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#151 Washington state, U.S. September 5, 2018 (no.1 in Sept.

Metal Bulletin Zine P.O. Box 1339 Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA

Nigredo Hoth

Dygora De Profundis

The Electric Blues, and Country Music (The Blues and Heavy Metal, Part 2)

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Metal Bulletin Zine black metal tones; however, now we are
P.O. Box 1339 finding out that there is another side to the
man, and that’s his bass playing, assuming
Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA
that the official information is factually
All album reviews, news, updates below are
by MMB, unless stated otherwise.
Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced
April 15th, 2018
Transcending Obscurity Records

John Votsis, the Greek Freak of Drums—a

veritable superstar of underground extreme
metal drumming, with a résumé as impressive
as the day is long, including some musically
incestuous entities like Dephosphorus,
Principality of Hell, Thou Art Lord and
Ravencult, to name but a few from a list of
current and former projects and bands Even more interestingly, Alexis
involving him—has teamed up with Papatheofanous, undoubtedly unbeknownst
Ravencult’s vocalist Alexis Papatheofanous for to many of the supporters of his work with
a black metal entity called Nigredo, a sound Ravencult, plays guitar. The riffs are very
that is an execution of black thrash in the concentrated and efficient, in the sense of
classic-minded ways. compact, direct songs aimed straight at the
thrash and black metal fanatics, and in
The album provides fundamental points that general any metal zealot, looking to bang
keep it very coherent for the listener. You can their heads on an album from start to finish.
understand right away that banging your While Alexis apparently does not do guitar
head and metal of strength and conciseness solos much, the riffs come out of the
is the order of the day. For these reasons, fans woodwork fast, sharp, strong and are very
that are all in on the agenda of horns-raising, appealing in the styles of this genre.
in-your-face extreme metal should be the
primary focus audience. The album leaves Certain questions do remain. Is this simply a
very little doubt that the musicians themselves studio project or will Alexis and John recruit
are knowledgeable fans of extreme metal, some friends to take this show on road? It
especially cult underground bands. In this appears that some shows may have taken
case, classic thrash and black metal are, in place already, but if the quality of the music
my opinion, a great source of inspiration for continues, then it should be interesting to see
the spirit of this work. whether this cult will take to the streets of
Europe and other places. Another question
Alexis Papatheofanous shines on here. Besides pending is, will there be guitar solos in the
the old-school extreme metal vocals for which future?
he is known by the followers of his musical
endeavors in the awesome Ravencult, Alexis Supporters of the Greek extreme metal bands
takes care of the bass guitar on the album. So may already know the mighty music of the
far, he is known for his vocals, a type of black cult of Thou Art Lord and memorable tunes of
metal bark that is appealing for its thrash and Ravencult, but now here is another name to
investigate. This is the debut album, so their guitar solos and melodies. You can
Nigredo is just getting warmed up. Keep imagine the work it takes to have melody, real
rocking this album and let’s wait and see melody, as a consistent and central element
what comes next. I’m looking forward to in every song. The songs seem carefully
finding out. crafted to highlight the melodies. Hoth is at a
different level of functioning; speed and loudness by themselves are not the main attraction here. It is as if they were saying: So
what if you can play a few chords? So what if
** you are loud? So what if you have learned to
Hoth play fast?
Astral Necromancy
release date: June 15th, 2018
label: Epicurus Records

Hoth’s Astral Necromancy is a professional-

style recording of melodic traditional black
metal, executed at a fast pace, with some
variations in the speed. The quality of the
recording is up-to-date from the sounds of it
and the band wants the listener to hear
everything as clearly as possible whether the
volume is low or high. They have in mind a
recording that sounds good as an overall
production. It is an impressive recording the
moment you hear it because it is serious in Hoth seems to have asked themselves: Can
purpose and effort. The hard work put into you write a fast song and make it
making the album seems rather obvious the memorable? Can you play fast and find a
instant you hear it. You will hear well the way to have melodies, on top of the fast
drums, guitars and vocals. In some songs there rhythms? That’s where Hoth is. This type of skill
are keyboards, but it seems that this is not the can be reached after you have played your
case in all the songs. instrument for years, have dedicated time to
learning it well, and have decided that you
The songs stand out for their immediate want to be really good at it and see how far
listenability and they maintain the quality of you take your guitar playing with the arts of
being able to sustain repeated listens, while rock and roll.
also still fairly straightforward in their identity as
songs, as traditional songs of heavy metal The rhythm section is so pleasant on the ears.
music. This is a very positive trait; the metal The bottom end is a nice surprise. You won’t
mind will recognize the songs and the body necessarily hear the bass lines like slap bass in
will respond in kind. You should be able to feel every song, but your ears will sense and feel
the songs, unless you are very hostile to all the bottom end. It’s the feeling that the
black metal in general. recording sounds right; it’s a bit more of a
subconscious vibe. The drum sound is the
One of the most noticeable traits of Hoth is
current modern sound that you find in
extreme metal, whether in technical death
metal or professional extreme metal that
requires the fastest speeds. Of course, it’s up
to you whether you like the drum sound or if it
sounds too much like drum programming.

The vocals are classic-style black metal all the

way and fit the music very well, and there are
a few spots of group chanting, but not a lot,
which may leave you wanting more. Hoth
does not use melodic singing in the songs at
all, from what I can tell, which is going to
please the black metal die-hards and people
who prefer bands who do things correctly and The music is grooving, downtempo growling
seriously, and who stick to what they do best. heaviness with a big minimalist approach.
They play a riff, and milk it for what it’s worth,
This album is especially recommended for and move on to a new one and then
those seeking high quality in fast melodic proceed to juice that one with the vibe of a
black metal. In addition, any person who hardcore band. In short, it is mostly chugging,
wants to hear black metal with a professional grooving heaviness. On top of the heaviness
attitude, with a serious work ethic, might find you will find a devoted growler who often
this album to be a contender for album of the prefers to do extended, long growling and
year. dwells on the growling itself as an art worthy of
The band so far shows no interest in melody,
** and seems totally focused on being as heavy
Dygora as they can at this point. Listen to the
Chambers of Reflection recording at the link below. Learn more about
Self released them through the following official
13 July 2018 information.

DYGORA is extreme metal from the U.K. and

the recording is called "Chambers of **
Reflections." The date of release is the 13th of De Profundis
July of 2018 and it is an independent The Blinding Light of Faith
recording of four songs, with a total time of release date: May 10th, 2018
some 24 minutes. According to Metal label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Archives, they formed in 2015. This is their third
recording. The British death metal crew De Profundis in
2018 have their fifth album ready for your ears.
Titled The Blinding Light of Faith, the album
takes you through a physical session of
bootcamp headbanging and air guitar, and
the drumming to make those legs muscles get The Electric Blues, and Country Music
stronger. Gruff vocals, riffs from the left and (The Blues and Heavy Metal, Part 2)
from the right, a bit of melody to spice up the
extreme metal, and the lyrics to grab your In the United States during the first half of the
attention. One song is called "War Be upon twentieth century thousands of African-
Him" with the aural chaos that you would Americans move from the South to the North
expect. The organized religions of Abrahamic in search of a better life in the cities. The
traditions do not enjoy the approval of this industrial North attracts Blacks to make the
British quintet, as you shall see. trip, known as the Great Migration, and the
masses are looking for work and to escape
the brutality, violence and the daily
humiliations of life under Jim Crow racist
segregation. Of course, in reality, Blacks move
not just to the North but also to other parts of
the United States. In this movement of the
Black population there are blues musicians
who are seeking better opportunities to play
music and possibly make a living from it.

By the early 1930s there is a new instrument:

the electric guitar. Some blues musicians
begin playing the electric guitar and this
Keep in mind that the band has been around results in a different type of blues. Among
for more than ten years and they are at this these, T-Bone Walker is recognized as one of
point doing death metal with a fearless the early practitioners of the new sound. In the
attitude. They are not afraid to shred and do 1940s Walker achieved some success with
some melody and even throw you for a loop song like “Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday
a time or two. Their horizons are bigger and Is Just as Bad)” and “Bobby Box Blues.”
this new album points to exciting directions.
They have changed a lot from the old days, The new sound proves to be very popular,
but this new album is full of energy, creative and Chicago becomes known as a major
and features lots of music for banging your center for the electric blues. The excitement
head. of this urban blues can be heard in the music
of so many, many musicians of the 1940s.
Be sure to listen to the album at the link below. Furthermore, not only is the electric blues
The album is recommended for fans of popular amongst the Black population of
extreme metal that is skilled, intelligent, but Chicago, and the Northern cities, the new
that also does not forget the speed and sound reaches further into the United States
intensity of death metal. audiences, both Black and Caucasian, and
will sooner rather than later start a bigger,
stronger passion that will inspire many young musicians outside the United States, too.
The new sound of the blues has many, many
major figures that have had a big influence. In
the 1940s we have a figure like Sister Rosetta of country is Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over”
Tharpe who tours a lot and whose music is in 1947. Of course, there are other country
heard by many at this time. Muddy Waters songs in the 1930s and 1940s that have a
has a big part in the sound of the Chicago certain uptempo energy that will be joined
blues. In fact, to many blues fanatics, Muddy with the blues in the 1950s by the next
Waters is the face of the Chicago blues and is generation. At any rate, this Hank Williams
almost synonymous with the mere mention of song is extremely important because, as we
the Chicago blues. shall see, it is going to reverberate with
American and world youth when the track is
B.B. King, of course, has had such a great copied, emulated, and rewritten in various
career and longevity that his name is perhaps forms later on as the music is given a different
one of the most known today when people and new genre name.
mention the blues in popular culture.
Before looking into the 1950s, there are
John Lee Hooker is a name associated with additional changes taking place in the blues
the Detroit blues and is one its most enduring in the 1940s that have not been discussed
names. here yet. That will be the subject of part 3.

With these blues performers and so many

more not mentioned here, there is an ever-
increasing influence of the blues upon
younger generations that are hearing the
music. The results of the 1940s electric blues
will be felt in the United States very soon and it
is going to shock parents and the authorities.

The younger musicians influenced by these

blues artists are listening to the blues, but they —
are also listening to the country music of the metal programs in Washington (Pacific Times)
time. Here it is important to pause and Excuse All the Blood (Olympia, WA): Friday
remember: the racial segregation of the day night 10pm-1am
that is present in everyday life is also reflected
in music genres because “the blues” and Metal Shop (Seattle, WA): Saturday 10pm-
“country music” are both American forms that 3am KISW 99.9fm
the record companies used to try to keep the —
audiences segregated by race when selling This zine is also available at:
the music.

In the 1940s there are interesting changes

taking place in country music and the Bulletin-Zine
generation that will take center stage in
American music in the 1950s is aware of
country music.

One of the biggest examples of the influence