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A Concept Paper

Presented to the Faculty of the

Senior High School Department

University of Cebu

Cebu City

In Partial Fulfillmen1t of the Requirements for Grade 11

Senior High School Students in English 3

(English for Academic and Professional Purposes)



22nd of October 2016


As stated from the Cebu City Government’s mission in regards to garbage disposal is “To
ensure an environmentally friendly, financially dynamic, pro-active and self-reliant City.”
Arising quality of life and high rates of resource consumption patterns have an unintended and
negative impact on the urban environment. The generation of wastes that is far beyond the
handling capacities of urban government and agencies. With all these problems it has provided a
window of opportunity for Cities to find solution, involving the community and the private
sectors, innovative technologies and disposal methods, and behavior changes and awareness
raising. This is to persuade the citizens to take good care of their environment or surroundings
for a good and a better place to live in.

The Republic Act 9003: The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 signifies
the (a) proper handling of municipal waste, (b) proper handling of sept age, leachate, and
sewerage, (c) and proper handlings of infectious waste are some of the statements under the
Republic Act 9003. Significantly, our major responsibility includes the strategic planning for the
whole City towards its sustainable future.

In partnership with the City Government of Cebu with the Department of Environment
and Natural Resources (DENR) whose mission is “To mobilize our citizenry in protecting,
conserving, and managing the environment and natural resources for the present and future
generations.” Its development goal is “Human well-being, and environmental quality and
sustainably ensured.”

In addition, the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC) which has a
“No Segregation – No Collection” Policy and has a mission that states “A collective of all
sectors through commissions members implementation of zero basura” they also have the project
the National Clean-up or the “Bayan ko, Linis ko” Program. Its general objectives that can help
us are (a) is to strengthen the implementation of the Republic Act 9003, otherwise known as
“The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000”, to promote environmental education
and increase awareness on the garbage situation and challenges of solid waste management in the
country, (c) to mobilize all sectors of society to participate in clean-up activities’ to reinforce the
role of the Local Government Units (LGU) down to the Barangay level in the segregation and
collection of solid waste, (d) and to complement and strengthen the existing Basura Patrol
Program of the EMB.

The agreement of the partnership with the mentioned agencies will contribute will
contribute to the approval of this project proposal in maintaining the City clean and green
towards a sustainable future.

The funding agency should support the project due to the following reasons (a) because
of the flood problems in Cebu City due to the stuck garbage in canals, (b) lack of garbage trucks
or lack of proper facilities, (c) improper waste segregation in barangay areas and disposal of

hazardous waste, (d) littering is one of the common source of floods in the City, (e) waste are not
properly placed in respective receptacle, (f) scattering garbage from receptacle, (g) and no proper
receptacle for unclosed residences, vendor stalls and commercial establishments.

Rationale or Background

Project Description

We plan to outsource and lease garbage trucks to address the problem of uncollected
garbage. It will initially lease more dump trucks from a private supplier to collect garbage in
different parts of the city 24 hours a day, every day. By outsourcing garbage collection, the City
won’t have to hire additional manpower since the winning bidder will provide a driver for the
truck. It will also be responsible for the truck’s maintenance and fuel. The supplier also needs to
have trucks on standby in case its vehicles malfunction. The City, though, will still provide the
loaders for each truck. Also we plan about to have more garbage cans everywhere in the city and
the biodegradable and non – biodegradable garbage’s should be separated so that people can
dispose properly their garbage’s. This project will help more to the city to maintain the

This projects will be good for everyone this is not easy but this project will have a good
impact for us if we just follow the rules, how to dispose properly the garbage. All people are
required to participate to this project because the primary goal of this is to maintain the
cleanliness and to avoid the pollution. This project will have a good effect to our environment.

Project Needs and Cost

In our garbage proposal we will be needing a lot of budget for the dump trucks and the
contractors that would be operating to make the project happen. It is these materials that are
needed to help us gather trash every day. Draft budget for the materials and staffs. 50 to 60 dump
trucks so other trucks can be used as a preventive maintenance. Salary for the collectors 5 person
per private sanitary landfill. Total cost outlined for the whole project materials 500,000 pesos to
1,000,000 pesos.

We will also be conducting seminars on how to take care of the environment and we will
be conducting a project that will be needing volunteers specifically the youth for them to be able
to help and at the same time learn to be responsible with their own trash. This project will also be
needing more street sweepers to clean our roads. We will be needing one person to go with the
garbage collector to check if the people of the barangays are segregating their garbage properly.
This will probably cost 500,000 pesos to 800,000 pesos.

The total cost for this project to be implemented will be around 3,000,000 pesos to
4,000,000 pesos. This project can help the City to have a clean surroundings.


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