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Data sheet

BT MeetMe with
Dolby Voice

In partnership with Dolby®, BT is delighted Replace even more face-to-face meetings:

to bring you BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, a • Workshops/brainstorming sessions where active
best-in-class audio conferencing service that participation by all (and not just listening) is required.

delivers natural and effective audio meetings. • Executive meetings where you need a fully engaged
audience making the right decisions.

Sounds and feels like in-person meetings • Project management with a broad range of individuals
working together to approach the problem from very
With BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, meeting attendees truly different perspectives.
feel as if they’re in the same room, no matter if they are
at home, in the office, on the move or in a meeting room.
Participants are more able to engage naturally in a dynamic
conversation. This service delivers: User feedback

• high quality sound: high definition combined with The stereo [voice separation] solution is
background noise reduction and audio levelling of great, much better than normal calls.
each participant
• voice separation: participant voices come from different The overall experience of the audio call
directions (just like being around the meeting room table).
was excellent. A+.

More natural, more effective What the experts are saying

Meetings become more productive because it’s easier to:
BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice has to
• understand who is talking and what they are saying,
so more time can be spent focusing on the content be experienced to be appreciated.
Andy Nilssen, Wainhouse Research
• identify when other people are trying to join in the
conversation or break in, so everyone can participate
It’s really incredible and I think quite
more easily
frankly it’s going to change the way our
• understand what is said if more than one person talks at industry works.
the same time, so the conversation can flow naturally Jim Burton, CTLink
• run meetings with global teams when English may not be
everyone’s first language and accents can confuse.

BT One

BT Conferencing
The complete solution Join via the internet for Dolby Voice audio quality
In the meeting
Connecting via the internet (VoIP) enables High Quality Sound On the move
room Dolby®
PC & MAC iOS & Android app
and Voice Separation. Conference Phone

Standard audio is enabled when you connect over traditional

fixed line telephone/mobile phone (PSTN) with local dial-in
numbers for over 50 countries.
The innovative Dolby® Conference Phone allows users to
connect to a meeting room remotely to experience high
quality sound and voice separation from all participants Join via PSTN
in the room, as well as improving the audio quality in the Connect via
room itself. traditional/mobile phone

So, wherever you are joining from, your meetings maintain

the natural flow of conversation that makes audio
conferences as good as being there.

Delivering for your business Why BT Conferencing?

Reduce total cost of ownership With over 25 years of experience, BT Conferencing is one
• Reduces access costs with IP connection replacing of the leading suppliers of conferencing services in the world;
carrier toll and conferencing toll free charges at home building, delivering and managing solutions for customers
and abroad. with a focus on helping them collaborate better internally
and externally. Alongside the most advanced technology
Global secure access
we offer tools to help you get the best from your service,
• Can be accessed anywhere with internet access.
with simple applications to help you launch, manage and
Communication is encrypted.
schedule conferences from smartphones or desktops at the
Power your UC strategy touch of the button. That’s all backed up with training that
• A great stepping stone for those organisations that makes the service easy to use for end-users, and increases
are new to Unified Communication (UC), as well as a the adoption rate within your organisation, adding value to
key accelerator for those with more mature UC set-ups, your investment. This proven formula helps us provide our
BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice works alongside and in 47,000 customers with better business outcomes every day.
conjunction with the full range of VoIP, IM and
presence solutions.
Get in touch
Maximise the effectiveness of meetings on Cisco
WebEx® and Microsoft Lync® Contact us today for more information on how we can take you on a journey
• Full integration with BT Cisco WebEx – audio, web and video to a truly collaborative enterprise.

in one meeting, using the same WebEx interface, so you

BT Conferencing:
can embrace a full range of online communication services Australia: 1800 234 799 or +61 2 9231 1130
at the press of a button. Share documents, visuals and key China: +86 400 8811213
information and enjoy crystal clear Dolby Voice audio. Add France: 0805 540 095 or +44 207 402 8145
a webcam to make your meetings even more compelling. Germany: 0800 066 3311 or +44 207 706 7834
Hong Kong: + 852 2312 9999
• Integration with BT MeetMe for Lync Enterprise. Extend India: 000800 4401782
a Lync meeting to those unable to access the Lync client. Ireland: 1 800 924 790 or +44 207 402 0303
Allows users to create a hybrid audio conference with some Italy: 800 900 077 or +44 207 402 0538
Japan: 0120 363 877
participants joining via their Lync client and some Malaysia: + 60 (0)3 7712 4597
via BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice and the Dolby® Singapore: + 65 6295 6237
Conference Phone. South Korea: + 82 (0)2 3483 1171
Spain: 900 811 428 or +44 207 402 4371
Taiwan: + 886 2 2162 6528
United Kingdom: 0800 77 88 77 or + 44 207 402 0303
United States: 1 866 766 8777 or 1 617 801 6700
or 1 888 947 3663 (video services)

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