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Hermeneutics Class

Course Outline

I. Presupposition – Bibliology (Statement of Faith)

a. Inerrancy
b. Infallibility
c. Sufficiency
d. Authority
II. Bible Introduction (Dr. Norman Geisler)
a. How the Bible came to us?
b. Textual Criticism
c. The Pentateuch
d. The Historical OT Books
e. The Poetical Books
f. The Prophetical Books
g. The 400 Silent Years (Intertestamental Period)
h. The Synoptic Gospels
i. The Gospel according to John
j. The Historical NT Book – Acts
k. The Epistles (Pauline and General)
l. The Apocalyptic Book – Revelation
III. General Hermeneutics (Gordon D. Fee, Grant R. Osborne)
a. Context
b. Grammar
c. Semantics
d. Syntax
e. Historical and Cultural Backgrounds
IV. Genre Analysis (Grant R. Osborne)
a. OT Law
b. Narrative
c. Poetry
d. Wisdom
e. Prophecy
f. Apocalyptic
g. Parable
h. Epistle
V. The OT in the NT
a. Typology
b. Allegory
VI. Dispensational System of Interpretation