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Philippine Normal University

The National Center for Teacher Education

Baay, Noramie R. III-BSSE


Topic: Rural Development

Research and Innovation

Topic Outline:

Definition of Rural Development

 it is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of

people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.
 it is all about bringing change among rural community from the traditional
way of living to progressive way of living.


to develop the roads

to develop farm
to develop home and village community
to bring improvement in producing of crops
to bring improvement in animal’s living condition
to improve health and education condition for improvement of the rural


People related problems

Infrastructure related problems
Economic problems
Leadership/ Administrative related problems

The Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) is under the

Custody of the Department of Agriculture. It aims to improve the lives of
the village people, thus they have put up different livelihood programs
and gives subsidies the farmers around the country with includes giving a
high variety of seedlings and giving fertilizers and introducing
technologies. Furthermore, workshops seminars and programs that would
protect and uphold the lives of the Filipino are on the top list in the
development planning in the country.
To address this issue, the country needs to do its best to
ensure that all people will be more informed this is
through stick implementation of the
 People Related Problems “Education for all program”, every citizen no matter how
far their places re should have access to education.
- Conventional way of
thinking In our constitution, it is mandated that the Department of
- Lack of expected Education should receive the highest budget and it is
awareness, knowledge, good, I would just like to add special provision on it that
skill and attitude would indicate specific idea like ”education for all
- Low level of education program should be attained in every municipality, failure
to understand to comply with it will be liable of any cost”. In this way,
development efforts and every locality would really function since there will be a
new technology sanction if they won’t abide with it. We must improve our
people too in a way of educating them and implement
properly and justly the so-called “education for all”, it
should be for all, not just for few

With regards to the monitoring of the projects and

programs implemented issues, I’ve observed that the
 LEADERSHIP/ADMINISTRATIVE government or the agency responsible to it really fails to
RELATED PROBLEM give importance to this aspect. In the Philippines, the
problem is on the agencies’ monitoring committee and
- Existence of corruption thus, I want to establish a National Monitoring Agency
- No proper monitoring of (NMA). The scope of this agency is up to national level.
programs and lack in All agencies and department are under this. There will
their implementation be designated monitoring team from NMA in every
region of the country and are required to give a monthly
report to the main office. The designated monitoring
team should collaborate with the monitoring committee
of every department to make them function very well.
There should be an quarterly evaluation of every
department is order to address and assess the lapses and
problems right away in order to prevent it from going to a
very difficult stage to handle with. This agency should
always see to it that there will be no corruption that
would exist.