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Journey to Wellness and Rediscovery

Easterling’s motivation for founding the Amazon Herb “She’s wild for it,” Easterling acknowledged. “She looks
Company in 1990. better now than she has in 10 or 15 years. Then, with a
question mark at the end of his quiet laugh, Easterling
“This is the place,” Easterling says with the conviction of a
adds, “And, I think she’s kidding when she says she
man who has found a virtual Garden of Eden. “The
married me for my Lluvia.”
Rainforest has the highest concentration of life energy on
the planet and only three per cent of it has been studied.”
John Easterling believes the Rainforest is “extra-
Tapping into that “life energy,” the Amazon Herb Company
ordinarily important” to the rest of the planet and
makes available to the world what we no longer have access
must be maintained for three reasons:
to in our commercial food supply. Not only does
Easterling’s company carry a full line of nutritional • it supplies 30% of the earth’s oxygen
products which, in Easterling’s estimation, makes use of (the “lungs of the planet”)
the Rainforest botanicals in life-changing ways (“I happen
• largest climate stabilizer—if it’s ecosystem is
to believe that it can reverse every degenerative disease”),
destroyed, that affects all of us world’s largest
but a line of skin care products underscores Easterling’s
repository of medicinal plants
passion and excitement for what can be.
Amazon Herb Company supports the Amazon
Camu Camu, a fruit whose nutrient-rich properties exist
Rainforest by giving back to the people who live there
only in this unique food, can be ingested (“Once you
through ACEER (Amazon Center of Environmental and
reinforce your organs with nutrients, your body knows
Educational Research), a program which educates
what to do with them.”), or used topically as a skin care
children through schools and other programs about
the value of the Rainforest they live in. A portion of
“The Indians would take the berries off the tree and smear every bottle of their ZAMU product supports ACEER.
them on their faces,” Easterling recalled. “When I tried it,
I realized it made my face feel really good. It’s refreshing
and tightens the skin.”

Through years of research and

development to ensure the stabili-
zation of the product without the
use of chemicals, Camu C Serum
was born, a skin care product with
powerful anti-aging properties and a
rising star in the Lluvia TM Skin Care

Speaking of stars, does Olivia use it?