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NMIMS – SBM : Teaching Plan ( Course Description )

Course Code XXX

Course Title Digital Marketing

Course Google Exec :

Instructor/s NMIMS Prof :
Credit Value 3credits ( 100 marks paper )

Programme & FT MBA II Yr Trimester IV

Pre-requisite Marketing management & Marketing Planning

Learning Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts.
Objectives / Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, various social
Outcomes media platforms, emails, and their website to connect with their current and
prospective customers. There’s a huge spectrum of taxis and assets that
businesses use to support their overarching goals. For example, website, blog
posts, interactive tools, SEO, display advertising, inbound marketing, affiliate
marketing, native advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing and
content marketing. In recent years, Indian businesses have started to see the
importance of marketing via digital platforms. Businesses today have
understood that despite the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing,
if a business does not have a digital presences then it is catering only to a
small percentage of its audience and are not able to see accurate results of all
the marketing efforts in real time.
Digital Marketing combines a strategic view of digital marketing and its
challenges and opportunities, with an approach using exercises and projects to
learn and use the tools and techniques of digital marketers. It comprises web to
mobile, email to apps, social media and user generated content, the course will
develop a strategic framework for planning and analyzing digital marketing
strategies. A marketer in today’s world needs to ensure that his company is
enabled “digitally” and the brand has a salient presence in the digital world.
This course will introduce students to Digital Marketing concepts, it will
encompass a range of topics from digital marketing.

a. Design a real time digital marketing program for a brand, in order to

develop an understanding of how real-world organizations can address
the opportunities and challenges of digital media.

b. Use and optimize basic social media tools [Blogs, Facebook, Twitter,
Google+ and YouTube].
c. Understand and utilize Search Engine Marketing, Display advertising
and mobile marketing in B2C and C2C industries.
d. Propose the monitoring and evaluation of these tools.

Session Plan Session Topic Pre read/Class Activity

1 Introduction to Digital Marketing
● Evolution of the medium
● Why go Digital - (Including) TV
$$ shifting to Digital
● What is eMarketing and how is
it better than traditional
● Online - Offline Marketing
The Advertising Ecosystem
2 The Digital marketing plan Article
 What are the objectives WARC - Marketing in
 What kind of content is required the digital age: Why
 To provide an overview of how you need to reorganize
a marketing manager plans to your marketing
organization by Adele
design the digital marketing plan
Sweetwood (2017)
3 Online Consumer Behavior Case
● Online consumers HBR – Managing
online reviews on
● Ewom
TripAdvisor by Thales
● Online decision making Teixeira and Leora
● How should behavioral data be Kornfeld (2016)
incorporated to improve market
segmentation and marketing
customization? How can it be
combined with lifestyle or
survey data?
Understanding Customers and the
Customer Experience online
4 Understanding Customers and the Case
Customer Experience online IVEY –

● How do social media and digital
technology change customer Marketing to manage
experiences and the consumer customer experience by
path to purchase? Gaganpreet Singh,
Sandeep Puri and
● What are the best ways to model
Sanjit Kumar Roy
the consumer decision journey?
● What are the determinants of
● How do social media and other
marketing activities create
Online Brand Communities & its impact
on Brands
5 Understanding Marketing Objectives & Group Case
Client Goals IIMB – Volkswagen
● Marketing Objectives + Client India: Das Auto,
Goals Digitally by Seema
Gupta (2015)
● Lead generation vs. Branding
● Components of an online media
Types of Marketing - Search, Display,
Video, Mobile, App, Inbound, Social,
6 Search and Web Fundamentals Article
● Understanding how Google Page Market Leader –
Rank Works Digital FMCG: grow
up or poke off by Ian
● Onsite and Offsite measures to
Humphris (2015)
improve ranks on search
● Keyword Research Optimization WARC Best Practices
● Link Building Strategies – Search engine
● Tools for SEO optimization by Tim
Vickery (2013)
● Best Practices
Past, Present and Future of SEO
7 Search Engine Marketing Journal Paper
● Search Ecosystem ESOMAR – Extracting
consumer insights from
● Search Advertising
search engine queries:

● Google AdWords and Paid Predictive and non-
Search Advertising verbal consumer
insights by Nicolas
● Keyword strategies and
Chollet, Walther
campaign operations
Oettgen and Benjamin
● Shopping Advertising Sauliner (2014)
● AdSense - Search
● Other Search Platforms and their
● Best Practices
Hands On - Campaign setup and
optimization - Dollar a day
8 Social Media Journal Article
● Introduction to Social Media ESOMAR – The new
visual language of
● Characteristic of various social
brands: How
media – Mail groups, Facebook,
consumers create brand
Twitter, LinkedIN and Google+.
meaning in the social
Building relationships via each
media age by Nick
of these
Gadsby (2017)
● Instagram, Pinterest - newer
social media avenues
● Death of Myspace and Orkut –
when and why do social media
platforms fade off?
● Brand presence and
conversations on Social Media
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
● Social media tracking tools
● Online Reputation Management
& Social CRM
● Key Players in the Market
● Case Study - Why Social Media
presence is imp
● Best Practices
Who is doing it right?

9 Display Advertising Journal Article
● Affiliate Marketing Journal of Advertising
research – What works
● Assessing for effectiveness
best when combining
● Synergy Between Online and television sets, PCs,
Offline Marketing Tablets, or Mobile
● Email Marketing Phones? How
● Spam vs. credible email synergies across
marketing devices result from
cross-device effects
● Newsletters and offers
and cross-format
● Personalized e-mailers and use synergies by Varan et
of analytics for the same al., (2013)
● Video platforms and advertising
● Best Practices
Everything Video
10 ● Omnichannel + Media Plan Article
Live Project ET Retail Fourm –
How India’s FMCG
giants are approaching
omni-channel and big
data by Bindu Nair
11 Web analytics Group Case
● Web Analytics, Site analytics IVEY – GiveIndia: On
tools like , Webtrends and the Net for a cause by
Omniture (demo of Google Sanjeev Tripathi and
Analytics) Shashank Bhaskar
● Google Analytics and Omniture
● Use of Conversion funnels, new
real time analytics features in
● Use of UTM parameter URLs
for tracking campaign ROI
Social media analytics – an overview
12 Mobile Marketing, Apps Marketing and Journal Article
Ecosystems, the Check-in and Local The mobile shopping
opportunities revolution: Redefining
the consumer decision

● Facebook/Competition Mobile process by Faulds,
Network Mangold, Raju, and
Valsalan (2017)
● AdMob
● Case Study - App
● Changing Trends
● Mobile Platform
● Mobile Growth and Roadmap
● Mobile and Location Based
● AdSense -
● Best Practices
Video Case Study
13 ● Programmatic Buying Article
Future of Digital WARC Best Practices
– Using dynamic
creativity: how retailers
can engage through
programmatic by Joana
O’Connell (2017)
14 Electronic Commerce Case
 Building blocks of EDI HBR – Paytm:
(Electronic Data Interchange) Building a Payment
 Electronic commerce: Business Network by Sunil
Models Gupta, Das Narayandas
Electronic Payment Systems and Rachna Tahilyani
15 ● Google - Digital Marketing
Group Assignment Final
Evaluation and Wrap Up
16 ● Google - Digital Marketing
Group Assignment Final
Evaluation and Wrap Up
17 Using web for B2B Case
● Creating Digital B2B Marketing Darden business

Plan publishing -
● B2B Website, Social Media & PLBsearch: Growing
Interactive with LinkedIn by
Marketing Meghan Murray and
Public Relations, Mobile Marketing Marian Chapman
Moore (2015)
● Big Data & Data Science.
Ways to pull Big Data into your
marketing strategy
18 Inbound Marketing Case
Website design and maintenance HBR – HubSpot:
● Beginning with strong online Inbound Marketing and
presence for your business Web 2.0 by Thomas
Steenburgh, Jill Avery,
● Infrastructure – Domain and
and Naseem Dahod
Hosting plans
● Introductory concepts of Cloud
based hosting and services
● Process of website designing
● Content management systems
Open source vs. Microsoft platforms
(Demonstration of wordpress based
19 Netnography Research Paper
● How networks of social ESOMAR – Review of
influence work a decade of
netnography research:
● Tracking online and offline
Implications for future
word-of-mouth and influence
social media analysis
How should qualitative and quantitative
by Bartl et al., (2011)
methods be combined to understand the
total customer experience?
20 ● Project presentations and Article
discussions WARC Best Practice –
Delivering effective
● Future prospect and Industry
digital experience by
Jamie Brighton (2018)
● Wrap up and Revision
IAMAI Marketing
conclave – The future
of “traditional”

agencies in India’s
digital age by Anil
Thakraney (2017)

Points to be noted:
 The topics written in red color font will be covered using the case. So
please read the case as this will be marked.
 The topics written in blue color font will be covered by Full time
Googlers. So it is important to note that you need to be well prepared
to have a healthy discussion and learn from them.
 The topics written in black color font will be covered by the faculty
and for these sessions, small caselets are uploaded on student portal. So
it is important to read these caselets prior to the class.
 Every session will have pre-read material. Most pre-read material has
been uploaded on student portal. One needs to read these material to
completely grasp the topics discussed in the class.
 Googlers will not share their presentation slides, so please make
certain that you take notes in the class.

Teaching / Combination of project, cases, practical insights, guest sessions from industry
Learning experts, conceptual readings. The course will utilize a hands-on, participatory
Methodology learning environment that is proposed to be fun, practical and energizing. It
will prepare students for the opportunities they will face in the business world
when applying new media in their jobs
Case Analysis
Case discussions will reinforce the concepts taught in class and will provide
the types of data that serve as the basis for the most important digital
marketing decisions. There are in total 7 HBR cases that will be covered
during this course. 5 cases will be discussed in the class and in total these case
discussion would be worth 20 marks.
In addition, 2 cases will be group discussion based. This will not be discussed
in the class but in your group you need to submit a one-page memo plus any
supporting table, figures, or appendices. The one-page memo should be in
Times New Roman font and a font size of 12 with a 1.15 line spacing. The
cases describe ambiguous, uncertain, and difficult-to-solve digital marketing
strategy problems for which you in your team should prepare a one-page
memo trying to solve this problem. Thorough discussions are required to find
creative and innovative solutions to problem faced in the case.
In order to have a healthy discussion in the class, one needs to be well
prepared with the cases. In-depth reading of the cases beforehand will not
suffice, one needs to search for more information and conduct some secondary

Group Assignment
The project group will prepare live project by google. There are 60 students in
each division. In total there will be 10 teams of 6 students in each division.
The teams need to be decided by the end of first session and each team will
have to create an adword account. A list of companies will be provided by
Googlers and you need to create a SEO and SEM plan. The best part of this
project is that this will be a live project and you will be given Rs. 1500 and
your group can measure the success or lack of it using google analytics.
The presentations will be marked by the faculty and team of Googlers. The
presentation should illustrate how you devised and changed your digital
marketing strategy based on the success parmaters. The presentation should
last no longer than 15 minutes.
Online Quiz
There will be 3 online quiz held on the 25th June, 16th July and 06th August.
The questions will be a mix of multiple choice questions and open-ended
questions. The quiz will start at 6 PM sharp on Monday evenings.
Final Exam
The final exam is an open book exam and this will be a case based exam. The
questions in the final exam will be based from 2 out of the 7 cases that will be
used during the course. So it is important that you read all the 7 cases during
the course duration. It is important to know that the exam is an application
based and unless you are not clear about the concepts, applying these concepts
in the exam will be challenging.

Assessment Specific % weight

methods assessments/methods age
Continuous assessment 100 %
Group Work
Digital campaign (Live 25
Cases (2 cases) 05
Individual Work
Online quiz (3 quizzes) 10
Cases in class (5 cases) 20
Final exam 40

Reading List Internet Marketing by Moutusy Maity; Oxford Higher Education
and References Digital Marketing by Seema Gupta; McGraw Hill Education
B2B Digital Marketing by Michael Miller; Pearson
Electronic Commerce by Bharat Bhasker; McGraw Hill Education

In addition,
Websites such as: Livemint or Hubspot will be really helpful in order to have
creative solutions.

Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing

Signature of Faculty

Area Chairperson Program Chairperson Dean