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August 2008 – June 2018

Since August 2008 – Making Local Friends
August 2008: Making local friends

Emergence: Deep Ties, Belonging

10 Years
Since January 2009 - Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells: Agroforestry

Trenching, Irrigation, Tree Planting…

9 years

Served dozens of old and new farmers
Over 250 acres
• Farms maturing into BTC homesteads
• Farm based programs
Since January 2009: Organic Housing!

Boulder Rocks, Lime, Bamboo, Used Bull-cart Wood,

Unplastered Bricks, Mud Bricks, Laurie Baker Design
emergence: Served the building of many homes and other structures;
7 years share knowledge, resources & tools
Since February 2010: Nature Cure Health Courses
emergence: • Dozens of health camps around 4 cities
7 years • Volunteers and Technology
• A health network with online and offline
services touching thousands of people
Since March 2011: New house
Hosting Friends and Strangers, local and international

Minimum 150 days of visitors

9 years

Be The Host - Pollination and ripples

throughout every year
Since August 2011: Aum Turns 5 - Farmschooling

emergence: Best intro to countless people

7 years
Since April 2012: Volunteering

• Farm design
• Trees planting
• Building with mud

emergence: A volunteer network for all good things

6 years
Since August 2012: Hosting school kids

emergence: Farm grows as a school

5 years
Since December 2013:
Sughad Retreats, Volunteering in other cities

emergence: Service Vacations

5 years
Since February 2014: Farm Badminton Court

emergence: Equality and Friendship

4 years
Since March 2015: Community Centre

emergence: A hub for local activities like yoga, meditation,

3 years health, workshops, kids programs etc
Since May 2017: Homeschooling Group, Coimbatore

emergence: Over 40 homeschooling

1 year families with weekly and
monthly gatherings and
daily online activities
Since April 2018: launched
Local Friendship Agro-forestry Organic Farming
Nature Cure Farmschooling Sports Health

Pollination Ripples Yoga Meditation

Community Gift Ecology

A Trust to integrate all our engagements

Thanks, Bows and Hugs to

Y’ALL! ☺