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Rooter, the new reference when it
comes to high-quality motors,
developed by FKG, will revolutionise

The motor offers an impressive range and the possibility to work through
of technical innovations, all designed 360° in 5 positions, helps make your
to enable work in the most comfortable work less tiring.
of conditions - even during complex
operations. Cordless, Rooter gives you freedom of
movement, while its Lithium-Ion battery
Whether you’re working Crown-Down guarantees a stable rotation speed and
or Single Length, Rooter ensures allows you to treat some 30 patients
an optimal, efficient and safe root before recharging. The motor offers
treatment, thanks to its powerful white a vast range of speeds, from 250 to
LED focused on the work zone, as well 1200 rpm, and its torque can be set
as exceptional handling. Its ergonomic precisely to 9 settings from 0.5 to 3.5
design, with a small head contra-angle Ncm.

FKG Rooter 2 3

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In order to lighten your workload,
Rooter allows you to preset 10 different
torque/speed programmes in its
internal memory. 3 memory locations
are pre-programmed into the Rooter
in our factory - namely the iRace and
BioRace sequences, as well as D-Race

FKG kept a tight focus on safety

during product development. Rooter
automatically activates reverse rotation
in case of blocking or in case the file
goes beyond the programmed torque.
In this case, the file is stopped, and
starts turning gently in the opposite
direction, at up to 100 rotations per

2 3 FKG Rooter

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The Rooter’s main technological
advantages in a nutshell:
01 04
Increased visibility 10 presetable
thanks to its white torque/speed
LED programmes

02 05
Wide speed range: Ergonomic tool with
250-1200 rpm exceptional handling

disengage mode

10 memories

03 02
auto-reverse speed

FKG Rooter 4 5

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Speed Torque Instruments/

rpm Ncm Sequence

Program 1 600 1.5 iRace–DR2

Program 2 600 1.0 BioRace

Program 3 1000 1.0 DR1

4 5 FKG Rooter

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Reference items listing for the basic set
and option.
Content (Ref.: 08.950.00.000.FK)

Micro motor Rooter Charging station

Ref.: 08.951.00.001.FK Ref.: 08.951.00.005.FK

Speed controller: 250 - 1200 rpm
Torque controller: 0.5 - 3.5 Ncm
Battery: Li-ion, 3.7 V Transformer
Weight: 100 g
Ref.: 08.951.00.006.FK
Contra-angle Supply voltage: 100-240 V (+/- 10%)
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Ref.: 08.951.00.003.FK Cord: 1.5 m
Transmission ratio 1:1 (blue ring)
360° rotatability User manual
Coupling for handle ø 2.35mm, type 1
Push button Ref.: 99.950.10.01A.XX
Weight: 35 g

LED and stand

Ref.: 08.951.00.002.FK
Battery pack
Ref.: 08.880.00.000.FK
Ref.: 08.951.00.004.FK Transmission ratio 1:1 (blue ring)
Li-ion Technology, 3,7 V Rotational motion: 80° (40°/40°)

FKG Rooter All the kit components are available separately. 6 7

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FKG Dentaire SA

Founded in 1931, FKG Dentaire SA The Swiss Venture Club named FKG
is today at the very cutting edge «Western Switzerland Company of
of development, production and the Year 2012», a reward for the
distribution of dental products company’s dynamism, high product
for dentists, endodontists and quality, and its continuing innovation.
laboratories. Precision has always
been central to FKG, and the
company naturally made its base in
«Watch Valley,» home to most Swiss
watchmaking and microtechnical
companies. «Western
FKG was given a new lease of life in Switzerland
1994, when Jean-Claude Rouiller took
up the reins. A CEO with a vision, he Company of
set out a strategy based on innovative
products and the concept of machinery the Year 2012»
specially manufactured for the dental
industry. Mr Rouiller also enlarged the
distribution network to encompass
more than 80 countries worldwide.
FKG products are certified according
to international norms and standards.

6 7 FKG Rooter

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FKG Dentaire SA
Crêt-du-Locle 4
CH-2304 La Chaux-de-Fonds
T +41 32 924 22 44
F +41 32 924 22 55


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