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Multiple Choice

Fill each of the gaps with one of the words or expressions suggested. On your answer sheet,
indicate your choice by writing the appropriate letter (a, b, or c) beside each number.

1. I haven’t seen him for ___ that I don’t think I’d recognise him.
a) so long time b) a such long time c) such a long time

2. Jane works six days ___ week.

a) a b) the c) to the

3. I suggest ___ arrive a little early in order to get a good seat.

a) you should b) to arrive c) you to arrive

4. I wish I ___ have to work tomorrow, but unfortunately I do.

a) don’t b) didn’t c) wouldn’t

5. “Do you think it will rain?” “I ___!”

a) hope not b) don’t hope so c) don’t hope it

6. It’s two years ___ Richard.

a) that I don’t see b) that I haven’t seen c) since I last saw

7. Alice doesn’t work ___ . She left a few weeks ago.

a) here more b) here any more c) any more here

8. The fire spread through the building quickly, but fortunately everybody ___ escape.
a) could b) was able to c) succeeded to

9. Sarah couldn’t come to the party, ___ was a pity.

a) it b) that c) which

10. I was very tired when I got home. I ___ so far.

a) wasn’t used to walk b) wasn’t used to walking c) didn’t use to walking

B. Verb Forms.
Put each of the verbs in brackets into a suitable form, adjusting word-order where necessary.

1. Her face was familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I (see) her before.
2. It’s the first time this (happen).
3. When I got back to the flat, John (sleep) in front of the television.
4. I can’t find my mobile phone. I must (leave) it in the restaurant.
5. After (arrest), he was taken to the police station.
6. You (do) better in the exam if you’d studied harder.
7. What was the problem? Why you (have) to leave early yesterday?
8. We’re late. The film (start) by the time we get to the cinema.
9. I’m tired because I (work) hard all day.
10. It’s getting late. It’s time we (go) home.
C. Phrasal Verbs
Complete each of the sentences with one of the words listed below.

in - round - out - away - down - up - out - on - up - by - down - off - out

1. I’ll have to ask you to put ___ your cigarette.

2. I arranged to meet Kevin after work last night, but he didn’t turn ___ .
3. Could you fill ___ this form please?
4. Kate turned ___ the job because the salary wasn’t what she had expected.
5. I was very nervous as the plane took ___ .
6. My car broke ___ on the way home.
7. We’ve nearly run ___ of sugar. I’ll have to remember to buy some more.
8. Could you pick me ___ at the office this evening?
9. Your teacher will be annoyed if she finds ___ that you copied your homework.
10. He doesn’t get ___ very well with his daughter’s boyfriend.

D. Essay

Write a short Argumentative Essay with one of the following topics:

(15 pts.)

A. Should prostitution be legal?

B. Should cellphone use be banned while driving?
C. Should there be a legal curfew for minors?