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Composition or Compositions may refer


Composition doll, a doll made of a wood
based composite material
Composition roller, cast from a hide glue
and molasses used in brayers and
inking rollers for letterpress and other
relief printing
Composition studies, the professional
field of writing instruction
Composition (visual arts), the plan,
placement or arrangement of the
elements of art in a work
Dance composition, practice and
teaching of choreography
Digital compositing, the practice of
digitally piecing together a video
Musical composition, an original piece
of music and its creation
Composition ornament or 'compo',
moulded resin mixture used to form
decorative mouldings, particularly for
picture frames
Compositions (album), an album by
Anita Baker

Computer science
Compositing window manager a
component of a computer's graphical
user interface that draws windows
and/or their borders
Function composition (computer
science), an act or mechanism to
combine simple functions to build more
complicated ones
Object composition, combining simpler
data types into more complex data
types, or function calls into calling

A law of composition, usually called a
binary function
Composition (combinatorics), a way of
writing a positive integer as a sum of
positive integers
Function composition, an operation that
takes functions and gives a single
function as the result
Relation composition, an operation that
takes relations and gives a single
relation as the result
Composition algebra, an algebra over a
field with composing norm:

Committee for Compounding with
Delinquents, English Civil War
Composition of 1867, Austro-
Hungarian/German history, (Ausgleich)
Composition in the Tudor conquest of
Ireland, such as
Composition of Connacht

Composition (language), in literature
and rhetoric, producing a work in spoken
tradition and written discourse, to
include visuals and digital space
Composition (fine), a fine accepted by
compounding instead of being
Fallacy of composition, logical fallacy in
which one assumes that a whole has a
property solely because its various parts
have that property
Food composition data, information on
nutritionally important components of
Chemical composition, the relative
amounts of elements that constitute a

See also
Compound (disambiguation), a
disambiguation page for a closely
related collection of concepts
Compose key, a key on a computer
Compo (disambiguation)
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