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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Health

Grade 7

Learning competency:
Recognizes that changes in different health dimensions are normal during puberty.

I. Objectives: At the end of the 60 minute lesson, the students should be able to:

a.) Distinguish the changes in different health dimensions during puberty stage making
use of illustrations/pictures that will be shown to them.
b.) Perceive that they experience changes as they grow and develop by sharing their own
experiences or observations among themselves.
c.) Summarize the topic through illustration.

II. Subject matter

Title: The Changes in the Health Dimensions During puberty Stage
Reference: http:/
Time frame: 1 hour

III. Materials
- Manila paper/ cartolina, marker, glue, pictures/illustrations that shows changes in
different health dimensions during puberty stage.
Method: Inductive

IV. Procedure
A.) Preparatory Activities

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

Daily Routine:

Assign the class representative to check the
B.) Review of the past lesson

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

The teacher will ask questions about the 5 The students will answer the 5 different
different health dimensions under growth and health dimensions under growth and
development. development are the physical,
mental/intellectual, emotional, social and

C.) Motivation
The teacher will present pictures about growth and development and the students will be
instructed to identify what changes are illustrated and identify what specific health dimension does
the pictures belong to.
D.) Lesson Proper

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

The teacher introduces the lesson about the

different changes in health dimension that
happens to adolescents during puberty stage as
part of growth and development.

Growth- is the physical change and increase in

size and it can be measured.

Puberty- beginning of adolescence wherein the

reproductive systems of male and female
becomes active.

Adolescence- time of rapid growth and

inconsistent change that varies widely among

Changes in different health dimensions during



- rapid increase in height and weight

- changes in body composition
- sudden increase in hormone production
- girls experience menarche or the first release
of blood and fluids called menstruation
- the hips become wider than the shoulder
- hair grows on underarm and pubic area
- their voice becomes deeper
- the adam’s apple becomes bigger
- the shoulder become wider than the hips
- hair grows on the face, body and pubic area
- consider approval of friends and other
adolescents or peers as very important
- enjoy being with friends
- choose friends who share the same interest
with them
- sometimes get involved with bad company,
engage in fights, vandalism, smoking,
drinking or even drug sessions
The teacher will give some descriptions of
the changes and the students are instructed to
classify it according to what health dimension
does it refers. Afterwards, the students as well
enumerate other physical changes they have

Other changes that an adolescent might

- sudden increase in hormone production
- bones become harder
-sweat and oil glands become more active.

- learning to question what others say
- they try to get the bottom of things
- trying to find out what to believe and what
to doubt
-they can sense the disadvantages and
advantages as well as dangers and rewards There’s a change in the body composition
that might happen because of their actions. like muscles that develop rapidly.

The teacher will ask if there are clarifications

- more responsive to rewards and stress
- Adolescents are more emotional and this
makes them open to being hurt or in danger.
-Adolescents boys are also sexually active.
- boys become more aggressive due to sudden
increase in manufacture of hormones

Social change

-Adolescents also consider approval of friends

and peers as very important.

-Adolescents who grow up with family

members showing love, guidance and support
for each other are less likely to involved with
bad company and engage in fights, smoking,
drinking or drug sessions.

- trying to find ou who they really are
- analyze strength and weaknesses
- learn that house rules imposed by their
parents are there to promote order and
harmony at home
- boys and girls realize what they could come
in the future.
-I can sing and dance
The teacher will ask the students to share their
-I can perform in front of many people
strengths as well as their weaknesses
-I can play musical instruments

- I am not good enough in arts

-I have stage-fright and I easily get
disappointed, sometimes a negative thinker

- I learned that it’s normal to experience such

The teacher will ask some students to give
changes and I learned also how to manage it.
their realizations.
-I also learned that as part of growth and
development, there are changes in different
health dimensions and there are specific
changes and differences among boys and girls
especially in the physical aspect.

V. Activity
Form a small group with 8 members. Instruct the students to discuss among their group
mates the changes that they have experienced and observed. Illustrate and put it on a manila
paper/ cartolina. Afterwards, choose one representative from the group to explain their output in
the class.

V. Evaluation
Instruction: In ½ crosswise, answer the following:
1.) Differentiate growth from development.
Expected answer: Human development is a lifelong process of physical, behavioral, cognitive,
and emotional growth and change. Growth is the progressive increase in the size of a child or
parts of a child.
2.) Enumerate the 5 health dimensions.
Expected answers: the physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, social and moral-spiritual.
3.) Give at least 2 changes in every health dimension.
Expected answers:
1. Adolescents are more responsive to rewards and stress.
2. Adolescents especially girls become self-conscious.
3. Adolescents are very self-conscious.
4. They strictly choose their clothes to wear for them to be presentable.
5. It’s physical change.
6. It’s under mental/intellectual.
7. There’s a change in the body composition like muscles that develop rapidly.

4.) Give at least 3 importance of learning the different changes in the health dimensions as part
of your growth and development.

VI. Assignment
Instruction: In ½ sheet of paper, write your reflection on what we have discussed today.

Name of Mentees:
Joe Marie Tupagen
Norilyn Nunez
Rachelle Kilakil
Name of Mentor:
Alma Vida Gallardo


Subject Matter:
Changes in the health dimensions during puberty.

Date and Time Observed:

Grade and Section: Grade 7