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Introduction of Stylistics

1. The temporal phrase, “and suddenly”, suggests ______.

“Suddenly it’s Evening”

By Salvatore Quasimodo
Each of us is alone on the heart of the earth
Pierced by a ray of sun –
And suddenly it’s evening

A. ambiguity B. Shift in time C. recurrence of pain D. temporary respite

2. Structurally, this poem is characteristically _______.

A. haiku-like B. imagistic C. philosophical D. terza rima

3. The critical approach or literary theory that best fits the poem is ______.
A. Deconstruction B. Formalism C. Marxism D. Structuralism

4. Which of these topics matters most in a debate about Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People”?
Dr. Stockman, staff physician at the municipal baths and brother of the mayor, discovered that the baths were contaminated
A. Traditional
with infusoria, Politicians
so he warned the townStagnate a Country,
officials about Province,
it. This revelation, Villagewould mean loss of income of the townspeople, as the
wereThe majority
the only sourcevs. Thelivelihood.
of their minority The
in Governance
brother stood pat in his decision of exposing the polluted baths at the risk of
C. Man’s
denouncing Idealism
the officials’ is Difficult
whitewashing thetoissue.
Maintain in this
In the end Age of Materialism
the municipal doctor left the town, together with his family, instead of
D. Alternative, Positive Ways of Solving the Polluted Baths

A. Traditional Politicians Stagnate a Country, Province, Village C. Man’s Idealism is Difficult to Maintain in this Age of
B. The majority vs. The minority Rule in Governance D. Alternative, Positive Ways of Solving the polluted Baths

5. In an open-ended story as O. Henry’s “After Twenty Years,” the predicted event that is most likely to happen is
Two friends agreed to meet after twenty years at an appointed restaurant. Jimmy, now a policeman,
however, could not bear the pain of catching the most notorious man in the state. In the end he sent him a rather
short note.
“Bob: I was at the appointed place on time. When you struck the match to light your cigar I saw it was
the face man wanted in Chicago. Somehow I could not do it myself, so I went around and got a plainclothes man
to do the job.”
O. Henry’s “After Twenty Years”
A. The cop finally caught his friend, the most wanted man.
B. He set free his close friend before the police came, in consideration of their friendship.
C. He felt hurt betraying his friend by telling what he did to the authorities.
D. Although torn between loyalty to his friend and adherence to law, the policeman chose the latter.

Campus Journalism
6. In the headline BRITISH RAIL TO SHED 5000 JOBS, shed means:
A. control B. suspend C. get rid of D. create

7. What is the prime function of the editorial page?

A. provides legitimate place for the expression of opinion and exposure of bias
B. shows leadership, entertainment, variety and interpretation of daily events
C. declares the newspaper’s policies and principles
D. weighs both sides of a controversy with broad perspective and deep understanding

8. The placement of the story on the front page of the newspaper should be determined by:
A. the importance of a newspaper C. the length of a news story
B. the recency of a news story D. the proximity of a news story

9. Which of the following does not constitute invasion of privacy?

A. printing information from public records, police reports C. using a person’s name, likeness or endorsement without
B. reporting news event that occur in public without consent D. publishing information about a person’s health or sexual

10. It is considered the highest expression of press freedom in different newspapers in the Philippines.
A. editorial writing B. news writing C. feature writing D. column writing

Teaching Listening and Speaking

11. Mario did not understand when the teacher said that the lady in the picture is expecting. He asks the teacher,
“What is the pregnant lady expecting for?” this connotative meaning is a ______ to communication.
A. language barrier B. psychological barrier C. physical barrier D. emotional barrier

12. Students are asked to listen to a series of advertisements. Then they list them under the following heading:
Jingle ‘On Air’ by a DJ Conversational Mini-Drama
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What specific listening task is involved?
A. Classifying B. Sequencing C. analyzing D. Predicting

13. Mrs. Ramos wants to design an interactive language activity for her ESL intermediate class. Which task is she
most likely to use?
A. oral presentation B. read-aloud activity C. retelling a news event D. small group discussion

14. Ms. Tess, an English teacher divided the class into groups and gave a problem-solving activity entitled “Desert
Dilemma.” She wanted to monitor closely the students in the group who knows how to signal that one wanted to
speak. What specific speech routine used in conversation did Ms. Tess adhere to?
A. negotiation of meaning B. feedback C. interaction D. turn-taking

15. Which among the four basic types of speaking requires to parrot back words, phrases, and sentences which they
A. imitative B. interactive C. extensive D. responsive

Remedial Instruction in English

16. Early intervention for struggling learners may be done through which of the following strategies?
A. clinical teaching strategies B. teacher-students interaction C. on-going family literacy D. rigorous assessment

17. Evaluation of remedial programs comes in many forms. Which of the following criteria ensures that the program
achieves its goal of improving student abilities to prepare them for the mainstream class?
A. organizational context B. accountability C. effectiveness D. impact

18. An ideal school-based remedial session should have ______________.

A. 1-3 learners B. 3-10 learners C. 10-30 learners D. 30-50 learners

19. One important remedial strategy in teaching writing is to

A. introduce proper posture and paper positioning C. increase the time allotment for doing written
B. consult a therapist to identify physical handicaps D. Dictate what is to be written by the students

20. What kind of vocabulary strategy allows students to act out words so that they become more concrete for the
A. motor imaging B. subjective approach C. concept-based approach D. repetition and

Language Curriculum

21. In the English language program for secondary schools, it is recommended that _____.
A. Philippine literature should be taught both in the first year and second year.
B. Philippine literature should be the focus in the first year, but should be included in other year levels.
C. Philippine literature should be taught in either English or Filipino.
D. Philippine literature should include original vernacular pieces which the learners understood.

22. The behavioristic view is an educational-psychological philosophy that is compatible with the _____ view of
A. innatist B. functional C. structural D. interactional

23. Curriculum development includes a number of processes except _____.

A. to develop and construct achievement tests
B. to determine the needs of a group of learners
C. to develop aims or objectives for a program to address learner needs
D. to determine an appropriate course structure, teaching methods, and materials

24. Which of the following is a communication strategy to make up for inadequacies in the use of English?
A. circumlocution B. asking questions C. intonation contours D. transitional signals

25. Localization of a curriculum means ______.

A. involving local officials in redesigning a curriculum
B. adapting a centrally-designed curriculum to fit local needs and conditions
C. developing a curriculum for a every region and school division
D. using local materials for instructional activities

Teaching Reading and Writing

26. Metacognition is one’s awareness about own thinking. Students can be taught the metacognitive strategies for
autonomous learning. Which of the following does NOT reflect a metacognitive strategy?
A. Regulating one’s thoughts C. Checking one’s understanding
B. Distinguishing fact and opinion D. Repairing comprehension problems
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27. A language lesson follows a format divided into several phases. In which phase does a teacher give a preview of
the new reading lesson?
A. During the simulation phase C. During the instruction phase
B. During the perspective D. During the follow-up phase

28. A teacher who gathers assignments from across the curriculum, assesses the purposes and audience expectations
in the assignment, and presents them to class influenced by
A. Audio-lingual traditionB. Expressionism C. Cognitivism D. Reader centered pedadogy

29. Knowing that his students are mostly visual learners. Mr. Reyes instructs his students to be jot words and phrases
down on paper in a haphazard order, and then the students start drawing lines to connect related ideas while
continuing to add new ideas. This technique is known as _______.
A. Mapping B. Listing C. Cloze D. Delayed copying

30. Writing for pen-pal reflects this approach to L2 composition

A. Controlled B. Communicative C. Model D. English for Academic Purposes

Afro-Asian Literature

31. Which of these lines from Sakuntala is an example of irony?

A. Fear shrinks to half the body small. C. The thing you feared as fire,/Is the jewel of your desire
B. Our garden blossoms yield to these/Flower-children of the wood D. and trustful deer/That do not run away as we draw near

32. Below is an excerpt from the poem, Taj Mahal.

To you, my love, the Taj is a symbol of love. Fine.

Fine too that you venerate this, the valley where it sits.
But meet me somewhere else.

How does the persona feel about the Taj Mahal?

A. critical B. appreciate C. inspired D. disrespectful

33. Below is a poem from Li Po.

Quiet Night Thoughts

Before my bed Lifting my head
There is bright moonlight I watch the bright moon,
So that it seems Lowering my head
Like frost on the ground I dream that I’m home

What impression of the moonlight does the simile in the first stanza create?
A. comforting B. warm C. nostalgic D. cheerful

34. What is the theme of this African proverb: On the way to one’s beloved there are no hills.
A. Real love knows no boundaries. C. Obstacles make a relationship strong.
B. Sacrifice is the gauge of true love. D. True love is tested by difficulties.

35. Below is a tanka.

The End of My Journey
(by Oshikochi)

The end of my journey

Was still far off.
But in the tree-shade
Of the summer mountain
I stood, my mind floating
What state of mind suggested by the phrase “my mind floating” in the tanka?
A. contemplation B. hangover C. jet lags D. peace of mind

English-American Literature

36. What figure of speech exemplified below?

“The wind stood up and gave a shout. He whistled on his two fingers.”
A. Apostrophe B. Metaphor C. Onomatopoeia D. Personification

37. In “To The Virgins to Make Much of Time,” what is time persona’s main message?
Then be not coy, but use your time
And white ye may go marry:
For having lost but once your prime
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A. Be wise in marriage to make life more worthwhile. C. Gather the rosebuds now, before the roses bloom.
B. Marry now, or you may never have another chance. D. Choose only lovers who, like roses, are of the highest

38. What 17th century philosophy does Browning assert in the following lines from Rabbi Ben Ezra?
Ay, note that Potter’s wheel,
That metaphor! And feel
Why time spins fast, why passive lies our clay, –
Thou, to whom fools propound,
When the wine makes its round,
“Since life fleets, all is change, the Past gone, seize to-day!”

A. anagnorisis B. carpe diem C. peripeteia D. romanticism

39. What do the novels of Bronte, Eliot, Gaskell and Dickens reveal about fiction produced during the Victorian period
in English Literature?
A. They closely represent the real social life of the times.
B. The novels were long and full of psychological musings.
C. They concentrate on the effect of industrialization on cities.
D. They were largely produced by upper middle-class women.

40. Which of the following is the resounding theme of contemporary stories like Hemingway’s A Clean and Well
Lighted Place and Anderson’s Hands?
A. alienation from the society C. respect for the old
B. melancholia in solitude D. contentment in life
Mythology and Folklore

Glorious to behold, she wakes the world of men,

Riding ahead, opening the way
In her lofty car, delighting all,
Spreading light at the break of day.
- Ancient Mythology

41.”She” in the passage refers to

A. Kali B. Dawn C. Night D. Varuna

42. Birth, death and after life are constant stories in the mythologies of the world. What universal idea about life
reflected in using these motifs?
A. That life has a beginning and an end. C. That life is impermanent.
B. That life is a never ending cycle. D. That life is lived only once.

43. The gods and goddesses of world mythology, in most cases, act like human beings. What term can be used to
refer to their characteristic?
A. Anthropomorphic B. Ethereal C. God-like D. Anthropocentrism

44. The following are theories which could be adapted to study the different myths except
A. Jungian archetypes B. Structuralism C. Evolutionism D. Feminism

45. One of the most popular love stories in Greek mythology is the story of Cupid and Psyche. Psyche’s undying love
and devotion to her husband earned the respect of the Gods. What was Psyche’s mistake that nearly broke up her
A. Psyche had an affair.
B. Psyche listened to the evil suggestion of her sisters to leave her husband.
C. Psyche defied her husband by looking at his face in the middle of the night.
D. Psyche stopped loving her husband.

Preparation and Evaluation of Materials

46. The type of instructional material that reinforces the teaching points with many drills and exercises just like those
that contains an A-Z or practical suggestions for teaching.
A. Work Text B. Teacher’s Manual C. Workbook D. Module
47. What is the best instructional material for this group?
A. picture book B. story book C. film D. newspaper articles
48. What instructional materials will be best be used for the summer program of Barangay Sta. Cruz?
A. modules B. textbooks C. work text D. work book
49. At which point of literature learning is comparing beginnings and writing chapter applicable?
A. First Encounters B. Maintaining Momentum C. Exploiting Highlights D. Endings

50. The phase in the curriculum cycle where designers plan changes in the curriculum
A. Curriculum Planning B. Curriculum Implementation C. Curriculum Evaluation D. Curriculum Revision
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1. B
2. A
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. A
10. D
11. A
12. A
13. D
14. D
15. A
16. A
17. D
18. B
19. C
20. A
21. B
22. C
23. A
24. A
25. B
26. B
27. B
28. D
29. A
30. B
31. C
32. A
33. C
34. A
35. A
36. D
37. A
38. B
39. A
40. A
41. B
42. A
43. A
44. D
45. C
46. A
47. C
48. A
49. A
50. C

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