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Project proposal

Tech Basket Private Limited

Maximus Towers Building 2A,
Raheja Mindspace,
August 12, 2016.

Mission “E Dynamics”
Reforming global education and employment dynamics.

Prepared for:
Partners of Tech Basket

Prepared by:
Chepuri Rakhi Abhinaya,
Chief Co-ordinating Officer,
TechBasket Pvt Limited.

Aim of the proposal:

This document is prepared to understand dynamics of the business concept,

relations and partners of TechBasket initiative. This document is confidential and
for pure internal communication. This document aims to create a clear vision of
the project and from this document evolves further MoUs, Agreements and
business plan.
Table of contents

1. Executive Summary
A. Objective of the project
B. Company profile
2. Project structure
A. Vision
B. Eco system structure
3. Units
A. Workmate
B. Incubator
C. Learning and Development
D. Recruitment process
4. Collaboration
A. Start up
B. Partner
5. Team
A. Chief executive officer
B. Chief Technical officer
C. Chief Co-coordinating officer
D. Executive Members
E. Assistants
6. Financials
A. Between Startup and Tech Basket
B. Between Partner and Tech Basket
7. Products
A. List of products and companies
1. Executive Summary:

A. Objective:

The objective of the proposal document is to communicate the idea behind the
Mission E Dynamics and to be support document for further development and
execution of the project at initial implementation levels.

The proposal has to be taken as the base document for the following actions:

B. Company Profile:
Tech Basket:
TechBasket Pvt limited established in 2009. The company was founded with a
vision to build enterprise solutions with great ideas and has been achieving since
the inception. For over the years, the company has been growing in global
information technology, consulting and outsourcing. We are supported with
strong talent acquisition team, selective collaboration and incubation programs to
make our innovations a trend in the market.

Tech Basket helps customers do business better by leveraging our industry-wide

experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and
vertically aligned business model. We simply, strengthen and transform
businesses through a deep set commitment, global network and delivery centers.

Our Core Values:

Differentiate and standardize.

We always wanted to see you special, we differentiate and make it a standardize
in the market.

We believe idea shines only with sustainability. Sustainability of idea is the

Business value
We give you the best business value with our service.
In today’s world, organizations will have to rapidly reengineer themselves and be
more responsive to changing customer needs. Tech Basket is well positioned to
be a partner and co-innovator to businesses in their transformation journey,
identify new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and


Sanskrutha is a global consulting powerhouse. We began our operations a few

decades ago and have grown due to excellent relationships with our clients. We
started out small, with just a few people and a small office, but today we have
offices in multiple countries with hundreds of people working inside them.

We achieved our success because of how successfully we integrate with our

clients. One complaint many people have about consultants is that they can be
disruptive. Employees fear outside consultants coming in and destroying the
workflow. Our clients face no such issues.

Founded in 2003 Sanskrutha Creative Agency undertook countable but effective

advertising and branding campaigns. Led by young and experienced team,
Sanskrutha creative agency marked its milestone in the book of success. The key
person behind sanskrutha is Mr.Ravi Teja Chillara, who has done Masters in
consciousness studies and human psychology and behavior, as a consultant he
has a vast network and disciples around the world. Although its head office is in
Hyderabad, sanskrutha operates around the world through his Student &
Professional network. Vigorous research and strategic planning is what makes
sanskrutha stronger and let compete with major agencies around the world,
Sanskrutha has its own styling of presenting a product or a service, because of
brief knowledge in history and science sanskrutha is very well aware of culture
development and its effects on human nature, this helps that every output
focusses target audience and on the requirements they will easily be convinced.
Sanskrutha believes in emotions rather than half-truths which is the major role in
creating fine piece of work.
2. Project Structure:

“Mission E Dynamics” is a brain child concept TechBasket Pvt limited. To

run and execute this idea, TechBasket gathered a team with core members.
The objective of this proposal document is to communicate the idea to the
team and to be a support document for future planning and documentation
to implement the project. The details of the project are further detailed in
the document.

A. Vision:

The vision of “E Dynamics” is to innovate, incubate and collaborate in order to

create global work cultures and opportunities supported by learning platforms
and live projects.

B. Eco System:

E Dynamics is operated on a structured ecosystem which creates a work and

learning culture to grow as a team.

Tech B collaborates with different business units through which it innovates and
executes projects with support and implementation processes. TechBasket acts as
responsible entity for the project delivery and monitors the project development
and execution while outsourcing. TechBasket operates the collaborated company
in the same ecosystem.

Welcome to the gestation period at TechBasket Incubator. TechBasket is also part

of great ideas. It plays an integral part to nurture your idea into business. Come
up with the idea, with support and resources of an incubator get to a workable
business level, mature and grow as a unique business entity.

Collaborations work as partners whereas startups work from incubators.

Recognizing the crucial role and its effects of talent acquisition on business
performance TechBasket implements unique process of talent search and getting
them on board. Learning, certification and work culture exposures are the basic
elements of this technical process where we enhance talent as talent that works.
The candidates will be selected and distinguished depending on their test
performance and will undergo different training sessions. Once well performed in
the sessions will be promoted on live implementation a project, which makes the
candidate potential enough to lead in future as well.

E Employees are recruited to monitor the projects and they works as guide force
for the projects under development and execution. E Employees serve the
company as part timers, freelancers, contract employees and will be under
mentioning of “Work Mate.”

Project managers are on board are full time, Freelancers are taken into the team
on need basis and project expansions. Regular teams are added as assistants on
“On job training programs”.


A. Work Mate:
Organizational culture is dynamic. As the centerpiece of culture among
your organization’s workforce, you can make a tremendous
impact. Balancing organization work culture and freelance team in sync
is always a challenge. While TechBasket has a very well defined
structure to sync team and work flow, giving work a life.
Focuses on:
Knowledge sharing
Adds income
Establishes a global work system
Balance life and work

Workmate recruits freelance employs for the projects.

B. Incubator
TechB Incube is a collaborative program designed to help new startups
succeed. Incubators help entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly
associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding,
mentoring, and training The sole purpose of a startup incubator is to help
entrepreneurs grow their business.

 Help with business basics

 Networking opportunities
 Marketing assistance
 High-speed Internet access
 Accounting/financial management assistance
 Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs
 Help with presentation skills
 Connections to higher education resources
 Connections to strategic partners
 Access to angel investors or venture capital
 Comprehensive business training programs
 Advisory boards and mentors
 Management team identification
 Help with business etiquette
 Technology commercialization assistance
 Help with regulatory compliance
 Intellectual property management and legal counsel

C. Learning and Development

Learning and development is a key element of an organisation’s learning strategy
will target the long-term development of those identified as exceptionally high-
performing or high-potential individuals (sometimes defined as ‘talent’), who are
critical to long-term business success. This typically includes techniques such as
mentoring programmes with senior leaders, in-house development courses and
project-based learning. Candidates enrolled through self-funding programs and
internships are called “Assistants”
 Self-funding programs
 Internships
Promotes, develops, certifies, and monitors enrolled candidates performance
during the training programs. These programs typically involve entering into a
training contract for a specific period of time with the employer or union. At the
end of the training period, a job certification is issued or either will be promoted
or sent on board through contract staffing to partner companies or other MNCs.
Training for an intern or an on job role candidate is a four month training course.
During the training period the performance of the candidate is checked and is
monitored as per the company policies.

Project Training (Month 1):

 Complete training 2hrs class room training per day.
 Three hours practical
 Two hours online work assignments
 Database training
 Daily update on the project portal.
Project Training (Month 2):
 Complete real time training.
 Weekly assessments.
 Interview Q and A.
Client project (Month 3):
 Complete in house project module with team.
 Resume preparation with live client objects.
Performance assessments:
 If performance is best, the candidate can sign 12.24 months bond.
 The candidate will be attending 2-8 interviews.
 Contract /permanent jobs with the client.
 Trainee contract employee certification for who cleared the test.
 Fixed training plan- 3months
 Project training with the client team for 2 months.
 Complete project module implementation and interview preparation – 1
 Software trainee intern/ Experience letter for 3 months
 Eligible for contract employee with 12/24 months bond after successful
completion of month training and successful completion of assessment.
 Eligible for attending 5-6 interviews.
 Eligible for contract job opportunity.
 Eligible for permanent job
 Resume with our client support issues and projects
 LMS access for 3 months.
Compliance terms:
 Candidates without ID card will not be allowed in the L&D.
 Candidate should be strictly in formals and follow the code of ethics.
 Candidates should submit the previous employment verification if any
 Candidates should strictly sign non-confidential documents during “Project
and clients assignment in 3 month.”
 Minimum working hours logged in should not be less than 5hrs in a day.
Program Fees:
 Rs 40,000 plus service tax @20%
 Registration Fee: Rs.10000
 Within 7days from registration: 12,900
 Within 35 days from registration:22,900
 Three months +Six months interview support/resume marketing
 Graduates who are looking to get a new job as they are not experienced.
 Graduates who completed courses without real time project.
 BE, B Tech, MCA and other professional graduates.
 Experienced professionals willing to upgrade skills.
 Anyone who wants to become a professional

D. Recruitment process
Tech Basket follows a very calculated and a systemic process to find right
candidate for the right job with the right skill. The selection process has various
steps such as screening, assessing, interviewing, selecting, conducting induction,
and welcoming the new employee. A recruiter performs all this activities for
selecting an eligible employee from the competitive job market.

As a part of talent acquisition, TechB follows a standard procedure of recruitment

process with following phases:

A. Requirement: List the positions vacant or required and draft the job
profiles with required skill set.
B. Resource: The data and candidates will be recruited from Colleges, on and
off campus job drives and extensive data mining process from,
Monster, indeed and from other job portals.
C. Resume screening: Collecting data of the required candidates screen for
basic requirements like education, software skills. The recruitment teams
will shortlist the candidates for telephonic rounds.
D. Telephonic round: This round of test is taken on a mobile conversation.
This is to test communication skills and to take a brief on their education
and work experience, to check their availability for the interview.
E. Assessment: This round aims to understand candidate behavior patterns,
logic and levels of enthusiasm to work and learn. The test is more
conversational assessing conduct and team work of the candidate. This
segment includes group discussion and debate rounds.
F. Technical round: Concerned department technical officer will interview the
candidate testing the technical knowledge of the candidate. A few
questions will be asked will be given a rating on a scale of ten. These
questions will be based on their previous work experience, live projects and
skill set.
G. Test round: The candidate has to undergo a technical test within a
stipulated time. These sheets are verified by concerned team leads.
H. Hiring committee: This committee reviews the feedback and test sheet of
the earlier rounds and segments the candidate as per the performance in
earlier rounds (Phase-1 Feedback form)
I. Executive committee: This committee recommends the candidates into
TechB training programs.
J. Compensation committee: This committee explains the performance of the
candidate in the interview process. Guide the candidate to join the training
programs as recommended by Executive committee. This committee also
discusses the offer, terms and conditions, policies of the company.
K. Intake team: This team helps the candidate to complete his documentation
process and all the official formalities to join TechB team.
Terms and conditions:
 The team has to check that any candidate has to undergo all the
phases of the recruitment process.
 Any candidate should duly sign the documents and accept the terms
and conditions. The candidate should abide by the rules of the
company. The team has to maintain the check list. Guide the
candidate throughout the process.
 The team should follow the recommendations of the executive
committee to enroll the candidate into prescribed training programs.
 Concerned department heads has to prepare the questionnaire and
test sheets before the interview. The team leads should give the
review on the test sheets.

4. Collaborate
Collaborating propels your firm to become a learning organization, a popular
phrase right now that refers to organizations which have cultures of ongoing
learning, and structures that support that learning through safety nets for failure,
and opportunities for growth in all aspects of employees' lives. Each time your
firm collaborates with others you optimize the capacity of your associates to
extend beyond their comfort zone, grow, and in turn, stretch the boundaries of
the organization. Tech Basket chose to have collaboration as a working practice to
achieve and share business benefits.

Collaboration at the conceptual level, involves:

 Awareness – We become part of a working entity with a shared purpose

 Motivation – We drive to gain conscience in problem solving or development
 Self-synchronization – We decide as individuals when things need to happen
 Participation – We participate in collaboration and we expect others to
 Mediation – We negotiate and we collaborate together and find a middle point
 Reciprocity – We share and we expect sharing in return through reciprocity
 Reflection – We think and we consider alternatives
 Engagement – We proactively engage rather than wait and see

Collaboration relies on openness and knowledge sharing but also some level of
focus and accountability on the part of the business organizations. Governance
should be established addressing the creation and closing of team workspaces
with assignment of responsibility for capturing the emergent results of the
collaborative effort.

A. Partner:
 Partner is defined as a company or a business unit which collaborates
with TechBasket in executing the projects.
 Partnership involves revenue sharing with defined terms and
conditions and mutual understanding.
 Any company can join the collaboration for any specific project
execution or whole as company collaboration.
 Sanskrutha, Fourc are the partner companies.
 Does the marketing to get the projects on its name, takes the
responsibility of project delivery.
 Techbasket may also outsource any project to the partner company
where the delivery responsibility will be taken by TechBasket and
also involves in monitoring the project.
 Partner Company utilizes the resources and manpower of TechBasket
and pays for it as a part share of company expenses.
 TechBasket operation team schedules the work of the collaborated
project of the partner company with the inputs and project reports
by the partner company.

B. Startup:
 Startup can be an individual or team with a business idea and looking
for an incubator.
 Every start up should undergo the screening and documentation
procedures of incubator policies.
 The startup enters incubation with an amount deposited.
 Startup team with a raw idea will have to undergo more of learning
and implementation of the business process.
 It uses the resources like advisory board guidance, manpower and
other office resources to develop their idea.
 Startup will stick to the incubator until it becomes a mature self-
performing business entity.
5. Team
A. Chief Executive Officer:
Position Title: Chief Executive Officer
Reports to: Board of Directors
Reporting to this position: COO, CTO and executive project leaders

Job Summary

 The Executive Director serves as chief executive of the Organization and, in

partnership with the Board, is responsible for the success of the
Organization. Together, the Board and Executive Director assure the
Organization’s relevance to the community, the accomplishment of
Organization’s mission and vision, and the accountability of the
Organization to its diverse constituents.
 The Board delegates responsibility for management and day-to-day
operations to the Executive Director, and s/he has the authority to carry
out these responsibilities, in accordance with the direction and policies
established by the Board.
 The Executive Director provides direction and enabling to the Board as it
carries out its governance functions. Accountabilities

1. Legal compliance
a) Assures the filing of all legal and regulatory documents and monitors
compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

2. Mission, policy and planning

a) Helps the Board determine TechBasket’s values, mission, vision, and short-
and long-term goals.
b) Helps the Board monitor and evaluate company’s relevancy to the
community, its effectiveness, and its results.
c) Keeps the Board fully informed on the condition of the company and on all
the important factors influencing it.
d) Identifies problems and opportunities and addresses them; brings those
which are appropriate to the Board and/or its committees; and, facilitates
discussion and deliberation.
e) Informs the Board and its committees about trends, issues, problems and
activities in order to facilitate policy-making. Recommends policy positions.
f) Keeps informed of developments in human services, not-for-profit
management and governance, philanthropy and fund development.

3. Management and administration

a) Provides general oversight of all activities, manages the day-to-day
operations, and assures a smoothly functioning, efficient organization.
b) Assures program quality and organizational stability through development
and implementation of standards and controls, systems and procedures, and
regular evaluation.
c) Assures a work environment that recruits retains and supports quality staff
and volunteers. Assures process for selecting, development, motivating, and
evaluating staff and volunteers.
d) Recommends staffing and financing to the Board of Directors. In accordance
with Board action, recruits personnel, negotiates professional contracts, and
sees that appropriate salary structures are developed and maintained.
e) Specifies accountabilities for management personnel (whether paid or
volunteer) and evaluates performance regularly.

4. Governance
a) Helps the Board articulate its own role and accountabilities and that of its
committees and individual members, and helps evaluate performance
b) Works with the Board President / Chair to enable the Board to fulfill its
governance functions and facilitates the optimum performance by the Board,
its committees and individual Board members.
c) With the Board President / Chair, focuses Board attention on long-range
strategic issues.
d) Manages the Board’s due diligence process to assure timely attention to
core issues.
e) Works with the Board officers and committee chairs to get the best thinking
and involvement of each Board member and to stimulate each Board member
to give his or her best.
f) Recommends volunteers to participate in the Board and its committees.

5. Financing
a) Promotes programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective
manner, employing economy while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.
b) Oversees the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting,
reporting and audit.
c) Works with Board to ensure financing to support short- and long-term
d) Assures an effective fund development program by serving as the chief
development officer or hiring and supervising an individual responsible for this
e) Helps guide and enable the Board, its fund development committee(s) and
its individual Board members to participate actively in the fund development
f) Helps the Board and its development committee design, implement and
monitor a viable fundraising plan, policies and procedures.
g)Participates actively in identifying, cultivating and soliciting donor prospects.
Assures the availability of materials to support solicitation. Assures the
development and operation of gift management systems and reports for
quality decision-making.

6. Community relations
a) Facilitates the integration of the company into the fabric of the community
by using effective marketing and communications activities.
b) Acts as an advocate, within the public and private sectors, for issues
relevant to the company, its services and constituencies.
c) Listens to clients, volunteers, donors and the community in order to improve
services and generate community involvement. Assures community awareness
ofcompany’s response to community needs.
d) Serves as chief spokesperson for Company, assuring proper representation
to the community.
e) Initiates, develop, and maintain cooperative relationships with key
f) Works with legislators, regulatory agencies, volunteers and representatives
of the not for-profit sector to promote legislative and regulatory policies that
encourage a healthy community and address the issues of company’s

B.Chief of operations
Position Title: Chief of operations (Strategy, administration and operations)
Reports to: Board of Directors, CEO, CTO
Reporting to this position: Executive project leaders, Managers

Job Summary:

Chief of operations will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for all
programs and will manage a group of Executive team leads. As the chief program
officer, s/he will provide leadership to strategic planning process and will
implement new programmatic strategic initiatives. In addition, the COO will
provide coordination for the senior management team; serve as liaison to
Company’s partners; and work with Board of Directors to keep them abreast of
programmatic strategies and challenges.
The COO will partner with the Executive directors and her/his peers (the chief
financial officer (CFO), director of development, and director of human resources)
and will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the
operational aspects of the annual budget. Finally, the COO will cultivate existing
relationships with public and private funders.

The chief operating officer (COO) will be responsible for enhancing the internal
organization processes and infrastructure that will allow company to continue to
grow and fulfill its mission.


Program Operational Leadership:

 Provide effective and inspiring leadership by being actively involved in all
programs and services, developing a broad and deep knowledge of all
 Identify opportunities for company to leverage cross-program strengths to
take advantage of new opportunities and/or to address organizational
 Lead, coach, develop, and retain Company’s high-performance senior
management team with an emphasis on developing capacity in strategic
analysis and planning and program budgeting.
 Develop and implement training programs and retreats to expand the
capacity of all staff.
 Prepare and submit an annual operational budget, manage effectively
within this budget, and report accurately on progress made and challenges
 Ensure the continued financial viability of Company’s operational units
through sound fiscal management.

External Relationship Development:

 Manage and cultivate existing relationships with funders to secure and
expand recurring revenue streams.
 Publicly represent Company with the media and external constituency
groups including community, governmental, and private organizations and
build excitement for company’s mission.

Strategic Plan Implementation:

 Provide programmatic leadership and input for all strategic plan
implementation processes with the ED and staff.
 Coach program directors as they implement the strategic plan and
transition program operations.
 Develop and implement a system for tracking and reporting on the
progress of the strategic plan implementation.

Financial Management and Oversight:

 Working with the Director of Finance, manage and oversee all financial and
business planning activities, including:
Direct and administer all financial plans
Oversee business policies and accounting practices
Review and analyze financial reports
Support and advise the CEO in decision making
Lead and support organizational budgeting process
Oversee reporting and monitoring of organizational performance metrics.
Provide overall financial oversight and monitoring.
Ensure that relevant financial data is presented to the CEO and senior
management team.

Human Resources:
 Working with the director of human resources, manage and oversee the
human resource function for the company including:
Recruitment, hiring, and compensation
Benefits administration and oversight
Professional training and development, including new employee
Retention strategies
Regulatory oversight and legal compliance
 Ensuring that the human resource function is properly resourced and
represented within the senior management team.

 Oversee risk management and legal activities: letters of agreement,
contracts, leases, and other legal documents and agreements
 Business insurance: procurement, monitoring and management
 Information technology – working with the manager of information
technology, ensure the ongoing maintenance and updating of information
systems and infrastructure, including hardware, software, and required
 Organizational reporting and monitoring: provide guidance and leadership
through management of company metrics and measurement reporting
 Office management: oversee administrative functions for all company
offices worldwide, ensuring smooth daily operations of physical plant and
 Board of directors – working with the CEO provide staff support and
guidance to the board and act as staff liaison to relevant board committees.
C.Chief Technical officer

Position Title: Chief Technical Officer

Reports to: Board of Directors
Reporting to this position: COO and executive project leaders

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overseeing all technical
aspects of the company. The CTO works with Executive Management to grow the
company through the use of technological resources. Using an active and practical
approach, the CTO will direct all employees in IT and IO departments to attain the
company’s strategic goals established in the company’s strategic plan.

Specifically, the responsibilities of the CTO include strategic oversight of all
technology including, but not limited to:
 Management responsibility for all assets – hardware, software, and
resources – that are related to technology functions at TechBasket.
 Creative and inventive thinking which will lead to technical initiatives to
reach our corporate business objectives
 Software design/development
 Project management to timely implementation
 Definition of standards, policies, procedures, metrics and quality
 Development and adherence to departmental budgets
 Decisions related to technical architecture
 Documentation of systems’ design, feature, and function
 Internal/external customer satisfaction with our technology
 Delivery of actionable data to internal and external customers
 Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company’s data
and servers.
 Identify and implement technology trends and platforms.
 Communicate the company’s technology strategy to investors,
management, staff, partners, customers, and stakeholders.
 Evaluate and recommend technologies.
 Is responsible for credential management.
 Implementing and maintaining internal communications system.
 Manage vendor relationships.
 Conduct code reviews and specification conformance testing.
 Establish quality assurance process.
 Establish an application deployment process.
 Monitor web analytics regime to ascertain required data.
 Implement technical requirements for Internet marketing and search
engine optimization.
 Integrate customer service and support with the software engineering
process to support resolution of customer issues and improve application

D.Executive team:
 Executive Team refers to the internal team with TechBasket and
other partner companies who take the responsibility of the
TechBasket operations and project coordination and will be reporting
to concern department heads.
 Project execution lead heads each project with a team of assistants.
This executive team should have sound technical knowledge on the
projects they handle and should interact and report to Technical
head for technical work process and support systems, while
operational and managerial issues to the Operations Head.
 Executive project leads will be appointed and made responsible for
each project with a team of assistance.
 They report on assistant performance, work flow and guide the
assistant in the technical aspects.
 Will act as a coordinating point between the management and

E. Assistants:
 Candidates who enroll on “On job training programs and interns” will
be called as assistants. Like: Word press development assistant,
business research assistant.
 They have to undergo recruitment process which includes screening
and testing.
 Candidates will be enrolled into different programs based on their
performance in technical and managerial aspects.
 They will be assigned to a project and will be undergoing training
sessions parallel.
 Once they finish the training and after clearing the potentiality
assessments, they will be sent on contract staffing to partner
companies and other MNCs
 Assistants will be working for live projects under the guidance of
Project execution leads.
F. Contract employee:
 Freelance Employee is meant as a contract employee who will be
working from a remote location and will be paid only for the work
successfully submitted.
 Contract employees are hired through “Workmate” in cases of work
overload or high time deadlines or unavailability of the internal team.
 Contract employee will be paid on a monthly billing process
calculating his working hours and quality of the work.
 They will be registered under “Workmate” , should be available to
the team whenever there is a requirement
 Freelance employee will also play a role of project guidance manager
at the time of lead generation, project implementation and in the
absence of internal project lead.

6. Financials:

 The office expenses including rent will be shared equally among the
 The self-funded or interns recruitment process and their payments will be
taken care by TechBasket. The partner companies take the employees
based on their performance only after the completion of their training
program and if he/she is capable. The partner companies will hire the
 Initial Advance of the rent and recruitment expenditure will be taken care
by TechBasket, as they are initiators of the project.
 Techbasket duty is to provide office space, resources and man power to
partner companies.

A. Between Startup and Tech Basket

 Any start up entrepreneur should pay a deposit of Rs 50,000 to
join the incubator for valid period of Three months. Where the
project will be guided and office resources are given.
 After a review on the project status TechBasket may fund the
project and in exchange may quote for an equity share.
B. Between Partner and Tech Basket
 Any company partner will share the offices expenses of
calculated at the EOM.
 As the company partner generates leads individually and uses
the man power, the partner company has to pay 20 percent of
the revenue generated to Tech Basket as a company fund to
develop the company in future.
 If any member working for TechBasket common operations or
duties /training on courses/generating leads of students and
others if any these payments will be defined as per pay scale.

7. Product: Project/Service Company Head Platform

1 Cinemananda Fourc Rakhi Abhinaya Content
aggregation and
Digital Marketing
2. Ad n idea Fourc Rakhi Abhinaya Content
aggregation and
business and
3. Immersive ICSB Global Ravi Teja Augmentation
technologies Chillara,Suman and virtual
Sanam reality
4. App Viz Sanskrutha Ravi Teja Mobile App
Chillara exchange
5. Hatchy Sanskrutha Raviteja Open source wys
Chillara wig
6. Talent acquisition TechBasket Suman Sanam HR and
and outsourcing recruitment
7. SAP TechBasket Suman Sanam SAP
8. Sales force TechBasket Shiva Sales force,.net
9. Design and Audio Sanskrutha RaviTejachillara Advertising and
visual aids Branding
10. Website Sanskrutha Ravi teja Wordpress,HTML
development chillara and PHP

Organization structure:

Advisory board: Suman, CNM, Ravi Teja

Board of directors: Ravi Teja, Suman

CEO: Suman

CTO: Ravi Teja

COO: Abhinaya

Executive managers/team leads: Shiva, Azam and Krishna

Board of directors


Executive teams leads/Project leads Admin HR