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Bel Air Middle School

H811 Social Studies (8th Grade) Syllabus

Mr. Allen R. Haynes

Mission Statement: The mission of the U.S. History course is to teach students the historical events in
U.S. history from early colonization through reconstruction (1877) and to provide them an overview of
their roles and responsibilities particularly in relation to social and civic affairs.

Vision Statement: U.S History will provide quality citizenship, character, and leadership development
within our students while motivating them to discover their full potential in the learning process.

Course Core: H811 Social Studies (8th Grade); H816 Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP)
Semester 2018-2019 (Fall – Spring)
Faculty Haynes, Allen R., Social Studies Teacher
Office Hours Mon - Fri (7:30 am – 5:00 pm)
Daytime Phone (915) 435-2235
Semester Dates August 27, 2018 - June 7, 2019
Credits 1 State Credit

Textbook: United States History Through Reconstruction (2016).

Additional Resources: Mastering the Grade 8 Social Studies TEKS

Note: This textbook is stored in the Social Studies Classroom and issued in class during instruction

Course Description: In Grade 8, students study the history of the United States from the early colonial
period through Reconstruction. The knowledge and skills in subsection (b) of this section comprise the
first part of a two-year study of U.S. history. The second part, comprising U.S. history since
Reconstruction to the present, is provided during 11th grade (relating to United States History Studies
since Reconstruction) and is worth One High School Credit. The content builds upon that from Grade 5
but provides more depth and breadth. Historical content focuses on the political, economic, and social
events and issues related to the colonial and revolutionary eras, the creation and ratification of the U.S.
Constitution, challenges of the early Republic, westward expansion, sectionalism, Civil War, and

8th Grade Curriculum Units of Study: 1. Thinking Like a Historian; 2. Exploration/Colonization; 3. The
American Revolution; 4. Creating the Constitution; 5. Early Republic; 6. Age of Jackson; 7. Westward
Expansion; 8. Industrial Revolution; 9. Sectionalism; 10. The Civil War; and 11. Reconstruction.

Educational Philosophy: I believe that as an educator, I am internally driven to impart knowledge and
instill the motivation to achieve educational success toward others. I believe that education equals
success; and that success is the sum of well-structured, qualitative education. As an educator, I am a
compass and roadmap certified and appointed to guide the minds of my students, in order to stimulate an
independent learning and decision process within them. I believe that the pursuit of education never
ends; instead it is a matter of lifelong learning which should be progressive and sequential. Teachers are
leaders; as leaders we must deliberately seek opportunities to make a positive difference in the next
generation of leaders while maximizing our own potential as leaders…we must mentor our students!
Core Assessment: Nine-week Exams.

Class Assessment: Grading:

Daily Work 45% A > 90 - 100

Quizzes and Projects 40% B > 80 - 89

9-Weeks Exams 15% C > 75 - 79

D > 70 - 74
F > 0 - 69

NOTE: Students are constantly evaluated. In addition to the school policies on academics and
behavior, which will be adhered to by all students, there are additional policies that are unique to
our classroom procedures. As a general rule, if a student projects a positive-energetic attitude,
adheres to the YISD District and Campus Policies, and performs to the best of his or her
abilities…he or she will receive an excellent grade in U.S. History.

Late Submission of Course Work: All course work must be submitted on the date indicated by the
teacher, to include examinations. Late submissions will result in a decrease in the assignment grade.
Students who fail to submit assignments, must turn in the assignment prior to the following week after the
due date to receive a grade no higher than a 70. Failure to turn in the assignment on the prescribed
make-up date will result in a zero.

Classroom Rules of Conduct: Academic dishonesty will result in immediate notification to the School
Administration and an assignment failing grade. Students are expected to attend all classes on time and
be prepared to be an active participant in the class. Student participation will be reflected in the student's
final grade. Attendance will be recorded at each class meeting. It is the student's responsibility to notify
the instructor of any expected absence(s), and to arrange with the instructor to make-up any missed
assignments. Each absence will require a make-up assignment. Absences are reported to the office.

Academic Honesty: Academic integrity is the foundation of the academic community. Because each
student has the primary responsibility for being academically honest, students are advised to read and
understand all sections of the Student’s Code of Conduct and Parent/Student Handbook.

Refusal to Participate in a U.S. History Activity: Students refusing to participate in group

collaboration, daily assignments, quizzes, exams, or any other activity will be notified appropriately.
Students are part of a team and are both expected and required to participate in all activities and events.
Unless there is a valid medical reason why the student cannot participate, for each occurrence of non-
participation the student will receive a 50-point grade reduction or a zero in their grade for that day.

Difficulties: Students encountering difficulty in any of the U.S. History subjects or any other course,
please ask for assistance. Your teacher is available to assist you and help you succeed (not just in U.S.
History). Teachers are also available to confer with parents. Due to class schedules or other
requirements, teachers may not answer the phone immediately. If there is no answer on the Bel Air main
office phone (434-2200), parents should call the class room (435-2235).