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Regional Alumni Gathering
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Regional Alumni Gathering
Brooklyn, New York

Goddard students and faculty joined thousands of

like-minded individuals on Jan. 21 for the Women's
March on Montpelier, part of the global effort to join
voices against hate and injustice. After the march, the
crowd gathered for a Unity Rally on the Capitol steps.
Goddard | president’s letter |
CLOCKWORKS Spring 2017
President Kenny at the UGP
Commencement last fall







DAVID HALÉ, STEFAN HARD, articles in this issue, which highlights the work
of alumni such as Jane Sanders, women business
FEATURED WRITERS owners and leaders, and the diverse group of
KIMBERLY BROWN, SHARON CRONIN, students in our Seattle site, is that these Goddard-connected individuals
accepted the call to take creative and responsible actions in the world.
Our world is, without a doubt, at a point where additional creative and
BOARD OF TRUSTEES responsible actions are needed. The all-too-common violence we read about
JILL MATTUCK TARULE Chair and experience is appalling. In some situations, there is a clear path to what
Chair of Trusteeship must be done to address the incident. More often the way forward is not
MARK R. JONES Vice Chair easily identified or clear. These are the circumstances that call for creative and
JOSEPH ORANGE Social Justice and
responsible actions, actions that emerge from a well-considered understanding
Inclusion Chair
RICHARD SCHRAMM Treasurer of causes and solutions and that chart and lead us down creative paths that
CATIRIANA BAKER, DANIELLE BOUTET, lead to just outcomes. There is no better place to learn the ways to do this than
a place that has followed this path for over 150 years: Goddard.
O’NEILL, AVRAM PATT, ELISSA SLOAN At a time when many institutions of higher education are being asked to
PERRY, JAMES C. ROSS, PAUL SELIG, become employment training centers, where assessment of the institution’s
success is based on
how the education
“OUR WORLD IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT, AT provided at the

and earnings for

students, Goddard and other like-minded institutions of higher learning have
CONNECT WITH GODDARD held on to the vision that educating students and calling upon graduates to
be activists for a better world is of utmost importance. Of course employment
facebook and economic viability have a place in our lives, but they pale next to the
/GoddardCollege importance of addressing the more complex challenges of our society that,
twitter when not addressed, lead to social injustices and the current appalling
@goddardcollege acts to which we are witness.
On that note, I ask you to read on, contemplate, communicate
goddardcollege with us your thoughts, and take action in your community.




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Features Departments
7 Leading Women 2 Alumni Events 28 In Memoriam
Alumnae entrepreneurs, business 3 From the President 29 Remembering
owners, and leaders make a difference. 5 College Briefs Ann Stokes
BY K I MBER LY BROW N (M FAW ’11) 14 Alumni Portfolio 30 Goddard
18 Class Notes in the World
11 Students Let It Shine 21 From the Archives 31 Giving to Goddard
Seattle Education Program focuses on 26 Faculty/Staff Notes
being relevant in today’s world and
celebrating diversity for the 21st century.

12 Q&A with Jane Sanders

A devoted Goddard veteran, Jane
O’Meara Sanders talks about her
life in public service and her days on
the presidential campaign trail.

16 Then and Now

Staff and students recreate scenes
from the Goddard archives.

Goddard in the World

21 A Sign of the Times Transformative Educator Bárbara Martínez-
A look at educational opportunities Griego (MA EDU ’07) has become a leader
for women at Goddard, 1863–2016. in dual language higher education.
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| college briefs |
Group Study Begins
on Climate Science

A new group study for

undergraduate students
called “Climate Change;
Science, Action, Justice,
Resilience,” led by faculty
advisor Catherine Lowther,
began this spring. The study
covers the principles of
climate science, how we are


changing the climate, how to
mitigate and adapt to climate
change, clean energy options
for our communities, climate
action groups, the effects
that climate change is having
on social-ecological systems
worldwide, climate justice, and
how we can raise awareness
about climate change.
Faculty Member Freaks, Radicals & Hippies A workshop
and screening
Wins Book Award
Take over Vermont of the
The Vermont Historical Society reports that Before the
Flood, kicks
its exhibit of Vermont 1970s counterculture, off the study,
called “Freaks, Radicals & Hippies,” is thriving which will
and will be up through the end of 2017, an include readings, videos,
documentaries, a weekly
extended run due to its popularity. Many online group meeting,
Goddard alumni, former faculty, trustees, and a final paper.
and staff contributed stories and artifacts
to the society. The oral histories, and even
a few photos from the Goddard archives, $10,000 Scholarship
are online at Introduced

S herri L. Smith
(MFAW) received
the Southern California
G oddard announced a
new partnership with the
North American branches of
Independent Booksellers PEN International, the largest
Association’s 2016 Middle literary organization in the
Grade Award for The
New Trustees Join Board
world. Beginning this fall,
Toymaker’s Apprentice
(Penguin/Random House,
2015), a “gorgeously
T he Board of Trustees voted Catiriana
Reyes (Baker), Aimee Liu, and Elissa
Sloan Perry into its membership this fall.
members of PEN America,
PEN Canada, PEN Center USA,
and PEN Mexico are eligible to
imagined retelling of Reyes, top, is pursuing an Individualized compete for a new $10,000
the Nutcracker.”Smith, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus scholarship to support the
resident of Los Angeles, on political science and public policy. completion of the MFA in
has worked in movies, For the past 20 years, she has been Creative Writing at Goddard.
animation, comic books, a broad-based social justice activist All members of the North
and construction. She is and political organizer. Liu, center, is a American PEN centers who
the author of Lucy the faculty member in the MFA in Creative don’t receive the Goddard/
Giant (Delacorte, 2002), Writing Program. She is author of PEN North American Centers
Sparrow (Delacorte, 2006), several novels and nonfiction books, Award are eligible to receive
Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet including Gaining: The Truth About Life Goddard’s Engaged Artist
(Delacorte, 2008), Flygirl After Eating Disorders and Solitaire. Award, a $2,000 scholarship.
(Speak, 2010) and Orleans Perry (MFAW ’97), bottom, is co-director The new partnership expands
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2013). of Management Assistance Group. upon Goddard’s earlier
affiliation with PEN Center USA.


| college briefs |
Alumni Receive Awards to Support Artistic Endeavors

H anna Satterlee (MFAIA

’16) and Eliot Gray Fisher
(MFAIA ’15) are the fall 2016
Krista Leigh Pasini in their home
community of Billings, Mont., to
present performances and pre-
President Presents
Activism Award
recipients of the $500 Goddard sentations of works in progress,
Alumni Arts Project Award. including Fisher and Gionfriddo’s
Satterlee will be creating a company ARCOS’ transmedia
series of three, short dance videos production Domain, a multiplat-
on location in Vermont and will form piece that follows an un-
air them on local TV stations and
orthodox inventor grappling with
on the web, with each film edited
having created the world’s first
using a collage-like style, as if fol-
sentient artificial intelligence.
lowing a thought or emotion like a
poem. Satterlee is a dancer who has Fisher has been awarded mul-
performed with companies around tiple artists’ residencies at colleges,
the U.S. She is a guest artist at the universities, and foundations, and
University of Vermont and the direc- has received grants from the Paul
tor of the Vermont Dance Alliance. Robeson Fund for Independent Me-
Fisher and his partner Erica dia, Rea Charitable Trust, Hatchfund,
Gionfriddo joined Jayme Green New Mexico Arts, and the Charles
(MFAIA ‘16) and incoming student and Joan Gross Family Foundation.

President Kenny Takes a Stand Against Anti-Immigration Action

P resident Kenny affirmed his

support to uphold Deferred
at any time by a U.S. president.
Enacting the Family
within legal ability to ensure
their privacy and freedom.
G oddard President
Robert Kenny
posthumously presented
Action for Childhood Arrivals Education Rights and Privacy In November, President Priscilla Ruth Davis
(DACA) for all students and Act, which prohibits schools Kenny was among more than Backman (JR ‘43, BA ‘46)
others without legal residency from providing any outside 100 college and university with the Presidential
status who are enrolled at agency – including the presidents to sign a joint letter Award for Activism
Goddard. Issued by President Department of Homeland to then President-elect Donald during the Undergraduate
Obama in 2012, DACA is an Security or U.S. Citizenship and Trump forcefully urging him to Commencement
executive order that affords Immigration Services – with “condemn and work to prevent Ceremony on Sunday,
many undocumented young any information from a the harassment, hate and August 21. Backman
people two years’ U.S. residency student’s school records unless acts of violence that are being was an anti-war activist
and employment authorization, compelled by a court of law, perpetrated across our nation, and tax resister who
which provides young people the College will continue sometimes in [his] name, engaged in the anti-
and their families some relief to welcome all students which is now synonymous with nuclear movement as well
from fear of deportation while regardless of residency status, our nation’s highest office.” as efforts to abolish the
in school. As an executive honor their place in the The letter appeared in Inside death penalty. She served
order, DACA can be rescinded community, and do all that is Higher Education on Nov. 18. her community selflessly,
never looking for credit.
She died on May 8,
2015. Her son, Peter,
Gallery Presents Work accepted the award in her
featured mfaia alumni of Goddard Artists honor and announced
• Richard Ambelang (’12) the establishment of
• Susan Buroker (’16)
• Kate Egnaczak (’15) F eaturing artwork by
Goddard alumni, faculty,
and students, In Praise of
The Priscilla Backman
Scholarship for Activism.
• Dan Goldman (Student) “Goddard was a huge
• Tom Hansell (’11) Water approaches the theme
part of her life…She really
• Phillip Robertson (’08) of water from multiple
cared about it,” he said.
• Nanci Worthington (’16) perspectives: aesthetic, ecological,
social, political, spiritual, and contemplative.
featured faculty Mediums represented include photography, painting, mixed
Pictured above, the Backman
• Seitu Jones media, ceramics, printmaking, and artists’ books. This exhibition family came to the awards
• Laiwan was conceived as part of a celebration of the life and work of ceremony at the Plainfield
• Cynthia Ross ecological artist Jackie Brookner (1945-2015) who, as a visiting campus to accept the award
• Sharon Siskin artist at Goddard, inspired many to turn their attention to the on behalf of Priscilla Backman.
• Ruth Wallen natural environment and the issues that impact it. The exhibit, at
the Eliot D. Pratt Library Art Gallery in Plainfield, closes April 15.


Leading Women


Chanelle John (IBA ’13)

is founder of the Whole
Soul Health and Yoga
Diversity Initiative.
Ours is an interconnected community in which people take meaningful
action in the world. And while 2016 marked the first time a woman ran for
president of the United States, women graduates of Goddard have been
forging new ground and breaking glass ceilings as leaders, entrepreneurs,
business founders, and owners for many years. We talked to several
Goddard women graduates from the late 1960s to the present and learned
how they use their interests and passions to make a difference in the world.

Translating Success into Global Sustainability Spearheading Efforts for Special Educators

llen Ratner (BA ADP ’74) is the White House arla Jentz (BA RUP
correspondent and bureau chief for Talk Media ’67) is the executive
News, which she started in 1993. She has covered director of the Massa-
the White House for more than two decades and provides chusetts Administrators for
reports to 400 national and regional talk radio stations Special Education (ASE), the
from Congress and other government agencies. She can lead nonprofit association
be seen regularly on Fox News’ The Strategy Room. in Massachusetts advocat-
For Ellen’s 60th birthday, she started Goats for the Old ing at the federal and state
Goat in order to provide goats for the people of Sudan. Ellen level for important special
had visited the area frequently and knew the difference a goat education provisions on
could make for the people of South behalf of special education
Sudan. To date, more than 7,000 administrators and students Carla Jentz with a commissioner
goats have been donated. Ellen for Children and Family Services.
across the Commonwealth.
expanded the mission of Goats for Carla was the first woman executive director at ASE.
the old Goat by establishing the She describes her time at Goddard as the best undergradu-
G.E.M.S. Development Foundation, ate experience she could have hoped for. The advising and
which stands for Goats, Education,
group studies helped her to discover a passion for public
Medicine and Sustainability. These
policy. Goddard, Carla says, taught her how to think and to
organizations provide sustainable
think out of the box. “My Goddard experience was a strong
sustenance to families and support
foundation for my continuing education accomplishments,
women who suffer from PTSD. Visit
leading to my leadership positions,” she says. Carla was one
Though she earned a master’s degree in education
of the first non-attorney hearing officers for the Massachusetts
from Harvard University, Ellen attributes much of her
Bureau of Special Education Appeals, where she also served
success to her time at Goddard. While studying in the
as a mediator. She received ASE’s Outstanding Service in
Adult Degree Program at Goddard, she learned to do
Leadership Commendation as well as a governor’s appoint-
individual projects and to develop her own skills. She
ment to the Massachusetts education reform readiness project.
also learned you can do a lot on a little, a principle she
employs in running Goats for the Old Goat/G.E.M.S. Her advice to young women: “Learn as much as you can.
“Putting together a study plan makes you an entrepreneur, Seek out other’s perspectives; understanding how others see the
because you have to take your idea, find the necessary issues is one of the best ways to create a coalition of people who
resources and make it a reality,” she says. “It develops will support you and the organization that you are leading.
who you are and teaches you to execute your plan.”
When she needed credentials for Talk Media News to get
into the White House, she developed a study plan. She used
the same strategy to get into the United Nations for the General “UNDERSTANDING HOW OTHERS
Assembly. Ellen served as a trustee on Goddard’s board in
1975, again from 1980-1981, 1998-2001, and in 2003. Her new
book, Loving What You Do, came out in November 2016. WAYS TO CREATE A COALITION OF
Ellen’s advice to young women interested in becoming
business founders: “Find what you love or what you have a PEOPLE WHO WILL SUPPORT YOU.”
passion for, develop a study plan, and don’t take no for answer.” – CARLA JENTZ (BA RUP ’67)


Bridging Diversity Through Yoga

hanelle John (IBA ’13) is the founder of Yoga Diversity
Initiative and Whole Soul Health, which bridges
yoga’s diversity divide by offering yoga classes to
people of color in under-resourced communities. It grew out
of Chanelle’s concern with the lack of diversity in traditional
yoga studios. She works with organizations such as libraries
and community centers to make yoga accessible to people who
could not otherwise afford it. When Whole Soul Health started,
Chanelle found herself running around the Boston area with
twelve yoga mats, teaching several classes a day. However,
the focus has changed from teaching classes to program “IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT
design. Chanelle developed a yoga program for youth at the
Department of Youth Services, and she has taught self-love
and liberation workshops for young, queer men and women. WHATEVER NEEDS TO BE DONE.”
In August 2014, Chanelle published a piece titled
“(More) Reasons Why Your Yoga Class Is So White” on the – CHANELLE JOHN (IBA ‘13)
Decolonizing Yoga website. In the post, she wrote about the
barriers that keep yoga out of reach for people of color and passion. Goddard taught her how to work without a lot
the need for more yoga teachers of color. Her article started a of direction and how to translate her ideas into actionable
discussion between yoga practitioners and yoga teachers who steps. She also learned how to find the resources she needed.
wanted to make a difference in Boston’s yoga community. The Chanelle credits Goddard for giving her the framework
initiative has funded full yoga training and mentorship for a to integrate her pursuit of justice into her everyday life.
woman of color. Chanelle’s advice to women interested in becoming
Chanelle sees the work she is doing as an outgrowth of her business founders and owners is to “have confidence in
studies at Goddard, where she focused on the intersections your vision and take ownership of the financial side of
of race, identity, and art. It allowed her to dive deeper into your business. It’s important to know that you have the
the issues of social justice, which have always been her ability to do whatever needs to be done,” she says.


anet Van Fleet (MA ’95) is the co-founder of Goddard; she studied
Studio Place Arts, a vibrant, three-floor, non- education. Prior to
profit community visual arts center in historic pursuing art full time,
downtown Barre, Vt. In 1988, she taught first through
Janet was part of a group of third grades in a multi-
artists seeking a site to pool grade classroom.
their resources and create studio “Education is life.
space. The Barre Historical It opens you up to the
Society approached the group delights of what the
about potentially taking over world needs and what
and rescuing the city’s oldest you need,” she says.
commercial building, Nichols Janet’s work often
Block, then slated for demolition. The group decided makes reference to
the space should serve the entire community and political, environmental,
designed Studio Place Arts to make visual arts accessible and social issues.
to the public. She said she believes
The space now has three galleries for art exhibition, a group of committed people are more successful
open free of charge. The group offers visual art than individuals who don’t build coalitions. She
workshops and rents studio space to working artists. also advises women not to be afraid to say “I don’t
Janet, a painter and sculptor, didn’t study art at know,” and to accept help from other people.


Social Justice and Inclusion Advocacy In 2005 she served as one of the organizers of the
Transsistahs and Transbrothas Conference, the first gathering

atiriana Reyes (Baker) is the newest member of transgender people of color in the country held in Louisville.
of Goddard’s Board of Trustees, elected recently Two years later, with a diverse group of organizers, she founded
as the student rep to the board. She lives in TECK Transgender Education Center of Kentucky to educate
Brooklyn, N.Y., but is a proud native of Louisville, Ky., and advocate for the transgender community. In November
and is a product of its progressive activist community.
2010, she received The Kentucky Alliance Against Racism &
In the late 1990s, as a teenager grappling with sexual
Political Repression Honor for outstanding contributions to
orientation and gender identity, she found her way to the
Social Justice, The Louisville Metro Council Honor for service
Louisville Youth Group, a peer support group for self-
in the area of Social Justice and Equality for all, and Certificate
identified LGBTQ youth, which was held at the headquarters
of Special Congressional Recognition for outstanding and
of the Fairness Campaign, Louisville’s LGBTQ civil rights
invaluable service to the community from The Hon. John
group. It was there that she found support and positive role
models, but most importantly, her voice and community. Yarmuth KY Third District. Upon entering Goddard in March
Working as a Youth Leader for Fairness, Catiriana was 2015, she became active on the Student Council, serving for
part of a delegation that lobbied county commissioners, four semesters, and was appointed to the Academic Council
successfully convincing the lone, swing voter of the importance as a student representative while also working with Justice &
of equal rights and anti-discrimination. Throughout the years, Inclusion and the Circle of Councils. In the fall 2016, along with
she served in various roles within the Fairness Campaign, Jessica Giles, she cofounded the People of Color Student Union.
including chair of the Community Building Committee, She is grateful for the progressive pedagogy of Goddard that
volunteer liaison, cofounder of the Dismantling Racism allows learners to focus on their passions and looks forward to
Committee, state fair organizer, and member of the board. utilizing her skills to serve the greater collegiate community.


ania Campbell-Bussiere (MA build, and maintain their
SIS ‘16) is the founder and own rooftop farms.
director of Cloud 9 Rooftop “Gardening is an activity
Farm, an organization that uses that strengthens community
rooftop agriculture as a way to en- bonds and allows people
hance the quality of life throughout to come together and learn
Philadelphia. Rooftop agriculture from each other,” Rania says.
produces food, minimizes storm- Rania attended
water runoff, extends the life
Goddard’s Social Innovation
expectancy of roofing materials, and
& Sustainability program
reduces heating and cooling costs.
in order to study ways in
Cloud 9 went from building and
which Cloud 9 might offer more


maintain- founders and owners: “Find a
community resources. She was community that will support
ing farms to
working with also interested in figuring out your idea and your leadership
community how to grow the organization into role. Trust your gut as you build
organizations something that lasts. The experience your community,” she says. “As
to teach of structuring her own learning women, we often doubt our
them to has enabled her to teach others. ability and hesitate to trust our
design, Rania’s advice to women instinct. So, most importantly,
interested in becoming business trust your ability to be a leader.”

about the author: Kim Brown is the founder and executive editor of Minerva Rising Press. Her novel
Cora’s Kitchen was shortlisted in the 2015 William Faulkner/ William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.


Seattle Education Program Focuses on Being Relevant
in Today's World and Celebrating Diversity for the 21st Century

Students Let It Shine About the Photos

BY SUE FLEMING access higher education opportunities.”
Left to Right: Alexa Gabriel

The site enrolls two dozen students,
(MA EDU ’16), Flor Fernández
ntisar Hachem, a refugee from and about 90 percent are students of Palacios (MA EDU ’16), Alex
Iraq, entered Goddard’s Seattle- color from all over the world. They speak Bautista Magaña (BA EDU
based Education Program after English, Spanish, Garifuna (language of the ’16), Khepra Ptah (BA EDU
having completed a diploma from the Garifuna people, who live mostly along the ’16), Tiffany Brown (BA EDU
Central Institute for Teachers in Iraq Caribbean coast of Honduras), Vietnamese, ’16), Nnenna Odim (MA EDU
and earning a year of credits from Arabic, and Tigrinya (spoken mainly in ’16), Melody Denise Cilenti
Skagit Valley Community College. Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia). Their Vivar (MA EDU ’16), Noemi
An early childhood educator at Seattle’s ages span three decades, and the LGBTQ Teófilo-Rivera (MA EDU ’16).
Denise Louie Education Center, Hachem community is represented and embraced. 2) ALEJANDRO BAUTISTA
was well acquainted with Goddard College Residencies are delivered in English and MAGAÑA (BA ’16)
when she decided to apply in March of Spanish with the assistance of a translator and Alex Bautista Magaña
2015. Many of her colleagues had already translation equipment. This ensures students, crossed the border from
earned or were pursuing bachelor’s degrees faculty, and staff can participate more fully Mexico with his mother
in Goddard’s Seattle program, and her by utilizing their entire linguistic repertoire. when he was three. He
mentor, Sharon Cronin, is a member of Because learning experiences are rooted served for 20 years as
the faculty and the site coordinator. in critical pedagogy around culture and the youth coordinator
Fluent in English and Arabic, language, each student is invited to make at El Centro de La Raza
Hachem chose Goddard because she in Seattle (Center for
visible his or her language(s) and culture(s).
People of All Races).
was interested in immersing herself in Our residency themes integrate issues
the theory and practice of dual language of justice, culture, race, and oppression, 3) A FAMILY AFFAIR
early childhood education. She earned making the curriculum culturally relevant. Alex’s mother Hilda Magaña
her BA in Education in January 2017. The themes emerge from dialogue is also an alumna of the
Hachem’s story is one of the many between students, faculty, and staff. program (BA EDU ’15),
exciting stories emerging from Goddard’s This learning community is a gift for all of and his wife Jamie is a
Seattle program, now approaching its us and a model for both relevancy in higher current BA EDU student.
12th residency. The project was conceived education and the world – and it offers a clear
by the faculty to address “Goddard’s image of diversity for the 21st century. CW senior study focuses on
commitment to serve a more racially, creating a curriculum to
linguistically and culturally diverse introduce Middle Eastern
population and support its commitment to about the author: Sue Fleming, Ed.D., is a languages and cultures to
serving working adults who could not easily faculty member in the Education Program. early childhood curricula.  

2 4
Our students are
community activists
and educators with a
strong background
in practice and
1 3


A devoted Goddard alumna,
Jane O’Meara Sanders talks
about her life in public service
and the months she spent on
the presidential campaign trail.

orn the youngest of five into an Irish-Catholic

family in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Jane O’Meara (BA ‘80)
has been in public service for more than 35 years
since she graduated from Goddard at age 30.

She came to her studies and career unconventionally. She attended the
University of Tennessee at Knoxville for a year and a half but withdrew to get
married and have children. After moving to Vermont and then divorcing, she
took a job counseling youth in Burlington. She knew she needed to finish college.
O’Meara found Goddard’s Experimental Program for Further Education (GEPFE),
a radical program designed for those with little or no college background.
She met Bernie Sanders while he was running for mayor of Burlington; the rest
is campaign history.
During her years of political and service work, she kept ties with Goddard,
first serving as a member of the Board of Trustees (1992-1993), chair of the Board
Jane Sanders and news analyst Ellen (1993-1996), and then as provost and interim president (1996-1997) following Dick
Ratner, both Goddard graduates and
former trustees, at the White House Green’s resignation. Last spring, we caught up with her on the campaign trail to
Correspondents Dinner in May 2016. ask a few questions about the role Goddard played in her life and work.



having trouble with accreditors, with JS: I think there are. [The Occupy
governance, and with its finances. [The movement] really focused on inequities,
board and college leadership] worked having the power structure built upon

very effectively together to get the corporations and Wall Street and special
College back on its feet, to get through interest. I think that helped a lot in
the accreditation process and get out terms of people being a little bit more
of debt, and get back on track with a receptive to what Bernie is talking about.
governance process. At the end of that, Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives

the Board said, “You’re good at this. Matter activism are significant critiques
We want to support you to get your of today’s society, and without them, a
PhD,” and so they sponsored me. lot of people would be unaware of how
we are moving into an oligarchy where
SK: How did you find Goddard? fewer and fewer people control both
JS: I was looking for a college to go back our economic and our political life.
to part time, and I kept on looking at
all these programs with classes, and I SK: What advice might you have
thought, I’ll never graduate College … . for today’s Goddard student?
So I started to look up independent JS: I would say participate in our
study and found out that Goddard had democracy. You are in a democratic
that. It was wonderful. It was in my school and if we want to keep a
state of Vermont … it fit beautifully. It’s a democratic country, you need to have
wonderful school. Goddard was a pivotal as much of a voice outside in the world
moment in my life … It is a college that I as you do inside the college community.
think still has great impact on the rest of I would encourage them to not only
the world. When you look at the people vote, but also to participate fully in
who have come out of Goddard, we their local state, or federal community,
are all doing significant work – at least to put their own unique abilities
everybody I know. It’s a network that to work for the betterment and the
SAMANTHA KOLBER: Tell us about carries out across international lines. transformation of our country so that
your Goddard experience.
we can have once again what is escaping
JANE SANDERS: It was a wonderful SK: We are known as an activist college, us: a government for the people, by the
experience. I came to Goddard’s and it is especially great when we see people and of the people, to rest the
weekend program, which provided graduates working in activism or social power with the people as opposed to
fantastic support for people like justice. You are a Goddard role model. those with special interests.
me with families … so much JS: Goddard is a model for building Goddard is an institution that has
encouragement for experiential community and encouraging innovative touched many lives – and many more
learning and independent direction thinking and commitment to sharing than the people who have actually
with the support needed to make our knowledge and working together.
attended. I’m very happy to be part
it academically rigorous. It was an
of the Goddard community. CW
absolutely life-changing time for me. SK: Bernie’s campaign has a focus
I started at a time when I was ending on higher education. Did you
my marriage, which is a difficult influence his policy positions?
time … . Goddard was one of the best JS: We’ve always talked about
experiences of my life, educationally. these issues going back to when ADVICE TO STUDENTS?
he was mayor [of Burlington,
SK: How did your Goddard experience Vt.] and I was the director of
inform your life afterward? youth services. Higher education
What did you take away? was always a concern. The cost “PARTICIPATE IN OUR
JS: Goddard instilled confidence in has become a larger and larger DEMOCRACY. YOU’RE IN
me as a person, as a woman, and concern every year, and so his
enabled me to recognize that that’s plan to have public colleges A DEMOCRATIC SCHOOL,
what we need to do with everybody. and universities tuition free AND IF WE WANT TO KEEP
All my work after that was shaped and to substantially lower
by how I was treated at Goddard. student debt are two pillars A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY,
It’s how I learned to treat others, of a plan that really resonate YOU NEED TO HAVE AS MUCH
with real respect and confidence with the American people.
that they will find their own way.
SK: Are there connections WORLD AS YOU DO INSIDE
When I went back for my PhD [at between the senator’s
the Union Institute & University], positions on the economy THE COLLEGE COMMUNITY.”
it was because I had been on the and the Occupy Wall Street
Board of Trustees. Goddard was movement of a few years ago?


alumni portfolio


Phish Lisa Birnbaum (BA RUP ’75) Andrew Kline (BA GEPFE ’71-’73)
The band, which includes Trey Anastasio Told in a language all its own, Get ready to enter the visual world of
(BA ’88), Page McConnell (BA ’87), Jon Worthy is a tale of love, deception, Andrew Kline – grand master of black and
Fishman (BA ’90) and Mike Gordon, and the art of the “long con.” white film photography. Here he displays
released its 13th studio album. Dzanc Books, 2016 some 100 photos ranging from portraits
JEMP Records, 2016 of neighbors to the coast of Maine.
REDBONE Brown Pepper Press, 2016
HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE Mahogany Browne (IBA ’13)
Jim Atwell (MA GGP ’80) “Redbone shudders with raw ferocity, THE DEATH OF FRED ASTAIRE
This book is written for those who want each line shouldering the sweet burden Leslie Lawrence (MFAW ’78)
to improve their lives and can’t afford
of her raveled roles as mother, artist and When, in the late ‘80s, the author
to pay the high cost of psychotherapy.
intractable activist.” – Patricia Smith, chooses to raise a child with her lesbian
Genetic Research LLC, 2016
author of Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah partner, she embraces a life outside the
I, DAGGER Aquarius Press, 2015 lines – one full of curious adventures
Keith Backhaus (MFAW ’07) and everyday pleasures. This collection
In the dis-reality of consciousness, there
GREAT LAKES ISLAND ESCAPES of essays recounts her tale and her
is only one truth: the future is a myth. Maureen Dunphy (MFAW ’96) life as a seeker and adventurer.
Empty City Press, 2016 Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries SUNY Press, Excelsior Editions, 2016
and Bridges to Adventure explores
DON’T TELL YOU Basin islands accessible by bridge THE POTOMAC’S “VALLEY FORGE”
Kimberly Beam (MFAW ’02) or ferry and introduces more AND THE CIVIL WAR WINTER
The story of Beam’s diagnosis of Hodgkins than 50 additional islands. THAT SAVED THE UNION
Lymphoma, from finding the lump in Wayne State University Press, 2016 Chris Mackowski (MFAW ’01)
her collarbone, through the ordeals of Here, finally, is the full story of how
diagnosis, to treatment and recovery. IN THE SERVICE OF THE BOYAR the citizen-soldiers of the Army of
AuthorHouse, 2016 Jason Graff (MFAW ’05) the Potomac overcame adversity,
In the land of the Boyar, a boy will fall in seized their destiny, and saved
NEVER SAY NO TO A ROCK STAR love and become much more than a man. the nation through leadership,
Glenn Berger (IBA ’95) Fleeing with his family from danger, a perseverance, patriotism, and faith.
This is a memoir about Berger’s boy catches a glimpse of Fifika, as their This is the first in-depth examination of
apprenticeship at New York’s A&R clan travels with haste to the lands of a crucial turning point in the Civil War,
Recording Studios, his rise to prominence the Boyar, a mysterious benefactor. grounded in hundreds of primary sources
as a recording engineer, and his years Strange Fictions Press, 2016
working with music luminaries. that let the soldiers speak, from the
Schaffner Press, 2016 lowest private to the highest general.
Savas Beatie, 2016

alumni portfolio
Stephen Rich Merriman (BA ADP ’79) CONTINUUM OF CARE Virginia Sutton (RUP ’76)
Behavioral Addictions: A New Solution Roselle O’Brien (MFAW ’11) Sutton’s book of poetry was a finalist
to Very Old Problems expands the arena An examination of our changing for the 2015 Knut House Poetry
of how addiction is regarded and the healthcare system and the needs Prize and features original artwork
extensive ground addictions can cover. The of individuals living with chronic by painter Philip Neil Mandel.
book honors early pioneers who noticed environmental illnesses. The book covers Knut House Press, 2016
certain hallmarks of addiction in behaviors the basics of our healthcare system,
far removed from their prior drug- and the doctor-patient relationship, and NANTUCKET SLEIGHRIDE
alcohol-based addiction histories. the real impact of human behaviors. Louise Taylor (MFAW ’01)
Four Rivers Press, 2016 Center for English Language In her new memoir, Taylor begins when
Arts Publishing, 2016 she is living with her black Labrador, Glory,
SNOWY OWLS, EGRETS AND in a rundown farmhouse in Maine, jumps
UNEXPECTED GRACES A LIFE WITHOUT SEASONS back to childhood and the watery and
Gwendolyn Morgan (MFAW ’99) Robert Overbey (BFW ’11) nautical backdrop of summers spent on
In this portal to an interior landscape In this collection of 23 stories, Overbey Cape Cod, and continues forward in time.
that mirrors the natural world, the presents scenes of real life – funny and Stonewall Press, 2016
poet simultaneously reflects on the dark, bitter and tender – charged with
suffering of those living with cancer emotions both modern and eternal. DECEPTION: THE YOUTUBE
and chronic illness, the on​​going habitat Alexandria Quarterly Press, 2016 VIDEO HILLARY AND OBAMA
destruction amidst climate change, BLAMED FOR BENGHAZI
and the violence of war and poverty. MARROW ISLAND Kenneth Timmerman (RUP ’73)
Hiraeth Press, 2016 Alexis Smith (MFAW ’07) New York Times best-selling
In this marvelously spun story, author Timmerman digs into the
DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE Smith reaches into the depths of web of deception surrounding the
Ezra Berkley Nepon (IBA ’06, IMA ’13) our connections to our pasts, our “hateful” video, with stunning new
Dazzle Camouflage: Spectacular loved ones, and our devotions. documents, emails, and interviews.
Theatrical Strategies for Resistance Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016 Post Hill Press, 2016
and Resilience offers two profiles of
contemporary theater artists, Jenny A HEAVEN WROUGHT OF IRON LIKE A GIRL
Romaine and The Eggplant Faerie Players, David Spitzer (RUP ’01) Terry Wright (EDU ’14)
generating analysis about their shared A fresh approach to The Odyssey that This anthology of poetry, prose, and art
transformative theatrical strategies. weaves translated fragments from the with over 90 contributors aims to honor
Self-Published, 2016 Greek text with a sequence of poems a multiplicity of feminine identities and
drawn from an imaginative, intellectual spark conversation about women’s issues.
engagement with The Odyssey. Lucid Moose Lit, 2015
Etruscan Press, 2016

RECREATING the archives

OUTSIDE THE GARDEN HOUSE  In the original photo
from 1951 (lower left), Gabriel Jacobs (BA RUP ’51), a
retired teacher and principal from Shaw Island, Wash., Gert
Van Dissel (BA RUP ’51), who died in 2009, and Eda
Eisen (BA RUP ’49-’51) study for their physics class in the

upper garden in front of the Garden House. The house was
built in 1925 with timbers salvaged
from the Ipswich Courthouse in
Massachusetts, where Susannah Martin,
ancestor to the Martin Family (original
owners of the Greatwood Estate), was
convicted and hung for witchcraft
during the Salem Witch Trials in 1697.
When Arthur Shurcliff, the architect
for the Greatwood Gardens and an
Ipswich resident, called Willard Martin in 1923 and said,
“They’re tearing down the Ipswich Courthouse,” Willard
is said to have replied, “I want those timbers as revenge
1951 against what they did to Susannah.” The oak timbers
were shipped to Plainfield and used to construct the
small building, featuring hand-carved beams and a forest
creature-themed wood frieze, as a tribute to Susannah.

 In this contemporary photo, students

in the Psychology and Counseling
program, Jake Hasson (BA PSY ’16,
MA CMHC ’17), Cadence Giles (BA/ 2016
MA Fast Track CMHC), and Jessica
Kirby (MA PSY), recreate the pose on
a hot, late summer day before going
swimming at a local pond.


original 1955 photo, President
Tim Pitkin, who served from
Goddard’s founding in 1938
to 1969, looks out the window
of his office in the Silo. The
photo was taken by Ben Ross
for a Parade Magazine article,
“The Most Unusual College
in the U.S.,” which stated:
“No Ivy Twines along
the weather-beaten walls of
Goddard College near here.
The omission is significant;
it shows just how far
Goddard – enrollment 70,
faculty 20 – has gone in its
break with the time-honored
traditions of the academic
world. For Goddard, housed
2016 in a cluster of farm buildings – the president’s office
is in a silo – has none of the things people associate
with campus life. There are no grades, no credits, no
‘required’ subjects, no lectures, no exams. There are
no fraternities, no athletics. There are no diplomas.”
– Ed Kiester, Parade Publications, January 30, 1955
LAYING THE STONE PATH  In the 1940 photo,  In the 2016 photo, President Bob Kenny
students in the Work Program lay stones for a path leading helps recreate the scene. Even though the
from the back door of The Manor to the hedge maze. President’s Office is now in The Manor instead
of The Silo, the “unusualness” of Goddard
 Seventy-six years later, staff, administration, and remains the same today, though students do
students from The Initiative: A Vermont Waldorf High earn credits, cover some required content areas,
School reset those same stones, which were dug up and receive diplomas at commencement.
from the same spot, to rebuild the path during the 2016
Community Work Day in May.



| class notes |

Jeff Weiss, he created a
photographic documentary
of the James Bay Cree in
Northern Quebec who were
Carolyn Brown (BA RUP battling the government over
’69) of Saint Paul, Minn., is the flooding of their lands. In
a freelance editor, primarily 2012, he received a National
for university presses, Science Foundation research
making occasional forays grant to digitize those images
into translating Bengali in an archival collection.
poetry and fiction. She lives
around the corner from F. William H. Macy (BA RUP
Scott Fitzgerald’s statue. ’72) of Los Angeles, Calif.,
returned for Season 7 of
Steve Jacob (BA RUP ’69) Showtime’s Shameless, for
of Victoria, BC, Canada, is which he won a SAG award for
an international commodity Outstanding Performance by a
broker with grown children Male Actor in a Comedy Series.
from two families. He hopes to
make time soon to write about Andrew Plummer (BA RUP
his many decades of living in ’74) of Columbia, Md., and
the wilderness of Northwest Groveland, Fla., retired in
British Colombia. He would 2009 after careers in graphic
Abraham Adzenyah (BA ADP ’76) of Middletown, Conn., retired and was
love to hear from Goddard design, corporate real estate
honored in May with the naming of the Abraham Adzenyah Rehearsal Hall
classmates from 1964 to 1969. management, and home
(formerly the Center for the Arts Rehearsal Hall) at Wesleyan University,
Email us your notes, and we’ll improvement contracting. He where he taught West African music, dance, and culture for 46 years.
pass them on to Steve: is former chair of the Owen This is the first time that a leading American university has named a Brown Village Architectural building after a traditional African musician. Students, alumni, and friends
Committee and former guest raised more than $225,000 to establish a scholarship in his name.
John Tomlinson (BA RUP glass artist at the Gillinder
’63) of Windsor, ON, Canada, Glass Factory in Port Jervis,
wrote an article about Bernie N.Y. He currently blows glass
Sanders in the Active Retired at McFadden Art Glass in
Jan (Barkas) Yager (MA
Members (ARM) Chapter 9 Baltimore and Monser Art
GGP ’77) of Stamford, Conn.,
Newsletter last June. Glass in Lake Mary, Fla.
celebrated the 20th anniversary
Kenneth Timmerman (BA of her publishing company,
Robin Anne Wilson (BA
RUP ’73) of Frederick, Md., Hannacroix Creek Books. She
RUP ’68-’70) of Durham,
N.C., retired after 25+ years of is an investigative partner writes, “If you are a filmmaker
nursing. She writes, “Looking in the Fleming Timmerman or TV producer, please contact
for my old roommate Mary Law Group, specializing me at
Noguchi and my old buddy in terrorism collection. He Our dream is to get one or
Charlie Egleston.” Email also writes for more of our titles made into, and and the a TV series or film.”
we’ll get you in touch.

1970s 1980s Dr. Jay Carter (MA GGP ’78) of

Reading, Pa., wrote Nasty People:
How to Stop Being Hurt by Them
Without Stooping to Their Level,
Jim Atwell (MA GGP ’80)
of Burbank, Calif., teaches which sold over a million copies. He
Wayne F. Burke (BA RUP also wrote Nasty Men, Nasty Women,
’79) of Barre, Vt., published psychology at Platt College,
Nasty Bosses, and Idiots Guide
a book of poetry, Knuckle Los Angeles.
to Bipolar Disorder. He is looking
Sandwiches. for a graduate student who might
Mark Doty (MFA ’80) of
want to do a thesis and co-write a
M. Edward Cowan (MA New York, N.Y., read poems
book on executive functions. Reach
GGP ’74) of Los Angeles, and held a workshop at
him at his website:
Calif., publishes articles The Truro Center for the
and commentaries on the Arts at Castle on Sept. 15.
website Artemis Joukowsky, III (MA
Felix Carrion, PhD (MA SBPAT ’79) Deborah Gross-Zuchman (MA GV ’87) of Sherborn, Mass.,
George LeGrady (BA RUP of El Paso, Texas, published GGP ’82) of Philadelphia, Pa., collaborated with Ken Burns on
’72-’74) of Santa Barbara, A Psychologist and Neurofeedback , exhibited oil paintings and the documentary, Defying the
Calif., received a Guggenheim which reflects on his 37-year collages at the Perelman Center Nazis: The Sharps’ War, which
this year for Fine Arts. While work as a psychologist. He for Jewish Life at the University features the efforts of Artemis’s
at Goddard studying under currently practices in El Paso. of Pennsylvania last fall. grandparents, Waistill and


| class notes |
Martha Sharp, who assisted
refugees escaping the Nazis
from 1939 to 1941. The film
aired on Sept. 20 on PBS
and is narrated by survivors Margaret Ajemian Ahnert (IBA ’97) of Ft.
and historians, along with Lauderdale, Fla., was on a coast-to-coast
Marina Goldman and Oscar- book tour for nine years for The Knock
winner Tom Hanks. at the Door. While at Nova University in
2010, she signed a copy of her book to the
Twink (Agnes) Lester (BA GV Dalai Lama, who then blessed her. She was
’85, MA GV ’87) of Biddeford, invited to give a second speech at Boston
Maine, retired from being University in November. Her essay “Fishing
a family psychotherapist for Control” was published in Brevity, and
and plans to volunteer with she is currently working on another book.
combat-injured veterans at
the Travis Mills Foundation.

Lisa Mattila (BA RUP ’80) of

Pittsfield, Mass., celebrated 21
years as the personal counselor roles in film, television, and Stephen B. Kagan (BA GV Freeport Community Library.
in the Student Development theatre opposite stars such as ’91) of Victoria, BC, Canada,
Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, graduated from CIIS in San Amie Ziner Mills (IBA ’97-’00)
Center at Berkshire Community
Nathan Lane, Holland Francisco with an MA in of Milford, Conn., is a ranger
College, where she welcomes
Taylor, and Jason Robards. East-West Psychology and is in the Ansonia Nature and
interns from Goddard’s MA
a desktop support technician Recreation Center and the
in Clinical Mental Health
Bill Cushing (MFAW ’96) of at the University of Victoria. marketing chair of its nonprofit
Counseling Program.
Glendale, Calif., had poems in After publishing his first supporting organization,
Rose Marie Prins (MA GGP two anthologies, Getting Old speculative fiction novel on FANCI. Last year, Amie had
’80) of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Stories of Music, Vol. 1, now Amazon, he is finishing up a solo exhibit and showing
received a Creative Pinellas a finalist for Colorado’s Book of a second novel as well as at a New Haven gallery.
Individual Artists Grant for the Year Award. He had a short writing and reading poetry at Tweet her at Go Outside@
visual art, which enabled her story about his youth in New Planet Earth Poetry. AnsoniaNatureCT, or stop
to travel to India in December York City in the spring 2016 by for a visit or class or hike
issue of the Newtown Literary Carolyn E. Locke (MFAW ’96) through the varied habitats
for a two-week residency at
Journal and poems in West Trade of Troy, Maine, gave a reading of the ANRC. She would
the Sanskriti Foundation in
Review and the Mayo Review. at Vienna Union Hall on May 18 love to hear from classmates
New Delhi. The art that she
and read selections from her and advisors, she writes.
creates there will be included He is working in collaboration
haibun (a combination of prose,
in a solo exhibition scheduled with a Los Angeles musician
haiku, and photography), Robert Nelson (MFAW ’95) of
for the summer of 2017 at to stage a public reading
Not One Thing: Following Branford, Conn., was awarded
Studio@620 in St. Petersburg. of his own poetry with
Matsuo Basho’s Narrow Road a research fellowship at Mystic
musical accompaniment.
to the Interior, on Sept. 26 at Seaport Maritime Museum

1990s Lynne Meredith Golodner

(MFAW ’96) of Huntington
Woods, Mich., launched One
Earth Writing, a nonprofit
Matthew Gillespie Chaney
(BA RUP ’98) of Morrisville, bringing storytelling to
Vt., is selling t-shirts and tweens and teens to foster
apparel that feature a peace and understanding.
design he sold on stickers
during his time at Goddard. Philippe Isler (MA PSY ’97) of Wolfville, NS, Canada, is
a licensed psychologist in
Joseph Cosentino (MFAW private practice. He presented
’94) of Wappingers Falls, N.Y., at the 2015 conference of the
won Divine Magazine’s awards Association for Comprehensive
for best mystery novel, best Energy Psychology on
humorous novel, and best “The Heart of the Therapist:
contemporary novel of 2015. Incorporating Presence and
This year he published Cozzi Intuition as Therapeutic Skills.”
Cove: Bouncing Back and a In 2016, he published a self-help
Eli Clare (MFAW ’93) of Hinesburg, Vt., addressed Boston
paperback anthology, In My book, Listen to Your Heart: Using
College students in April about stereotypical images of
Heart, of his two hit e-book Mindfulness to Make Choices
disabled people and how these unfair assumptions have
novellas, An Infatuation and That Are Right For You, and
led to lasting problems for the disabled community.
A Shooting Star. As an actor, an article in the International
he appeared in principal Journal of Healing and Caring.


| class notes |
to write and publish about
artifacts in the museum’s
collection. He was promoted
Academic to associate professor of
developmental English at
Programs Housatonic Community
College in Bridgeport, and
ADP: Adult Degree Program he celebrated his 20th year
BA: Bachelor of Arts teaching at Yale University’s
BAS: Bachelor of Arts English Language Institute.
in Sustainability Last June, he organized a
BFAW: Bachelor of Fine benefit concert to raise funds
Arts in Creative Writing for victims of the April
earthquakes in Ecuador that
EDU: Education Program
killed 272 people. His six-
G-C: Goddard-

piece band, Elegant Primates,
Cambridge Program performed along with other
GEPFE: Experimental local acts to raise $700 for the
Program in Furthering Ecuadorian Shelter Initiative.
GGI: Goddard Susan O’Brien Rodgers (BA
specifically the intersections
Graduate Institute GV ’95, IMA ’98) of West
Bath, Maine, self published of policy, labor law, and
GGP: Goddard Dustin Byerly (BA RUP ‘01,
her book, Surrender: A Journey adjunct activism on religiously
Graduate Program Staff) and Erin Tittel (IBA ‘03)
of Adoption: Mending Fences: affiliated campuses.
GS: Goddard Seminary of Montpelier, Vt., were married
GV: Goddard Five (all Building Bridges, in 2015. in a private ceremony presided
Julie Daniels (MFAW ’07) of
programs ’81-’91) Los Angeles, Calif., won the by Avram Patt (BA RUP ‘72) on
Carmelo Ruiz (MA GV July 8, 2016. They spent their
HAS: Health Arts & Sciences ’95) of San Juan, Puerto Ronald Berz essay competition
honeymoon in St. Martin.
IBA: Individualized Rico, was interviewed on at the Women of Resilience
Bachelor of Arts Counterpunch Radio last June. Conference in Santa Fe, N.M.,
IMA: Individualized last February. Recent work
Heather DeLeone (MA EDU

Master of Arts includes a short memoir,
“An Exodus,” published in ’03) Williamstown, Vt., is the
JR: Junior College new development director
MA: Master of Arts Psychological Perspectives in 2015,
and Addiction in a Home of Love, for Arts Bus, Inc., a nonprofit
MAT: Master’s in that delivers art, music, and
a memoir published by TheFix.
Art Therapy Marcia D. Anderson drama programming to
com. Her current Screenplay
MFAIA: Master of Fine Arts (IBA ’05) of Fairview, Pa., children in 13 rural towns
completed her master’s degree Walkin’ on to Freedom’s Land,
in Interdisciplinary Arts on the wheels of a renovated
in community counseling about former slave and L.A.
MFAW: Master of Fine heroine Biddy Mason, placed in
school bus.
Arts in Creative Writing through Endinboro University
in 2012. She is the program the top 10 percent at the Nicholl Robert M. Detman (MFAW
PSY/CMHC: Psychology screenwriting competition at
support coordinator for the ’06) of Oakland, Calif., had
& Clinical Mental the Motion Picture Academy.
autism initiative at Mercyhurst new fiction in Decomp Magazine
Health Counseling It was a second rounder in
University in Erie, Pa. and Literary Orphans, a review
RUP: Residential the Austin Screenwriting in Newfound, and essays
Undergraduate Program Taina L. Asili (MA GGI contest. in both the Tishman Review
SBC: Sustainable Business TLA ’08) of Albany, N.Y., was and Fiction Southeast.
& Communities featured in Yes! Magazine Melanie (Goodman) Dante
SBPAT: Summer-Based about the anthem she wrote (IBA ’03) Philadelphia, Pa., was Meg Kallman Feeley (MFAW
Psychology in Art Therapy for Black Lives Matter. interviewed in Philadelphia ’02) of Brooklyn, N.Y., is
Gay News about her dedication organizing adjuncts for her
SE: Social Ecology Program
Kimberly J. Beam (MFAW to anti-violence efforts as chapter of PSC-CUNY at
SIS: Social Innovation
’02) of Merion Station, Pa., is discussed in her 2003 senior Kingsborough Community
& Sustainability study, “XXX: A Cultural
a social worker and clinical College. She also cares for her
TLA: Transformative Exploration of Contemporary
therapist earning a Master of two-year-old granddaughter,
Language Arts Social Work from West Chester Feminism’s Relationship Eleanor.
UGP: Undergraduate University. with Commercial Sexuality,”
Program which has been published, Felicity Fenton (IBA ’04,
VT: Plainfield, Vt., campus Jacob A. Bennett (MFAW ’09) posted, reposted, utilized for MFAIA ’07) of Portland, Ore.,
WA: Port Townsend, of Chester, N.H., is pursuing testimony, and discussed on and Stephanie Brachmann
Wash., campus a doctorate in Education at panels at live conferences. hosted “The Dreaming
SEA: Seattle Residency Site UNH. After being an English She had a creative nonfiction Dirt,” a multidisciplinary
professor for the past seven piece published in the Noir forum for works in process,
years, he is now concentrating Riot Anthology as part of the served open-mic style at The
on higher education policy, 2016 Philadelphia Noir Con. Waypost in October.


From tves
A rc h i
Studies concentration and a
speaker/workshop series called
Moon Over Vermont each semester.
At the same time, then faculty mem-
ber and now board chair Jill Mattuck
Tarule, with then faculty and former
board member Mary Belenky, co-au-
thored (along with two other writers)
Women’s Ways of Knowing, a book
that helped to shape national and local
discussions about the ways that God-
dard might move toward becoming a
more feminist institution while helping
address the specific learning needs

A Sign of the Times

of women. Workshops and ongoing
dialog about these issues were at the
center of community and faculty meet-
Educational Opportunities for Women at Goddard ings, where possible changes in the
administrative structure of the College

were imagined.
N 1863, Goddard was conceived targeted students who had started
as an institution that would college but for one reason or another
serve both young men and had not completed their degree.
women students in an era when According to Richard Hathaway’s The
co-ed secondary education was not Friendly Pioneer—An Informal History
universally accepted. Between 1929 of the Adult Degree Program, “About
and 1937, the Goddard Seminary three-quarters of the ADP’s population
transformed into the Goddard School was made up of women with an
for Girls in response to the economy, average age of 39.”
shifting demographics, and what was Many opportunities for women at
thought by Goddard Seminary’s Board Goddard blossomed in the ’60s and
to be a natural shift in terms of the ’70s. What was first identified as a
future viability of the institution. need for some form of a Women’s
When Goddard College, “A Vermont Studies Program at Goddard was later Top left photo: the first group of ADP stu-
School for Living,” was established in renamed Feminist Studies. Various fac- dents in front of Kilpatrick Dormitory, 1963.
Plainfield in 1938, co-ed colleges in the ulty and staff members joined together Above: the newest group of Psychology and
U.S., such as Oberlin, had been around in consciousness-raising groups while Counseling Program students, 2016.
for approximately 100 years. More than women’s dorms were organized on
half of the original Plainfield faculty both the Northwood and Greatwood Today, Goddard’s low-residency
was comprised of women, and the campuses. A Women’s Center was model, which allows students to be
first group of students was about 75% set up on Northwood, and various able to maintain their jobs and family
women. Evalyn Bates, who worked trimester-long courses and workshops obligations while creating a mutually
as Founding President Tim Pitkin’s were offered. Women speakers, activ- supportive educational community,
administrative assistant and as the ists, theater groups, and musicians continues to provide educational
director of adult education, designed were invited to the College. opportunities that appeal to and fit
and launched the Adult Degree In the 1980s, the reorganized, well into the lives of women.
Program that began in 1963. The ADP smaller Goddard V included a Feminist — BY DAVID HALÉ

Then & Now The ratio of female to male students at Goddard, 1939 and 2015.
1939 48 students: 39 : 9, or 81.3% female 2015 512 students: 370 : 142, or 72.3% female *

*Includes anyone who identifies as female, regardless of gender assigned at birth. CLOCKWORKS SPRING 2017 21
| class notes |
Forrest Stephen Roth (MFAW Hillary S. Webb (IMA ’06) of
’04) of Huntington, W.V., was Portsmouth, N.H., published
named a semi-finalist in the two chapters in Transpersonal
2015 Book Contest in Fiction Ecosophy, Vol. 1: Theory, Methods,
by the editors of Noemi Press and Clinical Assessments.
for his novel Gary Oldman

is a Building You Must Walk
Through, which is forthcoming
from What Books Press of Los
Angeles in fall 2017.
Morgan Andrews (IBA ’09,
Marie Shanahan (MA HAS MFAIA ’16) of Philadelphia,
’06) of Granby, Mass., co- Pa., pictured below, was
authored with Veda Andrus interviewed on The Pulse
(former HAS faculty), on WHYY-FM last June. He
the article “Evolving and performed for the New Jersey
Redefining: Transforming Self Commission for the Blind and
and System,” published in Visually Impaired on Sept.
Nurses as Leaders: Evolutionary 29 and at Cabrini University
Visions of Leaders in 2016. on Nov. 15, and performed
She was also recognized as his immersive theater piece
John L. Hadden (MFAW ’03) Holistic Nurse of the Year by Red Planet, One Way Red
of Landgrove, Vt., produced the American Holistic Nurses at the Philadelphia Fringe
Tracey Pilch (MFAIA ’07),
an hour-long solo show based Association at their conference Festival Sept. 21-25, at Colgate
below, of Anchorage, Alaska, is
on his book, Conversations with University on Oct. 6,
an art professor in Anchorage in Bonita Spring last June.
a Masked Man, in theaters in and at Rutherfurd Hall in
where she was honored as
Vermont and Massachusetts. Nicholas Quin Serenati
outstanding adjunct this year. New Jersey in October.
He played in the A.R. Gurney (MFAIA ’09) of Saint
play Later Life in Portland, Augustine, Fla., presented
Maine, and had a nice season and published “Illness
and prize judge Ron Rash. She
at Shakespeare & Co. last is a Window: Reframing
receives $1,000 and publication
summer. He was on Joe Leukemia through Dharma
in the spring 2017 edition of The
Donohue’s book show on Art” for the 6th Annual Global
Thomas Wolfe Review. Alli is the
WAMC, and his hand-made
arts and entertainment editor Conference on Trauma: Theory
octagon house is available
and writer at Mountain Xpress. and Practice in Budapest,
for vacation rentals. Check
Hungary. A forthcoming
it out at Carla Norton (MFAW ’09) of hard copy volume from
Satellite Beach, Fla., won two this conference is expected
Bill Lorenzo (IMA ’03) of 2016 book awards: the Nancy
Newton, N.J., established the for fall 2017. Dr. Serenati’s
Pearl Award for Best Book, most recent experimental
World War II and Holocaust Genre Fiction, from the Pacific
Research Center at Warren documentary film, The
Northwest Writers Association,
County Community College and the President’s Book Award Structure of Illness Space,
(WCCC) in Washington, N.J., Gold Medal, Suspense/Thriller, and correlating paper were
where he is a senior adjunct from the Florida Authors and delivered at the Humanities in
professor of history. The New Publishers Association, for her Medicine Symposium at Mayo
Porschia Librecht Baker
Jersey Commission on Holo- novel What Doesn’t Kill Her. Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., in
(MFAIA ’12) of Long Beach,
caust Education designated November. He is a professor of
Calif., has poems in the
WCCC as an official Holocaust/ Jody McGrath (MA PSY communication and medical forthcoming anthology
Genocide Resource Center. ’06) of Stowe, Vt., is the humanities at Flagler College. Solace: Writing, Refuge, and
new psychological health LGBTQ Women of Color, and
Chris W. Mackowski (MFAW coordinator for the Vermont Liz Simmons (IBA ’05) a poem in the recent issue
’01) of St. Bonas, N.Y., published Army National Guard. of Brattleboro, Vt., played of Thank You For Swallowing,
Grant’s Last Battle: The Story guitar with her trio, Low Lily, Volume 2, Issue 2.
Behind the Personal Memoirs Leslie J. Pickering (IBA ’05, comprised of husband Flynn
of Ulysses S. Grant, for which IMA ’07) of Buffalo, N.Y., Cohen on mandolin and guitar Stephanie Baugh (MFAIA
he received the Lieutenant was on tour talking about and Lissa Schneckenburger ’14) of Monmouth, Ill., is a
General Richard G. Trefry the FBI frame-up attempt on fiddle, at Next Stage in new full-time faculty member
Award, a Distinguished against Burning Books. downtown Putney last April. teaching graphic design
Writing Award from the and printmaking in the art
Army Historical Foundation. Alfonso N. Ramirez (MFAW Sol Smith (MFAW ’03) of department at Monmouth
’09) of New York, N.Y. Huntington Beach, Calif., is College. She also teaches
Allison Marshall (MFAW completed two years as adjunct the new chair of liberal arts the freshman integrated
’00) of Asheville, N.C., won professor at Herkimer College at Laguna College of Art and studies course, ILA.
the 2016 Thomas Wolfe Fiction and is now teaching college Design, where he has been
Prize for her story Catching Out, writing courses at Union teaching part-time in the Jennifer Berger (MFAIA ’12)
which was selected by author County College in New Jersey. department since fall 2015. of Burlington, Vt., exhibited


| class notes |
her project “Think of Others,” character of Wonder, the book
a collaboration with seven by R.J. Palacio selected for
local artists in conjunction the six-week program.
with Vermonters for a Just
Peace in Palestine, Israel, at Justin Hall (MFAW ’15) of
the 2016 South End Art Hop, San Francisco, Calif., received
Sept. 9–11, in Burlington. a Fulbright to teach American
graphic novels in the Czech
Heather Bryce (MFAIA ’14) Republic at the Masaryk
of Brooklyn, N.Y., accepted a
University in Brno this fall.
teaching artist position with
Lincoln Center Education. Chera Hammons (MFAW ’14)
This is in addition to her work
of Amarillo, Texas, won second
with Alvin Ailey American

place in the 2016 Common
Dance Theater.
Good Books Poetry Contest for
Tamra Carraher (BFAW ’11) her poem “Bounding Flight,”
of Audubon, N.J., obtained read by Garrison Keillor on
her MFA from New England the May 21 broadcast of NPR’s
College and founded Alexandria A Prairie Home Companion. She
Quarterly, a curated portfolio published her book Recycled Cara Hagan (MFAIA-WA ’12) of Boone, N.C., secured her first book
of art and literature, and Explosions, and she teaches contract through the McFarland Publishing Co. to complete her
Alexandria Quarterly Press, at Clarendon College. manuscript, Movies by Movers: 21st Century Dance Film in Critical Context
which recently published its (working title). She completed a new work titled Cella with freshman
inaugural book of fiction, A Brianna Johnson (BFAW ’10, students at Appalachian State University, where she works as assistant
Life Without Seasons & Other MFAW ’13) of New Prague, professor. Cara’s short dance films, Without Boundaries and Picnic,
Stories, by alumnus Robert Minn., has experimental have been screened at The Cascadia Festival of Dance and Cinema, the
Overbey (BFAW ’11). Greensboro Dance Film Festival, and the NW Screendance Festival.
prose called The Axe Lectures
forthcoming from Spout
Shelley Chamberlin (MFAIA Press in 2017.
’11) of Portland, Ore., and Liz Kellebrew (MFAW ’15) Allegra Kuhn (MFAIA
artist Michelle Daly, had Christine Kalafus (MFAW of Seattle, Wash., had short ’13) of Stockton Springs,
a collaborative exhibition, ’16) of Pomfret Center, Conn., stories published in The Maine, and her partner,
Everything I Never Told You: Coachella Review, Elohi Gadugi Peter Walls, founded Two
was named assistant director
Secrets Too Beautiful To Keep, Itinerant Artisans, a traveling
of Avon programming for Journal, Vine Leaves Literary
at the Massachusetts College artist tradition around
Westport Writers’ Workshop, Journal, Mount Island Magazine,
of Liberal Arts, Gallery Maine and New England.
a nonprofit adult literary Section 8 Magazine, and The
51, through Nov. 20.
center in Connecticut. Conium Review, Vol. 5. Daniel Levy (MFAW ’12) of
Ryan Conarro (MFAIA ’15) Alexandria, La., published an
of Brooklyn, N.Y., directed article with American Football
the Pulitzer prize-winning International. He is the head
play The Flick at Gainesville coach of the Belo Horizonte
Theatre Alliance, Sept. 15–18. Eagles, of Brazil.
He performed Saints of Failure
in October at University of Ariel Luckey (MFAIA ’14) of
North Georgia’s Ed Cabell Oakland, Calif., received the
Theater in Oakwood. Butler Koshland Fellowship
in Arts and Civic Engagement
Traci Dolan-Priestley (MFAIA at Oberlin Dance Collective
’12) of Saint Albans, W.V., (ODC) in San Francisco. He
self-published a collection of will work closely with Brenda
linked stories, The Down Johns Way, ODC’s founder and
Collection: Stories of Ugly Truths, artistic director, to curate and
available on produce innovative community
Samantha Kolber (MFAW programming in celebration
Sam Drazin (BA EDU ’10) of ’14) of Montpelier, Vt., and of ODC’s 50th Anniversary.
Norwich, Vt., was an invited her husband, Chris Pyatak, Ariel is also recording an
speaker at the Ridge Middle welcomed a daughter, Saskia album of music inspired by
School during the school’s Evelyn Kolber Pyatak, born the hip hop Klezmer score
“One Grade One Book” on June 11 in Burlington. The of his solo play Amnesia. The
program. Sam was born with album, titled rememory, will be
new arrival was 7 lbs., 13.8
Treacher Collins syndrome, a released in early 2017.
oz. and 20 inches long. The
craniofacial anomaly and rare
whole family, including big
genetic condition that affects Pi Luna (MFAIA ’12) of
brother Emmett, is doing great.
bone and tissue development, Santa Fe, N.M., was the
which afflicts the main alumni guest artist during


| class notes |
the fall 2016 MFAIA residency Margaret Nomentana (MFAIA
in September, where she ’12) of Lovell, Maine, taught
facilitated a workshop, “Reading History, Making Art:
“Financial Sustainability for A Look at Portraits, Self and
Artists,” and provided private Otherwise” in October. Her David Neufeld (MFAIA ’16) of
consultations. Her book, Life large abstract paintings were Wolfeboro, N.H., returned home
Savings, is a finalist in three on exhibit this fall at the Jewish from his graduation to requests
categories – business, young Museum in Portland. for eight of his custom brick ovens,
adult, and parenting and family ( Forty
issues – for the New Mexico- Roselle P. O’Brien (MFAW “found” object sculptures that
Arizona Book Awards. ’11, MA EDU ’12) of Roxbury, were pivotal in his portfolio were
Mass., is the director of the on exhibit from June 30  –  Sept.
Lorei McGee (Imani Uzuri) Center for English Language 11, and included two public talks,
(MFAIA ’12) of New York, and Creative Arts, where one in collaboration with Jungian
N.Y., is a 2016 MAP grant she designed and runs scholar Reverend Gina Finnochiaro.
winner for composing GIRL two creative arts therapy
Shakes Loose Her Skin. certification programs, an
eco-health care certificate
Teresa Mei Chuc (MFAW ’12) program, and an eco-health
of Pasadena, Calif., has a poem home health aide certificate
in the fall/winter 2016 issue program. Roselle also offers
of Poet Lore. workshops and classes and
has published several books:
Lev Grigorovich Mirov (IMA Eco-Health & the Continuum of
GGI ’14) of Hagerstown, Md., Care; Understanding MCS: A for Creative Pianists last June, N.C., had his master’s thesis,
had two poems nominated Therapist’s Guide to Multiple helping 30 students in the Spiritual Ecology: Overcoming
for the Rhysling Award: Chemical Sensitivity and Rocky Mountain region. the Onlooker Consciousness
“The Woman Sings Her Environmental Illness; The & Healing Our Alienation
Marriage Into Being” and Division of Space; and The Seema Reza (BFAW ’12, IMA from the Earth, published
“An Unexpected Guest.” His Preschool Curriculum Handbook: GGI TLA ’16) of Rockville, last fall as part of Waldorf
short stories appear in the An Arts-Based Curriculum. Md., was a guest contributor on Publications’ Online Waldorf
anthologies Myriad Lands, Feminist Wire, which published Library. His book review of
Volume II: Tales From Many Mark O’Maley (MFAIA ’13) of the speech she delivered Craig Holdrege and Steve
Lands and Sunvault Anthology of Kingston, N.J., was the lighting as the commencement Talbott’s Beyond Biotechnology:
Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation. designer on the world premiere address at her GGI (TLA) The Barren Promise of Genetic
His first novel, The God of of Man In Snow by Israel graduation last February. Engineering was published
Small Things, co-written with Horovitz, which opened at the in the fall 2015 issue of Wise
his wife, Goddard alumna Gloucester Stage Company Mary Rothschild (IMA ’11)
Traditions in Food, Farming
Emilia “Anya” Moniz in Massachusetts, on Sept. 29 of Brooklyn, N.Y., teaches
and the Healing Arts. He is
Mirova (IMA ’10) under a and played at La MaMa E.T.C. Digital Media and Public
developing a series of lectures
pen name, will appear late in New York City on Nov. 10; Responsibility, and Gender
on the foundations of spiritual
this year. See his blog at and 50 Song Memoir with the Images in Media in Fordham
science for presentations in band Magnetic Fields, which University’s communications
the Asheville, N.C., area.
opened at the Massachusetts department. This spring,
Bridgette Mongeon (MFAIA Museum of Contemporary Art she will teach Children and
Jake Shore (MFAW ’12)
’12) of Houston, Texas, was on Nov. 18 and then presented Media as she did previously
of Brooklyn, N.Y., self-
named one of the 30 most at the Brooklyn Academy of at Adelphi University.
published A Country for Fibbing
influential women in 3D Music’s Next Wave Festival
Samantha Rush (IBA ’14) of and wrote and directed a new
printing by All 3D Printing. Dec. 2-3. It will tour across
Dover, N.H., is the program play, Holy Moly, that ran
Her book, 3D Technology in the U.S., as well as to London,
director at Friends Forever, August 3–13 at The Flea
Fine Art and Craft: Exploring Edinburgh and Melbourne.
3D Printing, Scanning, a nonprofit that utilizes Theater in the TriBeCa
Sculpting and Milling, is based a grassroots approach to section of Manhattan. The
Jessica Plumb (MFAIA ’10)
on her Goddard thesis. of Port Townsend, Wash., won help youth from conflict- play works in harmony with
the Best Writing in Science prone regions of the world his novel and is the first
Gretchen Morse-Dobosz Media Award at the Harvard build lasting friendships synergistic, simultaneous
(MA EDU ’14) of Shelburne Arts Museum on Sept. 21, for across cultural, religious, release of a play and novel
Falls, Mass., is the principal her film, Return of the River. and political divides. in United States history.
of R.H. Conwell School
in Worthington. Luke Rackers (IBA ’09, MFAIA Kristin Schwab (IBA UGP Mia Siegert (MFAW ’12)
’12) of Denver, Colo., founded ’16) of Philadelphia, Pa., is of Flemington, N.J., had her
Kimberly Myck-Rawson the nonprofit Abundant Silence the new co-op organizer debut novel JERKBAIT listed
(MFAIA ’16) of Redmond, that supports the work of living at The Philadelphia Area as #4 of six on Goodreads’
Ore., and her community composers through publishing, Cooperative Alliance. Best YA of May. The novel,
arts project ARTNIK have promoting, preserving, and which sold out of its first
been granted federal 501(c)3 producing their works. They Andrew (Andy) Shaw print run in seven days, was
nonprofit status. had a successful first Festival (IMA ’13) of Alexander, reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly.


| class notes |
Jeffrey Simonds (MFAW ’13)
of Castleton, N.Y., was one of current Lydia Valentine (MFAW)
had three poems as part
of the historic boundary of
Portland city limits.

eight members of the creative of the Tacoma art gallery
writing faculty at Hartwick display Check the Volume: Harlan Wallner (MFAW)
College for the New American A Revolution of Self-Love. performed in The Telling
Writing Festival in November. Project, in which veterans
share their real experiences
Olaronke Akinmowo Tamara Wallace (MFAIA)
Willi Singleton (MFAIA ’16) of through a stage show, at
(MFAIA) and The Free Black created, along with 5th
Kempton, Pa., completed a two- Lowndes Shakespeare Center
Women’s Library have been grade students at Harrison
week printmaking residency in Orlando, Fla., last fall.
granted a one-month residency Park School, a performance
at the Herekeke Arts Center for an art and biblio installation
in Taos, N.M., last August. exploring themes of Chelsea Weidmann (MFAIA)
at Wendy’s Subway, a reading community and identity for accepted a faculty position
room in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Annexation and Assimilation: at Ballet West Academy at
Lucy A. Snyder (MFAW ’16) of
for the month of October.
Worthington, Ohio, had a story East 82nd Avenue, a multi- the new Park City campus
published in Turn to Ash and Rosemary Alpert (MFAIA) media exhibition on the history in Salt Lake City, Utah.
poems published in the new was invited by The Kayla
anthology Scary Out There. Project (based in Seattle)
to be a guest artist at Art
Stephanie Strasburg (IBA
Wings Urban Festival in
’11) of Oakmont, Pa., won the
Matanzas, Cuba in October.
National Association of Black
Journalists’ award for best Jarrett Mazza (MFAW) has
single image photo among a short story in The Wake
newspapers under 150,000 of the Moon, an anthology
circulation for “Mother Loses forthcoming from the Poetry
Son,” a photo of a grieving Institute of Canada in
mother being comforted February 2017.
after losing her son to gun
violence in Pittsburgh. The Deanne Meek (MFAIA)
same photograph previously
received first-place honors from
sang at a recital at the UPCOMING ALUMNI GATHERINGS
Frye Museum Auditorium
the National Press Club, the in Seattle on Sept. 17.
National Headliner Awards,
the Association for Women
Anaïs Mitchell (MFAW) had
in Communications’ Clarion her musical, Hadestown, which
Awards, the Pittsburgh Black was co-conceived with Ben
Media Federation and others. T. Matchstick (MFAIA ’16), SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd
William Sweger (MFAIA ’16)
reviewed in the New York Times. 3:00 – 6:00 pm
of Seattle, Wash., is the new Scott Morris (MFAW) had
registration, membership and
his essay, “Costa Rica,”
engagement director at Richard published in coldnoon.
Hugo House in Seattle.
Darlene Reilley (MFAW) SUNDAY, MAY 7th
Mahogany L. Browne (IBA
’13) of Brooklyn, N.Y., had her
had her poem, “We Are the
Explorers,” launched into
3:00 – 6:00 pm
poem “litany” featured on the space on the OSIRIS-Rex
Academy of American Poets’ Asteroid Sample Return
Poem-a-Day on May 25, 2015. Mission, which is going to Stay Connected | Get Involved | Sustain Goddard
the asteroid Bennu and is
Scott Michael Wilson (BFAW due back on Earth in 2023.
’15) of Phillipsburg, N.J., Goddard College is committed to building
was the winner of the 50th Patricia Taylor-Rydman a robust and engaged alumni organization.
Annual Wergle Flomp Humor (MFAIA) was the Please join us at a gathering near you to be
Poetry Contest sponsored by choreography and artistic part of a growing alumni network.
Winning Writers. Over 4,800 director of BREATH, a
contestants from around powerful testament to the For event information visit or
the world competed. African-American spirit, email
told through the movement,
Terry Wright (MA EDU ’14) music and language of jazz,
of Torrance, Calif., was the performed by JazzAntiqua
contributing editor for Gutters Dance and Music Ensemble SAVE-THE-DATE
and Alleyways: Perspectives
on Poverty and Struggle. She
and presented by Ebony
Repertory Theatre at Nate
Goddard Alumni Weekend Residency
is an adjunct instructor in Holden Performing Arts
Plainfield Campus - October 6-9, 2017
reading at El Camino College. Center on Nov. 12.


| faculty & staff notes |
Kenny Fries (MFAW) saw the
world premiere of “Takimi-no-
chaya, Rikugien,” the seventh
of eight poems in his In the
Gardens of Japan cycle, set by
Japanese composer Kumiko
Takahashi on September 16
as part of “The Traditional
in the Contemporary —
Ninety Years of Japanese
Compositions,” at Orvis
Auditorium, University of
CASEY ORR Hawaii at Manoa, in Honolulu.

Maike Garland (UGP) is the

new Education Licensure
Coordinator at Goddard.

David Halé (Library, former

faculty) retired in January
after a total of 36 years of
teaching photography (he had
David Halé been teaching as an adjunct
at Johnson State College). He
now creates work in wood
and metal, is an enthusiastic
backyard maple sugar operator
Annie E. Abdalla (UGP) Michele Clark (PSY, CMHC) David E. Ferland (WGDR) with a 40-square-foot tiny
showed paintings in the was interviewed about her was featured on the program sugarhouse and nine taps. He
exhibition Stone’s Throw: Stones intentional community “Video Chat with Nat” lives across the street from
From Away at The Thorsten experiences for the Vermont in the online edition of Goddard and would love to
Gallery in Windsor, Nova Historical Society’s 1970s The Montpelier Bridge. hear from or visit with any
Scotia. project. She also gave a former Goddard folk from
presentation about these Harris L. Friedman, PhD the ’80s and ’90s, he says.
Kyle E. Bass (MFAW) is experiences at their annual (PSY, CMHC) received the
working as a dramatist with Abraham Maslow Award, Laiwan (MFAIA) had an
meeting. She was interviewed
renowned visual artist and image selected from Barnacle
for Yvonne Daley’s book a lifetime achievement
MacArthur Genius Carrie City, her recent video work
about Vermont in the 1970s recognition “given to an
Mae Weems on the creation commissioned for the “Coastal
of her first-ever theater piece, and Joyce Antler’s book about individual for an outstanding
City” series, for installation at
Grace Notes: Reflections for Jewish feminists in the 1970s. and lasting contribution to the City Centre Skytrain Station
Now. Following its premiere Both books were published the exploration of the farther in downtown Vancouver,
earlier this summer at Spoleto in 2016. Michele publishes reaches of human spirit” at where it will be on display for
Festival USA in Charleston, a blog about Jewish life on the American Psychological approximately six months.
N.C., Grace Notes was presented New York’s Lower East Side Association Annual
in sold-out performances at between 1940 and 1965 at Convention in August. He also
Yale Repertory Theatre. published numerous papers.

Herukhuti (UGP) directed two performances of his play, My

Brother’s a Keeper, at the BlakTinX Festival at the Bronx Academy
for Arts and Dance in New York City on Nov. 12. His social
enterprise, The Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality,
partnered with the Movement Advancement Project to publish
Invisible Majority: The Disparities that Bisexual People Face and M. E. Lawlor (Human
How to Remedy Them. This document is based on the federal Resources), above, attained the
regulatory and sub-regulatory policy recommendations Herukhuti Distinguished Toastmaster
drafted with Heron Greenesmith, Esq., LGBT Movement and Policy Award, the highest award in
Analyst at MAP, and Dr. Lauren Beach, JD, PhD, Director of LGBTI Toastmasters and recognition
Research at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, for the of a high level of achievement
2015 White House Bisexual Community Public Policy Briefing. in both communication and
leadership. She is the Division
G Director in District 45.


| faculty & staff notes |
Conference in Cartagena,
Columbia in September.

Victoria Nelson (MFAW) won Albert Sabatini (Kitchen)

a Guggenheim Fellowship in was hired as the new
literary criticism for the 2016-17 executive chef in June. He
academic year. She is spending hails from Pennsylvania
it in London doing research at and brings with him a
the British Museum for the third wide range of chef/kitchen
book in her Harvard trilogy management experience.
on allegory old and new.
Eva Swidler (UGP) published
an article called “Radical
Leisure” in the June issue
of Monthly Review and was Ju-Pong Lin (MFAIA
interviewed about the article for Program Director) attended
the radio show This Is Hell. She the Under Western Skies
also published an article and Conference at Mount Royal
blog post in the September/ University in Calgary, Alberta,
October issue of Academe. Canada, in September,
In October, she attended the where she presented
conference “Translating Across “1000 Gifts of Decolonial
Time and Space: Endangered Love.” This participatory
Languages, Cultural performance embellishes on

Revitalization, and the Work the intersection between

of History” at the American cultural memory and non-
Philosophical Society. western epistemologies
and blends a paper-folding
Lise Weil (GGI) published tutorial with an enactment
Douglas A. Martin (MFAW) Mendez and scholar Joseph issue #4 of Dark Matter: Women of cultural memory. Devora
was interviewed by poetry Jordan at the Conference of the Witnessing, Making Kin, Part 1. Neumark (MFAIA-WA)
critic and scholar Andy Afro/Latin American Research Read it at: darkmatterwomen gathered “Letters to Water”
Fitch in Rain Taxi. His poem Association (ALARA) in throughout the conference.
“Eelgrass” was chosen for Willemstad, Curacao in August.
the Poem-a-Day project of the The theme of the conference Karen Werner (UGP) is the
American Academy of Poets. was “Violence, Systemic first American to receive
Racism, and African Diaspora the Grand Prix Maruli, an in Hvar, Croatia in May. Her
Rogelio Martinez (MFAW) Communities: Causes and international radio prize, for radio piece, Swimming Through
taught a ten-day writing Consequences.” She presented Laws of Lost and Found Objects, Butterflies, was broadcast on
workshop in Teatro Oficina a paper and poster at the 31st a radio documentary about her the October 14 episode of
in Portugal in May. In July, Latin American Psychoanalytic family. She accepted the award Soundproof on the Australian
he traveled to the University Broadcast Corporation. She
of Targu Mures in Romania was on a radio arts residency
where his play, Born in at studio das weisse haus
East Berlin, was translated in Vienna for the fall.
by the students in both
Romanian and Hungarian. Arisa White (BFAW) published
a new book of poetry, You’re
Jen Morin (Academic The Most Beautiful Thing That
Services), a former admissions Happened, with Augury Books.
counselor at Goddard,
rejoined the community as Jane E. Wohl (MFAW)
a writing coach in June. retired from Goddard during
the fall 2016 semester.
Andrea Parkins (MFAIA)
presented the Canadian
premiere of Two Rooms from the
Memory Palace: Variation 1
at AKOUSMA Festival 13 Send
Us Your
in Montreal on Oct. 22.

Wendy E. Phillips, Ph.D.
(PSY) presented her work
in “La Sombra y el Espíritu:
Karen Werner
Women’s Healing Rituals in the
Diaspora,” an artistic dialogue
with Dominican artist Lucia


| in memoriam |
June Hill Ainsworth (BA Christie Maurer (BA RUP
ADP ’72) of Plattsburgh, ’61), 79, of Scotts Valley, Wilmer Brandt (BA RUP ’55), 96, of
N.Y., May 23, 2016. Calif., April 4, 2016. Marshfield, Vt., Oct. 10, 2016. Wilmer
was a conscientious objector in World
Kathleen Bailey (BA Helen Margaret O’Brien
War II. He spent the last three years of
HAS), 47, of Tacoma, (MA GGP ’80), 95, or
the war in Civilian Conservation Corps
Wash., April 22, 2016. Corvalis, Ore., March 15, 2016.
work camps in Pennsylvania and Florida.
He was a Quaker, farmer, forester, and

Otok Ben-Hvar (MFAIA John B. O’Donnell (MA
pacifist who supported many causes,
’12), 79, of New Port GGP ’72), 72, of Dunedin,
including the Vermont Wilderness
Richey, Fla., July 11, 2016. Fla., April 24, 2016.
School, Vermont Refugee Committee,
Emily F. Caigan (MFAIA Ken Phelan (BA ADP the American Friends Service, Amnesty International, Greenpeace,
’02), of Rhinebeck ’77), 74, of Westport, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and the
N.Y., April 29, 2015. Conn., July 12, 2016. Friday Peace vigils in Montpelier, Vt. His dedication and activism
were recognized by the Vermont State Legislature in 2000.
Billie Brey Gilfillan (MA Peter E. Reinhold (BA
GGP ’74), 89, of Winston- RUP ’51), 89, of Boynton
Salem, N.C., June 10, 2016. Beach, Fla., March 23, 2016.

Roberto Francisco Sebastian Diane Leslie Russell (BA Carolyn Grant Fay (MA GGP ’77),
Guzman (BA IBA ’05), 41, of ADP ’70, MFA GGP ’73) of 101, Aug. 9, 2016. Fay was a pioneer
Laredo, Texas, May 11, 2016. Asheville, N.C., June 29, 2016. of Movement and Expressive Arts
Therapies with the integration of
Linda (Towart) Hoyt (BA Annellen Simpkins (MA Jungian Psychology. She was a co-
RUP ’65), 72, of North GGP ’74), 69, of Cleveland, founder of The C.G. Jung Educational
Bennington, Vt., May 11, 2016. Ohio, Aug. 8, 2016. Center of Houston, Texas. Passionate
also about dance, she received
Charles Johnson (MA GGP Gyla Smith (MA GGP her MA in counseling and dance
’75), 74, April 11, 2016. ’79), 92, of Seattle, therapy from Goddard College. She
Wash., May 23, 2016. enlarged the focus of The Jung Center by creating and adding the
Charles Kenfield (JR School of Expressive Arts. In 2014, The Jung Center named the
RUP ’55, BA RUP ’58) of Loraine E. Stehle (JR RUP Humanitarian Award after Fay in honor of her 100th birthday.
Pembroke, Ma., April 18, 2016. ’63), 74, of Ridgewood,
N.J., Sept. 3, 2016.
Connie Kopelov (MA
GGP ’74), 90, of New York, Larry Bruce Thurston (BA
N.Y., May 28, 2016. Connie RUP ’72), 64, of White River Paij Wadley-Bailey (BA GEPFE ’79, MA
and her wife Phyllis Siegel Junction, Vt., May 9, 2016. GV ’82) 77, of Montpelier, Vt., Aug. 18,
were the first same-sex 2016. Paij developed the Lesbian & Gay
couple to be legally married Rhoda Yvette Weissman Studies Program and Center at Goddard

in New York in 2011. (MA GGP ’80), 87, of Santa College and was also the first coordinator
Ana, Calif., Feb. 26, 2016. of the LGBTQA Services Program at UVM,
Eileen M. Licciardiello (BA while concurrently serving as faculty at
ADP 78), 94, of Netcong, Constance A. Williams (MA each. She was a member of the board of
N.J., April 11, 2016. GV ’91), 81, of Prudence the Women’s International League for
Island, R.I., March 17, 2016. Peace and Freedom, the director of the
Patricia Mattson (BA ADP Vermont Anti-Racism Action Team, and the statewide director of
’76), 76, of Naples, Fla., Sept. Ralph B. Yardley Jr. (BA Reading to End Racism. Additionally, she was an anti-racism trainer
9, 2016. RUP ’81), 57, of Yardley, and diversity consultant. She chose to end her life with the medical
Pa., March 14, 2016. assistance provided by Vermont’s Death with Dignity legislation.

Horace Allen Soule Jr., (JR RUP ’48, BA RUP ’50), 93, of Calais, Vt., Sept. 25,
2016. A fifth generation Vermonter and direct descendant of Mayflower passenger
George Soule, Allen graduated Randolph High School in 1941, served in the
Army Air Corps in WWII, and then attended Goddard under the GI Bill. He
served as Vermont State Archivist for a decade, editing three volumes of the State
Papers. Allen founded the Elmhill and Maplehill group homes and schools for
children in state care, for which he served as director and on the board. He acted
in films directed by David Mamet, ran for Vermont State Representative, and
was a radio DJ at WDGR in Plainfield and KXCI in Tucson, Ariz. Allen was one
of the first landowners in Calais to enter his land into the Vermont Land Trust.


IN MEMORIAM ANN RICHARDSON STOKES (June 9, 1931 – November 20, 2016)

Ann Stokes receives

the Goddard Award for
Excellence in 2013; at
right, Ann at Goddard
in 1950 and with friends
at her studio space.

A nn Richardson Stokes (JR RUP ’52,

BA RUP ’54), of West Chesterfield,
N.H., died of cancer on November 20 at
day. “There are hungry mouths to feed,
houses to build, diseases to conquer,
works to perform, songs to sing, pictures
In the 1990s, Stokes worked with the
Brattleboro Aids Project and funded the
Ann Stokes Lecture Series at Goddard,
her home. She was 85. She lived fiercely to paint, lives to be lived in every land by which brought lesbian and gay speakers
and fully, and with great courage and every people. There are ideas to grasp, and performers to the Plainfield campus.
conviction; she lived large. So large, in prejudices to remove, fears to dissolve,
fact, that Odetta sang at her 50th birthday. love to fulfill, and brotherhood to gain,”
Stokes was born in Moorestown, he said in his remarks. Her staunch support of civil rights led
N.J., on June 9, 1931, the daughter of Dr. Tim Pitkin’s words were a call to her to establish the American Civil
Emlen Stokes and Lydia Babbott Stokes, action; Ann Stokes, it seems, heard the Liberties Union of New Hampshire
into a family of philanthropists and call. After graduation, she lived her life in 1968. From 1969-1972, she was
supporters of progressive causes. Her in selfless service to others, fighting for
involved in the anti-nuclear effort, and
great grandfather, Charles Pratt, founded equality and social justice. Stokes became
the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and her a talented poet, painter, writer, and she was even jailed for two weeks in
mother founded the Lydia B. Stokes thespian. She was passionate and actively 1977 for her involvement in protesting
Foundation, which supported women’s involved in politics, women’s issues, the Seabrook nuclear power plant.
health, especially Planned Parenthood. and environmental and world affairs.
Stokes graduated from Moorestown In 1980 she participated in the Stokes was active and engaged in
Friends School before enrolling at Women’s Pentagon Action during which local and national politics her whole life
Goddard College in 1950. feminist activists spun webs of multi- and was dismayed by the outcome of the
Stokes was drawn to Goddard because colored yarns across Pentagon entrances recent presidential election. She spoke
of its emphasis on the whole person. to protest violence against women, up for those with no voice, took action to
“Goddard made you tingle,” she said. racism, and destruction of the earth. improve the lives of others, and brought
“It’s grounded, connected to your heart She founded Welcome Hill Studios, so much love and beauty into the world.
somehow, and maybe even to your soul if a retreat center for women’s creativity A memorial service will be
you’re lucky.” and reflection. Her book, A Studio of held on Saturday, May 20, 2017, at
When she graduated on June 24, One’s Own, recounts the experience of 10:30 a.m., at the Putney School, 418
1954, founding president Tim Pitkin women building the first studio in the Houghton Brook Road, Putney, Vt.
gave the commencement address that early days of the feminist movement. – BY DUSTIN BYERLY (BA RUP ’01)

Ann Stokes: 1963 1969-1984 1994 2013

a Crucial Part
College names Stokes 1991-1994 College dedicates Stokes receives
of the Goddard Dorm, for her mother’s Stokes serves as Ann Stokes Goddard Award
Community support of College Board Member Tennis Court for Excellence


Goddard in the
World In Service to the Communities
Bárbara Martínez-Griego (MA EDU ’07) is a
Leader in Dual Language Higher Education

N HER ROLE AS EARLY of dual language early child-
Childhood Education hood educators through
department chair at their AA or AAS degrees at
Skagit Valley College in Skagit Valley College; this is
Washington State, Bárbara an impressive accomplish-
Martínez-Griego provides ment not often occurring
“leadership on campus and in colleges in Washington
in the community, through State. Many of her graduates
the implementation of a (most of whom are bilingual,
dual language approach to trilingual, and speakers of
college teaching,” she says. indigenous languages from
A 2007 graduate of God- their home communities)
dard’s Seattle Education have gone on to leadership
Program, Bárbara pulls from roles in local early childhood
her vast experience teach- programs. Now she hopes
ing head start, preschool to encourage members of
and elementary school, these learning communities
along with her experi- to continue their studies into
ence as an ECE program graduate work, including at
administrator, childcare the doctoral level. She has
licensor, action researcher, begun discussions on work-
and college instructor. ing with cultural democracy,
Her master’s studies indigenous languages,
at Goddard focused on and dual language and
coaching, mentoring, and Bárbara trilingual ECE approaches
accountability as a part of Martínez-Griego at the doctoral level.
the Soy Bilingüe Adult Dual at Lighthouse Bárbara credits her
Language Model. Bárbara Park in Mukilteo, Goddard studies with
documented the power Washington enlightening and guiding
of bicultural voice in sup- her into this position. “It
porting, with strength and truly prepared me to work
patience, the transforma- with my students toward the
tion of an early childhood teachers, support staff, and childhood education. Re- creation of a more just and
agency from an ineffective administration. cently, she spent a year in humane world,” she says.
English-only approach to Bárbara’s 15 years of her home community of Las “Goddard’s emphasis on
high-quality, dual lan- experience in community Cruces, New Mexico, sharing reflective practice, individual
guage programming. partnerships and higher with children, families, and identity, and culture inspires
Immediately, the child education have benefited educators there, giving back the work I do, which is
outcomes improved for other learning communities to the place and people that aimed at improving the
the predominately Latino as well. She has traveled nurtured her personal and lives of children and their
children. However, the trans- to China to share from her professional development. families. Before finding
formation was not only for experiences and provide True to her collabora- Goddard, I had spent over
the children; it also included coursework on dual lan- tive and community-serving 30 years looking for the
a paradigm shift for the guage approaches to early nature, when Bárbara was perfect program to work
accepted into the doctoral on my master’s degree –
program at New Mexico the wait was well worth
State University, she im- it. I see the world in such
“Goddard’s emphasis on reflective practice, mediately began building a different way.” CW
individual identity, and culture inspires bridges, making connec-
tions, and looking for ways
the work I do, which is aimed at improving to help others. Bárbara has
the lives of children and their families.” supported over five cohorts ACADEMIC SITE COORDINATOR


Why I Give
“Goddard was my salvation.
I couldn’t stand high school
and felt that college would be
an extension of that. Fortu-
nately, I found Goddard, and
my learning was considerably
more interesting than it would
have been any place else.
Goddard modeled learning
by having an atmosphere that
was ‘learning by doing.’ Today’s
terminology describes that as
interactive learning, the pro-
cess approach, and hands-on
learning. I owe Goddard a life
of richness because of learning
that way; it has fed my soul ever
since, and, as a result, I have
had a lifetime of satisfaction.
That is the debt I owe
Goddard, which is why I
contribute annually. Please
join me in giving to the God-
dard College Annual Fund.”
Goddard College
123 Pitkin Road
Plainfield, Vermont 05667

866.614.ALUM (2586)

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The Expressive Arts combine the
visual arts, movement, drama, music, ARTS
writing and other creative processes THERAPY at
to foster deep personal growth GODDARD
and community development.

This new concentration of the Psychology

and Counseling program at Goddard College
offers training in multimodal approaches
to the Expressive Arts. It prepares students
to become counselors who incorporate
Expressive Arts into their counseling work
at community mental health centers,
addiction treatment programs, and
programs for people with disabilities.

Students enrolled in this concentration may

also work to meet the requirements for
the Registered Expressive Arts Therapist
(REAT) and the Registered Expressive
Arts Consultant Educator (REACE). These
therapists and educators work in hospitals,
clinics, schools, and in community social
justice projects, using art practices to
support clients and community members
in the exploration of creative expression.

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