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Electrical Engineering Network 11.

How many atoms are in the unit cell of a

EE Quizzers’ Pool body-centered cubic structure?
Engineering Science and Allied Subjects (ESAS) 12. How many atoms are there per unit cell for a
Category face-centered cubic structure?
13. A tank contains water. What is the intensity of
Name: ____________________________________ pressure at a depth of 6m in kPa?
Year & Section: _____________________________ 14. An amount of P1, 000 becomes P1, 608.44
Contact Number: ___________________________ after 4 years compounded bi-monthly. Find
the nominal interest in percent.
Write the correct answer before the number. If there 15. It is a market situation wherein there is only
are choices, write the letter of the correct answer one seller and many buyers.
before the number. If the problem requires a 16. What do you call Republic Act 7920?
computation, write the solution on a given scratch 17. What do you call Republic Act 9136?
paper. 18. PEC stands for?
1. 1 amu is approximately equal to 19. Who is said to be the Father of Modern
a) 6.23 x 10^-27 kg Chemistry?
b) 2.36 x 10^-27 kg 20. Calculate the molarity of a 250mL solution
c) 3.62 x 10^-27 kg containing 80 mol of solute.
d) 1.66 x 10^-27 kg 21. How are elements numbered 90 to 103 in the
2. Calculate the mass of the product of reaction of periodic table called?
6.54 g of zinc with 3.21 g of sulfur in grams. 22. In electrochemistry, what do you call the loss
Round off answer to 2 decimal points. of an electron?
3. Silicon chip used in an integrated circuit of a 23. It is the most unstable chemical element in its
microcomputer has a mass of 5.68mg. How many pure form.
silicon (Si) atoms are present in this chip? 24. It is a process of mixing water with air by
4. Determine the frequency of sound in Hertz heard spraying water of diffusing air through it.
by a stationary listener when a moving siren emits 25. This principle states that in a given atom, no
550Hz and travels away at 50m/s from the two electrons can have exactly the same set
listener assuming the air temperature is 20 of quantum numbers.
degree Celsius. 26. It is the ratio of the velocity of light in vacuum
5. What do you call the group of elements that do to its velocity on another material.
not normally combine with other elements to 27. What does PSALM mean in EPIRA?
form compounds? 28. Car travelled 20m/s south in 3 min, 25m/s
6. What do you call the electrons in the outermost east in 2min and 39m/s northeast in 1min.
orbitals? Find the average velocity in 6 minutes.
7. The density of ice is 920kg/cu.m. and that of 29. This principle states that “Where the velocity
seawater is 1030kg/cu.m. What percentage of the of a fluid is high, the pressure is low, and
volume of an iceberg is submerged? (Answer where the velocity is low, the pressure is
rounded to two decimal points) high.”
8. Determine the angle through which the laser 30. It is a device intended for the protection of
beam will be totally internally reflected inside a personnel that functions to de-energize a
substance if initially the angle of reflection and circuit or portion thereof within an
angle of refraction of the beam through the established period of time when a current to
medium are 34 and 42 degrees respectively. ground exceeds some predetermined value
9. A planet has a radius of 7.77 x10^7 meters and a that is less than that required to operate the
gravitational field of 32N/kg. Determine the over current protective device of the supply
escape velocity from the planet in km/s. circuit.
10. What is the packing factor for a simple cubic
crystal? “Padayon Iskolar ng Bayan!”
Answer Key for ESAS

1. D
2. 9.75g
3. 1.22 x 10^20 atoms
4. 480Hz
5. Inert Gases/Noble Gases
6. Valence Electrons
7. 89.32%
8. 56.69 degrees
9. 70.5km/s
10. 0.52
11. 2
12. 4
13. 58.86kPa
14. 12%
15. Monopoly
16. New Electrical Engineering Law/ National
Electrical Engineering Law
17. Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA)
18. Philippine Electrical Code
19. Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier
20. 320M
21. Actinons
22. Oxidation
23. Sodium, Na
24. Aeration
25. Pauli Exclusion Principle
26. Refractive Index
27. Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management
28. 23.33m/s
29. Bernoulli’s Principle
30. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)