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Shannon Contents Page 2018-2020

Paper 1 (200 Marks) Content Marks Completed √ Revised

General Introduction
Layout of the paper/timing/PCLM
5 Language Genres
Language Register/Awareness
Section 1: Comprehensions
Comprehensions (PQE) 50
Booklet Provided in Pre-Leaving Cert
Question B:
 Reports 50
 Instructions (Pre-LC)
 Diary Writing (Pre-LC)
 Informal Letters (Pre-LC)
 Formal Letters
-Complaint (Pre-LC)
-Job Application (Pre-LC)
-Letter to the editor
 Speeches/Talks (Pre-LC)
 Reviews/Articles
 Brochures
Section 2: Composing
Short story (Introduction to short stories completed in 5th 100
-Narrative and the Aesthetic Use of Language (5th Year)
-Character (6th Year)
-Setting (6th Year)
-Weather (6th Year)
-Descriptive Language (6th Year)

Paper 2 (200 Marks) Contents Marks Completed √ Revised

Section 1:
The Single Text: The Playboy of the Western World 60
by J.M Synge
Read the play
Plot/Narrative Technique
Key Characters
Key Quotations
Key Themes
Section 11:
Comparative study: 3 Texts 70
Modes of Comparison -The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan
are; -Eclipsed by Patricia Burke Brogan
Hero/Heroine/Villain -Brooklyn by John Crowley
Social Setting
Year 1 – Students will read The Spinning Heart in class and
Eclipsed over the Easter Break and complete series of
Year 1 – Watch film and complete series of questions (Quite
Mrs. Shannon Contents Page 2018-2020

Year 1 – Discussion of ways in which both texts could be

compared under both headings/Connective words
Year 2
In-Depth Study of Comparative
Modes (We will choose 2)
Play/Film to be watched/re-read
- Theme
- Social Setting
- Hero/Heroine/Villain
Poetry (Pre-LC) Poetry to be covered 50
1. Boland, Eavan
Child of Our Time
This Moment
2. Dickinson, Emily
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
I heard a Fly buzz – when I died

3. Durcan, Paul
Wife Who Smashed Television Gets Jail
4. Frost, Robert
The Tuft of Flowers
Mending Wall
Out, Out _’
Remaining Poets To be covered in 6th Year
Ní Chuilleannáin, Eiléan
To Niall Woods and Xenya Ostrovskaia,
married in Dublin on 9 September 2009

Wordsworth, William She dwelt

among the untrodden ways
It is a beauteous evening, calm and free
from The Prelude: Skating [lines 425-463]

Rich, Adrienne
Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers
Uncle Speaks in the Drawing Room
My Father, Long Dead

Lawrence, D.H.
Baby-Movements II, “Trailing Clouds”
Unseen Poetry Figurative Language (Pre-LC + LC Year) 20
Practice unseen poems (Practice 3 in 5
Student notes and PowerPoints will be uploaded onto the blog. Please keep an eye on it for
regular updates and useful links.