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Streaming audio excerpts of the songs included in this catalog may be accessed via the online player at www.choralspectrum.
com or through the Closer Look audio link on each product page. Full recordings may be accessed through ScorePlay Choral at or
G. SCHIRMER SCHOTT MUSIC Mo-li-hua The Coventry Carol
Clear Our Heart, O God O Fortuna Muusika Dai Di Di Dai
The Light of Common Day Õhtol Dream Land
Lodestar BOOSEY & HAWKES Valgusele Galop
soft blink of amber light Adiemus Willow-wood Gartan Mother’s Lullaby
Song of Gratitude Vuelie Alleluia Hodie Christus Natus Est
Therefore, Music Barter Avoonan Dbishmayya Hope
You Do Not Walk Alone Help Us, Great Spirit Die Onse Vader Invictus
Echo Love Is the Light of the World Gaudeamus Omnes The Isle Is Full of Noises
Er ist gekommen Night on a Starry Hill His Eye Is on the Sparrow The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Holy Harmony O Gloriosa Domina Hlohonolofatsa Locus Iste
Sing Me to Sleep Winter Solstice O Frondens Virga Loosin Yelav
Charm Me Asleep Lullay, My Liking O Magnum Mysterium Lux Aeterna
I Hunger and Thirst O Frondens Virga Praise Be to the Lord Never Forget
Leave My Heart Its Songs ¡Cantad al Señor! Taaveti Laul Nr. 104 The New Colossus
Stars Christmas Day A Christmas Carol O Bone Jesu
To a Young Child We Should Not Sleep Love Came Down at Christmas Only My Dreams
An Old Irish Blessing Hold Fast Your Dreams Quem Pastores Laudavere Remember’d Songs Most Dear
The Time of Roses Two Mozart Classics The Snow Is Deep on the Ground Rush Onward Tides of My Soul
We Dance! Molly Malone Thy Little Ones Saeya Saeya Parang Saeya
The Beagle and the Beluga and the Seoithín Seó A Breath of Kindness Sing Your Song
Eagle’s Fine Times Sparrow Crystal Sky There Is No Rose
La Llorona The Rowan Tree My November Guest There Will Be Rest
Last Night of Stars Yued Gwong Gwong Northern Lights Thula Klizeo
Lullaby (Bright Moon Light) Salve Regina
O Nata Lux The Canary Shady Grove FRED BOCK
Sing No Sad Songs for Me inngiqtuq (She Sings) Shout for Joy! (Psalm 98) MUSIC COMPANY
Who Has Seen the Wind? Moments Si mes vers avaient des ailes As the Rain
The Gift of Singing The Songster Dancing Song (Tantsulaul) Caverns in the Clouds
Glory Troublemakers Men’s Songs (Meestelaulud) Danny Boy
Satan Hates Music Ad Amore Serf’s Song (Teomehe-laul) Down by the Riverside
We Can Sing That! Walking She Walks in Beauty Gloria in Excelsis Deo
Angels We Have Heard on High Be With Me Song of the Turkish War (Turgi I Sing that My Voice May be Heard
I Am Bernyanyi Bersama Soja Laul) I Want to Die While You Love Me
Merry Christmas Wishing Well Feel Your Spirit Sing I Got a Hog and a Pig In Paradisum
Shenandoah Gnothi Safton Jenny Jenkins In the Bleak Midwinter
Silent Night Kuwa Furaha Look Up, Look Down Jubilate
Woke Up This Morning La Musica I’ll Tell My Ma Let the Church Roll On
Dayeinu! Music Makes Me Miniyama Nayo The Light of Christmas Morn
Hashkiveinu (Evening Prayer) New Beginnings Pal-So-Seong A Merry Christmas Wish
Ki Hineih Kachomer O Sing to the Lord Shenandoah
Ladino Folk Songs WALTON MUSIC Sleep, My Little Sea Sleep, Sleep, Beauty Bright
Meditation Be for Me the Earth The Tree of Song Softly and Tenderly
Viennese Masterworks The Bells You’re with Me Everywhere
Den Tod Niemand zwingen kunnt’ Come to Me, My Love PAVANE PUBLISHING
Stabat Mater Dolorosa Even When He Is Silent Ave Verum Corpus
Characters to Paint Fresh and Fearless Be Still and Know
I Dream of Jeanie Heavenly Hurt Be Thou My Vision
Two from “Hymns and Anthems” I Should Be Glad Born in a Song
Kyrie Izar Ederrak Christmas Time Is Here
Gloria Me-na-ri Connected
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Song of Gratitude
Craig Hella
Craig Hella Johnson

Johnson Written to be sung in unison or in hymn-style

harmony, this heartfelt work can be sung on any
Choral Series number of occasions in which the gathered com-
munity wishes to sing an expression of gratitude.
Perform it as a tribute to a significant individual or
for the many gifts we experience as a part of the
progression of life.
50600463  SATB div. a cappella���������������� $2.10
Craig Hella Johnson
Therefore, Music
Clear Our Heart, O God Craig Hella Johnson
Tom Trenney Written as part of the 50th Anniversary Tribute Concert of the
This musical setting of a contemporary text by Minnesota Chapter of the ACDA – “to the music teachers that have
J. Philip Newell celebrates self-awareness and inspired us,” this text is expansive and can be used in any setting
openness to God’s message. With subtle shifts in in which the intention is to invite awareness and recognition of the
tonality and wide swings in dynamics, harmonic mysterious and loving tapestry of life. Woven into and between
complexity and textual clarity, this piece requires musical phrases is spoken narration, lifting up this extraordinary text
a mature choir. by Michael Dennis Browne.
50600484  SATB divisi����������������������������������� $2.10 50600464  SATB�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$1.95

You Do Not Walk Alone

The Light of Common Day Dominick DiOrio
Shawn Crouch This setting of a traditional Irish blessing speaks
With a text excerpted from the poignant and of those who give support in times of trial with a
insightful Wordsworth poem, composer Shawn musical tapestry of unadorned a cappella mixed
Crouch has crafted music that flows as if one chorus, using soft dissonances and free-flowing
long line or brushstroke of continuous sound. counterpoint. The occasional divisi creates a
50600395  SATB�����������������������������������������$2.25 sonic wash of color and overtones. Together in
song, we do not walk alone.
50600396  SATB div. a cappella����������� $2.10
Dominick DiOrio
Shawn Crouch

Dale Trumbore
Opening with the phrase “How you wonder what Andrea Ramsey

you are,” this poem, described by the composer
as a sort of “fable for adults,” is set for mixed Choral Series
voices with soprano solo as a work of lyricism
and reassurance, intense, colorful, dissonant and
worthy of the best choirs.
50600403  SATB div. a cappella�����������$2.25

Dale Trumbore
Andrea Ramsey
soft blink of amber light
Jocelyn Hagen Echo
This piece, written for the Houston Chamber Tom Shelton
Choir for SATB divisi with flute, clarinet, ma- Commissioned for the 2016 Eastern Division
rimba, cymbals and piano and with a text by ACDA, this Christina Rossetti poem is a wonder-
poet Julia Klatt Singer is a multi-faceted tapes- ful teaching piece. The melodic line in the opening
try of sound and color. section is constructed to evoke feelings of beauty,
50600427  SATB���������������������������������������� $3.95 loss and remembrance. A middle section paints a
50600428  Instrumental Parts   picture of grief, reality, and the feeling of life spin-
(Digital)������������������������������� $25.00 ning out of control. After the climax of this middle
Joclyn Hagen section, there is a return to a sense of calm, symbol-
izing that as time passes, we are able to come to terms with loss.
50600445  SATB����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25


Er ist gekommen Leave My Heart Its Songs

Clara Schumann/arr. Brandon Williams Dominick DiOrio
One of four songs presented to Robert A setting of a sonnet by Amy Lowell commissioned by the Smith
Schumann by his wife Clara, this setting is a College Chorus explores conflicting emotions one finds in a relation-
shining example of the composer’s ingenuity, ship. The broad and lyrical music evokes the passion of new love and
and is a wonderful introduction to Romantic era the fear that one day it may end. With piano, two violins and viola.
style and performance practice. 50600402  SSA������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10
50600446  SSA������������������������������������������� $2.10 50600404  String Parts (Digital)������������������������������������������������ $15.00

Brandon Williams Dale Warland
Stars and all things related to the night are prominent themes in much
of Sara Teasdale’s poetry. The composer captures this unending excite-
Holy Harmony ment and wonder that the poet holds for stars in this beautiful and lush
Jonathan Adams composition.
This setting of an anonymous 15th century text mixes polyphony with 50600408  SATB divisi���������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10
homophonic writing, offering broad contrasts in dynamics and range/
tessitura that are appropriate for high school and festival choirs. The To a Young Child
text offers deep meaning that will draw your singers in and resonate Dale Warland
profoundly with them. Written for the Clarion Chamber Chorale of Omaha, Nebraska, this
50600447  SATB div. a cappella�����������������������������������������������������$1.95 Gerard Manley Hopkins poem Spring and Fall is full of beautiful,
figurative and profound language. It speaks to the human condition
Sing Me to Sleep in a compact way. And although the subject is complex, the message
Stuart Chapman Hill is simple and requires similar simplicity in performance with freedom
The first release of the Andrea Ramsey Choral and rubato in this powerful and inspirational composition.
Series is an amazingly beautiful piece by 50600407  SATB div. a cappella�����������������������������������������������������$1.95
Stuart Chapman Hill. The text (by the
composer) is thought provoking and perfect for
women’s choir in high school and up. The
ranges are appropriate, the piano is supportive Rollo Dilworth
but independent.
Stuart Chapman Hill
50600532  SSA�������������������������������������������� $2.10 Choral Series

Dale Warland

Choral Series Rollo Dilworth

An Old Irish Blessing

Kevin Memley
With lyricism and sonority, this is the perfect con-
cert closer or graduation song, easily-learned and
Dale Warland yet full and lush with immaculate craftsmanship.
50600466  SATB�����������������������������������������������$1.95

Charm Me Asleep
Robert Sieving
The atmospheric mood of this work set to a text by Robert Herrick is
intended to suggest a brief moment between wakefulness and sleep as
one drifts off to another realm. Without rushing or overstating, choirs The Time of Roses
will savor each progression toward the final lingering chords. Kevin Memley
50600461  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������$1.95 This buoyant madrigal-like setting of the Thomas Hood text offers a
wonderful opportunity for choirs to practice light and articulate sing-
I Hunger and Thirst ing. There is wonderful contrast between the lively passages and lyri-
Kevin Siegfried cal, legato sections making wonderful contrasts.
This favorite Shaker song from the mid-1800s in 50600465  SSAA a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10
an invigorating arrangement by Kevin Siegfried is
a wonderful concert opener or sacred anthem with We Dance!
themes of love, peace and personal righteousness. Dominick DiOrio
50600426  SATB a cappella�������������������������$1.95 This short minute work is joyous, enthusiastic, and full of expression
- a whirlwind ride for any chorus, full of agile rhythms, lots of words
and great positive emotions. A superb closer for better high schools,
collegiate and adult choirs!
50600406  SATB div. a cappella����������������������������������������������������$2.25


Jon Washburn

Sing No Sad Songs for Me
Rob Teehan
Choral Series This text is adapted from a heartfelt poem by
nineteenth century English poet Christina
Rossetti. Teehan’s setting is simple and lyrical,
with little harmonic twists that lift it from the
ordinary, giving a nostalgic feeling.
50600459  SATB a cappella��������������������$1.95

John Washburn Rob Teehan

Who Has Seen the Wind?

The Beagle and the Beluga and David Archer
the Eagle’s Fine Times The words of this Christina Rossetti poem are simple, but spiritually
Scott Macmillan profound. They speak of trusting in unknowable things, and of appreci-
This is a cheerful, uptempo, jazzy setting of a ating the miracle of our existence. The music is lyrical and contrapuntal
children’s poem originally entitled “The Boogie with wide dynamic contrasts and moments for your singers to express
Woogie Beagle Blues.” A delightfully whimsical their individual musicianship.
change-of-pace for any fine choir! 50600422  SATB div. a cappella���������������������������������������������������� $2.10
50600425  SATB div. a cappella����������������� $2.10

La Llorona
Kirke Mechem
Jon Washburn
This heartfelt Mexican folksong features altos for
much of the melody, a strumming piano accompa-
niment (or harp), glistening women’s glissandi and
a soaring soprano solo descant. In Spanish.
50600487  SATB divisi����������������������������������� $2.10

Kirke Mechem

Last Night of Stars

Don Macdonald The Gift of Singing
A profoundly beautiful text describes a child Kirke Mechem
in her bed at night, staring out of her high-rise Weaving together poems, writers, historical
window at a view obscured by a thick haze, her sources, legendary musicians and friends, the com-
bedroom flooded with sounds from the city. poser has crafted a compelling work that extols the
Such a child may turn out to be the voice that importance of singing. Kirke Mechem continues
brings about the changes needed to remedy our to resonate as an important 21st century compo-
relationship with the planet. This original and sitional voice and one that all singers will enjoy
hopeful text by the composer is set in a unique, experiencing and sharing.
Don Macdonald somewhat jazzy style. 50600367  SATB�����������������������������������������������$2.25
50600424  SATB div. a cappella�����������$2.25
Lullaby (With Joyful Song and Tender Mirth)
Matthew Emery
Kirke Mechem
In this setting, the composer employs warm, lush harmonic language
This is a joyful and celebratory anthem that is perfect for worship or
along with a lovely, lyrical treatment of the familiar bedtime poem by
concert. The text is inspired by the writings of Martin Luther and cel-
Thomas Dekker. It was premiered at the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s
ebrates the gift and healing power of music.
semi-annual Youth and Music concert in 2015.
50600448  SATB����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25
50600423  SATB a cappella��������������������������������������������������������������$1.95

O Nata Lux Satan Hates Music

Kirke Mechem
Ivo Antognini
With lyrics by the composer “broadly inspired” by Martin Luther,
Inspired by the astonishing Thomas Tallis setting of the same text and
Mechem has crafted a comical work in a neo-Baroque style. The
using Tallis’s original melody in the final refrain, this work from Swiss
optional children’s choir (or adult sopranos and altos) sing Bach’s
composer Ivo Antognini is full of shimmering chords and surprising
melodies of “Sheep May Safely Graze” and “Sleepers Awake,” with
harmonic inventions. Highly recommended for accomplished choirs
a simplicity that makes them perfect foils against the devilish music
and ensembles.
of Satan!
50600460  SATB div. a cappella�����������������������������������������������������$1.95
50600368  SATB/Opt. Children’s Choir���������������������������������������$2.25

Streaming audio excerpts of the songs in this catalog may be accessed via the online player at

We Can Sing That! Shenandoah

Kirke Mechem Ryan Nowlin
With a text by the composer, this is a delightful The plaintive melody and the many varied sets
kaleidoscope of musical snippets that highlight the of lyrics this American folk classic has inspired
joys of choral singing! Melody, harmony, counter- over the years express a wistful love and long-
point, we can sing ANYTHING! Ta-dah! ing, sometimes for a person and sometimes for
50600369  SATB a cappella������������������������� $2.10 a place, but always for what must be left behind.
50600370  SSAA a cappella������������������������ $2.10 This setting, with cello, reminds us of the beauty
and wildness of the American frontier and awak-
ens in the listener all it means to yearn for home.
Ryan Nowlin 50600443  SATB/Cello����������������������������� $2.10

Judith Clurman
Silent Night
Choral Series Tedd Firth
Whether in popular song or in traditional carols, Christmas and winter
go hand-in hand. Painting a picture of the stillness and holiness of the
nativity, this stunning and inspired work will create a moment of sheer
beauty in performance. With piano or optional harp.
50600458  SATB���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10

Judith Clurman
Yale Glee Club
Angels We Have Heard on High
New Classic Choral Series
David Chase
Broadway arranger and conductor David Chase Woke Up This Morning
brings his considerable musical talents to this Jeffrey Douma
exciting and wonderfully creative arrange- This traditional freedom song gained special
ment of the traditional French carol, written for significance during the Civil Rights movement
Judith Clurman’s Essential Voices USA recording of the 1960s and maintains its importance still.
Holiday Harmonies: Songs of Christmas on the This setting, arranged for the Yale Glee Club,
Sono Luminous label. is strong and deliberate with a declarative text
50600405  SATB����������������������������������������������$2.25 and a “Hallelujah” at the end of the verse that
repeats and builds with joyful intensity.
50600533  SATB a cappella������������������� $2.10
I Am Jeffrey Douma
Jacob Narverud
Celebrated contemporary poet Charles
Anthony Silvestri has written a text that
reflects the personal insights and positive
and negative aspects of being a teenager. Judith Clurman
Composer Narverud has set these insightful
lyrics to depict the way that teenagers feel Rejoice: Honoring the
about the dichotomy of life: doubt and frustra-
tion coupled with excitement and passion - Jewish Spirit
Jacob Narverud standing on the threshold of all things new.
50600441  SATB div. a cappella������������ $2.10
Gerald Cohen
Merry Christmas Wishing Well This dance-like setting of a well-known Passover
Michael Gilbertson prayer brings a joyful feel to the performance!
Written as a solo song for Sesame Street’s Big With piano and optional clarinet and cello, this
Bird, this arrangement was made for the Lincoln work commissioned by Barbara Tagg and the
Center Holiday Tree Lighting celebration and Syracuse Children’s Choir will challenge and
warm wishes for joy and peace on Christmas inspire treble singers!
Day and every day of the year. 50600540  SA����������������������������������������������$2.25
50499597  SATB�������������������������������������������$1.95
Gerald Cohen

Michael Gilbertson Hashkiveinu (Evening Prayer)

Salamone Rossi/ed. Judith Clurman
Salamone Rossi (1570-1630) was a Jewish musician at the court of Duke
Vincenzo Gonzaga and a contemporary of Monteverdi, but his musical
Order today! style foreshadows the chorale style yet to come. This beautiful setting of
the evening prayer is perfect for the concert hall or the sacred service.
Order all titles in this booklet and more 50600534  SATTB a cappella����������������������������������������������������������$2.25
from your favorite choral music retailer. 7

Ki Hineih Kachomer
Judith Clurman
Jameson Marvin
This piyut, a spiritual poem from the 12th century,
is inspired by Jeremiah 18:3-6 and Isaiah 64:7.
Choral Series
The poets draw on a vivid array of metaphors from
everyday life – potters, masons, glass-blowers,
sailors - all shaping and guiding their work with
their hands and forming the material into new and
more beautiful forms.
50600442  SATB����������������������������������������������$2.25
Jameson Marvin
Ladino Folk Songs
David Ludwig/ed. Judith Clurman
Full emotional expression and melodic richness are the hallmark of Characters to Paint
these two folksongs from the Ladino heritage, the nearly lost music and
Jameson Marvin
language of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492.
Written for the professional choir, The Jameson Singers, this moving
The two songs included are the chant-like “Camini por altas torres” (I
text by Phillis Wheatley unfolds in long vocal lines with broad dynam-
Have Walked by High Towers) and the light and rhythmic “La, la, la”
ics and liberal use of rubato. This is the convergence of visual, literary
(When I See a Pretty Girl).
and musical art and offers tremendous room for discussion among the
50600440  SATB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10
performers as they uncover the depth of this work.
Meditation 50600488  SATB div. a cappella���������������������������������������������������� $2.10
Larry Hochman
I Dream of Jeanie
This beautiful and simple melody for mixed, unison choir or solo is the
Jameson Marvin
perfect ending to a worship service or concert. It can be sung a cappella
This delicate and sensitive new arrangement of beloved American clas-
or with the optional clarinet, violin, viola and cello accompaniment or
sic, arranged for the Harvard Glee Club by its former director, Jameson
with only the clarinet (included in the octavo). Each version is equally
Marvin, is worthy of any fine men’s choir. With counterpoint for all
effective and beautiful.
voices, a melody that is passed between voices and a chance to feature
50600234  SATB�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$1.95
a baritone soloist, this is a welcome addition to the male chorus library.
Viennese Masterworks 50600490  TTBB div. a cappella�����������������������������������������������������$1.95
Solomon Sulzer, Franz Schubert/ed. Judith Clurman
Two from “Hymns and Anthems”
Nineteenth century cantor and composer Solomon Sulzer combined
Jameson Marvin
the Viennese romantic compositional style with traditional Hebrew
Described as “choral counterpoint for church choirs,” these two short
melodies to create a new form of Jewish liturgical music. Along with
selections, “God Thoughts” and “Majesty of Mountains,” are gems that
his own compositions, he worked with some of his musical colleagues
can be used as responses in worship, or combined, as a lovely anthem.
of the time including Franz Schubert. Combined, these make a beauti-
ful concert setting or service music for both Jewish and Christian wor- 50600491  SATB a cappella��������������������������������������������������������������$1.95
ship. Includes Segen (Sulzer) and Tov L’Hodot (Schubert). Kyrie
50600281  SATB���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.50 Josquin des Prez/arr. Jameson Marvin
Jameson Marvin and the Harvard Glee Club have been the standard
bearers for serious music for men’s choirs for decades. This beautiful,
easy-to-read edition from the des Prez Missa Mater Patris will be a
Schirmer Choral Classics welcome addition to your library.
50600489  TTBB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10

Den Tod Niemand zwingen kunnt’ Gloria

Johann Sebastian Bach Josquin des Prez/ed. Jameson Marvin
The second movement from Bach’s Cantata No. 4, Christ Lag in Josquin des Prez is the master of polyphony for singers. Conductor,
Todesbanden, is a wonderful example of Baroque call-and-response composer, editor Jameson Marvin is the standard bearer for polyphony
and will provide both a learning experience and a musical highlight for in today’s choral classroom. This movement from Missa Mater Patris
treble singers of all ages. allows your men’s chorus to explore both polyphony and several beau-
50600492  SA����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$1.95 tiful homophonic moments in this Renaissance masterpiece.
50498804  TTBB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10
Stabat Mater Dolorosa
From Stabat Mater, First Movement
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
The first movement of the Pergolesi Stabat Mater
with long descending lines, suspensions and or-
namentation will help build Baroque performance
practice and vocal skills.
50600313  SA������������������������������������������������������$1.95

Streaming audio excerpts of the songs in this catalog may be accessed via the online player at


Choral Music
O Fortuna
from Carmina Burana Experience
Carl Orff
The spectacular opening movement from
Carl Orff’s masterwork Carmina Burana in
a performing edition for SATB and piano.
A fabulous opener or closer for mixed choirs Doreen Rao
from high school and up.
49045073  SATB/Piano����������������������������$2.95
Conductor’s Choice
Mark Sirett
A setting of the Sara Teasdale poem that opens,
“Life has loveliness to sell,” the composer has
crafted a work that does exactly that. A perfect fes-
tival piece, it promotes the appreciation of loveli-
ness, beauty, music and nature. The optional string
quartet adds an additional measure of beauty to the
48023647  SATB���������������������������������������������� $2.50
BOOSEY & HAWKES 48023735  String Quartet Parts (Digital)��������������������������������� $15.00

Help Us, Great Spirit

Secular Choral Ruth Watson Henderson
This text comes from the Dakota people who address God as Grandfa-
ther and this a cappella work by Ruth Watson Henderson is prayerful,
Adiemus strong and full of passion. With large, low drum.
Boosey & Hawkes   48023655  SATB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10
Contemporary Choral Series
Karl Jenkins
Love Is the Light of the World
Wayland Rogers
The major work Songs of Sanctuary (of which
“Adiemus” is the first movement) was conceived This is a gospel arrangement of a 19th century
in the European classical tradition. However, the hymn with new lyrics by the composer written
words are invented and conceived to simulate to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the
“tribal” sounds. Already one of the world’s Selma to Montgomery March of 1965. The
most popular works, this new SA voicing of the sentiment is universal and appropriate for many
Karl Jenkins opening movement will allow directors and concert settings.
singers to explore pure sounds and raw emo- 48023660  SATB����������������������������������������� $2.10
tions in the music. Strings and percussion available on rental from
Wayland Rogers
Boosey & Hawkes.
48023769  SA������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$1.95
Night on a Starry Hill
Vuelie Matthew Emery
from the Disney Animated film Frozen This was the winning entry in the DaCapo Chamber
Frode Fjellheim/Christophe Beck Choir (Canada) 2014 New Works competition. As
Here is the composer’s own setting of “Vuelie,” each phrase moves to and from chords in inversion,
used in the Disney animated feature film Frozen. the music ebbs and flows depicting life’s flow, until
Capturing the stark beauty of the frozen north, this the final phrase sweeps into a starry night toward
is a wonderful selection that will expand your sing- the road’s final ending.
ers’ understanding of Scandinavian music. 48023665  SATB a cappella��������������������������$1.95
48023586  SSAA a cappella��������������������������$1.95

O Gloriosa Domina
Ivo Antognini
O Gloriosa Domina is divided into three distinct
parts: the beginning is in chorale style with spar-
kling harmonies and surprising chords throughout.
A contrasting, fast and very rhythmic middle
section follows. The finale recalls the chorale and
climaxes in an ecstatic ending. This piece is well
suited for advanced choirs.
48023680  SATB div. a cappella����������������� $2.10


Winter Solstice
Robert Bowker
Latin Accents
The words of the poem by Susan Bowker speak
of that exact moment in time when light over- ¡Cantad al Señor!
comes darkness, days begin to get longer and arr. Roger Bergs
we have hope for the coming spring. The music This arrangement of the traditional Brazilian
is in three sections, the introduction is slow worship song builds slowly but intensely from a
and somber until the sun appears “undefeated.” simple, sparse beginning to a fiery final verse. The
The middle section is a dance of celebration choral parts are accessible but effective for choirs
and welcome to spring and renewal, followed large and small. Improvised hand percussion can
Robert Bowker by a joyous frenzy and explosion of voices in be added easily. An IPA pronunciation guide and a
celebration. translation for the Spanish text are provided.
48023714  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10 48023650  SATB����������������������������������������������� $2.10

In High Voice Holiday Lights

Lullay, My Liking Christmas Day
Robert Sieving Elaine Agnew
Adapted from movement from a suite by C. This is a setting of a poem by Kerry poet Gabriel
Hubert H. Parry, this tuneful, quintessentially Fitzmaurice which beautifully captures the magi-
British melody, easily associated with the 19th cal essence of Christmas from the perspective of
Century England’s vast reserve of folk-songs a young child (“If you don’t like the snow you’re
provides a wonderful vehicle for teaching style old!”). The music is energetic and the optional
and musicality. The cello part is playable by a high percussion adds to the vitality.
school player. 48023651  Unison����������������������������������������������$1.95
48023662  SSA a cappella���������������������������� $2.10

O Frondens Virga We Should Not Sleep

Lee Kesselman Ryan Kelly
Written for the Wheaton College Christmas This gentle ballad, set to a sixteenth-century Spanish text, is scored for
Festival, this work with a text by Christian two treble voices with guitar accompaniment or optional piano. Perfect
mystic, Hildegard of Bingen, should feel very for holiday performances as well as concert themes of life, children,
free, personal and almost improvisational. The and motherhood.
close harmony requires careful attention to bal- 48023732  SA����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10
ance among the parts and is worthy of any fine
women’s choir.
48023666  SSAA a cappella��������������������$1.95
Lee Kesselman

CHORAL MUSIC Explore a wide variety of repertoire •  

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FOR EVERY CHOIR with programming that challenges and inspires

In addition to the
music included in this
Choral Artistry catalog,
Hal Leonard offers a wide
variety of music for other
choir levels and publishers.

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New Choral Music New Choral Music New Choral Music CHRISTMAS
for High School for Middle School from Shawnee Press New Sacred Music

Building Bridges CME Beginning

Hold Fast Your Dreams The Rowan Tree
David Brunner Lee Kesselman
Now available in an edition for mixed voices. Written for the composer’s first grandchild, this
We are all encouraged to find that small place song is one of remembrance, fondly recalling the
with us “where dreams may go, and sheltered joys of family life and home. It is to be sung simply
so, may thrive and grow where doubt and fear and with tenderness, like a lullaby. Along with the
are not.” This song, with this text, must be sung opportunity to introduce this Scottish melody to
from the heart. your singers, there is also the pleasure of singing in
48023656  SATB����������������������������������������� $2.10 the wonderful Celtic dialect.
48023679  Unison����������������������������������������������$1.95
David Brunner
Yued Gwong Gwong (Bright Moon Light)
Two Mozart Classics arr. Lily Grant
Ryan Kelly This Chinese lullaby reflects a simpler time, showing the journey that
Singers will build classical era style and performance practice with a child travels as they fall asleep. An English translation and phonetic
these charming pieces from 1787. The editions have been adapted for singing translation and the original Cantonese characters are included
piano (from the original basset horns) and include suggested tempo, in the music. With opt. glockenspiel and flute.
breath and dynamics, as well as pronunciation guide, translations and 48023713  SA������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25
period ornamentation. Includes: Ecco quell fiero istante (K. 436) and
Più non si trovano (K. 549).
48023682  SAB�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10

CME Intermediate
Celtic Voices The Canary
Robert Hugh
The words “fun” and “whimsical” definitely come
Molly Malone to mind in this delightful piece from Robert Hugh.
Lee Kesselman With a poem by Elizabeth Turner as the inspiration,
Known as Dublin’s “unofficial” anthem, this Irish tune is bright and the unexpected fun begins. The piano and percus-
energetic and captures the warm and generous spirit of the Irish people. sion drive the groove while the singers play with
Like so many Irish folk songs, this tells an endearing story, one that the text in 7/8.
will capture the imagination of your singers. 48023733  SA����������������������������������������������������� $2.10
48023731  SA������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10

Seoithín Seó inngiqtuq (She Sings)

Rosaleen Molloy Mark Sirett
This is a traditional Irish lullaby/dandling song Inngituq (She Sings) is a soundscape that honors the culture of the
collected in County Waterford, Ireland in the late Inuit people of the Arctic. Musical references to traditional “throat-
1930s. In it, there are two versions of the same singing” and “ay-ya” songs are found in the music. The body percus-
tune; one is a fast, rhythmic version with captures sion - stomping, clapping, chest pounding - and drum will add to the
the pulsating, vibrant rhythmic energy of Irish authentic experience this piece brings to singers and audience.
dance music; the other is a slow rendition which 48023657  SA/Solo������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10
is distinguished by ornamental variation and free
tempo. Moments
48023734  Unison�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10 David Brunner
David Brunner, known for his beautiful melodies and wonderful ac-
Sparrow companiments, has set seven “tiny unison pieces” using haiku text.
Mark Sirett Each of the seven is about “seasons” and form a set. They are glimpses,
This poignant song is a lament for the alarming sparse, yet fully there, like haiku.
loss of North America’s boreal forest and its 48023696  Unison�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10
drastic effect on nature and the environment.
A perfect selection for Earth Day, any socially The Songster
conscious program or anytime a beautiful and Mark Sirett
lamenting song is required for your women’s Celebrating the Mohawk heritage and Canadian landscape of the poet
choir. With violin. Pauline Johnson, Mark Sirett captures the passion and grandeur of the
48023681  SSA����������������������������������������������$1.95 lyrics and serves them up for any accomplished women’s choir.
Mark Sirett 48023436  SSA�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10

Streaming audio excerpts of the songs in this catalog may be accessed via the online player at

Troublemakers Bernyanyi Bersama

Daniel Brewbaker Jim Papoulis
This short and, at first glance flippant, glance Commissioned for the 2014 Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir
at divinity is really a thoughtful assertion that Festival in Bandung, Indonesia, with the theme of “Diversity in
definitions and concepts of divinity fall short of Harmony.” In that spirit, composer Jim Papoulis also celebrates the
the reality, which is beyond human understand- language of Indonesia by using Bahasa, the native language of that
ing. And although for unison singers, this is a country. He weaves the beauty and lyricism of the language along with
challenge for any and all singers. the harmony and rhythm of both American and Indonesian cultures to
48023415  Unison����������������������������������������$1.95 create this inspiring and uplifting piece. With percussion.
48023649  SSA��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25
Daniel Brewbaker
Feel Your Spirit Sing
Jim Papoulis
Commissioned for the AGO National Convention in 2014, this piece
is about embracing the diverse character of the human voice and ex-
In Low Voice ploring the sounds and the emotions those sounds can suggest. With
percussion and an alternate organ part is included in the back of the
octavo for occasions when an organ is available.
Ad Amore 48023653  SSAA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.50
Lee Kesselman
Written as a fanfare-like concert opener, bells an- Gnothi Safton
nounce the choir in the age-old tradition of church Jim Papoulis
bells, but with the added possibilities of handmade This was Jim Papoulis’ most popular piece in 2015 in its original SSAA
or found-object bells, as people gather in a spirit voicing. After countless requests for a version for mixed voices, here it
of festive celebration, worship and art. The choir is! You have never heard boomwhackers in concert like this!
can use triangles of varying sizes, bells, or anything 48023654  SATB�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25
which strikes metal-on-metal, the number and va-
riety are limited only by imagination and balance. Kuwa Furaha
48023646  TTBB/Bells������������������������������������������������������������������������$1.95 Jim Papoulis
Now available for mixed voices, originally written for treble choir, this
Walking work inspires everyone with its rhythmic and energetic style. Using a
Mark Sirett Swahili text, it is a wonderful example of Papoulis’ world music style.
This setting of a poem by one of England’s notable war poets, Rob- It is easily learned and long remembered. With percussion.
ert Graves (1895-1985), dedicated to the memory of a World War I 48023658  SAB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10
veteran, is for 4-part men’s chorus, the perfect ensemble to bring this
powerful text to life. La Musica
48023449  TTBB����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10 Jim Papoulis
The essence of this piece gives reverence to the message that music is
universal as a language, as an art, as a part of who we are. The choral
singing required is grand and celebratory. With opt. C instrument.

Jim Papoulis 48023659  SSA��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25

Music Makes Me
Sounds of a Jim Papoulis

Better World With a belief that “music can give to us everything we need,” this work
celebrates the understanding that music has the power to enhance many
aspects of a young life, creating a bridge of honest feeling and inspira-
tion between singer and listener. With percussion.
48023663  SA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10

Jim Papoulis New Beginnings

Jim Papoulis
Beginning with a free and gentle style then moving into a more up
tempo and rhythmic B section, this piece speaks of a bittersweet time
Be With Me when we close one chapter in our lives and move on to another “new
Jim Papoulis beginning.” Written for a group of teens who wanted to celebrate their
Be With Me embraces the years of a child’s life wonderful and inspirational choral director and also celebrating what
before becoming an adult. Focusing on the early was coming next in their lives.
years of learning and growing in a child’s life, the 48023664  SATB a cappella��������������������������������������������������������������$1.95
nature of this piece, and its performance, is simple,
pure, and genuine.
48023648  2-Part�����������������������������������������������$1.95

Streaming audio excerpts of the songs in this catalog may be accessed via the online player at

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I Should Be Glad
General Concert Susan LaBarr
Commissioned in honor of the 60th anniversary of
Be for Me the Earth the Texas Choral Directors Association, I Should
Nathan Jones Be Glad captures the gratitude that artists feel
A virtuosic work for more advanced choirs. The as they live and work each day. Melody is of the
beautiful poetry of Sara Teasdale has been set utmost importance throughout as the work climbs
with care by the composer. Largely homopho- from simple two-part singing to eight-part singing
nic, this work allows your choir to explore tone, at its climax. A prayer of gratitude.
balance and harmonic movement. A wonderful 00150120  SATB div. a cappella������������������$2.35
rise and fall throughout and a climactic and
thoughtful ending.
Izar Ederrak
00155961  SATB div. a cappella������������ $2.45
(The Beautiful Star)
Nathan Jones Josu Elberdin
A Basque love story that reaches across cultures and backgrounds. The
story of the love-sick star is brought to life through Josu Elberdin’s rich
The Bells harmonies and memorable melody. Thick textures and interesting har-
Dwight Bigler monic choices will make this a favorite of singers and audiences alike.
Feature your pianist on this fantastically spooky work by Dwight Big- 00151956  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������ $2.45
ler. The poetry of Edgar Allan Poe seems made for this musical setting
by the composer. Excellent vocal writing paired with a virtuosic piano Me-na-ri
part. A great selection for contest and festivals. (Space Music)
00151073  SATB divisi��������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.15 Hyo-Won Woo
Korean composer Hyo-Won Woo uses physical space, lighting and
Come to Me, My Love multiple choirs to create music that stretches the boundaries of tra-
Trevor Maloney ditional choral music. Incredibly intense and dramatic, this will be a
This mysterious poem by Christina Rossetti comes to life through the show-stopper for advanced choirs.
haunting music by Trevor Maloney. Unique tonalities and divisi make 00156065  Triple SATB Chorus/Solo�������������������������������������������$3.00
this a good challenge for high school level choirs. The unusual leaps in
the clarinet part add to the mystery. Mo-li-hua
00156524  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.55 (Jasmine Flower)
Hyo-Won Woo
Even When He Is Silent An absolutely stunning a cappella setting of the famous Chinese
Kim André Arnesen folksong “Mo-Li-Hua.” The melody is celebrated and highlighted
Commissioned by the St. Olaf Festival in Trond- throughout by the use of thoughtfully supportive vocal accompani-
heim, Norway, Even When He Is Silent masterfully ment. Premiered by the 2008 World Youth Choir under the direction
expresses the sentiment of the text- hope in times of Hok-Won Yoon.
of despair. Beautifully melodic, with rich harmonic 00156067  SATB div. a cappella���������������������������������������������������� $2.30
texture from the fresh compositional voice of Kim
André Arnesen. Muusika
00151859  SATB div. a cappella������������������ $2.45 Pärt Uusberg
An incredible Estonian poem about the mystery and wonder of music.
A dynamic build of sound and tone helps to express the importance of
Fresh and Fearless the text. Gorgeous harmonies and solid construction. Don’t miss this
Daniel Elder work that will resonate deeply with your singers.
Daniel Elder’s Fresh and Fearless is a special and unusual take on the 00156068  SATB div. a cappella���������������������������������������������������� $2.30
idea of spring. The driving piano part captures the energy and wonder
of the new beginnings of the season. Excellent vocal writing that is Õhtol
simple in its construction but complex in its sound. (Evening)
00156528  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.65 Pärt Uusberg
Heavenly Hurt An incredibly beautiful work by well-loved Estonian composer Pärt
Uusberg. The poem speaks of evening and of the images we associate
Alice Parker
with dusk. Tonalities that are both familiar and otherworldly. This will
A multi-movement work for choir, piano and
be a favorite of your singers.
cello from Alice Parker using several Emily
00156199  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������ $2.30
Dickinson poems. Expertly crafted vocals that
are both complex and singable. The piano is
supportive and yet exists as its own entity. The
cello soars above as a heavenly voice. A fan-
tastic selection for high school, university and
community choirs. Separate cello part available.
Alice Parker 00156063  SATB������������������������������������������ $7.95
00156064  Cello Part��������������������������������$9.00


Valgusele Hlohonolofatsa
Pärt Uusberg arr. Daniel Jackson
Valgusele is a lovely work that speaks of someone dreaming of the A tremendously fun arrangement of a South African greeting song that
world and of searching for love. Vocal writing is evocative and yet ac- exclaims, “Bless you in the name of the father!” The use of a solo-
cessible. A chance to focus on the quiet and peacefulness of dreams. ist and percussion brings this setting to life. A perfect closer for your
00156069  SATB div. a cappella���������������������������������������������������� $2.30 concert, festival or honor choir!
00155999  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25
Daniel Elder O Frondens Virga
An evocative work for mixed choirs by Daniel Elder. This love poem is Drew Collins
set expertly with a mixture of homophonic and polyphonic writing that For more ambitious choirs who would like to emulate the sound of
provides rich texture throughtout. Fresh harmonies and care taken to Anonymous 4, this pieces uses chant-like singing and beautiful poly-
make each individual part interesting. A great selection for good high phonic vocal writing that emphasizes the purity of the voice through
school choirs and above. the evocative Latin text by Hildegard von Bingen.
00151876  SATB a cappella���������������������������������������������������������������$2.65 00151177  SATB a cappella���������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10

O Magnum Mysterium
Hyo-Won Woo
An impressive setting of the KO Magnum MysteriumK text that uses
Sacred Concert sustained and rhythmic passages to create interest and contrast. Con-
structed in a way that makes this work accessible to high school choirs
and above.
Alleluia 00155910  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������$2.55
Pawel Lukaszewski
Pawel Lukaszewski’s dynamic setting of Alleluia Praise Be to the Lord
uses interesting tonalities and well-thought har- Odd Johan Overøye
monic movement. This work will make an excel- Light and celebratory, this joyous anthem uses rhythmic, ostinato-like
lent concert opener or a great pairing with another vocal lines to support the melodic theme. A sustained middle section
piece. provides contrast, capturing the majesty and mystery of God. Time
00156529  SATB div. a cappella������������������� $2.10 signature changes and interesting harmonic writing make this a good
challenge for more advanced choirs.
00151071  SATB Double Choir a cappella�����������������������������������$3.00
Avoonan Dbishmayya Taaveti Laul Nr. 104
(Aramaic Lord’s Prayer) (Psalm 104)
Ilyas Illiya Cyrillus Kreek
This incredibly evocative setting of The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic is One of the famous Cyrillus Kreek Psalms of David settings. Melody is
believed to be the original language in which the prayer was spoken by of the utmost importance. The accompanying vocal parts are expertly
Jesus. The haunting tenor solo soars over the supportive and mysteri- crafted with polyphony. This is a choral classic that is not to be missed.
ous choral parts. Originally composed for Chanticleer.
00156198  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������ $2.45
00151878  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������� $2.10

Die Onse Vader

Zander Fick
A stunning and thoughtful setting of The Lord’s Prayer in
Afrikaans. The composer captures the mystery of the text in his melody.
December Holidays
Contrasts in texture and dynamics hold the singer and listener
throughout. A great choice for more advanced choirs. From the
& Winter Concerts
Amanda Quist Choral Series.
00155918  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������ $2.30 A Christmas Carol
Tim Laurio
Gaudeamus Omnes The composer has taken a fresh approach to this
Marek Raczynski historic text. Rhythmic and modal, with a sophis-
Based on a Gregorian chant by the same name, this work explores the ticated simplicity, this will be a unique addition to
ideas of human joy and angelic singing. Beginning softly, the com- your Christmas program.
poser builds texture and sound, moving toward the final climax of 00151955  SATB a cappella����������������������������$2.25
“hallelujah!” For more advanced choirs. From the Jo-Michael Scheibe
Choral Series.
00155923  SATB div. a cappella����������������������������������������������������� $2.45

His Eye Is on the Sparrow Love Came Down at Christmas

arr. Shane Warby David von Kampen
An iconic text and tune have been thoughtfully set by Shane Warby for Christina Rossetti’s iconic poem has been set to a haunting tune by
the BYU Singers. A simple two-part opening eventually builds into a David von Kampen. Uncomplicated in its construction, but rich and
dynamic proclamation of “I can sing because I’m free!” A statement of moving in its sound, this will be an especially good fit for church
surety in a God who watches even the smallest creatures. choirs. From the Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series.
00156523  SATB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������� $2.45 00155917  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $2.45

Streaming audio excerpts of the songs in this catalog may be accessed via the online player at

Quem Pastores Laudavere Salve Regina

arr. Susan LaBarr Josu Elberdin
Originally arranged for New York Polyphony, this ancient carol tells Written for the 2010 Tolosa (Spain) Choral Contest, this hymn to the
the story of Christmas - from the shepherds to the kings to our own Virgin Mary uses full sound and dense harmonies to celebrate Mary’s
rejoicing for the Christ child. Uncomplicated in its construction with gift to the world. The composer’s gift for crafting timeless melodies is
utmost care given to each iteration of the melody. apparent in this work. A great choice for more advanced treble choirs.
00156002  SATB a cappella�������������������������������������������������������������$2.25 00151957  SSAA a cappella������������������������������������������������������������� $2.30

The Snow Is Deep on the Ground Shady Grove

Katie Kring arr. Tom Shelton
The composer has captured the peace and calm of a landscape covered Tom Shelton’s arrangement of this beloved bluegrass song will offer
with freshly-fallen snow. A beautiful melody supported by interesting a rich experience for singers and audiences. May be performed with
harmonic movement. Uncomplicated, with the poetry being of utmost piano only or with the additional traditional bluegrass instrumentation.
importance. A sentiment of hope for days to come as winter passes. An option for combining two choirs of differing levels makes this a
00151074  SATB div. a cappella�������������������������������������������������������$2.25 versatile work. Tremendously fun!
00160069  SSA�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.55
Thy Little Ones 00160070  Instrumental Score/Parts��������������������������������������� $20.00
Brian Edward Galante/J. Edmund Hughes
Thy Little Ones is a lovely tribute to all who find themselves in the Shout for Joy! (Psalm 98)
midst of trouble. The PROSPECT tune is celebrated with simple vocal Dan Davison
harmonizations and accompaniment. Can be used for Christmas, and is Upbeat and uptempo, this joyous anthem could be used in both wor-
a good choice for high school and church choirs. ship and concert, and its accessible vocal writing alternates between
00151075  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $2.30 unison and harmonic passages. A straightforward piano part further
supports the choir, making this a perfect choice for church or school
mixed choirs.
00151176  SSAA������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10

Women’s Voices Si mes vers avaient des ailes

Reynaldo Hahn/arr. Tucker Biddlecombe
This lovely French song by Reynaldo Hahn has been reimagined for
A Breath of Kindness treble choir by the arranger. A flowing piano accompaniment supports
Lane Johnson gorgeous vocal parts. A wonderful teaching piece.
What an extraordinary text for women’s chorus that speaks of the 00151937  SSA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10
“comfort of feeling safe with a person.” Excellent vocal writing that is
beautifully supported and enhanced by the piano and flute. Commis-
sioned by the BYU Women’s Chorus.
00155922  SSAA�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.35

Crystal Sky
Men’s Voices
Daniel Elder
An original poem describing the journey of a Dancing Song (Tantsulaul)
snowflake as it descends from the clouds to its rest- Veiljo Tormis/ed. Paul-Eerik Rummo
ing place below. Harp accompanies treble voices, From the collection, Men’s Songs, this is a humor-
creating a tone that is mystical and whimsical. A ous account from a man who fancies himself a good
stunning addition to your winter program. dancer. A stunning melody enhanced by clapping,
00156526  SSA�������������������������������������������������� $2.45 stomping and other various sounds, choirs are
00156527  Harp Part���������������������������������������$4.50 encouraged to add movement, facial expression and
other dramatic components.
00156203  TTBB a cappella�������������������������� $2.10
My November Guest
James Baas
A fantastic selection for treble choirs. This beautifully sorrowful Robert Men’s Songs (Meestelaulud)
Frost poem has been captured by the composer’s melody and accompa- (Collection)
niment. Nice polyphonic vocal writing creates good texture while being Veljo Tormis/ed. Paul-Eerik Rummo
singable. The addition of the cello reflects the voice of sorrow. Perhaps some of the most exciting works for men’s chorus that exist in
00151958  SSA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.55 our repertoire today. Iconic Estonian composer Veljo Tormis celebrates
the tradition of “runosongs,” music that has been passed down through
Northern Lights generations. These dynamic works use a minimalistic compositional
Ola Gjeilo style reminiscent of Estonian folksongs. Simple in construction and
Using the Latin Pulchra es amica mea text from unbelievably dynamic and often humorous in sound. Ten songs in-
Song of Solomon, this composition is a great cluded in this collection.
selection for high school women’s choruses and 00156200  TTBB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $6.95
above. With music inspired by the aurora bo-
realis atmospheric lights, this song will render
a most impressive performance. SSAA version

Order today!
written for Elektra Womenís Choir.
00160853  SSAA a cappella������������������ $2.45
Ola Gjeilo
Order all titles in this booklet and more
from your favorite choral music retailer.

Serf’s Song (Teomehe-laul) I’ll Tell My Ma

Veljo Tormis/ed. Paul-Eerik Rummo arr. Eric Reid Jones
From the collection, Men’s Songs, this stunning melody is simply A guaranteed showstopper! This playful Irish children’s song has been
and beautifully set. The sad poem speaks of a poor man who longs to set with rousing clapping and stomping to reflect how it might have
lay his burdens down and make haste for the Creator’s realm. A good been sung by children during their playtime. The vocals are set in a
contrast to other, more humorous works in the set. simple homophonic style, which makes the body percussion achiev-
00156204  TTBB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $2.30 able. Can be performed with or without piano. Don’t miss this fantastic
concert closer!
She Walks in Beauty 00151170  SATB divisi��������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.55
Connor J. Koppin
An excellent poem for men’s chorus set beautifully by Connor Koppin. Miniyama Nayo
Attention has been given to melody, while the piano and oboe give sup- (from NONSENSE)
port and add ambiance. Good vocal part-writing makes this dramatic Paul John Rudoi
composition achievable for many choruses. A whirlwind of bright harmonies, dance pulses and syllabic play. A
00155916  TTBB����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.45 full-fledged theme and variations on...absolutely nothing. An addicting
opener or closer to any program, perfect for high school choirs and
Song of the Turkish War (Turgi Soja Laul) beyond.
Veljo Tormis/ed. Paul-Eerik Rummo 00151880  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������$2.35
From the collection, Men’s Songs, this original uses a comic blend
of Estonian and Russian to paint the picture of a soldier telling of his Pal-So-Seong
larger-than-life experience in war. Uses whistling and shouting to en- 8 Laughing Voices
hance the image. Hyo-Won Woo
00156202  TTBB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10 Nonsense syllables and passages for various forms of laughter make
this a highly entertaining work for both singers and listeners. Challeng-
ing and quick rhythms make this a great selection for good high school
choirs and above.
Lighter Selections 00156066  SATB div. a cappella�����������������������������������������������������$2.55

I Got a Hog and a Pig

from Five American Songs
arr. John Wykoff
Developing Voices
A lively song that is quintessentially American,
the excellent vocal writing makes the arrangement O Sing to the Lord
both rowdy and well-constructed. Accessible to Dan Davison
many choirs and a blast to learn and sing! From the A TB/two-hand piano version of Davison’s original
Amanda Quist Choral Series. “O Sing to the Lord” for TTBB choir and four-hand
00156007  SATB a cappella������������������������� $2.30 piano. A strong, yet accessible, concert opener.
Multi-rhythms enhance the excitement of this ma-
jestic concert or festival selection.
Jenny Jenkins 00156530  TB������������������������������������������������������ $2.10
from Five American Songs
arr. John Wykoff
A game in song. The arranger has captured the back and forth bounce
of the song-game as the question “What will you wear, Jenny Jenkins?” Sleep, My Little Sea
flits from part to part. Jenny’s ultimate answer will likely solicit a few Josu Elberdin
chuckles. From the Amanda Quist Choral Series. A sweet selection for children’s choirs from Basque composer Josu
00156006  SATB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $2.45 Elberdin. Simple vocal writing in two parts and a supportive piano ac-
companiment. The text encourages the sea not to be afraid of the dark
Look Up, Look Down because “all the stars will cradle you.”
from Five American Songs 00156525  SA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.30
arr. John Wykoff
A sorrowful American song that explores the themes of loneliness and The Tree of Song
loss. Simple and extremely effective arranging allows singers to ex- Thomas Juneau
press the text with tremendous drama. From the Amanda Quist Choral A lovely poem by Sara Teasdale inspired this new composition by
Series. Thomas Juneau. Perfect for young women’s choirs at the middle school
00156005  SATB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������ $2.30
and high school levels. A nice melody with accessible part-writing and
a simple piano accompaniment. Your young singers will enjoy this love
00151171  SSA�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.25

Streaming audio excerpts of the songs in this catalog may be accessed via the online player at

Ave Verum Corpus Connected
Alejandro Consolacion Brian Tate
The Randy Stenson International Series launches Brian Tate wants to help bring us all together
with this stunning a cappella motet by Alejandro and uses his imaginative music and community-
Consolacion. Based in Japan, Randy leads semi- building texts to make it happen. Each vocal
nars throughout Asia and hears beautiful choral part gets its own statement and they sequence
music most of us would miss. This anthem pulls together into a rollicking chorus, all a cappella,
at the heartstrings and complements any college or all fun. High school, community, even college
community choir program. Medium to difficult. choirs can find a joyful spot to program this
00159341  SATB a cappella���������������������������$2.35 number. Easy.
Brian Tate 00159337  SATB a cappella���������������������$2.35
Be Still and Know
Stacey V. Gibbs The Coventry Carol
Stacey Gibbs is known for his outstanding spiritual arrangements, and arr. Jerry Mueller
this piece makes a delightful departure as an original composition. Selected for the Magen Solomon series, this
Much of the creativity that is evident in his arrangements remains, but dreamy setting is beautiful and distinctive. The
the melody is entirely Gibbs’. Writing primarily for advanced high magic of this arrangement is in the creativity of the
school and college choirs, Gibbs rewards us with his unique originality harmonies. An excellent Christmas selection for
- this usually quiet text ends with strength and assurance. For college, high school, college or community choirs. Medium
community choirs and church choirs. Medium. in difficulty.
00158100  SATB a cappella��������������������������������������������������������������$2.35 00159359  SATB a cappella���������������������������$1.95
Be Thou My Vision
arr. Kevin Memley Dai Di Di Dai
It is the artistry that separates a Memley arrange- arr. Coreen Duffy
ment from all others. As always, his piano writing This Chassidic Nigun brings a Jewish cultural tradition to the choral
is superb, and using the familiar melody we want community with history and fun. The “song without words” uses a syl-
to hear, he adds finesse and craftsmanship that lifts lable sound with historic roots that are explained in the performance
this church anthem to a new level. Easy to medium. notes. It enables us to enjoy a taste of an 18th century practice that is
00159336  SATB������������������������������������������������$2.35 both entertaining and meaningful. Perfect for high school or college,
easy to sing.
00159343  SSATB a cappella�����������������������������������������������������������$2.35
Born in a Song Dream Land
Judith Herrington Christina Rossetti/Kevin Memley
This macaronic piece brings together the Span- Voiced for both SSAA and SATB, Kevin Memley displays, again, his
ish and English languages, and it is the invigo- command for expressing poetry in song. The musical lines take us
rating and inspiring text that drives the rhythm into Christina Rossetti’s poem, into her dream, and speaks for all of
and energy of this creative song. A previous us at the same time. High school, community and college choirs will
choral release by Ms. Herrington also utilizing embrace the artistry in this concert selection. Medium.
the poetry of Bianca Chamusco, Born in a Sym- 00158716  SATB��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.15
phony, is a definite partner. Wonderful for high 00158717  SSAA�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.15
school and college concert. Medium.
Judith Herrington 00158101  SSA����������������������������������������������$2.35 Galop
(from Solfege Suite)
Christmas Time Is Here Ken Berg
Can learning Solfege really be fun? Is it pos-
Vince Guaraldi/arr. John Alexander
sible to sing a song on Solfege in a concert? Ken
The John Alexander Series features arrangements
Berg answered that question in a big way when,
by Mr. Alexander for large community choirs with
years ago, he wrote the first Galop for young
orchestra. What a delight to release this Peanuts fa-
voices. 100,000 copies later, plus an SAB voic-
vorite on the heels of the recent The Peanuts Movie
ing, it seemed only right to release a voicing for
opening. John did a splendid job of capturing the
SATB. The song is a concert-pleaser for sure,
fun of the song and voicing it for the larger forces. Ken Berg and the learning of Solfege is undeniable. Easy.
Easy to Medium.
00159344  SATB������������������������������������������$2.35
00159342  SATB�������������������������������������������������$2.15
00159348  Score/Parts������������������������������������������������������������������� $35.00 Gartan Mother’s Lullaby
arr. Sarah Jaysmith
The word lullaby conjures up a gentle bedtime song, and true to form,
Gartan Mother’s Lullaby is that and so much more. Under arranger
Jaysmith’s care there comes an added mystery and caress, rich with
images of crickets and fog and lambs and such. Delicately written for
treble chorus, appropriate for high school, college and community
ensembles. Medium.
00159345  SSAA a cappella�������������������������������������������������������������$2.35

Hodie Christus Natus Est Loosin Yelav

Jonathan Adams arr. Judith Herrington
This fabulous Christmas piece rings with energy and joy. Ripe with This Armenian folk song is an excellent candidate for Judy Her-
antiphonal qualities, the piece opens with a brief fanfare and proceeds rington’s “Songs of the World” series. An homage to the moon, it is
to celebrate the season. A wonderful holiday concert opener for high more of a metaphor of appreciation for all light that shines into the
school, college or community choirs, or for a church anthem. Medium places of darkness. Great for young voices it can also be effective with
to difficult. 2-Part choirs of all ages. Easy to medium.
00159346  SATB div. a cappella�������������������������������������������������������$2.15 00159351  SSA����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.15

Hope Lux Aeterna

Emily Dickinson/Debra Scroggins Kevin Memley
Emily Dickinson’s poem on hope has wings of  he initial musical theme that begins this piece becomes almost a
its own, but now, it also has a song. The words passacaglia, repeating throughout the piece. But with Kevin’s artistic
lift right off the page, encouraged with melody touches it becomes the “eternal light” that the text expresses, emerg-
and catapulted with harmony. Excellent for high ing again and again regardless of key change or climax. A gorgeous
school, college and community choirs, yet its dedi- a cappella motet, it is perfect for advanced high school, college and
cation alerts you that it will fit in the sacred space community choirs, as well as fine church choirs. Medium to difficult.
as well. Medium. 00159352  SATB div. a cappella�������������������������������������������������������$2.15
00159347  SATB������������������������������������������������$2.35
Never Forget
Invictus Cool-Jae Huh
Daniel J. Hall South Korea and the United States have a beautiful
Selected for the Jo-Michael Scheibe series, this relationship and share many values, one of which
may be the most powerful song of encourage- is undeniably our love of great choral music. Sowol
ment for men’s choir on the planet. The William Kim is admired as the founder of modern Korean
Ernest Henley poem sets the stage, but it is the poetry. This heart-wrenching love poem has been
dynamic musical writing for both voice and set to music by one of today’s leading Korean com-
piano that rock the house. Opening with a gentle posers, Cool-Jae Huh. The tenderness and passion
chant establishes the theme, but the surprise hits emerge effortlessly through the symbolic state-
as the keyboard assumes control. Superb choice ments in this touching composition. The TTBB voicing was selected
Daniel J. Hall for a dedication, graduation or concert program. for the Randy Stenson Male Chorus Series, whereas the SATB voicing
Medium in difficulty. was simply too great to pass up. Excellent for College Choirs, medium
00159350  TBB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.50 to difficult.
00159353  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������$2.35
The Isle Is Full of Noises 00159354  TTBB a cappella��������������������������������������������������������������$2.35
Paul Ayres
 ver awakened from a dream and wished you
could return to it? British composer Paul Ayers The New Colossus
begins with whispering noises before divulging Emma Lazarus/Kevin Memley
his text, and later brings some Chinese text into Not often does a song so completely capture the spirit of a new world,
the mix. His creativity earned him the winner but this one does with an exclamation point. Proud, expectant, hopeful,
of the North Dakota State Edwin Fissinger assuring, as full as the Statue of Liberty, this dynamic piece celebrates
Composition Competition and a placement in all these things with dignity and grace. Destined to be an American
the Jo Ann Miller Series. Great artisty emerges classic for high school and college treble choirs. Medium to Difficult.
Paul Ayres in this composition that works beautifully for 00158719  SSA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.35
advanced high school, college and community
choirs. Medium. O Bone Jesu
00159360  SATB���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.50 Jesse Beulke
Jesse Beulke is a relatively new name yet his writing deserves notice. Se-
The Lake Isle of Innisfree lected for the David Dickau Signature Series, this piece may bring him
Ron Kean the appropriate attention. The text is quite traditional and set by many
Selected for the Iris Levine Treble Choir Series, Ron Kean uses a text masters through the ages. Designed for antiphonal choirs, one chamber
by William Butler Yeats and appropriately dons it with an Irish musical choir and the other a full choir, the impact of his skill is quickly evident.
dressing. The flute is really not an optional addition. You are easily The overlapping of tonalities increases the depth of the text and intensity
transported to the region through this character piece that dances and of the work. Advanced high school, college and community choirs will
flourishes in the land it celebrates. For advanced high school and col- enjoy programming this creative composition. Difficult.
lege treble choirs. Medium to difficult. 00159355  SATB a cappella��������������������������������������������������������������$2.35
00159361  SSAA����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2.50
Only My Dreams
Locus Iste William Butler Yeats/Ron Kean
Kevin Memley The poem by Yeats that serves as the text for this Ron Kean piece has
Kevin Memley’s exquisite a cappella writing has captured our hearts been set by many fine composers. Ron’s approach is unique, bringing
many times. He does not disappoint with this classic Latin text. The in overtones through whirlies to add an ultra-spiritual dimension to
“place of sacred mystery” is honored richly with the harmonic colors the impact of the work. Ron’s vocal writing is always careful, pulling
he paints each cadence. This is a motet that will be added to the canon lines into one another with suspended results. Singers simply love to
of classic settings to be sung by choirs for years to come in both concert sing them because everyone is equally important. Selected for the Iris
and church settings. Advanced high school, college and community Levine Treble Chorus Series, this piece fits any general program for
choirs. Medium difficulty. advanced treble high school, college and community choir. Medium.
00158718  SSAATTBB a cappella�����������������������������������������������������$2.15 00159356  SSAA������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.15


Remember’d Songs Most Dear There Is No Rose

Matthew Emery Guy Forbes
Who doesn’t remember musical moments in their past, when singing Guy Forbes gave us O Nata Lux many years ago and we have patiently
became transcendent and the moment became a memory never to be waited for its sequel. Now we have it, a stunning setting of There Is No
forgotten? Henry Van Dyke’s poem recalls that time and Matthew Em- Rose that delivers exactly what we hoped for. It is a beautiful melody
ery, the young Canadian composer attracting everyone’s attention, set draped in warm harmonic fabric that is so very rich and satisfying. For
it to song. You just want to sing it, that’s all that needs to be said. High advanced high school, college and community choirs as well as fine
school, college, festival, community choirs. Easy to medium. church choirs. Medium to Difficult.
00159357  SATB a cappella���������������������������������������������������������������$2.15 00159362  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������$2.35

Rush Onward Tides of My Soul There Will Be Rest

Judith Herrington Sara Teasdale/Kevin Memley
In this poem, is Longfellow describing sounds from the sea, or the tides Several superb settings of this moving poem by
of our own soul? Judy Herrington sets song to this text that keeps the Sara Teasdale precede this one, but Kevin Memley
question open. The rushing waves emanate from the piano accompani- has earned the reputation to take us somewhere new,
ment and toss onto the shore through the choral statements with ease. even with classic texts. Premiered at the ACDA
Excellent for young voices, high school and college treble choirs. Easy Western Convention, this SSAA setting with piano
to Medium. is entirely new and gratifying. Always melodic and
00158102  SSA����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.15 harmonically fulfilling, this new setting works best
for advanced high school, college and community
Saeya Saeya Parang Saeya treble choirs. Medium.
arr. Young-Ah Kim 00158720  SSAA�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.35
Selected for the John Byun Choral series, this
traditional Korean folk song has been given some
wonderful contemporary and creative treatment. Thula Klizeo
The vocal techniques and harmonic flair are inven- Joseph Shabalala/arr. Leanne Macdonnell
tive and enticing. The artistry and passion emerge The 2-Part voicing was released last year and quickly became a huge
through the simple song about birds and the farmer. favorite. It only made sense to release an SAB voicing. Now middle
A worthy challenge for college choirs. Difficult. and high school choirs can enjoy this wondeful African multiculttural
00158103  SATTB a cappella�������������������������$2.35 selection that incorporates body percussion. Easy.
00159363  SAB���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.15
Sing Your Song
Matthew Emery
This is the perfect song of encouragement from the poem by Katharine
Tynan –be yourself – sing your song. Matthew Emery’s setting main-
tains a vitality that not only encourages but celebrates it. An excellent Streaming audio excerpts of the songs in this
festival song for high school and college choirs, and community choirs catalog may be accessed via the online player
too. Easy to Medium. at
00159358  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.35



As the Rain Danny Boy
Paul Doust arr. Trevor Gomes
This powerfully descriptive piece by Paul Doust Selected for the Bruce Rogers Choral Series, this
uses programmatic musical elements that mirror setting of Danny Boy by Trevor Gomes is uniquely
the lyrics. The text is an anonymous, Gaelic bless- lovely. Following a stark opening the piece grows
ing with poetic words and images. Paul’s setting in richness and vocal parts, with stirring harmonies
is fresh and metaphoric and very satisfying. Good and a graceful conclusion. Appropriate for fine
for advanced high school, college and communtiy high school choirs, college and commnity choirs.
ensembles. Medium to difficult. Medium to difficult.
00160218  SATB a cappella��������������������������� $2.10 00159825  SATB div. a cappella�������������������$2.35

Down by the Riverside

Caverns in the Clouds arr. Stacey V. Gibbs
Julie I. Myers/Shayla L. Blake Stacey Gibbs has become one of the most commis-
This beautiful song of hopes and dreams has been selected for the sioned composers of our age because his arrange-
Elena Sharkova Series. Shayla Blake, a relatively new composer on ments of spirituals bring the house down. His set-
the scene, has selected the poetry of Julie Myers for her composition. ting of this familiar spiritual falls right into line – so
Treble choirs from high school through college will enjoy the ethereal fun to sing and rewarding to hear. Great for high
harmonies and effective voice-leading. Easy to Medium. school, college and community choirs. Medium.
00160219  SSA���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.35 00159826  SATB a cappella���������������������������$2.35
Gloria in Excelsis Deo Let the Church Roll On
Jeff Trenchard arr. Stacey V. Gibbs
This is arguably one of the most popular Christmas There’s some fun levity in this good ol’ spiritual, especially the part
texts in Latin. Trenchard’s setting is exhilarating, about the choir singer. You’ll have to see the song to know what that’s
rhythmically energizing and harmonically colorful. about. Best of all, this arrangement has all of Stacey’s stylin’ but it’s
Church, community, high school and college choirs easy, almost all 4-part SATB (only a little soprano divis at the end). For
will thoroughly enjoy this piece. A great opener or church and school, high school ages and up, easy to medium.
festive anthem. Medium difficulty. 00159830  SATB a cappella������������������������������������������������������������� $2.45
00159827  SATB�������������������������������������������������$2.35
The Light of Christmas Morn
Josh Bauder
I Sing that My Voice May be Heard Originally written for the University of St. Thom-
Gwen McLeod Hall as’s Christmas festival by the young Minnesota
Selected for the William Powell Choral series, this encouraging choral composer, Josh Bauder, this piece is at once reflec-
contains both inspirational words and music by Gwen McLeod Hall. It tive and majestic. Perform it with the optional brass
is a message of hope, where singing serves as the disarming weapon of and percussion for added expressive possibilities!
choice. For high school and college treble choirs, the music swells in 00157751  SATB���������������������������������������������������$1.95
celebration to a victorious conclusion. Medium. 00157752  Brass/Percussion��������������������� $25.00
00159828  SSAA a cappella������������������������������������������������������������� $2.10 00157753  Accompaniment CD��������������� $25.00

I Want to Die A Merry Christmas Wish

While You Love Me Pepper Choplin
Rosephanye Powell Pepper Choplin has taken one of the classic
Rosephanye Powell has taken a passionate Christmas concert closers, We Wish You a Merry
poem of love by Georgia Douglas Johnson and Christmas, added two new engaging counter-
given us notes that truly sing. A fitting wedding melodies, and wrapped them in an easy swing
song, it celebrates the moment when love is at that invites the audience to sing along.
its fullest and would fit almost any high school, 00159832  SATB������������������������������������������$2.35
college or community choir concert program. 00159833  Rhythm Parts���������������������� $25.00
Medium. 00159834  Accompaniment CD�������� $25.00
Rosephanye Powell 00156854  SSAA�����������������������������������������$2.35 Pepper Choplin

In Paradisum Shenandoah
Richard Burchard arr. Kevin Memley
This beautiful anthem launches the Jennifer Pascual Kevin Memley’s TTBB voicing of this popular American folk song
Series, and a more heavenly piece could not have was a huge hit. The SATB setting is sure to do as well. The piano part
been chosen. Richard Burchard has established displays Kevin’s craftsmanship that further propels the lovely choral
himself as a composer of modern polyphony and lines. An excellent high school, college or community choir selection,
creates some of the most gorgeous harmonies heard it is medium in difficulty.
in the 21st century. This Latin setting of In Paradis- 00159835  SATB divisi������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.35
um serves as a sacred piece for Lent in worship or
a concert selection for college and fine community
Sleep, Sleep, Beauty Bright
choirs. Medium to Difficult. Jesse Beulke
What future happenings can one envision for an infant child’s life when
00160213  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������$2.35
watching that baby sleep? Jesse Buelke creates a wonderful choral
In the Bleak Midwinter piece on the musing words of William Blake. The piano writing is ex-
Christina Rossetti/Richard Burchard quisite and the choral notes sublime. Excellent for high school, college
This Christmas piece is everything you would expect from Richard and community choirs. Medium.
Burchard and so much more. The lovely melody and flowing harmonies 00160221  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $2.10
are anticipated, as are the familiar words of the carol, but the accompa-
nying syllables, some almost jazz-like, are a pleasant surprise. Selected
Softly and Tenderly
for the Bruce Rogers Choral Series, you know it is an excellent college arr. Stacey V. Gibbs
or fine community choir piece. Medium to difficult. Stacey Gibbs is known for his fine arrangements of spirituals. What a treat
to hear his artistry at work on a classic hymn like Softly and Tenderly.
00159829  SATB div. a cappella������������������������������������������������������$2.35
There’s a middle section he has created when you can feel his Gospel roots
Jubilate influencing the line, and it is marvelous. Probably more for concert than
Clare Toy church due to difficulty level, but it will caress you at either venue.
Jubilate is not only a joyful and rhythmically interesting piece, it is 00159836  SATB a cappella���������������������������������������������������������������$2.15
also one of the most versatile. Best performed antiphonally, it has two
choir parts that echo and answer one another and can be divided in
You’re with Me Everywhere
numerous ways. Optional woodblock, tambourine, and finger cymbals Kevin Memley
bring added zest to this song of praise. The familiar Latin text makes Composed as a graduation song, this Kevin Memley piece is a choral of
the song useful in worship and concert. Easy to medium. encouragement and hope that will complement any concert program.
It begins with soloists that introduces the pop flavor of the song. The
00160220  SATB a cappella�������������������������������������������������������������$2.35
words are uplifting and the tune grabs at your heart. A Rhythm chart is
available separately as a free download. Easy to medium.
00159837  SATB������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2.35



The Art of Singing Onstage Essential Guide to Songwriting,
and in the Studio Producing & Recording
Understanding the Psychology,   by Darryl Swann
Relationships, and Technology   Musicians Institute Press
in Performing and Recording Essential Songwriting, Producing & Recording
by Jennifer Hamady brings to those of all ages a simple, easy to under-
The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio stand approach to learning songwriting, producing
comprehensively addresses managing technology and recording. Written by an acclaimed instructor
onstage and in the studio and interacting with the at several major music schools, this book puts
people who run it. These important issues are ad- incredibly sophisticated knowledge into plain,
dressed in an easy-to-read, accessible style. Beginning with a discus- everyday language with stories, metaphors, photos, illustrations, and
sion of the history of the voice and technology in our culture, Hamady examples that are sure to educate as well as entertain.
also reveals the root causes of performance anxiety in music and 00113117  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$16.99
beyond, as well as how to overcome it. Singers, performers, producers,
and engineers will all come away from this book more knowledgeable Create Music with Notion
about the origins of their fields, empowered in the tools of their trade, Notation Software  
and clear on how to best communicate with one another. for the Busy Musician
00152523  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$19.99 by George J. Hess
Quick Pro Guides
Make Your Own Music Notion is a unique program that combines
A Creative Curriculum   notation, sequencing, and live performance
Using Music Technology into one easy-to-use package. This book
by Richard McCready shows all types of users – amateurs, teach-
Music Pro Guides ers, and professionals – how to best use the
Make Your Own Music: A Creative Curriculum program and how it fits their creative needs
Using Music Technology provides an orga- for efficient and effective music production and performance at any
nized approach to creating your own music level. Learn the fundamentals of Notion’s interface, develop an intel-
using modern technology. It contains lessons, ligent and well-thought-out workflow, and discover how to integrate
skill sets, and projects for using the PreSonus your desktop computer and iPad so that your productivity can continue
Music Creation Suite. An incredibly valuable whether you’re at your desk, in the studio, or on the road.Create Music
tool for the enthusiast, student, or teacher, this book is a complete with Notion includes practical projects and supporting session files
classroom curriculum for both learning and teaching music technol- for all experience levels, along with focused video tutorials that dem-
ogy, incorporating composition ideas, notation skills, and digital audio onstrate many of the creative techniques presented in the text, while
workstation proficiencies. Supporting materials can be accessed on- revealing how to get the most out of the included sessions.
line. They round out the instructional experience throuh video tutorials 00130406  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$19.99
and printable documents.
00131001  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$24.99 A Cappella Arranging
by Deke Sharon and Dylan Bell
Five Star Music Makeover Music Pro Guides
The Independent Artist’s Guide   At the heart of every vocal group is the music
for Singers, Songwriters, Bands,   it performs. This often means writing its own
Producers, and Self-Publishers arrangements of popular or traditional songs.
by Coreen Sheehan, Anika Paris, Eric Corne, This book is the long-awaited definitive
Michael Eames, and Bobby Borg work on the subject, providing genre-specific
Music Pro Guides insight on a cappella arranging.
Five Star Music Makeover is an engaging 00333442  ��������������������������������������������$34.99
all-in-one guide designed specifically for
aspiring artists. Written by five experts with
over 100 years of collective experience, Beating Songwriter’s
both on and off the stage, this unique book covers five key skills every Block
musician needs to succeed: (1) improving vocal production/technique;
Jump-Start Your Words  
(2) writing memorable and marketable songs; (3) recording your ulti- and Music
mate EP; (4) navigating the publishing world; and (5) promoting music
by Gary Ewer
Handbook Series
Also included are insiders’ stories and anecdotes, helpful tips, creative
Backbeat Books
exercises, celebrity interviews, and all the practical expertise necessary
to develop a successful music career. Five Star Music Makeover is a Songwriter’s block can be devastating, stopping even the best songwrit-
complete and practical career guide – a resource that transforms artists ers in their tracks. Chapter by chapter, this book addresses every likely
from good to great. cause of the block. It helps the reader develop a songwriting schedule,
set songwriting targets that make sense, and deal with debilitating fear.
00145992  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$29.99
00333749  �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$24.99


Voice for Performance On Singing Onstage

Training the Actor’s Voice with David Craig
by Linda Gates Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Limelight Editions David Craig’s nine-hour video series on musical
Here’s the complete guide for anyone who wants to performance covers all of the techniques and ex-
make more effective use of their voice. The head of ercises, as well as Craig’s legendary performance
voice at the Northwestern University Department philosophy, which has instructed and inspired
of Theatre, Linda Gates addresses key elements singers, actors, and dancers for more than 50 years.
of voice and speech – Respiration, Vibration, Craig breaks down the act of singing onstage into
Resonation, and Articulation – in a straightforward specific, approachable components and takes the
style. She also addresses how these relate to the voice of the actor/ viewer step by step through the process, from how to analyze lyrics
singer. Includes eight hours of exercises with Gates on two companion and stand on the stage for an audition, to signaling the accompanist and
audio CDs. making lyrics come to life.
00332720  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$19.99 Available as a complete set or individually, each 90-minute DVD
includes a study guide.
Everyday Voice Care 00314918  Complete 6-DVD Set������������������������������������������������$150.00
The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers
by Joanna Cazden On Singing Onstage
Respected voice therapist Joanna Cazden brings by David Craig
together a wealth of practical tips and advice introduction by Lee Grant
to help keep your own expressive voice in top Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
working order. Chapters on food and drink, cold A terrific take on theatre singing by a master teach-
remedies, loud parties, travel, fitness routines, and er. “David Craig knows more about singing in the
when to see a doctor are complemented by notes musical theatre than anyone in this country – which
on alternative health care and the spiritual dimen- probably means the world. Time and time again his
sion of vocal rest. advice and training have resulted in actors moving
00333734  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$19.99 from non-musical theatre into musicals with ease
Cantabile Voice Class MUST.” – Harold Prince
by Katharin Rundus 00314002  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$18.99
Pavane Publishing
CANTABILE – Voice Class textbook is clearly Jean Ritchie’s Kentucky
and concisely written for 21st century under- Mother Goose
graduate voice students. Already tested in low- Songs and Stories from My Childhood
er division voice classes, students’ response by Jean Ritchie with Susan Brumfield
was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Twelve The youngest of 14 children in a singing fam-
foundational “anchors” of voice study are pre- ily from Viper, Kentucky, Jean Ritchie grew
sented with accompanying vocal exercises that up surrounded by the ballads, hymns, play-
build competency and confidence from the first party songs, singing games and dulcimer
use. In addition to “anchors” on vocal technique, topics such as Delib- tunes that comprised the Ritchie Family rep-
erate Practice, Musical Expression and Vocal Health are covered. The ertoire. The anthology contains transcriptions
text is engaging and well-illustrated with photos, drawings and icons. of the songs sung by Jean on the enclosed
The concise format of CANTABILE – Voice Class makes it particularly CD, annotations and notes on the songs, and related stories. Richly
attractive for a semester voice class and as supplementary material for illustrated with family photos, this book is a fascinating window into
choral groups and choral pedagogy classes. the musical beginnings of a true American treasure.
00145650  Book����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$14.99 00139968  Hardcover with CD������������������������������������������������������$19.99
Also Available:
Brothers, Sing On!
Cantabile Figures Conducting the Tenor Bass Choir
by Katharin Rundus Jonathan Palant
Pavane Publishing Foreword by Anton Armstrong
00148609  CD-ROM������������������������������������������������������������������������ $35.00 Brothers, Sing On!: Conducting the Tenor-Bass
Cantabile Choir by Jonathan Palant is a welcome addition
to the choral pedagogy literature addressing the
A Manual about Beautiful Singing for Singers, Teachers of training of male singers. An ideal resource for
Singing and Choral Conductors
choral directors, teachers-in-training, singers
by Katharin Rundus
and choral enthusiasts, this practical volume
Pavane Publishing explores the challenges and rewards of working
08301877  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$59.95 with evolving adolescent-through-adult male singer. In addition to his
own valuable insights, Dr. Palant includes interviews with over two
dozen seasoned vocal music educators. Topics include: A History of
Men’s Choral Singing, Anatomy of the Male Voice, The Product: Cho-
ral Tone, Intonation, Parts and Placement, The Adolescent Male Voice:
Categorization to Maturation, Programming and Repertoire Selection,
Auditions, Warm-Ups, Sight-Singing, Recruiting, Fund-Raising,
Travel, sample programs, repertoire lists, and much more! 00116787  Softcover Book��������������������������������������������������������������$22.99


Thousand of pubications for solo voice may be found at
View complete contents list and description by entering the eight digit item number in the Search field at

The Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology – Volume 6

Songs from recent shows, as well as more classic theatre literature, all in original keys and authentic editions.

Soprano Tenor
00145258 Book Only����������������������������������������������������������������������$22.99 00145260 Book Only����������������������������������������������������������������������$22.99
00145264 Book/Online Audio����������������������������������������������������$42.99 00145266 Book/Online Audio����������������������������������������������������$42.99
00151246 Soprano 2 Accompaniment CDs��������������������������$22.99 00151248 Tenor 2 Accompaniment CDs��������������������������������$22.99

Mezzo-Soprano/Belter Baritone/Bass
00145259 Book Only����������������������������������������������������������������������$22.99 00145261 Book Only����������������������������������������������������������������������$22.99
00145265 Book/Online Audio����������������������������������������������������$42.99 00145267 Book/Online Audio����������������������������������������������������$42.99
00151247 Mezzo-Soprano 2 Accompaniment CDs������������$22.99 00151249 Baritone/Bass 2 Accompaniment CDs���������������$22.99

The Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology – Teen’s Edition

Songs especially suitable to teens have been carefully selected for this new volume in the series. Includes notes on the shows and songs.

Soprano Tenor
00230043 Soprano Book Only�����������������������������������������������������$19.99 00230045 Tenor Book Only����������������������������������������������������������$19.99
00230047 Soprano Book/Online Audio����������������������������������$39.99 00230049 Tenor Book/Online Audio Pack�����������������������������$39.99
00230051 Soprano Accompaniment CDs Only�������������������$22.99 00230053 Tenor Accompaniment CDs Only�������������������������$22.99

Mezzo-Soprano/Belter Baritone/Bass
00230044 Mezzo-Soprano/Alto/Belter Book Only��������������$19.99 00230046 Baritone/Bass Book Only�����������������������������������������$19.99
00230048 Mezzo-Soprano/Alto/Belter Book/  00230050 Baritone/Bass Book with Online Audio�������������$39.99
Online Audio Pack������������������������������������������������������$39.99 00230054 Baritone/Bass Accompaniment CDs Only��������$22.99
00230052 Mezzo-Soprano/Alto/Belter  
Accompaniment CDs Only��������������������������������������$22.99


Disney for Teen Singers 28 Italian Songs & Arias of the

Classic and Contemporary Songs   17th & 18th Centuries
Especially Suitable for Teens Based on the Editions  
00141560  Young Women’s Edition���$19.99 by Alessandro Parisotti
00141566  Young Men’s Edition����������$19.99 G. Schirmer, Inc.
Newly researched and engraved collections,
including the original Schirmer “24” plus four
additional songs. With International Phonetic
Alphabet, word-for-word translations, and his-
torical information on each song and composer.
The audio features accompaniments and recorded diction lessons.
21st Century Musical Theatre 50490104  High Voice Book only�������������������������������������������������� $9.99
50 Songs from Shows Since 2000 50490105  High Voice Book/Online Audio������������������������������ $17.99
The series includes some songs from recent 50485628  Medium High Book Only�������������������������������������������� $9.99
shows which have never before appeared in any 50485630  Medium High Book/Audio���������������������������������������� $17.99
vocal collections. Selections from A Gentle- 50490106  Medium Voice Book only������������������������������������������� $9.99
man’s Guide to Love and Murder, Little Women, 50490107  Medium Voice Book/Online Audio������������������������ $17.99
Matilda the Musical, Young Frankenstein and 50485629  Medium Low Book������������������������������������������������������� $9.95
more. 50485631  Medium Low Book/Online Audio��������������������������� $17.99
00130464  Women’s Edition��������������� $27.99 50490108  Low Voice Book only��������������������������������������������������� $9.99
00130465  Men’s Edition�����������������������$29.99 50490109  Low Voice Book/Online Audio������������������������������� $17.99

Contemporary Musical Theatre

28 American Art Songs
for Teens G. Schirmer, Inc.
31 Songs from 25 Musicals Songs especially suitable for student singers
1990s Through Today by Samuel Barber, Paul Bowles, John Duke,
25-30 songs in each volume. Lee Hoiby, Charles Ives, John Jacob Niles and
00129885  Young Women’s Edition   50499822  High Voice�����������������������������$14.99
Volume 1����������������������������������$19.99 50499823  Low Voice������������������������������$14.99
00129886  Young Women’s Edition  
Volume 2��������������������������������$19.99
00129887  Young Men’s Edition Volume 1���������������������������������$19.99
00129888  Young Men’s Edition Volume 2��������������������������������$19.99 15 Recital Songs in English
Boosey & Hawkes
Jason Robert Brown Plays A collection of American and British songs
Jason Robert Brown suitable for student singers, with songs by
With a CD of Recorded Piano   Dominick Argento, Benjamin Britten, Aaron
Accompaniments Performed by   Copland, Gerald Finzi, Michael Head, John
Jason Robert Brown Ireland, Roger Quilter, Ned Rorem and Ralph
00230089   Women’s Edition,   Vaughan Williams. Includes a companion CD of
Book/CD..............................$22.99 piano accompaniments.
00230090  Men’s Edition, Book/CD$22.99
48019744  High Voice������������������������������ $17.95
48019745  Low Voice������������������������������������������������������������������������$18.99

15 American Art Songs

Standard Vocal Literature G. Schirmer, Inc.
An Introduction to Repertoire Standard 20th century American art songs for
Each volume includes 10 songs in English, 4 students by Samuel Barber, Ernest Charles,
songs in French, 6 songs in German, 4 songs Richard Hageman, John Jacob Niles and others.
in Italian, 2 songs in Spanish, 2 opera arias, 1 50482645  High Voice�����������������������������$19.99
operetta aria, 1 oratorio aria. There is a different 50482607  Low Voice������������������������������$19.99
contents list for each voice type.
00740272  Soprano���������������������������������$22.99
00740273  Mezzo-Soprano������������������$22.99
00740274  Tenor��������������������������������������$22.99
00740275  Baritone��������������������������������������������������������������������������$22.99 15 More American Art Songs
00740276  Bass����������������������������������������������������������������������������������$22.99 with recorded accompaniments
G. Schirmer, Inc.
Franz Schubert: More top-notch 20th century American song
15 Selected Songs repertoire for students, with songs by Samuel
With recorded diction lessons and accompani- Barber, Amy Beach, John Duke, Charles Ives
ments, historical notes, translations and IPA. and others.
00001143  High Voice������������������������������ $17.99 50498730  High Voice Book/CD��������� $17.99
00001144  Low Voice������������������������������ $17.99 50498731  Low Voice Book/CD����������� $17.99

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Page SATB Mixed Treble 2-Part Men Other Page SATB Mixed Treble 2-Part Men Other

21st Century Musical Theatre 25 n Everyday Voice Care – The Lifestyle Guide
28 American Art Songs 25 n for Singers and Talkers 23 n
A Cappella Arranging 22 n Feel Your Spirit Sing 12 n
Ad Amore 12 n Fifteen American Art Songs 25 n
Adiemus 9 n Fifteen More American Art Songs 25 n
Alleluia 15 n Fifteen Recital Songs in English 25 n
Angels We Have Heard on High 7 n Five Star Music Makeover 22 n
Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio 22 n Fresh and Fearless 14 n
As the Rain 20 n Galop 18 n
Ave Verum Corpus 18 n Gartan Mother’s Lullaby 18 n
Avoonan Dbishmayya Gaudeamus Omnes 15 n
(Aramaic Lord’s Prayer) 15 n Gift of Singing, The 6 n
Barter 9 n Gloria 8 n
Be for Me the Earth 14 n Gloria in Excelsis Deo 21 n
Be Still and Know 18 n Glory (With Joyful Song and Tender Mirth) 6 n
Be Thou My Vision 18 n Gnothi Safton 12 n
Be With Me 12 n Hashkiveinu 7 n
Beagle and the Beluga Heavenly Hurt 14 n
and the Eagle’s Fine Times 6 n
Help Us, Great Spirit 9 n
Beating Songwriter’s Block 22 n
His Eye Is on the Sparrow 15 n
Bells, The 14 n
Hlohonolofatsa 15 n
Bernyanyi Bersama 12 n
Hodie Christus Natus Est 19 n
Born in a Song 18 n
Hold Fast Your Dreams 11 n
Breath of Kindness, A 16 n
Holy Harmony 5 n
Brothers, Sing On! 23 n
Hope 19 n
Brown, Jason Robert –
Plays Jason Robert Brown 25 n I Am 7 n
Canary, The 11 n I Dream of Jeanie 8 n
Cantad al Senor! 10 n I Got a Hog and a Pig
(from Five American Songs) 17 n
Caverns in the Clouds 20 n
I Hunger and Thirst 5 n
Characters to Paint 8 n
I Should Be Glad 14 n
Charm Me Asleep 5 n
I Sing that My Voice May be Heard 21 n
Christmas Carol, A 15 n
I Want to Die While You Love Me 21 n
Christmas Day 10 n
I’ll Tell My Ma 17 n
Christmas Time Is Here 18 n
In Paradisum 21 n
Clear Our Heart, O God 4 n
In the Bleak Midwinter 21 n
Come to Me, My Love 14 n
Inngiqtuq 11 n
Connected 18 n
Invictus 19 n
Contemporary Musical Theatre for Teens 25 n
Isle Is Full of Noises, The 19 n
Coventry Carol, The 18 n
Izar Ederrak (The Beautiful Star) 14 n
Create Music with Notion 22 n
Jenny Jenkins (from Five American Songs) 17 n
Crystal Sky 16 n
Jubilate 21 n
Dai Di Di Dai 18 n
Dancing Song (Tantsulaul) 16 n Ki Hineih Kachomer 8 n
Danny Boy 20 n Kuwa Furaha 12 n
Dayeinu! 7 n Kyrie 8 n
Den Tod Niemand zwingen kunnt’ 8 n La Llorona 6 n
Die Onse Vader 15 n La Musica 12 n
Disney for Teen Singers 25 n Ladino Folk Songs 8 n
Down by the Riverside 20 n Lake Isle of Innisfree, The 19 n
Dream Land 18 n Last Night of Stars 6 n
Echo 4 n Leave My Heart Its Songs 5 n
Er ist gekommen 5 n Let the Church Roll On 21 n
Essential Guide to Songwriting, Light of Christmas Morn, The 21 n
Producing & Recording 22 n Light of Common Day, The 4 n
Even When He Is Silent 14 n Locus Iste 19 n
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Page SATB Mixed Treble 2-Part Men Other Page SATB Mixed Treble 2-Part Men Other

Lodestar 4 n Shenandoah (Nowlin) 7 n

Look Up, Look Down Shout for Joy! (Psalm 98) 16 n
(from Five American Songs) 17 n
Si mes vers avaient des ailes 16 n
Loosin Yelav 19 n
Silent Night 7 n
Love Came Down at Christmas 15 n
Sing Me to Sleep 5 n
Love Is the Light of the World 9 n
Sing No Sad Songs for Me 6 n
Lullaby 6 n
Lullay, My Liking 10 n Sing Your Song 20 n
Lux Aeterna 19 n Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology 24 n
Make Your Own Music 22 n Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology
Teen’s Edition 24 n
Meditation 8 n
Me-na-ri (Space Music) 14 n Sleep, My Little Sea 17 n
Men’s Songs (Meestelaulud) 16 n Sleep, Sleep, Beauty Bright 21 n
Merry Christmas Wish, A 21 n Snow Is Deep on the Ground, The 16 n
Merry Christmas Wishing Well 7 n Soft Blink of Amber Light 4 n
Miniyama Nayo (from NONSENSE) 17 n Softly and Tenderly 21 n
Mo-li-hua (Jasmine Flower) 14 n Song of Gratitude 4 n
Molly Malone 11 n Song of the Turkish War (Turgi Soja Laul) 17 n
Moments 11 n Songster, The 11 n
Music Makes Me 12 n Sparrow 11 n
Muusika 14 n Stabat Mater Dolorosa
My November Guest 16 n (from Stabat Mater, First Movement) 8 n
Never Forget 19 n n Standard Vocal Literature 25 n
New Beginnings 12 n Stars 5 n
New Colossus, The 19 n Taaveti Laul Nr. 104 (Psalm 104) 15 n
Night on a Starry Hill 9 n
There Is No Rose 20 n
Northern Lights 16 n
There Will Be Rest 20 n
O Bone Jesu 19 n
Therefore, Music 4 n
O Fortuna (from Carmina Burana) 9 n
Thula Klizeo 20 n
O Frondens Virga (Collins) 15 n
O Frondens Virga (Kesselman) 10 n Thy Little Ones 16 n
O Gloriosa Domina 9 n Time of Roses, The 5 n
O Magnum Mysterium 15 n To a Young Child 5 n
O Nata Lux 6 n Tree of Song, The 17 n
O Sing to the Lord 17 n Troublemakers 12 n
Ohtul (Evening) 14 n Twenty-Eight Italian Songs & Arias
Old Irish Blessing, An 5 n of the 17th & 18th Centuries 25 n
On Singing Onstage 23 n Two from “Hymns and Anthems” 8 n
Only My Dreams 19 n Two Mozart Classics 11 n
Pal-So-Seong (8 Laughing Voices) 17 n Valgusele 15 n
Praise Be to the Lord 15 n Viennese Masterworks 8 n
Quem Pastores Laudavere 16 n Voice For Performance – 2nd Edition 23 n
Remember’d Songs Most Dear 20 n Vuelie (from Frozen) 9 n
Ritchie, Jean – Kentucky Mother Goose 23 n Walking 12 n
Rowan Tree, The 11 n
We Can Sing That! 7 n n
Rush Onward Tides of My Soul 20 n
We Dance! 5 n
Saeya Saeya Parang Saeya 20 n
We Should Not Sleep 10 n
Salve Regina 16 n
Who Has Seen the Wind? 6 n
Satan Hates Music 6 n
Schubert, Franz: 15 Selected Songs 25 n Willow-wood 15 n
Seoithín Seó 11 n Winter Solstice 10 n
Serf’s Song (Teomehe-laul) 17 n Woke Up This Morning 7 n
Shady Grove 16 n You Do Not Walk Alone 4 n
She Walks in Beauty 17 n You’re with Me Everywhere 21 n
Shenandoah (Memley) 21 n Yued Gwong Gwong 11 n