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Type Elemental
Average Lifespan Immortal
Homeland(s) Abeir, the Elemental Chaos, and Toril
Alignment LN N CN

The primordials, or Dawn Titans, are god-like beings whose domains are the
Elemental Chaos and Abeir, unlike the gods (Estelar), whose domains are the Astral Sea
and Toril.

Ao created the multiverse from the raw material of the Phlogiston, and within the sphere
several worlds drifted upon the Sea of Night. The worlds contained no life, but they
were coveted by powerful beings known today as the primordials. The beautiful
goddesses of light and dark, Selûne and Shar, formed, unbeknownst to the primordials,
from the ocean of silvery liquid left over from the realm’s creation (the Astral Sea) and
defended the new worlds from the primordials, naturally beings of entropy and
elemental power and destruction. Thus began the ageless war between the gods and
primordials, and other gods were created from the residue of the conflict or summoned
from other dimensions.[1]

During the time known as the Blue Age, a race of sea creatures was living on Toril in
the planet’s single, vast ocean. The Blue Age came to an end when a primordial known
as Dendar the Night Serpent swallowed the sun, giving way to the Shadow Epoch.
Sarrukh myths and legends tell of great battles during this time between the primordials
and the Elder Gods led by Ouroboros the World Serpent. The war turned in the gods’
favor when the primordial Ubtao the Deceiver assisted the elder gods in slaying,
imprisoning, or driving away the remaining primordials.[1]

Circa −31,000 DR, during the Days of Thunder and near the end of the batrachi
civilization, the amphibious creator race known as the batrachi was waging a losing war
against the titans descended from Annam All-Father. Desperate, the batrachi summoned
several primordials, which released them from their imprisonment. The gods quickly
attacked their ancient foes,[1] and the Dawn Titans were defeated, slaughtered even.[2]
During the fighting, Ao himself intervened when the primordial Asgoroth the World
Shaper hurled an ice moon at Toril, wanting to destroy the world because she could not
claim it as her own. Ao then created a twin planet of Toril called Abeir. He granted the
primordials control of the new world and the gods control of the original.[1]
The few primordials who survived retreated to Abeir, tired of conflict. Their dragon
steeds then turned on them, killing even more, and the remaining Dawn Titans retreated
into the mountains of Abeir. From that point on, Abeir was ruled by dragons until recent
times, when the Spellplague transferred a continent called Returned Abeir from Abeir
onto Toril. Currently, the Dawn Titans from Abeir are sleeping in a frigid part of
Returned Abeir’s mountains called Fimbrul.[2]

Elemental Lords Edit

There were a few primordials who never fought the gods and chose to remain in Toril
when Abeir split away. Five such primordials are elemental lords and now rule over the
Elemental Chaos (which until the Spellplague was six different elemental planes),
worshiped like gods. All are true neutral in alignment except Bazim-Gorag, who is
chaotic evil.[3]

Akadi, the Queen of the Air, is the ruler of the air element.[3] Her domain is Sky
Bazim-Gorag, the Lord of the Pandemonium Stone, is an ascended batrachi who
is dedicated to pure chaos. His portfolio is chance, and he is invoked by
gamblers and anyone who wants the impossible.[3]
Grumbar, the Lord of the Earth, is the ruler of the earth element.[3] His domain is
Root Hold.[4]
Istishia, the Lord of Water, is the ruler of the water element. He cares not about
Umberlee’s storms or Valkur’s sailors.[3] His domain is Cresting Spires.[4]
Kossuth, the Lord of Fire, is the ruler of the fire element.[3] His domain is the
Undying Pyre.[4]

Seven Lost Gods Edit

Main article: Seven Lost Gods

The “Seven Lost Gods” is a term used to describe various groups of powerful entities at
different times. Some of these entities might have been primordials, and candidates
include Dendar the Night Serpent, Kezef the Chaos Hound, and Borem of the Boiling

Other Known Primordials Edit

A Dawn Titan so powerful that even in death his essence changes the color of
the sky over Returned Abeir from blue to a steely sheen with dark green or
copper-colored clouds.
Asgoroth the World Shaper
After the batrachi summoned the imprisoned primordials to aid them in their war
against the giants, she flung an ice moon at Toril, wanting to destroy the world
rather than permit the gods to possess it.[1]
Dendar the Night Serpent
A massive serpent who swallowed the sun, giving way to the Shadow Epoch,[1]
she now rests in a cave on the Fugue Plane or Gray Wastes,[5] waiting for the
day to devour the sun once more and destroy the world. It is said that she is the
source of nightmares, and she gains sustenance from them.[6]
An ancient primordial imprisoned by Ao in the form of a sphere of annihilation,
Entropy was freed during the Spellplague.[7]
This primordial despot ruled Shyr, a genasi land from Abeir, when the Blue
Breath of Change swept across the land taking part of his reign to Toril.[8]
Nothing was known about him after those events.[9]
Mual-Tar the Thunder Serpent
A massive snake-like creature held captive by magical chains but with a cult that
seeks its freedom.[10]
Blazing Rorn the Fury
Also called Rorn of the Rages, was a gigantic humanoid with cooling lava-like
skin and the head and tail of a dragon, capable of transforming into a blazing
star of light brighter than the sun. It was among the most hated and feared
primordials before Ao twinned the world.[11]
Telos fell to the earth during the Spellplague, landing in Vaasa, where he
remains comatose in a crater. The Warlock Knights, the nobility of Vaasa’s
harsh feudal system, mine material from Telos (which he quickly regenerates),
using it to fuel and power their magic. They also use shardsouls, insane and
suicidal automatons made of extraplanar iron carved from Telos, as soldiers.[12]
Ubtao the Deceiver
During the Shadow Epoch, he betrayed his fellow primordials and aided the
gods in killing, imprisoning, and driving them away.[1]
Maegera the Inferno
A primordial of magma and stone trapped under Gauntlgrym, it caused the
destruction of at least a quarter of Neverwinter when thayans briefly awoke him
around 1453 DR.[13]
Dawn War

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The Dawn War was the war between the primordials and the gods.[1] The war encompassed
the eras known on Abeir-Toril as the Blue Age and the Shadow Epoch[2].

The Dawn War began when the mad god Tharizdun marshaled the primordials against the
gods in a bid for universal domination after becoming corrupted by the obyriths. After
Tharizdun was imprisoned in the Abyss, the primordials were led by a tanar'ri known as Miska
the Wolf-Spider.[3]

Shar and Selûne both moved to defend the newly born worlds of Realmspace against the
primordial threat. Other gods were born from the conflict or were summoned from other
worlds to aid the gods in their struggles against the primordials and their servants. Eons
passed, and the Blue Age became the Shadow Epoch after the sun was devoured by the
primordial known as Dendar the Night Serpent.[2]

An obyrith known as the Queen of Chaos allied herself with Miska the Wolf-Spider, who gave
her his allegiance in exchange for her aid in destroying the gods. All seemed lost until the Wind
Dukes of Aaqa defeated Miska at the Battle of Pesh on the world of Oerth, which shattered the
armies of Chaos, and the Queen of Chaos retreated with her armies back into the Abyss.[4] The
primordial Ubtao turned against the other primordials and aided the gods in imprisoning many
of his former allies. In the aftermath, the sun was recreated and the oceans thawed. This
ended the Dawn War and began the Days of Thunder.[2]

The Blue Age

The Blue Age was a time in the ancient history of Abeir-Toril when life on the planet resided in
a single, vast ocean. The Dawn War between the gods and the primordials raged mostly over
this unfortunate planet at the time and one of the primordials, Dendar the Night Serpent,
devoured one of Selûne's most favored creations, the sun (a feat her sister Shar had been
attempting since its creation). The temperatures on Abeir-Toril subsequently dropped
markedly and not long afterward, most life on the planet became extinct. Thus ended the Blue
Age and gave rise to the Shadow Epoch[1].

Shadow Epoch
The Shadow Epoch stemmed from the fall of the Blue Age, when Dendar the Night Serpent
devoured the sun[1]. With most life on Abeir-Toril dead from the loss of heat and light, there
was less for the gods and primordials to fight over in their constant battle for the system, but
the fighting raged on regardless. According to Sarrukh legend, the World Serpent, Ouroboros,
led the gods in a stalemate of epic battles against their enemies until Ubtao, in exchange for a
portion of the land they fought over, aided the gods in killing or imprisoning his former allies. A
new sun was supposedly created, giving light to the Days of Thunder.[1]

Preceded by The Shadow Epoch Succeeded by

The Blue Age Prior to -35000 DR Days of Thunder
Days of Thunder
The Days Of Thunder. This is the time f the fabled creator
races, or Iqua-Tel’Quessir in the elven tongue, when many gods came
to the consciousness of mortals, and many races still hid in caves. No
mention can be found of elves, dwarves, and other races during most
of this time. Still, their absence on ancient cave paintings is hardly
sufficient evidence to say that they did not exist on Faerûn at this time.

c. -35000 DR

Rise of the Sarrukh empires (Sauroid

creator race).[1]

The sarrukh Empire of Okoth is

founded along the forested shores of
the Azulduth, which was then the
largest fresh-water lake in Faerûn.
Within a hundred years, most of
Faerûn was theirs.[1]

c. -34800 DR

The sarrukh Empire of Mhairshaulk is

founded on the Chultan Peninsula
westward from the Lhairghal to the
Jungles of Chult. The Mhairshaulkans
are believed to have created nagas,
pterafolk, troglodytes, and yuan-ti, as
well as numerous other races long
since lost.[1]

c. -34500 DR

The sarrukh Empire of Isstosseffifil is

founded in the lands now occupied by
the desert Anauroch.[1]

c. -34100 DR

Okoth falls following a century of civil

unrest that drives many sarrukh to the

c. -34000 DR

The otherworldly realm of Faerie is

ruled by the Fey (creators of korreds,
sprites, and pixies). The Fey continue
to rule to the present day.[1]

c. -33800 DR

Fall of Isstosseffifil: In an effort to

drown the Phaerlin (known today as
the Buried Realms in the Underdark)
and dispatch their enemies in one
masterful stroke, Isstossef wizards
rerouted the Narrow Sea so that it ran
from east to west, inundating the land
around the chain of hills known today
as the Tagorlar with water. Although
the Isstossef succeeded in driving the
phaerimm deep into the Underdark,
the massive ecological change
resulting from their weavings of Art
caused the Isstosseffifil empire to

c. -33500 DR

The sarrukh Empire of Mhairshaulk

slides into decline from which it never
recovers. Mhairshaulk increasingly
becomes the preserve of the yuan-ti.[1]

Rise of the Batrachi Empires. The

batrachi (creator race) are also known
as amphibioids or creators of the
bullywugs, dopplegangers, kopru, kuo-
toa, locothah, sivs, tako and other
shapeshifting, amphibious or piscine

c. -31000 DR

Fall of the Batrachi Empires.[1]

 Rise of the Aearee Empires.

The aearee are also known as
avians, or creators of the
aaracokra, kenku and other
birdlike humanoids.[1]

 The Tearfall. A rain of meteors

fall to Faerûn, and the first
dragons appear shortly
thereafter. Some scholars
interpret the ancient texts as
suggesting the meteors
precipitated a dramatic
climatic change, sparking the
rapid evolution of proto-
dragons into the various
dragon species. Others claim
the meteors were in fact
falling dragon eggs, from
which the varied races of
dragonkind were born into
this world.[2][3]

The Days
Preceded by
The Succeeded by
Shadow [4]
Dawn Age[4]
DR to -