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Northwest Istria.

More than just cycling.

Northwest Istria. Adriatic’s cycling oasis. 4

The destination for cyclists of all profiles. 6

Bike signalization. 8

Luxurious cycling and adventure paths. 10

Bike hotels. Accommodation tailored for two-wheeled guests. 14

Bike expert.
Constant bike support from an experienced professional. 18

Bike boutique hotels. A comfortable haven for cyclists. 19

Bike & Bed hotels. Adapted to the needs of cyclists 24

Package deals. When others take care of organization. 25

Races, marathons, recreational cycling manifestations... 26

References. What famous cyclists say about us 28

Bike specialists. A reliable support for cyclists. 29

Information for cyclists. 30

Calendar of cycling events. 31

Northwest Istria.
Adriatic cycling oasis.

Northwest Istria has a total of 19 of the terrain is very suitable and at- praises the extraordinary benefits of
equipped and specially marked tractive and diverse cycling paths along its bike trails. De Bertolis emphasizes
bike tracks that are as roads to the coast and in the hinterland are the beauty of the natural riches of
unlimited possibilities for exploring over 550 kilometres long. Northwest this area where the contents and
destinations as well as your own cycling Istria’s added advantage is its position. infrastructure of the trails themselves,
potential. The variety of the trails will You can easily come here by car from along with the accommodation capaci-
satisfy all profiles of cyclists, which
Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, ties, are ideal for professional prepa-
makes it deserve the epithet of the ideal
Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. rations as well as for recreationalists
bike region. By following high standards,
Croatia Istria Northwest Istria The new highway network guarantees wanting to cycle and enjoy the nature.
the licensed bike hotels offer the
a comfortable and safe journey. You
complete service of accommodation,
and along with an equipment shop, can also arrive by ship and plane. There
renting bike guides, an offer of at- are airports in Pula, Zagreb, Trieste,
Eddy Merckx, a world cycling legend and a five- tractive package arrangements, the Venice and Ljubljana. Northwest Istria.
cyclists also have bike experts at their More than just cycling...
time winner of Tour de France has paid tribute disposal. They are precisely the ones, Other than the clear sea and clean
to Istria by saying that the territory is simply which with their knowledge and profes- beaches, the Northwest Istria cycling ad- • 19 equipped and marked trails
sionalism are a great source of useful venture includes autochthonous cuisine mountain cyclists and cycle
stunning. information and professional help from tourists
and Istria’s olive oil and wines. Cyclists
all aspects of the world of cycling. can also use the infrastructure intended • 13 tracks for road cyclists
Northwest Istria is an Adriatic It opens the door to a richer and the requirements of bike tourists, for other sports, such as tennis, golf and • Licensed bike hotels
region in the westernmost part more challenging world of cycling, mountain bikers and road cyclists, The dynamism of the region is football, but also a top quality wellness • training camps for road and
of Croatia, at the junction of the with a collage of experiences, regardless of whether they come reflected in the implementation offer with a range of content. mountain cyclists
Mediterranean and Central Europe. intact nature, top quality food here alone, with their families or a of more than 15 bike events as • Attractive package arrangements
It comprises coastal towns of Umag and accommodation, culture and larger group, and whether they are confirmation of the exciting events • Constant support from bike
The great significance of Northwest
and Novigrad and, in the hinter- looking for a place for recreation, throughout the year. The Mediterra- experts and bike guide services
exploring, peace and beauty. Istria as a bike region is also spoken
Previous experience, natural re- training or to organize a race. nean climate which doesn’t have any • More than 15 bike events a year
land, Buje and Brtonigla. North- of by Massimo De Bertolis, the Ital-
sources and the existing infrastruc- longer periods of cold weather allows
west Istria is one of Europe’s most ian professional cyclist in the MTB • 5 professional races for road and
ture show that the region meets cycling to take place during nine
desirable cycling destinations. category and the world champion of mountain cyclists (UCI)
months of the year. The configuration
2004 in the marathon category who

4 5
The destination
for cyclists of all profiles.

Mountain bikers (MTB) Road cyclists Bike tourists

Northwest Istria is the • 12 mountain bike trails with total length With its ideal conditions for training, To those who discover countries and
of 380 km
right place to master the • Technically demanding and intermediate trails
the region is also a top destination for regions on two wheels rather than by car,
mountain trails under • Single trails professional cycling clubs. Here are a few while keeping in touch with the nature and
rushes of adrenaline, • Beautiful, untouched landscape reasons: heritage, the Northwest Istria offers:
• Ascents from the coast towards Istria’s hinter-
along green sceneries • 13 tracks with a total length of 1100 km • 6 trails of 180 km in total length
• The cycling season lasts for 10 months, from February to December • Recreational, group and family routes
and exciting routes. We • Parenzana, an unusual cycling trail with
• Mild Mediterranean climate • Nature, culture and gastronomy lovers’ routes
highlight the following viaducts and tunnels, which runs along an old
• Good road network • Idyllic landscapes
for mountain bikers: railway
• Specially traced trails for road cyclists on the tracks of Giro • Small medieval hilltop towns
• Special bikers’ accommodation
d’Italia in Istria and Istria Granfondo • Easy rides along the coast
• Expert logistical support guaranteeing safety
• Experience in organization • Bike expert for cycle-tourists
and quality
• Wellness treatments as a supplement to trainings • Thematic trails for the family, gourmands and for culture
• MTB training camp with Massimo De Bertolis
• Organized training camps for individuals and groups and nature lovers...
• Bike expert for mountain bikers
• Infrastructure for other sports
• Bike expert for road cyclists
• from February to November, the organisation of training camps
for road cyclists under the leadership of first-class experts
• May: MTB training camp with Massimo de Bertolis
Over 15 recreational cycling manifestations:
• September: XCO Izgubljena ovca (Lost sheep), profes-
• March: Umag Trophy,chronometer for licensed cyclists • March: Oleum olivarum bike
sional cross country cycling along the Parenzana railway
(UCI) • April: Asparagus Cycling
• September: The Parenzana MTB Marathon (MTB (Bike and asparagus picking)
Maraton Parenzana), a professional race listed in the • March: Istrian Spring, lap racing and chronometer for
• August: Grožnjan by night
International Cycling Union (Union Cycliste Internation- licensed cyclists (UCI)
Bike tour Sv. Pelagij
ale - UCI) calendar in the C1 category • April: Tour of Croatia (UCI)
• September: Buje Eco Bike Marathon
• October: Istria Granfondo • November: Wine Bike Marathon

6 7

The bike trails of Northwest Istria
are additionally described with an
overview and useful information for
all riders. Each informational board
contains a clear map of the area on
which the trail is located and offers its
complete overview.

In the area of Northwest Istria there

are 30 informational boards set with
all described bike trails. They contain
information on each trail such as its
length, total ascending length and the
Signalization difficulty evaluation of each trail.

Cycling trails are marked in accordance Red tables mark demanding trails, suit- The highlighted contour lines are
with European standards and form a part able for skilled cyclists in good physical of great importance to the cyclists,
of a unique signalization system on the condition. They have many climbs of especially on the more demanding
level of entire Istria, in which NW Istria is all lengths and levels of steepness, can
trails with a great number of ascents.
assigned numbers 1 to 99. contain an uneven terrain, steep descents
There is an interesting graphic display
and other technically demanding ele-
Green tables mark easy trails without of altimetry with height differences in
ments. Not suitable for family cycling.
long or steep climbs. They are either meters.
straight or slightly wavy, do not have any It is important to know that description,
dangerous or technically demanding laps marking and maintaining of the roads is The informational table also shows
and can be mastered by every cyclist. performed by sports experts, cyclists and what type of road is on a certain trail,
Suitable for families with small children. local terrain experts, which guarantees
which is clearly marked with a dotted
the safety and reliability of all trails, their
Intermediate routes are marked yellow. line for macadam and land parts to a
map representations and signalization.
They have short or medium long climbs full line for asphalt.
and are moderately steep. They are
intended for medium level cyclists.

8 9
Luxurious cycling Gourmet & wine
and adventure paths. The Gourmet & Wine bike trail invites
all experienced gastronomic con-
Continue further, weave through the
magical green vineyards to Mom-
noisseurs and true wine lovers for jan and Brtonigla where, in modern
Northwest Istria is full of cycling paths beckoning socializing. It is designed as a pack- equipped tasting areas, you can try
exploration and adventure. The surface is clay, age of recreation and is gastronomi- exquisite muškat, malvasia and teran
cally filled with delicacies on attrac- wine. Letting yourself relax under the
gravel and asphalt, and the routes are marked and tive checkpoints in Northwest Istria. open sky is only a part of the gour-
regularly maintained. Go for a ride and search for wine met experience waiting only for you.
cellars and agritourism that offer
only homemade products, from the
praised Istrian prosciutto to truffles, a
Tracks for road cyclists tested powerful aphrodisiac leader of
the Istrian table.
changes in pace, strength and even
endurance skills on the extremely
steep slopes.

Training alongside the natural coast, Family

accompanied by a light sea breeze
and ascents after which you are The bike trails intended for fami-
greeted by charming mediaeval lies are a true choice for parents
towns, picturesque vineyards and who wish to spend their free time
olive groves will certainly tempt actively and in quality with their
you to visit again and embark on children. The ideal hinterland of
new rides in the cycling paradise of Northwest Istria with hills where
Northwest Istria. the view reaches far away to the
endless sea is the basic incentive
for exploring Istria’s beauty on two
You will be able to profoundly training or recreational ride into a wheels.
enjoy your road cycling training true cycling experience. While riding
on the professionally laid tracks of on the tracks, you will be faced both There will be no lack of excitement
Northwest Istria, ranging between with easy obstacles and very difficult because the family ride will turn into
115 and 190 kilometres in length. challenges that are well-suited for a real adventure. The trail reveals old
The lush environment, picturesque first-class training sessions. You will lighthouses, the former railroad track
towns and fresh air will charge you be able to test your basic and critical and medieval remains of towers and The original Istrian wine cellars lively On your way back, the fresh sea air
with healing energies, turning your endurance, your bike’s chronometer, monumental fortresses that spark the live in small towns so they are the that reaches your family from the
imagination of all generations. ideal place for a family lunch. blue Adriatic Sea enriches the enjoy-
ment in the ride..

10 11
Nature & culture Cross country
The magical blue-green combination Continue your nature & culture bike Cyclists that are fulfilled with a They are ideal for training and The testimonies of the cyclists
is interwoven in all the bike trails adventure towards Završje or Oprtalj desire for continuous adrenaline are especially attractive single speak of especially attractive
of Northwest Istria. The gran forests by riding to a slow rhythm and feel and strive for excellent physical tracks, narrow parts of the trails routes that live in complete
and modest woods are as if they the luxurious untouched nature and form and perfecting bike techniques for practicing techniques and harmony with nature at the
have completely embraced the rich cultural heritage. Rest long soft choose the Cross Country trails of perfecting physical form. All trails viaduct of the Parenzana next to
entire cultural heritage, centuries springs and wild streams in the valley Northwest Istria. The trails have call for great strength and the the village of Peroj and the curvy
of influence to the culture of life in of the Mirna River that defies the many sport polygons located in the excitement is constantly growing polygon at the end of the trail.
these areas. peace of century-old trees with its hinterland of Umag and Novigrad, because Cross Country trails are Choose your team and look for
current. One bike ride is enough for in the peacefulness of untouched primarily of competitive character. true bike excitement.
Cycling in these surroundings turns us to return again to this synergy of nature and continuous acceleration
into a personal cultural maturing. nature and culture. on the land.
If you find yourself in the green hills
towards medieval Grožnjan, the town
of artists, stop and experience the
treasures of the galleries saved there
by numerous artists. Parenzana
The former railroad track, Parenzana, pay attention to its peaceful curves, feeling of admiration towards this
connected Poreč and Trieste its mild ascents and hidden routes. peaceful area, where once a slow
approximately one hundred years In this perfect natural harmony, you locomotive passed through.
MTB trails ago and today it connects the cyclists will be completely taken over by the
and pedestrians as one of the most
Professional cyclists, individuals approximately 80 kilometres of desirable and most beautiful bike
and groups, clubs and teams, can riding, and it leads to small towns in trails in Istria. The preserved viaducts
test their strength, endurance and the continental part of Istria on mild of Završje and Oprtalj are a reminder
speed on demanding and medium hills that open their doors leaving of the railroad history, along with
demanding parts of the MTB trail. only the most beautiful memories. the tunnels Freski, Motovun and
Physical progress is guaranteed Kostajnica and the railroad houses
thanks to the demanding ascents, the For cyclists, these MTB trails of that reflect days gone by.
steep falls and unpredictable curves. Northwest Istria are one of the
greatest excitements in their For the cyclists they are all an
Each cyclist will build form on career; they are fast, intensive, with inspiration and natural motivation
this type of track while perfecting unlimited freedom and beauty in life for future bike adventures.
the technique of bike riding and that offers eternal adventure. All, domestic and foreign
contribute to his health by riding recreationalists, ecologically
through untouched nature and conscious travellers and cyclists
breathing fresh and clean air. The who chose a destination with a
longest trail in this category reaches clear attitude regarding preserving
the environment, visit Parenzana.
While driving through Parenzana,

12 13
Maestral ****
Bike hotels. The Novigrad’s eclectic for Istrian bike ventures
Accommodation tailored for
two-wheeled guests.
Northwest Istria
Services for cyclists:
has numerous
accommodation • Bike expert (bike expert responsible • Bike lunch package
facilities licensed as bike for the complete offer for cyclists in • Après-bike-snack
hotels. Such facilities the hotel) • Bike corner (informational corner in Hotel Maestral offers its professional as- Hotel Maestral, enriched with a modern
have additional content • Bike guide (service of guiding cyclists) the hotel intended for cyclists with sistance to its guests through a special- wellness complex with a gym and an
and services for cyclists, • Organized one-day bike rides all necessary information on the ized bike expert, the hotel bike advisor, indoor 25-meter swimming pool with
• Organized weekly bike rides destination offer) who the guests can always turn to for heated water, also ensures the cyclists a
and are assigned
• Renting a GPS device with a mini- • Bike trails and itineraries help and advice. diverse cuisine, complete logistics and a
their designation by spacious parking lot.
mum of 10 itineraries with the • Program and service hours of the
independent reviewers. start from the hotel bike expert In its standard offer, Hotel Maestral also
• Bike events calendar has a bike department that offers bike
• GPS recordings of bike itineraries
Bike hotels are located near bike and additional equipment renting, a
(free download) • Program and hours of organized
trails, have a safe room for storing workshop for the repair of bikes, a control
bike rides
bicycles, a repair shop with tools • Bike service card (info card with all service for bikes and their washing. The
for basic repairs, the possibility of important telephone numbers) • Weather info (daily report on the bike department also organizes one-day
renting and washing bicycles as well • Renting bikes and additional weather) bike tours for its guests.
as washing clothes and equipment. • Internet corner
They also offer information and ma- • Web page with all the necessary
• Areas for bikes, locked with
terials necessary for planning routes,
24-hour video surveillance and information for cyclists
a cuisine adapted to greater physical Hotel Maestral ****
equipped with carriers and hooks • Meeting hall
efforts and various other benefits.
They often feature a special vehicle • Area with a base for mounting with • Inside swimming pool Terre 2, 52466 Novigrad
in case of a malfunction, unforeseen tools, lubricants and a compressor • Fitness t. +385 (0)52 858 600
events or for transporting cyclists to • Wellness centre with whirlpool,
• Outdoor parking for bikes with
and from the facilities. Turkish, Finnish and bio sauna
• Cabinets with electricity and water • Massages and treatments
The region also offers other types of
for the needs of the cycling vans
accommodation - campsites, hotels,
• Services of washing sport clothes
private houses, apartments and fam-
• Cleaning and washing bikes
ily farms, which can also cater to the
needs of cyclists. • Safety check (bike service control)
• Menus for cyclists

14 15
Sol Garden Istra **** Sol Umag ****
Luxurious hotel on the intersection of bike trails A wide range of contents in the oasis of cycling

Located in the Katoro tourist village, bike department and each indi- True refreshment for the cyclists is in with a specialized bike corner which
3 km from the centre of Umag and vidual guest. He is responsible for Hotel Sol Umag that opens its doors to offers cycling fans complete technical
250 m from the sea, the Sol Garden the save reception of the cyclists modern and active guests. The hotel support in one place. Sol Umag offers
Istra hotel merges modern design through technical support and indi- interior is enriched with a modern unique enjoyment as a combina-
with traditional Istrian motives. vidual aid. The bike department has design that offers comfort in its entire tion of unrestrained recreation and a
It is ideal for cyclists of different in its offer the renting of bikes and area. From the front desk and the hotel magical wellness centre. The awarded
preferences, offers easy access to additional equipment, workshops lobby to a total of 209 rooms, 8 luxuri- wellness centre in an original adapted
all the region’s trails and numerous for repairs, control services for bikes ous junior suites and 86 rooms in the Istrian ambient offers a part of the
top quality services for cyclists. and organizes one-day rides. annex park are a confirmation of abso- atmosphere of life in Istria, and the
lute comfort and a guaranteed rest. offer covers all of the magic of the
Within the hotel, the cyclists have The offer is supplemented by a wellness world. With a view of the
at their disposal a professional bike modern wellness centre, excellent Recognizing Northwest Istria and spacious sea from one side and the
expert on a daily basis as a direct food and animation programmes Umag as renowned bike destina- green landscapes from the other, Ho-
connection between the hotel for guests of all ages. tions has brought forth the perfection tel Sol Umag realizes all of the wishes
of the hotel offer according to high of the guests in search for new activi-
Hotel Sol Garden Istra **** bike standards. The hotel is equipped ties on two wheels.
Katoro bb, 52470 Umag
t. +385 (0)52 716 000 Hotel Sol Umag **** Jadranska bb, 52470 Umag t. +385 (0)52 714 000

16 17
Bike expert. Bike boutique hotels.
Constant bike support from A comfortable haven
an experienced professional. for cyclists.

The safety and satisfaction of the guests hotel informer on the bike offer. He is the trail. Other than the technical part, A perfect combination of practicality and
as the basic quality of the bike offer regularly also the guide for organized his role is also the continuous offering warmth, accessibility and an intimate
is completely achieved thanks to the one-day rides in categories of cycle- of support and aid to bike clubs and atmosphere combined in a unique type
qualified bike experts. The bike expert tourism and road tourism and groups specialists and operative aid in the of bike boutique hotel. A recognizable
is the person responsible for the brought by specialized bike agencies. organization of bike manifestations such style, top quality design and high quality
complete offer of bike products that as “Istria Granfondo”, “Istrian Spring” are their basic characteristics, and they
with its wide spectre of duties connects He is also at disposal as the renter for and “Trophy Umag” as well as the are based on the goal of satisfying all
all levels of the bike world. GPS devices with instructions on their organization of bike programs. individual needs of each cyclist.
use. Furthermore, he visits the trails Hotels with bike boutique categories
He is the link between the front desk on a regular basis, holds accurate and are specially licences for the admission
and the bike department, so on a daily reliable bike signalization and identifies of cyclists so the accommodation offer
basis he takes over the role of the eventual shortcomings and damages on does not exceed 30 rooms. They are ad-
ditionally emphasized with the mutual
His primary goal is con- connection of the hotel staff with every
stant training and im- individual guest.
provement of the service
and therefore he goes Services for cyclists:
to specialized fairs on a • Locked bike area
regular basis, along with • Cleaning and washing bikes
going to bike races, partic- • An available set of tools for simple
ipating in the preparation • Outdoor parking lot for bikes with
of bike and promotional carriers
material and new projects • Bike trails and itineraries
• Bike events calendar
for cyclists. • Weather info (daily report on the information for cyclists
• Bikes and additional equipment
weather) • Fitness and wellness (depending
• Bike guide (service of guiding cyclists) on the hotel)
• Menus for cyclists
• Organized one-day bike rides • Massages and treatments
• Bike service card (info card with all
• Internet corner (depending on the hotel)
important telephone numbers)
• Web page with all the necessary • Meeting hall

18 19
San Rocco **** Villa Rosetta ****
A boutique hotel for the most demanding cyclists The smell of the sea and bike adventures in the privacy of Savudrija

San Rocco has been considered the the peaceful, green Brtonigla, some Villa Rosetta is a small coastal hotel on attention to top cuisine - the Villa Rosetta
Hotel San Rocco **** Hotel Villa Rosetta ****
best small hotel in Croatia for several 10 km from the sea, and is an excel- the north-west of Istria, near the town specialities are traditional and modern
years. It is renowned for its extraordi- lent starting point for two-wheeled Srednja ulica 2, 52474 Brtonigla of Savudrija. Its location on the cycling Mediterranean dishes. It nurtures an Crvena uvala 31
t. +385 (0)52 725 000 52475 Zambratija
nary food and a unique culinary phi- explorations, especially for guests who route and additional services for cyclists intimate atmosphere and is the perfect t. +385 (0)52 725 710
losophy, but also for the efforts of the are looking for a more complex service make it the ideal destination for this type choice for those wanting to escape sum-
entire family towards ensuring smooth and top comfort in the form of luxuri- of guests. The hotel is comfortable and mer crowds and relax in the peace of the
running of the hotel. It is located in ous rooms, wellness and pool. shrouded in greenery and pays special blue and green Mediterranean.

La Parenzana *** A Casa ***

Following the old railway - on a bicycle! A rural complex for the perfect two-wheeled Istrian experience

Homemade bread, food prepared over the historical motif of the Austro-Hungarian Restaurant A Casa, with rooms and cycling routes trailing the borders of
Casa romantica A Casa***
hearth and generous hosts are but a small Parenzana railway that used to connect La Parenzana*** a pool, is decorated as a rural com- the peninsula of Istria, the proxim-
part of what lies in store for the guests Trieste and Poreč and passed through this plex inhabited by the spirit of the ity of golf courses and superb food Grupija 13a, 52475 Savudrija
Volpia 3, 52460 Buje t. +385 (0)52 737 101
of La Parenzana, a picturesque tavern area. The tavern is an ideal starting point Istrian antiquity. It is located in the make it one of the most desirable
t. +385 (0)52 777 460
located 2 km from Buje. It offers accom- for exploring the route of this railway line, small village of Grupija, near the facilities for cyclists in NW Istria. It
modation in comfortable rooms and builds which is now a cycling trail, as well as for Kanegra tourist village. The prox- offers homemade food and addi-
its unique identity on the interesting other cycling ventures across NW Istria. imity of the Parenzana and other tional offers for cyclists.

20 21
Pansion Kolo *** Villa Badi ****
At the junction of cycling itineraries Waking up with a view of the sea

In the hinterland of the romantic town oak trees and permeated by the sweet Lovrečica, a charming fishing village stone’s throw from the sea, you can choose
Pansion Kolo*** Villa Badi****
of Novigrad and the wine-bearing region scent of fruit and flowers, this family estate right next to Umag and in the vicinity of between superior rooms, apartments
around Brtonigla, at the junction of all cy- offers 9 comfortable, spacious and modern Krsin 37, 52466 Novigrad Novigrad, still breathes with the tranquil and family rooms, while the pool, sauna Lovrečica, Umaška ulica 12,
t. +385 (0)52 758 658 Umag
cling routes and in a tranquil environment rooms with balconies, while the pool, own rhythm of the Mediterranean that will and offer of extra activities, together with t. +385 (0)52 756 402
only 500 metres away from the main road parking lot and restaurant with a fireplace provide a soothing welcome after your its renowned offer of fish delicacies and
and 2 kilometres away from the beach by for pleasant winter evenings and a large exciting cycling tours through Istria. In the homemade meals, provide the final pieces
bike, sits the ideal home base for all your terrace for enjoying the first spring sun are family atmosphere of Villa Badi, located a to this puzzle of pure perfection.
cycling adventures. Nestled in a forest of also here to round off this perfect offer.

B&B at Merlo Olivo *** Pansion Komfor Lovac ***

For a tailor-made cycling vacation A soothing haven located right next to lush cycling tracks

In the village of Grdosi in the heart of Here you will find everything that the Pansion Komfor Lovac is located in nature of Istria are permeated with a
B&B at Merlo Olivo*** Pansion Komfor Lovac***
Northwest Istria, between the proud lit- modern cyclist needs: comfortable ac- Kaldanija, 3 kilometres from Buje sensation of rural idyll. The restaurant
tle towns of Buje and Grožnjan, Antone- commodation, a bike corner, first-class Gardoši 47, Krasica, 52460 Buje and 10 just metres away from scenic offers appetising Istrian specialties Kaldanija 31, 52460 Buje
la, Franz and Olivo await you with open cuisine and meals made for as little t. +385 (0)98 997 6290 cycling tracks. The friendly hosts of the made from fresh ingredients, such as t. +385 (0)52 777 094
arms and joyous hearts all year round. as two people, together with agency establishment make all cyclists feel truffles and wild asparagus, fresh fish
services providing complete support. right at home, while its spacious and and game. A perfect stop for refresh-
clean rooms with a view of the lush ment after exciting cycling adventures!

22 23
Bike & Bed hotels. Package deals.
Adapted to the needs When others take care
of cyclists. of organization.

The tag ˝Bike and Bed˝ provides Bike and Bed facilities are up A complete team of experts is
additional information on the to 8 rooms in size, while their available for all the assistance
quality and characteristics of accommodation is adapted to necessary regarding the stay of
special tourist offers. the equipment and needs of cyclists in Northwest Istria.
We offer groups and busine-
ss partner’s infrastructure and
support for:
• the organization of package

Daila Apartments *** arrangements

• the organization of guided
A bike friendly vacation by the sea tours
• the organization of rest for
Northwest Istria offers various cycling have passed demanding training cyclists
packages designed for different cli- and acquired an official license of the • the organisation of training
ent profiles. The packages include Croatian Cycling Federation (HBS). camps
the possibility of guiding, which is
entrusted to specially trained cycling They speak foreign languages and
guides. Other than excellent physi- know every part of the area they
cal shape, cycling guides have highly guide the groups through.
developed communication skills,


The Dajla Apartments, located in the bike friendly environment and a well-
Apartmani Daila***
eponymous village near Novigrad, offer maintained cycling track to Novigrad are Istraturist Umag d.d. Laguna Novigrad d.d. Istria Experience Alternativna Istra -
tranquillity in a relaxing environment all at the disposal of cyclists. At the end Dajla 62, 52466 Novigrad Jadranska 66, 52470 Umag Škverska 8, 52466 Novigrad Jadranska 66, 52470 Umag Guidina d.o.o.
t. +385 (0)52 758 700 t. +385 (0)52 858 600 +385 (0)52 700 777 Ulica Mira 9, 52474 Brtonigla
close to the sea. The balconies and ter- of the day, professional and recreational t. +385 (0)52 700 700 t. + 385 (0)52 725 100
races of the spacious apartments offer cyclists alike will enjoy spontaneous
a view of the blue sea, or a view of the barbecue parties and sharing cycling
Tourist agency Sitnica Go Adria
green garden. A bike storage room, a tales in the spacious garden (400 m2). Camelus d.o.o. MTBike shuttle Mirna 2, 52466 Novigrad
Montrin 31, 52460 Buje
U.A. Babić 6, 52460 Buje t. +385 (0)52 721 007 t. +385 (0)52 555 555
gsm +385 (0)98 997 6290
gsm +385 (0)98 434 748

24 25
Races, marathons, recreational
cycling manifestations...
As the host of two prestigious road
races Trophy Umag and Istrian
Spring, Umag is also known as the
There are more than The best part of the race follows destination of top events in the
the route of the railway road of world of bike touring.
15 recreational bike the same name which is now
marathons in the area a cycling trail, and which still The international bike race
features old tunnels, overpasses Trophy Umag is held for the third
of Umag, Novigrad,
and bridges. Winding and time along the attractive Umag
Buje and Brtonigla a romantic, the Parenzana is the area. The one-day race gathers
year, from March to symbol of the NW Istria’s step into approximately 200 riders and

October, although some a new cycling era. 25 teams and a confirmation Istria Granfondo
of the great significance of this
are also held during the The region’s considerable potential event is also its entry in the
The large marathon Istria Granfondo is The recreational cycling event Istria
a special form of a bike event with a Granfondo Family & Gourmet Tour
winter thanks to the mild has been recognized globally in official calendar of Union Cyclist
start and goal in Umag and Novigrad. that is held on Saturday, with both the
2004, when one lap of the famous International (UCI).
climate. Giro d’Italia race was held in Istria
The two-day Istria Granfondo Marathon starting and the finish line in Novigrad,
is mostly ridden through Northwest is an exceptionally popular recreational
and passed through Umag and The already traditional bike race
Some of them have a 15-year-long Istria as a race organized in three cycling event that attracts all kinds of
Novigrad. Istrian Spring this year marks its
tradition and loyal participants routes. The participants can choose participants. The track will take you
12th edition. With an international
who return every year. They often between the shorter, 89 kilometre long along the sea and through multiple
Also, we must mention the junior character, this route race
have a theme and are linked to route, Istria Granfondo Small, and the vineyards and olive groves, while at
road race Kroz Istru (Through through Istria brings numerous,
the region’s specific offer. longer Istria Granfondo Classic route the refreshment point you will be able
Istria), listed in the UCI calendar, exceptionally quality cyclists from
They offer an asparagus excursion, which amounts to 132 kilometres. to enjoy authentic Istrian products.
Northwest Istria has organized two laps of which are held in the all parts of the world.
wine bike marathon to Momjan,
a substantial number of cycling Umag and Novigrad every year. It
venture along the Parenzana or an A larger part of the route of Istria The planned trip to Northwest Istria,
manifestations, both recreational is one of the biggest junior races In the period between 22 and 26
excursion to Završje, reminding us Granfondo Classic is ridden on paths a challenging bike destination, will
and professional. The events in the world. Also, the cluster has April 2015, the international cycling
of the hidden beauties of the small that in the year 2004 were part of the become one irresistible adventure on
are international and a growing been the host of the XC Istra Grand race Tour of Croatia, was held in
hilltop town. 14th route of the famous race Giro two wheels.
number of foreign and domestic Prix cross country mountain bike Croatia for the first time. The date of
d’Italia. It passes through central Istria,
bike tourists, mountain bikers race, which was held from 2002 to 25 April is of particular importance
The cluster’s special jewel is through Pazin, Motovun and Oprtalj
and road cyclists are signing up 2004 in the Kanegra campsite and for Istria and Umag, as on this day
the Parenzana Marathon, a where it then returns to Northwest
for them. The participants are was also a part of the UCI calendar the 4th stage of the race from Pula
professional mountain bike Istria, to Umag.
of different ages and physical in Category 1. to Umag was held.
marathon founded 14 years ago
predispositions and come in
and listed in the UCI calendar.
different combinations.

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References. Bike specialists.
What famous cyclists say A reliable support for cyclists.
about us.
Many professional cyclists have recognised the ideal conditions of Northwest Istria for
preparations, training and atypical cycling endeavours. Among them are the former Shops, repair shops and other professionals who instil trust
professional cyclist Vladimir Miholjević from Croatia, the former world champion in points offering logistical support with their work and competence,
mountain biking Massimo Debertolis from Italy, and one of the best mountain cyclists to tourists during all the stages of and ensure the desired service
in the world, Manuel Fumić from Germany. their two-wheeled adventure are is delivered as soon as possible
an important link in the chain of and that unforeseen events are
cycling offer in Northwest Istria. settled quickly and easily.
They are managed by skilled

Vladimir Miholjević Massimo Debertolis Manuel Fumić SHOPS AND REPAIR SHOPS
(Croatia) (Italy) (Germany)
˝In the past few years, during January and ˝I became world champion in 2004, and ˝I was delighted by the landscapes, Umag - Davor Bike Umag - Aurum Sport d.o.o. gsm. +385 (0)91 2020 500 Novigrad - Extremus
February, Umag has become the regular today I’m trying to merge competitions the gorgeous views of the sea and the Murine, 1.ulica 3A, 52470 Umag Hotel Sol Umag Ulica Murvi 15, 52466 Novigrad
polygon where my team and I hold basic with other cycling experiences. One of vistas of the interior. I always felt very gsm. +385 (0)98 532 427 Jadranska bb, 52470 Umag (autobusna stanica)
training sessions in preparation for the gsm. +385(0)91 900 0994 t. +385 (0)52 759 488
such experiences is the cycling camp good in Istria – the people are kind and Umag - Trgoauto i Bike shop gsm. +385 (0)98 420 586
upcoming competition season. The balmy held on the tracks of Northwest Istria always at your disposal. The sports Camelus d.o.o. MTBike shuttle Žrtava fašizma 9c, 52470 Umag
climate and the favourable terrain configu- U.A. Babić 6, 52460 Buje t. +385 (0)52 721 303
on the last week of May. This project nutrition plan offered by the hotels sur-
ration provide the ideal setting for winter gsm. +385 (0)98 997 6290 Umag - B.A.H. d.o.o. gsm. +385 (0)98 188 01 09
acquainted me with the gorgeous land- prised me with its quality and diversity. Hotel Sol Garden Istra
preparations, while the striking landscapes scapes of Istria, which had been unfami- A healthy diet is of exceptional impor- Katoro bb, 52470 Umag
of Buje, Motovun, Oprtalj, Savudrija and lar to me before that point. The track of tance for sportspeople, and this region
other towns have a truly healing effect really has something to offer with its
Parenzana, where the legendary railroad
after difficult training sessions. The first
once undulated, delighted me the most. selection of olive oils, homemade pasta,
professional races in Croatia were also BICYCLE AND EQUIPMENT RENTAL
The off road track passes through some truffles and all the other delicacies I had
organised by tourism workers from Umag,
of the most beautiful landscapes in Is- the opportunity to try.
and at those races I achieved some of my
tria, and the whole route is marked and Umag - B.A.H. d.o.o. Umag - Aurum Sport d.o.o. Umag - Aurum Sport d.o.o. Novigrad - Hotel Maestral
favourite results. Northwest Istria is truly a Hotel Sol Garden Istra Polynesia Hotel Sol Umag Sport centar
described in detail with panels. A true
place that gives you the desire to immedi- Katoro bb, 52470 Umag Katoro bb, 52470 Umag Jadranska bb, 52470 Umag Terre 2, 52466 Novigrad
rarity in the cycling world. ˝
ately invite your family or close friends to gsm. +385 (0)91 2020 500 gsm. +385(0)91 900 0994 gsm. +385(0)91 900 0994 t. +385 (0)52 858 645
share all of its magic with them. ˝

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Information Calendar
for cyclists. of cycling events.

Detailed descriptions of the routes are The entire offer of the Northwest Istria January New Years Bike tour Umag
available in the Bike Guide Through is available on the cluster’s main portal Befana Bike tour Marušići
Northwest Istria, a quality extensive called Colours of Istria, which is also its March Trophy Umag Umag
edition published in several languages. slogan. There is a special chapter on Istrian Spring Umag
The book features detailed maps, trail cycling. Winter cup Kornarija Kornarija
descriptions and photographs. April Istrianissima Kaštel Asparagus Cycling Kaštel
The offer of Northwest Istria consists in
Tour of Croatia – 4 stages Pula-Umag
two maps with a total of 19 drawn-in
Information on trails, sights, bike Bike tour Revive Završje Grožnjan
bike routes, one with 13 MTB trails and
guides and everything required to plan Umag bike Umag
the other with 6 for bike tourists. Both
a ride through Northwest Istria will June Bike tour Artistic Grožnjan Grožnjan
contain basic technical information,
be supplied by the tourist offices in
registered altimetry and information on July Marušići Bike tour Marušići
Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla..
services and contents that you will find XCO Kanegra Umag
all along each individual trail you are MTB Bike tour Radini Radini
cycling on. XC Krono Kavrijana Krasica Krasica

August Bike tour in Šterna Šterna

San Rocco Bike tour Brtonigla
Grožnjan by night Grožnjan
TOURIST OFFICES XCE Eliminatora Grožnjan Grožnjan
Bike tour St. Pelagius Novigrad
XC Lost sheep Triban
Umag Tourist board Novigrad Tourist Board Tourist Board of Brtonigla Tourist Board of Grada Buja
September Eko bike marathon Buje Buje
Trgovačka 6, 52470 Umag Mandrač 29a, 52466 Novigrad Mlinska 2, 52474 Brtonigla 1. svibnja 2, 52460 Buje A Day without cars Umag
t. +385 (0)52 741 363 t. +385 (0)52 757 075 t. +385 (0)52 774 307 t. +385 (0)52 773 353 Parenzana Cube Vižinada
f.  +385 (0)52 741 649 f.  +385 (0)52 757 075 f.  +385 (0)52 720 860 f.  +385 (0)52 773 353
October Istria Granfondo Umag-Novigrad
Enduro grozni Grožnjan
November Wine Bike marathon Momjan Momjan

December Christmas bike tour Grožnjan

30 31
Manuel Fumić,
one of the world-class mountain
cyclists, in Grožnjan