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Book 7th ed

W Dates Topics Notes

1 Sep 27 I Introduction Definition of a solution to DEs should be given.

Oct 1 1.3 Classifications of Differential Equations 1a 1b

Existence and Uniqueness Theorem only. Picard's iterates will
2.8 The Existence and Uniqueness Theorem 1b be done later.

II First Order Equations

1.1 Some Basic Mathematical Models;

Direction (Slope) Fields

2 Oct 4 2.2 Separable Equations 2a 2a

Homogeneous equations in Exercises are included.
2.5 Autonomous Equations and Population Introduce the equilibrium solutions.
Oct 8 Dynamics 2b 2c
Bernoulli equation in Exercises is included.
2.6 Exact Equations and Integrating Factors
2.1 Linear Equations with Variable Coefficients
2.4 Differences Between Linear and Nonlinear
Equations 2c

3 Oct 11 2.7 Numerical Approximations: Euler's Method

2.8 The Existence and Uniqueness
Oct 15 Theorem: Picard's iterates

III Second Order Linear Equations

3.1 Homogeneous Equations with Constant

3.2 Fundamental Solutions of Linear 3a
Homogeneous Eqns Existence and Uniqueness Theorem

4 Oct 18 3.3 Linear Independence and the Wronskian Euler equation in Exercises is included.
3.4 Complex Roots and the Characteristic
Oct 22 Equation3a
3.5 Repeated Roots; Reduction of Order 3a

5 Oct 25 3.6 Nonhomogeneous Equations; Method of October 29 National Holiday (October 28, Thursday afternoon:
UCs Holiday)
Oct 29 3.7 Variation of Parameters

6 Nov 1 IV Higher Order Linear Equations (Sketch)

Nov 5 4.1 General Theory of nth Order Linear No more than one hour
4.2 Homogeneous Equations with Constant
4.3 The Method of Undetermined Coefficients

V Series Solutions of Differential Equations

5.1 Review of Power Series 5a

5.2 Series Solutions near an Ordinary Point, State the theorem in the next section (5.3 Series Solutions near
Part I 5a an Ordinary Point, Part II).

7 Nov 8 5.4 Regular Singular Points

5.5 Euler Equation 5b 5b
Euler Equation in connection with the Power Series solution.
Nov 12 5.7 Series Solutions near a Regular Singular
Point, Part II 5c

Nov 13
Exam-1 (Saturday Afternoon at 13:30)

Nov 15 Religious Holiday-Kurban Bayramı (Arife November 15,

8 Monday Aftenoon, Bayram for 4 days)
Nov 19
9 Nov 22 VI The Laplace Transforms Existence Theorem

Nov 26 6.1 Definition of the Laplace Transform

Properties: linearity, translation, derivatives, inverse transform,
(6.6 The Convolution Integral)

10 Nov 29 6.3 Step Functions

6.2 Solution of Initial Value Problems
Dec 3

11 Nov 6 6.4 DEs with Discontinuous Forcing Functions

Dec 10 6.5 Impulse Functions

12 Dec 13 VII Systems of Linear Equations

Dec 17 7.4 Basic Theory of Systems of First Order

Linear Equations
7.5 Homogeneous Linear Systems with
Constant Coefficients
7.6 Complex Eigenvalues

Dec 18
Exam-2 (Dec 18, Saturday Afternoon at 13:30)
14 Dec 20 7.8 Repeated Eigenvalues The Matrix Exponential
7.7 Fundamental Matrices
Dec 24 7.9 Nonhomogeneous Linear Systems 7.9a
Variation of Parameters only. Use also the matrix exponential.
15 Dec 27 VIII Partial Differential Equations and The Fourier Convergence Theorem
Fourier Series
Dec 31
10.1 Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
10.2 Fourier Series
10.5 Separation of Variables: Heat Equation

15 Jan 3 10.7 Separation of Variables: Wave Equation

10.8 Separation of Variables: Laplace Equation
Jan 7

Jan 13 Final, Thursday 16.30