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Louis Pasteur -- Pasteurization

Johannes Gutenberg -- Printing Press

Heinrich Rudolph Hertz -- Electromagnetic theory of light and electromagnetic waves. Radio and
electrical frequencies (Hz)

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen -- Electro Magnetic Radiations or X-Ray

Alfred Nobel -- Dynamite

Eli Whitney -- Milling machine and cotton gin

Mary Anderson -- Windshield wipers

Wilber and Orville Wright (Wright Brothers) -- Airplanes

Archimedes -- Archimedes screw, a device used to raise the water level, explained the principle behind
levers, Archimedes principle, accurate value of the 'pi', and many more

Richard G. Drew -- Adhesive tape

Peter Henlein -- Pocket watch

Sir Isaac Newton -- Discovered gravity and also invented the reflecting telescope

John Napier -- Logarithms, Napier Bones, and decimal point

Jacques Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan -- Aqualungs

Thomas Newcomenc -- Atmospheric steam engine

Karl Friedrich von Drais -- Bicycle, typewriter with keyboard, and wood saving cooker

Alexander Graham Bell -- Telephone

Willis Carrier -- Air conditioner

Jean Nollet (Also known as Abbe Nollet) -- Electroscope

Ransome Eli Olds -- Assembly line

Earle Dickson -- Band Aid

James Naismith -- Basketball

Levi Strauss -- Blue jeans

Louis Braille -- Braille for the blind

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen -- Bunsen burner

Alfred Mosher Butts -- Scrabble

Sir Humphrey Davy -- Miner's safety lamp or the Davy lamp

Charles Richter -- Richter magnitude scale for measuring earthquake

Heinrich Göbel -- Incandescent light bulb

Jesse Langsdorf -- Neck tie

Thomas Edison -- Phonograph and electric light bulb

Benjamin Franklin -- Lighting rod, bifocals, Franklin stove, glass armonica, swim fins, urinary catheter, and
also the carriage odometer

Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel -- Diesel engine

Otto von Guericke -- Air pump or vacuum pump

Galileo Galilei -- Geometric compass, better 30X magnification telescope, 'invented' that the sun was the
center of the solar system and not the earth

Nikola Tesla -- AC motor and transformer, vacuum tube amplifier, Tesla coil, X-Ray technology

Chester Carlson -- Xerography photocopying

Jacques Edwin Brandenberger -- Cellophane

Ruth Wakefield -- Chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookies

Leonardo da Vinci -- Lens grinding machine, parachute, Strut bridge, automatic bobbin winder, and also
machine for testing tensile strength of wires

Abd al-Latif al Baghdadi -- Ventilator

Jagdish Chandra Bose -- Crescograph

C ai Lun -- Paper and paper making process

Evgeniy Chertovsky -- Pressure suit

Dr. John Stith Pemberton -- Coca Cola

Zacharias Janssen -- Compound microscope

Arthur Wynne -- Crossword puzzle

Charles Richard Drew -- Blood bank

Thomas Davenport -- Electric streetcar

Lala Balhumal Lahuri -- Seamless globe, celestial globe

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar and K.N. Mathur -- Bhatnagar-Mathur Magnetic Interference Balance

Jesse W. Reno -- Escalator

Lewis E. Waterman -- Fountain pen

Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin -- Guillotin

Elias Howe -- Sewing machine

Ida Henrietta Hyde -- Micro electrode

Charles Mackintosh -- Waterproof raincoat and life vest

Edwin Beard Budding -- Lawn mower

Garrett Augustus Morgan -- Traffic signal, gas mask, and several other things