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“A fellowship of believers who seek to be to each other what Christ has been to them.

Bedford Baptist Church

October 3rd, 2010
Affiliated with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches & Canadian Baptist Ministries

Visitors are invited to sign our
Guest Book in the foyer. If this
is your first time visiting with
us, we wish you warmest of
greetings. Please take time to
fill out a “Welcome Card”
located in the pew rack and
place it on the offering plate.

LARGE PRINT bulletins may

be obtained from the
An audio loop is available for the
hearing impaired. Parents of small
children (under age 3) may take
them to the Nursery, where a
caring staff will supervise them.
Same Address
New Website
Check It Out!

Ministers - All the congregation

158 Rocky Lake Drive Rev. Robert Ohsberg Senior Pastor
PO Box 44073 Rev. Dr. Ida Armstrong-Whitehouse Associate Pastor
Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 3X5 Lic. Kevin A. Haggarty Director of Youth
Phone: 835-5966 Fax: 835-3984 Ministries Rev. Nelson Metcalfe Pastor Emeritus Mrs. Lianne MacMinn Ministry of Music
Radio CHSB 99.3 HillTop FM Lic. Miriam MacDonald Supervised Field Education Student
Prayer Chain Doug & Donna Peverill Lic. Heather Cox Supervised Field Education
434-8054 Student
Mr. Peter Metcalfe Office Administrator
Mr. Joel Scott
Service of Worship at 10:55 a.m. (*indicates standing, if persons are able)

Love the Lord your God with All Your Heart

Enter His Courts With Praise

Call to Worship Memorial Carillon
Ministry Opportunities
*Time Of Praise Worship Team
(Children, Primary to Grade 6, are directed to KidZone during singing of last verse)

Our Response To Him

Tithes and Offering Pastor Ida
Offering & Offertory Prayer
*Offertory Response #600 “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”
Prayers Of The People
Ministry Of Music “God Of Grace” Sanctuary Choir

Ministry Of The Word

Scripture Luke 17:5-10 (Pew Bible, NT pg. 65) Pastor Bob
Sermon You Don’t Have To!
*Hymn “At The Cross” (vv. 1,2, & 4)
(Those in the balcony wishing to receive communion are asked to move to the main level during the singing)

Our Lord’s Supper

Words of Institution
Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Bread Deacon Lloyd Mitchell
Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Cup Deacon Kathy Cochrane
*Hymn “In Remembrance of Me”

Serve the Lord Your God with All Your Heart

Plates are set up at the back of the sanctuary

for those wishing to make a donation to our Benevolent Fund.
Review of Sunday September 26, 2010
Operational Budget Designated Special Offerings
Current/Bldg Fund Mortgage $ 5,678.48 Benevolent $ 21.25
Missions $ 417.33 Beacon House $ 11.25
Anniversary Gift $ 20.00 Sharing Way $ 10.00
Home Missions Board $ 50.00
Haiti $ 50.00
Total Operational Offerings $ 6,115.81 Total Designated Offerings $ 142.50

Total offering for Sunday, September 26, 2010, $6258.31

(Automatic debit weekly offerings are included in totals)

Our Stewardship Account for

Kingdom Work to September 30, 2010
(Figures are unofficial)

2010 Ministry Budget: $ 390,500.00

Average Needed Weekly (52 Weeks): $ 7,510.00
Required for 39 Weeks: $ 292,890.00
Received for 39 Weeks: $ 261,775.00
Year-to-Date Budget Deficit : - $ 31,115.00

Worship Attendance
Morning Service
Last Week: 222 Year Ago: 234
Servants in the Lord’s Work
This Week Next Week
Deacon on Duty Graham Starratt Stephen Davidson
Greeters at the Door John & Marlene Davies Ray & Judy Levy
Sound Phillip Cox Warwick White
Tellers JJanette Fiander Arlene Metcalfe and
& Heather Ross Al & Ann Ingram

Email Address Change

Please note that the is no longer in use. As of Friday, October 15th, the
address will no longer be monitored for new mail. Please change your address book to the new
Also, please make sure that any recurring emails or critical correspondence you need in the
next few weeks is changed over prior to the October 15th deadline. At midnight on the 8th,
forwarding of mail will be disabled and we will no longer receive mail from the old address.

October Calendar
Copies of the October Calendar are now available in the foyer.
Sunday to Sunday October 3rd—October 10th
Today Benevolent Sunday
10:00 am Pre-Service Prayer Prayer Room
10:55 am Communion Service Sanctuary
10:55 am Nursery Nursery
10:55 am Church-time Preschool 3’s & 4’s Room
11:15 am KidZone Vestry
6:30 pm Small Groups Begins
6:30 pm Youth Fireside Heffler Room
Monday 9:30 am Volleyball Gym
1:00 pm Pastoral Staff Meeting
1:30 pm Nominating Committee Library
6:30 pm Hi/KidVenture
7:00 pm McLean Bible Study Al & Ann Ingram’s
8:00 pm Volleyball Gym
Tuesday 9:15 am Ladies Alive Heffler Room
2:00 pm Friendship Circle Heffler Room
6:30 pm ADC Greek Class Youth Room
7:00 pm CE Committee Meeting Heffler Room
Wednesday 9:30 am Volleyball Gym
6:00 pm Youth Alive
7:00 pm Bible Study
Thursday 9:30 am LAFF Heffler Room
1:00 pm Ivany Place Meeting Heffler Room
2:00 pm Jean Rushton & Muriel Bent WMS
Combined Meeting
7:00 pm Library Committee Meeting Library
7:00 pm Sanctuary Choir Practice Sanctuary
7:00 pm Girls In Motion
8:00 pm Volleyball Gym
Next Sunday 10:00 am Pre-Service Prayer Prayer Room
10:55 am Thanksgiving Sunday Worship Service Sanctuary
10:55 am Nursery (April Barrett & Brianna Bates) Nursery
10:55 am Church-time Preschool (Bernie Levy & Michael McCurdy) 3’s & 4’s Room
11:15 am KidZone Vestry
6:30 pm Small Groups
6:30 pm Youth Fireside Heffler Room

Contribution Statements
Contribution statements are available in the church foyer for those who have church
envelopes. Please pick up your statement to avoid mailing costs. If you would like to
begin using church envelopes please contact the church office.

Sunday Prayer Link

Please pray for our President of Acadia Divinity College – Rev. Dr. Harry Gardner – as he fulfills
his leadership responsibilities. Please pray for wisdom, discernment, clarity and health.

Our Prayer Initiative

We are invited to join together in prayer for one another. As we move through
our fellowship alphabetically, look for your name to appear. If it doesn't, please
let Peter know, for we wish to be in prayer for YOU. This week, please be in prayer
for: Ian McKinnon, Ron & Norma McLean, Tim, Kim, Mitchell, Nathan & Grant
McLean, Scott, Pippa, Thomas & Jessica McNutt, and Jane Mealey.

Birthday Greetings
Best wishes are extended to Herman Barrett who is celebrating his 84th birthday on
October 5th.

Anniversary Congratulations
Congratulations to Neil & Merle Cassidy who are celebrating 53 years of marriage
on October 5th.

Birth Congratulations
Congratulations to Pastor Bob and Nancy upon the birth of their first grandchild,
Roman Steven (more details in next week’s bulletin)! Bob & Nancy will be away for
part of next week as they discover the joy of being grandparents!

Nuptial News
Congratu lations are extended to David and Deborah (née Murphy) Hindle who
were united in marriage in this sanctuary by Dr. Ida on Thursday, September
30th, 2010 and to Jeffery and Alyson (née Veinotte) Dutchak who were united in
marriage in this sanctuary by Dr. Ida on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Church Council Meeting

There will be a meeting of the Church Council on Thursday, November 18 at 7:30 pm. This
meeting will, in large part, focus on the 2011 budget. To aid the Finance Committee in compiling
preliminary budget numbers, all boards and committees are asked to submit their budget requests
to the Finance Committee by Wednesday, November 10. Deacons, CE, Trustees and Missions
are asked to prepare their budget requests with a view to presenting them at this meeting.

Visitation Committee
There will be a meeting of the Visitation Committee on Thursday, October 14th at 1:30 pm in the
Heffler Room.

Summer Reading Program Celebration

The Library Committee invites you to mark the end of the Summer Reading Program with some
light refreshments in the library after church. Bring your library sheet to claim your final prizes.
Become part of the tally by passing in your sheet to get an additional small prize. If you are
unable to make this week’s celebration - prizes will still be available for the next several weeks.
Happy Fall Reading!

Tour of the Holy Land

Ron McLean will be co-leading an Inter-Faith Tour to the Holy Land with Rabbi David Ellis in May
of next year. The dates for the tour are May11 - 19, 2011. There are a few copies of the itinerary in
the foyer. An information session on the Tour is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12, at Bedford
Baptist, 7:30pm. If you are interested you can contact Ron at 835-1787 or e-mail

Ordination/Induction Services
Lic. Borden Scott – This Afternoon at 3:30 pm at Faith Baptist Church
Lic. Christopher Drew – Sunday, October 17th at 7:00 pm at West End Baptist Church.

Incorporation Vote
Bedford Baptist will be holding an information meeting(s) prior to undertaking a planned vote on
the issue of the CABC becoming an incorporated body in the spring of 2011. To aid you in
preparing for this we are placing a link on our Church website that will take you to the
incorporation document. The document itself is over 80 pages in length and for cost reasons
printed copies will be in very short supply.

KidVenture Craft Supplies Needed

KidVenture is in need of paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, cardboard egg cartons and glass
jars (approximately 500mL) for its craft program. Please put your donations in the blue plastic bin
marked "KidVenture" in the foyer.

New Church Website

The Church has launched a new website at Please make sure you are
running the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. Old Browsers will not
work on the new site. If you have any problems with the new site, please contact Nathaniel Rand.

Just Desserts
The next meeting of the “Just Desserts” group will take place on Wednesday, October 13th at 7:30
pm at the home of Goldye and David Smith (37 Lakeview Avenue in Dartmouth). Please call
David or Goldye at 463-5929 if you need directions. “Just Desserts” is an informal social time for
those seeking fellowship and friendship in the retirement phase of life.

Seniors Bus Trip

Our Seniors Fall bus trip, scheduled for Friday, October 15, will take us to New Germany where
we will enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and visit a museum highlighting local history. On our
return trip we will take time to visit a market in Mahone Bay along with other shops. A $15.00
donation is encouraged to help cover cost for the bus rental. The bus will be leaving the church
at 9:00 am. Seniors from Faith Baptist will be joining us on the trip. A sign-up sheet is in the foyer.
Come and enjoy the beautiful fall colours and the good fellowship.

Upcoming C.L.A.S.S. Sessions (Christian Life And Service Seminars)

We want you to take your next step spiritually. That could mean getting baptized, committing to
Bible study on a daily basis, or maybe you need to explore what God says about why you exist.
Our CLASS sessions are all about those next steps. CLASS 101 is the basic introduction to our
church as a family of God, designed to clearly explain who and what our church is. Reserve Friday
October 15th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, and Saturday, Oct 16th, 9:00am – 12:00 noon and plan to attend!
Grief Support Group
A grief support group for people grieving the death of a loved one will be held this fall beginning
on Monday, October 18th and continuing for six consecutive Mondays from 2:00-4:30 pm, meeting
in the Heffler Room. There is no fee to attend. The group size will be limited to 7 persons so
registration is important. The group will be facilitated by Daneen Atkinson-Dakin MSW, RSW.
Anyone needing further information or wishing to register may contact Daneen at 826-1666.
Combined WMS Meeting
The Jean Rushton and Muriel Bent WMS groups will be meeting together on Thursday, October
7th at 2pm in the Heffler Room. Our guest will be Linda Scott, President of UBWMU/ABW. Linda
had the privilege of attending the Baptist World Alliance meetings in Hawaii this past summer and
she will be sharing her experiences with us. All are welcome to attend.
Vietnamese Exhibition
The Truong Family invite you to Tự Do Means Freedom: Vietnamese Boat People. It is the first
exhibition in Nova Scotia to document the mass departure of Vietnamese refugees after the fall of
Saigon in 1975. As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, the Vietnamese Association of Nova
Scotia has been working with members of the local community to collect the personal stories,
photographs and artifacts displayed in the exhibition. Tự Do Means Freedom is about honouring
the past, celebrating the present, and inspiring future generations. (The exhibition is open and free
to the public from October 6 - November 14, 2010. The Opening Reception is on Sunday, October
10th at 4:00 pm)
There will be a Culture Show immediately following the exhibition at 6 PM. Performances
include Lion Dance, traditional dances, folkloric singing, fashion show, presentations and food.
Please contact Lien Truong at 405-0344 for more information and tickets.

Starting Tonight
October 3rd
6:30 pm

"Paul -- The Thirteenth Apostle"--led by Stephen Davidson

Saul of Tarsus was a rabbi intent on wiping out Christianity and yet he preached the
power of the resurrection to Roman governors. He was a tentmaker who endured
shipwrecks, imprisonment and torture. Bring along your New Testament on Sunday
evenings to learn more about this man who, second to Christ, has had the greatest
impact on Christianity's history. No prior Bible knowledge is required -- we'll have lots
of resources on hand. This is an ideal group for those who can't be sure they can come
every week.

The Marriage Course—led by Pastor Ida & Pastor Bob

The Marriage Course will consist of 7 DVD sessions presented by Nicky and Sila Lee (a
couple who have been married for over twenty years and have four children). The
course is designed to prepare, build and strengthen marriages. It is also open to those
who are married or who are contemplating marriage. Cost of $20.00 per couple (7
weeks). Please contact Dr. Ida or Rev Bob @835-5966 if interested.

Key Principles of Biblical Fasting—led by Donna Guinta & Kathy Cochrane

is a 6-week small-group study for people who are interested in learning for themselves
more about what the Bible says on various subjects, but who have only limited time to
meet together. Through this invigorating study, you'll gain a clear understanding of
the principles behind this practice and be equipped to make fasting a key part of your
relationship with God. With the leader's notes and Bible passages included right in the
book, each self-contained study is a powerful resource for personal growth and small-
group discussion. Facilitators Donna Guinta and Kathy Cochrane

The Life-Giving Power of Community, Pursuing Spiritual Transformation—led by Bob

The Pursuing Spiritual Transformation series focuses on personal transformation
through the five "G's": Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts, and Giving. "Groups" invites you
to enjoy the rewards - and embrace the risks - of community. Step by step, this study
will challenge and encourage you to explore the amazing potential for growth found in
authentic relationships. You'll study the true nature of friendship. The power of paying
attention.The path to intimacy.The encouragement of being for one another. The 6
sessions are: This Is a Friendship, Love Pays Attention, Knowing and Being Known,
When Community Breaks Down, Forgiveness, Building a Passionately Inclusive Church,
and Being "For" One Another.

For each new morning with its light,

For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Thanksgiving – what a beautiful season we are enjoying now as the leaves begin to turn
colour, the days become cooler and the abundant harvest is gathered. As we give thanks for the
blessings we enjoy - family and friends, shelter and food, let us take the opportunity to share of
our bounty with others.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, October 10th, 2010 we again will be having a “Harvest Gathering”.
This is an opportunity to bring donations of produce - potatoes, apples, carrots, etc., and
non perishable goods such as sugar, pasta, peanut butter, soups and cereal and place them
at the front of the sanctuary to be given to Beacon House. Monetary gifts will also be
gratefully accepted and may be put in an envelope marked “Beacon House” and placed in the
offering plate. Your generosity last year was overwhelming and was much appreciated by them.

For those of you who will be away on Thanksgiving Sunday you may bring your contributions in
on Sunday, October 3rd, or during the week prior to Thanksgiving.

As we in Christian love bring our gifts and place them at the front of the Sanctuary to bless
others, we too will be blessed.

They will celebrate your abundant goodness

and joyfully sing of your righteousness.
(Ps. 145:7)
Please Be in Prayer for our Sick &
South Shore Regional Hospital Mrs. Pauline Mason Bridgewater
Walter Reid Veteran’s Hospital Mr. Adam Keys Washington
(Herman & Vivian’s Nephew)
Ivany Place Mrs. Lillian Dunn Hammonds Plains
(Louise Archibald’s mother)
Mrs. Freda Bender Hammonds Plains
St. Vincent’s Nursing Home Mrs. Barb Bishop Halifax
Dykeland Lodge Mrs. Helen Beeler Windsor
Parkland Estates (Cameron Hall) Mrs. Norma Sutherland Halifax
Parkstone Mrs. Beth Kennedy Halifax
Windsor Elms Mrs. Marjorie Levy Windsor
(Marlene Davies Mother)
Northwood Center Ms. Brenda Carson Halifax
Berkeley Retirement Residence Mrs. Lola Freeman Bedford
(Judi Hayes’ Mother)
Oceanview Manor Mrs. Evelyn Ross Eastern Passage
At Home Mrs. Sydney Derrah Mt. Pleasant, NB
(Carolyn Derrah-Murphy’s Mother)
Ms. Carol Lumsden Bedford
Mr. Ron Graham Bedford
Mrs. Gloria Campbell Lower Sackville

Volunteers For Hi/KidVenture

There is a need for helpers to assist with this weekly Monday night program (6:30-8:00
pm) that ministers to children age 4 to Grade 6.

Child Presentation
There will be a Child Presentation and Dedication of their Parents Service on Sunday,
October 17th here at Bedford Baptist. Any parents wishing to present their children
should talk to Pastor Bob or Pastor Ida.

Volunteers For Beacon House

Beacon House Food Bank has need of volunteers on Tuesday and Wednesday
mornings. If you have free time and are interested contact Stephanie at 864-3025 or
ask Kathy Cochrane for more information at 864-3069. There is a need to have some
male volunteers to help with unpacking and sorting groceries that arrive on these days.

Free Math, Reading & Computer Classes

The Bedford-Sackville Learning Network provides FREE lessons to adult learners in a
classroom or one-to-one tutoring program. If you are interested in joining one of our
programs, please call 869-3838. New tutors welcome.

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