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Pohick Episcopal Church

9301 Richmond Highway • Lorton, VA 22079
Telephone: 703-339-6572 • Fax: 703-339-9884
Let your light so shine (Matt. 5:16)
September 2018
ing pilgrims and public dignitaries from around the
From The Rector
world to the Holy City. And so that too is part of the
The Reverend Chaplain’s ministry.
Donald D. Binder, PhD After prayerful reflection upon these responsibili-
ties, as well as discussions with my family, I accepted
the Archbishop’s call, expressing to him my honor to

T hey say “All good things must come to an end.”

And these past seventeen years have certainly
been good ones for our family. I hope you have found
be asked to serve our Lord in these important ways.
And so our last Sunday at Pohick will be October 7th,
after which we will move our belongings out of the
them to be good ones for our larger Pohick Church Rectory and into our home in the Northern Neck.
family as well. Chris and I will fly out to Jerusalem about a week
But as I wrote privately to the parish in July, ear- later.
lier this summer the Most Reverend Suheil Dawani, I rejoice that, over these next several weeks before
Archbishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East, issued then, we will be able to share with you one final time
me a call to serve as his Chaplain, inviting Chris and many of the activities we’ve come to love about Po-
me to take up residence in the Cathedral Close in hick: the Christian fellowship of our Crab Feast and
Jerusalem, beginning this October. Apple Butter Weekend; the outreach and service of
As I further wrote, this three-year appointment is our Country Fair; and our start-of-the-year Sunday
one of the most demanding positions in the church, morning worship, involving the commissioning of
not the least because it involves ministering in a very teachers, EYC advisors, acolytes, choir members, and
troubled region that is central to three different faiths. musicians. The memories of these times, as well as all
Indeed, the Archdiocese itself contains more barbed- the ministry we’ve accomplished in the Lord’s name
wire than any other in the world. over these past seventeen years, will always be at the
Part of the Chaplain’s role is to accompany the center of our family’s heart.
Archbishop on his monthly visits to the diocesan I’ll have more to say during these final weeks
church and hospital in the volatile Gaza strip, and to about both past successes and future challenges for
assist him with the oversight of our congregations in our parish as we seek to continue our Christian min-
Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, istries here. In the meantime, let’s make the most of
and Iran - places in the Middle East we pray for at things and enjoy the time we have left! And so Chris
Pohick each Sunday. and I look forward to spending time with as many of
It also involves ministering to the dwindling you as possible in the days ahead, worshiping togeth-
Christian population in Jerusalem itself, serving as er, serving together, and enjoying fellowship together
a Canon of St. George’s Cathedral. That beautiful - just as we have now for all these many years we’ve
house of prayer also functions as a center for welcom- shared with you at Pohick.
Page 2 • September 2018 Pohick Episcopal Church

Apple Butter weekend schedule of events displayed

Senior Warden’s Report in the weekly bulletin and in the Pohick Post.
Beth Altman, Senior Warden The Country Fair is the following Saturday,
September 29. The Fair is a wonderful way to con-
September brings back to school and back to a nect with the community! There is a wide variety of
busy parish! Hopefully, everyone enjoyed their sum- events for all ages, so there’s something for every-
mer break and took some personal time to relax and one! Tom Goeller is the Country Fair chairman, and
do something for yourself ! needs volunteers to help with the games. Check out
One of the most exciting changes experienced his notices posted in the Common Room, the Pohick
this summer was the arrival of The Reverend Dr. Post and the weekly bulletin and sign up to help!
Lynn Ronaldi. Lynn and her husband Tom were And finally, Father Don has accepted a call to
welcomed the first Sunday of July. Prior to coming serve as Chaplin for the Archbishop Suheil Dawani
to Pohick, Lynn was Rector at The Church of Incar- in Jerusalem. Father Don’s final Sunday at Pohick
nation in West Point, MS. Please make Lynn and will be October 7. Although Father Don and Chris
her family feel welcomed into the Pohick family! will be greatly missed, it is an opportunity of a life-
Junior Warden Clint Herbert has spent consider- time and know he will love living and serving in the
able time at the church this summer gathering input Holy Land.
from contractors to update the children’s playground The plan is to send Don and Chris off to Jeru-
and the possibility of installing an elevator in the salem with a joyful celebration filled with reminisc-
Parish Hall. Organ repairs are underway, and after ing, good fellowship, and fun! The Vestry is hosting
months of careful planning, the new HVAC system a farewell reception Saturday, October 6 from 4:00
is in place. Thanks to all who have had a hand in pm – 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.
getting things done! The southwest steps will soon Please help spread the word about Father Don
be replaced thanks to the efforts of Emily Elston’s and the reception. Pictures are being collected to
leadership as President of Children of American make an electronic memory book - so please loan
Revolution, their fund raising efforts, and support any pictures that can be scanned. Contact the church
from the Pohick Historical committee. office at 703-339-6572.
Those familiar with the Pohick church calendar The traditional ‘Farewell Purse’ has been set up
know how busy September is, and this September to help the Binders transition from Pohick to Je-
will be no different! One event on the radar is the rusalem. The purse will assist with the many hid-
annual Activities Fair held during coffee hours on den costs associated with moving. Donations to the
September 16. On this day, activity leaders are avail- ‘farewell purse’ is a personal decision. Contributions
able to answer any questions about joining a new can be made via the Sunday collection, mailing a
activity. There are several groups that could use help, check to the church, stopping by the church office or
Altar Guild, Ushering, Coffee hour hosting to name bringing it to the reception. Just be sure to annotate
a few. To examine special areas of interest, go on line in the memo line ‘Don’s Farewell Purse.’
to our Pohick Church website at http://www.pohick. Many have asked about the next steps once Fa-
org/ministries.html or pick up a paper copy by the ther Don and Chris leave in October. The Episcopal
computer in the Common Room. Please consider Diocese has been contacted, and Pohick will begin
signing up for at least one new activity this year! working with Bishop Shannon Johnston to deter-
FUN!! Apple Butter weekend is September 22- mine the way forward next month. Once there is a
23! This is one of the most exciting weekends in plan, it will be shared.
the church and help is always needed! Whether it is Please feel free to direct any questions or sug-
with set up, cutting up apples, stirring the apples in gestions at church, by phone at 703-644-6639 or by
the kettle over the fire or the final canning, there is email at
always something to do to help! Please check out the
Pohick Episcopal Church September 2018 • Page 3

From The Assistant Rector I’m still marveling that I trustingly trekked across the
country and pitched a tent in the Home Diocese of the
The Reverend Episcopal Church. Having jumped right into docent train-
Dr. Lynn P. Ronaldi ing, I’m still giddy that I have made my dwelling in such
an historic church, where I continue to sense the ongoing
Since arriving at Pohick July 1, I am still unpacking spirit of our founding fathers and their love of God. Best
bags, and there are unopened boxes of books and photo- of all, perhaps, I’m convinced I am abiding in Christ’s love
graphs and various memorabilia stacked in our apartment’s as I shepherd, preach to, and pastor such lively and loving
closets. If our last move from Texas was any indication, I people as you.
will still be unpacking for months to come. And yet many Pohick is a community that continues to become bread
of you who have visited my church office remark on how for the journey. During the month of August, we’ve been
“homey” it already looks, and how quickly I’ve “made my- reading St. John’s “Bread of Life Discourse.” Each week
self at home.” we’ve encountered some new truth that inspires our con-
That is true. I do sense, and so does my family, that tinued dependence on the Eucharist and our all-in partici-
although we had no idea where this road would take us, pation in Christ’s own incarnation, in His flesh-and-blood
we trusted in God’s call, and sense we have indeed, truly suffering, death and resurrection.
“come home.” All of you at Pohick have opened your arms St. Chrysostom says, “Characteristic of those who greatly
to us and fed us with your warmth, hospitality, generosity love, Christ brought His body down to our level, namely, that
and love. Here we have encountered and partaken in bread we might be one with Him as the body is joined at the head.”
for the journey -- you -- a lively and life-giving Body of He adds that those whom Christ feeds are to “Fix their
Christ. teeth in His flesh, and to be comingled with Him, in order to
Although there’s plenty more to unpack, we already fulfill their love.”
have a deep and abiding sense of purpose here. We have We know that Jesus wants to burrow down deep with-
experienced great joy in the journey to Virginia! in us. He wants to consume us, as we consume Him: flow
When I first embarked on this path last spring, I had through our veins, be digested, and then nourish every cell
no idea that Don would soon be packing his own bags for in our body, every part of our being.
Jerusalem. Neither did he or Chris. And of course, neither Body and soul. Flesh and spirit.
did you. Like you, I was stunned and saddened by his news Jesus wants all of us, and He wants us to have all of Him.
(which transpired after we were well into the process) and Beyond food for us as individuals -- this Bread is meant
yet elated and in awe of his call to serve in the Holy Land. for our life as a community -- and even more broadly -- for
Soon we will celebrate his 17 faithful years here through the life of the whole world. Remember, incarnational the-
a Service of Leave Taking and a grand send-off hosted by ology teaches us that Christ comes down from heaven with
our awesome Vestry. the intention of taking all creation back with Him.
Along this journey, I began to see God’s hand all over Jesus wants the whole world to live into His Truth:
Don’s call as Chaplain to the Archbishop of Jerusalem giving up our lives and living selflessly for others is the only
-- and my own to Pohick. I recognized the similarity in way to experience eternal life -- both now, and in the life
our beliefs, passion for shepherding, and commitment to to come.
equipping and spiritually guiding a happy, healthy Body There are many ways we already live selflessly and ex-
of Christ. Yet at the same time, I also recognize the com- perience eternal life at Pohick -- and many more ways yet
plementary aspects of our personalities, spiritual gifts, and to be discovered. Several of us serve in our beautiful liturgy;
leadership styles. I am in awe of how intimately God knows several study scripture, participate in prayer, pastoral care,
all of us: woos, calls, knits, equips, and sends. evangelism, outreach, and fellowship. In September at the
I am deeply thankful for the privilege and opportunity Activities Fair, we will be prayerfully discerning where God
to serve such a healthy, lively Body of Christ as you. I am is calling each of us to be stewards of our spiritual gifts and
profoundly grateful to be mentored by such a devoted and time to build up the Body of Christ.
gifted priest as Don -- even for a relatively short period of As the Body of Christ at Pohick, we continue to abide
time. I have never been more blessed than when Don said in Christ’s Love. And as we do, we are taken, blessed, bro-
that he trusted me with his beloved Pohick Church. ken, and given as Bread for the world. Bread for the jour-
It’s going to take many more months of unpacking ney.
what has transpired to fully comprehend the enormity of Already, there is such great joy in this journey! I can
this journey. There are times I am still “pinching myself.” hardly wait to see what God will do next, among us, within
For I believe I have, indeed, truly “come home.” us, and through us.
Page 4 • September 2018 Pohick Episcopal Church

and trust, simply begin.”

 Music Notes
Linda Egan, Minister of Music
And so, the choir and instrumental season is be-
ginning! Participate in one of the groups and increase
your musical knowledge and skill and deepen your
School has started, and in this month of Septem- understanding of the Christian life, as you help lead
ber, our music groups begin their regular rehearsals. the liturgy.
Below you will see the schedule for beginning each Regular fall rehearsals start on:
group, and we hope you will join us. Thursday, September 6:
Musicians may have a unique view of beginnings 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm Pohick Bell Choir, room C/D
and endings. We need to start and stop together when 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Choir of Pohick, music room
we make music. We need to breathe together to make (MR)
beautiful music. We need to cooperate with each other Wednesday, September 12:
and care for each other. We need to constantly prac- 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm St. Francis Choir, grades K-4,
tice and aim towards beauty. room C/D
Nancy Roth, author of Meditations for Choir Mem- 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm St. Cecelia St. Alban Choir,
bers, looks at beginnings in her meditation “Coming grades 5-12, MR
In.” I’ve partly quoted and partly paraphrased her here. Sunday, September 16:
“Beginning is difficult. The choir director’s arm is 8:00 am - 8:45 am Pohick Pickers, room C/D
raised on the upbeat. You take a breath, ready to sing So that we may prepare a chair and music for
the first note. Do you dare? What if no one else comes you, please contact Barb Lynn (St. Francis Choir),
in? What if it is the wrong note? Yet if no one takes John Sessums (Pohick Pickers), Chris Brown (Pohick
the plunge, there will be no music. The choir needs to Pickers community events),TG Powell (Early Church
muster the courage to come in.” Music Ensemble) or Linda Egan (Bell Choir, Choir
It is tempting to wait for the acknowledged expert of Pohick, St. Cecelia St. Alban Choir) through the
singers to start first. But sooner or later, the experts church office before you come. Here we go!
will not be present, and we realize we each must learn
the music. Walking the Mourner’s Path
“The many beginnings that occur again and again Are you or someone you know seeking com-
in our lives can also be difficult. Starting school. The fort and healing following the death of a loved
first job. The first day your child goes to preschool. one recently or long ago?
Changing jobs. Moving. Retiring. Bereavement. To Starting on Monday, Septem-
make our beginnings, we need courage.” ber 17, Pohick Church will
When Peter walked on water, he walked toward offer Walking the Mourner’s
Jesus. Jesus had said, “Take heart, it is I; do not be Path, a Christ based ministry
afraid.” Jesus can give us heart too, the kind of heart which seeks to serve individu-
that is at the root of courage. als who are grieving. The pro-
“Knowledge that every step of our lives is a step gram consists of a series of eight 90 minute,
toward him makes it possible to dare to take the first small group workshops which will be held at
step of all. Once we have taken it, we will find it much the church on Monday evenings from 7:30
easier to take the next one, and the next. God keeps pm - 9:00 pm.
calling us to reach beyond what we regard as our limi- For further information about the program
tations, whether it is summoning the courage to come and the registration process, contact Reverend
in on the first note or walking through one of life’s Lynn, Beth Baird, 703-339-0244, email beth-
passages.” or Nancy Bireley 703-
When God beckons us, we can think of Peter. 491-2471, email
“We can look beyond ourselves, and, with courage
Pohick Episcopal Church September 2018 • Page 5

Christmas Mart Jewelry Table

The Jewelry Table at the Christmas Mart is
Send News!
always very successful because of the fabulous Articles for the October Pohick Post are
contributions of the congregation. Even if the due no later than September 15. Forward input
item is broken, the jewelry by email in Word compatible format
can be refurbished and sold. to Lori Buckius,
Please leave all jewelry con- Design concerns and items for the
tributions in the church of- Sunday Service Volunteers page
fice marked “Mart Jewelry.” should be addressed to
Thanks! Carmel Hodge,

Music Schedule • September 2018

Sunday, September 2 • Pentecost 15 Proper 17 Farewell Reception
10:00 am Small Group
Please join us to bid farewell to
Thursday, September 6 Reverend Don Binder
6:15 - 7:15 pm Bell Choir begins regular rehearsals
as Don and Chris journey to Jerusalem
7:30 - 9:00 pm Choir of Pohick begins regular
where Reverend Binder will be
Chaplain to the Most Reverend
Suheil Dawani, Archbishop of
Sunday, September 9 • Pentecost 16 Proper 18
Jerusalem and the Middle East.
9:00 am Choir of Pohick
10:15 am Register for St. Francis and St. Cecelia
St. Alban Choirs Hors d’oeuvres will be served.
11:15 am Soloist Wine and beer available for donations.

Wednesday, September 12 Saturday, October 6, 2018

6:00 - 6:30 pm St. Francis Choir begins regular 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Pohick Church Parish House
6:00 - 7:00 pm St. Cecelia St. Alban Choir begins
9301 Richmond Highway
regular rehearsals
Lorton, VA 22079
Sunday, September 16 • Pentecost 17 Proper 19
Please RSVP by October 1, 2018
8:00 am Pohick Pickers begin rehearsals
9:00 am Choir of Pohick and Pohick Pickers; Email
Commissioning of all Pohick musicians, both chil- or call 703-339-6572
dren and adults. Please step forward at the Peace.
11:15 am Offertory hymn Monetary donations for the Farewell Purse
may be mailed to the church, placed in the
Sunday, September 23 • Pentecost 18 Proper 20 donation case at coffee hours, the Sunday
9:00 am Choir of Pohick service collection plate, or in the donation
11:15 am Offertory hymn case at the October 6 farewell reception.

Sunday, September 30 • Pentecost 19 Proper 21 Make checks payable to Pohick Church

9:00 am Choir of Pohick & add to memo section:
11:15 am Soloist Reverend Binder’s Farewell Gift
Page 6 • September 2018 Pohick Episcopal Church

Christian Education EYC News

Frances Sessums, Director of Christian Education Rusty Booth, Youth Minister

Church School registration and the Ice Cream It’s the start of another school year and that
Social will be on Sunday, September 9 follow- means the beginning of the EYC program at Po-
ing the 9:00 am service in the Common Room. hick! There are three groups that are available to
Parents will have the opportunity to meet their teens. The 5-6 grade EYC meets three times a
student teachers and review the curriculum used month on Sunday, and the Jr. High and Sr. High
for all of the classes. Please be sure to register EYC groups meet every Sunday. Pick up an EYC
each child individually as this is very important calendar from either the Pohick website or the
for record keeping. If unable to attend church EYC bulletin board in the Common Room and
on registration Sunday, please register in Frances make plans to join the fun!
Sessum’s office on the first Sunday the children The EYC kick-off picnic is September 9 from
attend church school. 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm. All teens in grades 5-12
The ice cream will be provided for the Ice and their families are invited to attend for some
Cream Social. Donations of toppings such as great food and fun. Families are asked to bring the
syrup, sprinkles, cherries, nuts, and whip cream following according to their last name: A-K brings
are needed. There is a sign-up sheet posted on the a vegetable dish or salad and L-Z brings chips or
downstairs bulletin board. dessert. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks will be
The first day of classes will be Sunday, Sep- provided. Around 6:00 pm, the teens will go to
tember 16. As in the past, Sunday school stu- their respective groups and there will be a short
dents will leave the church during the Recessional meeting for the parents to outline the program,
Hymn and go directly to their classes. Classes will discuss the Sr. High Mission Trip, and answer any
end at 11:05 am. A bell will be rung at that time. questions.
Parents of preschoolers through fourth grade are The Sr. High mission trip this year is to Ha-
asked to pick up the children at the door of their zlet, New Jersey from July 6 through July 13. An
classrooms. information packet with an application and addi-
Pohick is very blessed to have so many won- tional information is available on the Pohick web-
derful people who have volunteered to teach and site and the EYC bulletin board in the Common
help with the church school. A roster of the staff is Room. All teens in grades 8-12 are eligible to go
posted on the bulletin boards upstairs and down- on the trip. For a life changing experience, plan to
stairs. Thanks to all of the staff members for their go with the EYC to New Jersey!
time given to this very important ministry. For questions about the youth programs, please
Pohick’s Vacation Bible School was a great contact Rusty Booth at 703-339-6572 or rusty@
success. There were 57 students in the program Hope to see everyone at the kick-off !
with 66% of them from the outside community.
There were 40 outstanding volunteers on staff to
contribute to the success of this program. Every-
one had a tremendous time. Thanks to everyone
who worked so hard to make the week so fun and
Looking forward to working with each of the
students. Any questions should be direct to Fran-
ces Sessums at 703-472-5180.
Pohick Episcopal Church September 2018 • Page 7

Update on Issues in the Anglican Communion

Don Brownlee, Member of Policy and Planning Commission
This monthly report is part of the Vestry’s ongoing effort to inform our camps program at Shrine Mont;
and update the Parish about the ongoing controversies within The • “Embracing and fully including LGBT Chris-
Episcopal Church (TEC) and the Anglican Communion. These tians in our ordination process and in the rite of
controversies largely involve the blessing of same-sex unions, or- Christian marriage;
dination of non-celibate homosexuals, interpretation of Scripture, • “Our recovery of the Church’s voice for faith and
and breakdown of traditional boundary lines between Provinces. advocacy in the ‘public square,’ raised in our interna-
tionally-noted presence at the Charlottesville rally
With summer’s end, we now have greater clarity opposing the White supremacy demonstrations, as we
regarding Bp. Shannon’s plans for retirement, and the had already opened a critical dialogue on the sin and
Standing Committee’s plans for episcopal leadership experience of racism;
thereafter. • “And (lastly but surely not least) our diocese is
In a letter to the Diocese early in growing again and our unity, confidence, and morale
August, Bp. Shannon announced he are high.”
would resign as Diocesan Bishop on “I certainly do not claim or imply that ‘I’ did all
November 3rd, during the weekend this, but we did, and I am rightly proud of this era
of our Diocesan Convention. The I have shared with you in the life of the Diocese of
convention will then elect a Provi- Virginia.
sional Bishop to serve until a new Presiding Bishop Michael Curry followed with his
Diocesan Bishop is elected and seated. Bp. Shannon own letter to the diocese, revealing that he had talked
will serve as a consultant to the diocese during the a number of times with Bp. Shannon and his wife El-
transition in leadership, and fully retire on July 1 of len during their months of discernment regarding this
next year. decision.
“First of all, I want to say in all honesty that be- “Let me join with you in recalling and celebrat-
ing the XIII Bishop of Virginia has been the greatest ing the many and varied accomplishments that you
honor and privilege of my life,” he wrote. “I love this and Bp. Shannon have enjoyed during
diocese with all my heart...I have no idea what will his tenure as Bishop of Virginia. As
come next, except that I shall take an extended period Presiding Bishop and Primate, I have
of rest, which will include times for spiritual retreat been aware and deeply appreciative of
and discernment.” the leadership of the Diocese of Vir-
“My reasons for reaching this decision that a ginia in strengthening and expanding
change of leadership is now good and wise begin with companion relationships throughout
the fact that I feel that I have given my all. Quite sim- the Anglican Communion. The ‘Triangle of Hope’
ply, ‘the time’ has come. I truly believe that I have done fellowship linking Virginia with the dioceses of Liv-
all that I can to accomplish what I feel I was called erpool in England and Kumasi in Ghana is but one
here to do. And so, I am convinced that it is now time example of how such companion relationships work
for new vision and new energy for the Church in our to define new understandings of communion and col-
diocese. laboration.”
“I am proud of the work and accomplishments Bp. Michael, too, mentioned Bp. Shannon’s suc-
that we have achieved together under the guidance of cess in “renewing the spiritual life and vitality of the
the Holy Spirit.” church in Virginia after the resolution of the prop-
Those accomplishments, he said, included: erty disputes.” He added, “Bp. Shannon’s voice in the
• “The successful resolution of the unprecedented House of Bishops is one that is listened to and re-
lawsuit returning schismatically-claimed property for spected for his spiritual insight, deeply formed wis-
the mission of the Episcopal Church; dom, and subtle nuanced humor.”
• “The historic success of the capital campaign for Continued on page 8
Page 8 • September 2018 Pohick Episcopal Church

Update on Issues in the Anglican Communion, a plan to elect a second bishop suffragan was being
continued from page 7 called off after “serious questions (were) brought for-
ward by members of the diocesan staff having to do
A third letter to the diocese, this one from Stand- with the leadership and the culture among diocesan
ing Committee, said it is working with Bp. Curry and staff.” There has been no further explanation of the
his staff to identify bishops willing to serve for about questions or culture to which he referred.
three years as our Provisional Bishop. ***
A Provisional Bishop is someone already conse- After several years of debate and discussions,
crated as a bishop in another diocese who is chosen the Anglican Province of Aotearoa, New Zealand
by a diocese’s convention to serve on an interim basis and Polynesia has voted to allow blessings of same-
until a new diocesan bishop is elected and seated. He sex unions. Unlike the way The Episcopal Church,
or she has full episcopal authority during that time, Church of Scotland and others have approached this
but his or her tenure is for a specific time, usually two issue, the resolution passed by the church’s General
or three years, and can be terminated by the diocesan Synod explicitly states that there should be no change
convention. to “the Church’s teaching on the nature of marriage
Our former bishop Peter Lee served two years as [which] is to affirm marriage as between a man and a
provisional bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina woman.” Instead, it says that individual bishops should
following his retirement from our diocese. be free to use provisions already within the province’s
In its letter to the diocese, the Standing Commit- canons for what is called “a non-formulary service” to
tee compared the process it will follow to what hap- allow for the blessing of same-sex relationships. The
pens in a parish when a rector leaves, and an interim resolution also calls for changes to the canons so that
rector is appointed by the Vestry – the process we at no member of the clergy can face disciplinary action
Pohick are going through right now. either for agreeing to bless such relationships, or for
“In this case, the Standing Committee is work- refusing to do so.
ing with the Presiding Bishop’s Office of Pastoral De- As its name implies, the province encompasses
velopment to identify…an experienced Bishop who New Zealand and some of the surrounding Polyne-
will…partner with us in a thorough diocesan review sian islands. Same sex marriages are not legal in the
to enable us to prepare for a healthy call for our next countries that make up the Diocese of Polynesia – Sa-
Bishop Diocesan.” moa, Tonga and Fiji – and those Anglicans in that
The Standing Committee is a group of 12 priests province were generally opposed to same-sex bless-
and lay people from the diocese, which, serves as a ings.
bishop’s council of advice, and assumes Ecclesiastical The Synod said that it was “deeply mindful of the
Authority when there is no diocesan bishop. deep interweaving of cultural and religious values at
Its letter noted, “Many have asked about the role the core of our Pacific societies that place a profound
of Bishop Susan Goff in the Diocese as we move for- respect, and reverence for the belief in God and the
ward. In the same way that an belief in the traditional understanding of marriage,” so
associate or assistant rector is the new provisions will not apply there.
not eligible to serve as inter- The Synod noted “with appreciation” that its mem-
im of a parish after the rector bers from Polynesia were willing “not to be an obstacle
leaves, we have discerned…that in the journey of Tikanga Maori and Tikanga Pakeha
our Bishop Suffragan will serve [New Zealanders of European descent] towards the
the Diocese best by remaining blessing of same gender relations in Aotearoa New
our Suffragan. She will be an Zealand.”
integral part of the new team of ***
leadership of our Diocese and we are grateful for the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby last
gifts she will continue to bring.” month became the first Archbishop of Canterbury
This sequence of events began with a letter from
Bp. Shannon to the diocese in May explaining that Continued on page 9
Pohick Episcopal Church September 2018 • Page 9

Update on Issues in the Anglican Communion,

continued from page 8 Volunteers Needed for Turkey Shoot
WANTED: A Few Good Men or Women
to address the United Nations Security Council, say- Adult volunteers are needed to assist with
ing that churches such as the Anglican Communion the Turkey Shoot at the annual Pohick Church
Churches are the on the front line of mediation ef- Country Fair on Saturday, September 29, 2018.
forts across the world, in part because they are often Duties include site setup and breakdown, signing
“the only functioning institutions in a fragile or pre- up shooters, posting targets, and/or assisting with
conflict situation.” He said that churches and other the firing line. Familiarity with firearms in general
faith communities are “intimately present where there and/or shotguns specifically is desired, but not re-
are conflicts; we cannot and will not walk away from quired.
them.” All necessary training and
Abp. Justin was the first speaker in a Security equipment will be provided.
Council discussion on “mediation and its role in con- This event runs from 9:00 am
flict prevention.” until 4:00 pm on Fair Day.
“Where mediation is Full-time or part-time help
about resolving conflict, rec- is needed and any assistance
onciliation is the process of would be most welcome. To volunteer, please con-
transforming violent conflict tact Mo Faber by email or phone
into non-violent co-existence 703-440-9557 (home); 571-278-6182 (cell).
where communities have
come to terms with history
and are learning to disagree well,” he said. “Mediation
by itself, however skilled, is like using a garden hose to Explore
put out a forest fire, when what you need is rain over
the whole area to let new life grow and sustain itself.” life
Reconciliation doesn’t come at the end of conflict,
the archbishop told the Security Council. “It must faith
come out of framework that enables us to sustain
peace and avoid conflict cycles from repeating in ever-
increasing destructive force.”
He described the average member of the Angli-
can Communion as, “a poor woman living in a conflict
or post-conflict setting who has the aspirations of all
try alpha for young
vulnerable people – above all, a longing for peace.” adults 20s, 30s & 40s
The Anglican Communion has official observer status
at the U.N. beginning September 23
during the Sunday school hour
It is important to remember that despite all these controversies, the work in the Vestry House 10:20 am-11:00 am
of the Church - globally, nationally, and locally - goes on. Through youth mis-
sion trips, food donations to LCAC, donations of school supplies and backpacks, bring friends
the Community of Hope, and other outreach efforts, Pohick continues to “leak
the love of God” to neighbors in need. As Bp. Shannon told us in June, “The
for more information please contact
Holy Spirit is as present in the steady as it is in the remarkable. When we assist jane rolander at 703-785-2268/
those in need, it is the result of the Holy Spirit’s empathy for a child of God.”
And as our Sr. Warden reminded us recently, “While human lives are limited
in duration, the church continues from generation to generation and age to
age…The fruit of our work with homeless children at Christmas time may be nursery and
realized 40 years into the future when Pohick’s new rector tells her parishioners sunday school provided
how the love she felt at that 2017 party inspired her to overcome her poverty,
and to be the first in her family to graduate from college then from seminary.”
Page 10 • September 2018 Pohick Episcopal Church

General Brown’s Scalpel gregations. This effort is particularly relevant to

By Lawrence M (Larry) Nelson, MD, MBA Pohick Church, the church of General Washing-
CAPT USPHS, Retired ton.
The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew is a world-
wide ministry founded in 1883 by a group of
working men at Saint James Episcopal Church
in Chicago. The focus is to bring men, boys and
September brings students going back to youth to Christ. A muscular form of Christianity
school and Labor Day celebrations. Labor Day is envisioned as a source of strength for dealing
honors the American labor movement and with adversity. The Pohick Chapter meets every
the contributions workers have made to the Saturday morning at 8:00 am for a hearty man’s
strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the breakfast, prayer, service, and study. New mem-
country. bers are welcomed with open arms.
George Washington is famously remembered The logo above is Saint Andrew’s cross. As
as a General who cared for and honored his troops. their patron saint, his cross comprises the flag of
Merriam Webster defines to honor as “to regard Scotland and is also part of the Episcopal flag.
or treat someone with admiration and respect.”
Clearly, George Washington earned the respect
of this young nation. He had a special warm place
in his heart for Pohick Church, which no doubt
played a significant role in his character develop-
A community group has been working to raise
awareness regarding George Washington’s char- The 27th Annual Crab Feast
acter. These community efforts in collaboration The 2018 Crab Feast, sponsored by the
with the State of Virginia Department of His- Brotherhood of St Andrew, will be held in
toric Resources have resulted in the approval of a the Common Room from 3:30 pm until 6:00
new highway marker to be placed on Richmond pm on Saturday, September 8. The menu in-
Highway entitled “The Washingtons at Pohick cludes crabs, fried fish, steamed shrimp, cole
Church.” Another highway maker being planned slaw, potato salad, pork and chicken barbeque
in collaboration with the State of Virginia will sandwiches and hot dogs for the kids.
honor George Washington’s character. The mark- The cost is $30 per adult (ages 18 and
er is to commemorate the mythical story of young older), $15 for children ages 12 to 17, and
George Washington and the cherry tree, to be children under the age of 12 are free. This in-
placed at the Weems-Botts Museum in Dumfries. cludes sodas and other soft drinks, but NOT
At this location, Parson Weems wrote the first bi- beer and wine. Beer and wine will be available
ography of George Washington. Pohick is where and donations for these items will be gladly
George Washington worshipped. Mount Vernon accepted.
is where George Washington lived. Dumfries is Please contact the Church Office or mem-
where spreading the word and recognizing his bers of the Brotherhood to purchase tickets.
iconic and honorable character as an American Direct any questions to Rodger Jones, rod-
hero began., or Fred Crawford, fr-
The National Brotherhood of Saint Andrew
has an initiative to develop veteran friendly con-
Pohick Episcopal Church September 2018 • Page 11


Lorton, VA Are you a gearhead? Do
The 73rd Annual Pohick Church Country Fair you have a car or motorcycle that you think
will be held Saturday, September 29 from 10:00 is worth showing off ? At this year’s Pohick
am to 3:00 pm. The Fair is one of Lorton’s premier Country Fair on Saturday, September 29, Po-
annual family events. All funds after expenses go hick will have its very own Car Show. It is
to local outreach. open to any parishioner with a vehicle of in-
Children of all ages enjoy a day of free mid- terest: Sports Cars, Classic Cars, Muscle Cars,
way games, pumpkin painting, historic Colonial Hot Rods & Motorcycles. The vehicles will be
Church tour, and other fair activities. When trav- parked near the fair grounds. Call the church
eling from parking, walk through Colonial times. office for more information, 703-339-6572.
Take a picture sitting where Founding Families,
Washington, Mason, and Fairfax slept or wor-
shipped. Fairfax County Courthouse is providing
a viewing of actual historical documents. See the
scrolling of Union Soldiers left during the War
between the States.
Enjoy live music while eating low cost fair
cooking to include smoked pork barbecue, fun-
nel cakes. In the morning, come participate in the
making of Pohick’s famous homemade apple but-
ter. And what would a historic fair be without
watching or competing for turkeys in a shotgun
shoot? Enjoy a day of outdoor fun and learning.
Pohick Church in Lorton is located on Route Sunday, September 16
1, just below Fort Belvoir, intersection of Tele- Celebrate Constitution Day
graph Road. Two miles off I-95 exit 163, 2.6 at Historic Pohick Church
miles from exit 166. For more information call The community is invited to a free celebration
the Church at 703-339-6572 or visit the Pohick of Constitution Day at Historic Pohick Church
Church website at at 1:00 pm on Sunday, September 16. A presen-
tation on the history of the U.S. Constitution
and its relevance today will be given by Mr. Paul
Martha Guild Walden, president of the George Washington
The Martha Guild will meet Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution,
on Wednesday, September and historical re-enactor, the Rev. Dr. Thomas
5 beginning at 7:30 pm in Costa, who portrays the Rev. Lee Massey, the 2nd
Classroom A. Discussion colonial rector of Pohick Church. Docent tours
will focus on plans for all fall of the 1774 parish church of George Washing-
ton and George Mason will be available after the
activities. All women of the Church are cor-
dially invited to attend. All questions can be For additional information, call the church of-
directed to Connie Myers at 703-201-2204 or fice at 703-339-6572, or visit the website at www. .
Page 12 • September 2018 Pohick Episcopal Church

Apple Butter: A Family Event and Pohick Tradition!

For over 45 years, making Apple Butter has for this effort and plenty to do for those of all ages.
always has been a Family Event! Many adult Po- By the way, lunch is ordered in from a favorite lo-
hickians can talk at length about their memories cal deli around noon on Saturday. This is always a
of making Apple Butter behind the Common fun event. Clean up and set up for Apple Butter
Room with their parents and grandparents. Please Sunday is late afternoon. Please try to come by for
do not hesitate to bring the entire family by the a few hours, or all day, and bring the entire family.
Church on September 21 through 23 to help with Sunday, September 23 is Apple Butter Day.
a Pohick tradition while creating lifetime memo- The day starts at 7:00 am. Stir the sauce for a total
ries. Remember there are lots of ways for even the cooking time of approximately 12 hours. It takes
youngest family members to participate. 12 hours, no shortcuts, which is why cooking be-
Friday, September 21 is Setup Day. A giant gins on Saturday. Stirrers of all ages are need-
tarp is erected, firewood is hauled, the Common ed! Long sleeve shirts, long pants and close toed
Room is arranged, jars are washed and bricks are shoes are encouraged while stirring. The sauce of-
moved. It takes lots of hands only a few hours for ten spits, but the right clothing will usually pre-
this phase. It is always exciting to see the tarp go vent burns. Care must also be taken when moving
up and the big copper kettles arrive. It is always among the kettles so no one accidentally runs into
difficult to sleep that night due to the anticipation a kettle or a paddle. That would definitely leave a
of the next day’s events. Start time is normally mark!
early afternoon outside the Common Room. At Canning starts around 3:00 pm. This is an event
the end of the day, there is a small social event to not to be missed. Roughly one hundred people
plan for the next two days. All ages are encour- participate in the canning process and many more
aged to participate in these activities. watchers are present. After Father Don blesses
Saturday, September 22 is Apple Sauce Day. the Apple Butter, the organized chaos begins and
It starts with 50 bushels of apples, and approxi- there is a job for all. Please let Carolyn Brown
mately 200 gallons of apple sauce will be made. or Prudence Brooks know you want to help with
The jobs include apple cutters - removing stems canning. They try to fill the jobs early (like the day
and bad spots (the cutting is not a job for the before!) so there is no last-minute panic. Some
youngest because of the use of knives but they can of the jobs are: haulers, ladlers, toppers, tighten-
pull stems); apple haulers -taking apples to the ers, wipers, table cleaners, water fetchers, boxers,
tables and the slicers; kettle stirrers -many people stackers and sellers! Come on out and learn about
of all ages participate in this phase. The kettles these interesting jobs. Training is provided. The
must be constantly to make the apple sauce. The entire canning process only takes about 45 min-
process was changed slightly utes. It is a sight to see. After the canning, every-
last year. After the applesauce thing must be cleaned up and all the gear needs
is complete, the Apple Butter to be put away, not necessarily a fun job, but a
is cooked for a few hours. This must-do. Again, lots of hands are needed. After
allows a little later start time on the cleaning and hauling there is a short social
Sunday. Again, all ages (with event. By this time, there is not a lot of energy as
supervision due to the fires) can participate; op- 1000 jars of Apple Butter have been canned!
erating the separators is also a job for all ages. It Please join a great Pohick tradition with lots
takes three or four people on each of the two ma- of fellowship and memories!
chines. Always lots of adult supervision available - The Apple Butter Gang
Pohick Episcopal Church September 2018 • Page 13

Pohick Church Activities • September 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AUG 26 27 28 29 30 31 SEPT 1
Proper 16b 9:30a Staff Mtg 2p HE, the Fairfax 6:15p Bell 8a Brotherhood
8a HE I 4:30p Golden 6p CoH Workshop of St. Andrew
8:50a Fundamentals Dove Bd Mtg 7:30p Healing Service 7p Boy Scouts 9a Weight/
of Music Theory 7p Docent Guild Strength Training
10a HE II Board Mtg 10a Yoga
11:15a Teachers’ Mtg 1p 1st Saturday
Docent Tour
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Proper 17b Labor Day 9:30a Staff Mtg 2p HE, the Fairfax 7p Boy Scouts 8a Brotherhood
8a HE I Office Closed 7:30p Healing Service 7:30p Choir of of St. Andrew
10a HE II 7:30p Martha Pohick 9a Weight/
Guild Mtg Strength Training
10a Yoga
3:30p Crab Feast
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Proper 18b 9:30a Staff Mtg 2p HE, the Fairfax 12:30p CO-OP 8a Brotherhood
7:45a HE I 9:30a Ann Ma- 6p St. Cecelia St. 7p Boy Scouts of St. Andrew
9a HE II son Guild Mtg Alban Choir 7:30p Choir of 9a Weight/
10:15a Register for 7:30p Vestry Mtg 6p St. Francis Choir Pohick Strength Training
Youth Choirs/Sun 7:30p Healing Service 10a Yoga
School; Ice Cream Social
11a HE I
5p EYC Kickoff Picnic
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Proper 19b 6p Walking the 9:30a Staff Mtg 2p HE, the Fairfax 12:30p CO-OP Apple Apple Butter
7:45a HE I Mourner’s Path 6p St. Cecelia St. 7p Boy Scouts Butter Weekend
9a HE II, commis- 7p EFM Alban Choir 7:30p Choir of Weekend 8a Brotherhood
sioning of parish musi- 6p St. Francis Choir Pohick of St. Andrew
cians, Activities Fair 6:30p Prayer Group 9a Weight/
11:15a HE II Strength Training
7:30p Healing Service
6:30p EYC 10a Yoga
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Apple Butter Weekend 6p Walking the 9:30a Staff Mtg 2p HE, the Fairfax 12:30p CO-OP 8a Brotherhood
Proper 20b Mourner’s Path 7p Docent Gen- 6p St. Cecelia St. 7p Boy Scouts of St. Andrew
7:45a HE I 7p EFM eral Mtg Alban Choir 7:30p Choir of 9a Weight/
9a HE II 6p St. Francis Choir Pohick Strength Training
10:20a Alpha 6p CoH 10a Yoga
11:15a HE I 10a Country Fair
7:30p Healing Service
5p EYC Fun Night
30 OCT 1 2 3 4 5 6
Proper 21b 6p Walking the 9:30a Staff Mtg 2p HE, the Fairfax 12:30p CO-OP 8a Brotherhood
7:45a HE I Mourner’s Path 4:30p Golden 6p St. Cecelia St. 7p Boy Scouts of St. Andrew
9a HE II 7p EFM Dove BdMtg Alban Choir 7:30p Choir of 9a Weight/
10:20a Alpha 6p St. Francis Choir Pohick Strength Training
11:15a HE II 6:30p Martha 10a Yoga
1p 1st Sat Docent
Guild Dinner
7:30p Healing Service 4p Fr Don’s Fare-
well Reception

Contact the Parish Secretary, Susan Hayward-Costa, to list group meetings or events on the calendar,
Page 14 • September 2018 Pohick Episcopal Church


7:45 8am Stew Remaly Rodger Jones Don Cooke Stew Remaly Tony Marsico
Tony Marsico Mike Vaughn Becky Wagner Mike Zane Rodger Jones
9:00 10am Hal Yarwood Beth Altman Tom Bland Chris Brown Fuzzy Thurston
Tom Goeller John Pasour Grant Hodges Dane Derbes Greg Wilson
Angela Edgemon, Matt Gurrola Dennis Myers Brent Goeller Hal Yarwood
Steve Edgemon Bill Patton Pehr Pehrsson Edwardene Pitcock Tom Goeller
11:15 NA Dave Billingsley Sandra Caesar Bill Bland Paul Walden
Kathy Kirkland Ed McGovern Rick Nelson Hank Foresman
7:00 C. McCullough H. Stankwitz E. Thorson D. Smith B. Altman
1:00 J. Rolander A. Derbes J. Rolander D. Cooke C. Herbert
AM A. Powell A. Powell J. Sunderland J. Sunderland J. Wells
J. Schmid J. Schmid B. Altman B. Altman N. Sage
M. Tonkin M. Tonkin N. Bireley N. Bireley C. Foster
S. Caesar S. Caesar V. Jones V. Jones J. Mullins
E. Pitcock E. Pitcock J. MacDonald J. MacDonald H. Parker
A. Marsico A. Marsico R. Teale R. Teale M. Grant
M. Yezek M. Yezek B. Wagner B. Wagner R. Stankwitz
7:45 8a M/M Birely M/M Stankwitz M/M Maynard M/M Remaly M/M Jones
9:00 10a M/M Hogg M/M Wise Docent Guild Schmid/Pitcock M/M Grant
11:15 NA M/M Nelson S. Pehrsson K. Kirkland S. Caesar
7:45 8a J. Bartholomew S. Yarwood T. Look Choi Family Pag’an/Wallace
9:00 10a Pag’an/Wallace V. Axarlis M/M Sage D. Armstrong M/M C. Brown
11:15 NA D. Sebastian B. Atkinson A. Poad C. Hodge
9:00 10a P. Kind J. Bartholomew T. Bland F. Crawford C. Knipling
11:15 NA D. Hamly B. Bland T. Costa G. Delaune
7:45 8a S. Harding (P) Marsico (R) Booth (R) Thorson (R) Booth (P)
M. Harding (R) Wagner (P) Thorson (P) Marsico (P) Wagner (R)
9:00 10a Sage (R) Gastrell (P) Choi (R) Prior (P) Walden (P)
Walden (P) Cockroft (R) Egan (P) Ayorinde (R) Sage (R)
11:15 NA Edgemon (R) M. Harding (P) Edgemon (P) Cockroft (P)
Elston (P) S. Harding (R) Walden (R) Gastrell (R)
The Sunday Service Volunteers Schedule is also available at Pohick Church’s website,, under “Ministries.”
Pohick Episcopal Church September 2018 • Page 15

Education for Ministry

EFM - How can I connect my daily life to what I read
2018 Christmas Mart
in the Bible and in theological texts? That is the central Thursday, November 15
question undergirding the Education for Ministry program, Mark the calendar now for the an-
offered by the University of the South School of Theology. nual Christmas Mart! More details
The EFM group consists of 6-12 adult participants, usu-
and requests for help will soon be making the
ally from the Pohick family, and has two trained mentors.
Participants meet for two and a half to three hours, over the headlines. Any questions for now, please contact
course of a nine-month academic year, for thoughtful and Connie Myers at 703-455-4652 or jetskiing@ho-
sometimes life-changing discussions and a light dinner.
The four-year program consists of studies in Old Testa-
ment (Year 1), New Testament (Year 2), Church History
(Year 3) and Theology (Year 4). Students sign up for one
year at a time and everyone misses sessions here and there
for travel, work, and other commitments. The tuition fee is
$375 per year, and financial aid is available. Students need
only to commit to one year at a time and since the program Kiki Coderre Pohick Prayer Group
has changed in the last several years, EFM grads are wel- Come near to God and he will come near to you
come! For more information, contact Denise McHugh at ( James 4:8). Parishioner Kiki Coderre prayed fre-
410- 300-9867, or Hank Foresman at quently during her hard-fought battle with can-
cer. During that time, God spoke to her about the
COME TO THE GOLDEN DOVE need for Pohick to be a “praying” church.
The Golden Dove Gift Shop thanks all Pohick Please consider joining the Kiki Coderre Po-
parishioners! Because of YOUR support, the Golden hick Prayer Group to pray for the church, the
Dove has given back not only to Pohick, but to other community and individuals on the third Wednes-
needs in the community and beyond. Please continue day of each month. The group begins with Lectio
to shop and support all of these worthwhile causes: Divina - meditating silently on a scripture passage
EYC mission trip, Eagle Scouts, kitchen renovation, as it is read aloud several times. A different topic is
Nets for Life, Kilmarx/Powell Scholarship, Episcopal presented each month, inviting the Holy Spirit to
Relief Foundation, Women of Pohick, ERD-Tennes- guide the prayers. Attendees may choose to offer
see Fire Relief & Flood/Hurricane Relief, Harrison prayers aloud or in silence. The group concludes
House, Organ Fund, and the Pohick playground are
with the Lord’s prayer.
some of the efforts that have been supported in the last
five years - thanks to YOU!
For more information, contact Kelly Uribe,
New shop hours start September 9 on Sunday or Charlotte Knipling,
mornings, 10:15 am - 11:30 am.

73rd Annual
Pohick Count r y Fair
Saturday, September 29 • 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Pohick Church Fairgrounds
Join us for a special day of fun & fellowship! • The Fair offers activities for everyone!
Turkey Shoot • Children’s Games • Moon Bounce • Face Painting • Music
Garden Shop • Country Store • Apple Butter Booth • BBQ • Hamburgers • Hot Dogs • Drinks • Much More!
Volunteers Still Needed!
Please call the Church office, 703-339-6572, for more information.
The Purpose of Pohick Church is to be a nourishing community where Christ’s love is experienced and taken beyond its walls.

Non-Profit Org.

Permit No. 2
U.S. Postage

Lorton, VA

Date: _____________________ Subject: _____________________

To: The Vestry
Pohick Church Staff Pohick Church Vestry
Rector: The Rev’d Donald Sr. Warden: Beth Altman
Binder, PhD Jr. Warden: Clint Herbert
Assistant: The Rev’d Dr. Lynn Treasurer: Doug Smith
P. Ronaldi Register: Susan Pehrsson
Lorton, Virginia 22079-1519

Members: Beth Altman,

9301 Richmond Highway

Minister of Music: Linda Egan Micheyl Bartholomew,

Return Service Requested

Director of Don Cooke, Anne Derbes,

Christian Ed: Frances Sessums Kathy Kirkland,
Pohick Church

Youth Minister: Rusty Booth Amanda Ljuba, Carney

Parish Secretary: Susan Hayward-Costa McCullough, Jane Rolander,
Finance Admin: Mike Morgan Herb Stankwitz,
Sexton: John Sessums Eric Thorson
Telephone: 703-339-6572 • Fax: 703-339-9884
Church Office Email: • Web Site:

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