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ISBN - 0-9648 812·6~8

Copyright © 1973 G r Patrick Flanagan Copyrigh t ©1997 G, Patrie k Flanagan

All Rights reserved. No pan of this work mr.ty be reproduced or transrnuter any form by any means, elcctroulc OT mechanical, Incl uding photocopy ing : recording, OT by any intorrnaticn storage or retrieval sys tern, except as. may expressly permi tted by the Copyright Ac t or in writing by the pu blisher,

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![IUre III!

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The au thor would like to than k DIN1ENSIONS of Los Angeles, California, for providing much of the material for Chapter g of this book.

Eac h sentence in this book is a complete thought within itself, and l s therefore printed Ina form at know n as Yen tilated Prose.

Inscription above the doorway at the Temple of Delphi:




Lrsr OF F (c, IJRE S • --- .~ ••• -.----- ._ •••••.•• ---- •• un ••• ~-------- .~OL ••••••• --






•• __ -_ ••• - ------ "'_ ---'I---"_ -_ .


2 II r ST Ol~Y • __ •• - ••••• - •• ~ ••• ~ •• ------- .~ ••••• ~ ••• -.-- •• ~ ••••••••• --- 3-

Ga-118 nla .. OL ... r------- __ ..... - .. - -- ---- . __ ... -.r.~.r-.- ~_ .~ ...•. r.- ~ 3

I) r" J n;l ~ ••• -. •••• ~.------.-.~ •••• ~ •••• -- ------~-_~ •• _~ •• ~ .. ~- ._.~.. 3

K Lln (l alini . rr.- P'I -'1'1 -- .. __ ,I __ p. _:- ••••• 5

'rLf nlO p _ _ •• I ••• P-- --- _. - • __ •• I rr • 7

l' ch ' l .. _ - -- _.~ .. ._~.~.~ ----- -- -- -- _ - 9

Mana, 1\·1 ~ n:l A-I~I t1 fi, I\-fn n a VXt ... ~.- ~ ... ~u ••• ~.----- OL.... 11

Q_1 1 f1 tcsse n ce .•....• --- ~.~ .• - .• -- __ ~- _.--. _ .• ..•••• ~_~OL ••• r •• - 13

o die r ot"r.e •••••• - .--- .~ •••••• ~-~-.-- _.-- •• ~ ••••• -- 13

o (l] c L [ght . - - -- . _ _ .,rrT-- l-l

1\1 ito g('n i cRays - -.--- .. ~ ~ .•...•.. ~- . __ r ~.--- 15

Dio p 1 (\$lna •••• --- • __ ~OL •••• _.~.--- •• ~ ••••• ~.r.~-- - ~~ 18

P}' I:'a mid Power r.- .~.~.r ~------- .~ ------- - __ . _~ .. OL ~.--------. 21

Psyehot rOil ic E:ner gy .... -~.-----.- .. ~ ......•. -----.- .--~ __ OL •••••••• ~.-.---.- •• n. 25

3 At-THOR!S BACKGROUND, TUF. NEl1nOPHQN& •••• ~ •• _r.~--.~ 27

A llr.ll photo graph y _._ .. .n - .. ---- -- ---.~ .. ~ ------- __ n.. 31

D it'" lectr ic Sk in Com:il~nt .---u ..•.•.... ~-.-----~.~ ...•..•..•.... ~.------... ..•.. 35

GS R Measu rements •.•. .u •••••• ~.--.~-~ ••• ~ •••••••• -.------.~ ••• ~ ••• r .. ~ 35

Sk in Voha ge D I Herent I 0.1 ~.~ .... ~-~--~u~ ••••••• r ••• ~ ~ •• n ••• ~---.-. 38

Voltu gc Fid d Around Body ~.------.~ .•..•. ~ .•.•.•. ~ ~ .•... _ .•.•.•. -.n~. 38

:Magn etic Fl cld Around &d y - __ .~ ..•.• ------.~ __ ~.~~ .... ~ ... --- ~ .. _.~ 39

Eart h!~ 1\1agnelk Fiel d ~.r.--.----~U ....• ~------.--.~ .•.•.•. r.. _.-.--~ •••• ~.. 42

Ea t-t h 's Electrostatic Fi.f.ld .~ r.----~----~ .. ~.~ .•.•.• --.--- .. ~.~~...... 42

A rk of Covenant _ -.. 48


....... - ._ '1 '1--- _ r. TTTTT"'-- _ _ ..




5 ~1A TIT EMit. "tl CS OF TH E CREAT PYRAMm ---~- ..... ~OL.~_. ---.. 51

Sacred em Or GoldE'!'Q Scdio.n --TO- - •••••••• ~ ••• ~------.~.- •••••• ~. •• ---. 51

Some Pvramld Measuremen ts ~ ....•.• _ ... ~-- ••••. ~ .•.• ~_ 56


6 .P1I·RA:\nn TIES [AR(,: I ~ PltOJ E: CTS •••••••• ~ ••• ------ ----~ ••• ~ ••••• ----- 63

J~ 320r Blades - ~ ...•. ~.~.~ ~.-- 66

Effect on L l vi n g Or ga n ism5 ~ ~-.~ u ••• - ~ .. ~ ••• ~--- 61

.K i rl ia n ~1eusuremt::nts .~- ... ~.~ _. _. .-~ ..... n .. ~ .-..... (} 7

G S l \ Effects -- -.- "' ------- -- -- - .. - -...... 71

I I n m €Ln CSR Measuremen ts ---~--- ---- ---.-.~.~ ~ ----- 75

Dieleetrio Con stan ts •......•. ~-~- ~.~-- ~ .~._ - •. -- 77

Alpha Rll ythrns .--~ ... ~ .. ~ . ~ .. ~--------------- _ .. - .. ~.~ .. ---~ 30

Su b jective Heports •. ~.- .. ~ ' .. u_~ •• ~ ••••••••• ~ ••• •••••••• ~ 80

l\-fcdi tation "'1"-. r ••••..... _ "1' -.... 81

At'! ima Is -----r.'I ----- r.-P'l.'I __ • __ -- -- -- -- r.- "' ----. S3

Grow t h of Pla n ts •.•... ----------- .--------- .-- ~. _----- 83-

W;:], te r Treatment ~ .. ~ ..•.. _ ..•. --- .. ~ u. ~ •••••• _~_.~---- 8·t

Sprouts ~.-.--- .- _.- ...•..... _~. _ .•. ~ .. --.- ~ _.~ ;8.f,

Short Term Effect 011 Taste of Foods .. ~.~ ... - -.----~------ ~.~. 86

Oth'CT r.on figu r« r ions . __ ---.~ ...... ~ .. --~.~- ~ ..•. -- --~ 88

P r ramid Enerav Plate __ ----- -- .. ~ .•....•. ~. ----------. -~ ...•.. _~._----- 91

Ps}' ehntronie Twirler ~-~---- -----.~- ~ :...- ------ ------ .. ~ - --- 91

7 MEASURI::'fG Dl::V1 cts ----.---~-~ ~-- .. -- -~----.~.~.~ .. ~ ~---- 9.5

Pwudo- r:eJJll ical Devices . .~ ~.~u- •. --- ~... ..•• 9'6

H if. ron ymus Machine _ ...•.•.... ~._. ~- ~_. -~... 93

Psyehotronic D elector -r'l" P." •••••••........... ----r -- - --... 103

8 Tn I':O:R;Y OF ENERCIES, E1.·n ER- VORTEX: ••••••• ~'~_~ .-.... ••• 106

The 11 y(ltornechanica! Eihr.-r ~ .. _ .. ~-. _ •. -- ~ .•.•... ~.- --. 109

Su ba tomic V Q.rti 1:(':3, an d F orces ---~-- ~ ----~ 125

Supe rposition of F orces -- ---.~-.~ ... ~ .•.•. u. __ ._.--------- -----.~.~ •• u •• ~--- 159

R EF~RE~C[S P"l'_ -.------"1'-- •• - __ ------_ --.-- .. -. 169

___ r -"I'r_-r'l""l'''I'- _ -------------r -'1"1'."'.""" _--






I Chakl'as Qf Yo sa . ., .------------- ~ ~ - ~.--~.-.~----.-----~ 6

n Chinese Acu purictu re Points _aa ••••• -~ ••• ~---------- •• 10

II r Stethn ometer ._ --~.~.- .. _ .. --------- . 1 ....•• u •• u~.~ 16

I V Kir Han Set-u P .u - .-------- - __ . ... ~.u.n._ .•. ~.~ ... u--------- 19

V Ea rl y N eu rophon e .~.m -.~.- -- - .. ~------------ ~. 30

V I Measure 01 Resona nee ...•.. - .. ~- ~ u._u ~ ••• ~. 3D

VII Aura of Finger hy Ncurophone .. ~ .•.•.•....... --.u.----- 33

VI II GSR Instrum f:"n l _~- .----.---~ u ••••••• --~.~ •••• -.----~.----~ •• ~.~.~. ••• 36-

IX ElectTon ic E1 ectroscope ----- __ ~ __ .. ~ .. u •• ~ ••••••• ~. 40

X Voltage Fjdd of Earth .~ .. -----.-.- _~ _.~ -- ---.-.~.-.n 44

X I Cin .. "Uit of Ea rth's Fiel-d .~u •••••••• ~ ••••••• ~--.- _~-----~.--~. 46

XII ~1(ln\:L Body and the Colden Cut ~-.-------~.-.-n .. ~.~.~.... 54

X I n Pentagram an d Sta. r ~---- ~.~OLOL •••••••• ~.~.-.----~--- 55

XIV A Const ruction of the GlJld~n Cut ~ ... --- _~-~---- .. .•. ~.. 55

R elation of Cold-en Sect;on in Grear Pyramid .~.~------ 57

XV Al ignm tnt of the Gre~ t Pyramid •.. _.~ ... -----.- ._.~~ 59

XVI ~fagnetj ~ Fields an d Py rarnid ~U.~ •• n •••• OLn •• u •.•. -.u. 65

X V II CirC"'U it of K irl ian OsciHator ~_ ... ~ .•.. ~ .....•. ~ •.. ~ .•. -----.-~ 68 XV 1 II K; r 1 i~n Photo of Fin gerprint

Defore and A fter Pyramid Treatment .... ~.~.~~~ .. ---~ 70

XIX Ki r] ian Photo or Lt_)!I; [ Before

an dAfter Py [IJ 1111U Troatmen t .... ------- __ . ~~.~ .. ~u.~~ •• n.. 70

XX GSR Electrode Arrungement for Plants u_ .. ~ ••• __ •• _... 73

XXI Electrodes for Dielectric Constnnt MeasuTements 78

X)( II V mti] sted Pyramid .... -~.- -~.-.-.~-------- ~_ .. ~.~ . ~~.~ 82

XX 11 r Pyramld Grid -0 r ~I!ltrix _. __ ---.- ... ~._._.~. _~ .. ~ .. _u... 90

XXIV Psychotronic Twirler --- .. ~ ... ~.- ... U •• ~" •• ~ ••••• u •• u.~.~-n- ~. 92

XXV Para-psychic Detector ..•. - .. -~.---.-~.-.~. ~. .~u.~n._~.. 97


XXVI H ieron ym us MaclLirte •. ~ _._ .. _._._ '~'~ _._~ "_L 99

x..,X VI I F risrn Resonance Tuner ~.u ..... ~.~._._~ •• ~.~. '.'OL'_._.~~ 101

XX V 1 If Lens Tun ing Devjcc -.-.-.-~ u_.-.~.-.-.- .. -.u~.... 101

XXI X Psychotron lo Detector ~.~ ~ .. ~. __ .'_.TOr.r.~OLOL._ .• _._._.... 101

XXX Vortex Electron and Proton _._.L._·-·--·~·_ .. r.u... 131

XXXI Vortex Bing Circulatl.or.t _ - .. u~ ~.~~._._ •• _~.~.~. 132

XXX II Forces Acting on Double V ortex ._.~ .. '" .. ~ .•. ~ .. _ ... _._. 134 xx."X II I Ether CirculatiQn in Proton and Electron •. ~. ..•... 136 XXXIV Circu Iation in Vortex K eutron r.u~ ... _ ••••• -.- •• ~.~ •• ~.u l37 XXXV H ycl rog.e:n A tom __ .. _._._ .... ~ ...... _._._._.~.~.'" ._ .... _._ ... _ .. _. l40 XXXVI G ra vita tion F1() WEI _ .. _ .. _.- .. _ .. · .. _. __ ···· •. -.~ •••••...•• ~. u: 6 XXX V I I Gra vity Cir(:uia tion, Earth to Sun .~u'~' .. ~.~._.~ .. _._._. 14.8 XXXVII r Ether Circulation From E] ectric Changes .. L"_ ••• _.. 150

XXXIX Magnetic Field ~ .. ~ -.-.- .. -.u _~~-~~.~.~.L.~.~ 15l

XL IHagnetic Fjeld A foun d Loop .. ~ .. ~ ~OL.-._u.-.~ .. ~ ... TOr. I S3

XLI JIt'lagnetic Couplin g .- .. ~ .. r _ •• _._._.~~.~.~ ••• _._._._. 154

XLl I bl d uccd Flow In "fran sformer ~ .... L.~.-.--.-.- .. ~ ... ~.. 156

X r ~[ l I Flow A roun d P €rmanent M agnet ~.~._ .•.•. U_._.L ••• _ •• _.~ 1~9 XLIV Su perimposed Fields ._._··-·-.·~ .... u .. ~.~._.-.-.--.~.rOL" •••• ~ 162 XL V Su peri mposcd F orce.s on Pyramid .u •• ~.~.~.~._._ •. _. __ . 163


Drs. Patrick and Gael Crystal Flanagan.


By: Dr. Nick Begich, MD (TM)

Pyramid Power was the earliest book written by Dr. Patrie k Flanagan, It was. the first book to begin to explore rbe ideas and science behind the Great Pyrann d and other similar structures around the world. 1Nhilc other authors have come forward since the original rel ease of this book in 19731 none have generated the depth of enthusiasm and interest in this subject as Dr. Flanagan's original research. U is remembered by many as a book that, "got us thinking again ", It dis lodged enougb inte llec tua 1 bagg fig e to a waken p eople to their greater potentials. I know, for me, it had this impact 111 the early ] 970 's,

Science is a strange thing in the way we See 1t over time. When people forgot the ancient knowledge, as i~ the case with pyramids, what in the beginning had roots in science was lost (0 mysti cism, What j s now clear about these structures is that their very nature and design preserved knowledge for future genL .. -rations. These structures were based on science known m any millenma ago. While some, in modern times. rushed to hang religious or mystical si ~!"fll ficance on the unknown ~ Dt. Flanagan sought to explain it with the words of science. These rediscoveries have again u nrnasked the TIl Y stories of the pyramids.

There has been a good deal of discussion about the 11 ature of the pyramid in terms of the past, present and future, Likewise rhe religious significance of the structure, and its uses, bas been the subject of much spec u 1 ati on and debate, Some have su ggestcd that the pyramid may be a "time capsule" of know ledge, both in tenus of its mathematics and perhaps ~ through knowledge gained from some long lost chamber in or near these structures soon to be discovered. Who knows what new know ledge might yet be uncovered? The reality an d lny::.tcry of the py ramld is unra veled in pall througb the research presented in these pages.

Or. Flanagan visited the pyramids of Egypt thirty- three times in his life, The laf;t trip he made was in November 1983. During that trip he partlcipnted ill ~ "soul-mate" ceremony with his new wife Dr. Gael Crystal Flanagan. The event look: place on the full moon of the Pleadian Alignment, an event whi ch occurs every 4,000 years, The Flanagan 's formed a union which even now continues to advance knowledge from the intellectual wen of their combined en .. -ativiry, This d ynamic duo have li ved the Ii fe of "techno-monks' for over a dccnde developing a series of technologies. which win be advanced in the coming years. The subj ects covered in this book were also revisi ted in the interven 1 n g 'j ears and man y of the inventions discussed in these pages redesigned with the best of el~lnic ~ilaTdTY_

In ] 991 ~ I began to seck out Dr. Fl an agan for the purpose of sharing ideas and research materials, In 1992 we finally connected and have over the last several yean formed a stron g bond between our families. It was our desire that we would be able to bring forward many ideas and sec them pl aced jn the hands of ind i viduals. The know ledge de vel oped by the Flanagan' Hi:.:; both timely and powerful as we approacb the end of this present age. His ideas serve as a buckdrop to the New Age. of En 1 i ghtenrnent which is upon us. An age, we believe. which IS transf arm ing everyone by its \'cry nature. We s it on the crossroads wirhinwhich is much promise,

AS the 11 ext rni Hen n i urn prcscnt« itscl f we are a 11 thin king in larger terms - seeking to gain a greater understanding of ourscl vcs and (he world around 1,1.')This book opens up new areas for many and revisits old ideas for others - but for everyone, Pyramid Power stirn ul ates the very process of th inking and wonderi ng aloud, ..

Jan uary H ~ 1997

Chapter 1


':'The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a. . man if est a ti on and cxp ression in Act ion, is like the hoarding 0 f P fee ious me tals=-a vain and foo lish thing.

I{no\vledge, like Wealth, is intended for usc.

The LA'" OF USE IS GNIVERSA.Ll and he who vio 1a tcs it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces.'?'

The study of Efe energy and life forces has gone on f or thousands of yea rs,

The idea 0 f the ex istcnce of such en crgy has p l agu ed scien tists, phi losoph erg, and religious lea d ers for c en turics,

I t is the pu rpose 0 f this paper to bring up to da te past concepts. of these energies, and to shed new light on their qua li ti es as a rcsu It 0 f my own in vcstig a tions,

The present investigation of these energies may COfrec tl y be ascrib cd to th e a rea of Para-Ph ysics ~ as rn a.ny of these discove ries arc on the borderline of ph ysical and psychic phenomena.

When the exp crimen ts to be d escribed arc per formed thou san ds 0 f times by thousands 0 f peo plc an d all th e la ws governing its 0 ri gin a nd use are known, it may th en become a pant of the subject of Physics.

It is my 0\\011 opinion that investigation of these energies



is" of paramount importance to man's understanding of hi msclf an d his p I a ce as a spiritual en tity in the vast rea chcs of the cosmos+

The bringing together of East and '\'\1 est, that is, the S piri t ual and the Physical will bring about an u p Ii f t i ng of man t s a ware-ness of himsel f and his rela tionshi ps with his bro th ers,

If rn a n jg to survi ve in peace wi th his f ellows, he must d evelop a f u rth cr un dcrstan ding of Ii f c itself and the energies surrounding life, Then he may have a better understanding of his place in the U ni verse.


Chapter 2


In the Far East, the idea of Life Energy has been known for thousands of years.


The oldest known term for this energy is G A- J .. LA ~I A."2 This term is believed to have been origina ted by the a.ncient Egyptians, and is believed to go back 14·2~OOO years.

GA-LLAMA is the very foundation of existence, with every lndra wn breath you take on new Iif e.

Th e basic quali ti es 0 f G A~ LLi\.J\.:ll\ are not f u II y known, I t is the basis 0 f a. system of YO G A known a s. Ca ucasian or Egyptian Y OG A ~ the basic tcchn iq ue f or in ~ creasing it is to perform certain breathing exercises,


The next reference to LIFE ENE RG Y is contained in ancien t S anscri t, this term st j I! be j n g used today in modern Hindu Yoga is called PRANA. ~

Prana is the Sanscrit term meaning '~ABSOLUTE r.~ERGY~'~

The Hindus term Frana as the universal life principle of energy or f OTCe~ and that a 11 energy Or force j s de ri ved from that principle, or a particular manifestation of tha t principle.


Pv R.!\.M ro P O\Vl':R

The Hindus believe that the very air we breathe cha rged with Pr ana .

.lust as the oxyg-cn we breathe is absorbed by the bloo and used to nourish the system, So Prana is taken up b d! e nervous system j and is. cxha listed by our thinkin § ,vjIJi:ng~ acting, etc.

Every th 01J gh t.~ every ac t, every effort of th c wi U, ever: motion of a muscle, uses up a certain amount of \vhat 1, called nerve force, which is believed to be a form of Prana

A II the Y og a breath in g systems are based on the inflow of Pra na j n 10 the bo d y, and its dist ri bu t ion in to the vari 0 us ch an 11 cI 1; in \\1 hi ch it fl OVI"'S~

These channels are callerl Chakras, and are believed to be COJ n ci den t w j th the endocr inc g Ian ds .


It is believed that the amount of Prana taken into the bod y a f f ec ts the AU R.A or energy fj eld surrounding the body+

The YO GIS believe they can charge organic and inorganic materials with Prana by numerous means of exercises,

A t echn i q ue desc ribcd in the ] as t refe ren cc is that of charging water with Prana by breathing rhythmically, hold jug a glass of water in the left hand, then gatherIng the fingers of the righ t hand l age rh er a nd shaking them gen 11 y ove r th e wa te r ~ as: if you were sha kin g cleo ps of wa ter 0 f [ of yOllr f ingc rt i ps J nio the glass.

The mental image of the Prana being passed into the water must also be held,

Wa t cr thus eh a r gee! is sup posed to be stirn ulating to weak persons cxpandi ng their au ra,




Whereas th e Hindus believe th e air we brea th e to be filled by Prana, or life energy in the air, they also believe the body to contain a more po'i,o\'er I ul form of energy ca lled Kundalini.

~ 'Kundalini is the in di vid ual bodil y reprcsenta ti ve of the great cosm ic po\\-~cr W hich creates and sustains the unive:rse .. ~H:

The Yogis be li eve Kundalini to be a sleeping serpent at the base of the spine.

The residing p la ce of Kundalini is known as the M uladha ra Chakra.

I t is visualized as a serp ent with three and one ha If coils, rcpresen t ing latent ene rgy to be rei cased ~ w hi ch occurs wh en the sleeping serpent is awakened by p rana varna brca thin g exercise. Ei

As the sl eeping serpent is awakened and starts its ascent upward, a f cclin g of hea t is developed at the base of the spine, as the lowest chakra becomes vivified or active,

This feeling of heat then passes upward as the KundaI in i ascends an d vi vi f 1 es the six upper chakr as termina ting in the thousand petalled lotus, the Braham aranda Chakra at the top of the head, w hich is connected with the pineal gland.

,"Vhen the p inea 1 gland becomes awakened and vivifi ed, it commences to perform its no rrnal function as a thi rd eye for t elepa th ic vision.


Hind 11 dra wings of the chakras and the concep t of Kuncia lini J j re flowing from the base chakra to the topmost one arc i ll ustra ted in Figure 1.




Tile f'h.a"knl:s ~f !~c body anr] the conce pt of the K undaJinl fire extel H.I Irom t..he base of the spine to the to pmust chakr a in the head.




'The Tibetan adepts and mast crs 0 f the mona steries 0 f northern India call the uni ve rsa 1 1 if e en crgy 1~ U M 0 r G

T ibetan ad ep ts are a bl e to wi ths tand sub f reezin g ternpc ra tu res COIl) pl ete 1 y naked at al ti tudes of 1 S~OO(J f ee r or more surrounded by snow,

The wo rd TU1'vIO signifies h ea t, warrn th, and fi re.

I t is not used in the Tibetan language to express ordinary heat or warmth,

Th e ade p ts are able to genera tc he a t of such intensi ty that they melt the snow for distances up to twenty fect around them.

The channels through which Tumo flows are called tsas, or rtsa wh ich m cans vein, art ery and nerve.

These veins correspond to the nad is oft he F Iind us used to convey K undalini to the va rious chakras,

These $0 caned arteries arc not supposed to be true arteri cs con tain ing blood, bu t exceed j n gl y thin nerves tha t distri bu te currents of psychi c energy.

Enl i gh tened mystics con sid er the tsa system as devoid of any physical reality, but to be part of an energy body which surrounds. the ph ysica 1.

The Turno initiate must perform a series of ten exercises while naked and wet at altitudes above 1 O~OOO feet in freezing wca the r ~


Once pe rf ecte d) the j nit ia te m ust reno uncc an fur 0 r woolen dotliing and never approach a fire to warm himself,


PYR.o\.:.\fJO PO\VER

TIl e basic exercises are as follows:

1. The central artery .. ' UMA ~ •. is imagined, ani sub j ective l y seen} as thin as the tiniest thread of hail yet Fill ed \\'i th the ascending flame and crossed by th CU rren t 0 fair produced by the breath.

2. The artery h as increased in size and becomes a large as the little finger.

3. It continues to increase and a p p cars to be the siz. of an arrn.

4 ~ Th e artery fi Us the whole body, or ra ther the bod; has becom e the tsa itse If, a kind of tube fill ed with bl a Zll§ fire an d air .

.:,. Th e bodily Form ceases to be pcrcei vcd. Enla rgec beyond all m easure, th e a rtery engulfs the whole world and the. initiate feels himself to be a storm-beaten flame among th e Ho\ving wa ves of an ocean of fire.

This state has taken about an hour,

6. The stormy wind abates, the fiery waves sink lower and are ] ess agi ta ted, the bl azing ocean narrows and is a bso rbed in the body.

7. The a rte ry, w hi ch is red U( eel to the size of an arm,

is seen again " v i th Ii re enclosed in it.

8, The artery decreases to the size of the little finger. 9. It becomes as thin as a hair.

] O. It entirely disappea rs; the fire ceases utterly to be perceived, as well as all forms, all representations: whatsoever,

At rh ;.5 stage, the initiate's mind sinks into a trance of ern P t in css,


, I.;


The whole exercise once perfected, can be practiced whenever one is cold.

The Tibetans also SF eak of other energies called sh ugs or tsal,

They believe this. energy is produced every time a thought is made, or any physical action takes place ..

The production of psychic phenomena depends upon the strength of that energy and the direction in which it is poin ted.

The lamas claim they can charge in anima te 0 b j ccts \ v ith this energy, and that the objects impart it to people and other things which come in COn tact with it


T'eH) I is the name of life energy gi ven by the ancient Chinese.

Tch'i is the vital energy which flows through all living things.

The practice of Chinese acupuncture is based on the flow of this energy through the twelve meridians of the body,"

F.igure l O is an example of some of the meridians of acupuncture ..

These rn erid ians correspond more or ] ess with the tsas mentioned earlier in the section on Tumo,

'The meridians 0 f acu punct ure rna y be detected in a number of . ways by the use of modem inst rumen ts,"

These methods and instruments will be described in some detail in a later section of this paper+



A few (If 111 e maTI}' A ("11 pu nctu re p:1'i 1'1 f s "W n i rh rnA y be Qct{'(:-t('d br m~.[Jn_~ or KrtJiaJl photography, vohage differentials.:. or Ly meanS o CSH chj]J~ ges,



Tch'i is also called CHI/) which originally meant Hair') or breath+

Wang Ch'ung who lived from 27 A.D. to 95 A.D. signified it as .,: ~ prime energy" 'VIr' hich moti va tes the law of nature+

He said that this energy circulates throughout the entire body and regulates the circulation of the blood, digestion, and the autoprotcction of the organism,

Another Chinese word f or this energy is Qi 0 r Ki.lO Qj is usu all y broken down in to two ca tcgo ries by the Chinese, the male and the female, that iSJ the Yang and the Yin,

It is the study of these Ilcws throughout the entire body on which acupuncture is based.

The th co ry is that certain areas bccom e deficient of energy, or become blocked or congested.

In other words, they become un balanced.

The process of acupuncture is the rebalancing of these en ergies by means of massage~ need les, cl cctrical im pulse, laser) or other means of precise stim ula tion.

Some of these techniques will be covered in later chapters.

Mana, Mana Mana, Mana Loa

The ancient Hunas of Hawaii have three names for the IiI e energy ~ 11

Mana, or body waves; Mana Mana, or thinking waves; and Mana' Loa) the spiritu al or psychic en ergy.

Mana Loa is the most highly evolved, and Is the one with the most power to influence all things.



Mana Loa is symbolized as the Stull or provider of an life.

Th e Kahunas believe tha t we have th ree bodies made II p of these energies, each one on a cliff ercn t plane of Iunction.P

These bo di cs are can ed aka bod i es.

The three bodies are each ace om panied by the three forces:

1. Mana + • • Th e body waves or low vol tage vi tal el cctrical force. It can carry chemical substances with it and can flow from person to person. It can take the form of m agnet i Sill and can be stored in wood and in ot her substances+ 1"\ ] arge d ischa rge of this low vo] tage vi tal force j com rnanded by- the "will" can ex er t a para J yzing ef fcc t, or a m esmeri c cf feet resu I t ing in unconsciousness, sleep and the rigid or ca ta Ieptic sta te.

2. J\·Iana Man a . . . Th e b rain wa ves or vita I force of the next higher voltage, used by the conscious mind .in all its think ing and ~ 'willin g~ act i VI ti es.

U sed as ~rill, it can be mesmeric or hypnotic, provided tha t a thought farm is in trod need J n to the rni nd of the subject.

3. M ana Loa . The high vo I ~ age of vita I force I is

thought to be used by the supcrconscious .Ior its various purposcs.

I t is consid ercd to be the mos t PO\V~ rf ul of a] I the psychi c energies,

From the ancient studies and philosophies we progress through time to the western world of the fifteenth century.



Quint essence

Quintessence is the name given life energy or psychic energy by the great alchemist philosopher Paracelsus,

Paracelsus was born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus Pa racelsus von Hohenheim,

He is better known as Parace lsus,

Paracelsus, known as the '( Swiss Hermes," was born in 1490 in the Canton of Schwyz,

He is one of the fathers of modern rnedicine.P Paracclsus considered this energy to fill the whole universe and to be the magnetic light force which is the basis of 3.11 things,

It is believed that Paracelsus succeeded in the impossi ble, that of transm u ti n g other lesser me tab in to gold.

Od or Odic Force

In the early 19 th century, the grea t chern ist, Ba ron Karl von Reichenbach discovered what he called the Od of Odic Light Force."

Reichenbach, an ou tstan ding authority on meteori t es, the discoverer of para fin, the inventor of creosote and pi taco I w as one of th e grea t scien tis ts of E uro pc.

Reichenbach he came interested in people he called human barometers.

These pel) ple were ve ry sens i t ive to wea t her con di tions, and could detect the onset of electrical storms and other dist u rban ces we Ll in advance.

lie discov~;}ed that these individuals. were able to detect rna vnet ic fie I ds and were able to "see" these fields around


magnets and various. crysta! shapes, 13

PYRfLJ!, 1 ID 1)0' v l-' R

On c end of a m agn ct was sa i d to be cold, and b 1 ue in color; the North seeking po lc,

The other end was said to be red in color, and 110t.

'T he sensi t i vcs said th at th ey co u I d see the fj e lds of the hun ian body and d cscr ibed th ese in grca t d eta il,

Th e sens i ti vcs were a b 1 e to detect wi thou t crro r the po] cs of In3gn e ts an d crystals repea t.ed] y using on! 'f their su per senses,

They were able to describe the way the energies in aU things af Icctcd each other.

Reichenbach used a great number of people in his experim en ts and was very ca ref ul to rn ake sure non e of his sub j ects knew each othe r,

A11 th e resu 1 ts correla ted exac tI y from. one scnsi ti ve to the next.

Reichenbach \\1 ro tc several books on the sub j ec t.

011. the Nature of Odic Light

Odic Light exhibi ts the same la ws an d phenorn ena as ordinary visible light .t~

Odic Light may appear in connection with all objects, bu t more especi a 11 Y 'Y\' hen these objects a re un d er the inn u encc 0 f fin e forces such as e lectrici ty thea t, Jigh t, and magn etism,

Wh en Reich en bac h placed meta] pl a t es in the sun lig h t, wi th a wire runn ing from the pla t e in to a da rk room, sensi ti yes saw 0 die flames a ppea r on the end 0 f t he wi rc in the darkened room. The psych] cs coo ld tc I I instan 11 y w hen an assistant unknown to them WDU I d remove the plates from sunlight.



M agnetized \V3 ter was detected without error from \0\1(\ ter l,'\~ hich had not been treated viti th 'magnetic fields, although no instruments were available to Reichenbach to measure Odic Light.

Reic hen ba ch used the best means to ensu re an exact experimental scientific approach to his investigations,

Reichen bach is the first rna. j or western sci en tist to inves .. tiga te these energies,

The first recorded a ttem pt I know of to build an instru .. men t to measure these energies is a device ill ustra ted in Figure rIL10

This device has also been called a S thenomcter.

] t IS basically a very fine balanced needle suspended by a fine silk thread over a calibrated dial.

The enti re uni t Is then suspended in a glass shield preferably made of, quartz.

I t is claimed tha t the device will respond instan t1 y to the vi sua I stirn u] us of the gazc, and to the proximity of the human body.

\Ve sha 11 see later that a similar device has been used by the Russians in their research.

A device of my own creation will also be described.

Mitogenic Rays

In the late 1930 's, Dr. Alexander GUrvich, a Russian scientist, announced to the world an astounding discovery .. That all living cells produce an invisible radiation.

He called this new discovery mitogenic radiation."








Early form of psychic detector called a Sthenometer~



Gurvich claimed these radiations were similar in nature to ultraviolet rays.

In 1930~ Professor Guido Cremonese succeeded in photographing these rays. He published his photogra.phs in a paper entitled I Raggi della vita f 0 to grafatL

. Gurvich claimed that small roots of f reshl y cu t vegetables radiated mitogenic rays as long as the nucleus is. not destroyed.

Gurvich chose the root of a freshly sprouted onion as the "sender" and mounted the root in a tube like a "biological cannon," n

He pointed the root tip at another onion root, the "receiver," also in a tube but with an area exposed on its side.

After three hours, Gurvich counted the number of cells in the exposed area of the receiver and the number of cells on the side not exposed.

There were twenty-Ii ve percent more cells in the area exposed to the biological shooter.

He tried placing sheets of quartz between the sender and the receiver and obtained the same results,

He tried yeast as a recei vet and obtained a thirty percent increase in growth.

In humans, Gurvich discovered that muscle tissue, the cornea of the eye, blood, and nerves were all shooters of what he, called mitogenic rays.

Scientists at a French hospital found that when sick peop Ie held a culture of yeast in the hand the radiations



were changed and killed the yeast whereas a norma] person incre ascd yeast gro\vth~

Gurvich [ormulated the theory of a biological force rid d but his d l scovcry was lost in time lUl til recen tl y.

His. early ~IVO rk \'\0' C sh a 11 1 a ter see is a very im portan t discovcry Jcading to the theory of biological plasrna or bioplasma as the Russians now call this energy.


In 1939) a Soviet electrician, Semyon Davidovich Kir- 1 ian d i 5C over c d a phenomenon \V hie h is now called Ki dian PhQto~~r;1 phy.

1 Ie discovered that the human body, indeed all living things COlJ kl be made to radia te energy which could be photogra plH~d by external stimulation of the bod y by means of high frequency h~gh voltage alterna ring current,

The ra ys appear to follow certain definite lines of force and va r y a (cord ing to mood] health, and emotional activit v.


The Russian:) C~ llcd this fit'd of energy Bioplasmic ene rgy! a sort of col d p lasrn a surroun din g an 11 things. 18

A typical Kirlian setup is shown in Figure IV.

The Kirlian photography apparatus is basically a high frequency oscillator an ywhcre from 100:-000 cycles to 4:)O[)O}OOO cycles per second.

The device produces voltages from 20,000 to lOO~OOO vol ts peak to peak.

By means of va rious elect roo es, a whole new world of color and form comes in to view,












Kirlian photography set-up.



Multicolored flames, flares, sparks, twir ]5, and twinkles, all .in mo tion like a million Roman candles all at once.

A freshly eu t leaf showed a whole panorama of intense energy : after several hours, the leaf appeared as though it was turning of( its lights.

The Kirli an system soon became one of the moot important tools the Russians had in the investigation of life energy ..

Several Kir lian photo gra phs wi 11 be shown in the experimen tal section of this report.

~ "Fhrough Kirlian photography, Soviet scientists discovered the shape and pattern characteristics of the energy fields surrounding aIlli ving things.

They were able to see the living moving double energy bod y of the things, th e au ra in i ts living glory.

The Soviets described the field as an elemcn ta ry plasmalike constellation made of ionized excited electrons, protons, and other particles.

The energy body appeared to be a whole unified organism in itself.

It acted as a unit, and the Russia.ns claim it is the basis of aU biolo g.ical fields.

Sov ict sci en tists claim that oxygen f rom the ai r conta ins th e en ergy w h ich is t ransfo 11 ned into the bioplasmic body,

'1- hi s bea rs a .:s t rikin g rcser II blance to the dcscri ptions of en c rg-y f rom the a l r in the b rca l hing exe rcises in the oriental prana theories+



The Soviets say th a t deep breathing recharges the en ti re biop Iasmic body and h e1 P$ to equalize disturbed energy patterns.

Soviet scientists discovered th is is the reason brc a thing negatively charged ionized air was very effective in rclieving tension and tiredness.

They discovered that d if fercn t colors of light a f f ect the pa t t em 0 £ discharge of the bioplasmic body.

The variou s researchers agree on the f 0 llowing characteristics of vi tal encr gy ~

It could be r cflec ted l ref r ac ted, po la rized, and com bin ~q. with other energies.

It could create effects. similar to magnetism, electricity, heat, and luminous radiations, but was in itself none of these+

1 twas said th at this. odd en crgy from humans coul d be conducted by paper ~ wood, \""001, silk, and many substances tha tare electrical insula tors.

Pyram id P owe r

I n the late 1930' 5-, a Frenchman by the narn e of Bovis was visi ting the G rea t Pyramid of Gizeh while ?n a holiday.

While Bovis was in th c King's Ch aIn bcr he netic ed a ga rba ge can fiIled to the top with sma 11 dead anima Is.

He found small cats, dogs, mice, and 0 ther roden ts completely mummified with no trace of decay or putrcfacnon.


When Bevis asked the keeper of the pyramid a bou t the dead animals, . he replied that small animals. and



rodents wander into the pyramid from time to time and get lost in its vast structure.

\Vhen they can no t find the i r wa y out again the small animals even tua II y starve to death.

The pyramid kee p crs fmd the small bodies and pl ace them in a garbage can for keeping until the can fills up, at which they go bury the contents and start with a new can.

This p recess 11 as been going on in the pyrarni d for thousands of yea rs. l;g

Bevis noticed that there was no odor of decay,

. He picked up one of the small eats in the can and it was com p lctcl Y Inurn m i f ed wi th no sign of pu tref a ction,

Bevis exa mined several of the sma 11 animals and discove red that a] 1 of them were com pJ ete 1 y preserved,

The problem of the mummified animals began to bother Bovis.

As soon as he was back from his tri p he decided to perform an expe rimen t with the shape of the pyramid, He built a three foot base plywood pyramid and placed a freshly dead ca t in the section co rres ponding to the King:'s chamber+

In a f C\V cia yS Bevis had a perfectly mummified cat "vi th no sign of dec a y.

He then began a series of painst aking experimen ts in earnest.

Bevis pIa ced va r lous pcrisha b1 e food i terns in the pyramid and placed controls on the outside of the structure.



Many of the items were thin g.s that spoil vc ry easily such as brain tissue, 1 i ver, eggs~ and ham: bu rger mea t.

In a 11 cases he repo rted no spoilage on i terns placed in the pyramid.

All his con trols had to be thrown ou t bee a use of decay.

Bovis pu blish ed his findin gs, but was not taken sen ~ ousl y by the rna j ori ty of his readers.

A few people ~lid take hun seriously, in the United States) and behind the iron courtain.

In Italy, a milk company packages. all its milk in pyramid shaped containers.

The company claims its milk will keep indefinitely with no ref ri gera tion, ~ 9

Karel Drbal, a Czechoslovakian radio engineer, read Bevis' report and decided to experimen t wi th the pyramid sha pc to determine w ha t he could a bout this strange energy.

Drbal d u p Hea ted Hovis l experiments and wen t off on his 0',\'1) into uncharted terri tory ~

A rna j or problem in the communist countries is the availability of good razor bl ad e steel.

R ussian soldiers only get one razor b1ade a month and it does not last mote than one or two shaves.

Where there. is a need, there is a way+


Drbal wondered if this mysterious energy might have an effect on razor blades,


As a younger man he had been in the anny and recalled tricks h is friends would play on each other,

. They wou ld steal ca eh 0 thcr' s blades at night and place them on the window sUI in the moon light so that the polarized rays from the moon would fall on the blades.

By morning the blades would be dull with no physical evidence they had been tampered with.

Drbal wondered wha t the pyramid po' .... er would do to the blade,

He shaved wi th a blade several tunes and then placed the blade inside a small six inch base pyramid made of ca I'd board.

After a time" he tested the blade and discovered that i t was sharp again.

He Con tinued to place the blade under the pyrami d between shaves and discovered he could shave 20D times with a single blade!

Soon an his friends were sharpening their blades under a pyramid,

\'\lord won spread and Soviet soldiers started building their 0,"\'11 pyramid razor blade sharpeners,

A t the insistence of friends, Drbal applied for a patent on his pyramid razor blade sharpener.

After much q uib bling, he received Czech patent numbet 91301 enti tI ed "Cheeps Pyramid Razor Blade Sharpener. ~~

Drbal had no idea what happened to the blade in the pyramid but he had a theory that the crystal structure



of the blade was deformed hy the process. r ~f sh'lvln~ and that the pyram Ld energy had thc effect or n~j 11 venaling this structure as, long as the blade was not physically damaged.

Psychotronic }!.."nergy

Czech scien tis ts have been ha rd at wo rk invest j g-a tin g pyramid power and other forms of "sh aped pO\yer. ~ ~

A Czech engineer ~ Robert P a v li t a has COIUC up wi th a n um ber of in t cresting devices he call s ~ 'psychotron ic genera tors."

These devices resemble modem art scu l pturings made of meta 1, wood, and paper. 1Ji

At least one American scientist has: visited Pavli ra and ex arnincd his genera tors and could detect no fraud."

It is claim ed that the various generators can create mechanic a 1 movcmcn t ~ purify w a tcr, an d att ract magnetic and nor i lnagnetic partie les, even under wa ter [

The Czechs have been very hush hush about the devices and have revealed nothing that can be evaluated properly.

It would appeal' that the pyramid shape is a clue to these devices.

I was informed of a standing order that was in effect during \Vorld War II to all American pilots stationed in Egypt.


All pilots were told not to fly over the Great Pyramid bece use the instruments went ha ywire if they did.



I interviewed one pilot who did, and he said his instrumen ts stopped working completely.

Apparently lower insects cannot stand this energy.

One perron ~por tc d tha t maggo t_g lef t meat if a p yramid was placed over the maggot infested meat.

He said the maggots left and starved to death rather than go back to the meat.


Chapter 3


In 19 j 8, when I was f ourteen years old, a close friend of mine, Lou Ma cko, a television re pairm an in Houston, Texas told me of a most unusual phenomenon,

He told me of a device that waul d transmit sound to the brain wi thout using the ears.

The description of the device h ad been given to him by a complete stranger when he had visited Chicago,

The device consisted of two copper mesh scrub pads wi th wires attached to them.

The pads were placed in a pair of plastic bags to act as insulators.

The wires were then connected to the high voltage side of an audio OU tpu t transformer w hich was connected backto-back with the output of an ordinary record player.

The resul t is shown in Figure V.

The voltage from the Hi Pi was stepped up a bit and a pplied to the pads+

If the pads were placed on the skin of the head in the vicinity of the temples, one 'would "hear" the sound from the Hi Fi as if it were coming from within the head Itself,


The i tern at that time had no practical advantage as it was extreme! y distorted,


PYRA M 1D PO\-\' .... I~

A good deal 0 f the sound seem ed to be missing as if it were eu t off.

I TC5C.:'lrc he d a t the libra ry and discovered th e phcnomcnon was known as far back as l80n and was discovered by Volta.

It 'lj.V31': called elecrrop honic hearing.

J t. was bell eved that the ph en omcnon was rnerel y the action of the muscles being eke tri cally stimu la ted and affcc tin g the boo es in the ear by means or m inu te muscle vibration.

I exam ined the signal from the d cvice by oscilloscope and discovered the sound came through in a blast when the transformer was overloaded and produced a sharp spike or ringing on the wave fonn.

I soon discovered that the real information was corning through only w h en this ef feet occurred.

This explain cd why onl y parts of the music and voice cam e th roug h.

I reasoned th at the true carrier 0 f informa tion was a radio signal due to the oscillation produced by shock exci ta tion of th e combined circuit of the transformer and the pa ralle I tuned circuit formed by the electrodes and the human body.

I started ex peri men ting wi th tile- unit using a high freq uency osci 11 a tor of my O\,,"Il des igTI and discovered a .reson ancc in the circuit around 40) DDO cycles per second.

I soon £000 d that the resonan t freq ucncy l.VOU ld change a btu ptly wi th emotions and general body changes.



The ca pacita nee of the electrodes, therefore the dielectric constant of the skin, ch angcd a bru ptl y from the sli gh test outside stim ul us.

The dielectric constant of the skin would change by several orders of magnitude in a fraction of a second!

The ex pe rirncntal arrangement for measuring resonance is illustrated in Figure V I .

After preliminary measurement of parameters, I designed the original N europhone which is illustrated in my patent on the device.

The device was essentially a high voltage frequency modulated radio transmitter of low powe r ..

1 ts frequency was adjustable to correct for changes of resonance.

The original unit was hand ad justa ble, Later units were automatically tuned for maximum resonance.

The addition of the resonant radio carrier wa ve made the difference.

The sound from the device was fantastic, like sound from another world,

The normal frequency response of the ear was ex tended beyond normal boundaries and there was no distortion.

I began experimenting with a Dumber of people who were considered to be totally nerve deaf, that is, they were unable to hear anything, even with what is knO\\71 as

)" .

bone conduction ..

The resul ts were spectacular. 29







Early experimental N crrrophone.




Measuring resonance,




A UTBOR'S BACKGROUND,. TIll N EUROPHONE People who had not heard in years were now hearing sounds they only dreamed of ever reca pturing,

A patent was applied for l' and my research continued.

The press lea rned of my discovery and articles a p .. peared on the front pages of 300 newspapers, and it was picked up by news syndic a tcs and in terna tional maga ... zines around the world,

U FE did an article in September of 1962.

The results were as spectacular as the discovery. We received h und reds of thousands of letters from all over th e world. Letters came from as far a wa y as Tasm ania addressed only to Pat Flanagan, Inventor, Texas, U.S.A.

The U 7 S+ Postal service did a specta cular job in g etting the mail to the right party.

There were many N europhone discoveries not made public.

On occasions the device stirn ula ted perfect tel ep a thic contact between one Or more persons, often wi th start! ~ ing results.

I had read many books on the subject, and had practiced Yoga from the age of eight; and now 'we were witnessing a new phenomenon-electronically induced telepathy+

These telepa th ic me id en ts were kept under 'WTa ps for f ear of ridicule.

Aura Phatpgraphy

One evening I was working in my photographic darkroom while listening to music over the N europhone.


Pv HA1IID I' ow ER

I often listened to III usic wi th the device as it produced the most plea san t sensa tion o f "h ca rin g:~] through the nerv es, as i t were.

When 1 developed a print from my enlarger, I discovered all 0 U tll 11 e of VIr' ha tar pearcd lobe a finger on the paper.

It ha d lines of energy surround! n g it in a sort of halo+ I tried another prin t and got the same rcsu 1 ts.

I then switched the N europhone off and the finger picture disappeared.

I t urned the uni t back on~ la i d my finger on th e paper and got another print sur rou n d ed by an A IJ RA [

A copy of the print is shown in Figure \TIL

On further experimentation with leaves from plants, and ot her living t hin g~ I became con v inced that I had made another di scovery, a method of photographing the long sought AU RA described in occult texts,

I soon discovered the energy changed in rnuch the same way the dielectric skin constant changed, that is, according to mood, food, an d sta tc 0 f the erne tions,

Later I read reports from the Soviet U n ion on the subject of Kirlian Photography and was very pleased to learn that th e system was also in 115.e in other areas.

From my nwn research, I believe the mechanism involved in Kirli an photography is one of the stim u la ted emission of ultraviolet rays from the bodv when it is

~ .

excited by high Irequency, high voltage resonant signals

COlI pled to the body.




Kirlian photograph of fingcr~

The above P~QI:(}grs:ph ie; ~mila.r in nature to the 00l1li graph of my fmger taken WJth the NEUROPHONE in T



There is an excitation of "mi togenic' ~ radiation by the dissociation of atoms on the skin ~ s surface.

These rays then follow the lines of force surrounding the body.

The Jines of force fonn acorn plex matrix around the body which the Russians call the bioplasmic body.

These lines of force are a lso coincident with the described aura known to the mystery schools of the Far East.

At last we had a tool for "seeing' J these energies.

By measuring the brightness of the UV radiation thus stimulated, one could get a quantitative readout of the relative strengths of energy in a living organism.

I thus had my first device for measuring bio-energy or biocosmic energy as I now call it.

As a result of my early experience with Kirlian photography and the" rad LO field of the N europhone as well as the occasional stimulation of telepa thy, I became intensely interested in the effects of the various energy fields surrounding man.

I made an intensive study of the electrical field around and on the human body, the changes In dielectric constant of the skin" the changes in resistance of acu puncture points, and the various voltage differentials present on

the surf ace of the body, .

I was convinced that man's body is a complex integrated electronic system,

The following' is a brief description of some of these 34

AUTHOR"S BACKGROUND, THE N:E:UROPBONE measurernen ts as well as some of the equi pmcnt devised to measure these things.

1.· Dielectric Skin Constant! Figure VI shows the basic test set up for measuring the changes of dielectric skin constant by changes in resonance of a tuned circuit using the body as a live dielectric constant of the ca pacitor circuit.

By measuring the frequency of resonance in open air and on the body, standard electronic formulas will reveal the dielectric constant of the body.

The dielectric constant changes over a very wide range depending on emotions.

In one test, I drank one ounce of pure amino acids and my body capacitance changed from 100 picofarads to 0.1 microfarad in three minutes !

There are instantaneous changes that occur with thinking, very similar to changes in GSR.

2. GS R M easuremen ts : Figure VII I is a circuit diagram of an instrument for measuring GSR changes in the body of man and in plants.

This device is very sensitive to any change in the system and is adjustable from short circuit to open circui t.

Earl y experiments with the device indicated a drastic change in resistance when the electrodes were placed on acupuncture points.


This system is used by the Russians to detect these points,"



"'1 +

~8 9
z: ~
~!W!:::J +
)( FIGURE VIII GSR measuring bridge..



Depending on the size of the electrodes, the resistance of the skin will change from 1,OOOjOOO ohms to as little as 21- 000 ohms when correct. acupuncture points are found.

The Russian coun terpa rt of this device is call ed a "tobi-

scope, "1 ~ .

As we will see later, this device can be used for detecting biocosmic energy "\0\1 hen it is used wi th a live en li ty as a readout sensor.

The tobiscopc is basically a very sensitive ,"Vhcatstone bridge adjusted to detect changes in skin resistance.

The unit used only for acupuncture points Can be simplif jed considerably.

It can be made to emit a loud beep when an acupuncture point is found.

The unit js used a s follows: The electrodes can be used in DNO wa YS;j ( 1) bi la te ral and (2) unilateral.

In the bilateral mode, the electrodes are usually two small balls on the ends of test instrument type probes.

In this mode, a test is made to determine the changes in resist ance of the body f rom idcn tica 1 Inca tions on either side, say two identical acupuncture points on the right and left sides.

The Chinese and Russians cla irn th at there is a semicond UC tor eff cct f rom one side of the body to the next, th at is there is a change in rcsis tan c~ be l \ ... Tcn hVD points depending on the po lari ty of th e electrodes.

A ~ the pol ari ty is swi tchcd t.h e dif f cren tia 1 in skin re .. sistancc ben .. vecn those points is. detc nn i ned by the a moun t of un bal ancc of TC H~ I j n the body circuit s.



When the flow of energy is balanced, there is no change in polarity.

Th is techniq u e of measuremen t is often used to determine the 3In oun t of unbalance in the meridians of acu puncture+

'The pa. tien t is tb en treated until th e meri dians are balanced."

In the uni la terial mode of opera tion, one electrode is clipped to the car, and the other one, the ball electrode is run over the surface of the body in sea rch of the acupuncture point of interest.

The acu punet ure points: are only one millimeter in diameter and are very hard to find wi thou t this inst rumen t.

The Chinese have catalogued over 1, 000 of these points. Q

Skin I/" oliage Differential

Csing electrodes described in the GSR instrument, a sensi tive eli f f erential volt meter can be used to chart the energy flows of the body.

The voltage range of interest is in the O~ 100 mv range.

The bilateral semiconductor effect is again observed, this time as a change in polarity from side to side de-

pending on the un balance. "

Static Voltage Field Around Body

There a lso exists around a llliving things a static voltage field.

Th is fi eld changes wi th conditions and can be affected by the mind.



A static field intensity meter of simple design is shown in Figure IX+

This uni t measures the relative values of field intensity around the body and in the a tmosphere.

It shows potential as well as polarity+

'I be unit can be easily calibrated.

The instrumen t is basic a By an clcc tronic electroscope with an air capacitor pro be.

This device can be used to measure th e effects of bio energy on living and non living things as we win describe later.

Vvi th the proper outboard equipment and fiI ters, this instrumcn t can pick up the heart beat of a. person due to the changes in the static field around the bod y ~

'Vi th a device of this sort, the hea rtbea t can be picked up as far a wa y as three feet.

Magnetic Field A round the Body

The body also has a magnetic field around it which

can also be measured. .

The equi plllcn t requ ired is very elaborate and expensive. Onl y great pain or emotional stress can crea te enough change to be detected with an ordinary compass needle.

In times of stress the magnetic field of the body can approximate that of the earth.

An experimen t can easily be performed to demonstra te this.

I have done it but it is not for the sq ueamish, 39






- w



The penon to be measured is to lie down on his back on the floor.

An ordlnary magnetic compass is suspended over the solar plexus region of the body a few inches above,

If the subject is then given pain, as in a severe pinch, the compass needle will deflect considerably.

The effect is most strongly noted in the area of the solar plexus.

Soviet scientists have measured the field around psychics and have found vast changes in this field as certain psychic phenomena are performed."

From the previous discussion, it is readily apparent tha t the bodies of Jiving things are surrounded by a li ving ~ moving, biologically com plex field structure.

My interest in the electronic fields of the human body expanded into the effects of the environment upon the body.

Man is living in a sea of energy of which he is not usually awa reo

Our own body senses are very limited compared with the energies around U&

Weare surrounded by electrostatic, magnetic, light, gravi ta tional and other fields of which we are not normally aware, j

In light energy, we are only aware of Jess than 0.01 % of the total available light which surrounds us,



HoVL-~ do these un pc reci ved fi elds affect our sensi tive sern iconduc tor bodies?


,Vha t affects. do these fi e 1 d s have on ba sic life processes?

The most observable fields surrounding- us are the magnetic fields of the Earth, and the electrostatic field gradiem from the ionosphere to the surface.

u agnetic Field

The magnetic field of the earth averages a bou t. 0.5 Gauss and has a particular configuration, intensity, and mode of behavior,

I t is subject to continuous pulsations. of low magn i tude at frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 100 cycles per second, wi th rna. j 0 r com pon en ts at 8- to 16 cycles per second.

An y psychology text will in f orm us tha t the average frequencies of brain VI/aves tal! precisely in this range,

This falls into the area of biological entrainment of the h uman b rain of 10.;.v f req uency radiation.

As the Neurophone activates the acoustic senSOTS of the brain, perhaps. the pulsating magnetic field of the ea rth stimula tes the normal brain r h ythm,

Electrostatic Field of the Earth:

The earth is su rrounded by a high voltage electric field.2~

This field extends from the ionosphere to the surface and the pot en tial diff eren ce is between 300,000 and 400,000 vol ts.

The earth 's surface is negatively charged, the atmosphere 42


is positively charged except in certain areas as in thunder storms,

The charge on the earth is generated and maintained by the action of high voltage atomic particles called cosmic ra ys. and the action of short wa ve ultra -violet light emitted by the sun .

. During solar flares the output of these rays can be tremendous and produce rna gnetic storms on the earth.

These storms have vast effects on the earth and on life. The existence of this field has been known since 1752.

The p osi tive field produces a voltage gradient across the atmosphere.

This gradi en t a pproaches ~ 00 to 300 volts. per meter ncar the surface of the earth.

This voJtage can be as high as several thousand vol ts per meter de pending on humidity, storms, etc.

Expe rirnen ts have shown that this field is an important factor af f ectin g Iif c.

It h as been shown that plants deprived of this field do not grow properly.

Pian ts whose seeds are sprou ted in a high in tensi ty field of this type sprout some four days earlier and grow three times as fast as plants in a low energy electrostatic field. 24:

A d l awam of this energy field and the field around a man "s body are shown in Figu rc X.

The reason we do not fed this fieJd is that our bodies




I +-+




+ + + +


+ +


+ + +



Distortion 0-1 earth's field around the hod y of a man, note similadty to fields described as auras,



are at ground potential and the field tends to warp and distort i tself around the body as shown in th~ diagram,

It is interesting to note that the shape of the field is the same as the shape of fields described by mystics as the aura+

The shape of this field can be measure d wi th the dec .. tronic electroscope shown in Figure IX.

It is interesting to note that the pola rity of the field around the body is sometimes changed by certain Illnesses."

A circuit equivalent of this field is diagrammed in FigureXI.

The total energy flowing to the earth at an y given moment is 400,0C)() volts times the leakage current of 1800 amps or a total of 700,000 1000 watts,

There are 300 thunderstorms going on at all times all over the earth.

It j s believed that these storms maintain the equilibrium of the charge on the earth by maintaining the voltage difference.

The structures in which we live aI ter and shape this field as do our bodies,

Our modem metal buildings tend to be a Faraday cage and com pletel y elimina te the effects of this natura! £icld.24

I t has been shown by research that elimination or reversal of this field can have negative effects on people augmenting fatigue, irritability, and natural apathy."



60- MILES +400,000 VOLTS







Equi va k::n t circuit of earrh's electrostatic voltage field.



Recent tests have shown that an artificially produced field of this type as high as 10,000 volts per meter has the effect of eliminating fatigue, and improving brightness discrimination. 2~

These fields increase the rate of spontaneous electrical. impulse generation by the nerves.

One theory of sleep and wakefulness is based on the num her of electrical impulses reaching the brain at any one time.

The beneficial effects of this field are a pparen tl y due to the combined action of the positive field and suspended negative ions in the air.

Most tests run on the eff ects of negative ions in the air 'were run wit hOD t regard to the establishm ent 0 f the proper voltage field to go along with the ions.

T ests run on the effects of nega ti ve ions in a proper electrostatic field have all been favorable.

The table which follows gives the gross results of the tests run by NASA:

Performance Improved Decreased
Work Capacity Increased
Disposi tion Cheerful Depressed
Reaction tim e Decreased Increased
Eq uilibri urn Improved
Vitamin M eta holism Enhanced
Pain Relieved
Allergic Disorders Relieved
Bum Recovery and
Healing: Enhanced
47 PVR..L\.I\;.fID PO\'VER

Molecules of oxygen form negative ions, the positive ions arc f 0 ruled bv ca r bon d lOX id e rno lecules,


Thi s brings us back to the theory of prana and energy from the breath .

. Raymond Bernard," postulates that the energy from the air Or prana ~ is due to the negative ions :in the air.

Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of th e Covenan t is described in Exodus 25: 10-21 as being: a 1arge box made of acacia wood and lined inside and out VI':l th a layer of pure go] d.

The description of the Ark is of a very large electric capacitor,

If an Ark as described was bu i1 t and placed in the earth's electrostatic field and charged, it would have a charge of some 60n to lOOn volts and would have enough stored charge to kill anything that touched it.

The Ark is supposed to have had the po\vcr to kill, by

some mysterious energy.

I believe it killed by an electric charge

The size of the Ark is. exactly the same as the coffer in the Ki ng~ s chamber of the Pyramid of Gizeh.


Chapter 4


I read with great interest the report by Bevis describing his discovery of the mummifying power of the shape of the Grea t Pyrarni d.

Having been experimenting and measuring bio-energy wi th the N europhone and various other instruments described earlier ~ I began a series of in tensi ve exp erimen ts on the shape of the Great Pyramid to see if I could discover its great secrets.

I began by d u plica ting Bovis' ex pc ri men ts with pyramids of variou s dimensions.

Using Kirlian photography, GSR, voltage differential, and electrostatic fields) I was able to measure the differences of va rious pyram ids and their eft ects on living organisms such as plants and people,

The very first experimen ts were in the a rea of preserving hamburger meat, Ii vcr ~ eggs~ and milk.

The first experimen ts were very encouraging.

I t was strange to realize I had taken small pieces of cardboard and made a simple shape that could concentrate some sort of energy that would mummify food "W-ithout any externa 1 pc)"\\'-er source,

My controls all g-ot so bad I had to th row them awa y.

Bevis and Drbal had indica ted in thei r reports tha t the energy was focu sed in the King's Chamber level


a bout one third up f rom the base in the mi de: lle 0 f the

pyramid. .

M y 0"\0\11 research. indi cates that the energy is present throughout the pyramid.

I was able to mummify food anywhere in the pyramid.

By ca rcfu 1 me asurem en t, I was a bl e to d eterrninc that the max i111Um concen tra tion. of eff eet 'was in the Kin g's Chamber, but there were effects in the other areas of the w ho le pyramid.

Further research with various materials of construction reve aled f urth er dues as to the na tu re of the ph enornenon we were investigating.

A sf-Ties of en ergy measuring machines '~N ill be described.

Some 0 f these machines measure the effects of the energ)' on other th ings, others are esoteric machines which a r~ ext rem ely sophist' ca ted dowsin g devices th at rely on the human computer as a readout detector.

I have tried various other geometric shapes ot.h er than the pyramid and have not had the results obtained with the exact shape of the Pyramid of Gizeh

Other geometric structu res such as cones, icosahedrons, dodcc a h ed rons, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, greater stella ted dodecahedrons, etc. all have sha pe characteristics, but these other shapes do not have any effects demonstra ted by the exact pyramid ilia pe to be descri be d,

A mathematical description of the basis of geometry of the P yramid of Cizeh £0110 \-\' S.


Chapter 5


The Great Pyramid of Gizch j sap recise m a thema ti cal structure based on the rna t hema tical ratio of PH I (~),. and PI (w-} L

Since PI can be accurately Mated in terms of PHI, we sba 11 base our rna thema tics on PHI (T).

The Sacred Cut or GCJlden Section

PHI is an unending ratio as is PI.

The m ystical number is as old as history +

VVhat is known as normal phy lotaxis or leaf distribu tion in plants. is rcpresen ted by a curious system of numbers known as a summation series j also called the Fibonacci series,

The succeed ing terms beginning with the lowest whole n um ber are 0 btaincd by adding together the two preceeding terms.

Thus: 1 ~ 2~ s, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55~ B9~ 144_t 233~ 377, 610, 987, 1597 ~ 2584 ... etc.

This produces the ratio of PHI or 1.618033989 . . . etc; which is obtained by di viding anyone term 0 f the SUr.Ll ... rna don series by its predecessor +

The higher the terms, the closer the ratio to PHI~ 51





11 21 34 55 89

144 233 :177 610


2/1 3/2



8/5 13/8 21/13 34/21 55/31- 39/55

144/89 233/144 377/233

=2~OOOOOOO =----= 1. 5000000 =1.6666066 =1.6000000 ::=1.6250000 .:-~-J .6153 R1-5 =1.6190476 =1.6176470 ~1.6181818 ::;:::1.61 79775 =1.61B0555 ~L6180257

The series con tin ues on an d on.

PHI is also known as the SACRED Ce'T.

This is rCpl"CS1'11 ted by the f ac t that it is th e exa ct fa tio in which we can divide a line AC by B in such a manncr that i\,C/AB--.1Jit 8 ..

This magic ratio was used in the Renaissance by all the great Masters and is considered tn be the most aest hetic proportion of ill vision.

A ........ ---------. __ 8-+1 c



The body of man is divided by this ratio.

The sacred five pointed star' s diagonals divide each other by this ratio,

These proportions occur throughout nature.

PI expressed in tenus of PHI is as follows:

o .-, 0.5 -·1- V 5 2

0~ ..... 0 +- I

IT ;:=: 02 X 6/5


L61S03 3892 ~--=.::: 2.6 IB0339Q X 1.2 ._. -


'10 error: : ... 0.0015 'YQ!





The above study hy Leonardo Da Vinci shol'r& the golden section as a basis of measurement on the L.umon body.

The sacred proportion appears throughout nature, and is the: governing ratio in the great pyramid.




AC/AB ~ t/J


AD/DE =,

CEIDE ;:::: ~


The pentagon. and five pointed star are divided in the proportion of the golden section.

0'"-== y2
I I "', 2 -1- 2
I ,
1 I \
I I \
~I \
l 111 l 1/2 J .6l8 I 1.618 = r/l


COl1st ruction of the golden section by means of two squares and a compass,



Some Measurements of the Great Pyramid'S

or. 1 h . 1 .5 813~~

TI gma Clg 1 t _--_ ..... ~~ __ ._ .. y~ •• ~ .. ~----.~-.~~.. ~

Base m easuremen t~ en e face ~.-.- ~------- .. ' .. " .. -~----'-r-.~~ 9, 131 "

Ac tual hei ght, by d cst ruct ion . ~_ -------~ .. ~ __ --:) ~ 49Ef;

Edge, face, corner to apex .... ~.~. _ .. ~ .. ~ .. -----~ .. _.JJ,684n

Apothem, cen tcr of base to face of a pex ... ~ .. __ ~ ... 7 -,3 8 7~~

Base a nglc~ face to ground ~-~-- .. __ .. ~ .. _~.~~ ~.~._51 (J 1 7~ 14';

Apex, in terfacia I angle ~-.~ ~ .. ~-------~ ~ ~---7 6 0 1 7132tJ

Edge to ground level .. __ ~ _. . ------.- 4·1 v 5 9-- 50''-

Dihedral angle) face to face, edge ---.---~-~ _106u 54'

Apex,. edge to edge .. ~~ ~- ~ .. --.~ ~ .. ~-----~-~ --.--.---9600

Circuit of the base ~ ~~.----.~-.~ ~.~-----~~ ~_3 6)521. 24n

One terrestrial year equals .3 65.24 da yS ]

Sum of base diagonals --~~- ....... __ ~ . __ .---~~ .... ~ .. 25182 7";

The precession of our eq uin ox is 25 ~82 7 years!

Volume of the pyramid ~.~_-----.~ ... __ .... ~~-----~90~OOO~OOO Itt

Area covered ~ .. , .. ~ .. ~-----_".~_, .. ~.Y------~-.~ 13 sq u arc acres

'V cigh t _ .. . . __ ._- . . ~.- .. ~ .. __ .. __ .. . .. .5 ~9:5 5 ~ (}OO -TONS

The num her five appears throu ghout the pyramid: five sides, five comers.

The temperature inside the King's .Chamber is 6H[J Fahrenhei t.

This is exactly one fifth the distance mercury is raised in a tube between freezing and the boiling paint of water at Sea Level.

This is also the optimum temperature for health and long life.


j\'[.\THE)-IATrcs OF 'l'H'£ GREAT PYRA:\UU

One half the base of the Pyramid divided into the a pothem is equal to PI-II (c)).

F or example =



Com pared to the base, the edge length of the face of the Pyramid is 4.970 less: 8681/9131 ==0.9509998.

The height of the Pyramid is 36.4· % less than the base: 5813/913.1.=0.636622'1·.

Rebtion of 9 D]dllN"l sr)ctioo in GW-8t Pyr.tlmTd

1.74 ~

1 Sid", of Groot P)'toilMid

Mo£!I,fISlIra meni== in pyNIl'flid incl.1;II$

4565."5" Ctms wdion of SMM Pyramid. Me.Els~r-emi!lnts In PYramid ~ncba5.





~~. ~

,iL .1:

,r ' ,If ~n; m,iIl-=. ;, nd' ~'~~ni f! .

IF'.- us "11fr(



IFiI)C -lnE '~T_-

~,~bi'~mmd cd ILlli., ,G:li\m ~ P~fIIha,mJi. igE' (;,",- ,~,


The shafts 1 ead from the North and South faces of the pyramid into the chambers.

The King's coffer is exactly the same size as the Biblical Ark of the Covenant.

The coffer .is 89.90568 inches long, 38.69843 inches wide and 41.21319 inelle5 high in its exterior measurements.

The sum of the length, width, and hejgh t of the coffer is equal to 1/5 of the sum of the length, width, and height of the King's Chamber itself.

The sides are close to six inches thick and the bottom seven inches.

The bu ilders of the Great Pyramid a ppa rently knew more of the exact dimensions of the earth than modem science up until the International Geophysical Year of 1957w195S+

The French meter, the standard measuremen t in Europe, the metric system stand a rd, is based on the size of the earth.

The French meter was. a rrived a t by taking one lO,OOO,OOOth part of the quadrant of the earth as calcula ted from the North Pole to the Eq ua to r, alon g the meridian passing through D unkir k.

As the earth is not a perfect sphere) th e sa id dis tance is not a true quadrant, hence it is not truly scien tific to deterrnine a un..i t of stra i gh t measure from such a surface.


If we divide the earth's polar radius by the Egyptian Sacred Cubit, we get the figure of 10,000,000 exactly!



Hence th e pyramid inch is the 500,000, OOOth part of the ea rth ~ s polar diameter.

Th us the designer of the Great Pyramid long foresta1 led modern man in having a unit of measure based on the size of the ea rib, and therefore knew the exact dimensions of the ea rth. 2~

The Great Pyramid is situated exactly on the 31 Q 9' meridian east of Greenwich, and on the 29058"' 51 n North Latitude+

This location is extremely significant as these meridians if extended exactly divided the land masses of earth into cq ual areas!

The pyramid is aligned within 4 minutes of a degree of th e polar axis or True North.

This alignment is exceedingly sharp as the best modern science can do is the Pa ris Observa tory which is 6 min utes of a degree off True North.

I t is my be] ief that the pyramid was exactly on true north an d the grca teart hqua Ire 0 f the 13 th ern tury shifted it slightly.

I also believe as a resul t of further research to be described later" that the earth's true and magnetic north poles were exactly aligned at tha t time,

The casing stones of the pyramid were cu t and fitted wi th such precision that the j oi n ts, each with an area averaging 35 squa re feet, are no thicker than 0.001 inches,


yet between each one is a thin film of cement.

Modem chemists have anal y.zcd th e cement but have 61


been unable to com pound on e of such fineness and tenacity as the cement in the Great Pyramid.

It is obvious from the above information that the Great Pyramid of Cizch was built by minds of great genius, and constructed by a means we can not conceive.

The great bui Id ing obviously was not built by a barbarian race for the purpose of housing mummi es,

In fact the ba r barian race that bull t the pyramid would have to have had a know ledge of rna thema tics only attributed to Pythagoras some several thousand years after the pyramid was supposed to have heen constructed.


Chapter 6


As a result of preliminary research, I began a series of serious research projects on the pyramid itself.

The foJlowing is a list of pyramids in ta hula r fonn:

F ace Dimensions Pyramid
I -
6# 5.7N 3.811
12'; 11.4 ...... 7.6~1
24" 22.B~1 15.3J't
36'''; 34.:311 22.9N
72" 68.SEf The dimensions are based on the exact dimensions of the Py ramid of Gizch.

These are some of the dimensions of pyramids used in my experimental wo rk.

Based on the fact that the Pyramid of Gizeh is the onI y pyramid in the war ld that is vcn t t la ted, I ha ve also experimented with pyramids. with windows in the sides.

The windows are holes up to 1/3 of the base length in diameter+

Th e hol cs do not. de tr ac t from the fun ct i On and seem to a ctu all y aid the p rocesses going On inside the st rue t ure4



The pyramids were made of various rna ter ials including cardboard, wood, plaster, plexiglass, steel, copper, aluminum, cement and combinations of the above materials.

The materials used did not affect the results very m uch, however the size and orientation was of primary im portance,

rat first bel ieved the pyramid to work best when it was aligned to true north, however, after very careful research, I discovered the best alignment to be magnetic north, contrary to the alignment of the Great Pyramid,

This leads me to believe the Great Pyramid was built at a time when the earth's Held was aligned to the polar axis.

I t is not unusual for the po]es to shift.

At the time of the writing of this paper, the earth's magnetic poles are shifting at a rate of 17 feet per month. 30

In the duplication of Bovis' experimen tSJ many perishable food items were tried in the pyramids of various shapes and sizes. of different materials, and different o rien ta tions, and in different locations in the pyramid itself,

The results of these experiments indicate that the best alignrnen t is according to the magnetic axis,

An experiment to determine the validity of this theory was performed by the use of an external permanent magnetic field.

This is illustrated on Figure XVL 64




/ 1/ I / I I I I I I


Testing the effeets of external magnetic fields on the pyramid.



The pyramid was a six inch base cardboard one,

The magnets are 5 inch alnico, the fie Ids a re on the order of 300 Gauss,

W ith the system d escribed, I wa s able to get In umrni fica tion of the foodstuffs with ANY alignment of the se t, as long as the pyramid itself was aligned to the magnetic fields as shown,

The tables regarding the various food experirn en ts are given in my earlier paper, The Pyramid and Its Relation .. ship to Bi ocosmic En er gy. a 1

My contribution to the field in food mummification is in the discovery that the pyramid will preserve food in any part of th e s tructure as well as in the King's Chamber as reported by Bevis,

RaZOT Bl ad es

In the duplication of Drbal's razor blade sharpener, the following discoveri es were made:

Whereas Drba 1 th eori zed the crystal structu re of the blade reformed, I believe the pyramid prevents a dulling effect due to contamination of the surface by skin oils and acids as well as the chemicals in shaving creams and soaps.

I shaved over 200 times with the blade treated in the pyramid. I also shaved an equal number of times with another blade by rinsing my razor 0 U t in pu re de- ion ized distilled water after eveTY shave.

My razors no rmall y go bad in. three or four shaves. There rna y also be a sh arpcning effect of a sort by the action of ener gy discha rge from the sharp edges of the blade.



I t is well known that any sharp obj ect charged with any energy, whether magnetic, electromagnetic, or electric tends to concentrate and discharge from sharp sur" faces and po in ts when placed in a charged system,

From this point on, the experiments to be described are entircl y the results of my own discoveries in the field ..

Effect$ of Pyramid Energy on Living Organisms

The effects on the pyramid were tested on plants and human sub j ects,

Measurement of changes in the organism were made by means of Kirlian photography, GSR measurements of acu puncture pain ts~ .Alpha wave detectors, and sub j ec .. tive responses,

Kirlian Measurements

The Kirlian photography set up is the same as illustra ted in Figure IV.

The basic circuit of the oscillator is shewn in Figure XVII.

The unit is a high frequency high voltage oscillator operating at 2 megahertz.

The oscillator voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to one hundred kilovolts by varying the spark gap over a limited range.

A timer ¥ included in the primary line of the transformer to obtain precise exposures.

In practice, the unit is adjusted in a dark room so there 67

hRAMlO PO'\o\'FR

~ 'll:TT

HIgh frequem:y high voltage oscillator fur Kirlian photography.



is no visible corona discharge from the 0 b j ect to be photographed.

The only energy remaining is invisible ultra-violet light. Almost any film may be used with the system from Koda color to Polaroid.

This unit is a valuable tool for the study of the energy fields around living things.

Severa 1 hundred photographs were made of finger- . prints. and leaves before and after trea tmen t with the pyramid.

Photographs were taken in both color and black and white.

The color photographs are particular ly striking as. they show changes in color as well as changes in brilliance and bioplasmic structure.

Figures X\'III and XIX are typical examples of photographs obtained with this technique.

Figure XVIII is composed of photographs of a man's fingerprint before and after treatment with the pyramid .. The voltage setting and timing of the print remain the same.

The subject was placed in a simple 6 foot base vinyl plastic pyramid properly aligned to the magnetic poles.

The treatment of the subject was for ONE MIKUTE in the pyramid.

The effect of the pyramid varies, I t sometimes takes as long as half an hour in the unit to obtain similar results.






Kirlian pllotograph5 of same fin ger one min ute apart. Defore and alter p 1<1 trcutrncnt.






Kir 1 j an photographs of th e same leaf, rive minutes apart, before and after treatment. in pyramids.



The aura or band of energy around the finger is rounder and larger than the aura in the first photo.

The fact that the energy content of the picture is larger and the shape is more rounded indica ted an increase in aura withou t any loss of energy.

A more dramatic effect was obtained with a geranium leaf as illustrated in Figure IX+

The leaf had been 0 ff the plant for half an hour when the first photo Wag taken.

The energy field was almost completely gone as the leaf was dying.

In the next photograph the aura has increased consider ... a bly showing the recovery from only five minutes treat ... men t in a small six inch base pyramid made of card board, again properly aligned to the magnetic poles.

The best results were obtained when the pyramids were set up outside the building.

The reason for this will be described in the next section on theory.

In the second photo, the leaf is fi1 led to the brim, and many of the black spots are now filled wi th light,

TIle Kirli an techn ique can be used to obtain an ininstant measure of the result of various en~rgy techniques: such as Yoga breathing, meditation, and the effects of foods such as natural vs chemically grown, alcohol vs Ginseng, ozone VB- oxygen, etc .


GSR Effects

Figure VI I I is an exam ple of a semi ti ve electronic 71


bridge for measu ring minute as well as gross changes in GSR Or galvanic skin resistance in living organisms+

The unit is extremely versa tile a.s it can be balanced for measurement over a very 'wide range' of input val ues,

The unit rna y be coupled to a recording oscillograph, or other means for pennanen t records of results.

Th e sensi tivi ty can be a dj usted to detect minute changes in resistance.

The norm a I electrode arrangement for plants is. by means of Cerman Silver electrodes.

The electrode arrangement is illustrated in Figure XX+

The clcc trodcs should be cleaned with emery paper before every we.

The plant leaf should be free of dust.

Th e elec trodes nla y be held in place by means of alliga tor eli ps.

The stand and Ilexiblc wire arrangement are necessary to prevent stress on the lea f.

Liq ui d el ectrodes have been tried ~ but I prefer the arrangemen t illustrated.

Small pro be type electrodes have been tried with some gra tif ring resul ts, but these have to be tested some more before these results are released+

The th eory of using the small electrodes is to trace the plant's acupuncture points.

The plan ts exhibi t man y differing cha racteristics of change, they appear to sleep at times, and are very acti ve at other times.






Typical arrangement for measuring effect of p·yrarnid on GSR 01

plants. j .


The rna in results are recognized as a very rapid change of resistance, a lowering, when a pyramid is placed over the plant.

C lea r plexi glass pyramids as well as op aq ue cardboard ones have been used in the ex perimcn ts,

TIle instantaneous changes occur under any type of pyramid.

An a ttem pt to correlate change in resistance \V1 th strength of energy is somew ha t successful,

Th ere are no changes when the plant is s leeping.

I t is easy to ten when a plant is sleeping by the response of the meter+

When the plant is responsive, there is a relaxation ra te of change t ha t is a contin uous slow J sometimes fast change of resistance ..

Ch anges in the environment, another person coming in to the toom, a ch ange in color of i ilumina cion, a loud noise, aU affect the plant

Even the thoughts of the researcher have effects.

At times) the plant a ppeared to be oscillating with the heartbeat of the in vestiga tor.

A t this time, when th e signals a re active, th e plant 'Will respond ius tan taneously to the eff ect of the pyramid.

Controls were made by lowering a plexiglass cube over the plant.

In the case of the equal volume cube, no changes were observed as they were wi th the pyramid.


PYRAl'tilD R.E S MRCH PRO J ECT8 Human GSR ~:~..f easuremenis

The measurements on the body of a person are much more active than the ones measured with the plants.

The electrodes and arrangements have been descri bed earlier,

The semiconductor effect, change of resistance with polarity of measurement from one side of the body to the other were measured, as well as bas ic changes in the norma 1 resist ancc of the points in one di rection.

I n all cases with both male and female sub j ec ts, very ra pid changes in C S R between acupuncture points oec urred in all subj ects

Typical changes in less than five minutes of trea tmcn t were a balancing of the semicond uctor effect, and a gen~ eral lowcring of resistance in the body.

Resistances as great as 150,000 OhlUS changed in less than £i ve minutes to 2500 ohms.

Th e trca tment pyramids were both the large 6 foot base and the small 6 inch base pyram ids.

Tests were made on all a reas of the body and the results an corre la ted: the pyramid caused an a p parcn t balancing of the QI or TeHl I flows ill the meridians.

The easiest paints to measu re are those on the head, and the semiconductor effect from hand to hand.

The exact points. were loca ted by means of the unidirec tiona 1 electrode placement.

On e elcctrod e is placed on the ear 10 be, an d th e other is a sma 11 rounded test pro be of the type used wi th multimeters,



The probe is run in th e a rea of the point to be found un til a gross change in resistance is found.

The exact spot is marked w.i th a Sill all washable marker pen.

Th e same procedure is th en d up lica ted on the opposi te side of the body for the corresponding opposite point+

A t this time, two srna II electrodes arc a ttached to the opposite points, and the points are measured from one to th e other, changing the po Ia ri ty of t he eke trodes and notin g the resistance in both dircc tions,

The differen tial is then noted+

With the electrodes attached, and the meter polarity adj ustcd to the pol ari ty which givCB the highest resistance, the pyramid is then. lowered over the subject, 01' small pyramids arc then placed over the points. and ad jus-ted to the magnetic poles ..

The greatest changes were again noticed w hen the experiment was p erformed outside a build ing,

A very rapid decrease of resistance will be noted in the resistance of the point.

A change of pola rity will show that the other side is also decreasing, but not as fast.

At some point, the resistance reg a rdless of polarity will be the same or very close regardless. of polarity.

The over all resistance of both points is often decreased (,AJTIsi d erab 1 y.

If the semicond u ctor e Hect is no t observed on the first set of points, another meridian is chosen and measured until an unbalanced meridian is located+



The vol tage and current from the GSR bridge is negligible, and has no effect on the points as the electro acupuncture described by the Chinese.

The balancing of semiconductor effect is a bserved af ter the subject is treated with the pyramid.

I t should be stressed that the purpose of the experiments descri bed is not to treat the su bj ec t with acu puncture, but to measure the pyramid's eff ect on the psychic energy points in the body.

The same results of GSR change were also noted with other' dcvelopmen ts such as the pyramid rna tr ix and the . pyramid energy plate to be described later+

Dielectric C onst ant oft he Skin

Changes in skin dielectric constants were also measured on test subjects+

The test eq ui pment is desc ribed in Figure VI.

A few of the electrodes are ill ustra ted in Figure XXI.

The electrodes. are three.

Coaxial, dual ca. pacitor and sing le ca paci tor.

A constant pressure was applied to the head electrode arrangement by means of a constant tension band salvaged from an old pair of headphones+

The coaxial electrode is useful for measuring change in resonance or die lectric constant in a limi tc d pr ecise


The instrument used was a little more sophisticated. 77


~ ...
0 ....




T ypical cl crtrorl e arrangement for measuring change in skin dielectric constant by resona n ceo



It VLo7a5 basicall y an oscillator consisting of th e e lee trade arrangement as a f req uency determin ing element

The output of the oscillator is f ed in to a discriminator which sim pI y converts the f req u ency changes in to voltage change.

The voltage/frequency changes are then read directly on a zero cen tered volt meter.

Th e dual electrode a.rrangemcn t is used for measuring the change across the whole body.

The single ca paci tor arrangement is coupled with a direct contact electrode and is used for tracing meridians over the skin surf ace.

The Ca paci to r in th i s arrangement is usually a very sm all disc or a small ball.

The dielectric or insula tor used is 1/2 mil mylar tape placed over the surface of the ca paci tor.

The capacitors are conducting silver epoxy.

The electrode is made by turning a solid piece of acrylic stock in a lathe.

Th e side view of the coaxial elee trode is an exam pIe. The dark area is the sunken pa rt of the block, the electrode area.

'The wires are inserted in holes drilled from the other side, The cavities arc then filled with silver conducting epoxy.

The surface is then sanded smooth when the epoxy has


'The electrode su rface is polished wi th emery paper and 79

tb e die lectric covering is then placed On the su rf ace of the electrode urn t.

Alpha Rhythm Afcasurement

Much work needs to be done to correlate the results oft he experim ent to be described.

This experiment has been performed three times and needs to be done many more times to be cone lusive,

One day while trying on t an alpha feedback ill achine, one person was having a very hard time tu rn ing on alpha.

He "VO~] ld go th ron g h the va rious 5 ta g es of re 1 axa tion an d try as he rna y,. he could not on alpha.

'\'" hile his eyes were closed, I placed a 2 foo t base pyramid over his head.

When the pyramid was lowered over his head, .strong alp ha cam e over the loudspeaker.

\Vhen the pyramid was removed, the alpha turned off. When the test was repeated, the sam e results occurred.

The experiment has been du pli ca ted on three people with the same results.

Subjective Reports

S evera 1 h undred peop le have satin the 6 foot ba se plastic pyramids.

The tests were f rst run on friends who we re asked to sit in the pyramid for half an hour and then asked to describe their feelings when they were in the structure.



The su h j ects were given no indica ti on of what to expect, In all cases, the sub j ccts repo rted in tense heat in the body and a tingling sensa tion in the hands,

The pyramid \-VaS then ventilated with large holes in the side as illustra ted in Figure XI I.

Even with large holes in the sides, th ey still reported an intense feeling of heat.

The desc ri ption is simi lar to the Tibetan T umo.

A number of people decided they wanted pyramids of their O'VVTl.

My own bo dy energy has increase d since I bega n sleeping in the pyramid tent .

. An effect reported by many is a sense of time distortion.

One sub j ec t sa t in the pyramid for 4 hours and had the sub j ecti ve impression th at 1/2 hour had passed.

I t had been stated by a 1p h a researchers that a person in the alpha state loses all sense of time and space."

This correlates with observed alpha activity in the pyramid

l''''' edit ation

M My of 1 he subjects were in retested in psych ic phenomena an d practice various I orm 5 of medi ta tion.

A LL sub j eots 'VIr' ho practice mcdi tation have reported a signi ficant increase j n the effects of mcdiea lion in the pyramid,


FIGURE XXII Ve:ntj]ated Pyramid Structure

Test results with the above struetu re indicated that holes as large as 1/3 the base Iength do not affect the pro perties of the py ramid.



This correlates with the theory that the Great Pyramid was bui1t as a meditation chamber to develop psychic powers.


No extensive tests have been conducted on animals at this time.

There are however, three cases of interest.

A friend of mine placed his pet cat in a pyramid once a day for 1/2 hour+

The cat liked the pyramid and began to sleep in it. When the test was begun, the cat had been a voracious meat eater+

Af ter 6 weeks, the cat stopped eating meat and starved rather than eat meal

Su bseq uent tests indica ted that the cat had changed his diet and would only eat fruit and vegetables, cheese and nuts..

The animal became a vegetarian!

He ate raw vegetables and fruits of all descriptions; can teloupe, avocado, oranges, and wa termelon.

The same thing happened to another cat as well as my own poodle.

Growth of Plants

A series ~ of tests were run on the effects of pyramid treatments on the growth rate of plants ..

The test plants were alf alfa sprouts,



I had some fami1iari ty with sprouts as I had grown over 2500 pounds of them in the confines of my office!

The sprouts were treated three differen t ways: 1 r treat ~ men t of feed wa tel"; 2. direct treatment of the plant in the pyramid; 3. treatment of the seed in the pyramid.

In all cases, identical tests were mad e in an identical volume cu bie box as a control structure.

In all cases, the pyramid treated plants grew 2 to 3 times as fast as the controls, were more healthy and ] asted longer after harvest.

One California grape fanner used rny system on his irrigation system and his grape yield was 2-1/2 times the a v crag e yield of his neighbors and the Cali fornia average.

JYater Treatment

The wa ter rna y be treated in several ways.

I t rna y be placed in the pyramid in a con tamer for a period of time depending on the size of the pyramid and the amoun t of w-ater treated,

I wed a 2 foot base pyramid and treated a quart bottle for 1!2 hour.

Another technique is to run water into a spiral coil p laced in the pyramid and fashioned in to a form of fountain.

Dire ct T re aiment of Sprouts

The pyramid used was a one foot base uni t made of clear plexiglass,

Four inch holes were cut in the sides for full ventilation.


Pv R. .. \) fID R of S F.:\ RC l-I Psc J ECT S

The sprouts were. grown en ti rely in the pyramid.

The controls were groV{U en tire ly in a well vcn til a ted eq ual vol rune cu be.

Treatment of Seeds

The seeds were placed In a 6 inch base ca rd board pyramid for 8 hours.


The water and plant trea tmen ts were best, the seed treatment was last.

The pyramid groVv'n sprou ts lasted over a week wi thou t spoilage after harvesting.

The controls on the other hand lasted 24 to 36 hours before spoilage.


Because of the deh ydra don or mumrnifica tion of foods in the pyramid, I tried a number of experiments: to see if the dehydration rate IS accelerated in the pyramid,

It is not.

N onnal deh ydra don occurs, the difference being that items placed in the pyramid do not decay 'v hi le dehydrating.

S prou ts grown in the pyramid and left without water 24 hours do not die and decay as the controls do.

The con trols developed odor and died.

The sprouts in the pyramid dehydrated slightly but did not decay and resumed normal growth w hen watering was resumed.


Short Term Effects On Foods, Change of Taste

During my original tests on mummification of foods, I used to taste the foods being treated to make sure they were rcall y good.

Although there \V'3S no- sign of decay, I wanted to see how the food tasted as it 'WaS undergoing the process of m ummification,

I was in for a great surprise 1

Not only did the foods taste good, they tasted better than they did be fore they were placed in the structure!

I began experimenting in earnest, and discovered that the pyramid could have an cf fee t on the taste of food even when the food was treated for a surprising ly short duration.

I wa s so j m pressed by this new discove ry that I began a seri es of dou bIe: blind tests on the change of taste in foods.

I used several dozen peo ple, and the test was conducted as follows:

Th c foods were all taken from the same source, that is the foods tested we re the same food divided in half so the con tro 1 \-YOU ld be the same as the treated sam ple except for the treatment

'The samples were then placed in paper cups with numbe rs on the bottoms.

The cups were th en divided and recorded in a master file. The ones chosen for the pyramid were then treated for five minutes in the pyramid,

Th e pyrami d used f o r the tests was the 6 inch base ventilated,