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0 Introduction

Liang Shan is located in the southwest of Sichuan Province in China, and the state of Liang Shan

consists of 25 ethnic minorities. The Yi nationality people account for forty-two percent of the

total population. Liang Shan is the largest inhabited area of Yi nationality in China, and it is the

regions with the most number of different types of ethnic minorities and with the largest

population of ethnic minorities. Now there are two national scenic spots in Liang Shan, and a

national nature reserve.

The location of Liang Shan is too remote to make this place too poor there is no money to

develop tourism plans and at the same time there is no company willing to invest in the

development of Liang Shan tourism. Leading to Liang Shan has a wealth of tourism resources

but because of the lack of adequate and reasonable development is still not famous. There are

still a lot of people still understand is how poor of the Liang Shan this place and all about Liang

Shan negative news. Not too many people know Liang Shan this place has abundant Yi culture

and beautiful scenery.

The main purpose of develop this place is deeply exploring the connotation of Yi nationality

culture, give full play to Liang Shan as a cultural advantage of ethnic minority areas, enhance the

attractiveness of Liang Shan tourism to tourists thus promoting Liang Shan's economic

development, helping the population to get rid of poverty and improve people's living standards.

In the cultural aspects to help promote the traditional Yi culture revival and heritage it can also

promote cultural exchanges between regions and spread the Yi nationality culture around the


2.0 Background

The tourism resources of Liang Shan state are abundant, the types of the natural tourism

resources are rich, and the development value is high. The special geographical environment of

Liang Shan state has created marvelous natural wonders. There are a majestic mountains,

colorful lakes, large-scale ancient glacial traces, mysterious ancient virgin forest, a wide variety

of rare animals and plants, and shape strange caves, hot springs, waterfalls and other natural

wonders in the everywhere of the state of Liang Shan. The cultural heritage of the cultural

tourism resources of Liang Shan state is profound, and the ethnic amorous feelings are colorful.

On the ancient land of Liang Shan have a glorious history and culture and the human landscape

through the creation of the working people. The Han dynasty ruins, ancient battlefield, ancient

plank road and other historical ancient books record and witness the long and heavy development

history of Liang Shan. The architecture and culture of Buddhism and Taoist let tourists

appreciate the broad and profound religious culture, at the same time let tourists understand the

great deterrent of religious belief. The earthquake stele in Xi Chang of Liang Shan is one of the

four major earthquake steles in China, it preserves a lot of earthquake inscriptional record and

historical remains, let visitors understand the power of nature. Liang Shan is a sacred place for

revolution, and there are many revolutionary relics, for example, Yihai alliance site that when the

Red Army crossed the Yi nationality region, Cemetery of martyrs, The Red Army's long march

route and so on. These can not only serve as a base for cherishing the memory of the martyrs and

educating their descendants, but also can be exploited as tourist resources. There are more than

twenty different types of ethnic groups living in Liang Shan, they have simple folk customs,

unique folk culture, colorful festival celebrations, beautiful folk songs and dances, exquisite

traditional crafts, these are all reflected the local unique cultural tourism resources.

All in all, the simplicity of a landscape of lakes and mountains, rich historical culture, colorful

ethnic customs and village scenery, with the great achievements of modernization and great

construction, the tourism resources with unique characteristics and great development potential

in Liang Shan Prefecture are formed, it has created favorable conditions for the development of

tourism in Liang Shan.

3.0 Situational analysis

3.1 SWOT

Strength Weakness

1. Abundant natural resources 1. The infrastructure is not perfect and the

2. Diverse ethnic cultures, the culture of traffic conditions are poor

Yi nationality is the most prominent 2. Poor accommodation, small size, poor

3. Unique spaceflight culture, Xichang management level

Satellite Launch Center 3. Brand and reputation is not high,

4. The important revolutionary cultural publicity is low

base, one of the longest mileage areas 4. The related professionals in tourism

of Red Army Long March industry are scarce, the quality of

5. In recent years, the development of employees is low, and the level of

tourism in Liang Shan has laid a solid education is low

foundation for the further development 5. The protection and development of

of Tourism ethnic culture is not enough, the

villages are destroyed, some folk arts

and crafts are disappearing

Opportunity Threat

1. With the development of social 1. Intensifying competition in tourism

economy, the per capita GDP of Liang market

Shan Prefecture ranks eighth in Sichuan 2. Tourists are more inclined to famous

Province, and the disposable income of tourist resorts

residents increases 3. Unreasonable development leads to

2. The development of the West Regions ecological destruction and waste of

provides opportunities for the resources

development of Liang Shan's tourism 4. The growth of China's foreign trade and

industry the decrease of the proportion of

3. Policy support for expanding domestic tourism in the national economy

demand and stimulating domestic 5. Sichuan is an earthquake prone area,

consumption and the demand for tourism in Sichuan

4. With regional advantages, the is declining

surrounding areas and Liang Shan to

form a resource sharing situation

5. Tourism development is gradually

becoming the focus of investment in

Liang Shan

3.2 The impacts on the economic

Through developing tourism, there will be a lot of benefits on the economic. Firstly, promote the

development of local economy, and increase the income of local people, so that the local GDP

improved, so as to improve the living standards of the local people. Secondly, promote the

development of local industries. Tourism is a comprehensive industry, and the development of

tourism can promote the development of the local accommodation industry, transportation

industry, catering industry, agricultural and sideline products industry and other related

industries. Thirdly, increase employment opportunities. Since tourism has promoted the

development of many industries, it has provided opportunities from two aspects: direct and


Of course, tourism development will also bring some negative impacts for local economic. At

first, the development of tourism will cause price rise in tourist areas. Tourists generally have a

strong purchasing power, the influx of large numbers of tourists, will cause local products' prices

rose in an all-round way. The strong consumption ability of tourists for local agricultural and

sideline products, handicrafts and industrial products will cause tight supply and rise in price.

The price of catering industry, accommodation industry and transportation industry will rise as

demand increases. And then the development of tourism will cause the price rise of real estate

industry. Because the tourism construction needs a large number of land uses, it will lead to the

rise of land price, raise the development price of housing, and affect the housing purchasing

power of residents. Finally, the rapid development of tourism will lead to the imbalance of local

industrial structure. Everyone abandon agriculture and choose to develop tourism, it will lead to

a large number of idle farmland, causing agricultural and sideline production landslide.

3.3 The impacts on the social

The impacts on the social due to development tourism also have positive impacts and negative

impacts. For the positive impacts, for the first one, the development of tourism can promote the

development of local culture. Local residents integrate traditional festivals and folk culture into

tourism activities to promote the all-round integration of culture and tourism, and promote local

culture, so that more people can understand the unique cultural customs of the region. At the

same time, it can also increase cultural exchanges. The entry of foreign tourists has increased the

contact and communication between local residents and foreigners, promoted mutual cultural

exchanges, expanded horizons, improved cultural quality, and enriched cultural connotations.

Finally, the development of tourism can also promote the development and construction of local

infrastructure. The development of tourism cannot be separated from infrastructure, for example,

tourism will promote the local traffic, electricity, natural gas projects to improve.

For the negative impacts, for the first one, bring hidden danger to social security. With the

development of local tourism, the number of tourists is increasing, and tourists come from

different places, with complexity. Therefore, it is easy to appear theft, robbery and other criminal

acts. At the same time, there may be potential risks of smuggling, gambling, and drug trafficking

and so on. And then, the development of tourism will have a negative impact on the local culture.

The contact and communication between foreign tourists and local people is the process of

mutual communication and mutual influence between cultures. The Yi nationality in Liang Shan

has been in a backward state for a long time, poverty makes many Yi people begin to feel

inferior and admire foreign tourists after they contact with foreign tourists and foreign cultures,

and begin to mimic the lifestyle of tourists. Even some people feel that their culture is not as

good as foreign culture, so as to abandon the traditional culture of the nation. This kind of

cultural shock from the hearts of the Yi nationality people has become the biggest threat to the

protection and development of Yi nationality culture. Finally, it causes serious

commercialization and benefits, which is not conducive to the local image and reputation. With

the enhancement of their commodity consciousness and the influence of some foreign merchants'

management, the traditional morality and norms were ignored in order to pursue economic

benefits. For example, the sale of low-quality handicrafts in order to pursue high interests,

resulting in the artistic value of handicrafts reduced and the loss of cultural diversity. In addition,

when trading goods with customers, all kinds of shoddy, bluff and deceive phenomenon, while

damaging the interests of tourists, it also has a very bad social impact on the image and

reputation of the Yi people.

3.4 The impacts on the environmental

The first positive impact on the environmental is the development of tourism has the advantages

of less resource consumption, low environmental cost, and is conducive to the effective use of

natural resources and ecological environment, to avoid the unknown and waste of natural

resources. The second one is the development of tourism can replace some of the traditional

industries with large resource consumption and heavy pollution, to achieve the purpose of

reducing pollution emissions and ecological destruction. At last, the development of tourism can

enhance the awareness of the government and the local people's ecological environment

protection. Through the development of tourism, some places have gradually realized that the

excellent environment is competitive advantage and development advantage.

The first one of the negative impact on the environmental is effects on the surface and soil. With

the development of tourism activities in various natural areas, the development of tourism

facilities is increasing day by day, and the ecological environment has been faced with

unprecedented artificial transformation. For example, surface paving, vegetation regeneration,

exotic species introduction and so on. Both land and water surface are likely to be affected by

tourism activities. Wetlands, natural caves, soil and other ground cover may bear different types

of tourism impact. Especially the soil organic layer on the surface plants will suffer more severe

impact. The second one is effects on animals and plants. The effects of human tourism activities

on plants can be divided into direct and indirect impacts. Direct influences include trampling,

removal, and collection of plants as campfire materials. Indirect effects include the introduction

of exotic species, vehicle emissions, soil erosion and other issues, and these will indirectly affect

the growth and health of plants. The development of tourist areas may destroy wildlife habitats

or refuges. Both the tourist activities and the human activities of tourists will interfere with the

life and reproduction of wildlife. The third one is environmental pollution. For example, littering,

indiscriminate emissions of water pollution, automobile exhaust emissions, as well as residential

and catering industry emissions of living waste gas pollution of the atmosphere, visitors littering

garbage caused by solid waste pollution.

4.0 Objectives

In order to promote the Yi nationality cultural tourism in Liang Shan to the world, first of all, we

have three small objectives. In three years, set the theme park, construct and improve of Liang

Shan local tourism facilities, and strengthen road repairs, increase the number of local hotels, the

introduction of high-tech talent to manage, by improving technology and management

infrastructure upgrade, further strengthen the foundation for the development of tourism in Liang

Shan. Within three years, through integrate the traditional culture, folk customs, festival

celebrations, and the Liang Shan Torch Festival, a non-material cultural heritage, are integrated

into the tourism activities, and through the combination of local Yi culture and tourism in Liang

Shan, shaping the Yi nationality theme park this unique brand of Liang Shan tourism, and

building the tourism of the Yi nationality culture as the theme of tourism, so as to realize the

inheritance, protection and development of the Yi culture in Liang Shan. The third objective is

seeing the tourism industry as a new engine of Liang Shan economic and social development, an

important way to upgrade the industrial transformation of Liang Shan, and the tourism industry

as the leading industry in Liang Shan, using abundant natural resources and unique local cultural

resources to developing the tourism industry vigorously, within five years, to become well-

known China tourism resort. Cooperation with the international enterprises, acting on

International Convention, and promote Liang Shan tourism to the world and create possibilities

for international famous cultural tourism in the future.

5.0 Theme development

There are abundant natural resources and unique Yi nationality culture in Liang Shan, in order to

attract more tourists travel in here, we create a theme park with the theme of Yi nationality

cultural. Because of Liang Shan is composed by mountains, tourists can hiking, climbing the

mountains and enjoy the natural scenery along the road inside this theme park. It must attract

those people who like travel with families and who are young people to come. And there are a lot

of colorful lakes, so we will set the fishing and boating even the swimming competition in order

to attract more and more international tourists to come to visit this place. Tourists can participate

in the activities and celebrations of the Yi nationality inside this theme park.

During the development of tourism also should protect the ecological environment in the state of

Liang Shan, avoid destroy of natural resource, and at the same time develop the sustainable

ecotourism. Thus, we not allowed the private cars enter the theme park, and we will set a large

parking area around the theme park for tourists. We will provide bicycle and sightseeing vehicle

for tourists. It is benefit for protect ecological environment while the tourists enjoy their tourism.

6.0 Development plan

Liang Shan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is the most characteristic of the Yi nationality traditional

culture and the most resident is the Yi nationality people so the preservation of the Yi nationality

culture is very complete. In order to develop Yi nationality culture, a Yi nationality culture

theme park is established in Chengxi County, where the most Yi nationality people live in Liang

Shan. In the Yi nationality culture theme park there are have traditional houses of Yi nationality

residents, features Yi nationality clothing and jewellery display. In this Yi nationality theme park

there are have Yi nationality restaurants, the tourists can eat the traditional Yi food. There are

also corresponding Yi nationality culture theme hotels, Hotel staff wearing Yi nationality

traditional clothes and the hotel decoration furniture has the Yi nationality traditional

characteristics. In the Yi nationality culture theme park there will be traditional Yi nationality

activities and traditional customs, tourists can come here to feel the torch festival cheerful, to

participate in the traditional wedding of the Yi nationality. And also have the some young

people like to stimulate the activities, such as flume ride, roller coaster and in that Yi nationality

theme park are many beautiful mountains and beautiful lakes, tourists can climb and fish at here.

In the introduction stage of the development of Yi nationality culture theme park, Can be through

the Yi nationality culture theme park unique traditional activities, customs and some unique

scenery to attract some director to shoot TV drama or movies to raise the popularity of Liang

Shan Yi nationality culture theme park. So that more people know that Liang Shan this place has

a unique Yi nationality culture them park and in this theme park can learn more comprehensive

Yi culture. And through the film or TV drama in the Liang Shan Yi nationality culture to attract

more people interested in the Yi nationality culture to Liang Shan Yi nationality them park

tourism. In the growth stage of the Yi nationality culture theme park the admission tickets price

of a discount of 20% for tourists from the group or student, elderly persons over sixty years of

age or children under one meter second are charged half price. But the tickets do not include the

price of accommodation, restaurants and the activities of participating in the Yi nationality

culture theme park. Through the price concessions can attract more tourists to Liang Shan

tourism. Later, the Liang Shan Yi nationality culture theme park characteristic culture was

filmed as a propaganda film, which introduces the characteristics of Yi nationality culture,

distinctive lifestyle and some traditional activities. Put the promotional video on TV and play it

every day at golden time between 7 pm and 8 pm, And on the YouTube, Facebook and other

social media to promote Liang Shan Yi nationality culture theme park. Those more international

tourists have also been attracted by the Liang Shan Yi culture them park, so as to achieve the

maturity stage. In the decline stage of the Yi nationality culture theme park, many tourists have

felt the Liang Shan Yi nationality culture them park or have a better tourist resource than the Yi

nationality culture them park to attract tourists. At this stage to take person selling, by calling

the manager of the world's largest tourism club to promote the Liang Shan Yi nationality cultural

them park, let that tourism companies to recommend to customers there. Many companies have

employee travel benefits every year, call the managers who are responsible for the travel of these

companies to sell the Yi nationality culture them park characteristics, so that their company to

organize staff here tourism.

The Liang Shan Yi nationality autonomous prefecture is a mountainous area and road

construction is difficult and costly, leading Liang Shan traffic is underdeveloped and tourists are

not convenient to enter Liang Shan. Because the terrain complex mountain road is easy to traffic

accidents, resulting many tourists who are interested in Liang Shan Yi nationality are

discouraged. In order to better develop Liang Shan Yi nationality culture them park is the most

important first to build roads to ensure that the traffic path to maintain smooth, so that tourists

more convenient to enter the Liang Shan understanding of the Yi culture. Can set up an airport in

Xi Chang district, Liang Shan, and the delivery capacity of airports, routes and flights

corresponds to the amount of visitors to Liang Shan Yi nationality culture them park tourism. Xi

Chang in the center of Liang Shan Yi Autonomous Prefecture and Xi Chang are more plainer, so

relative to other parts of Liang Shan more suitable for building airports. The Liang Shan also

need to build around the major cities leading to Liang Shan high-speed railway, High-speed

railway is very fast and convenient, and it saves tourists a lot of time. Although there are aircraft

and high-speed railway but the construction of the highway is also essential. The airport and

high-speed railway are more convenient and convenient for tourists who are far away from the

cool mountains, but the highway is for the residents of Liang Shan or the local residents, and

some tourists who prefer to drive themselves will also use the highway to into Liang Shan Yi

nationality theme park tourism. That need establishment of Liang Shan Yi nationality culture

them park and the surrounding cities connected to the highway, and should also be established

highway will Liang Shan tourist attractions connected. It is convenient for tourists to visit the Yi

nationality cultural theme park from other tourist attractions, and visitors to the Yi culture theme

park can also visit other scenic spots in Liang Shan.

Liang Shan Yi Autonomous Prefecture economic development is very bad, the people are in a

very stable state, a lot of the tourist attractions of the supporting facilities is not perfect, a

considerable part of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies outdated facilities, Liang Shan overall

tourism reception capacity is weak, poor accommodation conditions lead to supporting services

cannot meet the growing consumer demand for tourists, seriously affecting the Liang Shan Yi

nationality cultural tourism development. Liang Shan should also improve the communication

equipment to tourists to Liang Shan can contact with the outside., In the development of Liang

Shan Yi nationality culture theme park should be around the park residents of the housing to

build a unified but also should retain the Yi nationality culture of housing characteristics, and in

the development of hotels and restaurants should be included in the Yi nationality culture in the

inside, the restaurant can make some delicious food that only the Liang Shan can eat, such as

Meigu Goat and Butuo Black Potato. Liang Shan Yi nationality theme park of the Yi

characteristics of the activities of the torch festival is at night to participate in the activities which

limit the majority of tourists need to stay in the their hotel. Hotels and restaurants are very

important for tourists, should increase the number of hotels and restaurants in the Yi culture

theme park, but should also ensure the quality of hotels and restaurants. At the same should be

establishing medium and high hotels and restaurants for tourists to choose. Hotels and restaurants

should be built around the tourist attractions to facilitate tourist travel that convenient for tourists

to rest. In order to be able to accommodate more tourists, they can also transform residential

buildings into residential buildings, with Yi nationality characteristics and can also receive more


In the Liang Shan Yi nationality culture theme park should also build tourism shopping street for

residents to sell some Yi nationality specialty product, such as Yi nationality characteristics of

silver jewellery and characteristics of clothing. Buy tourist souvenirs, arts and crafts, native

products, etc., is part of the tourist activities, not only will satisfy the tourist needs of shopping,

and also to the tourism area to bring a lot of economic benefits. Tourism development in tourist

cities must be guaranteed by power supply, water supply, drainage and telecommunications.

Liang Shan have a lot of tourist place is far from the town, lack of power supply, water supply,

drainage, telecommunications and other basic conditions, should contact and consult with the

power supply, water supply and other relevant departments. Can install the Off Grid Box in Yi

nationality culture theme park, this simple box serves up running water and clean electricity in

remote location. Both to help Yi nationality culture theme park of off-grid power generation and

let people easily get filtered water. That Off Grid Box while addressing the issue of power

supply and water supply. The problem of telecommunications can be established in the Liang

Shan Yi nationality culture theme park to establish a telecommunications base station to develop

telephone signals, so that visitors can be in the Yi culture theme park is very convenient and

smooth call have the Internet.

Increase the talent to help develop the Liang Shan Yi culture theme park, such as Yi nationality

folk performers, tourism managers and tour guides. Will be able to send the potential talent to

study, learning back to learn the knowledge can be taught to others to improve the professional

standards and comprehensive quality of practitioners. At the same time to strengthen cooperation

with Liang Shan local colleges and universities, for the students to open the Yi nationality

culture tourism related courses and for the Liang Shan Yi nationality cultural theme park tourism

to develop more professional reserve talent. The tourism industry has a strong dependence on the

beautiful and comfortable environment, in the development of Liang Shan Yi nationality culture

theme park should be comfortable and pleasant social environment and the natural environment.

Through the residents of the tourism awareness education and practitioners quality training,

improve the quality of the social environment and community tourism hospitality.

7.0 Marketing plan

The Marketing Theory of 4Ps boils down to a combination of four basic strategies, the first one

is Product, pay attention to the development of the function, require products have unique selling

point, the product function appeal in the first place. The second one is Price, according to

different market positioning, make different price strategy, and the product pricing is based on

the enterprise brand strategy, pay attention to the brand of gold content. The third one is Place.

Enterprises do not directly face consumers, but focus on the cultivation of distributors and the

establishment of sales network. The connection between enterprises and consumers is carried out

by distributors. The last one is Promotion. Promotion is a series of marketing activities, including

brand publicity, advertising, public relations and sales promotion. The important target market of

Yi nationality cultural tourism is family. The whole family members come here to travel, and fell

and experience Yi nationality customs and culture, enjoy in the theme park. The family travels to

a unique cultural place together, not only enjoy well, but also can enhance the feelings and

harmony between the families.

7.1 Product

The Yi nationality's tourist commodities in Liang Shan theme park mainly include Yi nationality

lacquer ware, Yi nationality silverware and Yi nationality costume. The tourist commodities of

Yi nationality in Liang Shan are very distinctive in appearance, color and shape. However, due to

the weak production enterprises, family workshops occupy the market, so the characteristics of

tourism products on the market rough workmanship, material selection at will. Therefore, it is

difficult to really fit consumer demand. However, the tourist commodities in Liang Shan, besides

ethnic characteristics, also have a lot of other varieties, for example, Tartary buckwheat, yak

meat and other agricultural specialties, in addition, there are high-tech souvenirs such as rockets

and satellites. The design and development of Yi nationality's characteristic tourist commodities

should first consider the needs of consumers, and product design should be innovated on the

basis of maintaining tradition. This innovation can be reflected in the varieties of innovation,

material selection, style renovation, and innovation of product practicability and so on.

Consumers generally believe that the practicality and portability of tourism commodities directly

affect their purchase decisions. Secondly, understand the utility of tourism commodities in the

subsequent use of consumers. Therefore, design a commodity with commemorative, exotic and

practical features. For example, the selection of lacquer ware in the safety of materials to making

tableware, tea sets, in addition to furnishings, but also can be used to life. The Yi nationality

dress is too national characteristic, the consumer buys after coming home is unlikely to wear,

however, children wearing particularly cute, so can focus on the development of Yi children's

clothing. In addition, the Yi nationality costume design should break through the limitations of

clothing, try to design bold color, strong ethnic flavor home cloth, so greatly expanded the usage

of Yi nationality costumes.

7.2 Place

One of the major features of tourism is the exotic nature. If the unique tourist products bought by

tourists at the tourist destination can be bought in the residential place, then tourism shopping

will lose its significance. For enterprises, the establishment of distribution channels in the

nonlocal is undoubtedly lifting their own feet. Therefore, the channel should be established in the

local rather than extended to the nonlocal. In addition, the selling points of the Yi nationality's

tourist commodities should involve most of the tourists, so the enterprise to in addition to

establish their own stores, you can also enter the tourist commodity shopping malls,

supermarkets, hotels, tourist attractions. In addition, they can also set up more sales channels

through cooperation with various express companies. It not only brings convenience to

customers, but also expands channels.

7.3 Price

On the basis of investigating tourists' acceptance ability, we should standardize the market

pricing, keep the commodity price within a reasonable range, and punish the phenomenon of

cheating tourists severely, regulating and standardizing the characteristic tourism commodity

market, providing fair competition conditions for the production enterprises, and providing the

assured shopping environment for the tourists. In addition, the Liang Shan region is distinct

throughout the year,result in the low seasons and the peak seasons are very obvious. According

to different seasons, prices should also be adjusted. Thus, in the low season, Liang Shan Yi

nationality cultural theme park enter price is fifty ringgit, but in the peak season, the enter price

of theme park is one hundred ringgit. The price of activities inside theme park should pay for

additional. The fishing price is twenty ringgit per hour per person, and the boating price is thirty

ringgit per person.

7.4 Promotion

Firstly promotion should adopt various effective means to stimulate consumers' desire to buy and

promote sales. Promotion should adopt effective publicity methods. Generally speaking, media

interviews, newspapers and magazines, outdoor advertising and personnel publicity can be

adopted. Secondly should take effective measures, such as discount sales, gift giving, and help

post and so on. Thus, can through these measures to stimulate tourists’ impulse buying. Thirdly,

establish the overall marketing concept, establish effective communication. Managers are

required first change the concept of sales, and the staff on the consumer psychology and sales

skills and other aspects of appropriate training. Through effective communication, set up the

overall image of Liang Shan Yi nationality characteristic tourism commodities, and promote the

development and sales of the whole region.

8.0 Action plan

Project Time Principal

Highway Three Years Liang Shan City Expressway

Administration Bureau

High-Speed Railway Six Years China National Railway


Airport Two Year China West Airport Group

Shopping Street One Year Developer and Yi-style

building inheritance: Wang


Off Grid Box Three Month Off Grid Box Company

Quantity of Trash Two Month Scenic Development’s


Establishment of Five Month Telecom company (China

Telecommunications Base Telecom Global Limited)


Hotel One Year Scenic Development’s


Restaurant One Year Scenic Development’s


Resident Housing One year Scenic Development’s


9.0 Evaluations and monitoring

In the development of Liang Shan Yi nationality culture theme park is not the entire

development plan can be carried out on the time. Through the monitoring of the tourism

development plan of Liang Shan Yi nationality culture them park, the problems caused by

different stages of development are discovered and change the development plan for the

problems identified, so that the development plan can successfully develop the Liang Shan Yi

nationality tourist theme park. Strict monitoring Yi nationality culture theme park tourism

development plan, in each month are required to participate in the construction of the various

departments of the manager to report the progress of development and some problems

encountered in the development. That will help solve the problem in time to Liang Shan Yi

nationality culture theme park tourism development plan faster and better to complete.

In the Yi nationality cultural theme park development of the introduction stages may occur

cannot find the director cooperation. No director interested in Liang Shan Yi nationality culture

and do not want to shoot movies and TV drama in Yi nationality culture theme park, that will

cannot make movies and TV drama to increase the visibility of Liang Shan Yi nationality culture,

but it can be changed to shoot some travel programs or variety shows in Liang Shan Yi

nationality culture theme park. In the program shooting can also show a lot of Yi culture, such as

Yi houses and Yi characteristics of clothing and some Yi characteristics activity. In order to

attract more tourists, the free discount for the aged over sixty and children under one meter and

two. But if during this period there are school teachers to lead a lot of students less than one

meter and two to Liang Shan Yi nationality culture theme park tourism or an old age group of

more than sixty years old to here tourism. The concession plan should only charge the teacher's

price and do not charge the cost of the elderly and students. But this not only cannot make the

mountain tourism better development it may also cause the cultural tourism of Liang Shan Yi

nationality culture theme park tourism to be unable to continue. Can carry out a teacher free of

charge with two students’ travel the rest of the students are charged half price of travel expenses

and Offer a 30% discount for older groups. So that there is promotion to attract tourists to

tourism and to ensure that Liang Shan Yi nationality cultural theme park tourism continues to

operation and development. The Maturity stage of cultural tourism development in Liang Shan

Yi nationality culture theme park, need to shoot promotion videos and put in the major media,

which requires a lot of financial support. Liang Shan region is not good economy so much

money into the investment, in order to Liang Shan Yi nationality cultural theme park tourism

development plan can be carried out smoothly to find bank loans or to find the government to

give financial help, thus addressing the problem of insufficient funds. In addition to the decline

stage to take the phone marketing that the travel agency or company responsible for staff travel

manager is likely to be unable to answer the phone thus missing some potential customers. The

companies that do not receive a phone call from the Liang Shan Yi nationality cultural tourism

theme park can be recorded then email the responsible person to find a free time to call or meet

to sell the Liang Shan Yi nationality cultural tourist theme park.

In addition to Liang Shan Yi cultural tourism theme park development cycle there will be some

problems hinder the development of tourism, and in the base construction of Liang Shan, there

will also be some impact on the development of Liang Shan Yi nationality culture theme park

tourism. Highway, high - speed railway, airport and hotel and other infrastructure construction it

can cause certain damage to the tourist resources of Liang Shan. Tourism resources have been

broken will affect the tourists to understanding the Liang Shan Yi nationality culture and reduce

the attractiveness of tourists. In this infrastructure construction, should give priority to

infrastructure construction will not damage the tourism resources of Liang Shan. Should pay

attention to the protection of tourism resources cannot just focus on the development and without

regard to the destruction of tourism resources. To exclude all in the infrastructure when the

destruction of tourism resources.

10.0 Conclusion

Through the development of Liang Shan Yi nationality culture can improve the tourism

infrastructure of Liang Shan, improve tourists satisfaction and comfort, and in the Liang Shan

tourism season can receive more tourists and more able to meet the needs of tourists. Protect

Liang Shan natural and cultural tourism resources and through the tourism development plan to

make Liang Shan in China and even make the world famous tourist destination. Thought that

development plan to be better integration of the Yi nationality culture into the tourism industry,

the world will have more people concerned about the Yi nationality culture that to better protect

and inherit the Yi nationality culture. Hope that through the Liang Shan tourism development

plan can make Liang Shan Yi tourism can develop better, in the development of tourism at the

same time can better protect the tourism resources of Liang Shan let more people understand and

like the Yi nationality culture and can come to Liang Shan feel Yi nationality life style. But also

hope that Liang Shan's economy can be better than with each passing day and through the

development of tourism completely out of poverty, people's lives can get better.