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1. A solar pond is a combination of which of the following combinations?

(a) Solar energy collection & heat storage (b) Solar energy storage & heat collection

(c) Solar energy collection & energy storage (d) None of the above
11. The value of solar constant is approximately
(a) 6.5 kW/m2 (b) 1.36 kW/m2 (c) 3.64 kW/m2 (d) 10 kW/m2

16. Pyranometer is an instrument used for measuring the

(a) Temperature of solar photovoltaic cell (b) Solar irradiance of a solar
photovoltaic cell (c) Wind speed of a solar photovoltaic cell (d) Efficiency of a solar
photovoltaic cell
27. Solar radiation that is received after it changes its direction due to reflection and
scattering in the atmosphere is called
(a) Diffused radiation (b) Scattered radiation (c) Beam radiation (d) Radiation
28. Horizontal axis windmills of modern design can
(a) Always turn towards the direction of the wind (b) Never adjust the energy
output (c) Never turn towards the direction of the wind (d) None of the above
37. The maximum energy conversion efficiency of a wind turbine for a given swept
area is
(a) 25.1% (b) 50.4% (c) 59.3% (d) 99.9%
38. If the velocity of wind is doubled, then the power output will increase by
(a) 10 times (b) 8 times (c) 2 times (d) 6 times
39. Power output from a wind energy electric generator is directly proportional to
(a) wind velocity (b) Square of wind velocity (c) Cube of wind velocity (d) Square
root of wind velocity
56. Which gas has a major share in biogas?
(a) N2 (b) CH4 (c) CO2 (d) H2
57. What is the biggest source of biogas in rural India?
(a) Kitchen waste (b) Leaves (c) Cow dung (d) Industrial waste
58. Biomass can be converted into
(a) Liquid fuel (b) Hydrogen (c) Producer Gas (d) All of the above
59. Gasification of biomass is a
(a) Biochemical conversion process (b) Chemical conversion process

(c)Thermochemical conversion process (d) Biological conversion process

76. The Ocean thermal energy conversion system that is meant to generate power is
most suitable in
(a) Sub-tropical region (b) Tropical region (c) Cold region (d) Moderate climate
77. The overall efficiency of an OTEC power plant is
(a) 2-3% (b) 10-15% (c) 15-20% (d) 20-25%
78. The tidal energy of a sea wave is the sum of its
(a) Mechanical energy & thermal energy (b) Potential energy & hydropower energy

(c) Potential energy & kinetic energy (d) Kinetic energy& thermal energy
81. The tidal range is the difference between
(a) Water movement speed & high tide (b) Water movement direction & high tide
(c) Water elevation at high tide & low tide (d) 82. Large amounts of solar energy is
stored in oceans and seas.
(a) O2 (b) N2 (c) CO2 (d) O3
93. Which form of energy source yields only water?
(a) Hydrogen (b) Biogas (c) Methane (D) Oxygen
94. Hydrogen can be stored as a
(a) Compressed gas (b) Liquid (c) Metal hydride (d) All of the above
95. Which of the following are considered to be drawbacks of geothermal energy?
(a) It is not available everywhere (b) It is available only in areas where hot rocks are
present near the earth’s surface (d) All of the above
96. Energy derived from hot spots beneath the earth is called
(a) Bio energy (b) Geothermal energy (c) Nuclear energy (d) Hydrogen energy
97. Which type of energy does volcanoes posses?
(a) Mechanical energy (b) Geothermal energy (c) Electrical energy (d) Nuclear
98. The molten mass of earth is called
(a) Magnous (b) Magna (c) Hot cake (d) Magmus
99. Geothermal energy reservoirs are
(a) Liquid dominated reservoirs (b) Steam dominated reservoirs (c) Hot rocks
with no water (d) All of the above
100.Harmful radiation emitted from the sun is
(a) Visible radiation (b) Infrared radiation (c) Ultraviolet radiation (d) None of the

1 C 21 A 41 C 61 A 81 C
2 D 22 D 42 B 62 B 82 A
3 D 23 C 43 A 63 C 83 A
4 B 24 A 44 C 64 D 84 A
5 A 25 B 45 A 65 D 85 A
6 B 26 B 46 C 66 C 86 A
7 B 27 D 47 D 67 D 87 A
8 A 28 C 48 C 68 B 88 D
9 C 29 B 49 B 69 A 89 D
10 A 30 A 50 A 70 B 90 B
11 C 31 A 51 C 71 D 91 B
12 A 32 B 52 B 72 D 92 A
13 B 33 C 53 A 73 C 93 A
14 C 34 A 54 A 74 A 94 A
15 A 35 D 55 C 75 A 95 D
16 B 36 A 56 A 76 B 96 B
17 C 37 D 57 A 77 B 97 B
18 D 38 C 58 C 78 A 98 B
19 B 39 B 59 D 79 B 99 D
20 b 40 B 60 B 80 C 100 C