, needs an update, or
needs to be retired; it will also help
you identify content gaps.

DEVELOP A PLAN Test for the Best
Once you have an understanding Marketing will probably have the Like anything in marketing, you can map
of who you’re creating content for, bigger piece of this pie— out audience attributes, analyze their
what content you already have, distributing content on emails, the behaviors, understand your existing assets,
and the gaps that exist, you can website, social media, email, etc. and create a plan, but you must be ready
start building a content strategy for Sales, however, will still be to iterate. Build testing into this process. If a
your target accounts. Use a integrating content into personal visual, message, or content asset does not
content/message matrix to map emails, phone calls, and meetings. work for your target audience at a specific
what content or message you will Keeping this organized so that no stage of their buying journey, test
use to reach your target accounts target account receives the same something else. The best ABM, including
across the entire buying journey. content twice, or irrelevant content content for ABM, adapts to your target
for the stage they are in, requires a accounts’ needs to ultimately deliver value.
sophisticated marketing platform
and a CRM system that are well

Scaling your content for ABM begins with understanding your buyer journey. Who is on the
buying committee? What does each person care about at each stage? How can you
address their needs while telling a clear, compelling story that calls attention to their
individual pains? The answers to these questions will help you prioritize your content”

Nadim Hossain, Founder and CEO, BrightFunnel

Use this worksheet to help you map out a content plan for the personas in your target accounts.

Buying Stage Early Middle Late

Pre-Purchase Commit to Change Evaluation

Build awareness Address pain Help buyers find you when they are Company-specific information to help
points looking for solutions for solutions evaluate and reaffirm selection

Blog, ebook, research data Buying guide, RFP templates, ROI Pricing, demos, services info, 3rd party
Content Types
infographic, webinar, video calculator, analyst reports reviews, customer case studies

Persona #1
End User

Persona #2

Persona #3

Here’s an example of a matrix that maps content to the buying journey of a Higher Education target account:

Awareness Interest Evaluation Commitment

• Higher Education • Enrollment, engagement, • UC Irvine case study: • Marketing nation

Empowering higher donation: How higher Drive enrollment and Community & Purple
Higher education relationship education can improve engagement Select advocacy program
management: It all its grader with marketing (Case study) (Community & Advocacy
starts with marketing automation Program)
(Frost & Sullivan paper) (Ebook)
To effectively engage your a whitepaper to speak to an
audience, your content needs to executive versus a practitioner? Or,
meet three criteria: it needs to be like in the example to the right, can
personal, relevant, and timely. you personalize a general ebook
However, creating content that hits for your target accounts by adding
all of those marks can be in more industry examples and
challenging. The good news is that changing some of the
the engaging content you’ll need terminology?
for each stage of the buying
journey doesn’t need to be There are different ways to spin
created from scratch. Repurposing your content to speak to a specific
your existing content is a great company or industry. That being
way to create the content you said, you should still consider
need at scale. creating fresh content that is
tailored to your key accounts and
Revisit your content library and the individuals within them, but this
determine what’s still relevant and way, you can save your resources
can be tweaked to resonate with for those bigger efforts.
your target audience. For instance,
can you up-level the messaging on


Sydney, Australia
It’s common knowledge that
today’s buyers are on multiple
channels and devices from
moment to moment and
throughout the day. To truly
penetrate each account, you need
to identify the right people within
them and engage them at multiple
touchpoints throughout their
customer journey. This translates
into interacting with key decision-
makers from named accounts
across any channel and device with
the right message—from ads to
email to your website, and on
desktop to mobile, and beyond.
Once you have a solid In order to do this effectively, you’ll
understanding of which accounts want to have an ABM solution that is
you’re going after and the personas more than simply a patchwork of
for the stakeholders within them, tools sewn together—which leaves
you can engage them with gaps for mistranslated or un-synced
personalized content across data. Instead, look for and
Email Print
channels. Every touchpoint of your implement a solution that offers
target buyer’s experience should be ABM natively as a part of its
consistent and complementary — platform. A complete platform will
that means you have to think about offer cross-channel marketing Direct Mail Social Media
the main channels where your capabilities that will provide a
potential customer engages. Use foundation for you to deliver
channels that work for your informed and comprehensive
objectives, and take a systematic cross-channel campaigns to your
approach to coordinate your story target accounts. Cross-channel Online Display
across channels. Focus on the marketers need tools to help them:
channels that work for your
• Listen: Pay close attention to
audience, but remember that it’s
target buyer’s behavior across
worth testing different tactics. Events
all channels to create a single, Mobile
integrated view of their activity

• Learn: Process all of your target

buyer’s digital signals for a Search Phone
better understanding of your Blogs

• Engage: Manage, personalize,

and act on conversations
with your target buyer
across channels.

Leverage a Funnel Approach
Even with an account-based The tactics and channels you use
strategy, leads flow through your will differ based on a prospect’s
database like a funnel. Leads that familiarity with you. For example, • Opt-in • Web personalization
have just become aware of your you might use web personalization TOFU • Paid programs • SDRs
• Social • Tradeshows
brand/product/service exist at the on your website to display targeted • Block parties • Low value direct mail/survey
top-of-the-funnel (TOFU), while content and offers to website
leads who have engaged with your visitors, allowing you to reach a ENGAGED
content or offers are at the middle- broader audience from your target

• Retargeting • Roadshows

of-the-funnel (MOFU), and leads accounts. Whereas, you may

who are in the process of host a field event or roadshow
MOFU • Seminars/
• Email
• Appt setting
evaluating their purchasing for select later-stage prospects and learns
• Website personalization
decisions are at the bottom-of-the- who are already familiar with
funnel (BOFU). Because your your offerings. • Onsites
objectives at each stage vary, you • Field events
• Exec outreach
may want to leverage different BOFU • High value
marketing tactics and channels direct mail
for personalized, consistent • Webinars
messaging across each stage of MQL
the buying cycle.
• SDRs
• Training

Today, marketers can use data to look at an account in its entirety and understand
what message, programs, and timing works best across all decision influencers and
decision makers.” Example of the different online and offline channels you could use
to engage your target accounts and the leads within them.
Nadim Hossain, Founder and CEO, BrightFunnel

While this isn’t a comprehensive list those visitors a personalized
of all the available online channels, experience (at an account or even
we’ll cover the core online individual decision-maker level),
marketing channels you may want leading to increased engagement
to use to target and engage your and conversions.
key accounts.
In this example, we’re using our
Website own web personalization
As you aim to engage your target product to drive web conversions;
accounts across channels, web on the bottom, you’ll see our
personalization can help you create default website messaging.
and continue a personalized
experience for your target On the top, we personalized the
accounts. The experience of content and case studies targeting
landing on your website and finding organizations in the financial
generic content creates a services industry.
disconnect with your target
account in a moment and
interaction where you only have
seconds to connect and establish
relevance. Web personalization
enables marketers to identify target
accounts from anonymous visitors
based on IP addresses or known
visitors by email domains and offers
Account-based web This is especially important for
personalization focuses the brands targeting millennials (a
personalization of your website generation that makes up more
around a targeted and pre-defined than 25% of the U.S. population
list of accounts and individuals. It and will have a spending power of
enables a marketer to identify a $200 billion annually by 2017),
visitor’s company, cross-checking because millennials expect
them against a named account list personalization. In fact, more than
in real-time. If your visitor is from a 50% of them go out of their way
set list of accounts, you are able to to buy from brands they care
show them a targeted and specific about, according to research
message, offer, asset, or call-to- from Barkley.
action. With web personalization
technology and a marketing
platform, you can make this
experience even more granular
and focused by targeting the
individuals within an account with
unique and specific messages.

Digital Advertising
Traditionally a key channel for Let’s take a deeper look at how this
online acquisition, digital works. By placing a tracking pixel
advertising has hit its stride, with on your website, you can follow
the ability to reach buyers at just your target account contact when
the right time. For marketers they leave and place an ad on
practicing ABM, you want to target another, unrelated website, to stay
the right accounts with your digital top-of-mind and persuade them
advertising efforts and then to come back or offer them a next,
engage them continuously to relevant piece of content. It’s not
move them through their buyer just about serving ads to target
journey. Website retargeting, accounts at the right time—it’s
which places display ads across an about retargeting them with the
ad network for a website visitor right ad–one that’s specific to their
who does not take the desired needs or interests.
action, is one way to do that.
Another way is to push lists of your
key influencers from target
accounts to your ad platform and
target them with relevant offers
(just like you would with email).
With both the web and ad
channels communicating with
your marketing platform, you are
able to use ad targeting and
retargeting to offer a truly
personal and coordinated cross-
channel experience.

Digital Advertising
If your web personalization system
is part of an overall engagement
platform, such as Marketo’s, you
can leverage a site visitor’s lead or
engagement score, or buyer stage
to further personalize web
experiences and retargeting ads.
For example, a lead from a target
account who’s highly engaged
might get a demo offer through a Ads Drove
retargeting ad if they are a

business professional. Targeting
your ads to the right prospects—
more lead
those who have already engaged conversions
with your brand and expressed
interest—is a great way to improve
ad ROI and personalizing those
ads further increases your results
and ROI.
117 %
increase yr./yr. in
qualified leads

At Marketo, our retargeted ads,

which are done through Marketo
Ad Bridge, resulted in 2x more lead
conversions and a 117% increase in
year-over-year in qualified leads.
Email marketing is still one of the accounts that continue a
most effective ways to market to conversation or start a new one.
known audiences of prospects and
customers, especially your target To the right, you’ll see an example
accounts. In fact, email has been of a personalized email that our
proven to prompt purchases three sales reps sent to our target account
times more often than social prospects. These emails resulted in
media—and the average order a 25% open rate and are automated
value is about 17% higher, through Marketo Sales Insight,
according to McKinsey. which reveals interactions with
emails sent to prospects and
Lead nurturing—across the customers through Marketo Sales
entire customer lifecycle—is better Insight in Salesforce, Microsoft
with a personalized web Dynamics, and the Outlook and
experience and emails that draw on Gmail plug-in.
the same data to pick up where the
other left off. Marketers can send
personalized emails to their target

open rate

With a marketing platform, personalized emails can be

sent at scale. For example, the email too the right was
sent out to target accounts in the asset management
industry on the same day that Brexit happened.
While this isn’t a comprehensive For example, once a decision- Direct mail program for target accounts in higher education industry to drive pipeline
list of all the available offline maker from a target account
channels, we’ll cover the core downloads an asset from your
channels you may want to website, you can trigger a direct
consider as you target and mail piece to be sent to them.
engage your key accounts. Because direct mail can be costly,
you’ll want to make sure the offer
Direct Mail or content is highly personalized
Historic approaches to direct mail and relevant to the buyer. You’ll
largely centered around long hours also need clean data so your mail
of preparing one-off mailers to pieces are going to the right leads
large audiences that were and addresses.
painstakingly pulled together.
However, a digital marketing At Marketo, we incorporate direct
platform with marketing mail into our multi-channel ABM
automation will leverage previously campaign for target accounts in
configured audiences (e.g. your higher education. Direct mail was
target accounts) and dynamically sent to 33 different accounts and
personalized content assets that are resulted in four meetings and
already tied to your overall three new opportunities created.
campaign strategy and connects
time-released materials to buying
signals—enabling personalized
direct mail at scale.
Physical Events Example of a multi-channel campaign flow for different objectives
Physical events span from
tradeshows to luncheons and Decision Maker
roadshows, but keep in mind that
they will vary based on your Goal: Identify Engage: Field Connect: Follow-Up with
Decision Maker Events-Upcoming Engaged Prospects
objectives. If you’re targeting key
accounts who are just becoming
familiar with your brand, they may Not all target accounts are the same, and
not be receptive to an invite to a your organization may want to prioritize
them into different tiers (e.g. Top 20, Tier 1,
luncheon. However, if a prospect
Tier 2). You may want to focus more of your
is already engaging with your Drive Awareness: Linkedin, Email Program
Facebook Targeting, for Opt-ins efforts across channels on your top accounts
brand, then your efforts may be Website Personalization and strategically choose a few of them for
more successful. the other tiers. Share this with your sales
team so they understand which marketing
For more intimate events, Influencers programs will be touching them. To do this at
scale, you need to be selective on which
consider inviting a thought Goal: Identify Engage: Direct Mail Connect: Follow-Up with target accounts you invest more into.
leader or influencer to present at Influences Campaigns Engaged Prospects
your event. You want to provide
your target account prospects with
new, valuable information, and
inviting a third-party speaker can
accomplish that. Drive Awareness: Ongoing Email
Targeted Display Campaigns
By incorporating both online and
physical events into your ABM mix,
you can accomplish your
objectives for every stage of the
buyer’s journey.

Multi-channel approaches aren’t Here are a few channels • Company website: • Twitter and LinkedIn:
just a best practice for marketing. that come in handy for Browse your target account’s These social platforms are
Sales development teams should outbound prospecting: website to find more great for “listening” to what
utilize both online and offline information that you can your prospects are talking
• Email: leverage in your about and sharing with their
channels to drive outbound
Email is one of the most communications, such as network to personalize your
opportunities. Based on the
effective channels of their mission statement, outreach. You can then
accounts that marketing and sales
communication, whether it’s recent news, and products/ respond and build the
decide to pursue, the sales team for ABM or a broad-reaching services. You can also look at relationship on a more
can prioritize their outreach strategy. With automated specific job openings on their personal level.
and follow-up on higher account solutions, you can scale your website that to see whether
scores that have the propensity email sends with templates they’re utilizing or evaluating • Cold calls:
to purchase. that still have a personal your solution. Schedule times to call your
touch. You’ll want to make sure prospects when they’re most
Sales should utilize a variety of this is integrated with your likely to pick up the phone.
channels—email, social media, and marketing automation and
cold calls—to do research on and CRM systems so you’re able to
target different stakeholders within track every communication.
each account. Informed by data
from your marketing platform and
CRM system, they can ensure
that they’re having relevant
conversations with their prospects
and tracking their progress. While
sales is doing most of the outreach
here, marketing should still be
closely involved—improving sales
enablement and coordinating
programs and messaging.


Tokyo, Japan
How do you gauge the success of
any strategy without understanding
its revenue impact? Your ABM
strategy needs to be measurable in
order for you to demonstrate
success and improve over time.
Your ABM solution must make your
results available in real-time,
actionable, and intelligent.
An important first step for campaign measurement is to agree upon
your revenue model and its stages and definitions.

For B2B organizations, this typically

looks like a funnel. However, when
it comes to ABM, your revenue
model may look different than the
typical top-down funnel.

In a sense, account-based
marketing flips the broad-reaching
marketing funnel that we’re familiar
with. Traditional demand
generation models work on
generating awareness with a large
audience. With ABM, you start by
identifying qualified leads, and
then work on engaging and
expanding them, and driving
advocacy. ABM requires you to
work in tandem with your sales
team to identify accounts and
target them, which removes any
uncertainty when it comes to
revenue attribution.

Broad-Based Sales and Marketing Funnel Account-Based Marketing Funnel

Measure Throughout Time We suggest looking at metrics in the following timeframes:
Some marketers only measure
their campaigns immediately after FIRST
deployment. In doing so, they PAST FEW MONTHS MONTHS
miss out on some critical metrics.
Metrics that tie directly to revenue
take time to mature, especially for Previous Clicks and MQLs Opportunities Revenue
high-value accounts, so you’ll need Programs and Opens and Pipeline Won
to look at different sets of indicators Opportunities Created
throughout time. Understanding
and agreeing upon the indicators
for success at different points in Know What to Measure When
time will not only help you measure Works towards the goal of creating pipeline and revenue within target accounts
your ABM strategy and program
success, but also will help you EARLY MID LATE
communicate momentum to the
rest of your organization, making Lift in website traffic Program success
# of opportunities
it easier to continue to invest, -target accounts with a target
in target accounts
something that we’ll go into 1 visiting site 1 account 1
more later.
New names in target
account (building Call connects
First-touch ratio
2 out white space) 2 (target accounts) 2
Target accounts
# of meetings w/in
converting on
target account Multi-touch ratio
3 personalized pages 3 3
Engagement score Marketing qualified
leads (MQLs) in Pipeline in target
for set of programs
4 per month 4 target account 4 accounts

While you set goals and Establish Early- to
establish initial analytics as a Late-Stage Metrics
baseline before you launch your To determine program success, The most important reason to • Get some quick wins:
ABM campaigns, it’s important to you’ll need take a look at how establish analytics upfront is Use the data to determine
keep a constant eye on metrics as your ABM campaigns perform in because it creates a strong which accounts to prioritize.
your campaigns are running and each stage (early, mid, and late) foundation for your ABM program If a targeted account has
when they conclude. to understand whether you’re reporting, but here are some already shown substantial
achieving objectives for additional benefits to setting up engagement on your website
Return to your analytics often to each stage. analytics first: or with your content, it might
see how campaigns are performing be a good idea to tackle that
• Get a baseline: account immediately via sales,
per target account groups. Learning Top-of-Funnel
Don’t wait until campaigns are or begin the relationship with
and optimizing is easier with ABM While it may take time for ROI-
running to begin measuring. mid-funnel tactics. Initial
because you can focus on a centric metrics to mature, you can
Set goals before beginning an analytics on the activity levels
smaller group than you typically do determine an account’s early levels
ABM campaign—once you of your target accounts can
with traditional demand generation of interaction with you now so you help you plan and prioritize the
have a baseline of analytics
activities. Take a look at campaign can gauge future performance. for each account group, you’ll rest of the process. For
performance: are you appealing to Have they been to your website be able to reasonably example, low activity from a
the targeted accounts? Are they before or not? If so, have they hypothesize how each group of accounts may
engaging and taking the next steps downloaded or engaged with campaign will perform. indicate that you need to focus
that you outlined? How close does content? This information lets you on generating awareness,
the actual customer journey come know what you can initially expect • Provide value to sales: while high activity suggests
to the one you’ve laid out? from the account. Provide early indicators to the that targeting content to them
sales team, so they have the will further educate them and
information they need to keep generate more sales-ready
an eye on account activity leads faster.
and gauge potential signals
from buyers.

To understand how your target If you are seeing engagement,
accounts are responding to your you want to look at specific
messages, one metric that you’ll channel metrics to see which
want to track, right from the start, channels are performing the best.
is their account score, which will Some of those channel metrics
help you understand their overall may include:
engagement. Like we defined
• Ad views:
earlier, an account score groups
Look at impressions and
the individuals involved in a buying
click-through rates to gauge
process and provides a group view
performance of ads in drawing
of readiness to buy. You can use a key accounts into your funnel.
sum, an average, or even a
weighted average of individual • Web traffic:
scores, until the group reaches See how many people from
sales-ready status. If you are not target accounts visit your
seeing engagement across your website and how well the
target accounts, it is an indicator personalized web experiences
that you should revisit and drives content engagements,
downloads, conversions, and
rethink your program mix and
other desired actions. Did you
content strategy.
receive multiple visits or visitors
from the same organization?

• Marketing campaign • Web engagement:
and channel metrics: Interested prospects will be
If you are using an visiting your site in almost
engagement platform, every stage of the sales cycle
like Marketo, this data is often to further educate themselves
within the platform. You’ll want on your offering. Look for high
to answer questions like, how visit counts to identify potential
are your various campaigns buyers that are drilling into
performing? Are the prospects your content.
opening email campaigns and
clicking on the links within • CRM:
them? Are they converting into Look into your CRM system to
MQLAs? Are they taking the see what information the sales
desired actions to become team may have logged and
program successes? Take a determine how that can
hard look to see what’s inform your future activities.
working, so you can continue
• Sales feedback:
to drive success.
Talk to the sales team to
discover how close the
prospects are to engaging.

Readiness, activity and output KPIs help the organization understand what it’s doing to
support overall objectives with large strategic accounts, and provides confidence that it’s
building toward the impact metrics that leadership cares about most.”

Matt Senatore, Service Director, Account-Based Marketing, Sirius Decisions

It may take some time to measure Take a look at late-stage Here are a couple PUT criteria
revenue, but it’s essential for metrics from your ABM different models to think
determining the success of the campaign, including: about your criteria: • P= Customer pain point
project as a whole. Don’t leave out • U= Customer use case.
the bottom-of-the-funnel as BANT criteria
• Opportunities Created: Does it align with your
revenue is the key measurement • Budget: This lead can products/solutions?
Opportunities are the number
that both sales and marketing can afford your product or
of qualified leads who fit your
influence. Without understanding service. • T= Buying timeframe. Does
criteria, which differs from
overall revenue, you have little way it align with your sales
organization to organization.
of knowing whether the campaign The number of opportunities • Authority: This lead has the cycle?
achieved ROI. This information is for each campaign reveals authority to purchase your
• New Customers:
vital to securing the budget for how valuable your leads are in product. He or she is the
Customers are closed-won
future campaigns. regards to your primary decision-maker.
deals who have purchased
internal customer–the your product or service. (Note:
• Need: There is a pain that
sales team. The buyer’s journey with your
your product or service
can help solve. company shouldn’t end
post-sale. Plan a strategy
• Time: The lead’s around customer base
purchasing timeframe marketing—retention, cross-
aligns with your sales cycle. sell, upsell, and advocacy—to
maximize the value of your
hard-won customers.)

No matter what your marketing strategy is, the primary KPI to track success is always going to
be revenue. However, because the time from first touch to closed-won revenue can be
lengthy, it is still valuable to measure indicators of revenue at various stages of the funnel—from
engagement to deal size, velocity and win rate”

Dave Rigotti, Head of Marketing, Bizible

As you set up your reporting and information they need to close the
analytics, it’s important to see the deal. To do this, you’ll need to have
status and progress of your ABM a dashboard that includes three
activities from a high-level program different views—the summary
view down to the individual view, the account list view, and the
account activities. account view. These views provide
different levels of insight into your
Understanding your success at all ABM activities. A solution like
levels— from account insights, to Marketo ABM provides the insights
account score, to account-level that marketers need to determine
rollup of lead data—will not only their success and move their
help you optimize the marketing strategy forward at every level—
activities and engagement you are from one unified platform.
driving for each account and
person within the account, but it
ultimately provides sales with the

At a glance, here are the benefits
and purpose of each view:

View 1: Target
Account Summary
This view shows the progress and
health of your ABM efforts across
all of your target account
categories. It helps you quickly
understand the status of your
ABM efforts at a glance—from
new names all the way to
bookings generated.

ABM Dashboard
The Marketo ABM dashboard
shows marketers a high-level view
of the status and results of their
ABM campaigns. This view
highlights the top 10 accounts,
based on pipeline.

The account dashboard provides a

deeper look at a specific list of
accounts. In this example, it is a
“High Tech” list that shows
marketers the number of named
accounts, account list score, and
pipeline generated in this list to
date. The top 10 accounts sorted
by pipeline are listed beneath the
summary metrics.
View 2: Account List
This view allows you to quickly top 10 leads from your target
compare your progress in one accounts (based on recency and
account to the progress in other urgency of the leads engaged in
accounts. It’s a particularly useful that account). You can also see the
view because it provides a way to interesting moments— which
visually benchmark your target show the target account’s (and the
account groups against each other. people within them) activity,
A list view allows marketers to enabling sales representatives to
quickly identify success in one have more relevant, effective
account group and evaluate if it’s an conversations.
activity or process they can
replicate in the others. It also allows Within the named accounts
marketers to identify and mitigate dashboard, Marketo ABM also
any issues with an account group. offers the ability to roll up all the
opportunities at an account level.
Named Account Dashboard What does that look like? It shows
The named account dashboard the marketer all of the open
gives you the deepest dive into opportunities, the stage they are
your target account metrics. It in, the pipeline amount, the
provides all of the relevant account owner, and the expected
information about an account in close date.
one place. The account details
page shows marketers key metrics Additionally, an advanced report
on a specific named account, builder provides a way for
which include account score, the marketers to measure the impact
number of the people in the of their ABM programs on specific
account, and the current pipeline. accounts using a wide variety of
In the dashboard, you can see the filters and visualizations.

Named Account Dashboard
View 3: Individual Accounts Don’t Work As Well
This view consolidates all your This view gives you insight into the
individual account-level ABM progress in an individual account Not only does Marketo ABM provide
metrics into a single dashboard, by including the overall account marketers with robust dashboards, but
allowing sales and marketing to score, engagement, activity, and because it is built on Marketo’s
understand the progress in an people associated with the Engagement Platform, it has some key
account in the same place. This account. Additionally, it includes advantages. If you are already a Marketo
deep dive helps marketers identify a summary view of the customer, you benefit from these Marketo
areas for improvement, focus, and interesting moments created by ABM capabilities:
more investment. With this view, a target accounts.
• Ability to sync accounts directly from
marketer can see, at a glance, how
your CRM
an individual account is performing
on each benchmark. • Maintain account data hygiene simply
and smoothly
To leverage account-based
• Run your ABM campaigns with the
analytics, you can either use
filter of account score and account-
Marketo ABM—which is a native
level data
part of your marketing platform—or
a stand-alone tool—which leaves • Dedicated dashboards that help you
you to figure out how to get your understand your account intelligence,
systems to work together to report progress, and revenue impact
integrate your data.
• Track your team progress in weekly
intelligence reports.

Individual Account Dashboard
Because ABM is a very targeted • Account penetration: • Win rate: Because this data lives in your
strategy, you’ll need to look beyond Number of key people The number of closed won CRM, it’s important to set up
metrics that measure marketing- (decision-makers, influencers, opportunities as a percentage dashboards that allow you to track
sourced pipeline. Instead, you’ll etc.) that are in your database of total number of it. The report to the left below
need to demonstrate how your and opted-in. opportunities closed. Like tracks the ARR of target accounts
programs influenced deals and ASP, this should be higher for against non-target accounts. As
• Average selling price (ASP): target accounts compared to
improved ROI. The deal size of closed won you can see, target accounts
default accounts.
opportunities from target resulted in as much as a 35%
Effective ABM programs should accounts. The average deal size • Velocity: increase in ASP. The report to the
result in accelerated deal velocities of target account opportunities The number of days it takes for right shows the number of target
and more closed-won deals. This should be higher than that of an account with an open accounts that are being engaged
means you need to track additional other accounts. opportunity to become a out of the entire database. While
metrics, such as: customer. The average of this only 4% have been reached in this
• Average rate of return (ARR): should ideally be smaller example, this amount drives 30%
The average revenue generated for target accounts than of pipeline.
each year. default accounts.

Avg. ARR of Target Accounts vs. Non-Target Accounts Target Accounts Over Total

2% 2%
Average Opprtunity APR (converted)

109.54 113.05
99.22 Record count (Thousands)
in USD (Thousands)

Target Account Tier

Top 20

Tier 1
95% Tier 2


Target Account Tier

Paris, France
Whether you’re an ABM novice or To achieve the benefits that ABM
seasoned professional, having the can offer your organization, it’s
right tools for the trade is critical to critical that you choose and
success. Building the foundation implement a digital technology
for a successful ABM strategy is an that can grow with your
advantage that businesses of any organization and its needs.
size can seize. In many cases,
finding the right ABM solution
can make the difference
between short-lived, tedious, and
isolated programs and scalable,
long-term success.
As a marketer implementing ABM, you have a multitude of solutions and tools at your disposal.

There are key benefits to choosing • Target:

a single solution versus compiling a Central account targeting and
patchwork of tools to accomplish management vs. managing
the same activities. Here’s how a and syncing accounts and lists
single solution can benefit you between several apps
across each of the three stages • Engage:
of ABM: Design and run coordinated In 2017, B2B marketers will tease ABM
and personalized cross- apart into its component elements and
learn to set strategy first, then selecting the
channel ABM campaigns from
appropriate tactics and technology to
a single platform vs. managing achieve their desired outcomes. The
a separate app for each window for opportunity for pure-play ABM
channel (email, web, vendors will close as most find themselves
ads, etc.) going head-to-head with established
marketing automation leaders.
• Measure:
Roll-up all account programs
and revenue-based account Forrester, “Predictions 2017: ABM Boosts B2B Marketing’s
Customer Obsession IQ,” November 3, 2016, Laura Ramos
analytics vs. pulling data from
various systems

The evolution, and growth of technologies that support ABM is critical for companies
to be able to scale account-centric programs from their top 50 accounts to their top
5,000 accounts.”

Caitlin Ridge, Director of Corporate Communications, Lattice Engines

A marketing platform is perfect collaboration, you can manage
for this, and the right platform your accounts through a
should have capabilities for sophisticated selection process,
account targeting and such as account scoring or
management, personalizing creating lists containing criteria
cross-channel engagement, important to your business. Once
and revenue-based account you have identified the right
analytics in the same platform as audience to target, you can then
your other cross-channel engage them with highly
marketing campaigns. personalized, coordinated
messages across all channels,
Marketo ABM is native to its including email, web, ads, mobile,
powerful Engagement Platform and more. Most importantly, you
that offers robust lead can optimize your programs and
management and cross-channel measure success by tracking
capabilities, putting everything you pipeline and revenue to ensure
need to succeed with an account- you’re getting the most out of
centric strategy into a single every effort.
platform. By using one platform for
ABM coordination and

The best way to avoid a “Frankenstack,” a set of individual siloed tools that an organization tries
to get to work together and ultimately results in a mess, is to have a complete view of what your
organization needs and wants to accomplish with the use of technology

Without this, an organization can This is another scenario where

mistakenly pick up one-off tools for sales and alignment is critical—
specific tasks. alignment decreases the chances
of mistakenly purchasing tools that
It’s critical to identify, agree on, and don’t work best for everyone.
understand what will be the hub of Gather with your key ABM
your ABM technology stack. stakeholders from different teams
Whatever you choose, your ABM to agree on the following things: To better orchestrate presale and post-sale
activity, B2B CMOs will coordinate with sales
tech stack hub must be extensible,
leaders to consolidate growing operational
so you can integrate with other 1. Does the technology fill a
Franken-stacks around the purchase
solutions as needed. You also will real need? journey paths that major accounts take. –
want to look for a solution that
keeps your accounts, 2. Do you give people enough
Forrester, “Account-Based Marketing Brings Marketing And
opportunities, leads, and contacts time to evaluate tools–this Sales Into The Same Orbit,” September 1, 2016

organized, and allows you to can be a person or

committee, but it needs
orchestrate cross-channel
to be ongoing
campaigns and consolidate your
ABM metrics.
3. Identify who will manage
the tool

Identifying gaps and adding by the Marketo Launchpoint® Framework to Evaluate Your Digital Needs
missing tools as needed is critical to partners to expand the capabilities
your ABM success, but just as of the platform and solution to fit
important is having a solution that any business need and use case—
can easily integrate with your other specifically including predictive
core technologies. scoring and account enrichment. Go-to-Market
Depending on your organization, The right framework will help you
you may want to consider evaluate your digital needs. By
evaluating complementary determining your business model
solutions for account data, (e.g. industry, in-house vs. partner),
company insights, competitive go-to-market strategy (e.g.
intelligence, predictive software, customer vs. prospect, campaigns,
content marketing, direct mail, and etc.), organizational needs (e.g.
Business Organization
event management. scale, sophistication, etc.), and Model Needs
integration requirements (e.g.
Marketo’s Engagement Platform single vs. multiple vendors, IT
and its native ABM solution work support, etc.), you can discover the
seamlessly with many right solution(s) that will grow with
complementary solutions offered your company.

Invest in a data-driven technology stack that can support your integrated workflows. You
want to find the right combination of techniques and tools that give you an edge over your
competition and get you into the right deals early.“

Amar Doshi, VP of Product, 6sense

Don’t add new technologies to Predictive Scoring
your MarTech stack for the sake of These solutions leverage historic
adding solutions. New data on your current customers to
technologies should be evaluated identify other accounts that are
based on how well they integrate similar and have a high propensity
with your existing technologies to buy. Some select account
and whether they truly add value. scoring tools include Leadspace,
Here are some complementary Mintigo, Lattice, Infer, 6 Sense,
solutions for ABM. and Everstring.

Account Data Niche Solutions

These solutions can provide you Some solutions have a very
with firmographic information and specific focus to support your ABM
account intelligence on different strategy that don’t fit neatly into the
organizations (e.g. employee size other categories. For example, this
or all the companies in a specific could be an account intelligence
industry). Account data tools tool, such as Built With, Datanyze,
include companies like LinkedIn, and Ghostery, that reveals which
InsideView, Hoovers, Dun & companies are using specific
Bradstreet, and Reachforce. software technologies. This
competitive data allows you to
identify target accounts that have
the right product fit.

What does an ABM tech stack look like? It can vary from organization to
organization depending on your ABM strategy and goals.

Architecture and Integration

Take a look at this example
marketing technology stack
from a Marketo ABM customer,
Quark Enterprise Solutions, an
end-to-end content automation Trail and
Account Data
platform. Their VP of Marketing, BLOG ANALYTICS
Gavin Drake, describes their stack CHANNELS
Trail and Account Data
(Marketo API)
as “primarily marketing driven,” and Marketo
his thinking behind it is that “ABM is Web
a long term, cross-functional
strategy and you have to be able to
measure success at an account
level from day one. This is a big
departure from marketing and
measuring at a lead level and as DM Request/ PLATFORM
Delivery Confirm
such you need to know what your Sync
technology capabilities are.” Their Leads
ABM MarTech stack enables them Registration + Accounts
Attendance ABM Opportunties
to run coordinated, cross-channel,
Content Automation
and personal ABM campaigns for Platform (Quark Software) EVENTS Registration
their target accounts. Chick-in Contact
Attend Enrichment Acquisition Customer



Here’s how the elements in their Marketing and Sales Automation Tactile Marketing Analytics
MarTech stack break down to
• Marketo: Marketing • ABM engagement programs in • Google Analytics: Web
deliver that experience:
automation including Marketo trigger personalized analytics across all Quark web
campaign execution, landing tactile marketing. Notifications properties, including App
pages and emails, data from FedEx tell Marketo when Studio Web, mobile apps, and
management, lead a package has been delivered eStores as well as Google
assignment, lead lifecycle (or not). Adword and event tracking
management, lead attribution,
account-based marketing, • Moz: SEO tracking, ranking,
analytics. and recommendations
• Registration through Marketo
• Microsoft Dynamics: Sales forms and landing pages. Data Channels
CRM, which integrates with passed to WebEx, registration
Marketo Sales Insights. confirmed back, and attendee/ • LinkedIn Campaign Manager:
no show data provided post- LinkedIn’s advertising platform
Data webinar to Marketo. to deliver sponsored content
into a target audience’s
• DiscoverOrg: Net new lead LinkedIn Feed. Also integrates
acquisition, organizational with Marketo for additional
charts, data triggers, prospect • Registrations through Marketo targeting.
technology, deal prediction, forms and landing pages.
data enrichment • Google AdWords: Google’s
On-site check-in through
advertising platform to bid on
Marketo event app.
certain keywords/phrases to
show clickable ads in Google’s
search results.

• Meltwater: Press release

distribution, coverage tracking,
intelligence, and analysis.


• Box: File storage, sharing,

and collaboration

• Wrike: Marketing project and

task management with direct
integration to Box

Content Automation

• Quark Publishing Platform:

Content authoring, review,
approval, publishing, and


• Zapier: Cloud-based
app integration

• Calendly: Online scheduling of

discovery calls and meetings

The right technology will enable your cross-functional teams to deliver
coordinated and seamless campaigns.

An engagement platform, like ad targeting, web personalization, outreach and drive alignment
Marketo, offers cross-channel email, event, and more—which across teams so they can go after
capabilities. Our platform not only give you the ability to deliver key accounts in a coordinated and
helps you track and manage your account-level campaigns using collaborative way.
ABM target accounts, but enables your ABM filters and trigger
you to deliver informed, real-time, seamlessly across channels.
and coordinated cross-channel
engagement and targeting. Your A successful strategy also involves
target account’s behaviors are close collaboration with cross-
captured in Marketo’s Audience functional departments including
Hub, which equips you to deliver sales, professional services,
highly personalized messages at customer success, etc. You’ll need
exactly the right time. The native the proper technology that will
capabilities of the platform include give these groups a real-time,
account-level view to coordinate

ABM is a long term, cross-functional strategy and you have to be able to start measuring
success at an account level from day one. This is a big departure from marketing and
measuring at a lead level and as such you need to know what your technology capabilities are.”

Gavin Drake, VP Marketing, Quark Enterprise Solutions



Tools specifically created for If you’re considering purchasing Vendor Selection Checklist Look for a comprehensive ABM
account-based marketing offer a and implementing an ABM A sophisticated account-based solution. Using multiple tools for
lot of benefits for companies just solution, you’ll want to make sure marketing solution enables implementing, executing, and
starting with account-based that the software you choose will strategic decision-making with analyzing ABM campaigns is
marketing, as well as those fulfill your company’s needs data aggregation, insight time-consuming and prone
who’ve been executing ABM for throughout the entire ABM management, and real-time to error. A complete ABM
some time using multiple, lifecycle: from forming a strategy analytics. The right tool should solution will:
disparate systems. However, the and compiling your list of target simplify your transition to ABM,
☐☐ Assist with target account
right ABM solution can provide accounts, to distributing help you identify optimal target
valuable insights while reducing personalized ABM content across accounts, and enable quick
the efforts involved in channels, and measuring shifting when data and insights ☐☐ Allow for management of
personalizing campaigns and campaign effectiveness. reveal opportunities or cross-channel campaigns
monitoring effectiveness. inefficiencies. Additionally, you from a single platform
Use the resources below to want to choose a solution based
☐☐ Provide comprehensive,
choose a vendor that will meet the on your ABM roadmap—and think
real-time analytics
short-term and long-term needs about what technology will be the
of your company as it moves to an center of that growth. ☐☐ Allow for utilization of
ABM model. historical data from existing
marketing automation and
CRM systems



Requirement Why It’s Important Necessary Features

Assists with Success with ABM starts with targeting high-value Provides the ability to segment and view accounts by important criteria
identification of accounts—those that are most likely to drive
target accounts revenue or have strategic significance. Matches existing and new leads to their respective accounts

Automatically Identifying anonymous visitors provides Capable of identifying anonymous leads

connects leads to opportunities for relationship-building and
accounts personalization. Has the ability to match anonymous leads to the correct organizations

Provides an Knowing what actions visitors take when viewing Shows what campaigns and/or channels drew a visitor in
aggregated view of your website or campaigns identifies conversion
Monitors what visitors click on and what content they view
buyer behavior across opportunities and provides valuable data that can
all channels be used for effective personalization. Tracks visitors’ actions across all visits
Manages campaigns across multiple channels from a single platform
Orchestrates Integrates seamlessly with existing marketing automation and CRM software
Effective engagement with target accounts
personalized, cross-
requires consistent and complementary Serves dynamic content based on a website visitor’s origin, behavior,
channel marketing
messaging across multiple channels. organization, and place in buying cycle
Delivers highly personalized content and calls-to-action at the appropriate time
Provides real-time, actionable analytics
Measuring the performance of campaigns across
Consolidates target accounts, performing A/B testing, and Allows for summary views of account data and findings as well as detailed
comprehensive, real- shifting quickly when campaigns are views for deeper dives
time ABM analytics underperforming are critical to campaign Provides revenue impact data
Measures engagement of key stakeholders



Once you’ve determined that a vendor’s solution meets your needs, you can narrow your choices
even further by considering if the vendor’s company is the type of organization you want to work
with long-term.

☐☐ Will the software integrate ☐☐ What plans does the ☐☐ What level of support does ☐☐ How much training will be
seamlessly with existing vendor have for optimizing the company offer? needed to use the
marketing automation and and improving their Does the company offer software, and how is that
CRM systems? product in the future? technical support for their training offered?
If one of your goals for ABM Getting insight into the software? When is that Getting thorough training
is to create a comprehensive vendor’s roadmap will allow support available—during for sales and marketing
place to manage campaigns you to determine how limited hours or anytime it’s teams will be critical in
and view data and analytics, dedicated the vendor is to needed? What is the turn- promoting adoption and
you’re going to want the managing and improving around time for support realizing success from the
new solution to quickly the software long-term. queries? Does the software.
and easily pull in historical company also provide
information from business support for your ☐☐ What other companies has
existing marketing and company’s transition to the vendor worked with?
sales systems. ABM? Getting the answers Ask for references from
to these questions will help other companies who’ve
narrow down the vendor used the solution in the
list to only those that past or are currently using
provide exceptional it, or ask the vendor to
customer service. provide case studies
highlighting the successes
other companies have had
using the software.
If you find that more than one The right ABM solution can help
vendor satisfies your needs for you avoid laborious efforts that
ABM software and provides the lead to disappointing sales metrics
required customer training and and, instead, achieve continued
support, there are a few more growth and long-term success.
things you can consider to make a Make sure you spend time asking
final decision: the right questions in order to
ensure that the vendor you choose
• Price:
to work with provides everything
If you’re equally satisfied with
you need to succeed with ABM.
more than one vendor, you
may want to make your
decision based on which
vendor offers the most
competitive pricing.

• Authority and Credibility:

Does any vendor stand out as
an ABM expert, actively
engaging in ABM as part of its
own business model and using
its own software? Is the vendor
considered an influencer in the
field of digital marketing? A
company with authority in
ABM—and digital marketing in
general—may be more
equipped to provide tools
that cater to the needs, pain
points, and best practices of
the industry.


Shanghai, China
Throughout this guide, we’ve
shared examples that were almost
solely specific to an ABM strategy
geared toward acquisition. And
while ABM can be incredibly
effective for acquisition, it has an
equal impact on the entire
customer lifecycle, including
retention, cross-sell and upsell, and
advocacy. Your playbooks will
always be specific and unique to
your business; this section will
explore these applications of ABM
and offer some examples, tips, and
tricks to make it successful.
ABM can help you retain key Wave 1: Wave 3:
customers. A focus on retaining Personalized email from their Launch surveys and calling
customers often centers around Customer Account Manager campaigns six months before the
their adoption of critical elements (CAM) or Customer Success renewal date to identify any issues
of your product and/or having Manager (CSM) to welcome them that may prevent them from
more than one user engaged. An and guide them through their first resigning and give you enough
ABM strategy focused on retention “X Days” as a customer, and web time to fix them.
gives the most attention to the personalization to welcome them
transition period after a customer as a new customer and serve up Ongoing:
closes as a sale and starts to relevant content and messages. Nurture campaign to remind
onboard with your product. them of resources, like a customer
Wave 2: community, helpdesk, etc. to
Foundation: Identify how your product is (or drive satisfaction, troubleshoot
Identify target accounts that are isn’t) being used and send relevant issues, and get them to engage
either (or both) a high risk of churn email messages to help them “Get with the brand.
or high-value. All messages need to started”, “Implement best
surround the customer with practices”, or understand “Tips and
education and resources to set tricks”. Offer targeted ads for
them up for success and ensure content items that support those
ongoing success. areas of your product.

Did you know that according to Wave 1:
Forbes, 90% of the customer value Offer personalized emails from Let’s see how this play translates
for B2B businesses is actually their Customer Account Manager for an organization selling
obtained after the initial sale? ABM or Account Executive. considered purchase products:
can help ensure that you don’t
leave money on the table and help Wave 2: A luxury car dealership is targeting
you achieve more sales. Create a nurture track (or nurture consumers who own an older
tracks) for a set of accounts to offer model. The marketing team gets to
Foundation: them content that educates them work, sending an email introducing
Identify target accounts that have on potential cross-sell and upsell their new model and the additional
the highest propensity to buy products. features compared to each
certain products and have the prospect’s current model. Then,
resources to implement them. Wave 3: based on the response, the
Understand how your product is Invite them to specific in-person prospects are grouped into
currently being used (and not used), events (demo days, product different messaging tracks. For
and any pain points the customer roadshows, luncheons) those who are not interested in the
has had so you can craft specific, or webinars. model, they cross-sell additional
targeted messages. services like upgrading to a sports
package. For those who are
interested in possible upgrading,
they are sent an inclusive invitation
to a private showroom viewing of
the latest model.

According to data from Deloitte, Wave 1:
customers that are referred by Personally recognize them at a
other customers have a 37% higher CAM level—send an email and call
retention rate. And, advocates tell them out for being super users, or
two times as many people about if they have referred, thank them.
their purchases than non-
advocates, according to Comscore. Wave 2:
Using ABM to engage customers all Invite them to participate in
the way through the lifecycle is ongoing activities via a personal
critical and can have a real revenue email from an executive.
impact on your business.
Wave 3:
Foundation: Ensure their continued success
Understand not only the accounts and satisfaction by upgrading
that are super users but the them for free to the highest level of
contacts as well. Create messaging support. Invite them to events and
that makes them feel special, find parties as a VIP—especially if you
opportunities for them to shine as have prospects attending as well.
an advocate, and understand that
there are different motivators Ongoing:
(money, notoriety, goodwill) that Engage customers through a
people have for advocacy. customer engagement and
advocacy program (or platform if
you want to make it more scalable)
and offer daily challenges, rewards,
sneak peaks, and opportunities to
advocate on your behalf. This daily
contact will ensure continued
buy-in and loyalty.

While ABM is not a new way to lifecycle, and throughout their
strategically market to target buyer journey, need to sell at an
accounts, now it is a scalable, account level, understand the
achievable strategy that influence of the different contacts
organizations of all sizes can and speak directly to them. The
implement to focus on whole ABM we practice today is entirely
lifecycle marketing for key different than the manual
accounts. Marketing, selling to, processes of days past.
and supporting your customers Implementing an ABM strategy
at an account-level is not only no longer means an astronomical
critical to your success, it’s what investment but it does mean
your customers expect. increased revenue, focus, and
Competitive organizations that partnership within your
are focused on engaging their organization.
customers across the entire

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