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Nimai's Childhood Pastimes

from Sri Chaitanya-Bhagavata, Adi-lila

Nimai's Childhood Pastimes

from Sri Chaitanya-Bhagavata, Adi-lila

* * * * *

CAST: Narrator, Advaita Acharya, Mother Shachi, Nimai, 2 Ladies, 2 Thieves, Jagannath
Mishra, Brahmana.


Advaita Acharya's Concern


Advaita Acharya's Concern

Narrator: In the Age of Kali, intelligent persons perform congregational chanting of the Holy
Names of God to worship the incarnation of Godhead who constantly sings the names of
Krishna. Although His complexion is not blackish, He is Krishna Himself. He is accompanied
by His associates. Advaita Acharya is an incarnation of the Lord as a devotee. His loud calling
was the cause for Lord Krishna's appearance as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Advaita Acharya
found the world devoid of devotional service to Sri Krishna because people were engrossed
in material affairs.

Advaita: Everyone is engaged in material enjoyment. No one is interested in the

transcendental service of the Lord, which can give relief from the cycle of birth and death.
How can I act for the people's benefit? If Sri Krishna was to appear as an incarnation, He
Himself could preach devotion by His personal example. In this age of Kali, chanting of the
Holy Name is the only religion; but, how will the Lord appear? I know, I shall worship Lord
Krishna in a purified state of mind and constantly petition Him in humbleness.

Narrator: Thinking in this way, Advaita Acharya began worshiping the Lord. Always
remembering the lotus feet of Sri Krishna, He constantly offered Tulasi buds and water from
the Ganges. He appealed to Sri Krishna with loud calls, and thus made it possible for Lord
Krishna to appear.

On the full moon eve of the month of Phalguna, during a lunar eclipse, the Lord appeared.
Because of the eclipse, everyone was chanting “Hari Hari!” in great jubilation. (Kirtan party
enters and chants “Haribol!” Mother Shachi carries out baby Nimai. Jagannath Mishra is also
there. Kirtan party then sings “When Lord Chaitanya was a Boy.”)

Baby Nimai Cries


Baby Nimai Cries

Narrator: After some days, the Lord began to crawl on his hands and knees, and He caused
various wonders to be seen. (Nimai is sitting while singers sing “A Snake Crawled into the
Courtyard.” The snake crawls in—parents look worried and yell “Garuda!”—they pray to
Ananta and the snake slips away. Jagannath Mishra exits. Nimai is center stage, some ladies
enter and surround Nimai, doing various activities. Nimai begins crying)

Shachi: Oh no, don't cry, little one!

1st Lady: It's alright, little Nimai. (Nimai cries louder. Mother Shachi begins singing Hare
Krishna, He stops)

2nd Lady: Oh look, He stopped crying!

1st Lady: Yes, when you chant, He stops.

2nd Lady: Oh, but look, He's starting to cry again! (Nimai cries)

1st Lady: Quickly, let's chant again! (they chant, Nimai gradually stops crying)

2nd Lady: Oh good, He stopped again.

1st Lady: I think Nimai is playing a game with us. (Nimai begins crying again)

2nd Lady: Now we must always chant the maha-mantra! (they all chant and Nimai smiles)


Nimai Kidnapped by Two Thieves


Nimai Kidnapped by Two Thieves

Narrator: In this way, the Lord was showing that His life's purpose was to spread this
sankirtan movement. In His childhood, the Lord was once taken away by two thieves, outside
His own house...

Thief 1: Hey, look over there!

Thief 2: What? I don't see anything but a little boy.

Thief 1: No, look at all those jewels on Him!

Thief 2: Let's take Him away, kill Him and rob Him of all His jewels!

Thief 1: Good idea! Let's go.

Thief 2: Hi there, little boy! Want to come with us?

Thief 1: We have a surprise for you!

Nimai: What is it?

Thief 2: Sweets! All children love sweets.

Nimai: Oh good, let's go!

Thief 1: First, You have to come with us. (they walk away with Nimai. After a circle or two)

Thief 2: Let's go deeper into the woods so we can kill Him and rob Him of all His jewels!

Thief 1: Yeah! This is a good place! (they hear Shachi calling)

Shachi: Nimai! Nimai! Where are you?

Thief 2: What was that?

Thief 1: It sounded like a voice!

Thief 2: Hey! We're right back where we started from!

Thief 1: Let's get out of here!

Shachi: Nimai, there You are—I've been looking all over for You! It's time for your dinner.
Your father is waiting for you!

Nimai: I'm sorry to be gone so long, Mother; I just went for a walk in the woods.


Nimai Eats the Brahmana's Offering

Nimai Eats the Brahmana's Offering

Narrator: On another occasion, the Lord ate the foodstuffs of a Brahmana guest three times,
and later, in confidence, the Lord delivered that Brahmana from material engagement.
(knock at door)

Jagannath: Shachidevi! Someone is at the door. Please go see who it is. (Mother Shachi opens
the door)

Shachi: Oh, just a moment, I'll go get my husband.

Jagannath: Come in, my dear Brahmana. Please come in. You must be tired from travelling
from one place of pilgrimage to another. Please sit down. Shachidevi, please go get this
Brahmana something cool to drink. A Brahmana is welcome in my house anytime. Is there
anything else I can get for you?

Brahmana: Oh, no, thank you. I am fine, but I would like some ingredients to prepare an
offering for my Gopal Deity.

Jagannath: Yes, yes. Shachidevi, please go get our guest some milk, rice and sugar so that he
can prepare sweet-rice for his Gopal Deity. You may have this room for your worship. (they

Brahmana: Thank you. Hmmm, let's see... I will make an altar over here. Then, I will prepare
some sweet-rice. (he mixes, etc., and sings “Govinda Jaya Jaya, Gopala Jaya Jaya, Radha
Ramana Hari, Govinda Jaya Jaya.”) Now, it is ready to offer. (he bows down and begins to
offer “Namo brahmanya devaya...” when Nimai approaches and eats the bhoga. Brahmana
looks up) What are you doing? You are spoiling my offering! Jagannath Mishra! Jagannath

Jagannath: Nimai! You shouldn't have done that. Come on, let's go.

Brahmana: Oh well, children are innocent. (the Brahmana prepares again as before. When
he begins to offer, Nimai again eats the bhoga. The Brahmana looks up) What are you doing?
You've spoiled my offering again! Jagannath Mishra! Your son has spoiled my offering again!

Jagannath: Nimai, You naughty boy! This time I will put You to bed!

Brahmana: I'll prepare it again. (he repeats the same procedure. Nimai comes in and eats the
bhoga) What has been done? What has been done? I guess Lord Vishnu does want to eat!

Nimai: My dear Brahmana, formerly I was the son of Mother Yashoda. At that time, you were
a guest in the house of Nanda Maharaja and I disturbed you in the same way. I am very much
pleased with your devotion.

Brahmana: Thank you, Lord. You are very kind.

Nimai: Do not disclose this incident to anyone. Go on in your worship of Me in the form of

Brahmana: Thank you, Lord. (they exit)


Nimai Eats Dirt


Nimai Eats Dirt

Narrator: One day, when the Lord was enjoying playful sports with the other children,
Mother Shachi brought a dish filled with fused rice and sweetmeats, and asked Nimai to sit
down and eat them.

Shachi: It's time for You to eat; I must go and do my household chores now, but I will be back
soon. (she leaves. Nimai rejects the food, picks up dirt and eats it instead. Then she returns)
Nimai! What is this? What is this? Why have you been eating dirt?

Nimai: Why are you so angry, Mother? You have already given me dirt to eat. This is dirt, and
the sweetmeats are just a transformation of dirt. This is dirt. That is dirt. So, what is the
difference, Mother?

Shachi: Who has taught you this philosophical nonsense that justifies eating dirt? If we eat
dirt transformed into grains, our bodies become nourished and strong. But if we eat this plain
dirt off the ground, our bodies become diseased and will be destroyed!

Nimai: Why didn't you teach Me this before, Mother? From now on, when I'm hungry, I will
not eat dirt.

Shachi: Jai!


The End

The Wedding Of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu And Lakshmi Priya

from Sri Chaitanya-Bhagavata, Adi-lila Chapter 10

adapted by Madhurya-Lilananda Devi Dasi

The Wedding Of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu And Lakshmi Priya

from Sri Chaitanya-Bhagavata, Adi-lila Chapter 10

adapted by Madhurya-Lilananda Devi Dasi

* * * * *

CAST: Narrator, Nimai, 3 Village Girls, Lakshmi Priya, Mata Shachi, Vanamali, Ishana,
Vallabhacharya, Vallabhacharya's Wife, Extras for dance.

Narrator: (Purport by Çréla Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvaté from Chaitanya Bhagavata)

Normally, in the material world, people like to hear about festivals of marriage. But by
hearing those things people become more bound to material attachments. But, hearing about
the marriage of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Lord of Maya, does not have the same kind of
effect. Actually, Lord Chaitanya's whole pastime is for liberating the people from the material
world. If someone thinks that Lord Chaitanya's marriage is a material affair, then that person
is in the worst kind of Maya. But one should know, of course, that all type of enjoyment is
actually the property of the Lord. One who takes shelter of Him as His servant and hears
about the transcendental variegatedness of His devotional service, can never fall into any
kind of inauspiciousness in their lives. So, in that place where Bhagavan, the reservoir of
transcendental happiness is present, there can't be any room for sense gratification. We
should never think that the Lord is under the sway of Maya, but He is always transcendental
to Maya's influence. One who is absorbed in the transcendental happiness of serving the Lord
and hearing His glories is liberated from the bondage of the material attachments in the
material world; they are never kept under the bondage of material sense gratification. Such
devotees never become materialistic enjoyers.


By the Ganges


By the Ganges

(Young girls enter, lay out a cloth and put their paraphernalia of worship on it. Nimai enters
and watches them from other side of stage for a minute)

Girl 1: Please, get some Ganges water for Lord Shiva.

Girl 2: Here are the garlands, be careful with them.

Girl 3: I have the sweets and rice for the offering. We must be very careful with our worship
this month.
Girl 1: If we are, maybe Lord Shiva will be kind and give us good husbands.

(Nimai walks over and addresses the girls)

Nimai: Worship Me, and I shall give you good husbands and good benedictions. The Ganges
and goddess Durga are My maidservants. Not to speak of the other demigods, even Lord
Shiva is My servant. (Nimai grabs the flower garland and sandalwood pulp and puts them on.
He starts to eat the bananas and sweets. The girls become angry and start to try to take the
things back, but Nimai prevents them from doing so)

Girl 2: Dear Nimai, You are just like our brother in our village relationship. It is not good for
You to act like this.

Girl 3: Please don't take our things for worshiping the demigods.

Girl 1: Please don't disturb us in this way. Leave us alone!

Nimai: (while eating the offering) My dear sisters, I give you the benedictions that your
husbands will be very handsome. They will be learned, clever, and youthful and possess
wealth and rice. Not only that, but each of you will have seven sons, who will all live long
lives and be very intelligent.

(Girls look at each other and start to giggle, then look back at Nimai and act angry again)

Girl 2: We don't have to listen to You—we're leaving!

Girl 3: You are just teasing us, Nimai. Please don't follow us and bother us any more. (Girls
start to pack up their offerings)

Nimai: If you are miserly and do not give Me the offerings, then every one of you will have
and old husband at least four co-wives. (Girls suddenly stop what they are doing)

Girl 1: Do you think He knows something that we don't?

Girl 2: Maybe He is empowered by the demigods.

Girl 3: What if the curse if effective? What should we do?

Girl 1: Maybe we should give Him the offerings. What do you think?

Girl 2: I think we should give Him the offerings and be safe. (Girls bring Nimai the offerings
and He sits to eat it)

Nimai: (holding up his hand) I give you My benedictions for a happy marriage. (Girls are
standing there giggling when Lakshmi Priya comes in with her offering in a basket)
Lakshmi: Am I late? (she stops when she sees Nimai and what is happening. She offers her
obeisances, gets out her offerings and starts to worship Nimai. The other girls slowly leave
the stage whispering to each other. Nimai stops eating the other offerings to accept hers)

Nimai: Just worship Me, for I am the Supreme Lord. If you worship Me, certainly you will get
the benedictions you desire. “My dear gopis, I accept your desire to have Me as your husband,
and thus worship Me. I wish your desire to be fulfilled because it deserves to be so.” (Lakshmi
Priya offers her obeisances, watches Nimai as He leaves and then she leaves to the other side)


The courtyard of Mata Shachi's house


The courtyard of Mata Shachi's house

(Nimai is sitting studying, and Mata Shachi is sewing, or doing household duties. Mata Shachi
watches Nimai and then walks to center stage, where she thinks out loud, unheard by Nimai)

Shachi: (to the audience) My Nimai is such a great scholar. All the residents of Navadvipa
respect Him so. He is now in His full youth, and soon He will be a young man. I wonder if I
should think about a suitable wife for Him. I know of the daughter of Vallabhacharya—she is
very beautiful and devoted to Lord Krishna. But, maybe Nimai isn't ready yet. He is always
studying and teaching His students. Vishvarupa, His elder brother, went away and took
sannyasa when he found out that his father was planning his marriage. And his father has
recently left this world. Maybe I should wait. I don't think this would be a good time to bring
it up. (Mata Shachi goes off stage. Nimai puts his books away and gets up to go. As He walks
off stage, Lakshmi Priya passes Him, carrying a water pot. As soon as she sees Him, she offers
her obeisances. Then, realizing what she did, she covers her face shyly with her cloth and
leaves. Nimai smiles and watches her go)

Nimai: (speaking to the audience) I did not take sannyasa, and since I am remaining at home
it is My duty to act as a householder. Without a wife there is no meaning to householder life.
Merely a house is not a home, for it is a wife that gives the home meaning. If one lives at home
with a wife, together they can fulfill all the interests of human life. (Nimai leaves the stage)

Narrator: The same day, Vanamali, the village marriage-maker, happens to come to the house
of Shachi Mata. He offers her his respects, and with great affection she gives him a place to
sit down. (actors do this as Narrator is talking. Mata Shachi brings a straw mat and some
water. Then she sits down, too)

Vanamali: Shachi Mata, why are you not thinking about the marriage of your son.
Vallabhacharya is living here in Navadvipa. In his house they are very strict, pure
vegetarians. They are very pure brahmanas. There is no defect in their family or behavior.
Vallabhacharya has a very beautiful and chaste daughter; she is almost like Lakshmi, the
Goddess of Fortune. What about trying to make an engagement with Vallabhacharya's family
for your son to marry his daughter, Lakshmi Priya? If you think this is a good match, then I
can make the arrangements immediately.

Shachi: My dear brahmana. I already know of this girl. She is very beautiful and devoted to
Lord Krishna. I was also thinking that she would be a suitable daughter-in-law. But I'm not
sure that this is the best time for my Nimai to marry. He has recently lost His father. Also, He
is so much involved with His studies and His school, and He is still so young. I think that He
should first grow a little older. There is plenty of time later for these things. I don't think
Nimai should marry just now.

Vanamali: (looking very disappointed) Nimai is a very handsome young man. It is time that
He is married. What does He think of this? Have you discussed it with Him?

Shachi: Well, no, I haven't. But, He is still too young. I will discuss it with Him some time later.

Vanamali: (getting up to leave, Mata Shachi stands, too) But, you have no objection to the girl
or her family?

Shachi: Oh, no! She is a very nice girl; I was already thinking of her as a suitable wife for

Vanamali: But not now?

Shachi: No, not now.

Vanamali: I can't tell you how disappointed I am with your decision. Please reconsider this,
and I will come back again to see you. (Vanamali turns and Mata Shachi leaves the stage. He
is very saddened by the words of Mata Shachi. As he is walking to the other side of the stage,
Nimai enters. Vanamali embraces Nimai)

Nimai: Please tell me, my dear brahmana, where have you been? Who's house were you

Vanamali: I went to see your mother. We were talking about your marriage.

Nimai: What did she say?

Vanamali: She would not listen to my words. She did not want to discuss your marrIage. I
don't know why she wouldn't listen to my words. (when Nimai hears this, He is silent for a
minute, thinking)

Nimai: I must go now, My students will be here soon.

Vanamali: Yes, I have matters to attend to also, Namaste.

Nimai: Hare Krishna! (Vanamali leaves, and Mata Shachi enters from the other side. Nimai
goes to her smiling) Mata, why didn't you listen to Vanamali? I just met him on the road. You
should receive a brahmana with favorable words when he comes to visit, and listen to what
he says.

Shachi: You think that I should be more favorable to what a brahmana says?

Nimai: Yes, Vanamali is very intelligent. You should be very kind to him. I have to go now. My
students will be here soon. (Nimai leaves)

Shachi: Ishana! (her servant comes in) Go and tell Vanamali to come to see me tomorrow.
(Ishana leaves, Mata Shachi leaves)

Narrator: The next day when Vanamali returns, Mata Shachi has news more to his liking. She
tells him to arrange the marriage without delay. He is very happy with this news and, taking
the dust of her feet, he proceeds to the house of Vallabhacharya.


Vallabhacharya's house


Vallabhacharya's house

(Vallabhacharya along with his wife and Lakshmi Priya are worshiping the family Deity.
When they are done, Vanamali enters. He is brought a seat and something to drink by
Lakshmi Priya and her mother, and then they leave the stage. Vallabhacharya sits down next
to Vanamali)

Vallabha: My dear brahmana, please accept our obeisances. Please tell me how I can be of
service to you. If there is anything that you need, I will do my best to get it for you. You are a
great devotee of Lord Krishna, and by serving the devotees one can get the mercy of the Lord.

Vanamali: My dear Vallabhacharya, I just want you to listen to my words with great care and
attention. This will bring great benefit to you and your family. You should immediately, on
the most auspicious moment, arrange for the marriage of your daughter without delay. The
son of Jagannath Mishra, whose name is Vishvambhar, and who is the greatest pandit and
the ocean of all good qualities, is the suitable person for your daughter, Lakshmi Priya. I am
presenting this to you, and you should give full consideration. If you think it appropriate,
then you should accept this arrangement without delay.

Vallabha: Your words bring great joy to my heart. Who could get a better husband for his
daughter. I must be very fortunate—Krishna is very merciful upon me. Only if Lakshmi Devi
herself is satisfied with my daughter is it possible for her to be married to such a bridegroom.
I very happily accept your suggestion; please do the needful immediately. But, I have one
problem that I am very shy to talk about: I am actually very poor—I don't have anything that
I can give except my daughter. As a dowry I can only give five pieces of spice. This is my
offering—you can agree whether it is acceptable or not.

Vanamali: (very happy) Vallabhacharya, your words are so pleasing for me to hear. Please
do not worry about anything. I am sure that everything can be successfully arranged. Now I
must go inform Shachi Mata and make the arrangements.

(wedding dance)

The End