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0 Computer System
1.2 Number System and Representation
1.2a Data representation in computer
1.2b Conversion between binary and decimal whole number
1.2c Used of hexadecimal

1.2a Data representation in computer

1. A computer is a program machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a

sequence of arithmetic and logical operations.
a. What is a bit and how does a series of bits represents data?

2. One of the programming languages requires 896 bits of 64 bits per byte to store
characters. Calculate how much characters can be stored?

3. Give one (1) difference between bit and byte.

Bit Byte

4. Define Bit And Byte

5. In a computer, data can be represented using bits and bytes. How many bytes are
represented in 32 bits data?
6. Write the binary number which relates to the statement given.
Statement Binary Number
Maximum bunary number in 3-bit
binary number.
Second large binary number in 4-bit
binary number
Any available number for 1 byte
binary number
Any available number for 2-bit
binary number

1.2b Conversion between binary and decimal whole number

1. Define number system.

2. Computer uses number system to represent characters.
a. State two (2) types of number system.
3. In the field of Mathematics and Computer Science, hexadecimal is a numeral system with
base 16. The binary numeral system or base 2 number system represents numeric value
using 0 and 1.
a. Give one (1) advantage of using binary numbers rather than decimal numbers in
computer system.

4. Rina wants to compress her 1110011012 MB file. Convert the size of her file in decimal
numbering system.
5. Determine whether the given binary number 1100111002 is odd or even number.
6. Show the conversion of the binary number 1011011 to decimal number.

7. Show the conversion of the binary number 1001010 to decimal number.

8. Show the conversion of 001110012 to decimal number.

9. Show the conversion of 110001112 to decimal number.

10. Convert decimal number 255 to binary representation

11. Show the conversion of 100110112 to decimal number.

12. State the positional value of 1 in the binary number 1000002.

13. Give the decimal integer in descending order before 111002.
14. Show the conversion of 21310 to binary number.

1.2c Used of hexadecimal

1. A number system is a way of representing numbers in digital systems.

a. State the total digits and characters used in hexadecimal number system.
b. Explain the reason of using hexadecimal number system in a computer.