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I, BERNARDO CARPIO, of legal age, Filipino, and with residential
address at Sa Pagitan ng Biyak na Bundok, after having been sworn to in
accordance with law, hereby depose and state:
1. I made the photographic recording of the screenshots of an email
dated 31 August 2015, which are attached to this Affidavit.
2. The subject of the screenshots is an email which was sent me
through my email, by Eliza Maniwangtiwang
last 28 January 2015.
3. As the receiver of the email, I am familiar and knowledgeable of
its contents.
4. I certify that the screenshots attached to this Affidavit, have not
been altered or manipulated, physically, digitally, or through any other
5. Upon taking of the screenshots of the said email, I kept said
electronic copies in the memory of the device used to take the same.