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By: Adi Nugroho


Submitted to:

Dr. Lawrence Chung

Abstract 1. Introduction

1.1 Motivation

Bill of materials is one document that plays The motivation of this paper is to create
an important role in a project, especially in better understanding in redefining
the telecommunications business. This requirement engineering for automation
document reflects the expertise of a service tools that already build earlier during my
provider company to select an appropriate project with one customer in
solution in order to enhance and maintain telecommunication industry. Hopefully
their network operation excellence. Any in the future requirement engineering
errors that present in BOM generation knowledge that I have is able to make a
process will not only produce delay on the significant contribution in new tools
project is being executed but also indirectly development process that might be
affect the performance of the network itself. made.
Moreover BOM has important role on
defining the customer’s project budget as 1.2 Problem
well. Every single penny will be matters to As mentioned before, generating BOM
the customers. That is mean; every single is a critical process in a project both for
lack or excess material might make them our customer and customer. This work
lose their business. However sometimes the can be categorized as time consuming
BOM process itself often overlooked since job and need high accuracy when
many people underestimate this document’s placing the proper materials with its
creation, including sales and pricing quantity. Moreover the project
manager. When they got some pressure from scalability itself will increase the risk so
customer in the end they will force us, is the processing time hence can make us
engineering team, to complete these loose the control when there is a lot of
documents in a short period of time which is revision, like drop and insert, that being
very risky to errors that may occur. In the made. Since this is the first time we
other hand, we faced another problem in our create the automation, there are so many
internal department like lack of resources requirements that might not defined
due to company policy or high salaries of properly. Thus the purpose of this paper
the contract engineers. This BOM is to review and redefine the
generation automation is dedicated to automation’s requirements from basic
facilitate the company’s internal process, like:
provide better and excellent services to
customer and also in order to meet • Who is the stakeholder?
department’s efficiency targets announced
by company’s top management team. • What are their requirements?

• How can we fulfill the

stakeholder’s requirements?
• What is our limitation to fulfill In order to have better idea about the
those requirements? process in creating a BOM, please refer
to Appendix A. The initial project
• How can we check if a creation begin with pre-sale activities
requirement is satisfied? where sales manager and solution
manager work together to create the new
business. After the customer gives good
1.3 Solution signal for the new contract then our
team, engineering, start involve on the
The requirements from the stakeholders to pre-sales by providing high level design.
create BOM within limited time and in high
accuracy makes us to come up with When the contract had been signed by
automation solution using web based tools. customer, the next step is resources
At this time we think that this is the based collection. Project manager has to find
solution. However it might need some the technician and crew who will do the
improvement in the future based on the installation on site. And for engineering,
lesson learned so is the new requirement we have to find a designer based on the
from the stakeholders. project scale.

1.4 Related Work After all resources are ready then we

continue with the design process. In
This BOM automation is not a new thing. parallel, project manager will conduct
There are so many similar software and the site survey and give the report to
tools like the one we build. Our tools engineering team as one of input for the
basically only dedicated for specific project design.
that we were working and might not
applicable in other projects or other Output of the design will be design
industries. document plus site survey result, and
based on this document we have to
1.5 Outline generate the BOM in order to provide
Section 2 of this paper talks in general about Bill basic calculation on the pricing to the
of Materials Generation Automation sales team. Basic calculation means the
requirements engineering. The focus of the equipment’s pricing only, before they
challenges discussed here will be presented in add more services pricing, local
section 3. Section 4 describes my investigation materials quote, as well as margin for the
about the automation that we build and the sales itself. All of these calculations will
finding as well. This research paper ends with be bundled as PO draft. Customer must
the conclusions in section 5. review it first before issuing the PO to
our company.
2. Bill of Materials Generation
Automation Then after we receive the PO, the
solution manager will order all
equipment and in parallel, the project Now we can continue with the
manager must preparing the warehouse requirement for the BOM itself. For
and all activities related to logistic more detail about the requirements
handling, like how they will provide please refer to Appendix B which
temporary storage for unimplemented contains both Functional Diagram and
equipment and how they will deliver Non-Functional Diagram.
those equipment to each sites.
For the class diagram which explain how
The rollout phase will start as soon as the system work is shown on Appendix
the equipment is ready. Project manager C. So basically the automation was
are responsible for this project replacing the manual work. The input
execution, meanwhile sales and solution and output file beside it and the external
manager will monitor the rollout process will be same as in the manual
process. If they have question about the work. The automation system part of the
project’s time frame or budget, they can diagram shows how we can fulfill the
ask the project manager to provide it stakeholder requirements.
anytime during the rollout phase. The
engineering provide integration support
services for the field team if they meet 3. Challenge
problem that they cannot solve by them
self. The challenges and limitations that we
have to fulfill those requirements are as
Every time the implementation and mentioned by list below:
integration have been done for one site,
the acceptance test will be conducted - The database engine and software
and both parties must attend it. After the that we used to build the automation
test has been done the work well as tools are still using trial version
expected then customer will sign the which did not give us a lot of options
document. At this point we can say that to do more.
the project has been executed for that
- The human resources who involve
site. The same process will be executed
the automation development are still
for all sites until the last one and the
in learning curve. Programmer still
project will be closed. Even the project
learning how to understand the
was closed; the sales manager still has
telecom technology and in the other
responsibility to give project review
hand the telecom engineers are not
100% aware about the limitation that
The high level process is already the programmer have. It will take
explained and we can conclude that the time for both to build this cross
stakeholder will be the customer, sales competence.
manager, solution manager, and project
- The timeline given by the The last thing that we found was the
stakeholder is quite challenging since system’s GUI is not user friendly and need
we have to build everything from some improvement. Errors messages are still
zero. detected and need more effort to clean up
this kind of thing.
The way that we check if we satisfy the
requirement or not were by having 5. Conclusion
continues discussion with the
stakeholder. We also created other tools In general we can say that we successfully
to check the output of the system beside fulfill the requirements from stakeholder
the most conservative way that is manual even it is not 100%.
checking with random samples. It boosts the engineering team performance by
generating the BOM thousands time faster than
4. Investigating and Finding
manual work. Moreover it also can minimize
We are aware that there are still many the error during BOM generation up to
limitations in the tools that we created. 0.5%.
Some errors on the output are still
detected. We still found about 0.5%
errors generated by the tools. After we References
trace it we found that the problem came
from the input files. Some data on the [1] Non-Functional Requirements in
input files are not consistent nor Software Engineering, L. Chung, B. Nixon,
following the proper standard. The E. Yu and J. Mylopoulos, Kluwer Academic
workaround for this issue will be more Publishing, 2000
socialization to the design engineer and
the site survey crew. We have to inform [2] System and Software Requirements
them completely and accurately about Engineering: Tutorial, R. H. Thayer and M.
what kind of things that must be done. Dortman (Editors), IEEE Computer Society
This effort at least will minimize error Press
during the input files creation.

The second thing is the algorithms that [3] Requirements Engineering:

we used to build the system core Processes and Techniques, G. Kotonya and
basically are only applicable for this I. Sommerville, John Wiley Sons
project. We cannot re-use it when the
solutions are changed or the customer is [4] Requirements Engineering - A Good
different. For this issue we already Practice Guide, I. Sommerville and P.
create a tool to trace and to list all
Sawyer, Wiley
parameters including their behavior as
programmer’s guidance.
Appendix A

Appendix B
Appendix C