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Who are school counselors?

  For more information regarding your 
School counselors work at elementary,  local school counseling program, 
For more information regarding your
Who are school
middle/junior high, high school, and/or  local school counseling program,
postsecondary levels. They have a master’s  contact:
or higher degree in school counseling from a 
state‐approved school counselor  Missouri Department of Elementary
Missouri Department and
of Elementary
School counselors work at elementary,
preparation program, and they have been 
Secondary Education
and Secondary Education ---  
middle, junior high and high schoool School Counseling Office
certified as a school counselor by the  Office of of Collegeand
College andCareer Readiness
levels. They have a master’s degree Career Readiness
Missouri Department of Elementary and  Phone: 573.751.0857
or higher degree in school counseling Phone: 573.751.0857
Secondary Education. They are educators 
from a state-approved school counselor Email
preparation program, and they have
with specialized training in academic, career, 
been certified as a school counselor by
and personal/social development as well as  school-counseling
the Missouri Department of Elementary
mental health. Their preparation program 
and Secondary Education. They are
educators with specialized training in  
academic, career, and social/emotional PO Box 480 
development ‐ asHuman growth and development 
well as mental health. Jefferson City 
‐ Social and cultural diversity 
Their preparation program includes: MO 65102‐0480 
‐ Assessment   
E Human growth and development
‐ Career development and planning  PO Box  480
E Social and cultural diversity Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480
‐ Helping relationships 
E Assessment
‐ Group work 
E Career development
E Helping relationships
and planning
‐ Program development, 
implementation, evaluation, and 
E Group work enhancement 
E Program‐development,
Professional relationships 
Contact Us:
Missouri School Counselor Association YOUR SCHO
Phone: 573.635.9109
E Professional
and enhancement
‐ Legal and ethical standards 
‐ relationships
Professional orientation, identity, 
Contact Us: Email:
Missouri School
Web:Counselor Association
Phone: 573.635.9109
E Legal and ethical standards
and well‐being  Email:
E Professional orientation, identity, and Web: A VITAL LINK FOR AL
– Academic Developm
124 E. High Street, Upper Level, 
Supporting Their: – Career Development
PO Box 684 
E Academic Development
Jefferson City 

– Personal/Social     
E Career Development
MO 65101 
E Social/Emotional Development
124 E. High Street, Upper Level
PO Box 684
  Jefferson City, MO 65101
What Is School What School Counselors Do?
Counseling? School counselors spend 100 percent of their time providing all students with developmental, preventative
and responsive activities and services delivered through four interrelated program components:
School counseling is a comprehensive
program that is an integral part of a school School Counseling Curriculum Responsive Services
district’s total educational program. It is
School counselors work closely with teachers by School counselors assist students who have
developmental, preventative and responsive
going into classrooms to present lessons on topics unique needs, including students who may be
by design and includes sequential activities
such as: experiencing barriers to academic success,
organized and implemented by certified
school counselors with the active support of E self-awareness through:
parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, E positive mental health E brief individual counseling
and the community. E social skills E small-group counseling
As a developmental program, it addresses E conflict meditation/problem solving E consultation and collaboration with parents,
the needs of all students by facilitating their E study habits teachers, administrators, and community
academic, social/emotional, and career E alcohol/drug abuse prevention agencies
development as well as helping create E educational and career planning E school-based referral
positive and safe learning climates in schools. E community-based referral
At the same time, the program assists
students as they face issues and resolve
Individual Student Planning
problems that may prevent their healthy
School counselors assist students with identifying System Support
development. The program is delivered and accumulating information that will help them School counselors manage their programs and
through four interrelated components: transition to the next level of education. support other programs in the school through
This includes: activities such as:
1) School Counseling Curriculum E Career development and planning activities E program evaluation
2) Individual Student Planning E Transitioning activities E school improvement involvement
3) Responsive Services E Helping students assess strengths to make wise E consultation and collaboration
4) System Support academic and career decisions
E professional development
E community outreach

HOW CAN Active parental support of school counseling program activities is essential if students are to make informed
choices and achieve success in school. Parents can help by encouraging their children to do their best in school and
PARENTS HELP? by staying involved in their children’s educational experiences at all levels.

Parents can call their child’s school counselor at any time to set up a phone conference or a school visit to discuss
concerns, ideas, information or requests for assistance.