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Chapter I

“Poverty, the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount

of money or material possessions.Poverty is said to exist when people lack

the means to satisfy their basic needs”1.”Take for example the badjao’s in

the Philippines.The name Badjao is a malay-bornean word that means “man

of the seas”. The badjao’s are among the poorest people in the country”2.”

in fact sickness, hunger and death is more of what consumes their daily

grind.”3 “Life is harsh for these people, given the circumstances of a poor

backward country where indigenous people suffer not only from poverty but

also from discrimination and oppression making them lose out in the very

few oppurtunities available for a better life because poverty is an everyday

reality for indigenous people.”4

Statement of the Problem

1. Why are the badjaos still poor despite of the gov’t’s programs for them?

2. Why do the badjaos prefer to beg than to work?

3. Why do some badjaos prefer fishing than to work other employments?

4. Is it possible to help these people out of poverty?

5. How Can the people of the Philippines assist these people?

Statement of the hypothesis

HO1. Most of these people weren’t notified and were unaware of this,

especially those in more secluded areas.

HO2. Some badjao’s lack necessary education and expertise for some jobs.

HO3. Fishing has always been a part of their culture. Perhaps some like it.

HO4.Possibly but due to the amount of poor people in the country, some of

these people may not be supported and aided properly.

HO5. A Possible course of action would be to donate money.

Significance of the Study

The importance of this study is to grasp and identify why the badjao’s still

live in poverty despite all the help their getting from the government ,the help

they get from less unfortunate people who try to help them, and how we may be

able to help these people.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This study only Consists of topics regarding badjao poverty. The

information regarding the topic were all gathered form the internet. This

topic was started on july 24, 2018 and will be finished on march 2019.