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CCR Operator

Main Responsibilities and Activities

The CCR operator is responsible for the execution of operation and light maintenance activities under supervision of the shift supervisor.

Operates the plant systems from the control room and locally.

In collaboration with the shift supervisor, arranges his work to ensure there is always someone in the control room.

Replaces the shift supervisor during his temporary absence from the control room

Executes, according to the safety procedures, the necessary precautions and lock - outs.

Takes readings of plant parameters (tour log), energy and gas, and performs basic chemical water analysis.

Supervises inventory of plant process chemicals.

Performs administrative work related to data reporting and operating procedures.

Helps the chemist in the preparation of all chemical solutions in case of necessity.

Check the plant regularly, reports malfunctions to the shift supervisor and makes work requests.

Performs periodic functional tests on plant systems.

Performs shift turnovers and assures the transfer of the necessary information.

Makes suggestions for plant and operating procedure improvements.

Supervises the loading and unloading of chemicals to and from the trucks.

Responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the control room and other rooms used by operations.

Follows up the availability of operational consumables and reports deviation as needed.

Reports dangerous hazards on plant systems, work place, working environment and general public.

Responsible to maintain confidentially of all information available to the position.

Perform all duties and responsibilities assigned by the immediate supervisor to this position, but not specifically stated in this description.

Helps to WPTP Operator in case of necessity.


There is no related staff whom the main plant operator supervises.


Reports to the Shift Supervisor.

Environmental Health & Safety Considerations

Responsible for performing the operational activities to meet standards of public safety, employee safety and environmental citizenship that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Contacts the fire department in case of fire.

He is responsible for the implementation of the work permit system and suggests improvements to the H&S officer.

Reports dangerous hazards on plant systems, work place, working environment and general public.

Ensures that the plant does not violate any of the environmental rules and report problems.

External Contacts

Maintains relations with the power client and the gas supplier.

Skills Required

Sufficient technical knowledge in required to manage the plant.

Ability to handle the company’s resources (cost) effectively.

Exercising confidentiality of all information handled.

Showing initiative and add to a positive working environment.

Fluent English Language is a must.

Required Qualifications

BSC in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical).

Experience of 6 years in Operating Power Plants with 3 years as CCR operator.

Experience with GE gas turbines is an advantage.

Experience in Combined Cycle Power Plants is an advantage