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Generic/ Trade Name Dosage/ Classification Indication Contraindication Side effects Nursing

Frequency Responsibilities
1. Paracetamol / 80 mg / q6h IV Analgesics/ • To relieve mild • Contraindicated • Side effects are • Do not exceed
Antipyretics with allergy to rare with the
to moderate
paracetamol/ paracetamol recommended
pain due to acetaminophen. when dosage.
things such as • Use Cautiously it is taken at the
with impaired recommended • Consult
hepatic function, doses. physician if
muscle and chronic • Skin rashes, needed for
joint pain, alcoholism, blood disorders children < 3 yrs
backache and pregnancy, and acute old; if needed for
lactation inflammation of more than 10
period pains. It the days; if
is also used to pancreas have continued fever,
bring down a occasionally severe or
occurred in recurrent pain
high temp.
people occurs (possible
• For this taking the drug serious illness).
reason, on
paracetamol a regular basis • Avoid using
for multiple
can be given to a long time. preparations
children after • One containing
vaccinations advantage of acetaminophen.
paracetamol over Carefully check
to prevent
aspirin and all OTC
post- NSAIDs products.
immunization is that it doesn't
irritate the • Give drug with
pyrexia (high
stomach or food if GI upset
temperature). causing occurs.
Paracetamol is it to bleed,
often included potential Side • Discontinue drug
effects of aspirin if
in cough, cold and NSAIDs. hypersensitivity
and flu reaction occurs.
2. Nalbuphine / 1 mg / q8h IV Opioid agonist- • Relief of • Contraindicated • Constipation, • Taper dosage
antagonist moderate to with dizziness, when
analgesic severe pain. hypersensitivity drowsiness, dry
• Pre-op to nalbuphine mouth, feeling of
analgesia as a sulfites. a whirling motion, after prolonged
supplement to • Use cautiously headache, use to avoid
surgical with emotionally nausea, withdrawal
anesthesia unstable patient sweating/clammy
skin, vomiting. symptoms.

• Keep opioids
antagonist and
facilities for
assisted or
available in case

• Reassure patient
about addiction
liability; most
patients who
receive opiates
medical reasons
do not develop
3. Oxacillin / 100 mg / q6h IV Antibiotic/ • Infection due to • Contraindicated • Upset stomach, • Culture
Ncydox Penicillinase- penicillinase- with allergies to diarrhea, nausea, infection before
resistant producing penicillins, vomiting, anxiety, treatment;
penicillin staphylococci; cephalosporins, colitis, confusion, reculture if
may used to or other convulsions, response is not
allergens. dizziness, hives, as expected.
initiate liver problems and
treatment when • Use cautiously jaundice, fungal • Continue
a staphylococci with renal infections, rash, therapy for at
infection is disorders, tooth discoloration least 2 days
suspected. pregnancy in children, and after infection
lactation (may appetite loss. has
cause diarrhea or disappeared,
candidiasis in usually 7-10
infants). days.
• Reconstitute for
IM use to a
dilution of
injection or
sodium chloride
Discard after 3
days at room
temp or after 7
days if
• Reconstituted
oral solution is
stable 3 days at
room temp, 14