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Video Production I

Digital Media Department, Harper Woods High School

Course Syllabus
Course Title: ​Video Production I
Teacher:​ Tanika Rucker
Room:​ A201
Prep Period:​ 5th Hour
Telephone: ​313-245-3000, ext. 53078

Course Description​: Video production is the process of creating videos by capturing

moving images (videography), and creating combinations and reductions of parts of this
video in live production and post-production (video editing). Students will learn the
discipline of utilizing teams to produce original works efficiently to meet deadlines.
Students will be responsible for producing short videos/commercials to advertise Harper
Woods. Students will learn to think critically, work independently, and collaboratively
while using digital tools to strategically combine visuals and audio to tell an influential
story. In addition, this course will explain essential professional production principles
through examining successful commercial works in order to understand the power,
responsibility, and influence of video productions.

Course Objectives: ​A core objective will be for students to develop and produce their
original creative concepts using media to influence audiences. Individual students will
successfully develop, manage, and produce professional videos that speak to character
building and the warm culture of Harper Woods. Students will develop proficiency using
a variety of video production, photo editing, and sound tools including but not limited to
Final Cut Pro, iMovie, & Adobe PhotoShop

Recommended Materials​:
● Pen/Pencil

Project Based Learning:​ This course follows the Project Based Learning model, which
is composed of instruction time and project time. Students will focus on acquiring skills
through hands on applications during real world situations. Due to the nature of
project-based learning, time spent on each topic and projects will change regularly
depending on student and class proficiency levels, and the nature and scope of the various
types of media production projects taking place on an ongoing basis.

Grading Procedure:​ Below is the grading scale used for this class. Assignments will
fall into one of four categories; Do Now, Class Assignments, Projects, Quizzes. Each
assignment will have a designated point value attached to it with the final student grade
being a direct reflection/percentage of the total possible points.

Video Production I September 2017

A 100% - 93% C 76% - 73%
A- 92% - 90% C- 72% - 70%
B+ 89% - 87% D+ 69% - 67%
B 86% - 83% D 66% - 63%
B- 82% - 80% D- 62% - 60%
C+ 79% - 77% E 59% and below

Final semester grades will be based on the following:

Do Now - 10%
Discussions - 10%
Quizes/Final - 15%
Assignments - 25%
Projects - 40%

Attendance: ​Regular punctual attendance is vital to the success of any student. This
class adheres to the official attendance policy of Harper Woods Schools. Daily ​Do Now
assignments cannot be made up when a student is present, a grade of 0 will be given for
these assignments. Absent student, however, will be excused from ​Do Now​ assignments
ONLY. All other assignments can be made up during an absence. It is the student's
responsibility to complete all missing assignments.

Classroom Expectations: ​We expect each student to demonstrate a positive attitude and
positive behavior. Students must adhere to the Harper Woods School’s Code of Conduct.
Refusal to comply will result in disciplinary actions. Expectations include the following:

1. Always respect your fellow students, teachers, administrators, and guests.

2. Respect the lab equipment and classroom environment
3. Come to class every day prepared with writing utensil
4. Stay focused on the task and complete assignments on time
5. Students are responsible for seeking make-up work and turning it in during the
allotted time (1 week after absence). Work will not be accepted after this allotted
6. Collaborate, ask questions, teach others and learn
7. During appropriate listening times, ALL SOUND must remain in headphones.


PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to call the teacher during school hours at ​(313)
245-3000, extension 53078 ​or visit the school to check on your child’s progress.
(Please check in at the main office to announce upon your arrival before visiting the
classroom.) We are happy to have your child in our school and encourage you to be
an active Harper Woods High School parent. We look forward to working with you
to provide a quality education for your child!

Video Production I September 2017

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Directions:​ After reading and discussing the course syllabus, please sign and date
this agreement page (Students and Parent/Guardian). The student will ​return this
page only​ to me. The syllabus should be kept at home and referred to as needed.


I have read and understand the course syllabus and agree to abide by the policies,
rules and regulations therein.
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to assist him/her to abide by the rules and regulations therein.

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Video Production I September 2017