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Selecting the Right
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Let APA Thinking
Style CENTRAL help. ®

Let APA Style CENTRAL help. ®

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Interactive research tools for critical thinkers writing in APA Sty

APA Style CENTRAL –an authoritative cloud-based writing solution from®the creators of A

Interactive research tools for critical thinkers writing in APA Style

Style– makes developing a research idea, organizing research notes, and writing a rese
APA Style CENTRALpaper easier than ever.
–an authoritative
® It helps writing
cloud-based studentssolution
master from
the application
the creatorsofofAPA
APAStyle, giving them
freedom to think critically while conducting research and writing
Style– makes developing a research idea, organizing research notes, and writing a research papers.
paper easier than ever. It helps students master the application of APA Style, giving them the
freedom to think critically while conducting research and writing papers.


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AALL. . . . . . . . American Association of Law Libraries CLA. . . . . . . . . Canadian Library Association
AAM . . . . . . . . American Alliance of Museums CLS. . . . . . . . . College Libraries Section (ACRL)
AAMES. . . . . . Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section (ACRL) CMS . . . . . . . . Collection Management Section (ALCTS)
AAP. . . . . . . . . Association of American Publishers COA. . . . . . . . . Committee on Accreditation
AASL. . . . . . . . American Association of School Librarians COD. . . . . . . . . Committee on Diversity
AAUP. . . . . . . . Association of American University Presses CODES . . . . . . Collection Development and Evaluation Section
ABOS. . . . . . . . Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (RUSA)
ACG. . . . . . . . . Advocacy Coordinating Group COE. . . . . . . . . Committee on Education
ACRL. . . . . . . . Association of College and Research Libraries COL. . . . . . . . . Committee on Legislation
AFAS. . . . . . . . African-American Studies Librarians Section (ACRL) COLA. . . . . . . . Committee on Library Advocacy
AFL . . . . . . . . . Affiliate COMM. . . . . . . Committee on Membership Meetings
AFL/CIO. . . . . American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial CONSER. . . . . Cooperative Online Serials Program
Organizations COO. . . . . . . . . Committee on Organization
AIA. . . . . . . . . .American Institute of Architects COPE. . . . . . . . Committee on Professional Ethics
AILA. . . . . . . . . American Indian Library Association CORS. . . . . . . . Committee on Research and Statistics
AJL. . . . . . . . . . Association of Jewish Libraries COSLA. . . . . . . Chief Officers of State Library Agencies
AL . . . . . . . . . . American Libraries COSWL. . . . . . Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship
AL21C. . . . . . . America’s Libraries in the 21st Century Committee CPLA. . . . . . . . Certified Public Library Administrators Program
(OITP) CRC. . . . . . . . . Chapter Relations Committee
ALA. . . . . . . . . American Library Association CRS. . . . . . . . . Continuing Resources Section (ALCTS)
ALA-APA. . . . . ALA-Allied Professional Association DCRM. . . . . . . Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials
ALCTS. . . . . . . Association for Library Collections & Technical DCWG. . . . . . . Digital Content Working Group
DLS. . . . . . . . . Distance Learning Section (ACRL)
ALISE . . . . . . . Association for Library and Information Science
Education DPLA. . . . . . . . Digital Public Library of America
ALSC. . . . . . . . Association for Library Service to Children DRM . . . . . . . . Digital Rights Management
AMVIG. . . . . . . Acquisitions Managers and Vendors Interest Group EBSS. . . . . . . . Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (ACRL)
(ALCTS) EDI. . . . . . . . . . Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
ANSS. . . . . . . . Anthropology and Sociology Section (ACRL) EL . . . . . . . . . . Emerging Leaders
APALA. . . . . . . Asian Pacific American Librarians Association EMIERT. . . . . . Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round
API. . . . . . . . . . Application Programming Interface Table
ARC. . . . . . . . . Advance Reading Copy ERT. . . . . . . . . Exhibits Round Table
ARL. . . . . . . . . Association of Research Libraries ESLS. . . . . . . . Educators of School Librarians Section (AASL)
ARLIS/NA. . . . Art Libraries Society of North America ESSA. . . . . . . . Every Student Succeeds Act
ARSL. . . . . . . . Association for Rural & Small Libraries ETS . . . . . . . . . Emerging Technologies Section (RUSA)
ARTS. . . . . . . . Arts Section (ACRL) F&A. . . . . . . . . Finance and Audit Committee (ALA)
AS. . . . . . . . . . Acquisitions Section (ALCTS) FAFLRT. . . . . . Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table
ASCLA. . . . . . . Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library FDLP. . . . . . . . Federal Depository Library Programs
Agencies FINRA. . . . . . . Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
ASIS&T. . . . . . American Society for Information Science and FLAG. . . . . . . . Federal Legislative Advocacy Group
Technology FRBR. . . . . . . . Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
ATLA . . . . . . . . American Theological Library Association FTF . . . . . . . . . Feminist Task Force (SRRT)
BARC. . . . . . . . Budget Analysis and Review Committee FTRF. . . . . . . . Freedom to Read Foundation
BCALA. . . . . . . Black Caucus of the American Library Association GAMERT. . . . . Games and Gaming Round Table
BIBCO. . . . . . . Monographic Bibliographic Record Program (PCC) GIC . . . . . . . . . Government Information for Children (GODORT)
BO. . . . . . . . . . Break Out GN. . . . . . . . . . Graphic Novels & Comics in Library Membership
BRASS . . . . . . Business Reference and Services Section (RUSA) Initiative Group
C&RL. . . . . . . . College & Research Libraries GLBTRT. . . . . . Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table
CAEP. . . . . . . . Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation GODORT. . . . . Government Documents Round Table
CALA. . . . . . . . Chinese American Librarians Association

HRDR . . . . . . . Office for Human Resource Development and

CALM . . . . . . . Committee on Archives, Libraries, and Museums Recruitment
CaMMS. . . . . . Cataloging and Metadata Management Section HS. . . . . . . . . . History Section (RUSA)
(ALCTS) IBBY . . . . . . . . International Board on Books for Young People
CATHLA. . . . . . Catholic Library Association ICLAE . . . . . . . International Council of Library Association Executives
CBC. . . . . . . . . Children’s Book Council ICOLC . . . . . . . International Coalition of Library Consortia
CCBC. . . . . . . . Cooperative Children’s Book Center IFC. . . . . . . . . . Intellectual Freedom Committee
CCSS. . . . . . . . Common Core State Standards IFLA. . . . . . . . . International Federation of Library Associations and
CD. . . . . . . . . . Council Document Institutions
CJCLS. . . . . . . Community and Junior College Libraries Section IFRT. . . . . . . . . Intellectual Freedom Round Table
(ACRL) IG. . . . . . . . . . . Interest Group

82 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
IL. . . . . . . . . . .Information Literacy PARS. . . . . . . . Preservation and Reformatting Section (ALCTS)
ILL. . . . . . . . . . Inter-Library Loan PBA. . . . . . . . . Planning and Budget Assembly
ILS. . . . . . . . . . Integrated Library System PCC. . . . . . . . . Program for Cooperative Cataloging
IMLS. . . . . . . . Institute for Museum and Library Services PCPAC. . . . . . . Public and Cultural Programs Advisory Committee
IRC . . . . . . . . . International Relations Committee PLA. . . . . . . . . Public Library Association
IRRT . . . . . . . . International Relations Round Table PLIG. . . . . . . . Programming Librarian Interest Group
IS. . . . . . . . . . .Instruction Section (ACRL) PPIRS. . . . . . . Politics, Policy and International Relations Section
ISKME. . . . . . . Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in (ACRL)
Education PPO. . . . . . . . . Public Programs Office
ISLD. . . . . . . . . International Sustainable Library Development PR. . . . . . . . . . Public relations
Interest Group PROLIT . . . . . . Proliteracy Worldwide
ISS. . . . . . . . . . Independent Schools Section (AASL) PTRCA. . . . . . . Patent and Trademark Resource Center Association
ITAL. . . . . . . . . Information Technology and Libraries RA. . . . . . . . . . Reader’s Advisory
ITTS. . . . . . . . . Information Technology and Telecommunications RBM . . . . . . . . RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and
Services Cultural Heritage
JCLC . . . . . . . . Joint Conference of Librarians of Color RBMS. . . . . . . Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (ACRL)
JSC . . . . . . . . . Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA RDA. . . . . . . . . Resource Description and Access
LC . . . . . . . . . . Library of Congress REFORMA. . . . National Association to Promote Library & Information
LEARNRT . . . . Learning Round Table Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking
LES . . . . . . . . . Literatures in English Section (ACRL) RMRT . . . . . . . Retired Members Round Table
LHRT. . . . . . . . Library History Round Table RNTLOAK . . . . Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds
LIANZA. . . . . . Library and Information Association of New Zealand Committee
Aotearoa RSS. . . . . . . . . Reference Services Section (RUSA)
LIRT. . . . . . . . . Library Instruction Round Table RUSA. . . . . . . . Reference and User Services Association
LITA. . . . . . . . . Library and Information Technology Association SAA. . . . . . . . . Society of American Archivists
LLAMA . . . . . . Library Leadership and Management Association SAC. . . . . . . . . Subject Analysis Committee (ALCTS)
LMPI. . . . . . . . Library Materials Price Index SACO. . . . . . . . Subject Authority Cooperative Program (PCC)
LRRT. . . . . . . . Library Research Round Table SALALM . . . . . Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library
LRTS. . . . . . . . Library Resources & Technical Services Materials
LSSC. . . . . . . . Library Support Staff Certification Program SBPR. . . . . . . . La Sociedad de Bibliotecarios de Puerto Rico
LSSIRT . . . . . . Library Support Staff Interest Round Table SEES. . . . . . . . Slavic and East European Section (ACRL)
LSTA . . . . . . . . Library Services and Technology Act SLA. . . . . . . . . Special Libraries Association
LTC . . . . . . . . . Libraries Transforming Communities SORT. . . . . . . . Staff Organizations Round Table
MAGIRT. . . . . . Map and Geospatial Information Round Table SPARC. . . . . . . Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition
MARC. . . . . . . Machine-Readable Cataloging
SPVS. . . . . . . . Supervisors Section (AASL)
MIG. . . . . . . . . Membership Initiative Group; Metadata Interest Group
(ALCTS) SRRT. . . . . . . . Social Responsibilities Round Table
MLA. . . . . . . . . Medical Library Association; Modern Language STARS. . . . . . . Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources
Association; Music Library Association Section (RUSA)
MOOC. . . . . . . Massive Open Online Courses STEAM . . . . . . Science, technology, engineering, arts, math
NACO. . . . . . . . Name Authority Cooperative Program (PCC)
STEM. . . . . . . . Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
NCAAL. . . . . . . National Conference of African American Libraries (curriculum)
NCES. . . . . . . . National Center for Education Statistics STS . . . . . . . . . Science and Technology Section (ACRL)
NEH. . . . . . . . . National Endowment for the Humanities SUSTAINRT. . . Sustainability Round Table
NERL. . . . . . . . NorthEast Research Libraries TLA . . . . . . . . . Theatre Library Association
NGSS. . . . . . . . Next Generation Science Standards TOLD. . . . . . . . Training, Orientation and Leadership Development
NISO . . . . . . . . National Information Standards Organization Committee
NLM. . . . . . . . . National Library of Medicine TRAIL. . . . . . . Technical Report Archive & Image Library
NLW. . . . . . . . . National Library Week ULS. . . . . . . . . University Libraries Section (ACRL)
NMRT . . . . . . . New Members Round Table ULC. . . . . . . . . Urban Libraries Council
NSN. . . . . . . . . National Storytelling Network UNITED. . . . . . United for Libraries (Formerly ALTAFF)

OA. . . . . . . . . . Office for Accreditation; Open Access UNO. . . . . . . . . Exhibitor and Other Organizations Events
ODLOS. . . . . . . Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services USBBY. . . . . . United States Board on Books for Young People
OGR. . . . . . . . . Office of Government Relations VRT. . . . . . . . . Video Round Table
OIF. . . . . . . . . . Office for Intellectual Freedom WO. . . . . . . . . . Washington Office
OITP. . . . . . . . . Office for Information Technology Policy WESS . . . . . . . Western European Studies Section (ACRL)
OLA. . . . . . . . . Office for Library Advocacy WGSS . . . . . . . Women and Gender Studies Section (ACRL)
OLAC. . . . . . . . Online Audiovisual Catalogers YALSA. . . . . . . Young Adult Library Services Association
ORE. . . . . . . . . Office for Research and Evaluation YMA. . . . . . . . . Youth Media Awards
PAIG . . . . . . . . Preservation Administrators Interest Group
These and other library-related acronyms may be found at:
PAO. . . . . . . . . Public Awareness Office

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 83
MCP - W183a

Saturday Ignite Sessions
Conversation Starters 11:30 am – 12:00 pm

$20 or Less: Programming Cheap

Facilitating Communication, Collaboration, A very fast look at 20 (or more) programs that we have done at our
and Continuing Education for Library Directors libraries that cost $20 or less in materials.
8:00 am – 8:45 am Speaker: Natalie Bazan, Hopkins District Library, Dorr Township
Becoming a library director after being a librarian isn’t just a promo-
tion - it’s a career change. And it can be overwhelming and isolating.
This conversation starter provides a venue for library directors to share Dark Web for All!: Exploring the Implications

experiences and seek advice, and to discuss ways we can communi-

cate and collaborate in order to grow and succeed as library directors. of the Dark Web for Privacy and Intellectual
Attendees will come away energized, with a list of resources other
library directors have found useful, and a network of peers they can
learn with and rely upon. While library professionals are constantly in search of ways to
Speaker: Alex Lent, Millis Public Library; Massachusetts Library better preserve the privacy and freedom of speech of their patrons,
Association; Library Directors Group one of the greatest advancements in this area of internet technol-
ogy has already existed for years. There are many misconceptions
about the Dark Web: what it is, the philosophy of this network, the
Choose Your Own Adventure: Mentoring in intended audience, and what benefits it can provide to the average
user. This presentation dispels some of the myths and misconcep-
Academic Libraries tions about the Dark Web, and illustrates how the Dark Web can be
9:15 am – 10:0 am a powerful tool for all libraries.
As more libraries seek to diversify staff and culture, mentoring rela- Speaker: Brady Lund, Emporia State University-Emporia
tionships can support this mission. By encouraging new librarians
to work closely with a mentor, libraries benefit from the exchange of
knowledge, experience, and new ideas. Three expert panelists provide Digital Inclusion Corps Pilot Update:
useful insights and personal experiences on mentoring in academic
libraries. A facilitator will foster the discussion while engaging the audi-
Building Sustainable Inclusion Models
ence via a survey and questions. This panel will provide unique per- Nationwide
spectives from library and human resources literature, and examples
of informal and formal mentoring will leave the audience with new The Digital Inclusion Corps is a pilot project of IMLS with the
ideas to take back to their library. National Digital Inclusion Alliance ( Spanning
five states, these tribal and rural focused digital inclusion initia-
Speakers: Ashley Rosener, Grand Valley State University; Cara tives are being designed to be sustainable by the communities
Cadena, Grand Valley State University; Sarah Murphy, Ohio State they serve, as well as replicable & scalable by future iterations of
University; Vickie Albrecht, University of Manitoba the Corps. The presentation will include an overview of the project,
as well as project updates including: An introduction to the Corps
Taking the EEK Out of Grantseeking for members; A look research and engagement processes; Overview
of the local project plans; And a snapshot of the progress they’ve
Libraries made in the first few months of the pilot.
10:30 am – 11:15 am Speaker: Matthew Kopel, National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Fundraising for our libraries can seem difficult and more than a little
intimidating. It’s not something we usually learn in library school. And
yet time and again, library professionals find themselves needing to
Social Justice In Libraries: Social Work
raise funds to deliver new services or launch new programming. In Roots and the Progressive Library Mission
this Conversation Starter, participants will discuss the challenges and
opportunities of grantseeking for library projects, and be introduced Chicago is the perfect place to remember the origins of social work
to Foundation Center’s new Visualizing Funding for Libraries data tool. and continue work towards additional social justice efforts. Our
This freely accessible resource allows libraries to quickly and easily commitment to community engagement in the library profession
identify new funding opportunities as well as track funding trends by has a connection to many historical social reform efforts. Reflecting
subject area and geographic region. on the settlement house movement see how the beginnings of the
social work profession lead into the role of the library as a change
Speakers: Katelyn Tkacik, Foundation Center; Amanda Dillon, agent in the community today. The connection between social work
Foundation Center and libraries is not new and continues to evolve. How do libraries
commit to social justice efforts and make the most of our mission.
Speaker: Monique Oldfield, Wayne State University

84 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
from the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Please join the discus-
Librarians As Civic Infiltrators sion and help our learning too!
Speakers: Sarah Sawicki, Richland Library; Meaghan Hunt-Wilson,
Stop begging people to use the library and learn how one simple Metropolitan Library System; Vicki Thompson, Metropolitan Library
phrase can make you indispensable to the community. Asking com- System
munity groups what you can do to help their projects, instead of
telling them all the library has to offer - is the key to flipping your
library outreach and forging deep and meaningful connections with Up-Cycled: The Delicate, and Often
your community. Delivering on the answers to this question makes
staff rethink their role in community engagement, and re-evaluate Frustrating, Balance of Being the ‘New’
how communities actually see their library fitting into the fabric of Librarian as a Seasoned Information
everyday life.
Speakers: Tara D’Amato, Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Library; Kerri
Rosalia 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
A new position can be excited and daunting. There is always an adjust-
ment period as one learns the culture of a new organization. However,
How Could They Do That? Using a having significant experience in the profession often facilitates a set
Datarescue Event to Inform the Public about of frustrations that may not be anticipated by the employee or the
employer. Hear from librarians fresh from the job switch as they detail
Evaporating Government Web Sites and How challenges in being new, but seasoned librarian professionals. Join
To Protect Public Data the discussion to build upon strategies for avoiding common pitfalls
and creating expectations that lead to a successful transition for both

This panel will discuss the process, experience and results of hold- parties.
ing “DataRescue” events. With every new presidential administra- Speakers: Dawn (Nikki) Cannon-Rech, Georgia Southern University;
tion, government websites will change. These government data are Lauren McMillan, Armstrong University
critical for research, policy decisions, and an informed citizenry,
but their availability are particularly vulnerable to changes in gov-
ernment funding and administrative policy. In addition, this data SUNDAY, JUNE 25
can become unavailable during government shutdowns and his-
toric data can be lost if archival practices change over time. The
DataRefuge movement attempts to protect federal data that is at
risk. This includes data related to climate change, racial or housing Conversation Starters
inequities, and other issues.
Speakers: Maya Anjur-Dietrich, EDGI (Environmental Data and
Governance Initiative); Heather Coates, IUPUI; Eric Johnson,
Workplace Dynamics and Mentoring for the
Miami University; Alicia Kubas, U. of Minnesota Millennial Librarian
8:00 am – 8:45 am

Conversation Starters Don’t text during meetings. Leave your office door open. Never call the
boss at home. These are a few of the unwritten rules of office conduct,
and they vary considerably from library to library. Some assume that
Millennial librarians, those born after 1982, don’t always understand
Making to Make a Difference the rules. But the results from a recent survey of 541 Millennial librar-
ians tell a much different story about their workplace communications,
1:30 pm – 2:15 pm
as well as their preferences for who should mentor them, how they
How inclusive are your maker programs? Join us in this session to learn would like to be mentored, and what they hope to gain from mentoring.
how you can use your library’s 3d printers and makerspace to offer Come hear what they have to say.
more inclusive programs to your patrons from different backgrounds,
Speaker: Stewart Brower, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa
including those with a disability. Learn how you can use 3d printers
to build a community, empower individuals, and change lives. It’s
not all about 3d printed trinkets or prosthetics; it’s about education,
empathy, and empowerment. We’ll have programming ideas, stories,
Leveraging Wikipedia for Libraries: Outcomes
and resources that you can use to start offering more inclusive maker and Opportunities
programs at your library. 9:15 am – 10:0 am
Speakers: Uyen Tran, San Diego Public Library; Raquel Davila, San What are the relationships between libraries and Wikipedia? What
Diego Public Library; Mara Hitner can Wikipedia do for libraries? This panel lays out histories, lessons
learned, and possibilities for future collaboration between libraries
and Wikipedia, the “free” online collaborative encyclopedia that is
Projects, Data and Outcomes—A Trinity of the sixth-most trafficked internet property globally. Panel presenta-
Support for Your Strategic Plan tions offer perspectives about engagement from an academic library,
a special library, and public libraries, to describe how engaging with
2:45 pm – 3:30 pm
Wikipedia can augment the vision and mission of libraries writ large in
As libraries focus on performance measures, needs for usable our contemporary social milieu. Participants: Theresa Embry, Pritzker
data demonstrating outcomes in our strategic planning expand. Military Museum & Library; Monika Sengul-Jones, OCLC; Aaron Shaw,
Metropolitan Library System (OK), Richland Library (SC), and Sno- Northwestern (discussant); Scott Walter, DePaul.
Isle Libraries (WA) are creating and navigating processes based on
Speaker: Monika Sengul-Jones, OCLC
outcomes to inform decisions and measure organizational and com-
munity impact. Our specific roles in project management help ser-
vice managers to implement and operationalize our strategic plans.
Managers from libraries of all sizes and geographic distribution look-
ing to introduce or expand project management practices will benefit

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 85
Counter Islamophobia Through Stories library spaces that are inclusive through progressive collection
10:30 am – 11:15 am development practices.
Given the current deeply divisive political environment and the target- Speaker: Andrea Jamison, Lincoln Elementary School, Dominican
ing of minority communities, it is important to educate children early University Grad School of Library and Information Science
on about cultural and religious diversity, and break down entrenched
stereotypes. “Counter Islamophobia Through Stories” provides differ-
ent access points for teachers and librarians to facilitate a positive Fact or Fake? Teaching Our Patrons How to
representation of Muslims for children, and create a more diverse and
inclusive environment. Tell the Difference
Speakers: Gauri Manglik,, LLC; Sadaf Siddique In a world where terms like alternative facts and fake news exist,
it’s more important than ever for librarians to guide their patrons
to reliable sources. Guiding them, however, isn’t enough. With so
many people having access to the internet, it’s easy for misinforma-

Sunday Ignite Sessions tion to spread. Librarians must create opportunities to teach their
patrons (of all ages) how to assess the information they receive
for themselves. Teaching patrons the skills they need to determine
11:30 am – 12:00 pm
if it something is real or fake, biased or objective, is the future of
The APA Assistant: A New Model for Helping Speaker: Sonnet Ireland, St. Tammany Parish Library
Students Cite their Sources

The APA Assistant offers a new model for citing sources in APA PBS’ POV: Documentaries as Tools for
style. Rather than a static text display or a fill-in-the-box citation
generator, it utilizes a fluid format, creating a question-and-answer
Democracy and Dialogue
experience for students navigating the citation process. The APA POV, public television’s longest-running documentary showcase,
Assistant first seeks to discover the need (In text citation or list of invites you to gain access to 90+ films that grapple with the most-
references? Book or journal article?), then gives a brief description pressing social issues of our time - for free. Learn how to become
of how to cite the source, including examples. Built in Google Forms, a POV community partner and use film-specific educational and
the APA Assistant can be linked to, embedded into LibGuides, or engagement resources to promote dialogue, empathy and action.
sent via email or other social media. Our 30th anniversary season launches with a trio of films that illu-
Speaker: Miranda Kispert, Weber State University minate perspectives on the global refugee crisis. We’ll be working
with our 10,000 member-strong network of partners across the
country to complicate and deepen the narrative around this crisis,
Moving Beyond Sticky Notes: Making Design human rights and refugee issues in their communities. Join us.

Thinking Work in the Real World Speaker: Alice Quinlan, POV/American Documentary

Design Thinking is often used at conferences or workshops to get

people excited and show cool new tools that library staff can use to
innovate. Yet while we feel energized at the workshop, many of us Conversation Starters
are unsure of how to turn those exercises into a practical applica-
tion back at the library. During this Ignite Session, you’ll learn a
set of Design Thinking exercises, which build upon one another, Collections Decoded: Reflections and
providing a complete roadmap from problem to solution through
to implementation. Walk away ready to dive into innovating and
Strategies for Anti-racist Collection
solving real world problems with confidence. Development
Speaker: Erin Berman, San Jose Public Library 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm
Operating from three distinct but interlocking perspectives as a Black
woman archivist, a White woman anti-racist public librarian, and a
Get Smart: Transform Your Library for Active Black woman academic librarian, we will facilitate a discussion about
Learning our experiences navigating collection development and collection
development policies. Together we will acknowledge and address the
Ignite your library space for active learning, where community mem- disparities of race in collection development practices and discuss
bers co-create, participate in hands-on learning, and strengthen practical strategies for developing an anti-racist agenda at our insti-
social connections. Learn about the dynamic experiences of fifteen tutions. We will also discuss how anti-racist accomplices can both
small libraries, who re-imagined and reconfigured “smart spaces,” support and follow the lead of Black women librarians and archivists
using a combination of placemaking and design thinking principles as well as strategies for developing anti-racist collection development
and strategies. You too can follow the steps they took to uncover practices.
community needs, interpret the input, generate ideas and pro-
Speakers: Tracy Drake, Chicago Public Library; Aisha Conner-Gaten,
totype those ideas with simple, low-cost materials. It’s a path to
Loyola Marymount University
Speaker: Betha Gutsche, OCLC/WebJunction

Diversity: Why it Still Matters

This session will explore the topic of diversity in children’s litera-
ture from a historical perspective taking a look at how diversity has
evolved over the years, focusing on how librarians can create

86 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Strategies for Mapping Information Literacy Fake News Is Not the Problem: Addressing
Threshold Concepts to Course Objectives. Issues with Information Consumption in a
A Case Study of the Political Science Digital Environment
Department at Florida State University 10:30 am – 11:15 am
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM Since the last presidential election, fake news has become a topic
of much discussion, and Librarians have been eager to share their
Threshold concept theory is a linear framework through which various
information literacy expertise, creating and circulating articles about
skills and disciplinary knowledge are acquired in an incremental pat-
and guides for spotting fake news. But fake news isn’t the problem.
tern. Curriculum mapping integrates this theory into course-specific
In this session, we’ll look at the various factors that contribute to the
instruction by advising faculty about the sequence of the concepts
spread of disinformation online and what librarians can do to address
that are taught, and the best timing of their placement in the cur-
them. We’ll also discuss the problematic nature of the “fake news”
riculum. This creates authentic point-of-need learning opportunities,
frame and how it distorts the issue and efforts to address it.
and enhances understanding of the fundamental elements that define
the discipline. Using INR3502 (International Organizations) at Florida Speaker: Brandy Horne; University of South Carolina Aiken
State University as a case study, this presentation will highlight the
steps for effective curriculum mapping at both the departmental and
the course levels in political science.
Speaker: Mohamed Berray, Florida State University
Monday Ignite Sessions
11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Winning for Libraries with Email

4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
I Missed the Event Planning Class in Library
In this session Patrick Sweeney will explore the data behind email
success with the latest research, demonstrate and explain the best School: How to Plan Programs with a Library
practices for email, and explain how libraries can use these tactics to Degree
increase support, funding, and awareness for libraries.
Speaker: Patrick Sweeney Whether it’s a librarian-led class, or a 200 person networking
event, there’s no doubt programming is an essential component
of librarianship. So, where was the event planning class in library
MONDAY, JUNE 26 school? In this session, you will learn how to tap into your skills
as educators, researchers, customer service mavens, and orga-
nizational wizards to embrace and excel at programming. We will

Conversation Starters cover outreach, community needs, and development, so that you
can walk away feeling more confident in your ability to provide
high-quality and relevant programs to your library’s community- a
belated Event Planning 101.
New Sources Of Metadata : A Path for Opening Speakers: Caitlin Rietzen, Business Resource & Innovation Center
Up Public Records for All at the Free Library of Philadelphia; Gillian Robbins
8:00 am – 8:45 am
Hear from a team tasked with cataloging 150,000 public records for Developing Effective Copyright Policies and
the State of Massachusetts - a librarian, a programmer, a GIS special-
ist and a small army of data scientists have been building the Mass Fair Use Guidelines to Nurture a Creative
Docs Repo since November. Using an open source data portal, working Culture in Higher Education Institutions
with limitations and extending the tools, balancing the rich expressive-
ness of the metadata with user-friendliness of the data entry tools, Applying Lessig’s Modalities of Regulation as a framework, this
ensuring a usable search experience, and enabling thousands of presentation reviewed research findings on copyright policies and
machine-readable documents to be released on the web. fair use guidelines of research universities in the interactive model
of law, norms, market, and architecture. It examined the role that
Speakers: Jacqueline Ford, Massachusetts IT; Ryan Price, Palantir.
the policies play in facilitating creativity and innovation in teaching,
net; Sienna Svob, Massachusetts IT
learning, research, and knowledge creation through application of
fair use to promote legal and effective use of copyrighted materi-
Information Poverty, Information Deserts, als. It identified best practices in policy process to educate about
the law and use the policy as a means to encourage innovation and
Information Castes: What Can Libraries Do? knowledge creation.
9:15 am – 10:0 am Speaker: Min Chou, New Jersey City University
Residents of some US communities are information poor--from cradle
to grave. Libraries have the tools to help empower communities to
break that cycle. Two librarian-activist authors present part of their Disability Etiquette
upcoming book with case studies: the role of school libraries in the When people think about becoming accessible to people with dis-
Chicago Public Schools; the potential role of the Obama Presidential abilities, visions of large construction projects and expensive tech-
Library; and the role of IT entrepreneurship. The audience will partici- nologies dance in their heads. But accessibility is about so much
pate in discussing: What library programs work best to tackle informa- more than ramps. Often, one of the biggest barriers is the lack
tion poverty? How do librarians get to the table of community leaders of understanding about the norms and expectations of interacting
to make our case? with people with disabilities. This ignite session will teach the cost-
Speakers: Barbara Jones, Retired; CM! WINTERS, City Colleges of free rules of disability etiquette all libraries can use to continuously
Chicago - Malcolm X College welcome people with disabilities.
Speaker: Ashley Haynes, Hays Public Library

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 87
Picture Yourself Online: Free Headshots Conversation Starters
from the Library
A librarian with a photography background created a program at
The Library of 2020—Building A Collaborative
the Mid-Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library providing Digital Collection of 4 Million Books
head-shots to patrons for use online. Many of the library’s patrons 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm
are homeless, elderly, or simply lack access to digital cameras and
the knowledge to use them. Picture Yourself Online! has provided Even in this digital age, millions of books are not accessible to online
over 121 patrons with a professional quality digital head-shot which learners and the reading impaired. The library community hasn’t
they can use as a profile picture on social media and job seeking met this digital demand, stymied by costs, eBook restrictions, and
sites, add to their resume, or simply share with friends and family. missing infrastructure. Together with library partners, the Internet
Archive proposes bringing 4 million books online, through purchase
Speaker: Arieh Ress, New York Public Library or digitization. Our plan includes at-scale circulation of these eBooks,
enabling libraries owning the physical works to lend digital copies. As
Taking Care of Business in the 21st Century: 1 of 8 semifinalists for MacArthur’s 100&Change award, we seek your
feedback. The goal: bringing libraries and learners 4 million eBooks,
A New Service Model for Entrepreneurs enabling the free, long-term, public access to knowledge.
In 2016, the Free Library of Philadelphia launched the Business Speakers: Wendy Hanamura; Brewster Kahle; Katie Barrett, Internet
Resource & Innovation Center, a new programming model designed Archive
to reduce the barriers of entry into organizational development.

Learn how librarians combined existing nonprofit and small busi-

ness resources to serve the community by doing what librarians do
It’s Not “Just Part of the Job”: Breaking the
best- programming, curating resources, and conducting research. Silence on Sexual Harassment in the Library
By engaging clients in appointments and classes geared towards 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm
grant funding, demographic and market research, and competitive
analysis, this model serves a niche not otherwise filled by the small Sometimes the most important conversations are the hardest ones
business community. Best of all, the core of this service model is to start. Like many public-facing professionals, amid the overwhelm-
totally free. ing number of positive interactions library staff will also encounter
a patron whose comments make them feel uncomfortable or even
Speakers: Caitlin Rietzen, Business Resource & Innovation Center unsafe. There’s a tendency to see this as “just part of the job.” It’s time
at the Free Library of Philadelphia; Gillian Robbins; Caitlin Seifritz to change that narrative from accepting this inevitability to exploring
new ways to respond. This program will begin with a presentation for
Please, Do Try This at Home: Teen Self-Care context before turning to discussion. Questions addressing experi-
ences, policies, and stigmas/preconceived ideas will be available via
Week the website so participants can bring their own examples.
Today’s teens are busy. They’ve got a packed schedule from the Speakers: Amanda Civitello, Waukegan Public Library; Katie McLain,
moment they wake up (way too early in the morning) until the Waukegan Public Library
moment they go to sleep (way too late at night). This can be a big
barrier to teens participating in library programs. But what if the
program was about just that? Enter: Teen Self-Care Week, five days
How Coffee Shapes Our Customer Experience
of after school drop-in activities to relieve stress, get in touch with Strategy: Using Ongoing Staff Focus Group
your mind, and care for your body. In this Ignite session, I will share
insights into my successful week of self-care programs for teens. Data To Inform Library-wide Projects
Speaker: Nicole Palazzo 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
Learn how NYPL’s Customer Experience team uses focus groups to
engage staff in conversation to improve patron and staff experience
in our 92 locations.
Speakers: Johannes Neuer, New York Public Library; Charity Kittler,
New York Public Library

The Blackstone Branch of

the Chicago Public Library
is the city's first branch
library, finished in 1904,
and is the only branch
built with private funds.

88 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N


American Psychologist® Archives of Scientific Psychology®

Official Journal of the
American Psychological Association ALL FEES WAIVED THROUGH 2017
ISSN: 0003-066X eISSN: 2169-3269

Journal of Applied Psychology® Journal of Personality and Social Psychology®

Monthly – ISSN: 0021-9010 Monthly – ISSN: 0022-3514

Psychological Bulletin® Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology®

Monthly – ISSN: 0033-2909 Monthly – ISSN: 0022-006X

Developmental Psychology® Health Psychology®

Monthly – ISSN: 0012-1649 Monthly – ISSN: 0278-6133

Journal of Educational Psychology® Behavioral Neuroscience®

Published eight times – ISSN: 0022-0663 Bimonthly – ISSN: 0735-7044

Visit us at the APA Booth #4425 to receive free sample issues of APA journals on display.

Visit or call 800-374-2721 to learn more

and to order, or contact your preferred subscription agent.
All articles published in APA journals are available electronically as part of APA’s full-text article database, PsycARTICLES®.
For more information, visit
Transforming Libraries
Librarians and other staff, in all types of libraries, are facing — and often leading — radical change. The following content streams
examine the ongoing transformation of libraries and librarianship through a specific set of “lenses” or perspectives.

Transforming Libraries: Transforming Libraries: Updates & Briefings

Community Relationships Services These are recurring programs, with a high
emphasis on currency, generally within
Sessions in this content stream focus on The library “service portfolio” has changed
a specific area. The broad area may be
how the library supports the aspirations of and continues to change. Services are
known well in advance, but specific con-
its community (whether a campus or civic or increasingly delivered where the user is — not
tent will tend to be “late breaking.” Current
organizational “community”), stakeholders necessarily in the physical library. Library
examples include the Washington Office
and partnerships, measuring and communi- leaders must constantly evaluate their ser-
Update, LITA’s Top Tech Trends, the ACRL/
cating community impact. vice portfolio — assessing, adding, and drop-
SPARC Forum, the RDA Update (ALCTS), and
ping. Assessment cycles are accelerating.
the IFLA Update. Other potential programs
Programs in this content area address these
Transforming Libraries: and other issues related to services offered
might include research updates (from a
variety of groups, both internal and exter-
Customer/User Expectations by today’s libraries.
nal), challenge/case updates from FTRF
and OIF, etc.
How are customer/user expectations chang-
ing? Factors ranging from technology to Transforming Libraries:
demographic change to internationalization Space — Physical and Virtual Books & Authors
are creating new customer/user expecta-
tions. What do we know about those changing While the continuing need for “bricks and This content area includes a diverse
expectations? What are the implications — for mortar” has been debated, library spaces range of programs including literary award
libraries and for librarianship? have transformed, often into centers for com- events and programs from many divisions,
munity innovation, or into learning commons. round tables and other groups; publisher-
At the same time, library virtual spaces have sponsored programming (such as Book
Transforming Libraries: expanded dramatically  — and physical and Buzz); and a wide range of programs from
E-Books & Collections virtual library spaces are often connected.
Programs in this content area address devel-
many groups focusing on specific authors
or books, books for specific audiences, new
Massive changes in the publishing and dis- opments in both physical and virtual library trends in books and literature.
tribution of content have — and will continue space.
to have — significant impact on libraries of all
types. Programs in this content area address Career Development
Transforming Libraries:

e-books, database licensing, institutional Programs in this stream range from confer-
repositories, digital preservation and other
aspects of changing library collections.
Systems and Technology ence or association orientations to lead-
ership development, individual “how-to”
Technology is both a driver of change in programs (e.g., getting published, speaking,
libraries — and an area of continuing change
Transforming Libraries: within libraries. What’s changing — and what
facilitating meetings) and other programs
focused on personal development.
Library Leadership are the implications of those changes on
library structure and budgets, on the library
Expectations workforce and on library services? Core Values
What are the changing expectations of library Programs in this stream focus on core
leadership in such areas as fundraising? Transforming Libraries: values such as intellectual freedom, diver-
What new legal issues are arising? How sity, equitable access and social responsi-
are library organizational structures chang- Teaching and Learning bility. These core values affect — and may be
ing? How are libraries addressing changing affected by — transformation in libraries, in
Social media and the changes in the pub-
economics? publishing and in the communities served
lication, and distribution of, and access
to information are radically changing how by libraries of all types.

Transforming Libraries: we approach teaching and learning  — 

potentially profound impacts on libraries
Library Workforce and the communities they serve. Demands
See also “Libraries Transform” on
on the 21st-century citizen and worker have
Programs in this content area address such changed student learning standards  — 
with page 22.
topics as the impact of generational change impact on teaching, librarianship and
in libraries, staff training and development, assessment.
potential changes in required skills, changing
expectations for the MLS, the impact of the
economy on mobility and recruitment, and
succession planning.

90 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Global Topics for Today’s
Global Citizens

Visit Booth #1611 to learn why the World Bank eLibrary

is a trusted source for academic institutions, NGOs
and government agencies around the world.
For free trials or pricing, contact

o ri te A u th o rs fr o m M a cm il la n
Meet Your Fav
u b li sh in g G ro u p in B o o th # 2 7 1 1
Children’s P
Friday, June 23

Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos Tony Abbott Tracy Nelson Maurer
6:00–6:30 p.m. 6:00–6:30 p.m. 6:30–7:00 p.m.

Saturday, June 24

Jason Chin Katherine Applegate Dan Santat

9:30–10:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Matthew Cordell Kathryn Otoshi

1:30–2:30 p.m. 3:00–3:30 p.m.
Jennifer Bertman Steve Sheinkin
1:30–2:30 p.m. 2:30–3:30 p.m.
Sunday, June 25

Jerry Pinkney Vera Brosgol Julie Halpern Deborah Heiligman

10:00–11:00 a.m. 10:00–11:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Anna–Marie McLemore Mitali Perkins Laurie Keller Maurene Goo

2:00–3:00 p.m. 2:00–3:00 p.m. 3:30–4:00 p.m. 3:30–4:00 p.m.

Monday, June 26

Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

11:00 a.m–12:00 p.m. •
FRIDAY, JUNE 23 • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Outreach Outside the Box
MCP - W181c
OGR—Get-Your-Hands-Dirty Library Activism.
Transforming: Services
Now More Than Ever! A Panel of Outreach specialists from several libraries will share
ALA with you how they conquer outreach outside their four walls. Learn
MCP - W181a some tricks and come away with some new ideas. The Alzheimer’s
Join librarians who’ve been on the front lines of federal, state and local Association projects that by 2025, there will be an estimated 7.1 mil-
fights for libraries for a rollicking review of what works in getting our lion people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease. Learn about
messages across to policy makers—everything from call-in campaigns the efforts being made by several libraries to present programming,
to street theater—that you can use to make your own change in the collection development, and outreach services to this growing popula-
world. The emphasis will be on easy and effective. Don’t miss this fun tion. Resources for library staff serving patrons with dementia will also
practicum . . . and get ready to get your hands dirty! be discussed.
Speakers: Tina Williams; Sarah Atwood-Yale; Ben Bahl; David Kelsey;
Teresa Scallon
FRIDAY, JUNE 23 • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Financial Literacy in Public Libraries: A Report Program Speed Dating: Programming

from ORE and FINRA Librarian Interest Group
ALA HRM - Grant Park/CC 12AB
MCP - W194a
You've tried speed dating, now it's time to speed date for programs to
In June of 2015, The American Library Association (ALA) Office for
bring to your Library. Join the Programming Librarian Interest Group
Research and Evaluation (ORE) and the Financial Industry Regulatory
for this rapid-fire share of inspirational programs. You've got five min-
Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation began collaborating
utes to learn all you can about a program and decide whether or not it
on a research project aimed at understanding and advancing U.S.
would work for your community. Each attendee will leave with a how-to,
public libraries’ capacity to support patron financial capabilities. In
ready to implement at their library.
this session, project supervisor Robert Ganem (FINRA), research coor-
dinator Rachel Wedeward (ALA ORE), and survey administrator and Moderators: Mallory Arents, Head of Adult Programming, Darien

analyst Kelsey Henke (ALA ORE) will discuss the results of the project’s (Conn.) Library; Janie Hermann, Public Programming Librarian,
national survey and debut the personal finance resource guide. Princeton (N.J.) Public Library

SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM Washington Office Update Session—Be A

Catalyst: Your Portfolio of Resouces to Create
Students Lead the Library: A Showcase of Catalytic Change in Communities
Student Contributions to the Academic Library ALA
ACRL MCP - W176a
MCP - W187b Updates/Briefings
Transforming: Services IMLS has launched a new initiative aimed at assisting libraries and
This panel will showcase four case studies of library initiatives built museums in developing a deeper understanding of their role as
around the theme of student input, assistance, and leadership in enablers of community vitality and co-creators of positive community
the academic library: an archives outreach initiative, a student-first change. Join IMLS Director Dr. Kathryn K. Matthew in this highly inter-
employment model, a student run social media presence, and a stu- active session that will delve into what it means to be catalytic and to
dent leadership development program. Attendees will learn about pan- explore how institutions can best leverage federal investments and
elists’ experiences implementing, managing, and assessing initiatives their own assets through collaboration. Two foundation leaders will
which rely on student contributions to achieve campus goals, improve also share their learnings about and approaches to achieving com-
the library, and enhance student success. munity impact.
Moderator: Sara Arnold-Garza, Research & Instruction Librarian,
Towson University ODLOS Toolkit Showcase: New Tools You Can
Speakers: Jamie P. Kohler, MLIS, Collection Management Librarian,
Assistant Professor, Westminster College; Sarah Sagmoen, Director
of Learning Commons and User Services, University of Illinois ALA, AFL-AILA
Springfield; Ashley Todd-Diaz, Head of Special Collections and MCP - W181a
University Archives, Towson University; Carissa Tomlinson, Assistant Transforming: Services
University Librarian for Access & Outreach Services, Towson
The ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services is thrilled to
release the latest editions of Keys to Engaging Older Adults, The Small
but Powerful Guide to Building Big Support for Your Rural Library, and
the TRAILS tribal library toolkit. These popular tools are developed by
experts from the field, and are free of charge to the library profession!

94 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
LRRT Research Forum No Screen Time Under 2? Understanding the
ALA, LRRT AAP’s New Recommendations about Screen
MCP - W187a
Core Values
Time and Young Children
Libraries and librarians require new and creative approaches to defin-
MCP - W178a
ing questions and finding answers. The speakers on this panel will
provide examples of innovative research methodologies that can Transforming: E-Books & Collections
be used by today’s librarians to meet the challenges that face their Did you hear that the American Academy of Pediatrics revised their
organizations. Panelists will also share their experiences and discuss standards, lifting the ban on screen time for children under two? Are
strategies for successfully obtaining research funds and navigating you wondering what this means for the families we serve? This ses-
the publication process. sion will explain the new recommendations and their implications,
including practical ways to communicate this information to patrons.
Participants will leave with strategies for sharing information and mod-
Creating the Future of Digital Scholarship eling best practices through programs, services, and collections.
Together: Collaboration from Within Your Speakers: Brooke Newberry, Early Literacy Librarian, La Crosse Public
Library; Mary Schreiber, Youth Collection Development Specialist,
Library Cuyahoga County Public Library; Stephanie Prato, Head of Children’s
ALCTS Services, Simsbury Public Library
MCP - W185a
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Libraries Taking on Autism: A Movement for
This program will feature a panel of librarians involved in the provi-
sion of digital scholarship services. Their presentations will highlight Collaborative Solutions
a range of opportunities for technical services’ contribution to this ASCLA
emerging field of librarianship. The speakers will provide case stud- MCP - W175a
ies that will stimulate ideas between digital scholarship librarians and
individuals in areas such as collection assessment and metadata
Transforming: Teaching & Learning
services around ways to collaborate in support of new forms of faculty Targeting Autism brought Illinois librarians, people with autism and

and student scholarship. autism experts to the Illinois State Library to learn, share ideas and
plan for new projects. Libraries and Autism: We’re Connected provides
Co-sponsored by LITA, ACRL Digital Humanities Interest Group, and
training and a national clearinghouse. The Autism Welcome Here grant
funds library programs or services aimed at people with autism. Learn
Speakers: Laurie Allen, Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship, how to tap into the foundational work of these groundbreaking initia-
University of Pennsylvania Libraries; Matt Carruthers, Metadata tives to better serve the people with autism in your community.
Projects Librarian, University of Michigan; Amy J. Hunsaker, Digital
Speakers: Christina Dolcetti, Children’s Librarian, Moose Jaw Public
Initiatives Librarian, University of Nevada, Reno; Dana M. Miller,
Library; Suzanne Schriar, Associate Director, Library Automation and
Head of Metadata and Cataloging Dept., University of Nevada, Reno
Technology, Illinois State Library; Dan Weiss, Director, New Jersey
Public Library

Personalizing Assessment: Making You Can’t Stay Neutral on a Moving Train:

Collections Data Work for You Making Critical Librarianship Tangible
MCP - W185d Through Library Programs and Exhibits
Transforming: E-Books & Collections EMIERT
MCP - W187c
This session brings together librarians, ebook vendors, and collection
development service providers in a wide-ranging discussion on the Core Values
changing landscape of monograph acquisitions. Shannon and Clarke Many librarians struggle with the practical application of critical librari-
will discuss their assessment process of combining, analyzing, and anship in their everyday work. Through library public programming and
visualizing print and ebook usage data with Tableau and R to make exhibits, libraries have the opportunity to highlight the voices and con-
better-informed ordering decisions. Kari and Kim will provide an over- cerns of those from traditionally marginalized groups. This panel will
view of trends in the market, including library purchasing patterns and cover concrete example of how to integrate social justice into library
acquisition models to meet libraries’ needs. programs and exhibits. These examples provide the audience with a
Co-sponsored by the ALCTS Acquisitions Managers and Vendors diverse range of settings and topics so the audience can implement
Interest Group (AMVIG) and the ALCTS Collection Development some of these ideas in their own libraries.
Librarians of Academic Libraries Interest Group Speaker: Annie Pho
Speakers: Shannon Burke, Discovery Services Librarian, Alfred
R. Neumann Library, University of Houston—Clear Lake; Clarke
Iakovakis, Research and Instruction Librarian, Alfred R. Neumann
Library, University of Houston—Clear Lake; Kim S. Anderson, Senior
Collection Development Manager, GOBI Library Solutions from
EBSCO; Kari Paulson, VP Market Development, ProQuest Books The term "Jazz" was coined
in Chicago in 1914.

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 95
Intellectual Freedom and Open Access: The Intentional Library: Creating a Better User
Working Toward a Common Goal? Experience with Service Design and Design
IFRT Thinking
MCP - W184a
Core Values MCP - W180
What is the relationship between intellectual freedom and open Transforming: Services
access? How and where do they intersect? Intellectual freedom
As the field of UX expands and libraries adopt a more user-based
is a principle and a right, one as old as libraries. Open access is a
way of designing services and solving problems, the techniques, and
response to the increasing pressure of publishing costs on individuals
subsequently, the jargon associated with the field have expanded.
and institutions.
Speakers from both libraries and the design industry will explore the
Panelists and domain experts in these areas will explore the rich and intersection between design thinking, user experience, and service
complex intersection between intellectual freedom and open access design with the intention of clarifying each approach, and providing
(OA) in libraries, why OA publishing is important for the library com- the audience with practical applications for developing user-centered
munity, and how we can use the intellectual freedom banner as a tool services to implement at their own institutions.
to move the library field closer to more accessible information.
Speakers: Joe Marquez, Web Services Librarian, Reed Library; Annie
Speakers: Marguerite Avery; April Hathcock; James LaRue, Director, Downey, Director of Research Services, Reed Library; Julka Almquist,
Office for Intellectual Freedom & Freedom to Read Foundation, Researcher & Designer; Juliana Culbert, User Experience Designer,
American Library Association Columbia College Chicago

Making Employee Training Stick: A Hands-On The Diagnostics of Wattpad: Leveraging

Program for Supervisors (Human Resources FanFiction to Develop Teen Library Collections
Community of Practice) YALSA
MCP - W175c Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
Transforming: Library Workforce Wattpad holds over 75 million stories for you to read online or off.
As a supervisor, one of your key responsibilities is to develop your staff, Learn how teens read and share their own stories with fans across the
including sending them to trainings. What can you do to help your staff world and leverage Wattpad’s popularity to develop the young adult
get the most out of their training experience? How can you help them collection in your library! Participants will walk away with an enhanced

use more of what they learn back on the job?  This interactive program knowledge of user driven content in library collection management,
will provide you with practical tools and strategies to help your staff innovative ways to promote e-readership, and program ideas for the
get more out of the trainings they attend. All/any library supervisors budding young writers in their communities.
are welcome. Speaker: Samantha Helmick, Public Services Manager, Burlington
Speakers: Terry McQuown; Andrew Sanderbeck (Iowa) Public Library

SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

The (In)Flexible Box: Transforming Older
Library Spaces
LLAMA Buildings and Equipment Community of Practice
Career Development Workshop: Getting
MCP - W179a UnStuck: Moving Ahead in Your Career When It
Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space Feels Like You Are Moving Behind
Have a concrete box of a library from the 1950’s that’s in a perfect ALA
spot, too tired to serve but too expensive to replace? Need for a new MCP - Placement Center Hall F2
library location without enough funds to consider anything other than
Were you looking for security and stability in your library career, but
moving into that abandoned call center? This session is for you. Learn
now you are experiencing stagnation? Have you had periods of suc-
from an expert panel of librarians, architects, and engineers how to
cess and achievement as a library innovator, but currently are being
transform old square spaces into flexible and sustainable people-
passed over for raises, promotions, and the cool projects? Join us to
centric showcases. Tips will range from the basic surface changes to
learn how to anticipate and move past career plateaus. Topics include
a total makeover. Whether you simply want to wrap a gift bow on your
self-limiting belief systems, using out-of-date data, and the importance
box or fill it with treasure, this session will provide useful information
of keeping your network of work-related contacts and your skills fresh.
from rehabbing to renovation.
Speaker: Pat Wagner, Management consultant, Pattern Research, Inc.
Speakers: Michael Blackwell, Director, St Mary's County Library;
Wendy Tressler Jasper; David Zenk; Leanne Larson; Robert
Aschenbrenner SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Cataloging and Inventorying Government

Publications for Preservation
MCP - W176a
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
The Federal Documents Task Force will present a panel discus-
sion. “Cataloging and inventorying government publications for

96 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
preservation.” What is the best way to house digital master files? What
guidance is available for preservation and digitization of print docu-
Visibility & Engagement: Design, Develop, or
ments? How can we save born-digital materials? Learn how libraries Refresh your Online Instruction
around the country are working to preserve government information in ACRL DLS
all formats as part of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) MCP - W179a
and the Federal Information Preservation Network (FIPNet).
Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Getting enthusiastic faculty buy-in, creating engaging online learning
SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM spaces, and identifying meaningful assessment strategies are all key
components to building an effective online instructional presence.
ACRL & PLA Joint Presidents’ Program Whether supporting online or web-enhanced courses, today’s aca-
demic librarians need a visible presence to engage students and fac-
ACRL, PLA ulty alike. In this session, four practitioners will share their successes
HYATT - Grand AB and failures, and what they have done to create high-impact online
Join ACRL President Irene Herold and PLA President Felton Thomas, instruction programs.
Jr. for a unique, joint Presidents' Program featuring leadership expert Speakers: Kelly Diamond, Research Librarian for the Humanities/
Bernard (Bernie) Banks, Associate Dean for Leadership Development Online Instruction Designer, West Virginia University; Claudia
and Clinical Professor of Management at Northwestern University’s McGivney, Head of Academic Engagement, Stony Brook University;
Kellogg School of Management. This program will offer key leadership Susan Wengler, Assistant Professor, Queensborough Community
development for all levels of academic, research, and public librarians College, The City University of New York; Kristin M. Woodward,
who are faced with complex problems. Banks will discuss how organi- Online Programs and Instructional Design Coordinator, University of
zational challenges can be understood from a variety of organizational Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries; Molly Mansfield, Online Learning and
frames, thus giving attendees a more complex approach to developing Instruction Librarian, Dominican University
effective, robust solutions. This event is a can’t-miss for those inter-
ested in increasing their leadership responsibilities, as well as those
looking to expand their ability to understand and assess multi-faceted COL—Make Some Noise! A How-To Guide To
challenges. This event is open to all conference attendees.
Effective Federal Advocacy In Challenging
Speaker: Bernard (Bernie) Banks, Associate Dean for Leadership
Development and Clinical Professor of Management, Northwestern Times
University’s Kellogg School of Management ACRL WESS
MCP - W178b

The Human Library: Contributing to Campus Have you crumpled a newspaper, lunged for a mute button, or

slammed a laptop closed in frustration at what’s going on in DC these
Diversity days? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, don’t miss this
ACRL crash course and up-to-the-minute briefing by library leaders and DC
MCP - W187b insiders on how to productively channel that steam coming out of your
ears into an engine of effective library advocacy in Washington. If not
Core Values now, when?
Since 2009, the Augustana campus library has offered 17 augustana
human library events. At a human library, issues of discrimination
and prejudice are explored by students, employees, and community The New Normal: Securing Library
members. These events address topics related to sexual, gender,
racial, cultural, and religious diversity. By listening to and conversing
Construction Funding in an Era of Uncertainty
with individuals who have experienced oppression first-hand, human ACRL, LLAMA Buildings and Equipment Community of
library participants gain empathy and understanding. The presenters Practice
will provide participants with event-planning tips. MCP - W185a
Speakers: Nancy Goebel, Head Librarian, University of Alberta, Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
Augustana Campus; Yvonne Becker, Associate Professor in Physical When it comes to funding academic or public library construction,
Education and Women’s Studies, University of Alberta, Augustana we live in an era of uncertainty.  Justification for library projects faces
Campus higher scrutiny; construction costs are daunting; competing needs can
overshadow a library project; and the question “do we need a physi-
cal library?” forces us to dig deep to sell library investment. Guiding
Re-Framing Information Literacy for Social Principles, Stakeholder Continuity, and Advocacy will help you survive
Justice forces which can threaten any library project over its lengthy matura-
tion time.
MCP - W187c Moderator: Malcom Holzman
Transforming: Teaching & Learning Speakers: Joel Hartman; Mark Rozewski; Margery Cyr
The new ACRL Framework for information literacy provides scope for
addressing social justice, but stops short of explicitly addressing the
topic. This presentation examines how instruction librarians can pro-
mote social justice using the Framework as a lens. It will identify ways
for addressing social justice within each frame, offer practical ideas
While the Chicago Public
developing a social justice IL pedagogy, and make a case for expand- Library system serves almost
ing the framework to include a new frame focused on social justice. 2.8 million people, nearly
Speaker: Laura Saunders, Assistant Professor, Simmons College 80% of the public libraries in
the United States serve popu-
lations under 25,000 people.

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 97
Career Development Workshop: Renew, Re- Services for the Incarcerated: From the Local
Energize, Refresh Your Career Jail to the Big City Prison
MCP - Placement Center Hall F2 MCP - W181c
Here are the top three reasons many people say they're in their current Transforming: Services
jobs - "I needed more hours, so I took it." "It wasn't what I wanted, but it When was the last time you went to jail? If you have never been, per-
was a foot in the door." "I needed more money." Sound familiar? Well, haps it is time you reach out to this underserved population. If you
as they say, this isn't a dress rehearsal, so it's time you made the right already have a vibrant service plan, come and share and hear what
career decisions - for the right reasons. Imagine being happy to go to others are doing. Attendees will learn about a variety of services and
work in the morning, seeing a bright future ahead of you and taking programming for inmates and their families ranging is size from a
pride in the contribution you're making. It can happen! Maybe you just small county jail to big city prisons in NYC.
need to... Renew Yourself!
Speakers: Ann Plazek; Nick Higgins; Kim McNeil-Capers
Speaker: Catherine Hakala-Ausperk, Owner/Consultant, Libraries
Thrive Consulting
APALA President’s Program Rising Up: South
Graphic Memoirs: How Non-Fiction Graphic Asian, Muslim, Arab and Sikh Communities
Novels Bring Real Lives To Life Reshape America
MCP - W175b MCP - W184bc
The graphic novel is a powerful vehicle for biography and memoir, as Core Values
they can often get to the heart of the subject faster and more dynami- Over the past 15 years, we have witnessed a rise in xenophobia, racial
cally than prose. With images as the heart of the narrative, readers anxiety and Islamophobia in the United States. On the frontlines of this
are allowed a far more intimate look into the subject’s life. Comics backlash are Muslim, Arab, Sikh and South Asian communities. Join
creators will explain how they approached their subjects, how they us for a book talk with Deepa Iyer, author of the award-winning We Too
decided what to leave out and what to include, and the extent to which Sing America: South Asian, Muslim, Arab and Sikh Communities Shape
they inserted themselves into the narrative. As graphic narratives find Our Multiracial Future, to discuss the implications of the domestic War
a more prominent place in classrooms, graphic memoirs offer another on Terror and the power of storytelling as a means of resistance and
access to the fascinating world of biography. solidarity. Book signing to follow.

Measures that Matter: Building Bridges Empowered Learning in Physical Spaces: One
Between Data Collection Activities in Public Library’s Strategic Renovations
Libraries ALA, Center for the Future of Libraries
ALA MCP - W184d
MCP - S106a Core Values
Updates/Briefings Steelcase Active Learning Center Grant recipient, Claremont Colleges
Measures that Matter (MtM) is a cooperative project between the Library (CCL) has embarked on project-based renovations that stra-
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Chief Officers tegically demonstrate the powerful impact spaces have on learning.
of State Library Agencies (COSLA) to create a public library data and Implementing a user-centered, universal design approach to align with
outcomes plan. While the power of data is recognized, the field is strategic initiatives, CCL is integrating spaces which enable collabora-
challenged by the proliferation of surveys, respondent burden, lack tive, experimental and project-based learning. Exploring a variety of
of coordination, and questions around what data effectively supports space designs—a Collaborative Commons, Digital Tool Shed, and a lab-
impactful stories. MtM is a first step toward building bridges between oratory for hands-on exploration and analysis of Special Collections—
data efforts and ensuring that data collected reflects the 21st-century we'll consider how the deliberate and thoughtful implementation of
library. MtM was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and space design has a direct impact on the variety of learning opportuni-
Library Services (RE-00-16-0181-16). ties enabled by those designs.

So, You’re a New Instruction Librarian ... Intellectual Freedom 101

MCP - W196b MCP - W180

Books & Authors Updates/Briefings

Educator, project manager, instructional designer, and teaching At this one-hour fast-paced session, you’ll learn about the intellectual
partner? As a new instruction librarian you might be called on to play freedom activities of ALA and affiliated organizations (such as the
all these roles. But don’t panic! In this program, information literacy Intellectual Freedom Round Table and the Freedom to Read Foundation)
expert Miller will walk you through the essentials of succeeding as a and get all the details on upcoming programs and events. Intellectual
new instruction librarian while offering tips for staying on top of things. freedom leaders will share how you can get involved in a community
dedicated to protecting the First Amendment and patrons’ rights.
Speaker: Rebecca K. Miller, Information Literacy Coordinator &
College Librarian for Science, Virginia Tech

98 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Enhancing Discovery of Unique Collections: Approach, moderates a panel of author/illustrators, including David
Hyde Costello (Little Pig Saves the Ship), Don Tate (Strong as Sandow),
Get Ahead of the Game and Duncan Tonatiuh (Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist). We discuss
ALCTS the process of marrying words and pictures to create a cohesive
MCP - W185d story, shape visual literacy, and to give insight into how art informs
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Learn about best practices for providing access to unique collections
which otherwise may be invisible to your library users. We will discuss Collaborating to Promote Cultural Identity in
our use of standards, discovery layers, facets, controlled vocabularies,
and genre terms to meet users’ needs when cataloging a large collec-
Public Libraries through the Portal to Texas
tion of tabletop games. By the end of this session, you will be able to History
easily translate these methods to your own unique collections.
Co-sponsored by ALA Games and Gaming Round Table (GameRT) MCP - W181b
Speakers: Catherine Sassen, Principal Catalog Librarian, University Transforming: Community Relationships
of North Texas; Diane Robson, Media Librarian, University of North
Communities across Texas are at risk of losing their unique identi-
Texas; Kevin Yanowski, Catalog Management Librarian, University of
ties due to a variety of factors, including urban sprawl, out-migration,
North Texas
deaths of those people with community memory. To address this, UNT
Libraries collaborates with partners through extensive outreach to
A Radical Interpretation of the New 2015 digitize and preserve their materials on The Portal to Texas History,
a digital library designed for preserving and building access to digital
ALSC Competencies surrogates of physical materials. The Portal consists of over 36 types
ALSC of materials available, including photographs, ledgers, court records,
MCP - W176b maps, yearbooks, news videos and scripts, and newspapers.

Transforming: E-Books & Collections Speakers: Jacob Mangum, Project Development Librarian, Portal
to Texas History, University of North Texas Libraries; Ana Krahmer,
In early 2016, ALSC members identified “diversity in children’s lit- Manager, Digital Newspaper Program, UNT Libraries’ Digital
erature” as the #1 topic they most wanted to learn about at 2017 Newspaper Unit
ALA annual. To this end, this session provides participants with a
framework and recommended guidelines to interpret and apply the
new ALSC Competencies in regards to collection development and Executive Perspectives: a Strategic View of the
library programming. Panelists offer tangible, radical, and subversive
Library Technology Industry

suggestions that children’s librarians can use to meet the information
and literacy needs of diverse children and their caregivers while also LITA
promoting social justice, inclusivity, and access. MCP - W185bc
Speakers: Jamie Campbell Naidoo, Associate and Foster-EBSCO Transforming: Systems & Technology
Endowed Professor, University of Alabama; Edith Campbell, Assistant
Marshall Breeding, author of the annual Library Systems Report pub-
Education Librarian, Cunningham Memorial Library, Indiana State
lished in American Libraries, will assemble and moderate a panel of
University; Irania Patterson, Bilingual Specialist Outreach, Charlotte
CEO or other senior executives representing organizations that pro-
Mecklenburg Library; Sarah Park Dahlen, Associate Professor, St.
duce software or services for libraries. This year’s panel will include
Catherine University
a director of an ARL library to provide reactions from the library
Creating a Library-Owned Marketplace Moderator: Marshall Breeding, Independent Consultant and Founder,
Library Technology Guides
MCP - W175c Speakers: Sarah Pritchard, Dean of Libraries and the Charles
Deering McCormick University Librarian, Northwestern University;
The e-book lending market is an ever-changing landscape. Libraries
Bill Davison, President and Chief Executive Officer, SirsiDynix; Kurt
nationwide are exploring options for acquiring and delivering digital
Sanford, Chief Executive Officer, ProQuest; George F. Coe, Chief
content that leverage the power of libraries, deliver good user experi-
Operating Officer for Follett Corporation, Baker and Taylor Follett
ences, and are consistent with library values. This session will provide
an update and discuss the best ways for libraries to advance access to
digital collections, focusing on the collaborative and innovative efforts
of two IMLS grant funded projects: SimplyE and the Library E-content
Access Project (LEAP).
Speakers: Luke Swarthout, Director of Adult Education Services,
New York Public Library; Paula MacKinnon, Interim Directorm, Califa;
Eric Hansen, eGO and researchIT CT Coordinator, Connecticut State

Words and Pictures: Picture Book Author/ Need a charge? Low on power?
Illustrators Discuss the Whole Book
A Doblet charger will get you going. Stop by the Doblet
ERT Desk near Registration and pick up a free portable
MCP - W183c
charger. Learn how these can also be a valuable service
Books & Authors for your library.
Megan Dowd Lambert, senior lecturer at Simmons College, author of
Reading Picture Books With Children, and creator of the Whole Book Plug in and get juiced!

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 99
Communities in Need, Let’s Work Together: development, collaboration with outside agencies for programming,
and bridging the digital and knowledge divide that exists for teen
Collective Impact as a Model of Collaboration patrons. Branding and publicity of library services for teens will be
PLA discussed as well.
MCP - W179b Speakers: Valerie Tagoe, Media Specialist; Desiree Alexander,
Transforming: Community Relationships Founder and Consultant of Educator Alexander Consulting, LLC
This panel discussion will cover the principles and components of
collective impact, a formal model of collaboration widely taken up in SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
the non-profit and public sectors and identified by ALA’s Center for
the Future of Libraries as a trend relevant to libraries and librarians.
Participants will learn how libraries are increasingly involved in col- Career Development Workshop: Manage Your
lective impact and will hear about the experiences of two libraries
(Free Library of Philadelphia and Providence Public Library) that are
Stress and Start Living a Healthier Life Today
spearheading initiatives as the backbone organization. Presentations ALA
will cover the unique attributes libraries bring to collective impact ini- MCP - Placement Center Hall F2
tiatives and practical tips for launching an initiative. Join us for this interactive session where we will discuss signs of stress
Speakers: Annette Mattei, Project Coordinator, Paschalville and how it impacts your body and mental health. Walk away with
Partnership; Karisa Tashjian, Director of Education, Providence stress reduction techniques that you will be able to use immediately.
Public Library Leave feeling refreshed and prepared to meet challenges in healthier,
more productive ways.
Speaker: Eric Dutt
Board Development for Library Trustees,
Friends Groups, and Foundations SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
MCP - W181a
Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations—Staff and
To Teach or Not To Teach Discovery Tools:
Boards Balancing Practical Instruction with the ACRL
Board development is a key factor of success for library Trustees, Information Literacy Framework
Friends Groups, and Foundations. This program will feature a panel
of speakers who will discuss evaluating the current composition of
MCP - W179a

your board, identifying qualifications for future board members, board

self-evaluation, board orientation, job descriptions, and succession Transforming: Teaching & Learning
planning. As academic libraries began using discovery tools, a debate arose
regarding when, where, and how to teach students to use discovery
tools and incorporate the ACRL Information Literacy Framework.
Video as Research Data: Challenges & Depending on the type of institution (2-year vs. 4-year+), mode of
Solutions in Video Data Preservation instruction (online vs. in-person), and learning outcomes (practical
skills vs. theoretical modeling), librarians face challenges when teach-
VRT ing a discovery tool. This panel discussion will explore these chal-
MCP - W175a lenges and discuss potential best practices. This is a joint program
Transforming: Systems & Technology presented by CJCLS, DLS, and IS.
Videos are often taken as a part of scholarly research projects, yet Moderator: David Oberhelman, W.P. Wood Professor of Library
this presents challenges for librarians who advise researchers on Service, Oklahoma State University Library
federally-mandated data sharing and storage. How can we best pre- Speakers: Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Education and Behavioral Sciences
serve or share this type of research output, and reduce the costs of Librarian and Assistant Director Pennsylvania Center for the Book,
long-term storage? What are the limits of current data description for- Pennsylvania State University Libraries; Joe Brewer, Educational
mats for video? What should researchers know about confidentiality Support Faculty Librarian, Pima Community College; Sarah Clark,
and informed consent for ethnographic or life history videos? And how Associate Library Director, Rogers State University Libraries; Nancy
can we share access copies when repositories do not provide play- Fawley, Director, Information & Instruction Services, University of
back functionality? Participants will learn of workflows they can assess Vermont Libraries
against needs at their home institution.
Speakers: Scott Spicer, Media Outreach and Learning Spaces
Librarian, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities); Jamie Wittenberg, Protest & Preservation
Research Data Management Librarian; Head, Scholarly ACRL ANSS, ACRL PPIRS
Communication, Indiana University Libraries, Indiana University MCP - W176a
Libraries; Celia Emmelhainz, Anthropology and Qualitative Research
Librarian, University of California, Berkeley Transforming: Community Relationships
The panelists will explore the preservation of knowledge generated
through social activism, including textual and non-textual knowledge,
Dynamic Ways to Serve Teens of Color providing examples and explaining theoretical issues related to each.
YALSA A variety of perspectives will be represented on the panel, including
MCP - W184a that of a political philosopher who has written about the preservation
of non-textual knowledge, a librarian who has worked on a social activ-
Transforming: Services ism collection, and a filmmaker who has documented the social activ-
Four librarians with experience serving teens in school and public ism of LGBT communities. This ANSS/PPIRS program is co-sponsored
libraries located in urban and suburban areas will present strategies in-name only by the GLBT Round Table.
and methods for meeting the needs of students of color and immi- Moderators: Heidi Johnson, Social Sciences Librarian, University of
grant students. The librarians will discuss everything from collection

100 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Nevada, Las Vegas; Tony Stamatoplos, Scholarly Support Services Anne Holland, Public Engagement Manager, National Center for
Librarian, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, University of South Interactive Learning, Space Science Institute; Paul Dusenbery,
Florida St. Petersburg; Brian Coutts, Professor, Head of Department Director, Education & Outreach, National Center for Interactive
of Library Public Services, Western Kentucky University Learning, Space Science Institute
Speakers: Sonia Yaco, Assistant Professor and Director of Social
Justice Projects and Research, University of Illinois at Chicago; Robert
Camina, Filmmaker/Writer/Public Speaker, Camina Entertainment;
OITP—Start your Library's Coding Club with
Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Associate Professor/Political Philosophy, Google's CS First and Other Free Resources
Department of Political Science, University of Illinois, Springfield
MCP  -  W196c
Bill McKibben: Imagining a World That Interested in offering a computer science program at your library?
Join a team from Google to learn about free resources to support
Works—In Time to Prevent a World That librarians in facilitating activities for youth, including how to set up
Doesn’t and run free CS First clubs, designed to help youth learn coding in
fun and engaging ways through interest-based modules like story-
SRRT, SustainRT, AFL-AILA, AFL-APALA telling, design, animation, and more.
MCP - S102
Cited by the Boston Globe as “probably America’s most important
environmentalist,” acclaimed environmentalist, activist, and author The American Dream Initiative: Serving
Bill McKibben will present “Imagining a World That Works – In Time to
Prevent a World That Doesn’t”. Bill McKibben has written over a dozen
English Language Learners
books including his 1989 book, The End of Nature, which is regarded ALA
as the first book for a general audience about climate change and MCP - W181b
has appeared in 24 languages. He is the founder of, the first Transforming: Services
planet-wide, grassroots climate change movement, which has orga-
nized twenty thousand rallies around the world in every country save The American Dream Literacy Initiative is an adult literacy program
North Korea, spearheaded the resistance to the Keystone Pipeline, based in public libraries throughout the U.S. To date, more than 185
and launched the fast-growing fossil fuel divestment movement. libraries in Dollar General communities have initiated or expanded
literacy services for adult English language learners. The grants allow
libraries to augment their print and digital ESL collections; increase
All About the NEA Big Read computer access and training; provide job training; hold ELL, GED, and
citizenship classes; and raise the visibility of services for immigrant
ALA populations. American Dream libraries build replicable programs,

HRM - Jackson Park/CC 10C develop coalition-building strategies, and provide annotated lists of
Books & Authors vetted resources for libraries across the country.
An initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with
Arts Midwest, the NEA Big Read broadens our understanding of our
world, our communities, and ourselves through the joy of sharing a
Spotlight on: Library Artist Residencies
good book. Showcasing a diverse range of contemporary titles that ALA
reflect many different voices and perspectives, the NEA Big Read aims PALM - Chicago Room
to inspire conversation and discovery. The NEA Big Read is an initiative Transforming: Teaching & Learning
that supports approximately 75 community reading programs every
year, each designed around a single book in the NEA Big Read library, The Library as Incubator Project's co-founders will moderate a panel
with themes such as racism, immigration, multiculturalism, work, art, discussion featuring representatives from three successful creative
family relationships, and surviving an apocalypse. Grants range from Residency programs around the country: the Artist in Residence pro-
$5,000–$20,000. Grantees are provided with resources, outreach gram at The Bubbler at Madison Public Library, the Children's Writer
materials, and training on various aspects such as working with local in Residence program through the Associates of Boston Public Library,
partners, developing public relations strategies, and leading book and the Temple University Libraries Artist in Residence Program. This
discussions and Q&As. Eligible applicants include libraries and if the session will highlighting the programs and partnerships that result
applicant is not a library, a library partner is required. from the library residency pairing, as well some of the exciting projects
produced by artists and makers in the library space. The LAIP will also
Speakers: Eleanor Billington, NEA Program Manager, National share progress on a new resource for identifying Library Residency
Endowment for the Arts; Amy Stolls, Literature Director, National programs that librarians and artists can use.
Endowment for the Arts; Joshua Feist, Arts Midwest NEA Big Read
Program Director, National Endowment for the Arts Moderator: Erinn Batykefer, Co-Founder & Editor, Library as Incubator
Speakers: Trent Test, Curator and Head, The Bubbler, Madison
Daytime Astronomy at Your Library (Wisc.) Public Library; Nicole Restaino, Manager of Public
ALA Programming and Communications, Temple University Libraries; Alan
HRM - Grant Park/CC 12AB Andres, Secretary, Associates of the Boston Public Library

Celebrate science with fun, hands-on and multimedia NASA activities

that you can use immediately in your library! Get ready for the celes-
tial event of the century, the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse. During
this national event, the shadow of the moon will sweep across the The atom was first split
United States in a spectacle that hasn’t occurred in decades. Receive under the football stands of
tips for hosting a safe eclipse-watching event and learn how to use Stagg Field at the University
astronomy tools for engaging your community in science and explora- of Chicago which lead to
tion all year long. the creation of the A bomb
and nuclear power.
Speakers: Keliann LaConte, Professional Development Manager,
National Center for Interactive Learning, Space Science Institute;

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 101
What Do You Need to Know? Learning and of school time learning for children during the school year. Take part in
a small group exercise to learn how to build sustainable partnerships
Knowing and Libraries in the Age of the based on summer learning success.
Internet Speakers: Elizabeth Hansan McChesney, Director, Children's Services
& Family Engagement, Chicago Public Library System; Bryan Wunar,
ALA, Center for the Future of Libraries Director of Community Initiatives, Museum of Science and Industry;
MCP - W180 Amy Twito, Manager of Informal Learning Networks, Seattle Public
Core Values Library
What does it mean to be literate at a time when you can search billions
of texts in less than half a second? The skills of a literate person have
changed substantially as texts and technology allow for new kinds Healthy Aging @ Your Library: Connecting
of reading and understanding. In an age of Google, knowing how to Older Adults to Health Information
frame a question, pose a query, interpret the texts you find, organize
and use the information discovered, and understand your metacogni- ASCLA
tion are all critical parts of literacy. What surprising and unexpected MCP - W175b
skills will search and literacy require in the future? Transforming: Services
Speaker: Daniel Russell, Uber Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Sponsored by the ASCLA President, this session is designed to help
Happiness, Google library staff assist older adults in finding health information. Discover
techniques for teaching older adults to use computers and to find
health information on the Internet. Attendees will learn what makes a
Mentorship Program Forum: Library Research website senior-friendly, ideas for planning library programs on senior
Round Table Initiative health topics, and where to locate health materials fordistribution to
older adults within the community.
ALA, LRRT Speaker: Christian Minter, Outreach/Education Coordinator, National
MCP - W187c Network of Libraries of Medicine; Lydia Collins, Consumer Health
Core Values Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine
This will be a kickoff for the 2017–2018 round of the program, where
mentors and mentees who have applied to participate will be able to
meet/mingle with each other and establish mentor/mentee relation- New Strategies for Strategic Planning
ships. It will also be a chance to follow-up on the mentor-protégée ASCLA
relationships established during the LRRT Mentorship Program ALA MCP - W175c
Annual in 2015 and 2016. Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations—Staff and

How to Be an Influential Librarian: Leading The challenges facing today’s libraries are real, complex, and varied.
As such, they require thoughtful planning andstrategic implementa-
and Mentoring from Wherever you Are tion. In 2015, Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) partnered with
ALCTS Library Strategies, theconsulting group within The Friends of the Saint
MCP - W184bc Paul Public Library. They developed a two-day workshop to teach
Career Development theirRapid Results Planning (RRP) program to 14 Georgia librarians
who then conducted RRP strategic planning atnumerous pilot library
Librarians in any stage of their career can learn to be influential lead- systems across the state.
ers in not only their own organization, but the library world as a whole.
Attendees will learn how to build and leverage strong mentor/mentee Speaker: Wendy Cornelisen, Assistant State Librarian, Georgia
relationships, both formal and informal, allowing them to connect and Public Library
influence from either role. By focusing on interpersonal and commu-
nication skills, attendees will be able to effectively support their col-
leagues and organization by leading from wherever they are.
Sound Learning and Diversity: Audiobooks As
Co-sponsored by the New Members Round Table and the LLAMA Advocates for Cultural Authenticity
Mentoring Committee ASCLA
Speakers: Maureen Sullivan, Organization Development Consultant MCP - W175a
at Maureen Sullivan Associates and ALA Past President, Maureen Transforming: Services
Sullivan Associates; Rachel Fleming, Collections Initiatives Librarian,
Join experts in the field for an exploration of audiobooks and diversity.
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Madison Sullivan, Business
Discover how online tools, including SoundLearning (www.audiopub.
Research and Instruction Librarian, University of Washington (Seattle)
org/education/sound-learning), Hear Diversity (www.booksontape.
com/heardiversity/) and Read Proud Listen Proud (www.readproudlis-
52 Weeks of Summer: Building Year Long bring librarians, teachers,
narrators, and publishers together to provide culturally authentic
Sustainability from Summer Success listening experiences for young people. A complimentary audiobook
ALSC literacy kit and unabridged audio will help attendees integrate audio-
MCP - W179b books into their curriculum and programming to increase civic engage-
ment and open the door to cultural awareness.
Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Speakers: Thom Barthelmess, Youth Services Manager, Whatcom
Join the national-award winners of the first National Summer Learning County Library System in Bellingham, WA; Dion Graham, Actor &
Association’s Founder’s Award for Excellence, Chicago Public Library & Narrator, Actor, HBO’s The Wire and Narrator of The First 48 on A&E
Museum of Science and Industry along with Seattle Public Library to
learn how Summer Learning Programs can be built into successful out

102 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
The World at Your Fingertips: How to Use instruction session time constraints. For example, blue cards provide
the current round’s assignment, while orange cards are keywords used
Global Literature in Translation in Library to find resources. Players take turns sharing the assignment, keeping
Programs score, and playing keywords. Playing a correct keyword earns a point
and the game’s winner is the player with the highest score at the end
EMIERT of 6–12 rounds. Build your own mini Keywords to Mastery game, play
MCP - W187b it, and see how your students can use it to boost their keyword natural
Core Values language processing and critical thinking skills within this 50 minute
Panel will equip librarians with the tools necessary for integrating
global literature into their programs. Attendees will leave this session Speaker: Michelle Leonard
with concrete advice on how to intentionally connect contemporary
books in translation with young children in storytime programs,
elementary school students, and teens in classroom and after-school Libraries Transform: Programs and Services
events, college students in displays and workshops, and adults in for Sustainable Environments, Social
reading clubs and evening programs.
Speaker: Rachel Hildebrandt, Literary Translator
Justice, and Quality Education for All-IRRT
International Paper Session
Weird is the New "Norm" with DC Comic's IRRT
MCP - W181a
Young Animal Imprint Because Libraries reach a large cross-section of the public, they are in a
ERT unique position to support the United Nations Sustainable Development
MCP - W183c Goals in the promotion of sustainable environments, social justice, and
Books & Authors quality education. This program will feature presentations and projects
by librarians or professionals working outside the USA or involved in
Gerard Way's new imprint of graphic novels examines themes, charac- projects outside of the USA whose research, libraries, or projects are
ters and topics that may be considered ""weird" or "fringe" to popular working to promote lifelong learning, provide inclusive and quality edu-
culture, but are incredibly relevant to readers. Through DC's Young cation for all, reduce inequality, promote just and inclusive societies,
Animal Vol. 1s, Way and a talented host of some of today's most contribute to environmental sustainability, and more!
innovative creators bring these subjects to the forefront. Come to
this panel that will discuss how these graphic novels from DC's Young Speakers: Sarala Uttangi, Manager, Diversity and Adult Services,
Animal will engaged with readers and patrons like few other works in Brampton Library; Anders Ericson, Librarian and freelance journalist
the industry can today. and blogger; Ebnezer Martin-Yeboah, Principal Library Assistant,

University of Cape Coast Library; Susan Schnuer, Associate Director,
Mortenson Center, University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign;
Funding Mandates: A Game Changer in Rebecca McGuire, Visiting Instructional Technology Specialist,
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, University of
Faculty and Scientific Research Illinois; Edgardo Civallero, Independent LIS professional
MCP - S106a
Successful Library Supervisory and
Transforming: Services
Funding Mandates: A Game Changer in Faculty and Scientific
Management Training: Testing Theories in the
Research. This program will be a panel presentation and discussion Workplace
on policies, resources, services, and challenges managing faculty and
scientific research at your institution. The program will be of interest
MCP - W187a
to librarians, educators, administrators, system architects, and other
stakeholders with oversight managing private and federally-funded Transforming: Teaching & Learning
sponsored research and compliance mandates. The standard for successful professional education is retention and
Moderator: Janice Young, Librarian, U.S. Department of Energy, OSTI application: Did behavior change? Instead of a written test or class-
room simulation, we ask participants in our supervision/management
Speakers: Caitlin Bakker, Research Service Librarian, University
classes to create and implement an assignment. They write a pro-
of Minnesota; Nina Exner, Researcher and Grant Support Services
posal, complete the assignment, write a description, and report back
Librarian, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University;
to the class, either in person or via webinar. In this presentation, we
Phyllis Ovsiew, Technical Information Specialist, Defense Technical
share the details so you can run a similar program for your colleagues
Information Center
or clients.
Moderator: Cheryl Wright, Program Chair, LearnRT
Keywords to Mastery Game: An Active Learning Speaker: Pat Wagner, Management consultant, Pattern Research,
Approach to Discover Research Topics Inc.

MCP - W176b From Kindergarteners to Collegians, Helping
Transforming: Teaching & Learning Students Make the Grade
A fun and interactive hands-on workshop where you build and play
your own low-tech game that helps students gain keyword and natural
MCP - W184a
language processing skills for database searching. Choose a research
topic, identify keywords on card decks, and recruit 2–6 players for Transforming: Teaching & Learning
a collaborative way to construct your research topic. Keywords to As librarianship and library instruction continue to evolve across edu-
Mastery game is specifically designed to challenge and engage play- cational settings, library curricular embeddedness is quickly becoming
ers with fast paced rounds of gameplay that can easily fit within library the norm. This presentation will focus on the new fundamentals of

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 103
library instruction and the growth of liaison responsibilities in various
library settings. Discover how to teach information literacy and subject-
LITA Imagineering—Generation Gap: Science
specific learning skills to an array of patron groups, and how librarians Fiction and Fantasy Authors Look at Youth and
can shape and enhance learning goals beyond library walls.
Moderator: James Walther, Program Chair, LIRT
MCP - W192
Cyberlaw for Information Professionals Books & Authors
LITA Librarians face challenge of adapting services and technologies to
MCP - W181c new generations of users. Science fiction and Fantasy literature have
Updates/Briefings often served as a method for examining these generational expecta-
tions, viewing them as resulting in anything from peaceful co-existence
Law often dictates the “ground floor” for both technology and policy. and fraught conflict. Join LITA, the Imagineering Interest Group, and
Developers, librarians, and other information professionals need Tor Books as a panel of Science Fiction and Fantasy authors discuss
to stay on top of the latest tech and legal policy developments, and how their work can help explain and bridge these generational gaps,
understand how they have changed, even over the last 5 years. This as well as what it takes for a literary work to gain crossover appeal for
interactive session aims to update our colleagues on legal topics such both youth and adults.
as internet jurisdiction, digital accessibility and intellectual property,
DMCA, privacy and government technology. Moderator: Thomas Allen, University Archivist, University of Texas at
Speaker: Kyle Courtney, Copyright Advisor, Harvard University
Speaker: Cory Doctorow, Author of Adult and YA fiction; Annalee
Newitz, Author and founder of i09; V.E. Schwab, Author of adult and
Enhancing the use of Special Collections YA fiction; Susan Dennard, Bestselling author of YA fiction

Through Technologies
LITA Emotional Intelligence—Level 3 Cheats
Career Development MCP-W190b
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Lovejoy Library built the Transforming: Library Workforce
Dr. Eugene B. Redmond Learning Center. The Learning Center is to Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is crucial to connecting with and
enhance the accessibility and research value of the special collections leading staff. Applying emotional intelligence principles of self-aware-
and make these collections accessible to secondary educators and ness, empathy, self-control and emotional awareness allows lead-

students. From the Center’s inception, the use of open source technol- ers to recognize and account for their motivations and that of other
ogy and digital exhibitions have made several special collections more staff. In this session, you will learn about recognizing and applying
accessible. Diverse technologies are being employed by teaching fac- emotional intelligence as you grow as a leader. Practical applications
ulty to engage students in using primary documents in their research will help you understand your own motivation and what motivates the
projects. The learning center offers opportunities for collaboration with actions of your staff.
other university and community partners.
Speakers: Rebecca J. Ranallo, Information & Technology Literacy
Speakers: Lydia Jackson, Director of Research Commons, Southern Manager, Cuyahoga County Public Library; Jeremy Andrykowski
Illinois University Edwardsville; Regina McBride, Dean of Library &
Information Services, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Marlee
Graser, Librarian, Dr. Eugene B. Redmond Learning Center, Southern Mapping the Generations: Visualizing Family
Illinois University Edwardsville
History with Maps
Filming Our Future: Growing a Video MCP - S104
Production Niche in the Ak-Chin Indian Transforming: Community Relationships
Community What do maps reveal about where and how our ancestors lived?
Where can we find information about the places that were important
LITA in the histories of our families? Join MAGIRT and RUSA History Section
MCP - W185bc to see how genealogists use cartographic resources at the New York
For the past seven years the Ak-Chin Indian Community Library has Public Library and the Newberry Library, and learn from a professional
found a niche in the community using the power of film. Starting with genealogist how you can use maps to tell the biographical stories of
a simple horror film, our library’s video production capabilities have your ancestors.
grown with the community. In 2016 our library’s Movie Club program Moderator: Louise M. Ratliff, MLIS, Social Science and Map Catalog
was selected as one of YALSA’s Top Ten Summer Learning Programs. Librarian, UCLA Cataloging & Metadata Center
Learn how to start your own movie program on a budget or with a
grant. This program will tell the story of how a library can make a posi- Speakers: Philip Sutton, Librarian, New York Public Library; Rebecca
tive impact in a community using film and creativity. Lowery, Reference Librarian in Genealogy and Local History,
Newberry Library; Jen Baldwin, Data Acquisition Manager, North
Speakers: Jeffrey Stoffer, Librarian, Ak-Chin Indian Community America, Findmypast
Library; Cecily Peters, Video Production Assistant, Ak-Chin Community

104 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Chicago as a Model for Public History: will also discuss the importance of creating, and maintaining, a pro-
fessional online presence, and of networking and getting involved in
Initiatives and Collaborations professional development opportunities—all of which will help get you
RUSA HS noticed, in a good way, and propel you one step closer to the interview.
MCP - W178a Speaker: Susan Markgren
Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Public history has the power to engage people in interpreting histori- SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
cal events through applied means, such as interactive exhibits, digital
projects, service learning, and family history. This panel will highlight
initiatives in which librarians, historians, and historical organizations Perspectives on Data Publishing:
have brought Chicago’s history to life, including the Chicago Labor Trail
and Chicago Architects Oral History Project. We invite you to discuss
Opportunities and Challenges
how public history can help your community see history through first- ACRL
hand experiences. MCP - W176a
Speakers: Dr. Erik Gellman, Chicago Labor Trail, Roosevelt University; Transforming: Library Workforce
Dr. Peter Alter, Forty Blocks: The East Garfield Park Oral History A panel of diverse speakers, from inside and outside libraries, will
Project, Chicago History Museum; Hope Shannon, Loyola’s Public explore different aspects of data publishing in academia. In addition
History Lab, Loyola University Chicago to discussing what it means to publish data, issues of data deposit,
storage and accessibility, data citation and DOIs, and data sharing will
be addressed. The panel will represent data publishing perspectives
I Am Not a Lawyer: Providing Copyright from ACRL and non-ACRL publication as well as perspectives from
Services in Libraries organizations whose work supports publishing data, e.g. DataCite and
Dataverse. This ACRL Publications Coordinating Committee program
RUSA STARS is co-sponsored in-name only by the ACRL Research and Scholarly
MCP - W178b Environment Committee.
Transforming: Library Workforce Speakers: Heidi Imker, Director, Research Data Service and
Copyright and Intellectual Property questions come to us whether we Associate Professor, University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-
want them to or not. We’re not lawyers but we can answer reference Champaign; Wendi Kaspar, Professor/Editor of C&RL, Texas A&M
questions. Those reference questions go beyond copyright—permis- University; Jared Lyle, Director, Curation Services, Inter-university
sions, public performance rights, images suitable for publication and, Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR); Mark Newton,
license terms. How do you start providing copyright services? How do Director, Digital Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries

you train staff to listen for questions they don’t ask? This panel has
been there and done that.
Speakers: Collette Mak, Outreach and Scholarly Communications
Awesomeville All Access: Sharing Our Cities
Librarian, University of Notre Dame; Cindy Kristof, Head of Copyright and Towns
and Document Services, Kent State University
MCP - W187c
The Internet is Your Friend: Using Online Transforming: Services
Sources to Create Programs, Raise Money, Libraries are used to sharing library stuff: books, programs, spaces,
tech, and so on. Libraries also do outreach that connects their com-
and Engage Teens munities to the library. In this program we’ll explore something differ-
YALSA ent: libraries improving access to the non-library stuff around us; local
MCP - W185a cultural venues, neighborhood public spaces, community goings-on,
nature, and more. Librarians, often enabled by new technologies, are
Transforming: Services acting as agents and brokers on behalf of the public to the riches of
I will help librarians utilize online platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, and our cities and towns. We’ll discuss how these projects enhance the
Facebook to analyze trends, market their programs, and bring more role of library membership and why they are a strategic fit for libraries.
teens into their library, as well as focus on online crowdfunding as a Speaker: Jeffrey T. Davis
way to raise money while advocating your programs. Understanding
how to be “good at the Internet” is a helpful skill for young adult librar-
ians who are hoping to bring up attendance or keep teens engaged at OITP—Libraries as Change Agents In Reducing
their programs.
Speaker: Ivy Weir
Implicit Bias: Partnering with Google to
Support 21St Century Skills for All Youth
SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM ALA
MCP - W181b
As our economy shifts, digital skills, computer science, and computa-
Career Development Workshop: Tips, Tricks, tional thinking are becoming increasingly essential for economic and
and Strategies for a Successful Job Hunt social mobility, yet access to these skills is not equitable. Join a team
from Google to learn about recent research to address implicit biases
ALA in education, and be ready to work as we discuss how libraries and
MCP - Placement Center Hall F2 Google can partner to increase the diversity of youth who are prepared
Whether you are looking for that first librarian position, looking to move to participate in the digital future.
up the career ladder, anticipating a geographic move, or looking for Speakers: Hai Hong, Google; Nicky Rigg, Google
something else entirely, this interactive workshop will provide you with
strategies and tools to navigate and organize your search, analyze job
listings, and write effective, compelling cover letters and resumes. We

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 105
Project Welcome: Libraries Serving Refugees Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation
and Asylum Seekers ALA
MCP - W185d
MCP - W181a Core Values
Updates/Briefings In 2009 the W.K. Kellogg Foundation launched its America Healing
initiative, supporting racial equity/racial healing projects in over 100
“How can libraries better serve refugees and asylum seekers?” In the
communities. Building on this initiative, the Foundation has launched
past year the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs in
a Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation enterprise (TRHT) designed
partnership with ALA has been working on the IMLS-funded “Project
to uproot the myth of a hierarchy of human value based on race. As a
Welcome” planning grant. We have been learning how libraries are
framework, it has prepared case studies on several America Healing
and can address the information needs of refugees and asylum seek-
communities. This session will examine principles employed, activities
ers in order to support and empower them in their resettlement and
that have proven most effective, cross-sector collaborations, suc-
integration process. This session will present the work of the project
cesses, challenges, and lessons learned. A question and answer
and engage audience feedback on the library services continuum that
period will explore how library workers can be engaged in the TRHT
is in development.
Speakers: Mike Wenger, Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology,
Reaching In to Reach Out: Examining the George Washington University; Gail Christopher, Vice President for
Policy and Senior Advisor, W. K. Kellogg Foundation
State of Inclusivity Across Libraries, Archives,
and Museums Our Voices: Strengthen Your Collection with
MCP - W185bc Diverse Narratives
Transforming: Library Workforce ALA, OIF, ODLOS
MCP - W185a
The roles of museums, archives, and libraries converge with the pro-
motion of cultural heritage through special collections, local history Transforming: E-Books & Collections
archives, and cultural artifacts. The professionals working in libraries, There has been a recent unprecedented explosion of writing by small
archives, and museums, those who make this material come to life, and independent publishers, as well as self-published creators. But
have a common goal, but diverse educational experiences and job much of this diverse content never makes it to library shelves.
duties. Panelists representing different types of institutions, as well
ALA initiative Our Voices connects diverse, quality literature to libraries
as different job functions, administrative levels, and academic back-
and booksellers. In this panel discussion, Our Voices board members

ground come together in this facilitated conversation to discuss the

will explain how your library can diversify and strengthen collections
state of inclusivity within and across the sectors.
with unique voices and underrepresented publishers. Attendees will
Moderator: Mark Puente, Director of Diversity and Leadership bring back to their libraries step-by-step instructions on how to access
Programs, Association of Research Libraries these collections. Sponsored by the Office for Intellectual Freedom and
Speakers: Richard Ashby, Director, Yeadon Public Library; Athena the Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services.
Jackson, Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair and Head of the Eberly Family Speakers: Nicole Cooke, Assistant Professor, School of Information
Special Collections Library, Pennsylvania State University; Alvin Sciences at the University of Illinois; Curt Matthews; Jeff Deutsch; Joy
Dantes, Digital Initiatives and Technologies Librarian, Art Institute E. Triche, President and Publisher, Tiger Stripe Publishing
of Chicago; Margaret Fraser, Collections Manager, National Hellenic
Moderator: Donna Seaman
Museum; Dana Lamparello, Senior Archivist for Architecture and
Visual Materials, Chicago History Museum; Celeste Short, Recent
graduate, with certificate in Special Collections, University of Illinois,
What Happens to the Library Catalog in the
Age of Linked Data?
Running a Library Presence @ Fan MCP - S101
Conventions, Festivals, and Events Transforming: Systems & Technology
ALA For at least the last five years, librarians have been talking about
MCP - W474b moving away from MARC as a descriptive standard, to linked data, and
Fan conventions, festivals, and events offer a unique environment for many different library linked data projects are underway. There’s been
libraries to connect with their local communities and market library an even longer trend to less local editing of bibliographic records, and
services and resources. Join library staff as they discuss the trials, increased batch processing. Receive insights into these processes
tribulations, and joys of creating library presences at New York Comic and more at this panel session.
Con, C2E2, San Diego Comic-Con, Emerald City Comicon, and the Moderators: Debra Shapiro, Instructor & Coordinator of Online
Toronto Comics Arts Festival, and give tips on how you can do it at Masters Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison SLIS; Jeremy
your local convention. Learn about running panels for library staff and Bartczak, Metadata Librarian, University of Virginia
educators, offering readers’ advisory and research help, promoting Speakers: David Pimentel, Senior Cataloging and Metadata Librarian,
diverse material, showcasing items from special collections, and run- Denver Public Library; Philip Schreur, Assistant University Librarian
ning a pop-up library lounge! for Technical and Access Services, Stanford University; Stephen
Speakers: Matthew Murray; JP Porcaro; Natalie DeJonghe Meyer, Sr. Information Processing Consultant, Library Technology
Group, University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries; John Chapman,
Senior Product Manager, OCLC

106 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in
Technical Services
MCP - W184bc
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Diversity initiatives are critically important “behind the scenes” in
technical services and not just as part of a library’s outward-facing
public service departments. Speakers from a public library, a tribal Visit
college library, and university libraries will share examples of projects
that promote inclusion and social justice among technical services Cambridge
staff and services. Join us for presentations and Q&A about the ways
archives, cataloging, preservation, and collections staff can promote University
these important values in their daily work. Co-sponsored by the Public
Library Association (PLA) and the American Indian Library Association Press
Speakers: Ann Marie Willer, Preservation Librarian, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology; Michelle Miller, Administrative Assistant, Booth #1631
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Sharon Grimm, Staff Learning
Coordinator, Oak Park Public Library; Hannah Buckland, Director of
Library Services, Leech Lake Tribal College; Nancy Godoy, Archivist of
Chicano/a Research Collection, Arizona State University Libraries

Audiovisual Materials and Issues with

Degradation and Storage
MCP - W179a
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Film, video, and audiotape are increasingly at risk for physical deg-
radation due to poor storage environments and their chemical prop-

erties, known as “inherent vice.” These vulnerability issues continue
to gain attention. Likewise, knowing preservation best practices of
analog objects is growing in importance, especially as digitization isn’t
a feasible option for many institutions. This panel will discuss the sci-
ence of this deterioration and ideal vs. practical solutions for storage
through case studies and discussions.
Co-sponsored by the Association of Moving Image Archivists
Speakers: Siobhan C. Hagan, Director of Public Programs &
Outreach, Old Greenbelt Theatre; Rachael Stoeltje, Director, Assistant
Librarian, Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive; Tom
Colley, Archive and Collection Manager, School of the Art Institute of
Chicago; Kristin MacDonough, Digitization Specialist, School of the
Art Institute of Chicago

Women Aren’t Funny (and Other Essential

Untruths for Middle Grade Readers)
MCP - W180
Books & Authors
Humor! It grabs boys’ attention, keeps them turning pages and makes
them clamor for “more books like that!” But wait a second—boys aren’t
the only ones demanding funny books. And men certainly aren’t the
only ones writing them. So why do these misperceptions persist? With
editor Sharyn November as moderator, five middle grade authors will
discuss the serious business of busting stereotypes and the pleasures
and pitfalls of being female and writing funny.
Speakers: Erica Perl, Author, Penguin Random House (Knopf); Join us for daily raffles!
Elizabeth Bird, Librarian/Author, Viking (Penguin Random House);
Cece Bell, Author, Abrams Books for Young Readers; Rita Williams-
Garcia, Author, HarperCollins; Andrea Beaty, Author, Abrams Books
for Young Readers; Sharyn November, Editor

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 107
Coretta Scott King Award Books Idea Training Staff When You Don’t Have Time to
Exchange Train Staff
MCP - W184d MCP - W187a
Books & Authors Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Panelists will provide highlights of acclaimed activities and lessons Are you a busy supervisor? Would you like to easily track your new
utilizing the Coretta Scott King Book Award winner and honor books in hire training process? Learn to easily do this with employee training
public and school libraries, classrooms, and academia. Attendees are guides and checklists. Learn best practices for efficient and compre-
encouraged to bring successful ideas, activities, lessons, and strate- hensive staff training. This presentation will offer simplified methods
gies to share. There will be a sharing session at the end of the panel for supervisors that have to train staff with varying responsibilities and
presentation. The Coretta Scott King Book Awards study guides will learning styles.
also be discussed. Moderator: Cheryl Wright, Program Chair, LearnRT; Pat Wagner,
Management Consultant, Pattern Research, Inc.; Elizabeth Bennhoff
Integrating Diversity Initiatives and
Community Engagement: The Human Library OKR: Strategic Planning for Makers, Techies,
at Penn State University and Anyone Else Who Would Rather Get Things
EMIERT Done Than Sit in a Meeting
MCP - W187b LITA
Core Values MCP - W193
In order to create dialogue with patrons about diversity and inclusion, Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations – Staff and
the Penn State University Library Learning Services (LLS) department Boards
collaborated with university and community organizations to hold the
When venture capitalist, presidential advisor, and multibillionaire John
Human Library project. LLS sought to increase participants’ aware-
Doerr first invested in Google, he gave founders Larry Page and Sergey
ness of their own biases and privileges and facilitate communication
Brin more than just money. He also taught them about a system Doerr
and empathy with others. This presentation will assess the depart-
had learned at Intel that is used to manage planning and assessment.
ment’s key partnerships in facilitating the Human Library and evaluate
Objectives and Key Results, or OKR, is still used at Google, and has
outcomes relative to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement.
since been adopted by LinkedIn, MongoDB, Twitter, Uber, Zynga and
Speaker: Ms. Gant many other companies. Princeton Public Library uses OKR to con-

nect the library as whole with departments, teams, and personal

objectives, and to ensure that the library is focused on measurable
Makerspaces & Active Learners outcomes. OKRs are simpler to create than other plans and encour-
ERT age succinctness; they foster ambition, innovation, and transparency;
MCP - W183c and they make assessment a breeze. If you would rather get work
Transforming: Customer & User Expectations done than sit in meetings all day, if you prefer to express your ideas
clearly and elegantly, if you find that most strategic planning leads to
Looking to create a dynamic space for hands-on learning at your
bikeshedding and doorsteps, then you are the person for whom OKR
public or school library? Join Demco and WebJunction to learn from
was created.
the experiences of small and rural libraries about how to start or sus-
tain your library's makerspace. Discover how design thinking can help Speaker: Brett Bonfield, Executive Director, Princeton Public Library
address your community's learning needs. You'll leave this interactive
panel session with practical ideas for programming, equipment, space
design and more! FEAST 2017: Future & Emerging Access
Services Trends
Intersections and the Experience of GLBTQ LLAMA Technology Community of Practice
MCP - W178a
Library Folks Transforming: Services
GLBTRT Join us for a FEAST! Future & Emerging Access Services Trends (FEAST)
MCP - W178b
provides multiple speakers and topics about what others are doing in
Transforming: Services one 60-minute session. You will walk away with some practical insight
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, gender non-conforming and into circulation, shelving, reserves, interlibrary loan, offsite storage
other queer folks in the library world face a range of issues which often and other trends in short  five-seven minute courses. Fresh and timely.
overlap with other forms of oppression, including gender, race, eth- Join us for our 8th year—there's plenty to choose from at the FEAST!
nicity, ability, economic status and education level. Library folks with Moderators: Rameka Barnes; Dennis J. Smith
multiple identities often struggle to find acceptance and belonging,
feeling excluded and invisible within an already marginalized com-
munity. This panel will explore intersectionality—a concept coined by
scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw in the late 1980’s—and the ways that mul-
tiple forms of oppression are interconnected and cannot be examined
separately from each other.

108 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
How to Put Your Family History on the Map: Rocking the Small Screen (Without Losing
Georeferencing and Geocoding Historical Your Mind): Planning and Managing Library
Information Promotional Videos
MCP - S104 MCP - W175a
Transforming: Teaching & Learning Transforming: Services
Have you always wanted to make maps of your family histories? Video on the web is one of today's hottest social networking trends.
Discover free tools you can use to do just that! Learn how to geore- But what can online videos do to promote your library? A public
ference an historical map using freely available tools, how to bring library and a university library will both share what they have learned
it into different mapping interfaces, and how to add locations (with and how realistic expectations can bring success. The presenters will
additional information) to those interfaces on top of the map. cover: planning and implementation, shortcuts, tips on what types of
Moderators: Louise M. Ratliff, MLIS, Social Science and Map Catalog content work best, recording and editing the audio and video, acces-
Librarian, UCLA Cataloging & Metadata Center; Louise M. Ratliff, sibility, assessing traffic and impact, and how to create a video team.
MLIS, Social Science and Map Catalog Librarian, UCLA Cataloging & Learn why your library should create and post online videos!
Metadata Center Moderator: Steven Milewski, Digital Media Technologies Librarian,
Speaker: Ryan Mattke, MGIS, Map & Geospatial Information Librarian, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Head of John R. Borchert Map Library, University of Minnesota Speaker: David Lee King, Digital Services Director, Topeka &
Shawnee County Public Library; Christina Norton, Outreach Librarian,
Western Illinois University; Justin Georges, Web Specialist, Western
Bridging the Bilingual Divide: Best Practices Illinois University
for Bilingual and Multilingual Websites
PLA Not Just Capturing; Becoming the Librarian/
MCP - W179b
Researcher Unicorn
Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
Many libraries know the value of developing print and personnel MCP - W184a
resources to engage diverse communities where English is one of
many spoken languages, but too often, the library’s digital presence Transforming: Services
lags behind. In Waukegan, we serve a community where over half of Transforming library teen programs into makerspaces and digital
our residents speak a language other than English at home, so making learning centers has been all the rage at library conferences over the

our website and digital resources accessible to all of our community past few years. But how do we measure an effective program, and how
necessitated a major change: building a fully-functional bilingual do we build in sustainability for the staff and the space? This session
website. In this session, you’ll learn about our development process, focuses on quick-and-dirty qualitative research tools and strategies to
including market research and analytics, the new website’s structure, measure more than turnstile clicks, and advocate for your innovative
and best practices for broader bilingual branding. teen space through research you can implement with your team.
Speakers: Amanda Civitello, Marketing and Communications Speakers: K-Fai Steele; Cody Allen; Katelyn Cole; Theresa Hurley;
Manager, Waukegan Public Library; Kyle Shaub, Digital Services Logan MacDonald, Director of Products & Technology, Anythink
Manager, Waukegan Public Library Libraries; Goda Trakumaite; Sarah Winchowky; Mo Yang

Community Partnerships and Digital Literacy SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

through Public Service Announcements
VRT, PLA Exploring AASL Best Websites for Teaching
MCP - W175c and Learning
Transforming: Teaching & Learning AASL
Libraries are increasingly finding ways to help their school-age patrons MCP - W193
to communicate creatively and make a positive impact in their commu- Transforming: Teaching & Learning
nities through video projects. The Ak-Chin Indian Community Library
in Arizona has a filmmaking club for youth that in 2016 was selected Come hear from the AASL Best Websites for Teaching & Learning
as one of YALSA’s Top Ten Summer Learning Programs. Carson City Committee as they highlight the newly named 2017 best websites.
Library in Nevada partnered with the Carson City School District to help Sites fall into category areas such as digital storytelling, media shar-
high school freshmen create 60-second PSAs that raised awareness ing, manage and organize, as well as social media and communica-
of social issues at their school. We are delighted to have representa- tion. Make sure to attend this popular annual event to learn more
tives from these libraries talk about their experiences and share tips. and explore the latest winning websites in the fields of librarianship,
education, and instruction!
Moderator: Erin Miller, Head, Media Library, University of North Texas
Speaker: Heather Moorefield-Lang, School of Library Science:
Speakers: Natalie Wood, Creative Learning Manager, Carson City University of South Carolina; Shannon Miller
Library; Sena Loyd, Director, Carson City Library; Ananda Campbell,
Library Media Specialist, Carson High School

The highest recorded

temperature in Chicago was
105° F, on July 24, 1934.

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 109
What They Don’t Teach You in Library School: Smashing Smashing Research: Promoting
Using Emotional Intelligence to Succeed as Student Discovery Through Webtools and Apps
Academic Librarians of Color LITA
MCP - W185d
MCP - W187b Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Career Development ‘Smashing’ sites and apps—teaching students how to discover and
curate information, cite sources, and create accurate research proj-
Librarians of color enter the workforce prepared to fulfill technical,
ects—is how librarians can help students develop these skills. Join
interpersonal, service, or scholarship duties but are often blindsided
this informative lively presentation, on how to engage students with
by institutional, systemic, or social factors surrounding race, color, reli-
new ways to learn to conduct research using new technologies to be
gion, or ethnicity. Experienced academic librarians of color will share
incorporated at any level. Learn about a host of sites and resources
personal anecdotes and use the frameworks of emotional intelligence
offering multiple searches with a single sign-on, including new ways to
and career capital to help participants learn strategies to succeed in
search the Internet on a deeper level. Google Research and Drive will
their jobs, craft actionable plans to achieve their career goals, and
be explored, and new ways to create digital projects in partnership or
connect with their peers.
in lieu of a traditional research paper will be shared.
Speaker: Leo Lo, Associate University Librarian, Old Dominion
Speakers: Naomi Bates, Library Media Specialist, Northwest High
University; Kiyomi Deards, Associate Professor, University of
School, Northwest ISD Justin TX; Sue Fitzgerald, Library Media
Specialist, Gene Pike Middle School, Northwest ISD Justin TX

Leaning International: Stories from the Field Inspired by Nature: Health & Well-Being in the
MCP - W184d
Library Environment through Biophilic Design
Updates/Briefings LLAMA Buildings and Equipment Community of Practice
MCP - W180
For MLS students through seasoned information professionals inter-
ested in working internationally, this annual program hosted by IRRT’s Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
International Connections Committee features American librarians Evidence demonstrates that design can affect stress levels, cogni-
discussing their own unique international experiences. Sessions are tive functions, and overall comfort within a space. Bill Browning will
split between prepared topics and audience Q&A time. These interac- introduce the science and principles of Biophilic design: concepts that
tive events have included such diverse topics as leveraging networks incorporate and reflect patterns of nature, creating environments that

to find work abroad, pre-departure language and etiquette training, are “inspirational, restorative and healthy.” Whether constructing new
adapting to regional librarianship as well as cultural standards, the facilities, remodeling, or making small improvements, Bill can guide
practicalities of life overseas, and more! you through the science and core principles to improve your space and
Speakers: John Hickok, International Outreach Librarian, California add value to your patron experience.
State University, Fullerton; Meggan Houlihan, First-Year Experience Speakers: Deborah Nolan; Joe Agati; William D. Browning
and Instruction Librarian, New York University, Abu Dhabi; Rebecca
L. Miller, Head, Library Learning Services, Penn State University
Libraries; Raymond Pun, First-Year Student Success Librarian, From Middle Manager to Administrator:
California State University, Fresno
Leadership Lessons in Action
Comparing Free Tools for Authoring Open MCP - W184bc
Textbooks and Books Career Development
LITA Program attendees will hear from three practicing library administra-
MCP - W181b tors who have made a successful transition from middle managers.
The focus of the session will be sharing some of the lessons learned in
Transforming: Systems & Technology the act running a library system, particularly those skill sets learned on
The creation and use of open textbooks and open books are currently the fly and not taught in graduate schools. The discussion will center
on the rise. However, if your library serves instructors or authors who around day-to-day library operations, community engagement, change
want to adapt or create open textbooks or open books, they may be management, strategic thinking, project management and problem
wondering what software to use. This session compares free tools solving.
for authoring open textbooks and books, including Google Docs, Speakers: Sonia Alcantara-Antoine, Public Services Manager, Virginia
PressBooks, the OER Open Author Tool, the Moodle Book Module, and Beach Public Library; Richard Kong, Director, Skokie Public Library;
others. The presentation will be followed by a roundtable discussion Sarah Sawicki, Planning and Projects Coordinator, Richland Library
of participants’ experiences with supporting the creation of open text-
books and books.
Speaker: Claire Nickerson, Learning Initiatives and OER Librarian, Forget the Future: Our Time is Now with David
Forsyth Library, Fort Hays State University
Lankes, Director of the University of South
Carolina’s School of Library & Information
The Lincoln Park Zoo began
to take form in 1868 with RUSA
the donation of a pair of MCP - W190a
swans from the menagerie Transforming: Customer & User Expectations
in New York's Central Park.
As those we serve face growing tensions, there is a need for a com-
munity of professional dedicated to the common good and founded on

110 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
knowledge. However our communities don’t need us to gate keep a SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
collection, offer up workshops, or staff a building. They need us adding
value to their lives with them in their homes, classrooms, offices, and
devices. David Lankes will explore how reference and user services not Celebrating 25 Years of The Rainbow Fish with
only remain relevant, but mobilize to addresses the real challenges of
today’s community.
Speaker: David Lankes, Professor and Dean’s Scholar for New ALA
Librarianship, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University HRM - Burnham/CC 23A - C
Moderators: Valerie Gross, President & CEO, Howard County Library Join Marcus Pfister, Swiss author, at ALA’s joint session with the United
System; Roberto Delgadillo; Humanities, Social Sciences and States Board on Books for Young People as we celebrate 25 years
Government Information Services Librarian, Peter J. Shields Library of The Rainbow Fish. Pfister’s first picture book, The Sleepy Owl, was
University of California, Davis published in 1986 with NorthSouth Books. In 1992 The Rainbow Fish
was published to much acclaim and was followed by over a dozen
other titles about the same beautiful fish who learns the value of shar-
How Are Our Instructors Truly Using Media? ing his beauty with others, giving all a chance to shine. Pfister’s works
have been translated into over 50 languages. NorthSouth Books will
A Multifaceted Approach to Developing sponsor refreshments.
Departmental Course Media Use Profiles
VRT SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
MCP - W175b
Transforming: Teaching & Learning From MLS to MLD: It’s Time to Integrate
One of the challenges for librarians working with media collections is
deeply understanding the use of these materials in course context. Design Thinking and Philosophy into LIS
This program will describe a multifaceted approach to this challenge Education
that combines mining large corpora of departmental syllabi using
NVIVO text analysis software with reserves, survey, and interpersonal ACRL
correspondence data to build departmental media resource use pro- MCP - W192
files at Minnesota. This piloted approach, in consultation with subject Transforming: Library Workforce
librarians, has fostered a better sense of instructional department American librarianship and the discipline of LIS was originally framed as
based media use that will help inform decision making for media col- a social science. Yet much library practitioner’s work is design related.
lection management and development, media services refinement, This session proposes that design thinking and philosophy must be
and targeted instructor media support outreach. integrated into the LIS curriculum. Tomorrow’s librarians, in addition
Moderators: Deborah Benrubi, Technical Services Librarian, to basic information organization and service skills, must receive a
University of San Francisco; Laine Thielstrom, Humanities & design influenced education that equips them with a problem-finding

Interdisciplinary Studies Librarian, Colby College and solution-oriented mindset. A Masters of Library Design is the path
forward for professional librarianship. This program is sponsored by the
ACRL Library and Information Science Education Interest Group
Life Hacks: Survival Skills for Teens Speakers: Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple
YALSA University; Rachel I. Clarke, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
MCP - W185bc School of Information Studies; Greg Diaz, Children’s Librarian III,
Transforming: Teaching & Learning Chicago Public Library; Michelle Frisque, Chief of Technology, Content
and Innovation, Chicago Public Library; Cinthya Ippoliti, Associate Dean
It’s no secret that teens need life skills to survive in the real world. For Research and Learning Services, Oklahoma State University; Kate
Libraries are already celebrated as learning institutions—we offer Marek, Dean and Professor, iSchool at Dominican University; Lynne
books and resources to expand the fountain of knowledge, but what Howarth, Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Information
about soft skills? We’re here to tell you that libraries can help with that
too! By starting a Life Hacks workshop series for teens at your library,
you will be preparing teens for success in the real world. Impactful Partnerships: Navigating the
Evolving Scholarly Communication Landscape
SATURDAY, JUNE 24 • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
with Faculty
The Other (Invisible) Refugees—Supporting MCP - W178a
Central American Children in Crisis Transforming: Community Relationships
YALSA Transformations in the scholarly communication landscape show no
MCP - W178a sign of abating. For this program, panelists focus on cutting-edge
Updates/Briefings trends for tracking scholarly output: metrics, altmetrics, bibliometrics,
and digital identity. This panel of altmetrics experts discuss the pros
Since 2014, over 100,000 unaccompanied minors have arrived as ref- and cons of using metrics for ranking as well as how these techno-
ugees from Central America. They are held in detention centers across logical solutions optimize discoverability of scholarly publications.
the country while they await time in court to plead their case for being Attendees will gain new insight into scholarly communication practices
granted asylum. View a film from IBBY & REFORMA, and learn about that will reinvigorate their partnerships with faculty. This EBSS/ULS
their Children in Crisis Project, which seeks to raise awareness about program is co-sponsored in-name only by the ACRL Research and
these vulnerable youth and to provide resources to them. Donations Scholarly Environment Committee.
accepted at the door.
Moderator: Deborah Gaspar, Director of Public Services, Rowan
University Libraries
Speakers: Nicky Agate, Head of Digital Initiatives, Modern Language

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 111
Association; Rachel Borchardt, Science Librarian, American the University of Illinois; Jessica Anne Liddell, Branch Manager, Grand
University; Karen E. Gutzman, Impact and Evaluation Librarian, Rapids Public Library
Northwestern University

D3.js—Data Visualization Tools and

Re-Skilling for a Digital Future: Developing Techniques
Capabilities and Capacities in Digital LITA
Scholarship for Academic Librarians MCP - W178b
ACRL Transforming: Systems & Technology
MCP - W187c Statistics on library usage can be used to support funding of various
Transforming: Library Workforce resources and programs. What if we can transform that data and dis-
play it in such an attractive way to influence change and obtain buy-in
This panel presents three speakers who will discuss their experi-
from stakeholders? In this session D3.js is introduced with examples
ences and strategies for training LIS professionals in digital schol-
of how data is being visualized and represented in powerful ways.
arship tools and methods. The presentations include discussion of
curriculum design and training for librarians to teach text analysis, Speaker: Berika Williams, Emerging Technologies and Web Librarian,
a national digital humanities training institute for mid-career librar- Tufts University
ians, and a local initiative to train librarians to support their digital
scholarship center. Issues covered will include instructional design;
logistics and building collaborations; assessment; and community Design for Accessibility: A New Tool for You
building. LITA
Speakers: Harriett Green, English and Digital Humanities Librarian, MCP - W176a
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Angela Courtney, Director, Transforming: Services
Scholars' Commons and Head of Arts and Humanities and Reference, The Design for Accessibility website is a new tool that anyone can use
Indiana University Bloomington; Nora Dimmock, Assistant Dean for to understand how to make facilities, exhibits, and programs acces-
Information Technology, Research & Digital Scholarship, University of sible to all audiences. Developed by the National Endowment for the
Rochester Arts and the Institute for Human Centered Design, in partnership
with the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Institute of
New Library Management Systems: Are They Museum and Library Services, this website will help staff learn how
to meet the legal requirements for accessibility for people with dis-
Giving Us What We Need? abilities. The presentation will briefly cover accessibility requirements
for websites, facilities, and public programs.
MCP - W184d Speakers: Michele Farrell, Senior Program Officer, Institute of
Museum and Library Services; Beth Bienvenu, Director, Office of

Transforming: Systems & Technology

Accessibility, National Endowment for the Arts; Karen Kenton, Senior
New library management systems are merging the traditional func- Program Officer, Division of Public Programs, National Endowment for
tions of a library catalog with functions of electronic resource manage- the Humanities
ment systems and more libraries are moving to these new systems.
Librarians using two major library management systems will discuss
their experience using their system for managing and retrieving data. Mind the Gap: Are We Finding the Skills We
Vendor representatives from the same major systems will discuss how
the systems were designed to manage data. Need?
Speakers: Jill Dukarich, Senior Product Manager, Analytics, OCLC, LLAMA Human Resources Community of Practice
Global Product Management; Margaret Briand Wolfe, Systems MCP - W184a
Librarian, Boston College; Andrew French, Solutions Architect Transforming: Library Workforce
Manager, Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company; Madelynn Dickerson, This presentation will be a panel discussion with hiring managers
Information Resources Coordinator, Claremont Colleges Library; from different library types and LIS educators to consider the gaps in
Maria Savova, Director of Information Resources and Systems, competencies and skills needed for successful employment in librar-
Claremont Colleges Library ies. Using the LLAMA Foundational Competencies, this discussion will
address the changing needs in the workplace and how library schools
Libraries Are Not Neutral Spaces: Social can adapt to meet those needs. Another goal is to highlight how prac-
titioners can give ongoing feedback to LIS education to help transition
Justice Advocacy in Librarianship needed modifications.
ALSC Moderator: Michael Crumpton, Assistant Dean for Administrative
MCP - W184bc Services, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Transforming: E-Books & Collections Speakers: Wanda Brown; Lisa O’Connor; Aisha Conner-Gaten; Susan
J. Pober
The myth of the library as neutral is increasingly an impediment to our
work and our professional standing, as well as being at odds with our
professional ethics. Youth services librarianship is, at its core, social
justice work. This work is done daily with our patrons and also on
We Make it Happen: Librarians and Support
social media, with our colleagues. Staff Partnering to Service Excellence
Speakers: Cory Eckert, Librarian, The Post Oak School; Kendra LSSIRT
Jones, Youth & Family Services Coordinator, Timberland Regional MCP - W176b
Library; Karen Jensen, Founder, Teen Librarian Toolbox; Debbie Transforming: Services
Reese, Founder and Editor, American Indians in Children’s Literature;
Nicole Cooke, Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences at Several speakers will share their work history as a library worker
coming up through the ranks. Discussion will also include the

112 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
importance of each role in providing service excellence to the user of Director, Montville Township Public Library; Taina Evans, Coordinator,
the various libraries. Older Adults Services, Brooklyn Public Library
Moderator: Kerrie Stramler, Program Chair, LSSIRT
Speakers: Tiffany Alston; Shauntee Burns; Peggy Rector; Louis Sica; Dismantling the Master’s Bookshelves:
Deborah Allman
Feminism for Libraries in the Real World
Better Service than Amazon and Nordstrom: (Feminist Task Force)
Secrets to How It’s Done MCP - W175c
PLA Former librarian and editor of the new YA book Here We Are: Feminism
MCP - W180 for the Real World, Kelly Jensen, moderates a panel with contributors
Transforming: Library Workforce to Here We Are and others to discuss how library workers committed
For three years, the Arapahoe Libraries has earned a customer loyalty to feminist practices in their personal lives can work in practical ways
and satisfaction rating (Net Promoter Score) of 79, which rivals the net to resist systems of oppression in their professional lives.
promoter scores of companies revered for their spectacular service
such as Nordstrom and Amazon. We do it by making the customer
number one in everything we do. The director of library operations,
Taking the LEED: Sustainable Building
HR manager, and customer experience coordinator will share details Projects @ Your Library
of our staffing model (no dedicated materials handlers or circulation
staff), hiring practices (mutual fit assessments with finalist candi-
MCP - W185bc
dates), 26-hour customer service curriculum (using improvisational
actors for role playing), branded customer experience pillars and more. Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
Speakers: Jane Martel, Customer Experience Coordinator, Arapahoe Is your library contemplating a building project? Have you considered
Library District; Linda Speas, Director, Library Operations, Arapahoe sustainability, or even LEED certification? In this session you will hear
Library District; Caroline Heinselman, Manager, Human Resources, from librarians and architects who have experience with building
Arapahoe Library District green. Learn practical details to negotiate the process, including how
to prioritize different levels of LEED certification, working with admin-
istration and other stakeholders, and, of course, funding. Also learn
Community Driven: Transforming the Subject more about green building—different levels of LEED certification and
alternative sustainable building standards, and is sustainable con-
Librarian Model in Public Libraries struction really more expensive? Participants in this session will walk
PLA away with concrete insights into the process of building green at their
MCP - W175a libraries. This program will be helpful for anyone who is embarking on

Transforming: Community Relationships a renovation or new library design.
In 2005 Omaha Public Library abandoned their subject librarian
department structure at the W. Dale Clark Main Library. Ten years SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
later, OPL re-created a group of subject librarians with a new focus—
rather than working primarily on collections and in-building services,
these subject librarians engage outward to increase the library’s com- Career Development Workshop: HR
munity presence in specific areas of need. Focusing on the areas of
Homelessness & Poverty, Health & Wellness, Seniors, Business, and
Confidential: Insider Tips from HR Directors
Genealogy & Local History, these librarians are creating connections ALA
in the Omaha community and acting as a resource for staff across the MCP - Placement Center Hall F2
library system. An informal discussion/Q&A session where you can gain an insider's
Speakers: Megan Klein-Hewett, Homelessness & Poverty Subject perspective on the recruitment process from three experienced HR
Librarian, Omaha Public Library; Amy Mather, Adult Services Directors. Get tips on how to make your application stand out. Find out
Manager, Omaha Public Library how to be your own best advocate for professional development and
career advancement. Explore negotiation strategies to ensure you get
the most out of your offer package. All questions are welcome!
Aging—A New Frontier: Implications and Speakers: Kathryn Kjaer, Head of Library Human Resources,
Opportunities for Libraries and Librarians University of California, Irvine Libraries; Dan Hoppe, Director of
Human Resources, American Library Association
MCP - W175b
Transforming: Services SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Growing old—it’s not what it used to be. The panel will explore the new
frontier of aging with an emphasis on how libraries and librarians can Collecting Library Data: Policies and Data
better understand as well as embrace the myriad of opportunities
that come along with serving mature adults. From hosting benefits Management Procedures for Improvement
access programs to jump starting business endeavors participants will ACRL
explore how to surf the “age wave” and all that it offers. Co-sponsored MCP - W185d
by RUSA and the Retired Members Round Table.
Transforming: Services
Speakers: Fatima Perkins, Director of Community Outreach &
Many academic libraries look to standardize internal data collection to
Advocacy, Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging; Tony Sarmiento,
improve data-driven decision making and library advocacy. However,
Executive Director, Senior Service America Inc.; Stacey Lewis,
methods for data gathering, storage, and use vary tremendously.
Manager of Adult Programming, St. Louis County Library; Joan
Resources from research data management (RDM) services can pro-
Larson, Retired, Retired Members Round Table; Allan Kleiman,
vide tools and solutions. This program will review current challenges,

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 113
recommend RDM best practices that can apply, identify where addi-
tional policies may be necessary, and highlight larger ethical issues
Creating Dynamic Programs & Events at Your
around patron privacy. Implementation experiences for academic Academic Library
institutions will be shared. ALA
Moderator: Abigail Goben, Assistant Information Services Librarian MCP - W194b
and Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Transforming: Services
Speakers: Kristin Briney, Data Services Librarian, University of Academic libraries are shifting to communities centers for their aca-
Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Sara Mannheimer, Data Management demic communities. For many this involves offering programs and
Librarian, Montana State University; Jenica Rogers, Director of events that bring the campus and greater community together to
Libraries and College Archives, Dorf Endowed Director of Applied share in the learning experience. Come meet four different libraries
Learning, State University of New York at Potsdam and hear about their programming experiences. Hear from Lorene
Flanders, the Dean of Libraries at University of West Georgia, who will
Mentoring: Blending Old & New share her experience and perspective as a library administrator. Hear
from Sandra Marcus, the Coordinator of Library Public Relations at
ACRL Queensborough Community College of CUNY, who will share her expe-
MCP - W187a riences and perspective as a Community College Librarian. Madeleine
Career Development Charney, the Sustainability Studies Librarian at the University of
Massachusetts Amherst, and April Sheppard, the Assistant Director for
When a “freshman” librarian joins the team, challenges may arise
Public Services at Arkansas State University, will share their program
when dealing with projects, new directions and established work pat-
models for events and programs in research universities.
terns. Presenters share how they cultivate their relationship between
department chair and adjunct, focusing on mentoring rather than con- Moderator: Sara Marks, Instruction and Outreach Librarian,
flict and mistrust. Through active learning, presenters will discuss the University of Massachusetts Lowell
methods in which experienced librarians and new librarians can share Speakers: Madeleine Charney, Sustainability Studies Librarian,
their unique knowledge, experience, and skills in a work environment University of Massachusetts Amherst; Lorene Flanders, Dean of
to better improve the institutions’ culture. Libraries, University of West Georgia; April Sheppard, Assistant
Speaker: Lindsey Lefeber, Librarian/Instructor, College of Lake Director for Public Services, Arkansas State University; Sandra
County; Michelle Carter, Department Chair, Librarian/Instructor, Marcus, Coordinator of Library Public Relations, Queensborough
College of Lake County Community College of CUNY

Transforming Our Academic Outreach Helping Library Users Navigate Fake News
Practices: Reaching Our Students, Faculty and ALA
MCP - W187c
Staff, & Administrators Books & Authors

ACRL A respected authority on information literacy and the research behind

MCP - W181c effective learning, in this program Burkhardt trains her expertise on
Transforming: Customer & User Expectations practical ways to help library users identify false and misleading infor-
This panel discussion, three members of ACRL’s Library Marketing and mation sources and to find reliable facts. She’ll use a combination
Outreach Interest Group will speak about their experiences in reaching of theory and real-world examples to show you ethical ways to assist
the campus community through successful, low-cost marketing initia- library users in their search for useful information. There will also be
tives, communicating with faculty in liaison work, and communicating ample time to discuss your questions.
with library administration about the value of marketing and outreach Speaker: Joanna M. Burkhardt
work. Each panelist will speak for 10 minutes, and attendees will be
able to ask questions and have discussions in small groups.
Moderator: Chris Davidson, Campus & Community Engagement
Learn about IFLA and the Global Community
Librarian, Northwestern University Library ALA
Speakers: Megan Mac Gregor, Student Engagement and Outreach MCP - W181b
Librarian, Penn State Wilkes-Barre; Jason Kruse, Undergraduate Want to learn more about the International Federation of Library
Student Engagement Librarian, Northwestern University Library; Associations and Institutions (IFLA)? Come and hear updates from
Stephanie Espinoza, eLearning Librarian, College of Southern Nevada IFLA's President and staff about the 2017 conference in Poland, the
IFLA organization, committee information, and more!

China Libraries Transformed

Libraries Transform: New Tools and Best
MCP - W181a Practices
Updates/Briefings ALA
No country has undergone a more dramatic transformation of its HIL - Williford A
library systems in the last fifteen years than China. Come hear about Transforming: Community Relationships
their transformative efforts, what is going on now, and what is planned
Learn why more than 7,000 libraries and library advocates have joined
for the future in public, academic, school and other libraries. This pro-
the Libraries Transform campaign. Hear about new marketing and
gram is part of an effort between ALA and the Library Society of China
communications tools, while participating in group discussions led by
to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration between the library
expert users of the Libraries Transform campaign.
communities in each country.
Speaker: Jeff Julian, Director, Public Awareness Office, American
Library Association

114 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
OITP—Tech Education in Libraries: Google’s your programs and facilities. In this session you will learn from an
anthropologist and an architect how to use future and systems thinking
Support for Digital Literacy and Inclusion in combination with superior environmental design to build a sustain-
ALA able and resilient library building in which to offer ecologically sound
MCP - W187b programs. You will learn about a range of green building and community
standards such as LEED, CHPS, LEED Neighborhood Development and
How can we better support our youth to participate in and benefit from STAR Community Rating System TM, and how they can be integrated
the digital future? Join a team from Google to learn a range of free into a logic model. The logic model can then be used as a basis for grant
resources to help librarians, families, and communities to promote proposals, programs, building and evaluation plans that will catapult
digital literacy and the safe use of the internet. your library into the forefront of library sustainability and resilience.

The Knight Foundation: Innovation in Arms Open Wide: Library Outreach to

Libraries, Beyond the Talk Customers with Print Impairments
ALA, Center for the Future of Libraries ASCLA
MCP - W184bc MCP - W175b
Core Values Transforming: Services
With all the talk about library innovation, what does it actually look This program will address how librarians and library staff can reach
like to develop and implement transformational ideas and practices? out in the community to find patrons with print impairments, how to
Knight Foundation will share insights from its report, “Developing communicate effectively with this group of customers, how to partner
Clarity: Innovating in Library Systems,” on how to begin an innovation with other agencies, and how to ensure that their library offers quality
process. Three library leaders will share success stories - and strug- accessible services.
gles - in their efforts to transform their organizations through space
design, customer service design, and new program development. Speaker: Mary Kearns-Kaplan, Adult Outreach Coordinator, New
Jersey State Library

LHRT Edward G. Holley Memorial Lecture PINNACLE: the Next Generation of Library
MCP - W176a Leadership
Core Values ASCLA
In the World War II era, American librarians engaged in a series of mass MCP - W185a
collecting missions, acquiring foreign publications and printed materi- Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations—Staff and
als on a vast scale. These missions helped define American informa- Boards
tion science, shaped reconstruction and cultural heritage policies, and

Georgia’s public libraries need innovative leaders to implement and
expanded the scope of American research libraries. In this talk, I explore manage the transformation of our state’s librariesinto 21st century
the unusual involvement of librarians, who unexpectedly found them- institutions. To meet this need,the Georgia Public Library Service
selves running intelligence operations, gathering enemy documents, has partnered with the University ofGeorgia Carl Vinson Institute of
confiscating Nazi literature, and restituting looted books. Their stories Government to develop a competency-based leadership program
reveal the tangled histories of books, culture, and information, on the called PINNACLE.This powerful program helps participants fulfill their
one hand, and American wartime and postwar aims, on the other. potential while increasing the pool of future library leaders in Georgia.
Speaker: Kathy Peiss Speakers: Julie Walker, State Librarian, Georgia Public Library
Service; Walt McBride, Senior Public Service Associate, Carl Vinson
Theory, Methods, and Practices in Library Institute of Government

Research: Reports from the Field

Open Library: Expert discussion on how and
MCP - W176b why Open Library succeeds. Your questions
Core Values answered by those who know.
In this session, researchers and library and information profession- ERT
als will present research projects that have fostered organizational MCP - W183c
change and innovative practices in their institutions. At the end of the Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
session, the presenters will respond to questions from the audience,
brainstorm ideas for future research, and help identify possibilities for Open Libraries is a concept that started in Scandinavia in 2004 by
collaboration and joint research projects. libraries who wanted to be "more open." Utilizing technology, library
users can access the library facilities during "Open" hours, even when
staff members are not working. The system can effectively and safely
Next Gen Library Planning: Strategic Library extend library hours beyond what staffing budgets often allow. Since
its development, nearly 500 libraries around the globe are using the
Planning for Sustainability & Resilience in Open Library concept. Join us as experts who have brought Open
Community Library to their communities discuss insight, impact and lessons
learned from this transformative journey for their libraries.
MCP - W185bc
Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
Have you wondered how to fast-forward your library as a model for
sustainability and resilience? Refresh and update your library strategic
planning thinking with emerging trends and strategies to “deep green”

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 115
CIPA, Filtering and Bears, Oh My benefits/ramifications for eliminating fines. A question and answer
session will follow the panel presentation.
Moderator: Jennifer Patterson
MCP - W179b
Speakers: Duane Wilson; Ann Snowman; Kara Kohn; Crystal Boyce
Transforming: Systems & Technology
In 2015 the South Central Library System (SCLS) of Wisconsin began to
explore and apply for E-rate to take advantage of the major increase in Building Bridges: Using Research and
funds available to public libraries due to the FCC E-rate Modernization
Order. Ten libraries became CIPA compliant. SCLS assisted the librar- Partnerships to Support Early Literacy in
ies through the process, provided a filtering solution and filed for the Diverse Communities
2016/2017 E-rate cycle on their behalf. Representatives from a par-
ticipating public library, the library system, and the Wisconsin Public PLA
Library Technology Consultant will provide a description of the process MCP - W175a
and what it was like to filter the internet for the first time. Transforming: Community Relationships
Speakers: Vicki Teal Lovely, Technology Services Coordinator, In public libraries, analyzing population data and drawing on other crit-
South Central Library System, Wisconsin; Greg Barniskis, Computer ical research helps librarians demonstrate the growing need to deliver
Systems Integrator, South Central Library System, Wisconsin; Nikki enhanced early literacy supports directly to parents and caregivers. By
Busch, Director, Oregon Public Library leveraging partnerships in early childhood education and public health
sectors, librarians are better able to serve hard-to-reach communities.
Panelists will share their dynamic and responsive approaches to meet-
Cleaning Up the Mess: Modernizing Your Dev ing the learning needs of adults who are raising and caring for young
Team’s Outdated Workflow children across diverse contexts.
Speakers: Rachel Payne, Coordinator, Early Childhood Services,
LITA Brooklyn Public Library; Tess Prendergast, Doctoral Candidate, Early
MCP - W178a Literacy, University of British Columbia; Kendra Jones, Children’s
Transforming: Systems & Technology Librarian, Tacoma Public Library; Julie Iannacone, Senior Manager,
What happens when you join a development team that went through Services for Children & Teens, Vancouver Public Library
many changes in personnel and team workflow over time? What will
you do if there is no consistent and streamlined workflow for appli-
cation development and deployment? As either a new manager or a Learning by Failing: How to Plan System-wide
member of such a development team, how would you go about mod- Programming Collaboratively
ernizing the development process and bringing about a collaborative
workflow? An efficient and collaboration-friendly application develop- PLA
ment workflow will benefit a development team of any size—including MCP - W184a
Transforming: Services

a one-person team—by keeping the code base free from software rot
and missing documentation. Change is hard. And changing how a library system plans and imple-
Speaker: Bohyun Kim, Associate Director for Library Applications and ments programming, from building specific to system-wide, is even
Knowledge Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore harder. Over the last couple of years, the Plano Public Library System
has moved to a whole system approach, planning as one for all five
buildings. Our panel will discuss the bumps along the road to the
How to Run a Tech Space pathway of successful collaborative program planning, including over-
LITA coming competition between buildings, figuring out how to communi-
MCP - W178b cate new processes to everyone and encouraging staff at all levels to
submit program ideas.
Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations—Staff and
Moderator: Brent Bloechle, Library Manager, Maribelle M. Davis
Library, Plano Public Library System, Maribelle M. Davis Library
Do Space is a new kind of technology library launched in Omaha
Speakers: Joanna Stone, Public Services Librarian Supervisor, Plano
Nebraska and recently featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and
Public Library System, Christopher Parr Library; Nina Martin, Public
the 2016 American Libraries Design Showcase. Operated by an inde-
Services Librarian Supervisor, Plano Public Libraries, Maribelle M
pendent nonprofit organization, Do Space aims to empower the com-
Davis Library
munity through access to technology and innovative learning experi-
ences. Executive Director Rebecca Stavick will discuss her approach
to designing a new kind of organization: the technology library. Stavick
will discuss approaches to staffing, training, and organizational cul-
Stay and Play: Create Open Library Spaces
ture, as well as ways to measure performance and tips for managing and STEM Material Collections for Play-Based
an entirely new kind of community tech space.
Discovery Programming
Speaker: Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director, Do Space
MCP - W175c
To Fine or Not to Fine: That is the Question Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
LLAMA Technology Community of Practice Break out of your program rooms to connect with families in your
MCP - W190a community! Idea Exchange has rethought their use of library space
Transforming: Systems & Technology by making all the library a stage. Find out how program attendance
increased by 36% in 5 years by transforming their space into a
Many libraries have begun to examine the effectiveness of collect- community living hub. By doubling the program space, STEM based
ing fines for overdue materials. This panel presentation will examine programs, and unstructured play create a flexible learning environ-
current research on the topic and different approaches toward fines ment that encourages early literacy through play based activities.
employed in both academic and public libraries. Panel presenters This session: Re-resourcing your collection to include activity kits that
will discuss topics such as streamlining the fines process, evaluating inspire innovation, open-space programming pitfalls and lessons
the effectiveness of fines, the cost to libraries of charging fines, and

116 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
learned, and programming ideas for all budget levels. SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Speakers: Jaime Griffis, Director, Programming and Promotion,
Idea Exchange; Andrea Siemens, Coordinator, Youth Services,
Idea Exchange; Caitlyn Hicks, Coordinator of Children's and Youth PR Xchange
Services, Brantford Public Library LLAMA Marketing Communications Community of Practice
MCP - Exhibit Floor - Special Events Area

People-Powered Research Projects: Explore Transforming: Community Relationships

LLAMA’s PR Xchange offers attendees the opportunity to browse
the Zooniverse! through a multitude of print and electronic library marketing materials
RMRT from different types of libraries.
MCP - W196b
Transforming: Systems & Technology SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Learn about the inner workings of Zooniverse and how you and your
learning community can participate. 1.5 million registered users have
become citizen scientists by volunteering with Zooniverse, the leading Career Development Workshop: The Key to
online people-powered research platform with 50 active astronomy,
nature, climate and humanities projects. Started in 2007, Zooniverse
Getting Interviews: Impactful Cover Letters
projects have led to over 100 peer-reviewed publications. They part- and Resumes
ner with hundreds of researchers to unlock data through projects as ALA
diverse as, furthering genetic research and MCP - Placement Center Hall F2
annotating satellite images to improve relief deployment after natural
disasters. You can’t show the hiring manager what a perfect fit you are for that
job you really want if you can’t get an interview. Effective cover letters
Speaker: Dr. Laura Trouille, Director of Citizen Science at the Adler and resumes can be the key to getting your foot in the door. Come to
Planetarium. this session to get tips from someone who reviews cover letters and
resumes on a daily, a human resource director. Bring your resume and
New Discoveries in Reference: The 23rd be prepared to leave with ideas for polishing your resume and cover
letters so that you can start getting those interviews.
Annual Reference Research Forum Speaker: Dan Hoppe, Director of Human Resources, American
RUSA RSS Library Association
MCP - W180
Transforming: Services SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Discuss new, unpublished research with a panel of colleagues

sharing the results and methodologies of their most recent work.
Presentations were selected using a blind review process, and reflect ¿Qué Pasa? Engaging Latino Students through
RUSA’s commitment to stimulating excellence in reference and infor- Collaboration and Community Connections
mation services for all types of libraries.
Speakers: Ann Roselle, Faculty Librarian Phoenix College; Wenli Gao, MCP - W176b
Communication, Sociology, and Anthropology Librarian, University of
Houston; Marie Radford, PhD Professor and Director, PhD Program, Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University Latino students face many obstacles to academic success, including
language and cultural barriers. As librarians, we are uniquely posi-
tioned to facilitate collaborations and connections to help our at-risk
Engaging Book Clubs in Your Community students. In this workshop, participants will explore a variety of strate-
UNITED gies and resources designed to engage and support our Latino stu-
MCP - W193 dents. We will meet leaders on the forefront of developing these strate-
gies and resources and learn how we can apply them in our schools.
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Speaker: Mary Pellicano, Librarian, Tuscarora High School; Jenée
Join United for Libraries for this program on supporting and engaging Chizick-Agüero, Founder & Publisher Motivos Magazine
your community's book clubs. Learn more about Book Club Central,
an initiative of ALA President Julie Todaro. Book Club Central, created
in partnership with Booklist and United for Libraries, is an online plat- Inquiry-Rich Learning Experiences in
form of resources for book clubs. Among the featured panelists will be
Jennifer Lohmann of NoveList. Collaborative, Blended Learning Environments
MCP - W175b
The 2017 Alex Awards Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Examples of blended learning units will be discussed that are the
MCP - W179a
result of a year long project between High School Social Studies teach-
Books & Authors ers and librarians. Features that insure the success of inquiry projects
The 2017 Alex Award winners—what they are and how to sell them using Guided Inquiry Design and critical aspects of blended learning
to young adults—are highlighted in this panel presentation. The Alex will be included in this presentation. Examples of single-lesson explo-
Award is given to the top 10 books that appeal to young adults, and rations that ignite curiosity and increase motivation as well as a new
is administered by YALSA and sponsored by the Margaret Alexander concept-based unit planner will be discussed.
Edwards Trust and Booklist. Speaker: Ellen McNair, Educational Specialist, Library Program
Instructional Services, Fairfax County Public Schools, VA; Michael
Cieslak, Ed.D. Educational Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 117
Fandom Programs for Tweens, Teens, and OITP—Get Your Library #ReadytoCode
Adults ALA
HRM - DuSable/CC 21A - C
MCP - W187c Coding in the library? Join the third installment of OITP’s Libraries
Ready to Code initiative. Play “Around the World” and talk with library
Books & Authors staff from different backgrounds and experiences who will share the
Give fans who are passionate about genres, characters, games, and ups & downs and ins & outs of designing coding activities for youth.
book series plenty of reasons to return to your library again and again! Learn how to get started. Hear about favorite resources. Build com-
Alessio, LaMantia, and Vinci will discuss their successful programming putational thinking facilitation skills. Discuss issues of diversity and
at the Schaumburg Township District Library: 50 Shades of Hot Books, inclusion. Visit each table and get your “Ready to Code” passport
Old School Video Games, Women in Comics, Creating Steampunk stamped. Share your own examples for a bonus stamp. You’ll be two
Outfits, and more. You’ll walk away with inspiration and ideas that can steps closer to bringing coding to youth in your community.
be used with a variety of fandoms and interests at your own library!
Speakers: Amy J. Alessio; Katie LaMantia; Emily Vinci
OITP—You Make the Call in the Copyright
High-Impact Events to Foster Collaboration Game
ALA MCP - W193
MCP - W196c
In this gameshow format, expert panelists will make arguments for
Transforming: Services and against fair use. Then, the audience will vote—fair use or not? You
Hear about the process that brought the Chicago Public Library (CPL) decide! The panelists will get “points” for every majority answer on
and the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) into close collabora- their “side.” Who will win? Everyone wins when they better understand
tion, beginning with identifying a common audience, hosting a events copyright and fair use.
at the museum for library patrons, and offering joint professional
development to secure buy-in. NASA, Earth, and celestial events also
have high enough visibility to attract the attention of the broader local Serving Refugees: Experiences from German
community and bring resources together for a common purpose. Join
us and take home NASA resources for hosting your own high-impact
events with collaborators in your community! ALA
Speakers: Keliann LaConte, Professional Development Manager, MCP - W181b
National Center for Interactive Learning, Space Science Institute; Updates/Briefings
Anne Holland, Public Engagement Manager, National Center for In 2015 there were more than 1 million refugees and asylum-seekers
Interactive Learning, Space Science Institute; Paul Dusenbery, in Germany. The influx of refugees from various cultures, especially

Director, Education & Outreach, National Center for Interactive from Syria, Afghanistan, the Balkans, and various African countries,
Learning, Space Science Institute; Bryan Wunar, Director of is abating. Yet families, young men, and unaccompanied minors are
Community Initiatives, Museum of Science and Industry; Elizabeth still seeking refuge in Germany. Since 2006 an expert panel of the
Hanson-McChesney, Director, Children's Services and Family German Library Association has been addressing this topic. The les-
Engagement, Chicago Public Library System; Brian Day, NASA sons learned from the panel can be used to improve the resources
Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute Lead for Citizen for these user groups in public and academic libraries. A variety of
Science, Planetary Mapping, and Outreach FILMSS, NASA Ames positive and hopeful responses to these challenges will be presented
Research Center; Suzanne Foxworth, Astromaterials Research and using real-world examples.
Exploration Science, Jacobs @ NASA Johnson Space Center; Susan
Speakers: Sabine Homilius, Director, Frankfurt am Main Public
Runco, Deputy Manager, XI4\ARES Exploration Science Office; ARES
Library; Britta Schmedemann, Expert on Target Groups, Bremen
LEAD, Science Engagement & Partnerships; Co-PI, ISS High Definition
Public Library; Hella Klauser, German Library Association Network of
Earth Viewing Payload (HDEV), NASA Johnson Space Center;
Excellence for Libraries
Theresa Schwerin, Vice President, Education, Institute for Global
Environmental Strategies
Desegregating Public Libraries: The
International Comics—Culture & Creation Tougaloo Nine
Beyond America ALA, OIF, PLA, ODLOS
MCP - W184d
HRM - Jackson Park/CC 10AB Core Values
Comics are hugely popular throughout the world and every country has In 1961, Geraldine Edwards Hollis and eight of her fellow students
it's own unique comics culture. Come hear how fandom and creator from Tougaloo College entered a whites-only library in Jackson, MS
processes differ in other places, and how much common ground we and were arrested. This act of protest helped spark the Civil Rights
really do share. More information to come. Movement in Mississippi yet it has been largely lost to history. More
than fifty years later, Ms. Hollis connected with a public library direc-
tor and an artist from North Carolina and her story is being retold
and remembered. At this program, Ms. Hollis will tell the story of the
Tougaloo Nine, reflect on the Civil Rights movement, and inspire par-
The Newberry is "Chicago's ticipants with both the story of her struggle and her enduing love of
Independent Research
reading and libraries.
Library Since 1887" and
features many notable Co-sponsored by the Committee on Professional Ethics, Public Library
collections including the Association and Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services
"History of the Book."
Speaker: Michael Crowell; Geraldine Edwards Hollis; Susan H. Brown,
Director, Chapel Hill Public Library

118 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Finding the Right API for You: A Technical GLBT Library Leaders on Queerness at Work:
Services Workflow Perspective How Queer Identities Impact Leadership
ALCTS Roles, Professional Relationships, and Career
MCP - W179a
Transforming: Systems & Technology
In this program speakers will discuss how they are using APIs to
MCP - W180
improve and automate cataloging, acquisition, metadata enhance-
ment, and holdings maintenance workflows in technical services. Career Development
APIs being discussed will be both open source and vendor-specific. Library leaders navigate complex environments that require political
A general overview of API will be provided. Attendees will learn about savvy and deep connection to staff and the community. Often, these
what API is and the potentials in improving workflow efficiency in their leaders are highly visible and seen as the public face of an agency or
technical services departments through integrating APIs into their pro- municipal department. In addition to the intricacies all library leaders
cesses. This program is intended for technical services and systems face in remaining authentic in their work, queer leaders must decide
librarians. how much of their queerness to bring to professional life. In this ses-
Co-Sponsored by the Acquisitions Managers and Vendors IG and the sion, a panel of library leaders self-identified as GLBT offer real talk
ALCTS Technical Services Workflow Efficiency IG. about the ways queerness does or does not affect their work and work-
ing relationships.
Speakers: Lucas Mak, Metadata & Catalog Librarian, Michigan
State University Libraries; Wen-Ying Lu, Head of Cataloging, Santa
Clara University Library; Erin Grant, Head of Metadata Services,
Emory University; Alex Cooper, Applications Support Analyst, Emory
Acting for Humanity: The United Nations
University; Matthew Miguez, Metadata Librarian, Florida State Sustainable Development Goals and Libraries-
IRRT Chair’s Program
Transitioning Technical Services: Training MCP - W181a
Staff to Meet Evolving Needs In line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by
the United Nations in partnership with 150 world leaders, how have
ALCTS you, your library or library association partnered with communities
MCP - W184bc to provide programming and education advancing peace and justice,
Transforming: E-Books & Collections alleviate poverty and hunger, reduce inequality, increase women’s
The landscape of technical services is constantly evolving, moving rights and political participation or protect the environment?
from print to digital, manual to automated, MARC to BIBFRAME. One Speakers: Lesley Farmer, Professor of Library Media/CSU ICT
result of this changing landscape is the need for staff to develop new Literacy Project Manager, Cal State University Long Beach; Christine

skills in order to address the expanding knowledge gap. This program F. Smith, Collection Development Manager, GOBI Library Solutions
provides strategies for designing and implementing training programs. from EBSCO; Buhle Mbambo-Thata, Director, Resource Development,
Co-sponsored by the CaMMS Competencies and Education for a AfLIA—the African Library and Information Association and Institutes;
Career in Cataloging IG, the Heads of Cataloging Dept Interest Group, Raphaëlle Bats, International Relations Officer, Enssib—French
and the Linked Library Data Interest Group (LITA/ALCTS) National School in Library and Information Science; Terry L. Weech,
Faculty, University of Illinois—iSchool @illinois
Speakers: Eric Hanson, Digital Content Metadata Librarian, Johns
Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries; Jacob Shelby, Metadata
Technologies Librarian, North Carolina State University; Maggie
Dull, Cataloging and Metadata Librarian, University of Baltimore,
LITA Top Technology Trends
Langsdale Library LITA
MCP - W192
Transforming: Systems & Technology
Patron-Centric Library Marketing: This program features our ongoing roundtable discussion about trends
Opportunities and Rewards and advances in library technology by a panel of LITA technology
experts. The panelists will describe changes and advances in technol-
ogy that they see having an impact on the library world, and suggest
MCP - W - 183c
what libraries might do to take advantage of these trends. More infor-
Transforming: Customer & User Expectations mation on Top Tech Trends:
Today's library users are accustomed to and, in many cases, anticipate Moderator: Margaret Heller, Digital Services Librarian, Loyola
a personalized experience with the online stores and subscriptions University Chicago
they encounter. Powering this personalization is a new generation of
Speakers: Emily Almond, Director of IT, Georgia Public Library
marketing automation technologies that not only enable this experi-
Service; Marshall Breeding, Independent Consultant and Founder,
ence but also provides a rich flow of information that provide opportu-
Library Technology Guides; Vanessa Hannesschläger, Researcher,
nities for action. Some libraries are benefitting from these commercial
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities/Austrian Academy of Sciences;
technologies, improving their understanding of their patrons and pro-
Jenny Jing, Library Systems, Brandeis University Library; Veronda
viding a more personalized experience to their users. This session will
Pitchford, Director, Membership Development and Resource Sharing,
offer examples of personalized patron marketing techniques, discuss
Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS); Tara Radniecki,
the impact on staff and operations, and report on programs underway.
Engineering Librarian, University of Nevada, Reno

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 119
ILS Migration Stories: Naked Data and Change of Minnesota; Ashley Horn, Brooklyn Public Library; Heather Lowe,
Dallas Public Library; Sarah Johnson, Hunter College Library
LLAMA Technology Community of Practice
MCP - W185d
FUN-Raising: Big and Small Ideas on Ways
Transforming: Systems & Technology to Raise Funds, Friends, and Have Fun Along
The panel will discuss issues related to integrated library system (ILS) the Way
migration. These issues will include preparations for the project itself,
especially what to expect with bibliographic data migration, organiza-
MCP - W178b
tional and technological issues surrounding change management, and
the post-migration realities, advantages, and disadvantages of rapid Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations—Staff and
upgrades with cloud systems. Boards
Speakers: Julene Jones; John Sterbenz; Elizabeth Novicki; Leland R. Fundraising doesn’t have to be onerous! A panel of speakers will talk
Deeds about fun and innovative ways to raise funds for your library without
volunteer burnout. Hear about ideas for big and small libraries, Friends
Groups and Foundations, and new trends in non-profit and library
Outcome Measurement Made Easy: A Free fundraising.
Toolkit for Public Libraries Moderator: Robin Hoklotubbe, Chair, United for Libraries Annual
Conference Program Committee
MCP - W175a Speakers: Dwain Teague, Director of Library Development, University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, chair of LLAMA, FRFDS; Charity Tyler,
Transforming: Services Executive Director, Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundations; Peter
The Public Library Association’s Project Outcome is a free online out- Pearson, Principal Consultant, Library Strategies
come measurement toolkit that provides libraries with patron-facing
surveys, tools for collecting and analyzing data, and practical guidance
on using the results to take action. PLA staff will discuss how librar- Create, Communicate, Captivate: Inspiring
ies can easily measure outcomes for their programs and services and
share how its participant libraries have used Project Outcome to better
Media Production in Your Library
capture their community impact. VRT
Speaker: Emily Plagman, Project Manager, Public Library Association MCP - W175c
Transforming: Services
Learn how academic, school and public libraries can spark creativity
TechniGals: How to Get Girls Excited About and transform users from passive consumers of media into content
Making & STEAM in the Library

creators and active participants in their information environment. Join

us as we guide you through key aspects of creating a thriving video
PLA production space and coaching users with effective instruction manu-
MCP - W190a als, lesson plans and assignments on how to create short documen-
Transforming: Services tary films and other multimedia projects. Once your users are creating
TechniGals Summer STE(A)M Camp just finished its second summer at amazing multi-modal works, showcase projects to promote and inspire
the Middletown Free Library. The aim of the program is to get middle more participation, and increase support for high-impact programs.
school girls excited about science and technology through hands-on Moderator: Laine Thielstrom, Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies
projects and workshops as well as through introducing them to women Librarian, Colby College
working in a variety of STEAM fields. I will talk about this program and Speakers: Reshma Saujani; Glenn Kneebone, Manager of The Paw
others that attract girls to the library to engage with technology and Print, Circulation Supervisor, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library—
making including how to get started, finding project ideas and speak- University of Montana; Muriel Green, MLS, Office Coordinator,
ers, and ideas for funding a similar project in your library even if you Northeast Kansas Library System; Beth Campolieto Marhanka, MLS,
don't have a STEM background. Director, Gelardin New Media Center, Georgetown University
Speaker: Mary Glendening, Library Director, Middletown Free Library

Reading the World in Translation: Selecting

Whole Person Librarianship: Libraries and and Presenting Global Literature for Teens
Social Workers in Collaboration YALSA
PLA MCP - W184a
MCP - W178a Books & Authors
Transforming: Services Fiction in translation for adult readers has become increasingly popu-
Since San Francisco Public Library became the first in the world to hire lar, and translated picture books are once again crossing national bor-
a full-time social worker in 2007, the interest in library-social work col- ders successfully. But where are the books for teen readers, written
laboration has grown exponentially. Urban, suburban, and rural librar- by writers from other lands and translated into English? This panel
ies are creating scalable partnerships, from hosting interns to social will highlight recent and noteworthy books in translation, describe how
service office hours to full-time hires. This panel of librarians and social to find and select these books, and discuss how we can build on the
service providers builds on a standing-room-only 2015 Conversation natural curiosity of teenagers to embrace international literature in
Starter on the same topic. We’ll provide practical examples of suc- translation.
cessful collaborations, and we’ll also discuss how these partnerships Speaker: Lyn Miller-Lachmann; Anita Eerdmans; Annette Y.
inspire new approaches to providing excellent library service. This ses- Goldsmith; Rachel Hildebrandt, Literary Translator
sion also ties into a book forthcoming from Libraries Unlimited.
Speakers: Sara Kay Zettervall, Founder and Librarian, Whole Person
Librarianship; Mary C. Nienow, Social Work PhD Candidate, University

120 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM University School of Medicine
Speakers: Sarah Carlson, Umbra Search Project Manager, University
of Minnesota Libraries; Mike Kelly, Head of Archives & Special
Booklist’s #50YearsofYA Panel Collections, Amherst College; Brenda Sendejo, Associate Professor of
ALA, YALSA Anthropology and Co-Director, Latina History Project, Southwestern
MCP - S103 University; Alex Merrill, Head of Library Systems and Technical
Operations, Washington State University Library
Books & Authors
Booklist’s ongoing 50 Years of YA celebration—reaches one of its peak
events with this wide-ranging discussion about the past and future Libraries and the Military/Veteran Population:
of YA literature. Featuring a panel of seven superstar YA authors
to include: Kristin Cashore (Bitterblue, Penguin Young Readers Transformative Service Through Cultural
Group), Brandy Colbert (Little & Lion, Little Brown Books for Young Competencies
Readers), Deborah Heiligman (Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh
Brothers, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group), Daniel José Older ACRL
(Shadowshaper, Scholastic), Neal Shusterman (Scythe, Simon & MCP - W179b
Schuster Children’s Books), Megan Whalen Turner (Thick as Thieves, Core Values
HarperCollins Children’s Books), and Nicola Yoon (The Sun Is Also a This panel will feature speakers from academic and public libraries
Star, Random House Children’s Books) who have experience as a service member, a military family member,
Moderator: Rebecca Vnuk, Editor, Reference and Collection or both, and who also have experience working with military and vet-
Management, Booklist Publications eran communities in a library setting. The panel will focus on cultural
competency issues related to working with the military and veteran
communities. Panelists will also share strategies for successfully
SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM engaging with veterans, service members, and military families.
Speakers: Sarah LeMire, First Year Experience and Outreach
Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind, Body Librarian, Texas A&M University; Dawn La Valle, Director, Division
of Library Development—USMC Veteran, Connecticut State Library;
and Soul Ingrid Ruffin, Assistant Professor and Student Success Librarian
ALA for First Year Programs, University of Tennessee Knoxville; Kristen
MCP - Placement Center Hall F2 Mulvihill, Librarian/Author
Self-care is not a one-time thought or event. The concept needs to be
part of a long-term strategy that is embedded in your life-style. Join
us for this interactive presentation where we will explore a holistic
Building Global Knowledge through
approach to wellness that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Walk Collaboration the Middle East and South Asia
away with tangible ideas that you can put in to practice immediately.
Digitization Projects

SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM MCP - W185a
The Near East and South Asia Subcommittee of ALA's International
Creating Opportunity for Authentic Learning Relation Committee invites you to participate in our roundtable dis-
cussion about "Building Global Knowledge through Collaboration the
Experiences for Special Education Students Middle East and South Asia Digitization projects." During the last few
AASL years, libraries in the United States of America established many
MCP - W175b digitization projects with libraries, government and non- government
institutes to help preserve and share knowledge through the use of
Transforming: Teaching & Learning digitization. We would like to have your input and participate in the
In a time of education when educators and librarians are being asked discussion so you can tell us about your institute projects.
to understand the individual needs of all students to a more complex
degree, this session will give an overview of the collaborative instruc-
tion that the presenters have co-taught, demonstrations of resources, Film Programs with The Vietnam War, A Film by
time for participants to utilize the resources and work together in small
groups to create ways to integrate the information from the session
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
into their own curriculum. ALA
Speaker: Anita Cellucci, Westborough High School MCP - W184d
Transforming: Services
Prepare your library for the biggest documentary film event coming
Giving Voice to Diverse Collections Through to PBS this fall. The Vietnam War is a ten-part, 18-hour documentary
Digitization film series directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, premiering on all
PBS stations September 17, 2017. Epic and immersive, it explores the
ACRL RBMS human dimensions of the war through revelatory testimony of nearly
MCP - W187a
80 witnesses from all sides—Americans who fought in the war and
Core Values others who opposed it, as well as combatants and civilians from North
This program will focus in two areas: first, how to give voice and bear and South Vietnam. See a special film preview and learn how to part-
witness to the ghosts in the Anglo-centric archival and historical ner with PBS stations and ALA for public programming and librarian
record, through digitization and digital humanities initiatives. Second, resources.
the program will discuss ways in which RBMS is working to become Speakers: Amy Labenski, Senior Director, Impact and Management,
more inclusive and truly diverse, both in membership and collecting/ Interactive Media & Engagement Department, WETA National
descriptive practices. Programming; Melanie Welch, Project Director, ALA Public Programs
Moderator: Elisabeth Brander, Rare Books Librarian, Washington Office

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 121
Library Takeover: Or, How Madison Public Agenda, the newly-launched course, and supporting resources that
will guide libraries through creating and implementing their own adult
Library Relinquished Control of Community literacy action plans.
Programming to...Wait For It...Actual Speakers: Kristin Lahurd, American Library Association; Alicia Suskin
Muniz, ProLiteracy
Community Members
MCP - W187b Where There is Thunder, There is Lightning:
Transforming: Community Relationships EDI and Change in Libraries
Madison Public Library Community Engagement Team members ALA
share their experiences coordinating an event planning boot camp MCP - W176a
that offers up significant library resources, spaces, and money to com- Core Values
munity members in order to support events that directly reflect what
is important to the participants and their networks. Adapted from an The ALA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Implementation Working
original idea by UK performance poetry group Apples & Snakes and Group will feature lightning talks on equity, diversity, and inclusion
Half-Moon Theatre, Library Takeover @ MPL engaged teams of adult initiatives from a broad range of libraries. Presenters will have 5 min-
learners in a six-week long event-planning bootcamp, resulting in utes to share their successes and failures with initiatives designed to
large-scale community events around the city. Racial equity was a key promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in their libraries.
objective in the program plan.
Moderator: Janie Hermann, Public Programming Librarian, Princeton LHRT Research Forum—Alternative Literacies
(N.J.) Public Library
Speakers: Laura Damon Moore, Co-Founder & Editor, Library as
and Libraries: Historical Perspectives
Incubator Project; Michael Spelman, Library Manager—Central ALA, LHRT
Library, Madison (Wis.) Public Library MCP - W176b
Core Values
OITP—Report from the Swamp: Policy Researchers have traditionally focused on the reading literacy and
libraries. Presenters at this panel will explore the intersection between
Developments from Washington libraries and other forms of literacy. Lisa O’Connor will present her work
ALA on The Narrow Conception of Financial Literacy: Why It Must Change
MCP - W187c and Dominique Daniel will discuss her research on Developing Labor
Literacy: The UAW Libraries and Workers’ Education in the 1930s and
“We live in interesting times” has never been more true in the world 1940s.
of national policy and libraries. Come to this session to learn about
what’s happening in Washington and what ALA is doing about it. Speakers: Lisa O’Connor; Dominique Daniel

Specific topics will be determined in June, but may include net neutral-
ity, E-rate, the status of federal agencies that are closest to library
interests, and then who knows. Panel to be announced.
Measuring the Performance of Approval
PR Forum featuring Ben Bizzle ALCTS
MCP - W179a
MCP - W185d
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Many libraries work with vendors to facilitate the acquisition of con-
Career Development
tent in multiple formats. As the nature of collections have changed,
This year’s PR Forum features Ben Bizzle, founder and CEO of the mar- traditional approval procedures have been adapted at both ends to
keting and web development firm, Library Market. From programming meet customer needs. Vendors provide valuable services that save
to purchasing, from the website to the reference desk, every library, libraries time and money by preventing duplicate orders, managing
in every action, is telling a story to its community. What story is your format preferences, and profiling new books to suggest appropriate
library telling? Join Ben as he discusses the stories libraries tell, how content for collections. But how do libraries and vendors measure the
we tell those stories, and ways to enhance the stories we are telling to performance of approval services?
our communities. This fast-paced talk includes helpful tips and time
Speakers: Gabrielle Wiersma, Chair, ALCTS; Jean Ward, Senior
for questions.
Product Manager, ProQuest; Barbara Kawecki, Director, Collection
Speakers: Ben Bizzle Development & Workflow Solutions, EBSCO, Western U.S. and
Tools for Adult Literacy through your Library
ALA Metadata Migration: Managing Methods and
MCP - W178b Mayhem
Transforming: Services
Attendees will become familiar with free, openly-accessible resources MCP - W185bc
for serving adult learners, the Adult Literacy through Libraries Action
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Agenda and its companion online course. The Action Agenda is an
innovative call to action that outlines recommendations in seven Metadata migrations are inevitable. Learn how to cope from Maggie
key priority areas: Collection Development, Technology and Digital Dickson, Metadata Architect at Duke University Libraries, who will pres-
Literacy, Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships, Professional ent an overview of metadata remediation efforts used to prepare for
Development and Graduate Education, Community Planning and a systems migration. Gretchen Gueguen, Data Services Coordinator
Program Evaluation, Raising Awareness and Influencing Policy, and at the Digital Public Library of America will explore techniques used
Sustainability. The session will include an introduction to the Action to analyze and map metadata from a variety of sources, including an

122 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
overview of a new open source tool being developed by DPLA. Magazine, and many anthologies. Hurley has written for The Atlantic,
Co-sponsored by the Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Entertainment Weekly, The Village Voice, Bitch Magazine, and Locus
Group and the CAMMS Cataloging Norms Interest Group Magazine. She posts regularly at
Speakers: Maggie Dickson, Metadata Architect, Duke University Moderator: Aimee Fifarek, Deputy Library Director Customer Support,
Libraries; Gretchen Gueguen, Data Services Coordinator, Digital IT & Digital Initiatives, Phoenix Public Library
Public Library of America Speaker: Kameron Hurley, Author, The Geek Feminist Revolution, the
award-winning God’s War Trilogy and The Worldbreaker Saga

Beyond Bilingual: Making Storytime Friendly

to Families who are English Language SNAP, CRACKLE, POP: Pop-up Libraries on a
Learners Shoestring
LLAMA Buildings and Equipment Community of Practice
MCP - W175a
Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
Transforming: Services
Many public libraries do not have the financial resources to build a
There are over 300 languages spoken in the United States and librar-
new facility in remote or growing parts of their service area, however
ies are seeing a growing number of immigrant families at their pro-
customer demand may dictate a presence of some type. This work-
grams. What do you do when storytime leaders and storytime families
shop will present economical, innovative and practical solutions to this
don’t speak the same language? From creating visual schedules and
dilemma. A pop-up library can be created in anything: a storage con-
other visual aids to to using Plain Language to translating storytime
tainer, a second-hand Airstream trailers or a kiosk in the mall. Discover
guides, discover simple techniques to make your storytime friendly to
how you can be a part of this growing trend.
parents and children who are English Language Learners.
Speaker: Traci Lesneski
Speakers: Rachel G. Payne, Coordinator, Early Childhood Services,
Brooklyn Public Library; Eva Raison, Coordinator of Immigrant
Services, Brooklyn Public Library; Jessica Ralli, Early Literacy Applying Racial Equity Analysis to Library
Programs Coordinator, Brooklyn Public Library
Policies, Programs and Processes
Early Learning Communities of Practice: MCP - W180
How Libraries Are Leading the Way to School Transforming: Community Relationships
Readiness Our public institutions were created within the same historical and
cultural context that produced slavery, Jim Crow, and the prison indus-
trial complex. Today, municipalities and libraries across the country

MCP - W181a
are finally developing strategies to interrupt the machine of systemic
Transforming: Community Relationships racism. In this session, participants will hear from libraries engaged
Is your library involved with Head Start, WIC, or 4K? Do you partner in racial equity work about lessons learned and concrete tools. Learn
with businesses to promote early learning? From innovative state-wide about resources available through the Local and Regional Government
programs to local early literacy efforts, libraries are organizing com- Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) and the Center for Social Inclusion
munities of practice to boost school readiness and create opportunity (CSI). Come prepared to dive into an exercise to help you analyze your
in their cities, towns, and villages. Join five panelists as they outline library’s racial equity impact.
proven, successful early literacy community development through Speaker: Amita Lonial, Skokie Public Library; Simran Noor, Center
collaborations with government and nonprofit agencies, healthcare for Social Inclusion; Sarah Lawton, Madison Public Library; Andrew
providers, businesses, school districts, and other organizations. Harbison, Seattle Public Library; Amy Sonnie, Oakland Public Library
Speakers: Sharon Grover, Youth Services Consultant, Arrowhead
Library System; Tessa M. Schmidt, Public Library Youth and Inclusive
Services Consultant, Wisconsin State Library Agency/ Dept. Public Floating: High Volume Low Stress
Instruction; Shawn Brommer, Youth Services & Outreach Consultant, PLA
South Central (WI) Library System; Marge Loch-Wouters, Youth MCP - W181b
Services Consultant, Southwest (WI) Library System; Leah Langby,
Transforming: Services
Library Development and Youth Services Coordinator, Indianhead
Federated Library System (WI) Floating, the next best thing, or more work and more stress? Learn
how a team of 2.5 full-time employees handled over 75,000 items in
its first year of operation, relocating an average of 4,000 items monthly
and weeding an additional 2,300 items monthly. Creative staff ideas
LITA President’s Program with Kameron in restructuring workflow and evidence based collection management
led to a more balanced collection and reduced stress on staff and
Hurley: We Are the Sum of Our Stories the delivery system. Join us in tackling collection management and
LITA discover new approaches and best practices. Speakers encourage
MCP - W192 audience participation.

Transforming: Systems & Technology Speakers: Mary Wagoner, Sr. Manager, Special Projects, Houston
Public Library; Fred Schumacher, Administration Manager, Library
LITA President Aimee Fifarek welcomes Kameron Hurley, author of Materials Services, Houston Public Library
the essay collection The Geek Feminist Revolution, as well as the
award-winning God’s War Trilogy and The Worldbreaker Saga. Hurley
has won the Hugo Award, Kitschy Award, and Sydney J. Bounds Award
for Best Newcomer. She was also a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke
Award, the Nebula Award, and the Gemmell Morningstar Award. Her
short fiction has appeared in Popular Science Magazine, Lightspeed

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 123
Trust & Transparency During Times of Rapid SUNDAY, JUNE 25 • 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
PLA An Urban Literacy Summit: Collaboration for
MCP - W175c Collective Impact
Core Values AASL
Libraries are changing the way they serve their communities and MCP - W175b
adapting to their customers needs. During a system-wide transforma- Transforming: Community Relationships
tion, Gwinnett County Public Library (GCPL) overhauled their system’s
customer service model, removed the help desk at each location, A community-wide literacy summit unites literacy leaders to ensure
and introduced new technology, all while building a work environment equitable access to programming supports for children, birth to inde-
focused on Trust & Transparency. Library leaders from GCPL will dis- pendence. Participants craft a preliminary Literacy Summit Concept
cuss how they successfully created a culture of open communication Plan. “Collective Impact,” Susan Goodman’s The First Step, and the
and transparency with staff through a structured internal communica- Boston city-wide Literacy Summit frame workshop brainstorming and
tions strategy during times of rapid change. devising. ALA’s Future of the Library Collective Impact Statement
charges library professionals to advocate, explore and act on a
Speakers: Charles Pace, Executive Director, Gwinnett County “common agenda” with civic leaders.
Public Library; Michael E. Casey, Director of Customer Experience,
Gwinnett County Public Library; Clifford Ibarrondo, Marketing & Speaker: Deborah Lang Froggatt, Director of Library Services, Boston
Communications Officer, Gwinnett County Public Library Public Schools; Farouqua Abuzeit, Manager of Youth Services, Boston
Public Library

AMIA@ ALA Distributing Archives: Makerspaces: The View From Here

Preservation, Restoration, and Access AASL
VRT MCP - W175a
MCP - W181c Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Transforming: E-Books & Collections With four years of qualitative research in library makerspaces, one
Presented by the Association of Moving Image Archivists and co- thing is clear, every maker space is different. Each space is put
sponsored by Video Round Table, this panel will discuss organizations together with their clients, patrons, or students in mind. Through
acting as both archives and distributors of moving image materials. photographs, librarian, student, and educator interviews, and ques-
Wood will focus on Kino Lorber’s restoration process for the “Pioneers tionnaires this presentation will focus on the variety of opportunities
of African-American Cinema” project. Bonfanti will speak on preserving offered by makerspaces in libraries around the world as well as the
the medium of motion picture film exhibition and her work at Canyon challenges, successes, and practicalities that librarians face when
Cinema. Chapman will offer a less traditional model of distribution with offering these services in their libraries.

Chicago-based Media Burn Archive. Attendees will learn about the differ- Speaker: Heather Moorefield-Lang, Assistant Professor, School of
ence between preservation and restoration of moving images; and the Library Science: University of South Carolina
importance of preserving the motion picture film projection experience.
Moderator: Steven Milewski, Digital Media Technologies Librarian,
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Eurasian and Central Asian Studies in the
Speakers: Siobhan C. Hagan, Director of Public Programs & Heartland and Beyond
Outreach, Old Greenbelt Theatre; Bret Wood, Producer, Kino Lorber;
Antonella Bonfanti, Director, Canyon Cinema Foundation; Sara ALA
Chapman, Executive Director, Media Burn Archive MCP - W181a
This program explores challenges and opportunities associated with
The Surprising Way We Got Teens Talking building collections from and about Central Asia and library develop-
About Books ment in Central Asia. Subject specialists for Eurasia and Central Asia,
will describe strategies for acquiring materials from the region, includ-
YALSA ing acquisition trips to Central Asia, exchange programs, and vendor
MCP - W184a supplied materials.
Transforming: Community Relationships Speakers: Andy Spencer, Slavic, East European, Middle Eastern &
Three librarians, tired of teens no-showing for book clubs and movie Central Asian Studies Librarian, University of Wisconsin-Madison;
nights, decided to conquer the classroom. Learn how to partner with Kit Condill, Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Librarian,
schools to take advisory to a captive audience, develop meaningful University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Lenny Kershteyn, General
relationships, and refine your booktalks for teens. You will leave with Manager for MIPP North America, MIPP International—Books, Media,
a roadmap to implement embedded librarianship in your community and Electronic Databases from Russia and CIS
schools and ideas for booktalks, teen approved.
Speakers: Bridget Kiely; Catherine Boddie; Kelsey McLane
Lit@Lunch using MackinVia and Google
MCP - W184d
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Two high school library media specialists in lower socioeconomic Title
I schools use MackinVia e-books and Google Hangouts to mentor ele-
mentary students in two schools with similar socioeconomic environ-
ments, integrate the authentic use of technology, and create a culture

124 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
of reading that will develop proficient readers, who will read not only
for content, but for pleasure.
Want to Know? Just Ask the Staff: Using
Speakers: Deb Svec, Media Specialist, Palm Beach Gardens High Employee Surveys in Your Library
School; Elizabeth Zdrodowski, Media Specialist, Glades Central High LLAMA Technology Community of Practice
School MCP - W185a
Transforming: Services
How to Reach New Audiences, Communicate High performing organizations value employee engagement through
shared vision and transparency. Measuring the pulse of employees
Innovation, and Build Partnerships: A through surveys and focus groups provides management insight into
University Library Makerspace Case Study employee perceptions, attitudes, and satisfaction. The process does
not have to be lengthy or complex, but creating a culture that values
LLAMA Public Relations and Marketing Community employee feedback is essential. Hear how two libraries regularly use
of Practice these techniques to peek under the skin of their organizations to dis-
MCP - W175c cover areas of excellence and areas of improvement.
Transforming: Services Moderator: Mary Anne Hodel, Library Director/Chief Executive
Implementing an array of communication strategies and building new Officer, Orange County Library System
programmatic partnerships contributed to the success of a new mak- Speakers: Robyn K. Huff-Eibl; Kim Simoneaux
erspace program at Cline Library at Northern Arizona University. The
MakerLab features the first MakerBot Innovation Center in the West
and serves not only the campus community, but the local community Start Here: Achieving High Impact through
college and the public. Learn how to adapt key communication strate-
gies to your own initiative!
Teen Internships and Volunteering
Speakers: Kathleen Schmand; Janet Crum YALSA
MCP - W184a
Transforming: Services
According to a 2015 Youth Truth survey, a majority of youth in the
United States feel unprepared for college and careers. Whether you're
building your teen program from the ground up or looking for ways
to level up, this session will provide you with resources and real life
examples of how teen volunteer and internship opportunities can
meaningfully support 21st century skill building while also lending
authenticity and general awesomeness to library programming.
Speaker: Shannon Peterson


A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 125
MONDAY, JUNE 26 • 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM Women and Women First: Feminist
Bookstores, Past and Present
Transforming Learning in K–12 Libraries ACRL WGSS
Through Inclusionary Best Practices MCP - W181c
AASL Transforming: Community Relationships
MCP - W175b Few feminist bookstores remain in business in the United States, but
Transforming: Teaching & Learning they were once vital community gathering places of inquiry, discovery,
information access, and consciousness-raising. This program exam-
A growing body of research demonstrates the impact that school librar- ines the impact of the feminist bookstore movement on feminism and
ies have on student achievement. However, despite the fact that 1 women and gender studies from the 1970s to the present. Panelists
in 5 students is classified as having a disability, studies investigating include individuals who were active in this significant part of feminist
school library accessibility and inclusive services are limited. This ses- history. This WGSS program is co-sponsored in-name only by the SRRT
sion presents findings from successful inclusive programming, group Feminist Task Force.
discussions, and a “museum walk” to exchange ideas for best prac-
tices in school libraries. Speakers: Sandra Torkildson, Owner, A Room of One’s Own
Bookstore; Ann Christophersen, Co-founder and co-owner, Women &
Speaker: Clayton A. Copeland, Faculty and Director, Laboratory for Children First; Lou Kaly, Collective Member, Bluestockings Bookstore;
Leadership in the equity of Access and Diversity (LLEAD), School of Lynn Mooney, Co-owner, Women & Children First
Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina; Karen
Gavigan, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Library and Information
Science, University of South Carolina Jean E. Coleman Library Outreach Lecture
OERs: Science Liaisons Strengthening the MCP - W184bc
Core Values
Academy with Open Resources
The Jean E. Coleman lecture series honors Dr. Jean E. Coleman, the
ACRL STS first director of the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services
MCP - W181a (now the Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services) for her
Transforming: Teaching & Learning leadership in focusing the Association's attention on issues affecting
This panel presentation will focus on OERs in academic libraries, with traditionally underserved and underrepresented people in libraries.
an emphasis on STEM. OERs are flexible and quickly can be adapted to This year's lecture will be presented by Janice Rice, retired Outreach
incorporate cutting-edge research, allowing for students to recognize Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. Rice
and engage in scientific scholarship as a conversation in real time. retired from the University of Wisconsin following a distinguished
Panelists will describe successful examples of librarian contributions 36-year career and a long record of commitment to improving diversity

to OER development at their institutions, as well as explore avenues issues in the UW General Library System and the library profession.
for growth and innovation of our roles as this field continues to evolve. Speaker: Janice Rice
This STS program is co-sponsored in-name only by the ACRL Instruction
Section (IS).
Moderator: Sarah Crissinger, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Spotlight on Rural, Native, and Tribal
Indiana University Libraries: From Fresno to Alaska
Speakers: Regina Gong, Manager of Technical Services and Systems ALA
& OER Project Manager, Lansing Community College Library; Merinda MCP - 176a
McLure, Health and Human Sciences Librarian, University of Colorado
Boulder; Nina Exner, Researcher and Grant Support Services Transforming: Services
Librarian, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Join the ALA Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds Committee
for two sessions, including:
"Empowering Native Voices and Cultures at Fresno State: The
Academic Library's Collaboration with Community Partnerships"
Presenters: Raymond Pun, First Year Student Success Librarian,
California State University, Fresno; and Julie Moore, Special
Collections Catalog Librarian, California State University, Fresno
"Implementation of the Mukurtu CMS at Utqiaġvik Alaska; a joint part-
nership between the North Slope Borough Iñupiat History Language
and Culture department and Ilisaġvik College Tuzzy Consortium
Presenter: Jason Russell, Archivist/Technical Services Librarian,
Tuzzy Consortium Library

Need a charge? Low on power? Libraries for the Global Community: Their
Sustainability and Impact—(ISLD Program)
A Doblet charger will get you going. Stop by the Doblet
Desk near Registration and pick up a free portable
MCP - W178b
charger. Learn how these can also be a valuable service
Libraries and information access are more important than ever for the
for your library.
international community. Recognizing their impact on global literacy
Plug in and get juiced! and understanding, the International Sustainable Library Development
Interest Group will address the sustainable nature of libraries and

126 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
their services, particularly in developing nations, with recognition of
differing library systems and user expectations.
Strong Girls School: Create a Program
Speakers: Joan S. Weeks, Head Near East Section and Turkish Addressing Gender Bias, Inequality and Self-
Specialist, Library of Congress; Patricia Wand, Adjunct Professor and Esteem Building for Girls
University Librarian Emerita, American University; Sara C. Mansback,
Project Advisor, Partners in Literacy—Haiti; Connie Champlin, Library YALSA
Consultant, Connie Champlin Group; Peter Deekle MCP - W184d
Transforming: Services
Strong Girls School is a program for young adult girls that addresses
Implementing Gamified Assessment and gender bias, inequality and self-esteem building. It supports the
Badges: A Practical Guide engagement, growth and achievement of girls and teaches valuable
life skills. It allows librarians to build meaningful relationships with
LITA patrons and create or build upon relationships with community orga-
MCP - W178a nizations. Participants will learn why this program is necessary and
Transforming: Teaching & Learning valuable, and receive detailed instructions on running it.
Gamification in education and libraries is becoming increasingly Speaker: Nancy Evans
popular. How can you get started using gamification? Come to this
practical program on how to begin using gamification for instruction or
assessment purposes and using badges. Attendees will be shown two MONDAY, JUNE 26 • 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
different tools for gamified assessment, such as Kahoot and Quizzizz.
In addition badge systems will be discussed, which could be used for
library patrons or students, or even library workers. If time permits,
Government Publications Preservation in
there will be a short activity that attendees can begin using the tools Action: How It Works and What It Costs
discussed during the program, so please bring a laptop or tablet!
Speakers: Breanne Kirsch, Public Services Librarian, University of MCP - W178b
South Carolina Upstate; Matthew Kopel, Program Manager for the
Digital Inclusion Corps, National Digital Inclusion Alliance; Chris
Transforming: E-Books & Collections
Bohne, Library Media Specialist, Oakland Elementary, Bloomington, IL One crucial way that librarians ensure access to American history is
through the preservation of government publications in paper and
digital formats. A panel of librarians will discuss what is needed to
Boutique Aesthetics & Prison-grade identify, catalog, inventory, and plan for the digitization and preser-
vation of government publications. Topics under discussion will also
Durability—Secrets to Successful Library include resources needed to collect born-digital publications and pre-
Interiors serve paper editions.

LLAMA Buildings and Equipment Community of Practice
MCP - W193 MONDAY, JUNE 26 • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Transforming: Physical & Virtual Space
The formula to a winning library interior is to design for “Boutique aes- Advocacy Program
thetics and prison-grade durability and it can be done without sacrific-
ing either goal! See beautiful examples and hear pointers about just ALA
how to make this happen. MCP - W471a
Speakers: Elisabeth Martin; Denelle Wrightson; Susan Flannery; Advocacy partnership meeting with various ALA Stakeholders.
Brian Kenney Moderator: Marci Merola, Director, Office for Library Advocacy,
American Library Association

Demystifying the Federal Reserve

RUSA, RUSA BRASS Booklist’s Read ’N’ Rave
MCP - W175a ALA
Updates/Briefings MCP - W179a
Have you met FRED, FRASER or ALFRED? Dr. Christian Zimmermann, Books & Authors
Assistant Vice President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, will Hear several collection development specialists rave about their favor-
introduce you to these newly updated and improved databases and ite titles gathered from the exhibit floor.
more. He will provide an overview of the Federal Reserve System, its Moderator: Rebecca Vnuk, Booklist’s Reference and Collection
role in the U.S. economy, and the economic data, information and Management editor
research produced in twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks and the
Board of Governors. Come early for breakfast (8:00–8:30am), spon- Speakers: Elisabeth Martin; Denelle Wrightson; Susan Flannery;
sored by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Brian Kenney
Speaker: Christian Zimmermann, Assistant Vice President of
Research Information Services, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 127
BUY-IN NOT OPT-OUT: Creating a Culture for The Data Privacy Project—Everything You
Staff-Driven Metrics Thought You Knew (But May Have Had Wrong)
ALA About Privacy
MCP - W176b
ALA, Center for the Future of Libraries
Core Values MCP - W190a
Is staff in your library reluctant to participate in the measurement Core Values
of institutional performance? Do they seem confused by the logic
Join us for this interactive session where you'll test your privacy knowl-
model and struggle to apply it to their work? Would you like Senior
edge and imagine yourself as one of your patrons, navigating their
Staff to make data-driven decisions? Learn a method for engaging
privacy worries and considering the proactive steps that they can take.
staff at all levels of the organization in program evaluation. Improve
You'll learn more about the history, partners, and outputs of the Data
staff analytical skills and help the entire organization, including your
Privacy Project, an IMLS-funded project resulting in training hundreds
Board of Trustees, focus on institutional strategy. Be introduced to a
of librarians across the New York metropolitan area and creating cur-
performance measuring system that works.
riculum for library staff everywhere. We'll also look at a few future
Speaker: Chris Cairo, Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment, privacy projects coming out of the Data Privacy Project.
Indianapolis Public Library

Practical Privacy for the Library: An

Cuban Libraries Today
Intellectual Freedom Issues Briefing
MCP - W176a ALA, OIF
MCP - W178a
Thanks to the improvement in relations between the United States and
Cuba opportunities are possible for a new era of connections between Updates/Briefings
U.S. library community and Cuba library community. So what is the Efforts to roll back privacy laws and regulations and the unchecked
situation of Cuban libraries and librarians today? Come and find out. collection and use of individuals’ online data are challenging librar-
ies’ ability to protect their patrons’ privacy. Learn about the tools
and tactics you and your library can employ to implement practical
German Academic Libraries: New Trends in and cost-effective tactics for protecting your users’ online privacy.
Management This fast-paced presentation will identify the most pressing privacy
issues in libraries and provide practical solutions to those issues that
ALA will help secure your patrons’ data and shield them from unwanted
MCP - W181a surveillance.
Academic libraries in Germany are constantly changing due to new Speakers: Michael Robinson, Head of Systems at the Consortium

developments in higher education influenced by digital transforma- Library, University of Alaska Anchorage; Galen Charlton, Infrastructure
tions in research and instruction and study, as well as in reaction to and Added Services Manager, Equinox Software; William Marden,
scientific-political impulses. The changes occur in multiple fields, at MLS, Director of Data Privacy and Compliance, New York Public
various speeds, and sometimes simultaneously or unexpectedly. This Library
results in continuous change management that encompasses vari-
ous factors, such as organizational and personnel development, the
library’s service offerings and cooperation with partners within and SitStayRead: How Dogs Are Improving Literacy
without the university. Using various examples, new trends in German
academic libraries will be illustrated. Skills and Fostering a Love of Learning
Speakers: Karl-Wilhelm Horstmann, Stuttgart-Hohenheim University, ASCLA
Director of KIM (Center of Communication, Information, Media); MCP - W175a
Ewald Brahms, Director, Hildesheim University Library; Robert Zepf, SitStayRead is a nonprofit literacy organization established in 2003
Director, Rostock University Library which serves 80 classrooms in 16 of Chicago’s low-income public
schools. Our program connects children in 1st through 4th Grades
with trained literacy volunteers and Certified Reading Assistance Dogs
OITP—Another Report from the Swamp: in a curriculum that develops key literacy and social-emotional skills.
Copyright Policy Developments from Speakers: Kate Mcllvain, Program Director, SitStayRead; Mara
O’Brien, Executive Director, SitStayRead
MCP - W179b The Glass is Half Full: Getting More Out of
Join three copyright policy experts and get the latest on copyright Less
law review, expanded exceptions for people with disabilities, and the
status of the U.S. Copyright Office under Librarian of Congress Dr.
MCP - W175b
Carla Hayden. Additional topics will be discussed if there is late break-
ing news. Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations—Staff and
Speakers: Virginia Sanchez, Librarian, Yosemite National Park; Janice
Young, Librarian, U.S. Department of Energy, OSTI; Sarah Hoghton,
Director, San Rafael Public Library; Denise Zielinski, Community
Engagement Officer, Joliet Public Library

128 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
The New Normal: Libraries Navigate Uncertain Many skills that instruction librarians gain through teaching experi-
ences are transferrable to management and other leadership roles,
Times and we will explore this connection between teaching and leading in
RUSA, ALA both theory and practice. Each participant will leave the workshop
MCP - W175c with a stronger self-awareness and identity as a library leader and an
action plan for career growth.
Transforming: Library Workforce
Moderator: Rebecca Miller, Head, Library Learning Services, Penn
Libraries were heavily impacted by the recession that began in late State University Libraries
2007. Staffing was reduced, hours and services cut, and closures
loomed. The new political and economic context presents an entirely Speakers: Lauren Pressley, Director of UW Tacoma Library, University
new set of challenges for libraries and library workers to navigate. This of Washington-Tacoma; Carrie Donovan, Assistant Dean for Research
program explores how libraries rebuilt programs, services, hours, and & Instruction Services, Ferris State University
staffing levels, and are creating new models to challenge austerity.
Panelists will highlight libraries and library worker organizations that are
advancing innovative strategies to meet the evolving needs of patrons.
African Libraries Transforming Their Place in
Co-sponsored by joint AFL-CIO/ALA Labor Committee and RUSA. the Community
Speakers: Emily Drabinksi, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Long ALA
Island University; Eamon Tewell, Electronic Resources Librarian, Long MCP - W178b
Island University; Edward Keane, Electronic Resources Librarian,
Long Island University; Patricia Keogh; Kay Schwartz
Libraries in Africa have long followed traditional models, but they
are now transforming their role to be more active in the community
MONDAY, JUNE 26 • 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM through better engagement with their communities. These presenta-
tions showcase efforts for libraries to become transformative partners
in their communities.
ALCTS and LLAMA Presidents’ Program—The
Business of Social Impact: Creating a World Libraries Support Research in Germany
Where Everyone Has Value ALA
MCP - W192 Academic libraries at German universities support researchers by pro-
Join ALCTS and LLAMA for a Presidents’ Program featuring Dorri viding scientific information resources, managing and linking research
McWhorter, Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago. data, and assisting with open-access publication of research results.
Businesses and their role in society are often defined by an organiza- A system of specialist information services that puts the interests

tions’ tax status as a “for profit” or “non-profit”. However, every busi- and needs of the researchers at the forefront has been developed
ness is a social enterprise, whether they know it or not, and has a role with financial support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the
to advance society. With social entrepreneurship on the rise, the con- German Research Association. The developments in Germany in these
vergence of for profit and non-profit business models is imminent. How areas will be presented using various examples.
do we create social impact and a world where everyone has value? Speakers: Matthias Harbeck, Subject Specialist, Humboldt-
Speaker: Dorri C. McWhorter, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA University, Berlin University Library; Bettina Müller, Subject Specialist,
Metropolitan Chicago Heidelberg University Library; Thomas Stäcker, Deputy Director,
Herzog August Research Library Wolfenbüttel

YALSA’s President’s Program

YALSA Banned Abroad: Stories of International
MCP - W184bc Censorship
Transforming: Services ALA, OIF
YALSA President Sarah Hill’s year-long initiative, “Real Teens, Real MCP - W178a
Ready” focuses on the need for libraries to evolve in order to effec- Core Values
tively serve today’s teens. In ever changing and uncertain times, teens
feel under-prepared for their future, yet the library can be their instru- International book banning and censorship restricts diverse narratives
ment to readiness for careers, college, workforce, and life. Attend this and ideas, but one avenue provides an entry to opportunities: U.S.
interactive session and learn about a range of innovative programs publishing. In this panel discussion, attendees will hear from publish-
serving today’s teens and learn strategies you can take back to your ers and translators about how books that were banned in their country
own library. of origin found allies within U.S. publishing and translating — and how
they can find homes on library shelves. The program will explore the
risks and complications that come with the decision to translate and
MONDAY, JUNE 26 • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM publish “controversial” works.
Co-sponsored by the Office for Intellectual Freedom, the Association
of American Publishers and the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative.
From Teaching to Leading: A Learning-
Moderator: James LaRue, Director, Office for Intellectual Freedom &
Centered Management Bootcamp Freedom to Read Foundation, American Library Association
ACRL Speakers: Peter Blackstock; Ross Ufberg; Inci Sariz; Susan Harris
MCP - W179b
Transforming: Library Leadership Expectations—Staff and
This interactive panel for new and aspiring coordinators, managers,
and supervisors approaches leadership through the lens of pedagogy.

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 129
ALSC Charlemae Rollins President's Program: Asking for a Friend: Tough Questions (and
Plugging into the Digital Age: Libraries Honest Answers) about Organizational Culture
Engaging and Supporting Families with PLA
MCP - W192
Today’s Literacy Core Values
If you have tricky questions about your library’s organizational culture,
MCP - W185bc
from how to create shared values and vision to what to do about bitch-
Transforming: Services ing and moaning, then this session is for you! Several public library
Digital technology impacts all areas of life: brain development, learn- leaders have vowed to tell the unvarnished truth when asked about
ing styles, and interpersonal relationships. Experts in the field have organizational culture. Audience members will be able to submit
gathered to present the latest research on digital-age technology and questions both beforehand and during the session, and can “Ask for
its relationship to childhood development and childhood literacy. This a Friend” to maintain a safe and open environment. A very interactive,
panel will feature Chip Donohue from the Erikson Institute and Sarah highly relevant, slightly irreverent, and absolutely honest conversation
R. Lytle from the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, who will about an incredibly important topic.
present the latest research in this area of study. Lisa Regalla from the Speakers: Susan Brown, Director, Chapel Hill Public Library;
Center for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum will Richard Kong, Director, Skokie Public Library; Megan Egbert, District
discuss practical ways to implement this information in our libraries & Programs Manager, Meridian District Library; Chris Warren, Director,
services. This program will provide attendees with innovative ways for Auburn Public Library; Natalie Nation, Boise Public Library
librarians to enhance their professional development and grow into
their role as media mentors for children and caregivers.
Speakers: Chip Donohue, Erikson Institute; Sarah Lytle, Institute for Finding Joy in Making Change: Teens &
Learning and Brain Sciences, University of Washington; Lisa Regalla, Community Engagement
Center for Childhood Creativity
MCP - W179a
Early Literacy Outreach to Vulnerable Transforming: Community Relationships
Populations How can libraries empower teens to help others? How can schools
engage students in community-based service work during the regular
school day? How can young people develop their own initiatives that
MCP - W175a
impact their communities? Go beyond basic volunteer tasks for service
Transforming: Teaching & Learning hours; be inspired by youth who run charity drives, find new lives for
Because acquisition of early literacy skills can improve young chil- prom dresses, tutor elementary students, and more!

dren’s lives, outreach programming to people who are not yet library Speakers: Rachael Bild, High School Services Librarian, Oak Park
users has expanded. Innovative programs offer coaching to families Public Library; Becca Boland, Assistant Head of Popular Materials/
with hospitalized children in NICU’s, a traveling “Mother Goose on Teen Librarian, Ela Area Public Library; Michelle Torrise, Media
the Loose” librarian presents English and Spanish programs at local Specialist, Westmont High School; Regina Townsend, Teen Services &
daycares and community events, Rotarians to read books aloud to Outreach Librarian, Forest Park Public Library
children in laundromats, and “pop-up storytimes” promoted solely
through social media engage neighborhood families.
Speakers: Betsy Diamant-Cohen, Executive Director, Mother Goose
MONDAY, JUNE 26 • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
on the Loose; Summer Rosswog, Early Childhood Specialist, Port
Discovery Children’s Museum; Jeffrey Hardin, Urban Outreach
Educator, Sprocket; Dora Garraton, Mother Goose on the Loose, Vigo
Library Readiness: Steps to Ensure Your
County Public Library; Amanda Bressler, Supervisor of Youth Services, Students Are Ready to Learn in the Elementary
Newton Free Library
You’ve Earned It—Now Get the Respect You MCP - W175b
Deserve Transforming: Teaching & Learning
LLAMA Classroom teachers test background knowledge to ensure students are
MCP - W184a ready to learn the content. How can we do that in the library? How can
we ensure all students are ready for the information presented? Learn
Transforming: Library Workforce new ideas for assessing background knowledge and be ready to share
You are intelligent and forward-thinking, but do you get the respect ideas that work for you.
you deserve? Join in to hear how library systems across the country Speaker: Karla B. Collins, Assistant Professor, Longwood University
are adopting Libraries=Education to enjoy heightened respect and
funding. You’ll learn how staff is now accorded the same worth as
educators at schools, colleges, and universities. Why? Because Telling Their Stories through Graphic Novels—
Libraries=Education repositions you and your library (no matter what
type) as a key component of the education enterprise—without chang- Views from Behind the Fence
ing anything you do! AASL
Moderator: Valerie J. Gross, President & CEO, Howard County Library MCP - W176b
System Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Speakers: Doreen Hannon; Desiree Webber; Vicky Stever A school librarian and school library professor will describe the 2016
Will Eisner Innovation Grant Award project that they facilitated at the
Birchwood School at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.
The grant project was a collaboration between the Birchwood School

130 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
and the School of Library and Information Science at the University of
South Carolina. Incarcerated students wrote and story-boarded the text
Librarians Go to Juvie
for a graphic novel based on their gang experiences. Participants at this PLA
session will learn how they can replicate this writing and visual literacy MCP - W175a
program at any school level. Transforming: Community Relationships
Speaker: Dr. Karen Gavigan, University of South Carolina In Kalamazoo, Michigan we believe that reaching teens in our com-
munity means reaching ALL of our teens ...including those in juvenile
detention. With author book visits, book discussion groups, and a bed-
The 2017 Odyssey Awards time reading program called The Late Show, librarians and community
YALSA volunteers (including judges and police officers) bring books and a love
MCP - W184bc of reading to detained students through a unique set of programs. This
partnership with our Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home has a long his-
Books & Authors
tory of success, due to our belief that all of our kids deserve the oppor-
tunity to connect with books and reading.
MONDAY, JUNE 26 • 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM Speakers: Susan Warner, Head of Youth Services, Kalamazoo Public
Library; Jill Lansky, Library Associate, Teen Services, Kalamazoo Public
Library; Marge Kars, Retired medical librarian, Kalamazoo Public
Design for Adult Learning: Professional Library
Development Structures for School Librarians
AASL Advocating for Teens in the Public Library
MCP - W176a
Transforming: Teaching & Learning MCP - W179a
Change is constant. As curriculum, technology, and program standards Transforming: Services
evolve, librarians must continue to grow professionally to keep pace with
changing expectations. Professional growth depends on factors that The program will discuss the importance of advocating for teen pro-
influence adult motivation to learn and meaningful learning processes gramming within the Public Library. It will focus specifically on why offer-
that produce change in behavior. What structures work best for differ- ing teen services is important for teens and the community, ways to
ent learning needs and in different learning situations? Participants will advocate locally and nationally for teen services, how partnering with
expand their repertoire of adult learning strategies that result in continu- local organizations that serve teens strengthens teen services and cre-
ous professional growth. ates advocates for the library in the community, and ways to transition
teens into new young adults who love the library.
Speakers: Mary Keeling, Supervisor, Library Media Services,
Newport News Public Schools; Priscille Dando, Coordinator of Library Speakers: Britni Cherrington-Stoddart, Teen Services Lead Librarian,
Information Services, Fairfax County Public Schools; Kathryn Lewis, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library—Independence Regional Branch; Tiffany

Director of Media Services and Instructional Technology, Norman Boeglen, Adult Services Librarian, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library—Main
Public Schools; Sarah Searles, Specialist, Library Media Services, Knox Library
County Schools

Maker Pace: Start Small and Build Meaning

MCP - W175b
Transforming: Teaching & Learning
Want to join the maker movement and don’t know where to start or how
to get your teachers on board? In this presentation we will share some
ideas for how to start small with curriculum-based maker kits, focusing
on one maker tool at a time. We’ll discuss how to get started with the
right tool, funding and lessons that connect to your curriculum, as well
recommendations for how to share the knowledge with your teachers.
Speakers: Emilee Hillman, Library Technologies Specialist; Liesl
Toates, Library Technologies Specialist, Genesee Valley Educational

Learn more about Chi-Town

at the Chicago History
Museum, and explore
special exhibit Spies, Traitors,
and Saboteurs: Fear and
Freedom in America.

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 131

S A T U R D AY, J U N E 2 4 t h

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM



10:00 AM – 10:30 AM 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM


S U N D AY, J U N E 2 5 T H

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM


S U N D AY, J U N E 2 5 T H ( C o n t i n u e d )

10:00 AM – 10:30 AM 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


1:00 PM – 1:30 PM 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM



2:00 PM –2:30 PM Panels and Speaking Series Not to Be Missed!

SATURDAY June 24th
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM | McCormick Place West,
FOLEY W375b/Skyline
Auditorium Speaker
Sandra Uwiringiyimana

SUNDAY June 25th

M O N D AY, J U N E 2 6 T H 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM | McCormick Place West, ALA Exhibit Hall,
ALA Book Buzz Theater

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM BOOK BUZZ: Disney-Hyperion, Bloomsbury,

Macmillan, HarperCollins Children’s Books

COLIN MELOY & 2:00 PM – 4:00 pm | McCormick Place West,

CARSON Room S103
Booklist’s 50 Years of YA
ELLIS Special
Panel Featuring
Signing! Megan Whalen Turner!

Signing times subject to change. Please visit booth #3511 for an up-to-date schedule.

oice at the




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Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location

Thursday, June 22 8:00 am Start Time

*AASL CLASS II Advisory Board 1:00 pm HIL  - Conference
8:00 am Start Time
Room 4M
ACRL Immersion Faculty I 5:00 pm MCP   - W186a
*AASL CLASS II Researchers 12:00 pm HIL  - Conference
τALA Everybody’s Everyday Work: 4:00 pm MCP   - W178a Room 4C
Diversity and Inclusion
ACRL Immersion Faculty II 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
Room 4A
8:30 am Start Time *AFL-AILA American Indian Library 4:00 pm HYATT  - Skyway
PLA Task Force on Equity, Diversity 4:00 pm MCP   - W176c Association (AILA) Retreat 265
and Inclusion Meeting
ALA ALA Software Demonstrations 8:00 pm MCP   - W193b
9:00 am Start Time τALA Beyond the ’Racial Stalemate’ 9:30 am HRM  - Grant
*AASL Standards & Guidelines 5:00 pm MCP   - W186b Session 1 Park/CC 12C
Editorial Board and ALA External Review Panel (ERP) 12:00 pm HIL  - Astoria
Implementation Task Force Training Room
FTRF Freedom to Read Foundation 12:00 pm MCP   - W471a τALCTS Building Successful Digital 4:00 pm MCP   - W180
Board of Trustees Meeting Programs at Small Institutions
2:00 pm Start Time τALCTS Cataloging and Metadata for 4:00 pm MCP   - W179a
AASL Executive Committee Meeting I 4:00 pm MCP   - W195 the Web: Meeting the User
Where They Are
ALSC Executive Committee Meeting 4:15 pm MCP   - W186c
τGAMERT Escape to the Library 12:00 pm MCP   - W175c
FTRF Freedom to Read Foundation 5:00 pm MCP   - W471a
τIRRT Supporting the UN’s 1:00 pm MCP   - W184a
Board of Trustees Meeting
Sustainable Development
12:00 am Start Time Goals with International
Open Access Initiatives—IRRT

ALA Think Fit Yoga & Meditation 5:00 pm MCP   - W472
Room Preconference

3:00 pm Start Time 8:30 am Start Time

*AFL, BCALA Executive Board 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference AASL AASL-CAEP Coordinating 10:00 am MCP   - W195
AFL-BCALA Officers Room 4D Committee Meeting
ACRL Board Update 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
4:30 pm Start Time
Room 4D
AASL, AASL/ALSC/YALSA Joint Youth 6:00 pm MCP   - W186c
AFL, BCALA Executive Board 1:00 pm PALM   -
ALSC, Executive Committee Meeting
AFL-BCALA Meeting Burnham 1
ALA ALA Executive Board Meeting 11:30 am HRM  - Hyde
*AFL, BCALA Executive Board Retreat 6:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Park/CC 11AB
*ALA Emerging Leaders Workshop 2:30 pm MCP   - W196a
FTRF Freedom to Read Foundation 6:30 pm MCP   - W471b
Member Reception ALA Intellectual Freedom 10:00 am HYATT  -
Committee Meeting I Columbus GH
5:00 pm Start Time
*ALA Spectrum Institute: Creating 10:00 am PALM   - Wabash
*ALA Spectrum Institute Opening 7:00 pm PALM   - Wabash Community as a Form of Room
Reception Resistance
7:00 pm Start Time ALA Training, Orientation & 10:00 am HRM  - Prarie
*ALA Spectrum Institute Icebreakers 9:00 pm PALM   - Wabash Leadership Development Room B
Committee (TOLD)
Friday, June 23 ALCTS Technical Services Directors 11:30 am PALM   - Adams
7:30 am Start Time of Large Research Libraries Room
Interest Group
*ALA Spectrum Institute Breakfast 8:30 am PALM   - Crystal
Room *ASCLA ASCLA Consortial Ebook 4:00 pm MCP   - W471b
Interest Group —Working
ALA Think Fit Yoga & Meditation 7:00 pm MCP   - W472 Committees

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 135
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
τLLAMA Library Furniture Showroom 4:00 pm OS   - τRUSA, We Are All User Experience 12:00 pm MCP   - W175a
and Factory Tour (Buildings Merchandise RUSA ETS Librarians: Creating Change
and Equipment Community of Mart from the Trenches
UNO Print Archive Network Forum 11:00 am HRM  -
τLLAMA Cultural Proficiency for Library 4:00 pm MCP   - W176a (PAN) Burnham/CC
Leaders (Human Resources 23A-C
Community of Practice)
9:30 am Start Time
τRUSA, RUSA Genealogy 4:00 pm MCP   - W185bc
ALA OITP Advisory Committee 12:00 pm MCP   - W193a
RUSA HS Preconference, sponsored by
Meeting I
τSORT UNITED Nuts & Bolts for Trustees, 4:00 pm HIL  - Waldorf
Walking Tour—In the Loop of 11:30 am PALM
Friends, and Foundations Room
Chicago I

9:00 am Start Time 10:00 am Start Time

ACRL Board Orientation 12:00 pm HIL  - Conference
*AASL Standards & Guidelines 1:00 pm HRM  - Michigan
Room 4D
Implementation Task Force
τALA Beyond the ’Racial Stalemate’ 11:30 am HRM  - Grant
τAASL ISS ISS Tour 3:00 pm OS  - Off Site
Session 2 Park/CC 12C
τACRL IS Going with (and Growing with) 4:00 pm MCP   - W178a
τLLAMA Chicago’s Cool Green Scene: 4:00 pm OS  - Off Site
the Framework: Teaching
Learning From the Best
Information Literacy with a
(Buildings and Equipment
Social Justice Lens
Community of Practice)
τALA, CRO Chapter Leaders Forum 3:45 pm PALM   - Chicago
PLA PLA 2018 Conference Program 4:00 pm RAD   - Caspian
Subcommittee Meeting
τALA, PPO Libraries Transforming 4:00 pm MCP   - W474
Communities: Dialogue for 10:30 am Start Time
Change in Large, Urban ALA Intellectual Freedom 12:30 pm HYATT  -
Systems Committee Meeting II Columbus GH
τALCTS Preservation in Action Event— 4:00 pm OS  - Off Site ALA OGR—Get-Your-Hands-Dirty 11:30 am MCP   - W181a
Volunteers Wanted! Library Activism. Now More
τASCLA Becoming a Dementia Friendly 4:00 pm MCP   - W179b Than Ever!
Library: Serving People ALA Round Table Coordinating 12:00 pm MCP   - W177
Living with Dementia in Your Assembly
*ALA Spectrum Institute: Urging 12:00 pm PALM   - Wabash
τASCLA Unconference: Accessibility 4:00 pm MCP   - W184bc Leaders—Moving Diverse Room
and Education, and its Librarians’ Careers Forward
Implications for Library
Services RUSA Membership Committee 11:30 am HRM  - Huron
τLITA LITA AdaCamp 4:00 pm OS   -
Northwestern UNO OCLC Enhance and Expert 12:00 pm HRM  - Regency
University Community Sharing Session Ballroom C

τMAGIRT Applying ’Descriptive 1:00 pm MCP   - W176b YALSA Executive I 11:30 am MCP   - W176c
Cataloging of Rare Materials 11:00 am Start Time

AASL Affiliate Assembly Leadership 3:00 pm HIL  - Williford C

τNMRT Building Bridges in ALA 12:00 pm HRM  - DuSable/ Conference
CC 21A-C
*UNO Executing CRL’s Shared Print 1:00 pm HRM  -
τPLA Project Outcome Workshop: 4:00 pm MCP   - W187 Agenda: A Planning Forum Burnham/CC
Simple Tools to Measure Our 23A-C
True Impact on the People We
Serve 11:30 am Start Time
τPLA The Librarian’s Disaster 4:00 pm MCP   - W178b ALA Literacy Assembly 12:30 pm HRM  - Grant
Preparedness and Community Park/CC 12AB
Resiliency Toolkit: Librarians τALSC ALSC PREconference: Perceive. 4:00 pm MCP   - W186
Fulfilling Their Role as Rise. Engage: Celebrate the
Information 1st Responders 2017 ALSC Honor Books
*PLA Library Support Organization 2:00 pm RAD  - Pacific 1
(LSO) Meeting

Need a charge? Low on power? 12:00 pm Start Time

AASL AASL-CAEP Program Reviewer 4:00 pm MCP   - W195
A Doblet charger will get you going. Stop by the Doblet Training
Desk near Registration and pick up a free portable *ALA ALA & Council Incoming 2:30 pm HRM  - DuSable/
charger. Learn how these can also be a valuable service Committee Chair Strategic CC 21A-C
Leadership Meeting
for your library.
ALA ALA Budget Analysis & Review 3:00 pm HRM  - Hyde
Plug in and get juiced! Committee (BARC/F&A) Park/CC 11AB

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

136 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA Graphic Novel Friday Forum: 4:00 pm MCP   - W190b *YALSA Alex Award Committee Meeting 4:00 pm HYATT  - Skyway
Read More, Read Better— I 261
Learning with Comics and
YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens 4:00 pm SWISS   - Zermatt
Graphic Novels
Committee Meeting I
*ALA Spectrum Institute Lunch 1:30 pm PALM   - Crystal
YALSA Young Adult Library Services 2:30 pm HRM  - Jackson
Association 101 Park/CC 10AB
EMIERT EMIERT Taste of the Town 4:00 pm OS  - Off Site
1:30 pm Start Time
τLIRT Examining and Supporting 4:00 pm MCP   - W175b
*ALA Spectrum Institute: 3:00 pm PALM   - Wabash
Student Transitions Across the
Intersections and the Room
Library Spectrum
Experience of LGBTQ Library
UNO 2017 NISO-BISG Changing 4:00 pm MCP   - W183b Folks
Standards Landscape:
RUSA Executive Committee Meeting 3:30 pm HRM  - Huron
Delivering the Integrated
Information Experience YALSA New Board Member Training 3:30 pm MCP   - W176c

12:30 pm Start Time 2:00 pm Start Time

ALA All Committee Meeting—Office 2:00 pm HRM  - Grant *AFL- BCALA Dr. E.J. Josey 3:00 pm PALM  - Clark 01
for Diversity, Literacy, and Park/CC 12AB BCALA Scholarship Committee
Outreach Services (ODLOS)
ALA Advisory Committee Meeting— 3:00 pm HRM  - Grant
τALA Beyond the ’Racial Stalemate’ 2:00 pm HRM  - Grant Office for Diversity, Literacy, Park/CC 12AB
Session 3 Park/CC 12C and Outreach Services
1:00 pm Start Time
ALA ALA Committee on 3:00 pm MCP   - W375e/
AASL Board of Directors Meeting I 4:00 pm HIL  - Williford B
Membership Meetings Skyline
ACRL Leadership Council and ACRL 3:00 pm HIL  -
ALA International Relations 3:30 pm MCP   - W177
Membership Meeting Continental A
Committee Meeting (IRC)
AFL Professional Socialization in 3:00 pm MCP   - W175c
PLA Digital Literacy Initiative 4:00 pm RAD  - Pacific 1
Chicago, 2018
AFL-BCALA BCALA Joint Commitee 2:30 pm PALM   -
UNO PCC Program Training 4:00 pm MCP   - W181b
Meeting (Membership, Burnham 1
Professional Development and 2:30 pm Start Time
Affiliates Committees)
ACRL Education Research Libraries 4:00 pm HIL  -
ALA COL/Legislation Assembly 4:00 pm HIL  - Marquette EBSS Forum Continental C
Joint Meeting: COL Business Room τALA Beyond the ’Racial Stalemate’ 4:00 pm HRM  - Grant
Meeting I
Session 4 Park/CC 12C
ALA Committee on Professional 2:30 pm HRM  - Jackson
ALA Emerging Leaders Poster 4:00 pm MCP   - W196b
Ethics Meeting I Park/CC 10C
Session and Reception
ALA Financial Literacy in Public 2:30 pm MCP   - W194a
ASCLA ASCLA Consortial ebook 4:00 pm HYATT  -
Libraries: A Report from ORE
Interest Group Columbus GH
IRRT International Librarians 4:00 pm MCP   - W470
ALCTS ALCTS Board of Directors 4:00 pm MCP   - W193a
Meeting I
3:00 pm Start Time

ALCTS, Competencies and Education 2:30 pm MCP   - W184d
ALCTS for a Career in Cataloging ACRL ACRL Leadership Council 4:00 pm HIL  -
CMMS Welcome Reception Continental B
ALSC Board of Directors I 4:00 pm HRM  - Regency AFL-OLAC Online Audiovisual Catalogers 4:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
Ballroom E (OLAC) Membership Meeting 22AB
τLEARNRT Supervisor Development 4:00 pm MCP   - W175a ALA OITP Copyright Education 4:00 pm MCP   - W194a
Programs that Work Subcommittee Meeting I
NMRT Annual Conference Orientation 2:30 pm MCP   - W196c *ALA-APA APA Certified Public Library 4:00 pm HRM  -
PLA Leadership Development 2:30 pm RAD   - Caribbean Administrator Certification Boardroom 4
Committee Meeting Review Committee (CPLA)

PLA PLAmetrics—Managing with 2:30 pm RAD   - Aegean ALA, ALA- ALA Council Orientation 4:00 pm MCP   - W375e/
Data COUNCIL Committee Skyline

PLA Public Libraries Advisory 2:30 pm RAD  - Pacific 2 GODORT GODORT 101: an introduc- 4:00 pm PALM  - Clark 03
Committee tion to the Government’
Documents Round Table
*RUSA Sophie Brody Medal Award 2:30 pm HRM  - Field/CC
CODES Committee 20C IFRT Intellectual Freedom Round 4:00 pm HRM  - Prarie
Table Meeting I Room B
*UNO NorthEast Research Libraries 4:00 pm HRM  -
Consortium Program Council Burnham/CC LITA LITA Conference Kickoff 4:00 pm MCP   - W194b
Meeting 23A-C

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 137
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
LLAMA Board of Directors Meeting I 5:00 pm HRM  - Field/CC ALSC 2018 Awards/Notables Chair’s 9:00 pm HYATT  - Skyway
20C Orientation 272
PLA Budget and Finance 4:00 pm RAD   - Caribbean NMRT Mentoring Social 9:00 pm HYATT  -
Committee Meeting Comiskey

4:00 pm Start Time 7:30 pm Start Time

ALA Opening General Session 5:15 pm MCP   - W375b/ AFL-APALA APALA Executive Board 9:00 pm HYATT  -
featuring Reshma Saujani Skyline Meeting Columbus G

5:30 pm Start Time AFL, Online Audiovisual Catalogers 9:30 pm HYATT  - Skyway
AFL-OLAC (OLAC), Cataloging and Policy 260
ALA Hachette Book Group & 6:10 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Committee (CAPC) Meeting
Ingram Content Group —Titles Hall, Book Buzz
We Love Buzz! Theater GAMERT ALA Play 10:00 pm HIL  - Stevens
Center, Salon A
5:45 pm Start Time
SRRT Feminist Task Force (FTF) 9:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
ALA Author Sue Macy Presents 6:35 pm MCP   - Exhibit Meeting 22AB
Motor Girls: How Women Took Hall, PopTop
the Wheel and Drove Boldly Stage SRRT Hunger, Homelessness, & 9:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
Into the Twentieth Century Poverty Task Force (HHPTF) 22AB

ALA DC’s Young Animal 6:35 pm MCP   - Exhibit SRRT International Responsibilities 9:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
Hall, Graphic Task Force (IRTF) 22AB
Novel/Gaming SRRT Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday 9:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
Stage Task Force (MLKTF) Meeting 22AB
ALA The Yarn Podcast LIVE at ALA 6:35 pm MCP   - Exhibit SRRT Social Responsibilities Round 9:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
with Two-Time Winner of the Hall, Chapter 1 Table (SRRT) All-Task Force 22AB
Newbery Medal, Katherine Stage Meeting
Paterson, on her new book, My
Brigadista Year! 8:00 pm Start Time
*AFL- BCALA Literacy Awards 10:00 pm PALM  - Clark 01
6:00 pm Start Time
BCALA Committee
AFL, AFL- REFORMA Executive 7:00 pm OS   - National τYALSA Michael L. Printz Program and 10:00 pm HYATT  - Grand
REFORMA Committee Meeting I Museum of
Reception AB
Mexican Art

6:15 pm Start Time 9:00 pm Start Time

τYALSA Michael L. Printz Reception 11:00 pm HYATT  - Grand
ALA Beach-Ready Summer Reading 7:00 pm MCP   - Exhibit
from Soho Crime Hall, Book Buzz
Saturday, June 24
6:30 pm Start Time 7:00 am Start Time
AFL, AFL- Denim and Diamonds Gala 11:00 pm OS   - National
*ALSC s' Breakfast 8:30 am RAD  - Baltic &
REFORMA Museum of
Mexican Art,
1852 W 19th *ALSC Priority Group Consultant 8:30 am HYATT  - Skyway
St. Meeting 261
τLLAMA LLAMA Fundraiser: A Night of 9:30 pm OS  - The Second UNO OCLC Dewey Update Breakfast 10:00 am HRM  - Prairie

Laughs at Chicago’s Second City and ALCTS Public Libraries Room

City Technical Services Interest
Group/Cataloging of Children’s
7:00 pm Start Time Materials Committee Meeting
AASL Affiliate Assembly I 9:00 pm HIL  -
7:30 am Start Time
Continental A
ALA Think Fit Yoga & Meditation 5:00 pm MCP   - W472
τAASL, ISS Social 8:30 pm OS   - Spertus
AASL ISS Lounge,
Roosevelt YALSA YALSA 301: Leadership 8:30 am HRM  - Field/CC
University Opportunities 20AB

ACRL ANSS-PPIRS Social Event 9:00 pm OS  - Off Site 8:00 am Start Time
*AASL Awards Green Room 9:00 am HIL  -
Continental A
AFL, AFL- REFORMA All Committee 11:00 am PALM   - Crystal
ACRL STS Council Meeting I 9:00 pm HIL  -
REFORMA Meeting Room
Continental C
*ALA Committee on Accreditation 5:30 pm HIL  - McCormick
AFL-BCALA BCALA International Relations 9:00 pm PALM  - Clark 02
(COA) Meeting I Boardroom
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 10:00 am MCP   - W181c
CCF Benefit: An Evening with 10:00 pm OS   - American
Program: Upstairs Inferno
Nikki Giovanni at the American Writers Museum
Writers Museum ALA, ALA- ALA Council Orientation 10:30 am MCP   - W375e/
COUNCIL Session for New and Reelected Skyline
ALCTS ALCTS 101 9:30 pm HYATT  -
Columbus A-D

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

138 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location

8:30 am Start Time ALA ALA JobLIST Placement & 9:00 am MCP   -
Career Development Center Placement
ACRL 2018 President’s Program 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
Orientation Center Hall F2
Planning Committee Meeting Room 4J
ALA Auditorium Speaker Series 9:30 am MCP   - W375b/
ACRL ACRL 101 10:00 am HIL  -
featuring Gene Luen Yang Skyline
Continental C
*ALA Booklist Advisory Board 12:00 pm HRM  - Michigan
ACRL First Year Experience 10:00 am HIL  -
Discussion Group Buckingham
Room ALA Committee on Education 10:00 am MCP   - W186c

ACRL Health Sciences Interest Group 10:00 am PALM   - LaSalle ALA Conference Committee 10:00 am MCP   - W186b
Business Meeting 2 ALA IRC and IRRT All Subcommittee 11:00 am MCP   - W470
ACRL Library and Information 10:00 am MCP   - W176c Meeting
Science (LIS) Education ALA Outreach Outside the Box 10:00 am MCP   - W183b
Interest Group Meeting
ALA Program Speed Dating: 10:00 am HRM  - Grant
*ACRL Standards Presenter Team 5:00 pm PALM   - Programming Librarian Interest Park/CC 12AB
Burnham 2 Group
ACRL Students Lead the Library: 10:00 am MCP   - W187b ALA Washington Office Update 10:00 am MCP   - W176a
A Showcase of Student Session—Be A Catalyst: Your
Contributions to the Academic Portfolio of Resouces to
Library Create Catalytic Change in
ACRL Value of Academic Libraries 11:30 am PALM   - Communities
Committee Meeting Dearborn 1 ALA, ODLOS Toolkit Showcase: New 10:00 am MCP   - W181a
ACRL All-Committees Meeting I 9:30 am HIL  - Lake Erie AFL-AILA Tools You Can Use
ANSS ALA, LRRT LRRT Research Forum 10:00 am MCP   - W187a
ACRL Conference Program 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
ANSS Planning—Chicago 2017 Room 4E
Committee Meeting
ACRL CLS Executive Committee Meeting 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
Room 4B
ACRL IS Executive Committee Meeting I 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
Room 4I Want to
Executive Committee Meeting I 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
Room 4F
turn your
ACRL Executive and All-Committees 10:00 am PALM   - LaSalle
PPIRS Meeting 1 young
Bibliographic Standards
Committee Meeting
11:30 am BLACK   - Crystal
readers into
ACRL Conference Program Planning 11:30 am HIL  - Marquette

RBMS Committee Meeting—New Room
Orleans 2018
We’ve got
Membership and Professional
Development Committee
10:00 am MCP   - W195
the recipe!
ACRL SAA-RBMS Joint Task Force on 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
RBMS the Development of Guidelines Room 4A Plum Pleasing Books
for Primary Source Literacy from
ACRL STS All-Committees Meeting 10:00 am HIL  -
Continental B
ACRL ULS Executive Committee Meeting 10:00 am PALM  - Clark 05
ACRL Cataloging Issues Discussion 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
WESS Group Room 4D
ALA ALA Award Committee 10:00 am HRM  - Huron Offering discounts and
ALA ALA Equity, Diversity, and 10:00 am MCP   - W177 free shipping for orders
Inclusion Implementation placed at Booth 1852
Working Group Meeting

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 139
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALCTS ALCTS Program Committee I 11:30 am PALM  - Hancock ASCLA ASCLA Library Development 10:00 am MCP   - W471b
Parlor Interest Group
ALCTS Creating the Future of 10:00 am MCP   - W185a ASCLA Association of Specialized and 10:00 am HIL  - Williford A
Digital Scholarship Together: Cooperative Library Agencies
Collaboration from Within Your 101 (ASCLA 101)
ASCLA Libraries Taking on Autism: A 10:00 am MCP   - W175a
ALCTS Personalizing Assessment: 10:00 am MCP   - W185d Movement for Collaborative
Making Collections Data Work Solutions
for You
*EMIERT Coretta Scott King Book 10:00 pm HIL  - Lake
ALCTS Public Libraries Technical 10:00 am HRM  - DuSable/ Awards Breakfast—Set Up Ontario
Services Interest Group CC 21A-C Room
ALCTS Technical Services Managers 10:00 am MCP   - S103 EMIERT Coretta Scott King Book 10:00 am MCP   - W474b
in Academic Libraries Interest Awards Committee—Executive
Group Board Meeting
ALCTS, Copy Cataloging Interest Group 10:00 am MCP   - S104 EMIERT You Can’t Stay Neutral on a 10:00 am MCP   - W187c
ALCTS Moving Train: Making Critical
CMMS Librarianship Tangible Through
Library Programs and Exhibits
ALCTS Linked Library Data Interest 10:00 am MCP   - S102
CMMS, Group GLBTRT GLBTRT Executive Board 11:30 am PALM  - Honore
LITA Meeting Ballroom
ALCTS Chief Collection Development 11:30 am PALM   - Adams *GODORT Government Information for 10:00 am PALM   -
CMS Officers of Large Research Room Children Burnham 4
Libraries Interest Group
IFRT Intellectual Freedom and Open 10:00 am MCP   - W184a
ALCTS Acquisitions Committee 10:00 am MCP   - W190b Access: Working Toward a
CRS Common Goal?
ALCTS All Committee Meeting and 11:30 am MCP   - W190b LIRT Steering Committee I 10:00 am BLACK   -
CRS Executive Committee Inspiration
ALCTS Committee on Holdings 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
CRS Information LITA LITA Joint Chairs Meeting 10:00 am HIL  - Int'l North
ALCTS Continuing Resources 10:00 am MCP   - W190b LLAMA Diversity Officers Discussion 10:00 am MCP   - W476
CRS Cataloging Committee Group
ALCTS Education, Research, and 10:00 am MCP   - W190b LLAMA Making Employee Training 10:00 am MCP   - W175c
CRS Publications Coordinating Stick: A Hands-On Program
Committee for Supervisors (Human
Resources Community of
ALCTS Policy and Planning Committee 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
LLAMA Middle Managers Discussion 10:00 am HIL  - Lake
ALCTS Standards Committee 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
Group (Organization and Michigan
Management Community of

ALCTS, Preservation Administrators 11:30 am HIL  - Williford B Practice)

ALCTS Interest Group (PAIG)
LLAMA The (In)Flexible Box: 10:00 am MCP   - W179a
Transforming Older Library
*ALSC 2018 Caldecott Award 11:30 am PALM   - Spaces (Buildings and
Committee Meeting I Burnham 1 Equipment Community of
*ALSC 2018 Geisel Award Committee 10:00 am PALM   - Cresthill Practice)
Meeting I Room LLAMA All Committees and Working 10:00 am MCP   - S105
*ALSC 2018 Wilder Award Committee 11:30 am PALM   - Groups (LLAMA Buildings
Meeting I Dearborn 2 and Equipment Community
of Practice, LLAMA Fund
ALSC Leadership and ALSC 11:30 am HYATT  - Raising and Development
Columbus A-D Community of Practice,
ALSC No Screen Time Under 2? 10:00 am MCP   - W178a LLAMA Human Resources
Understanding the AAP’s New Community of Practice, LLAMA
Recommendations about Organization and Management
Screen Time and Young Community of Practice, LLAMA
Children Assessment Community
of Practice, LLAMA New
Professionals Community of
Practice, LLAMA Marketing and
Communications Community
of Practice, LLAMA Technology
Watch the 17th Annual Community of Practice)
Chicago Dragon Boat Race
for Literacy, on Saturday, LSSIRT Business Meeting 10:00 am MCP   - W194a
June 24 at Ping Tom
MAGIRT Education Committee Meeting 10:00 am HRM  -
Memorial Park in Chinatown.
Boardroom 2
MAGIRT Membership & Marketing 10:00 am HRM  -
Committee Meeting Boardroom 2
*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

140 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
NMRT New Members Round Table 10:00 am BLACK   - English ALA Mentoring-On-The-Fly I 12:00 pm MCP   -
101 Room Placement
Center Hall F2
*PLA LSO Partnership Map 10:00 am RAD  - Adriatic &
Workshop I Aegean ALA Photography Service I 5:00 pm MCP   -
τPLA Placement
PLA Member Welcome 10:00 am HYATT  - Grand
Center Hall F2
Breakfast CD South, EF
ALA Resume Review Service I 5:00 pm MCP   -
*RUSA Nominating Committee 10:00 am HRM  -
Meeting Boardroom 3
Center Hall F2
RUSA ETS The Intentional Library: 10:00 am MCP   - W180
Creating a Better User 9:15 am Start Time
Experience with Service Design ALA Albert Whitman & Company, 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit
and Design Thinking Chicago Review Press, and IPG Hall, Book Buzz
*RUSA Notable Books Council 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference Fall 2017 Book Buzz! Theater
CODES Meeting Room 4G ALA Strong Female Voices in 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit
RUSA RSS RSS All Committee Meeting 10:00 am HRM  - Publishing for MG and YA Hall, PopTop
and Open House Burnham/CC Stage
23A-C ALA The Yarn Podcast LIVE at ALA: 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit
RUSA All Committee Meeting 10:00 am MCP   - W196b Picture Books Unraveled—Top Hall, Chapter 1
STARS Creators Talk About Their Craft Stage

*RUSA, Executive Committee Planning 10:00 am HIL  - Conference 9:30 am Start Time
RUSA Meeting Room 4K ACRL All-Committees Meeting II 10:30 am HIL  - Lake Erie
SRRT Social Responsibiities Round 11:30 am PALM  - Clark 07 ACRL Conference Program 10:30 am HIL  - Conference
Table (SRRT) Action Council ANSS Planning—New Orleans, 2018 Room 4L
Meeting Committee Meeting
UNITED Friends & Foundations 10:00 am HIL  - Williford C AFL-BCALA BCALA Recruitment and 10:30 am PALM   - Indiana
Discussion Group Professional Development Room
UNITED Public Library Trustees 10:00 am HRM  - Jackson Committee Meeting
Discussion Group Park/CC 10AB ALA The Rise of Graphic Novels for 10:20 am MCP   - Exhibit
UNO CIFNAL—Collaborative 11:30 am PALM  - Salon 03 Kids in Europe and the USA Hall, Graphic
Initiative for French Language Novel/Gaming
Collections Stage

UNO GOBI Advisory Board Meeting 11:30 am MCP   - W475a 10:00 am Start Time
UNO HarperCollins Adult Book Buzz 10:00 am MCP   - S101 ACRL Creating New Information 11:30 am MCP   - W471a
Literacy Frameworks:
UNO MARC Advisory Committee 10:00 am MCP   - W471a
Examples and Ideas for ACRL
Meeting 1
Sections and Interest Groups
UNO Mobile Apps Roundtable 10:00 am HIL  - Grand
ACRL All-Committees Meeting 11:30 am HIL  - Waldorf

Discussion: What can a mobile Tradition
application do to promote
patron loyalty to the library? AFL-BCALA BCALA Fundraising Committee 12:00 pm PALM   -
*YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction 11:30 am HRM  -
Committee Boardroom 5
ALA Crafting Kid-Lit Anthologies 10:50 am MCP   - Exhibit
YALSA The Diagnostics of Wattpad: 10:00 am MCP   - W184d
Hall, PopTop
Leveraging FanFiction
to Develop Teen Library
Collections ALA International Thrillers in a 10:50 am MCP   - Exhibit
Divided World: A Reading and Hall, Chapter 1
*YALSA William C. Morris Committee 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Conversation with award- Stage
Room 4H
winning author Dave Edlund
9:00 am Start Time *ALA Nominating Committee for the 12:00 pm HRM  - Hyde
AASL Awards Ceremony and 12:00 pm HIL  - Int'l South 2018 ALA Election Park/CC11AB
President’s Program
ALA Three’s Company 10:45 am MCP   - Exhibit
ALA Career Counseling I 5:00 pm MCP   - Hall, Book Buzz
Placement Theater
Center Hall F2
ASCLA ASCLA Achievement & 11:30 am HIL  - Williford C
ALA Career Development 10:00 am MCP   - Recognition Awards Ceremony
Workshop: Getting UnStuck: Placement
GODORT Cataloging and inventorying 11:30 am MCP   - W176a
Moving Ahead in Your Career Center Hall F2
government publications for
When It feels Like You Are
Moving Behind

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 141
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location

10:30 am Start Time AFL-BCALA BCALA Marketing and Public 11:30 am PALM   - Cresthill
Relations Room
ACRL ACRL Metrics User Group 11:30 am HIL  - Lake
Meeting Michigan AFL-ULC Create Strong Community 11:30 am MCP   - W475b
Partnerships to Bridge the
ACRL Copyright Discussion Group 11:30 am HIL  - Lake Erie
Digital Divide using Edge
ACRL Digital Scholarship Centers 11:30 am HIL  - Stevens Outcomes
Interest Group Center, Salon
AFL-ULC The Library Card Challenge: 11:30 am HYATT  -
Local Leaders Collaborating Columbus EF
ACRL Health Sciences Interest Group 11:30 am PALM   - LaSalle for Increased Access to
Continuing Education Meeting 2 Educational Resources
ACRL Library Marketing and 11:30 am PALM   - Spire *AFL, AFL- Beta Phi Mu Honor Society 12:00 pm PALM   -
Outreach Interest Group Parlor BETA Executive Board Meeting Burnham 3
ACRL Membership Committee 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
Meeting Room 4I ALA Auditorium Speaker Series fea- 11:30 am MCP   - W375b/
turing Sandra Uwiringiyimana Skyline
ACRL Modern Language Association 11:30 am PALM  - Clark 05
International Bibliography in ALA Career Development 11:30 am MCP   -
Academic Libraries Discussion Workshop: Renew, Placement
Group Re-Energize, Refresh Your Center Hall F2
ACRL New Roles and Changing 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
Landscapes Committee Room 4E ALA CATF Business Meeting 11:30 am MCP   - W176c
ALA COL—Make Some Noise! A 11:30 am MCP   - W178b
ACRL Personnel Administrators & 11:30 am PALM   - Wabash How-To Guide To Effective
Staff Development Discussion Room Federal Advocacy In
Group I Challenging Times
ACRL Re-Framing Information 11:30 am MCP   - W187c ALA Commitee on Library Advocacy 11:30 am MCP   - W194a
Literacy for Social Justice (COLA) Meeting
ACRL Research Collaboration and 11:30 am HIL  - Stevens ALA Conference Program 11:30 am MCP   - W186b
Publishing in the Global Center, Salon Coordinating Team (CPCT)
Community A-5
ALA Education Assembly 11:30 am MCP   - W186c
ACRL Teaching with the Framework 11:30 am HIL  -
*ALA Emerging Leaders 2017 11:30 am HRM  - Jackson
from the Ground Up Buckingham
Wrap-Up Park/CC 10C
ALA Fearless Questions and Fierce 11:30 am PALM   - Empire
ACRL The Human Library: 11:30 am MCP   - W187b
Conversations: Recruiting Room
Contributing to Campus
and Retaining LIS Doctoral
Students of Color
ACRL DLS Visibility & Engagement: 11:30 am MCP   - W179a
ALA Graphic Memoirs: how non- 11:30 am MCP   - W175b
Design, Develop, or Refresh
fiction graphic novels bring real
your Online Instruction
lives to life
ACRL Sociology Librarians 11:30 am PALM   - Price

ALA Hazardous Tales and Science 11:20 am MCP   - Exhibit

ANSS Discussion Group Room
Fiction with Nathan Hale Hall, Graphic
ACRL IS Executive Committee Meeting 11:30 am HIL  - Conference Novel/Gaming
II Room 4F Stage
ACRL General Membership Meeting 11:30 am PALM   - LaSalle ALA Measures that Matter: 11:30 am MCP   - S106a
PPIRS 1 Building Bridges Between Data
Collection Activities in Public
ACRL Collection Development 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
RBMS Discussion Group Meeting Room 4B
ALA Public and Cultural Programs 11:30 am MCP   - W186a
ACRL Diversity Committee Meeting 11:30 am PALM  - Clark 03
Committee Meeting I (ALA
ACRL Public Services Discussion 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
ALA So, You’re a New Instruction 11:30 am MCP   - W196b
RBMS Group Meeting Room 4A
Librarian ...
ACRL STS College Science Librarians 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 12:00 pm MCP   - W181c
Discussion Group Room 4D
Program: Tested
ACRL Joint Committees Meeting 11:30 am PALM   - Water
ALA What Can I Bring?: Elizabeth 11:20 am MCP   - Exhibit
WESS Tower Parlor
Heiskell Hall, What’s
ACRL All-Committees Meeting 11:30 am HIL  - Grand Cooking @ ALA
WGSS Tradition Stage
ACRL, The New Normal: Securing 11:30 am MCP   - W185a ALA, ACRL RDA Forum 11:30 am MCP   - W196c
LLAMA Library Construction Funding
ALA, Services for the Incarcerated: 11:30 am MCP   - W183b
in an Era of Uncertainty
AFL-ABOS From the local jail to the big
(Buildings and Equipment
city prison
Community of Practice)
ALA, AFL- APALA President’s Program, 12:00 pm MCP   - W184bc
ACRL, PLA ACRL & PLA Joint Presidents’ 11:30 am HYATT  - Grand
APALA, Rising Up: South Asian,
Program AB
EMIERT, Muslim, Arab and Sikh
SRRT Communities Reshape
*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event America

142 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA, Empowered Learning in 11:30 am MCP   - W184d LITA LITA Christian Larew Memorial 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
Center Physical Spaces: One Library’s Scholarship Committee
for the Strategic Renovations
LITA LITA Communications and 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
Future of
Marketing Committee
LITA LITA Education Committee 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
ALA, OIF Intellectual Freedom 101 11:30 am MCP   - W180
LITA LITA Ex Libris Student Writing 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
*ALA, AFL-CIO/ALA Labor Committee 11:30 am HRM  - Field/CC
Award Committee
RUSA Meeting 20C
LITA LITA Financial Advisory 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
ALCTS Enhancing Discovery of Unique 11:30 am MCP   - W185d
Collections: Get Ahead of the
Game LITA LITA Forum Planning 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
Committee 2017
ALCTS Role of the Professional in 11:30 am MCP   - S102
Technical Services Interest LITA LITA Hi Tech Award Committee 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
Group LITA LITA High C. Atkinson Memorial 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
ALCTS, Streaming Video and Graphic 11:30 am MCP   - W178a Award Committee
ALCTS AS Novels from an Acquisitions LITA LITA Instructional Technologies 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
Perspective: Unusual Interest Group
LITA LITA Membership Development 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
ALCTS, Cataloging Norms Interest 11:30 am MCP   - S104 Committee
CMMS LITA LITA Nominating Committee 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North

*ALSC 2018 Notable Children’s 11:30 am MCP   - S106b LITA LITA Program Planning 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
Books Procedural Meeting Committee

*ALSC 2018 Sibert Award Committee 11:30 am HYATT  - Skyway LITA LITA Top Technology Trends 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
Meeting I 273 Committee

ALSC A Radical Interpretation of the 11:30 am MCP   - W176b LITA LITA Web Coordinating 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North
New 2015 ALSC Competencies Committee

ASCLA Creating a Library-Owned 11:30 am MCP   - W175c MAGIRT Map Collection Management 11:30 am MCP   - W476
Marketplace Discussion Group

EMIERT Coretta Scott King Book 11:30 am MCP   - W474b NMRT Executive Board Meeting 12:30 pm HRM  - Erie
Awards Committee—General PLA Communities in Need, Let’s 11:30 am MCP   - W179b
Membership Meeting Work Together: Collective
EMIERT EMIERT General Membership 11:30 am HRM  - Huron Impact as a Model of
Meeting Collaboration

ERT Words and Pictures: Picture 11:30 am MCP   - W183c *PLA Nominating Committee (2018) 11:30 am RAD  - Adriatic &
Book Author/Illustrators Meeting I Aegean
Discuss the Whole Book RUSA All Committee Meeting 11:30 am BLACK   - Taste
LEARNRT Learning Round Table 101 11:30 am BLACK   - CODES

Inspiration RUSA Readers’ Advisory Research 11:30 am HRM  - Field/CC
Studio CODES and Trends Forum 20AB
LIRT All Committees Meeting 11:30 am BLACK   - English RUSA RSS RSS Board Meeting 11:30 am PALM   -
Room Burnham 4
LITA Collaborating to Promote 11:30 am MCP   - W181b RUSA ILL Discussion Group 11:30 am MCP   - W187a
Cultural Identity in Public STARS
Libraries through the Portal to
RUSA, Conference Program Planning 11:30 am MCP   - W177
Texas History
RUSA Committee Meeting I
LITA Executive Perspectives: a 11:30 am MCP   - W185bc BRASS
strategic view of the Library
UNITED Board Development for Library 11:30 am MCP   - W181a
Technology Industry
Trustees, Friends Groups, and
LITA LITA 50th Anniversary Task 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North Foundations
UNITED, Out and Proud: LGBTQ 11:30 am MCP   - W190a
LITA LITA All Committees and 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North GLBTRT Literature
Interest Groups Meeting
UNO Cataloging in Publication 11:30 am MCP   - W471b
LITA LITA Altmetrics and Digital 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North Advisory Group (CAG) meeting
Analytics Interest Group
UNO OCLC Linked Data Roundtable: 11:30 am MCP   - W193
LITA LITA Appointments Committee 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North Stories from the Front
LITA LITA Assessment and Research 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North UNO What Your Library Data ISN’T 11:30 am MCP   - S101
Committee Telling You: New Features
LITA LITA Bylaws and Organization 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l North in Library Services Platform
Committee Analytics

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 143
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
VRT Video as Research Data: 11:30 am MCP   - W175a ALA What Does An Idea Look Like? 1:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Challenges & Solutions in A Conversation About Creativity Hall, Graphic
Video Data Preservation with Grant Snider, author of Novel/Gaming
The Shape of Ideas Stage
YALSA Dynamic Ways to Serve Teens 11:30 am MCP   - W184a
of Color *YALSA Alex Award Committee Meeting 3:30 pm HYATT  - Skyway
II 261
YALSA Picture Books for Young Adults 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
Interest Group Room 4K 1:00 pm Start Time
11:00 am Start Time AASL 2017 AASL Best Websites and 2:30 pm PALM   - Red
Apps Revealed Lacquer
ALA Socially & Politically Oriented 11:50 am MCP   - Exhibit
Fiction for YA Readers Hall, PopTop ACRL African-American Studies 3:00 pm HIL  - Conference
Stage Librarians Interest Group Room 4K
ALA Workman and Norton Book 11:45 am MCP   - Exhibit ACRL Continuing Education/ 2:30 pm BLACK   - Crystal
Buzz! Hall, Book Buzz Professional Development Ballroom
Theater Discussion Group
ALA WORLDS and WORDS beyond: 11:50 am MCP   - Exhibit ACRL Image Resources Interest 2:30 pm PALM  - Salon 03
Gateways into Sci-Fi and Hall, Chapter 1 Group Meeting
Fantasy Stage
ACRL Information Commons 2:30 pm HIL  - Stevens
ALA, ALA- ALA Committee on 12:00 pm MCP   - W375e/ Discussion Group Center, Salon
COUNCIL Organization Skyline A-1
*YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 1:00 pm HIL  - Williford A ACRL Intersections of Scholarly 2:30 pm HIL  - Lake Erie
Teen Luncheon Communication and
Information Literacy Roadshow
11:30 am Start Time Showcase
ALA Leaders Wanted: Doctoral 1:00 pm PALM   - Empire
ACRL Liaisons Assembly Committee 2:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Options Fair Room
Meeting Room 4B
ALA Spotlight on Kindred: A 12:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
ACRL Protest & Preservation 2:30 pm MCP   - W176a
Graphic Novel Adaptation with Hall, Graphic
Adapter Damian Duffy and Novel/Gaming
Illustrator John Jennings Stage
GLBTRT GLBTRT Membership Meeting 12:30 pm PALM  - Honore
ACRL To Teach or Not To Teach 2:30 pm MCP   - W179a
CJCLS, Discovery Tools: Balancing
*UNO Elsevier Roundtable 2:00 pm HIL  - Grand ACRL DLS, Practical Instruction with the
Tradition ACRL IS ACRL Information Literacy
τYALSA Framework
Margaret A. Edwards Brunch 1:00 pm MCP   - S105
ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 2:00 pm HIL  - Conference
12:00 pm Start Time ARTS Room 4E
*AASL National Conference 2:00 pm BLACK   -
ACRL ACRL Arts/LES Forum: 2:30 pm HIL  - Stevens
Scheduling Meeting Inspiration
ARTS, Exploring Chicago Architecture Center, Salon
ACRL LES through Art, Literature, and A-5

ALA Penguin Young Readers Book 12:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit History

Buzz Hall, Book Buzz
ACRL CLS Medium-Sized Academic 2:30 pm BLACK   - Taste
Libraries Discussion Group
ALA Three Novelists, Three 12:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
ACRL DLS DLS Awards Luncheon 2:30 pm HIL  - Williford B
Perspectives: Historical Fiction Hall, Chapter 1
from Louisa May Alcott’s Stage ACRL Bibliographic Standards 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Forgotten Sister, to the Glitz of RBMS Committee Controlled Room 4M
20th century London, to WWII- Vocabularies Editorial Group
era Netherlands. Meeting

ALA The Art of Narration—Giving 12:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit ACRL Budget and Development 2:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Voice to Youth and Teen Hall, PopTop RBMS Committee Meeting Room 4A
Audiobooks with Adult Stage ACRL Descriptive Cataloging for Rare 5:30 pm PALM   - Price
Narrators RBMS Materials Task Force Meeting I Room
UNO Senior Fellows Annual 1:30 pm HRM  - ACRL Seminars Committee Meeting 2:30 pm PALM   - Wabash
Conference Luncheon Burnham/CC RBMS Room
ACRL STS Federal Science Agencies 2:30 pm HIL  - Conference
12:30 pm Start Time Update Room 4D
*AASL Past Presidents’ Luncheon 2:00 pm BLACK   - Mercat ACRL ULS Campus Administration and 2:30 pm PALM  - Honore
a la Planxa Leadership Discussion Group Ballroom
ACRL Refugee Scholars and 2:30 pm HIL  - Williford C
ALA Complete Make-Ahead Meals: 1:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit WESS Academic Libraries in the
America’s Test Kitchen Hall, What’s Twentieth Century and Today
Cooking @ ALA Forum
ACRL, Universal Accessibility Interest 2:30 pm RAD  - Baltic &
ASCLA, Group Meeting Bering

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

144 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
AFL-AILA, Bill McKibben: Imagining a 2:30 pm MCP   - S102 ALA YA Authors Dish about YA! 1:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
AFL- World That Works—In Time to Hall, PopTop
APALA, Prevent a World That Doesn’t Stage
ALA, What Do You Need to Know? 2:30 pm MCP   - W180
Center Learning and Knowing and
for the Libraries in the Age of the
AFL-BCALA NCAAL X Conference Planning 2:30 pm PALM   - LaSalle Future of Internet
Meeting 1 Libraries
AFL, AFL- REFORMA Board Meeting 2:30 pm MCP   - W471a ALA, LRRT Mentorship Program Forum: 2:30 pm MCP   - W187c
REFORMA Library Research Round Table
ALA, VRT Now Showing @ ALA Film 2:15 pm MCP   - W181c
Program: Agents of Change ALCTS ALCTS Scholarly 2:30 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
Communications Interest 22AB
ALA Ages and Stages—What Topics 1:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Group: Understanding
For What Age Groups? Hall, Chapter 1
Academic Research: Free and
Low-Cost Tools & Workflows
ALA ALA Constitution & Bylaws 2:30 pm HRM  - Lincoln
ALCTS How to Be an Influential 2:30 pm MCP   - W184bc
Committee Meeting Park Boardroom
Librarian: Leading and
ALA ALA Membership Committee 2:30 pm PALM   - Wilson Mentoring from Wherever
Meeting Room you Are
ALA ALA-APA Certification Program 2:30 pm HRM  - ALCTS Redesigning Technical 2:30 pm MCP   - W185d
Committee Boardroom 3 Services for the 21st Century
ALA All About the NEA Big Read 2:30 pm HRM  - Jackson Library: A Case Study From The
Park/CC 10C University of Alabama Libraries

*ALA American Libraries Advisory 2:30 pm BLACK   - ALCTS, Acquisitions Organization and 2:30 pm HIL  - Int'l North
Committee Meeting Marshall & Fox ALCTS AS Management Committee

ALA Candlewick Press and 1:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit ALCTS, Acquisitions Research and 2:30 pm HIL  - Int'l North
Chronicle Books Present Fall Hall, Book Buzz ALCTS AS Statistics Committee
2017 Titles Theater ALCTS, Acquisitions Technology 2:30 pm HIL  - Int'l North
ALA Career Development 2:00 pm MCP   - ALCTS AS Committee
Workshop: Manage Your Stress Placement ALCTS, All Committee Meeting and 5:30 pm HIL  - Int'l North
and Start Living a Healthier Center Hall F2 ALCTS AS Executive Committee
Life Today
ALCTS, Policy and Planning Committee 2:30 pm HIL  - Int'l North
ALA Center for the Future of 2:30 pm MCP   - W186a ALCTS AS
Libraries Advisory Group
ALCTS, Publications Committee 2:30 pm HIL  - Int'l North
ALA Chapter Relations Committee I 2:30 pm HYATT  - ALCTS AS
Columbus GH
ALCTS, Catalog Management Interest 2:30 pm PALM   - Monroe
ALA COL Government Information 2:30 pm MCP   - W474a ALCTS Group Room
Subcommittee Meeting (Joint CMMS

ALCTS, Committee on Cataloging: 5:30 pm PALM   - Adams
ALA COL Grassroots Subcommittee 2:30 pm PALM  - Clark 07 ALCTS Description and Access I Room
Meeting CMMS
ALA COL Telecom Subcomittee 2:30 pm PALM   - ALCTS, SAC Subcommittee on Genre/ 4:00 pm PALM  - Clark 03
Meeting Dearborn 1 ALCTS Form Implementation
ALA Daytime Astronomy at Your 2:30 pm HRM  - Grant CMMS
Library Park/CC 12AB ALCTS Collection Development Issues 2:30 pm PALM  - Clark 05
ALA Library and Information 2:30 pm MCP   - S101 CMS for the Practitioner Interest
Experts Succeeding in the 21st Group
Century: A Town Hall Dialogue ALCTS Electronic Resources Interest 2:30 pm HIL  - Lake
on Competencies, Careers, CRS Group Michigan
and Successful Practice
ALCTS, Digital Conversion Interest 2:30 pm HIL  -
ALA OITP—Start Your Library's 2:30 pm MCP   - W196c ALCTS Group Continental C
Coding Club with Google's CS PARS
First and Other Free Resources
ALA Spotlight on: Library Artist 2:30 pm PALM   - Chicago
Residencies Room
The Stony Island Arts Bank
ALA The American Dream Initiative: 2:30 pm MCP   - W181b on Chicago's South Side is a
Serving English Language hybrid gallery, media archive,
Learners library and community
center with photogenic
two-story walls of books.

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 145
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
*ALSC 2018 Newbery Award 5:30 pm PALM  - Clark 10 LITA Filming Our Future: Growing a 2:30 pm MCP   - W185bc
Committee Meeting I Video Production Niche in the
Ak-Chin Indian Community
ALSC 2018 Notable Children’s 4:00 pm MCP   - S106b
Books Meeting I LITA LITA Financial Advisory 2:30 pm MCP   - W186b
ALSC 2018 Notable Children’s 5:30 pm PALM   - LaSalle
Recordings I 3 LITA LITA Imagineering—Generation 2:30 pm MCP   - W192
Gap: Science Fiction and
*ALSC 2018 Odyssey Award 5:30 pm HYATT  - Skyway
Fantasy Authors Look at Youth
Committee Meeting I 269
and Technology
*ALSC 2018 Wilder Award Committee 2:30 pm PALM   -
LITA LITA User Experience Interest 2:30 pm MCP   - W471b
Meeting II Dearborn 2
ALSC 52 Weeks of Summer: Building 2:30 pm MCP   - W179b
LLAMA Education Committee 2:30 pm HYATT  -
Year Long Sustainability from
Discussion Group (Assessment Comiskey
Summer Success
Community of Practice)
*ALSC Board Orientation 4:00 pm MCP   - W177
LLAMA Emotional Intelligence—level 2:30 pm MCP   - W190b
ASCLA ASCLA Bridging Deaf Cultures 2:30 pm MCP   - W475a 3 cheats
ASCLA Healthy Aging @ Your Library: 2:30 pm MCP   - W175b LLAMA Library Interiors Discussion 2:30 pm PALM  - Salon 12
Connecting Older Adults to Group (Buildings and
Health Information Equipment Community of
ASCLA New strategies for Strategic 2:30 pm MCP   - W175c Practice)
Planning LLAMA Planning Meeting (New 2:30 pm BLACK   - English
ASCLA Sound Learning and Diversity: 2:30 pm MCP   - W175a Professionals Community of Room
Audiobooks As Advocates for Practice)
Cultural Authenticity LLAMA Women Administrators 2:30 pm PALM   -
EMIERT The World at Your Fingertips: 2:30 pm MCP   - W187b Discussion Group Burnham 1
How to Use Global Literature in LLAMA Emerging Trends Discussion 2:30 pm PALM   - Crystal
Translation in Library Programs Group (Human Resources Room
ERT Weird is the New "Norm" with 2:30 pm MCP   - W183c Community of Practice)
DC Comic's Young Animal MAGIRT, Mapping the Generations: 2:30 pm MCP   - S104
Imprint RUSA Visualizing Family History with
FAFLRT Funding Mandates: A Game 2:30 pm MCP   - S106a Maps
Changer in Faculty and PLA Board of Directors Meeting 5:00 pm RAD   - Caspian
Scientific Research
RUSA Awards Coordinating 2:30 pm HRM  - Field/CC
GAMERT Keywords to Mastery Game: 2:30 pm MCP   - W176b Committee 20C
An active learning approach to
RUSA HS Chicago as a Model for 2:30 pm MCP   - W178a
discover research topics
Public History: Initiatives and
GODORT GODORT State and Local 2:30 pm PALM   - Collaborations
Documents (SLDTF) Burnham 4
RUSA Growing Readership Through 2:30 pm MCP   - W190a

IRRT Libraries Transform: Programs 2:30 pm MCP   - W181a CODES Diversity

and Services for Sustainable
RUSA I Am Not a Lawyer: Providing 2:30 pm MCP   - W178b
Environments, Social Justice,
STARS Copyright Services in Libraries
and Quality Education for
All-IRRT International Paper RUSA ETS Technologies That Enhance 2:30 pm MCP   - W193
Session the First Year Experience
LEARNRT Successful Library Supervisory 2:30 pm MCP   - W187a RUSA Discussion Forum I 2:30 pm RAD  - Adriatic &
and Management Training: CODES Aegean
Testing Theories in the
RUSA RSS RSS Discussion Forum I 2:30 pm MCP   - W196a
RUSA Shared Collections Interest 2:30 pm HIL  -
LIRT From Kindergarteners to 2:30 pm MCP   - W184a
STARS Group Buckingham
Collegians, Helping Students
Make the Grade
RUSA, Business Reference in Public 2:30 pm HIL  -
LITA Cyberlaw for Information 2:30 pm MCP   - W183b
RUSA Libraries Forum Continental B
LITA Enhancing the use of 2:30 pm MCP   - W184d
RUSA Board of Directors Meeting I 3:00 pm MCP   - W475b
Special Collections Through

The newly opened American UNITED Leaders Orientation 2:30 pm HRM  - Huron
Writers Museum on Michigan Committee Work Session
Ave. features a temporary UNO Collections Roundtable 2:30 pm PALM   - Grant
exhibit showcasing a Jack Discussion: How Can Libraries Park Parlor
Kerouac manuscript of On
Develop Collections to Drive
the Road in scroll form so he
Increased Circulations
could type uninterrupted.
UNO NISO Annual Meeting & 2:30 pm MCP   - W474b
Standards Update
*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

146 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
UNO TRAIL (Technical Report 2:30 pm MCP   - W195 ALA Creator Spotlight: Jessica Abel 3:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Archive & Image Library) Hall, Graphic
Information and Updates Novel/Gaming
UNO Unpacking Openness 2:30 pm MCP   - W196b
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 4:00 pm MCP   - W181c
YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2:30 pm HIL  - Waldorf
Program: The Revival: Women
Teen Feedback Session Room
and the Word
YALSA Board I 5:30 pm MCP   - W176c
3:00 pm Start Time
YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens 5:30 pm SWISS   - Zermatt
Committee Meeting II AASL AASL’s Best Apps for Teaching 4:00 pm PALM   - Red
& Learning: Curating Apps for Lacquer
*YALSA Michael L. Printz Committee 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference Today's Students
Meeting I Room 4F
ACRL Academic Library Services to 4:00 pm PALM  - Salon 03
YALSA The Internet is Your Friend: 2:30 pm MCP   - W185a International Students Interest
Using online sources to create Group
programs, raise money, and
engage teens ACRL Access Services Interest Group 4:00 pm HIL  - Stevens
Center, Salon
1:30 pm Start Time A-1
ACRL Board of Directors Meeting I 5:30 pm HIL  - Marquette ACRL ACRL/SPARC Forum 4:30 pm MCP   - S102
ACRL Assessment Discussion Group 4:30 pm HIL  - Williford C
ALA SugarDetoxMe: 100+ Recipes 2:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
ACRL Leadership Discussion Group 4:00 pm PALM   - LaSalle
to Curb Cravings and Take Hall, What’s
Back Your Health Cooking @ ALA
Stage ACRL New Members Discussion 4:00 pm BLACK   - Crystal
Group Ballroom
ALA VIZ Media Presents—Manga!! 2:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Hall, Graphic ACRL Perspectives on Data 4:00 pm MCP   - W176a
Novel/Gaming Publishing: Opportunities and
Stage Challenges
ALA, ALA- ALA Resolutions Committee 2:30 pm MCP   - W375e/ ACRL Residency Interest Group 4:00 pm MCP   - W476
COUNCIL Skyline Meeting
LITA LITA Board of Directors 4:30 pm MCP   - W186c ACRL Forum and Executive 5:30 pm HYATT  -
Meeting AAMES Committee Meeting Columbus KL
UNO Reveal Digital Funders Round 3:30 pm PALM   - Spire ACRL Hot Topics Discussion Group 4:00 pm PALM   - Wabash
Table Parlor CJCLS Room

2:00 PM ACRL EBSS Research Forum 4:30 pm HIL  -

EBSS Lightning Talks  Buckingham
AASL Board of Directors Meeting II 5:00 pm MCP   - W194a
ACRL All-Committees Meeting 4:00 pm PALM   - Indiana
ACRL Conference Program Planning 4:00 pm PALM  - Clark 05
RBMS Committee Meeting—Iowa City
*AFL- BCALA Literary Awards 5:00 pm PALM   - 2017

BCALA Committee Dearborn 3
ACRL Manuscripts and Other 4:00 pm PALM  - Clark 07
ALA Buzzworthy Graphic Novels 2:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit RBMS Formats Discussion Group
from Scholastic with Donalyn Hall, Book Buzz Meeting
Miller FEATURING Jennifer L. Theater
ACRL Security Committee Meeting 5:30 pm PALM   -
RBMS Burnham 1
ALA Check Out a Librarian 3:00 pm MCP   -
ACRL Workshops Committee 5:30 pm PALM  - Hancock
RBMS Parlor
Center Hall F2
ACRL STS Conference Program 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
ALA Unlocking Ideas: Donning Our 2:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Planning—New Orleans 2018 Room 4K
Thinking Caps and Embracing Hall, PopTop
Committee Meeting
our Mistakes in the Name of Stage
Picture Book Art ACRL ULS Academic Outreach Committee 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
Meeting Room 4A
ALA Tough Topics in Teen Fiction— 2:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
From Death to Disability to Hall, Chapter 1 ACRL Classical, Medieval, and 4:00 pm PALM   -
Everything in Between—2017 Stage WESS Renaissance Discussion Dearborn 1
Debut Authors Discuss the Groups
Importance of Honesty and AFL Professional Socialization in 5:00 pm HRM  - Field/CC
Inclusion in YA Literature Chicago, 2018 20AB
2:30 pm Start Time AFL-AILA AILA President’s Program 4:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
ALA Career Development 3:30 pm MCP   - 22AB
Workshop: Tips, Tricks, and Placement
Strategies for a Successful Center Hall F2
Job Hunt

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 147
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
AFL-ULC Public Libraries: Closing the 4:00 pm HYATT  - ALCTS, Audiovisual Materials and 4:00 pm MCP   - W179a
Opportunity Gap for Early Columbus EF ALCTS Issues with Degradation and
Literacy Success PARS Storage
ALA 2017 ALA Diversity & Outreach 5:00 pm MCP   - Exhibit ALCTS, Preservation Metadata Interest 4:00 pm MCP   - W190b
Fair Floor-Special ALCTS Group
Events Area PARS
ALA ALA /Council/Executive Board/ 4:30 pm MCP   - W375e/ ALSC Women Aren’t Funny (And 4:00 pm MCP   - W180
Membership Information Skyline Other Essential Untruths For
Session Middle Grade Readers)
ALA ALA Committee on the Status 4:00 pm MCP   - W195 EMIERT Coretta Scott King Award 4:00 pm MCP   - W184d
of Women in Librarianship Books Idea Exchange
EMIERT Integrating Diversity Initiatives 4:00 pm MCP   - W187b
ALA ALA Membership Promotion 4:00 pm PALM   - Wilson and Community Engagement:
Task Force Meeting Room The Human Library at Penn
State University
ALA Awesomeville All Access: 4:00 pm MCP   - W187c
Sharing Our Cities and Towns ERT Makerspaces & Active 4:00 pm MCP   - W183c
ALA COL Federal Legislative 4:00 pm HRM  - Erie
Advocacy Working Group GLBTRT Intersections and the 4:00 pm MCP   - W178b
(FLAG) Experience of GLBTQ Library
ALA Foreword INDIES Book of 3:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
the Year Awards Winners Hall, Chapter 1 GODORT GODORT Publications 4:00 pm PALM   -
Presentation Stage Committee Burnham 4
ALA Get Graphic with Penguin 3:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit LEARNRT Training Staff When You Don’t 4:00 pm MCP   - W187a
Random House Hall, Book Buzz Have Time to Train Staff
LITA OKR: Strategic planning for 4:00 pm MCP   - W193
ALA Libraries in Germany 4:00 pm MCP   - W183b makers, techies, and anyone
else who would rather get
ALA OITP—Libraries as Change 4:00 pm MCP   - W181b
things done than sit in a
Agents In Reducing Implicit
Bias: Partnering with Google
To Support 21St Century Skills LLAMA FEAST 2017: Future & 4:00 pm MCP   - W178a
for All Youth Emerging Access Services
Trends (Technology Community
ALA Project Welcome: Libraries 4:00 pm MCP   - W181a
of Practice)
Serving Refugees and Asylum
Seekers LLAMA LLAMA 101: Learn about 4:00 pm HIL  - Williford A
LLAMA and discover where
ALA Reaching In to Reach Out: 4:00 pm MCP   - W185bc
you fit in!
Examining the State of
Inclusivity Across Libraries, MAGIRT How to Put Your Family History 4:00 pm MCP   - S104
Archives, and Museums on the Map: Georeferencing
and Geocoding Historical
ALA Running a Library Presence @ 4:00 pm MCP   - W474b

a Fan Convention
PLA Bridging the Bilingual Divide: 4:00 pm MCP   - W179b
ALA Truth, Racial Healing and 4:00 pm MCP   - W185d
Best Practices for Bilingual
and Multilingual Websites
ALA Tools of Engagement: Inspiring 3:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
RMRT Retired Members Round Table 4:00 pm HYATT  -
Younger Readers, and the Hall, PopTop
(RMRT) Board Meeting Comiskey
Adults Who Guide Them Stage
RUSA Business Reference in 4:00 pm MCP   - W475a
ALA, OIF, Our Voices: Strengthen 4:00 pm MCP   - W185a
BRASS Academic Libraries Committee
ODLOS Your Collection with Diverse
RUSA Business Reference in Public 4:00 pm MCP   - W471b
ALCTS, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social 4:00 pm MCP   - W184bc
BRASS Libraries Committee Meeting
PLA Justice in Technical Services
UNO AAP Library Reads The Truth 4:00 pm MCP   - W196a
ALCTS, Catalog Form and Function 4:00 pm MCP   - W474a
and Nothing But...Nonfiction
ALCTS Interest Group
UNO DK ’ Code Breaking’ Event 4:00 pm MCP   - W196c
ALCTS, MARC Format Transition 4:00 pm MCP   - W184a
ALCTS Interest Group UNO Unified Digital Asset 4:00 pm MCP   - S106a
CMMS, Management
VRT, PLA Community Partnerships and 4:00 pm MCP   - W175c
ALCTS Collection Development 4:00 pm MCP   - W190a Digital Literacy through Public
CMS Librarians of Academic Service Announcements
Libraries Interest Group
VRT, PLA Rocking the Small Screen 4:00 pm MCP   - W175a
ALCTS Holdings Information Forum 4:00 pm HIL  - (Without Losing Your Mind):
CRS Continental B Planning and Managing Library
Promotional Videos
YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 5:30 pm HIL  - Astoria
Committee Meeting Room
*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

148 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
YALSA Not Just Capturing; Becoming 4:00 pm MCP   - W184a ACRL Curators & Conservators 5:30 pm PALM   -
the Librarian/Researcher RBMS Discussion Group Burnham 4
ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
3:30 pm Start Time SEES Room 4A

ACRL ACRL/Arts Publications and 4:30 pm HIL  - Conference ACRL STS Executive Committee Meeting 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
ARTS Research Committee Forum Room 4E Room 4K

AFL-BETA Beta Phi Mu Business Meeting 5:30 pm HYATT  - ACRL European Studies Research 5:30 pm HIL  - Stevens
PHIMU and Member Reception Columbus GH WESS Forum Center, Salon
ALA ALA President’s Program 4:30 pm MCP   - W375b/
featuring Sarah Jessica Parker Skyline ACRL General Membership Forum 5:30 pm PALM  - Clark 05
ALA Category or Genre: What’s 4:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Next for Graphic Novels? Hall, Graphic ALA ALA Membership Meeting 5:30 pm MCP   - W375e/
Novel/Gaming Skyline
Stage *ALA ALA Scholarship & Study 5:30 pm MCP   - W195
ALA Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless: 4:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit Grants Committee
100 recipes, 1 pan, No Meat Hall, What’s ALA COL Copyright Subcommittee 5:30 pm MCP   - W186a
Cooking @ ALA Meeting
ALA DC Super Hero Girls Original 5:00 pm MCP   - Exhibit
ASCLA ASCLA Board I 5:30 pm MCP   - W475b Graphic Novels Hall, Graphic
4:00 pm Start Time Novel/Gaming
ACRL LES General Membership Forum 5:30 pm PALM   - LaSalle
2 ALA Leaning International: Stories 5:30 pm MCP   - W184d
from the Field
ALA Poetry Blast 2017 4:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Hall, Chapter 1 ALA OITP Digital Content Working 7:00 pm MCP   - W474a
Stage Group Meeting

ALA Introduction to Women’s 5:00 pm MCP   - W471b ALCTS ALCTS Affiliates Showcase 5:30 pm MCP   - W190b
Discussion Group (COSWL) *ALCTS ALCTS Monographs Editorial 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 5:30 pm MCP   - W181c Board Room 4G
Program: Mission to Lars ALCTS Newspapers Interest Group 5:30 pm MCP   - W471a
ALA Random House Children’s 4:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit ALCTS Publisher/Vendor/Library 5:30 pm PALM   -
Books Presents the Future of Hall, PopTop Relations Interest Group Dearborn 1
YA Literature—a Debut Author Stage
ALCTS, Faceted Subject Access 5:30 pm HIL  -
ALCTS Interest Group Continental B
ALA Three is the Magic Number 4:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit CMMS
Hall, Book Buzz
ALCTS, What Happens to the Library 5:30 pm MCP   - S101
LITA Catalog in the Age of Linked
4:30 pm Start Time Data?

AASL Exploring AASL Best Websites 5:30 pm MCP   - W193 *ALSC 2018 Batchelder Committee 6:00 pm HIL  - Conference
for Teaching and Learning Award Meeting I Room 4L
ACRL Digital Humanities Interest 5:30 pm HIL  - Williford B *ALSC 2018 Belpre Award Committee 6:00 pm HYATT  - Skyway
Group Meeting Meeting I 265
ACRL Heads of Public Services 5:30 pm HIL  - Grand *ALSC 2018 Geisel Award Committee 6:00 pm PALM   - Cresthill
Discussion Group Tradition Meeting II Room
ACRL Numeric and Geospatial Data 5:30 pm BLACK   - Taste *ALSC 2018 Sibert Award Committee 6:00 pm HYATT  - Skyway
Services in Academic Libraries Meeting II 273
Interest Group Meeting
*ALSC 2019 Arbuthnot Award 6:00 pm HIL  - Conference
ACRL Technical Services Interest 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference Committee Meeting Room 4B
Group Room 4D
ALSC Association for Library Service 5:30 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
ACRL What They Don’t Teach You 5:30 pm MCP   - W187b to Children 101 22AB
in Library School: Using
EMIERT Coretta Scott King Book 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Emotional Intelligence
Awards—2018 Jury Meeting Room 4E
to Succeed as Academic
Librarians of Color *EMIERT Coretta Scott King Book 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Awards—2018 Virginia Room 4I
ACRL Criminology/Criminal Justice 5:30 pm MCP   - W186b
Hamilton Award for Lifetime
ANSS Discussion Group
Achievement Jury Meeting
ACRL IS Current Topics Discussion 5:30 pm HIL  -
GAMERT GameRT Board Meeting 5:30 pm HRM  - Huron
Room LITA Comparing Free Tools for 5:30 pm MCP   - W181b
Authoring Open Textbooks and

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 149
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
LITA LITA Diversity and Inclusion 5:30 pm HRM  - Jackson 5:30 pm Start Time
Committee—Follow Up On Our Park/CC 10AB
ACRL IS IS Soiree 7:00 pm OS  - Off Site
Kitchen Table Conversation
ACRL ULS ULS Social 7:00 pm OS   - Municipal
LITA Smashing Smashing Research: 5:30 pm MCP   - W185d
Bar & Dining
Promoting Student Discovery
Co., 216 W.
Through Webtools and Apps
Ohio St.
LLAMA Development Issues 5:30 pm MCP   - W186c
ALCTS ALCTS Awards Ceremony 7:30 pm HIL  - Int'l South
Discussion Group (Fundraising
and Development Community *PLA Leadership Academy 7:00 pm RAD  - Pacific
of Practice) Networking Event Ballroom
LLAMA Inspired by Nature: Health 5:30 pm MCP   - W180 UNO University of Pittsburgh School 7:00 pm RAD  - Baltic &
& Well-Being in the Library of Information Sciences Alumni Bering
Environment through Biophilic Reception
Design (Buildings and
Equipment Community of
6:00 pm Start Time
Practice) *EMIERT Coretta Scott King Book 7:30 pm HIL  - Lake Erie
Awards—Virginia Hamilton
LLAMA Mentoring Program Social 6:30 pm PALM   - Wilson
Award for Lifetime
Achievement Reception
PLA From Middle Manager to 5:30 pm MCP   - W184bc
NMRT Annual Conference Field Trip 9:00 pm OS   - Maggie
Administrator: Leadership
Daley Park
Lessons in Action
RMRT Retired Members Round Table 5:30 pm HYATT  - 6:30 pm Start Time
Book Club Discussion Comiskey ACRL WGSS Social 8:00 pm OS  - Off Site
RUSA Forget the Future: Our Time 5:30 pm MCP   - W190a WGSS
is Now with David Lankes, 7:00 pm Start Time
Director of the University of
South Carolina’s School of AFL-CALA CALA 2016-2017 Board 9:30 pm HYATT  - Skyway
Library & Information Science Meeting III 260

RUSA Reference Publishing Advisory 5:30 pm PALM   - LaSalle IFRT Intellectual Freedom Round 9:00 pm HYATT  -
CODES Committee 1 Table Awards Reception & Columbus IJ
Member Social
RUSA Hot Topics Discussion Group 5:30 pm HIL  -
STARS Continental C LIRT 40th Anniversary Celebration 9:00 pm HIL  - Williford A

RUSA, Business Reference Sources 5:30 pm HRM  - Michigan 8:00 pm Start Time
RUSA Committee Meeting AFL-BCALA BCALA Social 10:00 pm PALM   - Chicago
RUSA, Education Committee Meeting 5:30 pm HRM  - Erie τALA, Andrew Carnegie Medals 10:00 pm HIL  - Grand
RUSA RUSA for Excellence in Fiction and Ballroom
BRASS Nonfiction Ceremony and
RUSA, Publications and 5:30 pm HRM  - Field/CC Reception

RUSA Communications Committee 20C

BRASS Meeting
8:30 pm Start Time
ALA ALA Council Forum I 10:00 pm HYATT  -
UNO Evergreen Community Meetup 5:30 pm MCP   - W177
Columbus EF
VRT How Are Our Instructors Truly 5:30 pm MCP   - W175b
Using Media? A Multifaceted Sunday, June 25
Approach to Developing
Departmental Course Media
5:00 am Start Time
Use Profiles *EMIERT Coretta Scott King Book 12:00 pm HIL  - Lake
Awards Breafkast—GREEN Ontario
YALSA Life Hacks: Survival Skills for 5:30 pm MCP   - W185bc
YALSA The Other (Invisible) 6:00 pm MCP   - W178a 7:00 am Start Time
Refugees— Supporting Central τEMIERT The Coretta Scott King Book 9:30 am HIL  - Grand
American Children in Crisis Awards Breakfast Ballroom
5:00 pm Start Time 7:30 am Start Time
AASL, Celebrating 25 Years of The 6:30 pm HRM  - ALA Think Fit Yoga & Meditation 5:00 pm MCP   - W472
ALSC, Rainbow Fish with Marcus Burnham/CC Room
ERT ERT Board Meeting 9:00 am MCP   - W186b
AASL, Youth Council Caucus 6:30 pm OS  - Off Site
LITA LITA Excellence in Children’s 8:30 am HRM  -
Science Fiction Award Boardroom 3
SRRT Social Responsibiities Round 7:00 pm MCP   - W194b
*UNO Alexander Street Customer 9:00 am HIL  - Int'l South
Table (SRRT) and Sustainiblity
Appreciation Breakfast
Round Table (SustainRT)
Joint Social and Membership *UNO ICOLC Breakfast 9:00 am HRM  - Jackson
Meeting Park/CC 10C

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

150 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location

8:00 am Start Time *ACRL Nominating Committee 2018 9:30 am HIL  - Conference
ANSS Meeting Room 4E
AASL Affiliate Assembly II 12:00 pm MCP   - S102
ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
ACRL Academic Library Trends and 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
Statistics Survey Editorial Room 4F
Board (part of the Publications ACRL CLS All-Committees Meeting 9:30 am HIL  - Lake Erie
Coordinating Committee ACRL Conference Development 10:00 am HIL  -
Meeting) RBMS Committee Meeting Continental C
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 9:00 am MCP   - W181c ACRL Descriptive Cataloging for Rare 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
Program: “I Know a Man... RBMS Materials Task Force Meeting II Room 4C
Ashley Bryan”
ACRL Digital Special Collections 10:00 am BLACK   - English
*ALA Committee on Accreditation 5:30 pm HIL  - McCormick RBMS Discussion Group Meeting Room
(COA) Meeting II Boardroom
ACRL STS General Membership Meeting 10:00 am HIL  - Williford A
RUSA, Literary Tastes: Celebrating the 10:00 am HRM  - Prairie and Breakfast
RUSA Best Reading of the Year Room
CODES ACRL ULS Current Topics Discussion 10:00 am PALM   -
Group Burnham 1
8:30 am Start Time
ACRL ULS Evidence-Based Practices 10:00 am HIL  - Int'l North
ACRL C&RL Editorial Board (part of 10:00 am HIL  - Williford B Discussion Group
the Publications Coordinating
AFL-APALA Solidarity in Action: Combating 10:00 am MCP   - W183b
Committee Meeting)
Xenophobia and Islamophobia
ACRL Chapters Council Meeting 10:00 am HIL  -
ALA Auditorium Speaker Series 9:30 am MCP   - W375b/
featuring Brene Brown Skyline
ALA CALM Committee Meeting 10:00 am MCP   - W474b
ACRL CHOICE Editorial Board 10:00 am HIL  - Williford B
Meeting (part of the ALA COL Government Information 10:00 am MCP   - W186c
Publications Coordinating Subcommittee Meeting II
Committee Meeting)
ALA COL Grassroots Subcommittee 10:00 am MCP   - W476
ACRL From MLS to MLD: It’s Time to 10:00 am MCP   - W192 Meeting II
Integrate Design Thinking and
ALA IFC Privacy Subcommittee 10:00 am MCP   - W194a
Philosophy into LIS Education
ACRL Library and Information 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
ALA OITP—E-Rate Task Force 10:00 am MCP   - W176c
Science Collections Discussion Room 4L
ALA, ALA- ALA Council I 11:00 am MCP   - W375e/
ACRL New Publications Advisory 10:00 am HIL  - Williford B
Board Meeting (part of the
Publications Coordinating ALA, LHRT Library History Round Table 10:00 am MCP   - W186b
Committee Meeting) (LHRT) Executive Board
ACRL Popular Cultures Discussion 10:00 am MCP   - W471a
Group ALCTS New Library Management 10:00 am MCP   - W184d
Systems: Are They Giving Us
ACRL Professional Values Committee 10:00 am BLACK   -
What We Need?
Meeting Inspiration
Studio ALCTS Cartographic Resources 10:00 am PALM   -

CMMS, Cataloging Interest Group Burnham 4
ACRL Publications Coordinating 12:00 pm HIL  - Williford B
Committee Meeting
ALCTS, All Committee Meeting and 11:30 am MCP   - W190b
ACRL Publications in Librarianship 10:00 am HIL  - Williford B
ALCTS Executive Committee
Editorial Board Meeting (part
of Publications Coordinating
Committee Meeting) ALCTS, Cataloging of Children’s 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
ALCTS Materials Committee
ACRL Re-Skilling for a Digital Future: 10:00 am MCP   - W187c
Developing Capabilities
and Capacities in Digital ALCTS, Committee on Cataloging: 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
Scholarship for Academic ALCTS Asian and African Materials
Librarians CMMS

ACRL Resources for College Libraries 10:00 am HIL  - Williford B ALCTS, Continuing Education 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
Editorial Board Meeting ALCTS Committee
(part fo the Publications CMMS
Coordinating Committee ALCTS, Policy and Planning Committee 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
Meeting) ALCTS
ACRL Impactful Partnerships: 10:00 am MCP   - W178a CMMS
EBSS, Navigating the Evolving ALCTS, Recruitment and Mentoring 10:00 am MCP   - W190b
ACRL ULS Scholarly Communication ALCTS Committee
Landscape with Faculty CMMS

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 151
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALCTS, Research and Publications 10:00 am MCP   - W190b LSSIRT We Make it Happen: Librarians 10:00 am MCP   - W176b
ALCTS Committee and Support Staff Partnering
CMMS to Service Excellence
ALCTS, Subject Analysis Committee I 11:30 am PALM   - Adams PLA All Committees Meeting 11:30 am RAD  - Pacific
ALCTS Room 1&2
PLA Better Service than Amazon 10:00 am MCP   - W180
ALCTS, Metadata Interest Group 10:00 am MCP   - W179b and Nordstrom: Secrets to How
ALCTS It’s Done
PLA Community Driven: 10:00 am MCP   - W175a
Transforming the Subject
Librarian Model in Public
ALCTS All Committee Meeting and 10:00 am HIL  - Lake Libraries
CMS Executive Committee Michigan
*PLA LSO Partnership Map 10:00 am RAD  - Baltic &
ALCTS Continuing Education 10:00 am HIL  - Lake Workshop II Bering
CMS Committee Michigan
PLA Membership Advisory Group 9:30 am RAD  - Pacific
ALCTS Planning Committee 10:00 am HIL  - Lake Meeting 1&2
CMS Michigan
PLA Web Content Working Group 10:00 am RAD  - Pacific
ALCTS Publications Committee 10:00 am HIL  - Lake 1&2
CMS Michigan
RUSA Aging—A New Frontier: 10:00 am MCP   - W175b
ALCTS College and Research Libraries 10:00 am MCP   - W181b RSS, Implications and Opportunities
CRS Interest Group RMRT for Libraries and Librarians
ALCTS Continuing Resources 10:00 am MCP   - S101 RUSA STARS/RSS Policies 11:30 am MCP   - W471b
CRS Cataloging and Standards RSS, Committee Meeting
Forum (ALCTS CRS): The Once RUSA
and Future ISSN STARS
ALCTS, Digital Preservation Interest 10:00 am MCP   - W181a RUSA STARS Interlibrary Loan 11:30 am MCP   - W475b
ALCTS Group STARS Committee Meeting
RUSA, Business Reference Services 11:30 am MCP   - W196c
*ALSC 2018 Belpre Award Committee 11:30 am HYATT  - Skyway RUSA Discussion Group
Meeting II 265 BRASS
*ALSC 2018 Caldecott Award 11:30 am PALM  - Clark 03 RUSA, Discussion and All Committees 10:00 am MCP   - W196a
Committee Meeting II RUSA Meeting
*ALSC 2018 Geisel Award Committee 10:00 am PALM   - Cresthill
Meeting III Room SRRT, FTF Dismantling the Master’s 10:00 am MCP   - W175c
Bookshelves: Feminism for
*ALSC 2018 Newbery Award 11:30 am PALM  - Clark 10
Libraries in the Real World
Committee Meeting II
*ALSC 2018 Odyssey Award 11:30 am HYATT  - Skyway
SUSTAIN Taking the LEED: Sustainable 10:00 am MCP   - W185bc
Committee Meeting II 269
RT Building Projects @ Your
*ALSC 2018 Sibert Award Committee 11:30 am HYATT  - Skyway Library
Meeting III 273
UNITED Crossing Over: Adult Lit with 10:00 am MCP   - W185a

ALSC Libraries Are Not Neutral 10:00 am MCP   - W184bc YA Appeal

Spaces: Social Justice
UNITED Engaging Elected Officials with 10:00 am MCP   - W194b
Advocacy in Librarianship
Your Library
ASCLA ASCLA Physical Delivery 10:00 am MCP   - W474a
UNO Electronic Resources 10:00 am PALM   - Grant
Interest Group
Roundtable Discussion: Park Parlor
GODORT GODORT Research Round 10:00 am PALM   - Chicago How can libraries increase
Robin Room efficiency in collection develop-
IRRT IRRT Executive Board Meeting 10:00 am MCP   - W186a ment for electronic resources?

LEARNRT Executive Board Meeting 10:30 am MCP   - W177 UNO German-North American 11:30 am PALM  - Salon 03
Resources Partnership
LITA D3.js—Data Visualization Tools 10:00 am MCP   - W178b (GNARP)
and Techniques
*UNO Reveal Digital Executive 10:30 pm HYATT  - Skyway
LITA Design for Accessibility: A New 10:00 am MCP   - W176a Committee 260
Tool for You
9:00 am Start Time
LLAMA Mind the Gap: Are We Finding 10:00 am MCP   - W184a
the Skills We Need? (Human ACRL Research and Scholarly 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
Resources Community of Environment Committee Room 4A
Practice) Meeting

LLAMA, Consortial Borrowing Joint 11:30 am MCP   - W475a ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 11:00 am MCP   - W181c
LLAMA Committee (Technology Program: All Governments Lie
SASS, Community of Practice) ALA Career Counseling II 5:00 pm MCP   -
RUSA Placement
STARS Center Hall F2

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

152 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA Photography Service II 5:00 pm MCP   - ACRL Research Planning and Review 11:30 am BLACK  - POTUS
Placement Committee Meeting Boardroom
Center Hall F2
ACRL Transforming Our Academic 11:30 am MCP   - W183b
ALA Resume Review Service II 5:00 pm MCP   - Outreach Practices: Reaching
Placement Our Students, Faculty and
Center Hall F2 Staff, & Administrators
*ALA Spectrum Institute Closing 11:00 am PALM   - Wabash ACRL Undergraduate Librarians 11:30 am HIL  - Stevens
Ceremony & Brunch Discussion Group Center, Salon
PLA Legislation and Advocacy 10:00 am RAD  - Pacific
Committee Meeting 1&2 ACRL Update on the ACRL 11:30 am HIL  - Int'l South
τYALSA Framework for Information
YA Author Coffee Klatch 10:00 am MCP   - S105
Literacy for Higher Education
9:15 am Start Time ACRL All-Committees Meeting 11:30 am BLACK   - The
ALA Oni Press Book Buzz—Graphic 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit CJCLS Train Rooms
Novels for Kids, Teens, and Hall, Book Buzz
ACRL Awards Committee Meeting 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
Adults Theater
ALA The Alchemy of Audiobooks: 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit
ACRL Conference Program 11:30 am BLACK   - The
The Making-Of an Odyssey Hall, Chapter 1
CJCLS Planning—New Orleans, 2018 Train Rooms
Award Winner Stage
Committee Meeting
ALA WNDB Presents: Spooky Tales 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit
ACRL Library Technical Assistant 11:30 am BLACK   - The
for Middle Grade Readers Hall, PopTop
CJCLS Education Committee Meeting Train Rooms
ACRL Nominating 2018 Committee 11:30 am BLACK   - The
9:30 am Start Time CJCLS Meeting Train Rooms
ACRL Budget & Finance Committee 12:00 pm HIL  - Conference ACRL DLS Executive Committee Meeting 12:00 pm HIL  - Williford C
Meeting I Room 4M
ACRL LES Reference Discussion Group 11:30 am HIL  - Grand
ALA Career Development 10:30 am MCP   - Tradition
Workshop: HR Confidential: Placement
Insider Tips from HR Directors Center Hall F2 ACRL Technical Services Discussion 11:30 am MCP   - W474a
RBMS Group
ALA How to write for children 10:20 am MCP   - Exhibit
Hall, Graphic ACRL ULS Mid-Level Managers 12:00 pm PALM  - Clark 05
Novel/Gaming Discussion Group
Stage ALA ALA JobLIST Placement & 12:00 pm MCP   -
PLA Annual Conference 2017 10:30 am RAD  - Pacific Career Development Center Placement
Program Subcommittee 1&2 Open House/Job Fair Center Hall F2
ALA China Libraries Transformed 11:30 am MCP   - W181a
10:00 am Start Time
ALA Comics at the frontier of a new 11:20 am MCP   - Exhibit
ACRL Online Learning Research 11:30 am HIL  -
literary movement Hall, Graphic
EBSS Committee Discussion Forum Buckingham
ALA All The Wonders—Popular 10:50 am MCP   - Exhibit
ALA Creating Dynamic Programs 11:30 am MCP   - W194b
KidLit Podcast LIVE @ ALA with Hall, Chapter 1
& Events at Your Academic
The Wonderling’s Mira Bartok! Stage

ALA Celebrate 25 Years of The 10:50 am MCP   - Exhibit
ALA Helping Library Users Navigate 11:30 am MCP   - W187c
Rainbow Fish with Marcus Hall, PopTop
Fake News
Pfister Stage
ALA Immigration Services 101: 11:30 am MCP   - S103
ALSC Budget Committee Meeting I 12:00 pm HRM  -
Naturalization Assistance and
Boardroom 3
More in Your Public Library
10:30 am Start Time ALA International Council of Library 12:00 pm MCP   - W186b
ACRL Chapters Council Work Session 11:30 am HIL  - Conference Association Executives (ICLAE)
Room 4D ALA Joint Committee Meeting 11:30 am MCP   - W471a
ACRL Collecting Library Data: 11:30 am MCP   - W185d of Intellectual Freedom and
Policies and Data Legislation
Management Procedures for ALA Learn about IFLA and the 11:30 am MCP   - W181b
Improvement Global Community
ACRL Media Resources Discussion 11:30 am MCP   - W195 ALA Libraries Transform: New Tools 11:30 am HIL  - Williford A
Group and Best Practices
ACRL Mentoring: Blending Old & New 11:30 am MCP   - W187a ALA OITP—Tech Education in 11:30 am MCP   - W187b
ACRL Personnel Administrators & 11:30 am HIL  - Conference Libraries: Google’s Support for
Staff Development Discussion Room 4C Digital Literacy and Inclusion
Group II ALA OITP Copyright Education 11:30 am MCP   - W186c
Subcommittee Meeting II

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 153
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA Six Seasons, a vegetable 11:20 am MCP   - Exhibit LITA CIPA, Filtering and Bears, 11:30 am MCP   - W179b
cookbook from the creator of Hall, What’s Oh My
the kale salad Cooking @ ALA
LITA Cleaning Up the Mess: 11:30 am MCP   - W178a
Modernizing Your Dev Team’s
ALA Special Session from the 12:00 pm MCP   - W375b/ Outdated Workflow
Library of Congress Skyline
LITA How to Run a Tech Space 11:30 am MCP   - W178b
LLAMA To Fine or Not to Fine: That 11:30 am MCP   - W190a
ALA, The Knight Foundation: 11:30 am MCP   - W184bc
is the Question (Technology
Center Innovation in Libraries, Beyond
Community of Practice)
for the the Talk
Future of MAGIRT Cataloging and Classification 11:30 am PALM   -
Libraries Committee (CCC) Meeting Burnham 4

ALA, LHRT LHRT Edward G. Holley 11:30 am MCP   - W176a PLA Building Bridges: Using 11:30 am MCP   - W175a
Memorial Lecture Research and Partnerships
to Support Early Literacy in
ALA, LRRT Theory, Methods, and 11:30 am MCP   - W176b
Diverse Communities
Practices in Library Research:
Reports from the Field PLA Continuing Education Advisory 11:30 am RAD  - Pacific
Group Meeting 1&2
ALA, Next Gen Library Planning: 11:30 am MCP   - W185bc
SUSTAIN Strategic Library Planning for PLA Learning by Failing: How 11:30 am MCP   - W184a
RT Sustainability & Resilience in to Plan System-wide
Community Programming Collaboratively

ALCTS ALCTS Division Committee 11:30 am MCP   - W176c PLA Stay and Play: Create Open 11:30 am MCP   - W175c
Chairs Library Spaces and STEM
Material Collections for Play-
*ALCTS LRTS Editorial Board 11:30 am MCP   - W186a
Based Discovery Programming
ALCTS, Cataloging and Classification 11:30 am HRM  - Grant
PLA Technology Committee 11:30 am RAD  - Pacific
ALCTS Research Interest Group Park/CC 12AB
Meeting 1&2
RMRT People-Powered Research 11:30 am MCP   - W196b
ALCTS, Preservation Showdown: 11:30 am MCP   - W184d
Projects: Explore the
ALCTS Audiovisual Edition!
RUSA Budget and Finance 12:00 pm HRM  - Field/CC
ALCTS, Promoting Preservation 11:30 am HIL  -
Committee Meeting 20AB
ALCTS Interest Group Continental B
PARS RUSA RSS New Discoveries in Reference: 11:30 am MCP   - W180
The 23rd Annual Reference
ALSC All Committee Meeting 12:00 pm MCP   - W470
Research Forum
ALSC, PLA Every Child Ready to Read 11:30 am MCP   - W470
RUSA Standards & Guidelines 11:30 am HRM  - Huron
Oversight Committee Meeting
ASCLA Arms Open Wide: Library 11:30 am MCP   - W175b
RUSA, Core Competencies Task Force 11:30 am HRM  -
Outreach to Customers with
RUSA Boardroom 4
Print Impairments
ASCLA ASCLA Consumer Health 11:30 am HIL  - Lake
RUSA, New Business Librarians 11:30 am MCP   - W196c
Information Librarians Interest Michigan
RUSA Discussion Group

ASCLA ASCLA Library Services for the 11:30 am MCP   - W474b
UNITED Engaging Book Clubs in Your 11:30 am MCP   - W193
Incarcerated and Detained
ASCLA PINNACLE: the Next 11:30 am MCP   - W185a
UNO Cross-Training with Now-Gen 11:30 am MCP   - S101
Generation of Library
UNO Engaging Your Community in 11:30 am HIL  - Marquette
*EMIERT EMIERT Executive Board 12:00 pm HRM  -
Financial Education Room
Meeting Boardroom 5
UNO Resource Access for the 21st 11:30 am HRM  - Clark/CC
ERT Open Library: Expert discus- 11:30 am MCP   - W183c
Century: Toward A Modern 22AB
sion on how and why Open
Access Architecture
Library succeeds. Your
questions answered by those YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 5:30 pm HIL  - Astoria
who know. Committee Meeting Room

FAFLRT Leadership and Librarianship 11:30 am MCP   - W196a YALSA The 2017 Alex Awards 11:30 am MCP   - W179a
are a team sport
11:00 am Start Time
*GODORT GODORT Awards Committee 11:30 am PALM   -
ALA It’s a Mystery: Three Different 11:50 am MCP   - Exhibit
Burnham 1
Takes Hall, Chapter 1
GODORT GODORT Cataloging 11:30 am PALM   - Chicago Stage
Committee Room
GODORT, Geographic Technologies 11:30 am MCP   - W194a
MAGIRT (GeoTech) Committee and GIS
Discussion Group

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

154 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA Location, Location, Location: 11:50 am MCP   - Exhibit AASL National Conference 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
When Setting Becomes as Hall, PopTop Committee Meeting Room 4K
Important as Character Stage
AASL Retiree SIG Meeting 2:30 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
ALA To Infinity and Beyond with 11:45 am MCP   - Exhibit 22AB
HarlequinTEEN, Tor Teen, and Hall, Book Buzz
*AASL Standards & Guidelines 5:00 pm HRM  -
Starscape Theater
Editorial Board Boardroom 5
UNO Picture Book Original Art 1:00 pm BLACK   - Crystal
AASL Student SIG Meeting 2:30 pm HRM  - Grant
Brunch Ballroom
Park/CC 12C
11:30 am Start Time ACRL ACRL 2019 Coordinating 3:00 pm HIL  - Int'l North
ALA The Joys of Jewish Preserving 12:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit Committee Meeting
is a Celebration of Preserved Hall, What’s ACRL Community College 2:30 pm BLACK   - Mayor’s
Foods from Jewish Life Cooking @ ALA Engagement Task Force Office
Stage Meeting
ALA, VRT Now Showing @ ALA Film 1:00 pm MCP   - W181c ACRL Digital Curation Interest Group 2:30 pm HIL  -
Program: Here Come the Meeting Buckingham
Videofreex Room
ALA Image Comics 25th 12:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit ACRL Diversity Committee Meeting 2:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Anniversary Celebration Hall, Graphic Room 4G
Stage ACRL Government Relations 2:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Committee Meeting Room 4E
ALA, ALA- ALA Policy Monitoring 12:30 pm MCP   - W375e/
COUNCIL Committee Skyline ACRL Immersion Program Committee 2:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Meeting Room 4M
LITA LITA President’s Anniversary 1:00 pm HRM  - Prarie
Luncheon Room B ACRL Standards Committee Meeting 2:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Room 4D
LLAMA PR Xchange (Marketing 1:00 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Communications Community Floor-Special ACRL Update on Value of Academic 2:30 pm MCP   - S102
of Practice) Events Area Libraries Initiative

UNO The Penguin Random House 12:30 pm MCP   - S106a ACRL CLS Leadership and Management 2:00 pm BLACK   -
Library Marketing Book Buzz Issues in College Libraries Inspiration
Discussion Group Studio
12:00 pm Start Time
ACRL LES Collections Discussion Group 2:00 pm HIL  - Conference
ALA ’Lunch and Learn’ with Holiday 12:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit Room 4C
House Hall, Book Buzz
ACRL ACRL/RBMS SAA Task Force 2:30 pm MCP   - W176c
RBMS on the Development of
ALA ALA Award Rehearsal 1:00 pm MCP   - W375b/ Standardized Holdings Counts
Skyline and Measures for Archival
ALA Music in Fiction/Fiction in 12:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit Repositories and Special
Music: Debut novelists talk Hall, Chapter 1 Collections Libraries Meeting
inspiration Stage ACRL ACRL/RBMS SAA Task 2:30 pm MCP   - W186a
ALA Subverting Gender Stereotypes 12:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit RBMS Force on the Development
in YA Romance Hall, PopTop of Standardized Measures
for the Public Services of

Archival Repositories and
12:30 pm Start Time Special Collections Libraries
ALA Chapter Councilors Forum 2:00 pm HIL  - Committee Meeting
Continental C ACRL Descriptive Cataloging for 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
ALA Comics for Teens: Discovery in 1:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit RBMS Rare Materials Task Force Room 4A
the Library Hall, Graphic Meeting III
Novel/Gaming ACRL STS Science and Technology 2:30 pm HIL  - Stevens
Stage Library Research Forum Center, Salon
ALA Intellectual Freedom 2:30 pm MCP   - W471b A-1
Committee Meeting III

1:00 pm Start Time

AASL ¿Qué Pasa? Engaging Latino 2:30 pm MCP   - W176b
Students through Collaboration The Haymarket riot, May
and Community Connections 4, 1886, sparked during a
protest for an 8-hour work
AASL Inquiry-Rich Learning 2:30 pm MCP   - W175b day, is considered the
Experiences in Collaborative, origin of the international
Blended Learning May Day observances for
Environments workers. See the memorial
at 175 N. Desplaines St.

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 155
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ACRL ULS Committee on the Future of 2:30 pm MCP   - W187a ALA Serving Refugees: Experiences 2:30 pm MCP   - W181b
University Libraries Meeting from German Libraries
ACRL Germanists and Romance 2:30 pm HIL  - Williford C ALA-APA The Art of Asking: Salary 2:30 pm MCP   - W196b
WESS Languages Discussion Groups Negotiation for Library Workers
ACRL, ACRL/LLAMA Interdivisional 2:30 pm MCP   - W186c ALA, OIF, Desegregating Public Libraries: 2:30 pm MCP   - W184d
LLAMA Committee on Building PLA, The Tougaloo Nine
Resources Meeting ODLOS
AFL-APALA APALA Membership & 2:30 pm MCP   - W476 ALA, Crisis Communication: Who 2:30 pm MCP   - W194b
Committee Meeting RUSA, Speaks for Your Library?
AFL-CALA CALA Annual Conference 2:30 pm RAD  - Pacific
Program Ballroom ALCTS Advocacy and Policy 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
AFL- 2017 Pura Belpré Award 3:00 pm HIL  - Int'l South
REFORMA, Celebración ALCTS Affiliate Relations Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
ALCTS ALCTS Continuing Education 4:00 pm PALM  - Clark 07
ALA Advocacy Coordinating Group 2:30 pm MCP   - W471a Committee
(ACG) Meeting
ALCTS ALCTS Division All Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
ALA ALA Planning & Budget 2:30 pm HRM  - Grant Meeting
Assembly (PBA) Park/CC 12AB
ALCTS Creative Ideas in Technical 2:30 pm MCP   - W190b
ALA Buzz about Children’s Books 1:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit Services Interest Group
with Bloomsbury Children’s Hall, Book Buzz
ALCTS Finding the Right API for You: 2:30 pm MCP   - W179a
Books, Disney Book Group, Theater
A Technical Services Workflow
HarperCollins Children’s
Books, and Macmillan
Children’s Publishing Group ALCTS Fundraising Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W470

ALA Career Development 2:00 pm MCP   - ALCTS International Relations 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
Workshop: The Key to Getting Placement Committee
Interviews: Impactful Cover Center Hall F2 ALCTS Leadership Development 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
Letters and Resumes Committee
ALA COL Business Meeting II 4:00 pm MCP   - W475a ALCTS Membership Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
ALA Committee on Diversity 2:30 pm MCP   - W474b ALCTS Organization and Bylaws 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
Business Meeting II Committee
ALA Committee on Research and 2:30 pm MCP   - W195 ALCTS Planning Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
Statistics Meeting
ALCTS Publications Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W470
ALA Emerging Leaders Working 2:30 pm MCP   - W194a
Group ALCTS Standards Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W470

ALA Fandom Programs for Tweens, 2:30 pm MCP   - W187c ALCTS Transitioning Technical 2:30 pm MCP   - W184bc
Teens, and Adults Services: Training Staff to
Meet Evolving Needs
ALA Getting Kids Excited About 1:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
STEM Hall, Chapter 1 ALCTS AS Acquisitions Managers and 2:30 pm MCP   - W187b
Stage Vendors Interest Group

ALA High-impact Events to Foster 2:30 pm MCP   - W196c ALCTS CaMMS Forum: Power That Is 2:30 pm MCP   - S101
Collaboration CMMS Moral: Creating a Cataloging
Code of Ethics
ALA International Comics—Culture 2:30 pm HRM  - Jackson
& Creation Beyond America Park/CC 10AB ALCTS Authority Control Interest 5:30 pm HIL  -
CMMS, Group Continental B
ALA Mentoring-On-The-Fly II 4:00 pm MCP   - LITA
Center Hall F2 ALCTS Collection Evaluation and 2:30 pm HRM  -
CMS Assessment Interest Group Burnham/CC
ALA OITP—Get Your Library 2:30 pm HRM  - DuSable/ 23A-C
#ReadytoCode CC 21A-C
ALCTS, Book and Paper Interest Group 2:30 pm HRM  - Jackson
ALA OITP—You Make the Call in the 2:30 pm MCP   - W193 ALCTS Park/CC 10C
Copyright Game PARS
ALA Science Fiction/Fantasy Adult 1:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit ALCTS, Electronic Resources 2:30 pm MCP   - W179b
Books with YA Appeal Hall, PopTop LITA Management Interest Group
*ALCTS, Metadata Standards 2:30 pm HIL  - Marquette
LITA, RUSA Committee Room
ALSC 2018 Notable Children’s 4:00 pm MCP   - S106b
Books Meeting II
ALSC 2018 Notable Children’s 4:00 pm PALM   - LaSalle
Women account Recordings II 3
for about 85% of all ALSC All Discussion Meeting 2:30 pm HIL  - Lake Erie
librarians in the US.
ALSC Collection Management 2:30 pm HIL  - Williford B
Discussion Group

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

156 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ERT Patron-Centric Library 2:30 pm MCP   - W183c UNITED, FUN-Raising: Big and Small 2:30 pm MCP   - W178b
Marketing: Opportunities and LLAMA Ideas on Ways to Raise Funds,
Rewards Friends, and Have Fun Along
the Way
FAFLRT Federal and Armed Forces 2:30 pm MCP   - W186b
Libraries Round Table (FAFLRT) UNO BOT & Listening Library 2:00 pm MCP   - S106a
Board Meeting Audiobook Buzz
GLBTRT GLBT Library Leaders on 2:30 pm MCP   - W180 UNO Integrating Summon with 2:30 pm MCP   - W196a
Queerness at Work: How Alma: A Case Study
Queer Identities Impact
*UNO Program for Cooperative 3:00 pm HRM  - Huron
Leadership Roles, Professional
Cataloging Standing
Relationships, and Career
Committee on Standards
UNO Undergraduate & Graduate 2:30 pm PALM   - Grant
GODORT GODORT Education Committee 2:30 pm PALM  - Clark 05
Needs Roundtable: Are Park Parlor
GODORT GODORT Legislation 2:30 pm PALM   - academic libraries meeting
Committee Burnham 4 the needs of today’s modern
students, and what more can
IRRT Acting for Humanity: The 2:30 pm MCP   - W181a
be done to satisfy these users?
United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals and VRT Create, Communicate, 2:30 pm MCP   - W175c
Libraries—IRRT Chair’s Captivate: Inspiring Media
Program Production in Your Library
LITA LITA Drupal4Lib Interest Group 2:30 pm HRM  - Erie *YALSA Michael L. Printz Committee 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Meeting II Room 4F
LITA LITA Local Task Force 2:30 pm HRM  - Lincoln
Park Boardroom YALSA Reading the World in 2:30 pm MCP   - W184a
Translation: Selecting and
LITA LITA Top Technology Trends 2:30 pm MCP   - W192
Presenting Global Literature
LLAMA Circulation/Access Services 2:30 pm HIL  - Williford A for Teens
Discussion Group (Technology
Community of Practice) 1:30 pm Start Time
LLAMA ILS Migration Stories: 2:30 pm MCP   - W185d ALA A Monstress Discussion with 2:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Naked Data and Change Author Marjorie Liu Hall, Graphic
Management (Technology Novel/Gaming
Community of Practice) Stage

LLAMA Library Facilities Planning 2:30 pm HIL  - Lake ALA Adventurer Linda Ly Shares 2:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Discussion Group (Buildings Michigan Gourmet Grub from The New Hall, What’s
& Equipment Community of Camp Cookbook Cooking @ ALA
Practice) Stage

LLAMA LLAMA Content Coordinating 2:30 pm MCP   - W475b ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 2:30 pm MCP   - W181c
Team Program: Get in the Way

LLAMA PR Xchange Awards Ceremony 2:00 pm MCP   - Exhibit 2:00 pm Start Time
(Marketing Communications Floor-Special AFL-BCALA BCALA President’s Program 3:30 pm PALM   - Empire
Community of Practice) Events Area Room
MAGIRT Membership & Executive 2:30 pm MCP   - W474a ALA Reading Outside the Box: 2:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit

Board Meeting I Reaching “Undiscovered” Hall, PopTop
*PLA Award Jury Meeting 2:30 pm RAD  - Baltic & Young Readers with Hi/Lo Stage
Bering Novels

PLA Outcome Measurement Made 2:30 pm MCP   - W175a ALA The Quarto Group Book Buzz 2:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Easy: A Free Toolkit for Public Hall, Book Buzz
Libraries Theater

PLA Task Force on Equity, Diversity 2:30 pm RAD  - Adriatic & ALA Unravelings: Unreliable narra- 2:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
and Inclusion Discussion Aegean tors. Unputdownable stories. Hall, Chapter 1
Session Stage

PLA TechniGals: How to Get Girls 2:30 pm MCP   - W190a ALA, Booklist’s #50YearsofYA Panel 4:00 pm MCP   - S103
Excited About Making & STEAM YALSA
in the Library
2:30 pm Start Time
PLA Whole Person Librarianship: 2:30 pm MCP   - W178a
AFL-CALA CALA Poster Session 4:00 pm RAD  - Pacific
Libraries and Social Workers in
RUSA Organization and Planning 2:30 pm MCP   - W177
Committee Meeting
RUSA The ABCs of PE & VC Data and 2:30 pm MCP   - W176a
BRASS Information

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 157
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA Check out Dynamite in 2017 3:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit ACRL ULS ULS Awards Committee 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
Hall, Graphic Meeting Room 4E
ACRL Social Sciences and History 4:00 pm HIL  - Williford C
WESS and College and Medium-Sized
ALA No Meat Athlete: Whole Food, 3:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit Libraries Discussion Groups
Plant-Based Recipes to Fuel Hall, What’s
ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
Your Workouts Cooking @ ALA
WGSS Room 4M
AFL Professional Socialization in 5:00 pm HRM  - Field/CC
ALA Self-Care Practices for a 3:30 pm MCP   -
Chicago, 2018 20AB
Healthy Mind, Body and Soul Placement
Center Hall F2 AFL-AILA AILA Business Meeting 4:00 pm HRM  - Grant
Park/CC 12AB
UNITED Board Meeting 4:00 pm HIL  - Conference
Room 4C AFL, Walter Dean Myers Memorial 5:00 pm PALM  - Honore
AFL-BCALA Lecture Ballroom
3:00 pm Start Time
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 4:00 pm MCP   - W181c
AASL Creating opportunity for 4:00 pm MCP   - W175b Program: 70 Acres in Chicago:
authentic learning experiences Cabrini Green
for Special Education students
ALA ALA Award Presentaion 3:30 pm MCP   - W375b/
AASL Partnerships to Strengthen 4:00 pm HRM  - Skyline
School Libraries (AASL/OLA) Burnham/CC
23A-C ALA ALA Awards & Keynote Address 4:30 pm MCP   - W375b/
Hosted by ALA President Julie Skyline
AASL ISS International Students and 4:00 pm MCP   - W196a Todaro featuring Ron Chernow
Cultural Differences Regarding
Plagiarism ALA ALA Website Advisory 5:00 pm MCP   - W186c
Committee Meeting
ACRL Giving Voice to Diverse 4:00 pm MCP   - W187a
RBMS Collections Through ALA Blending Video Games and 3:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Digitization Curriculum in Middle Grade/YA Hall, PopTop
Fantasy-Adventure Stage
ACRL Information Literacy 4:30 pm BLACK   - Mayor’s
Frameworks and Standards Office ALA Comics Roundtable: What 4:00 pm MCP   - W476
Committee does the future of comics
librarianship look like?
ACRL Liaisons Coordinating 5:30 pm PALM  - Salon 03
Committee Meeting ALA Division Leadership and 4:00 pm HRM  - Jackson
Budget Analysis & Review Park/CC 10AB
ACRL Liaisons Grants Committee 5:30 pm PALM  - Salon 03 Committee
Meeting (part of the Liaisons
Coordinating Committee ALA Where There is Thunder, There 4:00 pm MCP   - W176a
Meeting) is Lightning: EDI and Change
in Libraries
ACRL Liaisons Training and 5:30 pm PALM  - Salon 03
Development Committee ALA Film Programs with The 4:00 pm MCP   - W184d
Meeting (part of the Liaisons Vietnam War, a Film by Ken
Coordinating Committee Burns and Lynn Novick
Meeting) ALA French Comics on Screen: Film 3:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
ACRL Librarianship in For-Profit 4:00 pm HIL  - Marquette Adaptations of Franco-Belgian Hall, Chapter 1
Graphic Narratives  Stage

Educational Institutions Room

Interest Group Meeting ALA Intellectual Freedom 4:30 pm MCP   - W471b
ACRL Libraries and the Military/ 4:00 pm MCP   - W179b Committee Meeting IV
Veteran Population: ALA International Relations 4:30 pm MCP   - W194a
Transformative Service Committee Meeting (IRC) II
Through Cultural
ALA Building Global Knowledge 4:00 pm MCP   - W185a
through Collaboration the
ACRL Standards for Libraries in 4:00 pm HIL  - Williford B Middle East and South Asia
Higher Education Review Task Digitization Projects
Force Forum
ALA Library Takeover: Or, How 4:00 pm MCP   - W187b
ACRL Student Learning and 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference Madison Public Library
Information Literacy Room 4D Relinquished Control of
Committee Meeting Community Programming to...
ACRL Update on the ACRL Academic 4:00 pm HIL  - Int'l South Wait For It...Actual Community
Library Trends and Statistics Members
Survey ALA OITP—Report from the swamp: 4:00 pm MCP   - W187c
ACRL DLS All-Committees Meeting 4:00 pm HIL  - Williford A Policy developments from
*ACRL Advisory Council 4:00 pm HIL  - Int'l North
EBSS ALA PR Forum featuring Ben Bizzle 4:00 pm MCP   - W185d

ACRL Leab Exhibition Awards 4:00 pm HIL  - ALA Penguin Random House 3:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit
RBMS Ceremony Buckingham Publisher Services: Kids Titles Hall, Book Buzz
Room from Their Client Publishers Theater

ACRL STS Scholarly Communications 4:00 pm MCP   - S101 ALA Tools for Adult Literacy through 4:00 pm MCP   - W178b
Committee Forum your Library

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

158 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA-APA Salaries & Status of Library 4:00 pm MCP   - W186a LLAMA Library Storage Discussion 4:00 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
Workers Group 22AB
ALA, ALA- ALA Committee on 4:00 pm MCP   - W375e/ LLAMA SNAP, CRACKLE, POP: Pop-up 4:00 pm MCP   - W193
COUNCIL Organization Skyline Libraries on a Shoestring
(Buildings and Equipment
ALA, LHRT LHRT Research Forum— 4:00 pm MCP   - W176b
Community of Practice)
Alternative Literacies
and Libraries: Historical MAGIRT Membership & Executive 4:00 pm MCP   - W474a
Perspectives Board Meeting II
ALA, Sustainability Round Table 4:00 pm MCP   - W474b PLA Applying Racial Equity Analysis 4:00 pm MCP   - W180
SUSTAIN (SUSTAINRT) General to Library Policies, Programs
RT Membership Meeting and Processes
ALCTS Measuring the Performance of 4:00 pm MCP   - W179a PLA Floating: High Volume Low 4:00 pm MCP   - W181b
Approval Processes Stress
ALCTS Metadata Migration: Managing 4:00 pm MCP   - W185bc PLA PLDS Statistical Report 4:00 pm RAD  - Adriatic &
Methods and Mayhem Advisory Committee Meeting Aegean
ALCTS Collection Management and 4:00 pm MCP   - W178a PLA Trust & Transparency During 4:00 pm MCP   - W175c
CMS Electronic Resources Interest Times of Rapid Change
RUSA Conference Program Planning 4:00 pm HRM  -
ALCTS Access to Continuing 4:00 pm MCP   - W194b BRASS Committee II Boardroom 2
CRS Resources Interest Group
RUSA Membership Committee 4:00 pm HRM  - Lincoln
ALCTS Continuing Resources 4:00 pm MCP   - W190a BRASS Meeting Park Boardroom
CRS Acquisitions Forum (ALCTS
RUSA RSS RSS Discussion Forum II 4:00 pm HRM  - DuSable/
CRS): Managing Continuing
CC 21A-C
Resource Subscription
Reductions SRRT Social Responsibiities Round 4:00 pm MCP   - W195
Table (SRRT) Action Council
ALCTS Show Me the Data! How 4:00 pm MCP   - W184bc
CRS Libraries Support Research
Data Management Plans and UNITED First Author, First Book 4:00 pm MCP   - W196c
Data Sharing Requirements UNO MARC Advisory Committee 4:00 pm MCP   - W471a
ALSC Beyond Bilingual: Making 4:00 pm MCP   - W175a meeting 2
Storytime Friendly to Families UNO PCC At Large 4:00 pm MCP   - S102
who are English Language
Learners VRT AMIA@ ALA Distributing 4:00 pm MCP   - W183b
Archives: Preservation,
ALSC Early Learning Communities 4:00 pm MCP   - W181a Restoration, and Access
of Practice: How Libraries Are
Leading the Way to School YALSA The Surprising Way We Got 4:00 pm MCP   - W184a
Readiness Teens Talking About Books

ASCLA ASCLA Library Consultants 4:00 pm MCP   - W196b 3:30 pm Start Time
Interest Group ALA Liberties at Work and Creator’s 4:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
ASCLA ASCLA Youth Services 4:00 pm MCP   - W186b Ownership   Hall, Graphic
Consultants Interest Group Novel/Gaming

GODORT GODORT General Membership 4:30 pm PALM   - Crystal
Meeting Room ALA The Laura Lea Balanced 4:20 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Approach: No Diets, No Hall, What’s
LEARNRT Training Showcase: Best 5:00 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Dogma, Just Delicious Healthy Cooking @ ALA
Practices & Social Hour Floor-Special
Food Stage
Events Area
LITA LITA E-rate and CIPA 4:00 pm HRM  - Erie
3:45 pm Start Time
Compliance Interest Group AFL-BCALA BCALA Interest Circles 5:00 pm PALM   -
Burnham 4
LITA LITA Heads of Library 4:00 pm MCP   - W176c
Technology Interest Group 4:00 pm Start Time
LITA LITA Open Source Systems 4:00 pm MCP   - W177 ACRL ULS Public Service Directors of 5:30 pm HIL  - Williford C
Interest Group Large Research Libraries
LITA LITA President’s Program with 4:00 pm MCP   - W192 Discussion Group
Kameron Hurley: We Are the AFL-CALA CALA Annual Membership 5:00 pm RAD  - Pacific
Sum of Our Stories Meeting Ballroom
LLAMA Fiscal and Business 4:00 pm MCP   - W475b ALA Becoming Ms. Burton: From 4:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit
Officers Discussion Prison to Recovery to Leading Hall, Chapter 1
Group (Organization and the Fight for Incarcerated Stage
Management Community of Women

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 159
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
ALA Emerging Leaders Interest 5:00 pm MCP   - W195 ALCTS ALCTS Presents Sub-Librarians 5:30 pm HIL  - Williford B
Group Steering Committee Scion of the Baker Street
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 5:30 pm MCP   - W181c
Program: Ever the Land ALCTS LMPI Editorial Board 5:30 pm MCP   - W471b
ALA Zines out Loud: Zine Reading 4:50 pm MCP   - Exhibit ALCTS, FRBR Interest Group 5:30 pm MCP   - W196a
Hall, PopTop ALCTS
Stage CMMS
ALA Ingram Publisher Services 4:45 pm MCP   - Exhibit ALCTS Collection Management and 5:30 pm MCP   - S106a
Book Buzz Hall, Book Buzz CMS Development Research Forum
ALCTS, PARS Forum 5:30 pm MCP   - W194b
τALA Spectrum 20th Anniversary 6:00 pm OS  - 19 East ALCTS
Cocktail Hour Event Gallery PARS
ASCLA ASCLA All Committee & 5:30 pm MCP   - W196b *ALSC 2018 Batchelder Committee 6:00 pm HIL  - Conference
Finance and Planning Meeting Award Meeting II Room 4L
*UNO John Cotton Dana Awards & 6:30 pm BLACK   - Crystal *ALSC 2018 Geisel Award Committee 6:00 pm PALM   - Cresthill
Reception Ballroom Meeting IV Room
UNO OCLC Resource Sharing Users 5:30 pm MCP   - W196c LITA Lit@Lunch using MackinVia 5:30 pm MCP   - W184d
Group and Google Hangouts

4:30 pm Start Time LLAMA How to reach new audiences, 5:30 pm MCP   - W175c
communicate innovation,
AASL Alliance for Association 5:30 pm MCP   - W186a
and build partnerships: A
Excellence Meeting
university library makerspace
AASL An Urban Literacy Summit: 5:30 pm MCP   - W175b case study (Public Relations
Collaboration for Collective and Marketing Community of
Impact Practice)
AASL Makerspaces: The View From 5:30 pm MCP   - W175a LLAMA Want to Know? Just Ask the 5:30 pm MCP   - W185a
Here Staff: Using Employee Surveys
in Your Library (Technology
ACRL Balancing Baby and Book 5:30 pm BLACK   - English
Community of Practice)
Discussion Group Room
*PLA Nominating Committee (2018) 5:30 pm RAD   -
ACRL Philosophical, Religious. and 5:30 pm HRM  - Erie
Meeting II Mediterranean
Theological Studies Discussion
RUSA Financial Literacy Interest 5:30 pm HRM  - Clark/CC
ACRL Standards for Libraries in 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference
Group 22AB
Higher Education Review Task Room 4K
Force UNO MARC Advisory Committee 5:30 pm MCP   - W471a
meeting 3
ACRL Anthropology Librarians 5:30 pm HIL  - Marquette
ANSS Discussion Group Room UNO PCC Participants Meeting 5:30 pm MCP   - S102
ACRL DLS Discussion Group 5:30 pm HIL  - Conference YALSA Board II, 5:30 pm MCP   - W176c
Room 4C
YALSA Start Here: Achieving 5:30 pm MCP   - W184a
ACRL Information Exchange Meeting 5:30 pm HIL  - High Impact through Teen
RBMS Buckingham Internships and Volunteering

4:45 pm Start Time
AFL Progressive Librarians Guild 5:30 pm MCP   - W194a
*ALA ALA Award/President 6:00 pm MCP   - W375e/
(PLG) Meeting
Reception (By Invitation Only) Skyline Pre-
ALA ALA Accreditation: Effectively 5:30 pm HIL  - Lake Erie Function Area
Presenting Evidence in the
Self-Study 5:00 pm Start Time
ALA Eurasian and Central Asian 5:30 pm MCP   - W181a NMRT Annual Social 7:00 pm OS   - Ditka’s
Studies in the Heartland and Chicago Hall of
Beyond Fame Room,
100 E Chestnut
ALA STEM Member Initiative Group 5:30 pm HRM  -
Burnham/CC RUSA Achievement Awards Ceremony 6:30 pm HRM  - Regency
23A-C and Reception (RUSA BRASS, Ballroom A & B
*ALA-APA LSSC Certification Review 5:30 pm MCP   - W177 HS, RUSA RSS, RUSA STARS)
5:30 pm Start Time
τUNITED The Laugh’s On Us, sponsored 7:30 pm HIL  - Int'l South
by Ingram Content Group
*UNO Indiana University Alumni 7:00 pm HYATT  - Water
ALA's Booklist began Reception & Alumni Awards Tower
publishing in 1905 and
what is today known as
American Libraries in 1907. UNO University of Wisconsin— 7:30 pm OS   - Quartino,
Madison SLIS Alumni & 626 N. State
Friends Reception Street

*Closed meeting   τ Ticketed event

160 2 0 1 7 A L A A NN UA L C O N F E R E N C E & E X H I B I T I O N
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location

6:00 pm Start Time ALA Jean E. Coleman Library 10:00 am MCP   - W184bc
Outreach Lecture
τALSC 2017 Newbery-Caldecott- 10:55 pm HYATT  - Grand
Wilder Banquet Ballroom ALA OITP Advisory Committee 10:00 am MCP   - W186b
Meeting II
GLBTRT GLBTRT Social 8:00 pm OS  - Off Site
ALA Spotlight on Rural, Native, and 10:00 am MCP   - W176a
LITA LITA Happy Hour 8:00 pm OS  - Off Site
Tribal Libraries: From Fresno
6:30 pm Start Time to Alaska

AFL-BCALA BCALA New Members Meet 7:00 pm PALM  - Clark 05 ALA, ALA- ALA Council II 11:00 am MCP   - W375e/
& Greet COUNCIL Skyline

7:00 pm Start Time ALCTS Publisher/Vendor/Library 10:00 am MCP   - W175c

Relations Interest Group
AFL-BCALA BCALA Membership Meeting 10:00 pm PALM   - Empire Forum
ALCTS Shared Analysis Tools for Print 10:00 am MCP   - W184a
τVRT VRT Gala: Tuned In, Turned On! 9:00 pm OS  - Gene Siskel Retention Programs
Videofreex Tape the World Flim Center
ALCTS, Committee on Cataloging: 11:30 am PALM   - Adams
8:30 pm Start Time ALCTS Description and Access II Room
ALA ALA Council Forum II 10:00 pm HYATT  - CMMS
Columbus EF ALCTS, Heads of Cataloging 10:00 am MCP   - W190a
ALCTS Departments Interest Group
Monday, June 26 CMMS
7:30 am Start Time ALCTS, All Committee Meeting and 11:30 am MCP   - W196a
ALA Think Fit Yoga & Meditation 2:00 pm MCP   - W472 ALCTS Executive Committee
ALCTS, Preservation Outreach 10:00 am MCP   - W196a
8:00 am Start Time ALCTS Committee
AASL ISS ISS Meeting 10:00 am MCP   - W471a PARS
ACRL Budget & Finance Committee 11:30 am HIL  - Conference ALCTS, Preservation Standards and 10:00 am MCP   - W196a
Meeting II Room 4D ALCTS Practices Committee
ALA Now Showing @ ALA Film 9:30 am MCP   - W181c PARS
Program: In the Steps of Trisha ALCTS, Program, Planning and 10:00 am MCP   - W196a
Brown ALCTS Publications Committee
ALSC 2017 ALSC Awards 10:30 am MCP   - W185bc PARS
Presentation IFRT Intellectual Freedom Round 10:00 am MCP   - W475a
ERT ERT Member Meeting 9:00 am MCP   - Exhibit Table Meeting II
Hall, Book Buzz IRRT Libraries for the Global 10:00 am MCP   - W178b
Theater Community: Their
Sustainability and Impact—
8:30 am Start Time (ISLD Program)
AASL Transforming Learning in K-12 10:00 am MCP   - W175b
LIRT Steering Committee II 10:00 am MCP   - W186c
Libraries Through Inclusionary
Best Practices LITA Implementing Gamified 10:00 am MCP   - W178a

Assessment and Badges: A
AASL SPVS Meeting 10:00 am MCP   - W474b
Practical Guide
LLAMA Boutique Aesthetics & Prison- 10:00 am MCP   - W193
ACRL STS OERs: Science Liaisons 10:00 am MCP   - W181a
grade Durability—Secrets to
Strengthening the Academy
Successful Library Interiors
with Open Resources
(Buildings and Equipment
ACRL Women and Women First: 10:00 am MCP   - W183b Community of Practice)
WGSS Feminist Bookstores, Past and
LLAMA Dialogue with Directors 10:00 am MCP   - W475b
Discussion Group
ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
PLA Library 10:00 am RAD  - Adriatic &
ANSS Room 4C
Meeting Aegean
*ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 10:00 am HIL  - Conference
*PLA Past Presidents' Breakfast 10:00 am RAD  - Baltic &
EBSS Room 4K
ACRL LES All-Committees Meeting 10:00 am HIL  - Lake Erie
RUSA Executive Committee Meeting 11:30 am MCP   - W471b
ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 11:30 am HIL  - STARS
RBMS Continental C
RUSA, Demystifying the Federal 10:00 am MCP   - W175a
ACRL General Membership 10:00 am HIL  - Grand RUSA Reserve
WESS Discussion Group Tradition BRASS
ALA COL Legislation Assembly 10:00 am MCP   - W474a
Committee Meeting

MCP : McCormick Place West HRM : Hyatt Regency McCormick OS : Off Site For more detailed hotel
BLACK : Renaissance Blackstone HYATT : Hyatt Regency Chicago RAD : Radisson Blu Hotel information see page 61.
HIL : Hilton Chicago PALM : Palmer House Hilton SWISS : Swissotel Hotel

A L A A N N UA L .O RG | A L A A N N UA L .O RG / M O B I L E – A P P | # A L A AC 1 7 161
Hosted By Event Name End Time Location Hosted By Event Name End Time Location
τSORT Walking Tour—In the Loop of 11:30 am PALM ACRL Executive Committee Meeting 11:30 am HIL  - Conference
Chicago (SORT) II WESS Room 4C
UNITED Andy Weir—United For Libraries 9:30 am MCP   - W375b/ AFL-CALA CALA 2017–2018 New Board 11:30 am HYATT  - Skyway
President’s Program Skyline Meeting I 260
ALA ALA Recruitment Assembly 11:30 am MCP   - W186b
VRT Membership and Executive 12:30 pm MCP   - W176c
ALA Booklist’s Read ’N’ Rave 11:30 am MCP   - W179a
Board Meeting
ALA BUY-IN NOT OPT-OUT: Creating 11:30 am MCP   - W176b
YALSA Strong Girls School: Create a 10:00 am MCP   - W184d
a Culture for Staff-Driven
Program Addressing Gender
Bias, Inequality and Self-
Esteem Building for Girls ALA Committee on Professional 12:00 pm MCP   - W475b
Ethics Meeting II
9:00 am Start Time
ALA Cuban Libraries Today 11:30 am MCP   - W176a
AASL Knowledge Quest Editorial 11:00 am MCP   - W186a
Board Meeting ALA German Academic Libraries: 11:30 am MCP   - W181a
New Trends in Management
AASL ESLS Meeting 10:00 am MCP   - W476
ESLS ALA OITP—Another report from the 11:30 am MCP   - W179b
swamp: Copyright policy devel-
AFL-CALA CALA Leadership Talk with 10:00 am HYATT  - Skyway opments from Washington
Maureen Sullivan 260
ALA Table-Top Games 101 11:20 am MCP   - Exhibit
9:15 am Start Time Hall, Graphic
ALA Simon & Schuster Children's & 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit Novel/Gaming
Adult Book Buzz Hall, Book Buzz Stage
Theater ALA, The Data Privacy Project— 11:30 am MCP   - W190a
ALA WWII Fighter Pilot Shares His 10:00 am MCP   - Exhibit Center Everything You Thought You
Powerful War Story Hall, PopTop for the Knew (But May Have Had
Stage Future of Wrong) About Privacy
9:30 am Start Time
ALA, OIF Practical Privacy for the 11:30 am MCP   - W178a
ALA Champion of the Graphic 10:20 am MCP   - Exhibit Library: An Intellectual
Novel: Will Eisner at 100 Years Hall, Graphic Freedom Issues Briefing
ALCTS, ALCTS and LLAMA Presidents’ 12:00 pm MCP   - W192
LLAMA Program: The Business of
ALA, OIF Now Showing @ ALA Film 11:00 am MCP   - W181c Social Impact: Creating a
Program: Scary Stories: A World Where Everyone Has
Documentary Value
10:00 am Start Time ALSC ALSC Membership Meeting 12:00 pm MCP   - W185bc
AASL AASL’s Open House 11:30 am HIL  - ASCLA ASCLA Alzheimer’s & Related 11:30 am MCP   - W475a
Continental A Dementias Interest Group
ALA HarperCollins/Harlequin Books 10:45 am MCP   - Exhibit ASCLA SitStayRead: How dogs are 11:30 am MCP   - W175a
Hall, Book Buzz improving literacy skills and
Theater fostering a love of learning

ALA Spotlight on #OwnVoices titles 10:50 am MCP   - Exhibit ASCLA The Glass is Half Full: Getting 11:30 am MCP   - W175b
from ABRAMS Hall, PopTop More Out of Less
Stage LIRT Executive Board Meeting 11:30 am MCP   - W195
GLBTRT Stonewall Book Awards 12:00 pm MCP   - S102 LITA LITA Game Making Interest 11:30 am MCP   - W196b
Program Group
GODORT Government publications 11:30 am MCP   - W178b LITA LITA Maker Technology Interest 11:30 am MCP   - W474a
preservation in action: how it Group
works and what it costs
PLA Family Engagement Task Force 11:30 am HRM  - Superior
PLA Performance Measurement 4:00 pm RAD  - Adriatic & Meeting
Task Force Meeting Aegean
RUSA, ALA The New Normal: Libraries