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Attachment C – Special Use Permit Conditions

Dated July 17, 2018

Applicant: Blossman Gas, LLC
Owner: Big Time, LLC
Special Use Permit: SUP #2018-03
Address: 763 James Madison Hwy
GPIN 6983-67-5171-000 (the “Property”)
Special Use Permit Area: +/- 1.34 acre portion of nine acre parcel
Zoning: Industrial
Date: July 17, 2018

In approving a Special Use Permit, the Town Council may impose such conditions, safeguards and restrictions as
may be necessary to avoid, minimize or mitigate any potentially adverse or injurious effect of such special uses
upon other properties in the neighborhood, and to carry out the general purpose and intent of this Ordinance. The
Council may require a guarantee or bond to ensure compliance with the imposed conditions. All required
conditions shall be set out in the documentation approving the Special Use Permit.

The Applicant shall file a site plan within one (1) year of approval of this Special Use Permit by the Town
Council unless waived and/or exempted under Article 10-2, and shall have up to five (5) years from the date of
final site plan approval to commence the proposed use. Issuance of an occupancy permit constitutes
commencement of the use.

1. The Applicant shall file a site plan within one (1) year of approval and is in substantial conformance of
this Special Use Permit by the Town Council. All requirements of Article 10, Site Development Plan,
shall apply. No waivers from the requirements of Article 10 shall be granted.
2. The Special Use Permit is for a specific 1.34 acre portion of a nine acre parcel. The Special Use Permit
does not grant permission for the use of fuel distribution and storage yard over the entire parcel.
3. Prior to commencement of the use, access to the site shall be established and proven per the SUP Plan. A
slight deviation of the access off the public right-of-way to the west will be accommodated as long as
there is no increase in the SUP use acreage and all other conditions are still met.
4. The entrance to the 1.34 acre SUP site shall be paved and meet commercial design standard. There shall
be no fugitive particulate matter or debris from the site on to the right-of-way.
5. Prior to commencement of use, a water flow rate of 750 gpm shall be demonstrated either by the existing
fire hydrant located on James Madison Highway or installation of a new fire hydrant on the public right-
of-way leading to the 1.34 acre SUP site.
6. The site shall maintain the existing mature landscaping as screening and buffering per Article 8 of the
Zoning Ordinance.
7. Storage on site shall be restricted to liquid propane gas (LPG) and items/vehicles related to the installation
and servicing of LPG. This will be limited to two (2) tanks and a maximum of 60,000 gallons total
8. There shall be no on site sales or customers without additional permitting approval from the Community
Development Department.
9. An Emergency Response Plan shall be submitted at time of site plan and all updates will be submitted to
Community Development to keep on file. This plan shall include an internal dedicated path to be kept
cleared at all times on the nine acre parcel to the internal gate.
Attachment C – Special Use Permit Conditions
Dated July 17, 2018
10. All inspections and audit reports shall be made available upon request by the Town.
11. The security fencing shall connect on all boundaries of the use and will be maintained in good working
order at all times.
12. The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company, Town of Warrenton Police, County Sheriff, and County
Emergency Services shall be provided some form of access to the site, either by Supra box, gate codes, or
keys to be able to access the site in times of emergencies. The address will be predominately posted for
emergency services to find the site.
13. There shall be monitored video security on the 1.34 acre SUP site.
14. All federal, state, and local regulations and requirements for site development and the approved use shall
be followed.
15. The owner/operator shall provide annual training to emergency services in an on-going effort to ensure
the safety of the public.
16. The owner/operator shall notify emergency communications and the Town during any “off-gassing”.
17. In the event signage for the use is desired, it shall require a zoning permit under the adopted Signage
Code in Article 6 of the Zoning Ordinance in place at time of permit application. All businesses related to
the nine acre site shall be co-located on one monument sign.