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A PCFI Production
October 5, 2018

Dear Tryon International Film Festival Guests:

Welcome to our out-of-town visitors, residents of our community, and the artists
making this event possible to the fourth annual Tryon International Film Festival.
This ambitious undertaking, brought to us by the Polk county Film Initiative, is an
opportunity to showcase our Town and the surrounding area to our guests.
We hope you will take this opportunity to stroll through our downtown historic
district, visit our businesses and meet our citizens. We have galleries, shops, good
food, and interesting history to explore, including the Tryon Historical Museum. We
offer great access to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
The Film Initiative and Festival sponsors have done a great job of assembling artists,
films and venues for you. We hope you enjoy the results, return to visit Tryon, and
return to next year’s event.
Yours truly,

J. Alan Peoples
Mayor of Tryon

Helping Equines Regain Dignity “HERD”
– A 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer
equine rescue group, based in the
foothills of North Carolina, who saves
equines from dire conditions and in
many cases slaughter. HERD rescues,
vets, feeds, trains, and gives these
equines a second chance to have a
happy life by finding loving and caring
people through our adoption program.

Dear Friends and Fellow Filmmakers,

Welcome to the 2018 Tryon International film Festival. It is with great pleasure that we bring to
you yet another installment of our wonderful festival, which is on target to being one of the most
notable stopping points on the entire festival circuit. Tryon is fast becoming a favorite destination
point for filmmakers and a place where strong friendships are formed.

At the beginning of each film season, we start with a blank slate, allowing our passions, inspirations
and world events to dictate how the festival will be crafted. Much like a piece of art, each day helps
paint, mold and create our final program which we are commissioned to deliver to you each year.

Just as each day calls on us with different weather patterns -- the last filled with torrential rain-
storms, landslides and tragic loss of life, so does the world around us press, contort and mold our
final program into what we are about to present to you.

This year’s colorful, lively and whimsical poster piece was created by David Cedrone, who was origi-
nally selected by Ashley Menetre. With no thought as to what he might create, we met with David
and urged him to produce a fanciful, imaginative burst of creative energy which would connect the
town of Tryon to the entire world.

Within the center of this work of art sits the newly renovated Tryon Theatre, a fundamental projec-
tion point of our filmmaking industry. David took this backdrop and ran with it, producing the
perfect symbol of Tryon’s welcoming call to those around us. “Come on in, come on in. The door is
always open” as Jim Jackson so eloquently use to say.

But there’s so much more to this poster that meets the eye and connects so perfectly to the 2018
festival theme. As Jimmy Buffett wrote in his 1994 song “Fruitcakes”: “It’s the Buddhist in you, it’s
the pagan in me. It’s the Muslim in him, she’s Catholic ain’t she?” To George Harrison’s constant
question, “how do I explain, when not too many people can see we’re all the same?”

Just as the many films coming in from around the world, from the richly informative documenta-
ries to the emotionally charged dramatic films, there appears to be one common thread that runs
through the center of it all. Although we are a world of so many clashing principles, heritages,
lifestyles and temperaments, we truly are all about the same.

We hope that you appreciate the many films in this year’s program and enjoy the numerous
celebrations which will be taking place in multiple venues all throughout this fine town. We ask
that you greet and welcome the visitors from around the world, some of whom have never been
outside the borders of their own country. We encourage you to shake their hands and kindly look
into their eyes. It will be then you may realize that we truely are all the same.


Kirk Gollwitzer and Beau Menetre

Polk County Film Initiative
501(c)(3) Non-profit status
JOHNATHAN in Pre-Production with his featured film, EYES OF THE
BROWNLEE – KINGS which begins shooting in New York the fall of 2016.
Johnathan Brownlee He was one of the few and only directors who studied
is an award-winning privately under Mr. Elia Kazan.
producer, director, LAVIN CUDDIHEE
– Lavin Cuddihee is
writer and actor currently involved in
with a diverse, script and production
international body development for an
of work. His feature films include “The Standoff independent film short
at Sparrow Creek,” (2018) premiered at this year’s based on Western
Toronto International Film festival; “Puppet Master” Americana in the early
(2017), “Occupy, Texas” (2014) and “Decoding 1800’s. Having moved
Annie Parker” (2012). His feature film directorial from stage perfor-
debut “Three Days in August,” was named best mance in NYC, his television and film career began in Los
film at the 2017 Tryon International Film Festival. Angeles in the early 1980s with such appearances on TV’s
Moonlighting and Days of Our Lives, to television and
Johnathan is currently attached to direct “Big Mojo feature films such as Best Seller, Legend of Billie Jean, and
& the Trick Bag,”“Hannah’s Mirror,” and “Jefferson’s Pretty in Pink to name a few and of late, as supporting
Eyes,” which he is also co-writing. Television credits actor “Nick Teasle” in Cinema Purgatorio, a Paris Mnt.
include, “Seinfeld,”“The Larry Sanders Show,”“The Productions an independent film, winning both Best
Ellen Show,”“Working,”“Cold Feet” and “Johnathan Comedy & Audience Favorite at the 2015 Beaufort Film
Brownlee’s atHome.” Festival. Lavin has also directed and appeared theatrically
in numerous stage plays in NYC, Los Angeles, Greenville,
FRANK M CALO SC and in Tryon, NC
– Frank M Calo is
an Independent STEVEN ESTEB
Producer and Direc- – Best Feature
tor whose film THE - is a versatile
BELIEVER, starring filmmaker that
Ryan Gosling and has worked as an
Billy Zane won the actor, a Hollywood
Grand Jury Prize at screenwriter and
the 2001 Sundance directed commer-
Festival. That film won all the festivals that year cials, music videos,
including The Berlin Film Festival. It was shown nation documentaries and
wide and had a great box office run. His film, HERE & features. Esteb’s film “Hate Crime” won both Best Feature
THERE with Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton has won and Human Right & Dignity categories in the 2016 Tryon
the BEST NY NARRITIVE IN WORLD COMPETITION 2009 International Film Festival. Other films include DIRTY
at Robert DeNiro’s, Tribeca Film Festival in NYC and had POLITICS, a dark comedy starring Judd Nelson, Beau
it’s official News York premier played to wide audiences Bridges, Howard Hesseman. “BALLER BLOCKIN”, a rap
domestically and overseas. Mr. Calo has worked with film for Universal starring Lil Wayne, which hit #1 on
Robert DeNiro (Godsend) Demi Moore, Mike Myers the Billboard charts in DVD and video sales eventually
Shelly Winters, Marlon Brando and many more. His going quadruple platinum. Steve’s been represented by
film THE COOKOUT with Queen Latifah also had a great top agencies like ICM and Paradigm as a screenwriter
box office run distributed by Lions Gate Films. He also and worked as a script doctor, coach and screenwriting
worked for two years with The Motion Picture Bond teacher. Esteb is currently teaching film and screenwriting
Company under Robert Bordiga, as a Producer working at Loyola University in New Orleans. He lived and worked
on films throughout the tri-state areas. He is currently at an AIDS hospice for two years while making the feature
length documentary, LIVING WITH...A FILM ABOUT LOVE digital media journalist and an award-winning
AND AIDS. It premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival independent filmmaker from Greenville, SC. Kalsi’s
and traveled the world, contributing to the opening of film “BOUND: An unflinching look inside the brutal
new AIDS Hospices, his proudest accomplishment. Steve world of human trafficking” won best overall
studied film production in the graduate program at Boston at the Tryon International Film Festival in 2017.
University and also has a degree in Political Science. He
now lives in rural Louisiana, his adopted home, with his He has directed two feature films and a handful
wife and two kids. of shorts, which have been showcased in film
festivals throughout the Southeast.
Equestrian Film - is ALLISON
a cinematographer, MCGOURTY is an
photographer and award-winning film
equestrian. Her producer, screen-
work is marked by writer and music
beautiful photog- supervisor who was
raphy, storytelling, nominated for the
and performance for BAFTA Breakthrough
major brands in the Talent Award 2018.
USA and Canada, Visual storytelling and celebrating the She is the creator,
human spirit is what makes Garcia’s work special. Garcia writer and producer
takes on the roles of both director and cinematographer of the critically acclaimed American Epic trilogy nar-
when creating commercials. She has worked with some rated by Robert Redford, and the award winning,
of the best Cinematographers in the world. Because of her Primetime Emmy nominated film, The American Epic
background in still photography they always encouraged Sessions. In 2017 she was first filmmaker Artist-in-Res-
Garcia to get behind the camera herself, and five years into idence at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.
her directing career she took their advice. She has now She is a member of the Writers Guild of America West,
been a director/DP for 20 years. ‘I love having the camera the Television Academy, and the BAFTA LA Newcomers
close to my heart. I can move more intuitively’. Traveling Program.
and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds has
contributed to the vision she is committed to in her work. BERNARD 
‘I’ve always been interested in the human condition. That MCMAHON is
is what drives my storytelling.’ In spot after spot, Garcia cofounder of Lo-
succeeds in portraying human stories in a classic, poignant Max Films as well
way. Her vibrant energy infuses everything she does. “I’ve as the director
been blessed to work on major brands, travel the world and writer of the
and see my clients succeed with their message. It brings American Epic
me a lot of joy!” Garcia says with a smile. Garcia is a nation- film series and
ally ranked Amateur the performance
Dressage rider and feature The Ameri-
lives in Mill Spring, can Epic Sessions.
NC with her husband He developed an interest in early American cinema at
Jim Cannavino and an early age and was shooting and editing 8mm short
their two dogs and films by the age of 12. MacMahon said “America has
three horses. fascinated me since I was a child. My big love is Ameri-
can cinema, especially early American cinema, and I’ve
DALJIT KALSI – always been fascinated by that period in the 20s when
Daljit Kalsi is an the technology and artistic language of film was being
Emmy-nominated invented. (Source Wikipedia/Amazon)

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Hailed from the Himala- about the relevance
yan capital Kathmandu, and importance of
Nischal Poudyal’s debut the category. Sellier
feature length film was also instrumen-
Riingata was premiered tal for arranging
at Tryon International for Cecilia Peck’s
Film Festival in 2015 inclusion of “Brave
where it won the festival Miss World” to the
Grand Prix award. His 2016 programming
next feature length was schedule. Since Sellier is multilingual, fluent in Spanish,
a Buddhist drama “Lama La” which won a New Horizon French, English and Farsi, she will also be selecting all
Award at Lake Champlain Film Festival, New York in 2017. films submitted to the HRHD category. Further, since
His third project was a documentary called “Last Nomads Sellier has been devoting her life to human rights issues,
of Everest” which was based on the lifestyle of people liv- she is well suited for the task. Over the years, Sellier’s
ing in the highest altitude in the world. The documentary organization has utilized television documentaries,
had its official Selection at the prestigious Sheffield docsbillboard campaigns and other media platforms to help
in 2018 and was screened at various other film festivals raise awareness on human abuse. A number of the French,
including one screening at Tryon in 2017. Swiss, and German films & visual works which Sellier and
her offices have been involved with have been nominated
HOMAYRA SELLIER, Founder of Innocence in Danger for the prestigious prizes, such as PRIX DEBOUZY one of
(IID) - Best Human Right & Dignity IID is an interna- Frances most prestigious awards and short films/spots at
tional child protection organization, operating in eight Cannes film competition categories. Sellier was also the
countries (France, United Kingdom, Colombia, Germany, primary inspiration to “Illegitimate Advantage”, a 2016
Switzerland, United States of America, Austria, Iran and novel written by Kirk Gollwitzer, the co-founder of TRIFF.
Morocco). Sellier, who lives in Europe & travels constantly Sellier and Gollwitzer are actively working together to
to her many offices, has also agreed to speak remotely to adapt the novel to a major motion picture.

My hospital
for focused care.
for focused care.
Our network
for focused care.
Our network includes a 24/7 emergency
department, a 24/7 emergency
orthopedics, primary
Our network
care includes
providers, a 24/7 emergency
behavioral primary
pain management, orthopedics,
providers, behavioral primary
rehabilitation and
pain providers,
management, behavioral medicine,
rehabilitation and
chemotherapy/infusion services.
management, rehabilitation and
chemotherapy/infusion services. | 828.894.3311 | 828.894.3311 | 828.894.3311

Shop or Donate today at
the Hospice Thrift Barn
in Landrum!
All proceeds ensure patients in Polk, Cherokee,
Greenville and Spartanburg Counties receive care
regardless of ability to pay.

1810 Highway 14 E, Landrum, SC 29356


Friday Night Saturday Night
Reception Special Screening
Friday, October 5th Saturday, October 6th
6 pm 8-10 pm
Tryon Fine Arts Center Tryon Theatre
34 Melrose Avenue 45 South Trade Street
Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments in
and around TFAC. The Tale
Devon Meredith– USA
A special screening of the film
Best Full Length Feature Film
Life in the Dog house
will follow at 7:30 pm Revisiting a short story she wrote at thirteen, a
in the Veh Stage Theater. documentary
(Laura Dern)
faces life
Life in the Doghouse altering
Ron David – USA
Best Full Length Documentary LIFE IN THE questions
DOG HOUSE tells about her
the inspiring life first sexual
stories of Danny experience
Robertshaw and and the elu-
Ron Danta and sive nature of
the remarkable memory. The
work they do at Tale is direc-
Danny & Ron’s tor Jennifer Fox’s personal memoir examining
Rescue. Ten years the journey from denial to truth and the stories
and 10,000 dogs we tell ourselves to survive.
later, their unique
approach to life
and dog rescue
will capture hearts and inspire millions to
make the right choices when it comes to mans
best friend.
November 16, 17 & 18, 2018

Allegra Hart, Equestrian Vaulter have everything they need available in the Netherlands.
Todd Tinkham, USA Saturday, October 6th, 2:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center (Veh
Fourteen year-old Allegra Hart works Stage)
hard to become a top athlete in a sport
few have heard of. Healing With Horses
Sunday, October 7th, 1:00pm, Tryon Jeffrey T. Morgan & Amber Elliott,
Fine Arts Center (Mahler Room) USA
Healing with Horses, a documen-
COWGIRLS tary about a local mission with a
Sarah Briggs & Anna Carrol global message. Using Vaulting
,USA horses to help with the healing
American folklore is anchored process.
by legends of the frontier and Saturday, October 6th, 1:00pm,
the men who tamed it. The Tryon Fine Arts Center (Mahler Room)
cowboy is iconic—we see him
in John Wayne, the Marlboro Horse Packer
man, the hero who rides into the sunset. But there is a glar- Matthew Gary ,USA
ing absence in the cultural documentation of the American Explore the world of horse pack-
West… what about the cowgirl? Our vision is to create a ing at Rocky Mountain National
documentary about Claudia Ogilvie and Patti Hayes, two Park on its 100th anniversary,
cowgirls who over fifty years of riding horses and working and discover the love, thrills, and
together in the stock industry of the West have formed a life dangers of this dying profession.
long friendship. These two women grew up doing anything Horse Packer follows Travis, in his
that a cowboy could do and oftentimes doing it better. newly appointed position as Lead
Saturday, October 6th, 4:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center (Veh Packer on the West side of Rocky
Stage) Mountain National Park.
Saturday, October 6th, 3:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center
Dyna Does Dressage (Mahler Room)
Sarah Crowe
A mule, often mistaken as a donkey, Labor Of Love
is defined as the offspring of a male The 22 minute length video “Labor
donkey and a female horse. Historically, of Love” dissects the freelance
mules have most commonly been labor conditions of professional
known as “working animals’ with an horseracing through an endearing
attitude problem. Dyna Does Dressage series of portraits of 3 German-
is a documentary about the first mule based international jockeys includ-
ever to compete at the national level in the competitive ing champion jockey Andrasch
equestrian sport of dressage. Starke, considered by many as the
Sunday, October 7th, 2:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center (Veh best German jockey of all time.
Stage) Sunday, October 7th, 3:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center
(Mahler Room)
Golden Genes
Annette van Trigt, Netherland Love Unleashed
Show jumping horses bred in the Kacey Klonsky
Netherlands are some of the best in Love Unleashed is a short docu-
the world. It is no coincidence that mentary that explores the deep
foreign riders won gold and silver emotional bond between humans
medals in the Olympic Games of and their beloved senior dogs.
2008 on Dutch horses. This is big Through a series of honest and
business and passionate breeders continued...
poignant interviews we get a glimpse into the unique Pee Wee Lovell
and powerful relationships that people share with their Megan Orr
treasured companions as they reflect on what it means Parker Lovell, owner of renowned
to love unconditionally. Cash Lovell Stables and Riding
Saturday, October 6th, 5:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center Academy in Winston-Salem,
(Mahler Room) NC, thought she had the perfect
life — a loving horse trainer
Many Clouds – The Peoples husband, a thriving business and a cowgirl daughter,
Horse until their entrusted assistant trainer secretly steals their
Nathan Horrocks, UK show horse clients during the onset of her husband’s fatal
After his win in the 2015 Grand dementia.
National Many Cloud became Sunday, October 7th, 4:00pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center (Veh
a peoples favorite and his Stage)
popularity grew when in 2015
and 2017 he was named the Riding High
horse of the year by a landslide Hanna Brooks, Australia
public vote. His 2017 season was looking like another Riding High is a documentary
successful one till he took on the mighty Thistlecrack at on the history of three-day
Cheltenham. Both horses went to war over the last few Eventing in Australia. Featuring
fences and although Many Clouds would get the better interviews with Australia’s lead-
of the unbeaten youngster, he passed a few minutes ing Olympic equestrians.
after the line. Many Clouds lost his life doing what he Saturday, October 6th, 1:45pm,
loved and we wanted to pay tribute to him, by produc- Tryon Fine Arts Center (Mahler
ing this short film using some of the footage we’ve Room)
taken with and about him over the years.
Saturday, October 6th, 2:45pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center The Story Of Totilas
(Mahler Room) Annette van Trigt, Netherland
The most-talked about horse
MIL’S LIFE in the world, came, saw and
Zach Hauptman conquered the dressage with his
Mil’s Life is an examination rider Edward Gal. Together they
of the intimate relation- won the heart of millions all
ship between aspiring over the world, winning three
jockey, Jamil Pratis, and titles at the FEI World Equestrian
his one-eyed horse, Dusty. Games and setting multiple re-
The film will explore one man’s passion for racing cord scores in Kentucky in 2010
while uncovering the true nature of the environment Saturday, October 6th, 12:00pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center
that has defined his character and determination. The (Veh Stage)
film will document how essential the relationship is
that’s formed between a man and his horse, within the The EQUESTRIAN
confines of their urban surroundings. Emphasizing the Sybil Mair, UK
singularity between a horse and its rider; we’ll follow Starring: Layke Anderson;
Mil and Dusty as they prepare for what’s to be their final featuring James Wilby with
race in South Carolina. cameo by Carl Hester
Sunday, October 7th, 1:45pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center Freddie Forester, a young
(Mahler Room) dressage rider, is at the start of
a promising career. Talented and ambitious, with a gifted
stallion he is set to compete in his biggest championship
yet. But on his journey to manhood, he will struggle to
discover hidden truths about his relationships with his
1978 The first CELLULAR MOBILE PHONE is introduced
… SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER hits the theaters …
SPACE INVADERS launches the video game craze
… GARFIELD is introduced in the comic strips …
feels the need for a “gallery that would exhibit
experimental art.”

Upstairs is now 40 years old!

Join us to help celebrate this milestone!

December 8, 2018
Former exhibitors are supporting our mission
with artwork donations for this fundraising event.
With your participation, Upstairs will be
“Stayin’ Alive” for another forty years!

40 Years of Vision 1978–2018

father, his horse and ultimately himself. indeed.
Sunday, October 7th, 4:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center (Mahler Sunday, October 7th,
Room) 1:00pm, Tryon Fine Arts
Center (Veh Stage)
The Wild Ponies Of Chincote-
ague The True Story of Sun-
Kurt Kolaja & Tod Mesirow, USA shine Numbers
The legend says that a Spanish Gal- The 79th Annual Carolina Cup will be run Saturday in
leon carrying ponies crashed off the Camden. Thousands of people will be arriving at the
Atlantic coast. The ponies swam free Springdale Race Course in their bright dresses and seer-
of the sinking ship and reached the sucker suits anticipating one of the largest social events
New World. Decedents of that lost of the season. Arch Kingsley Jr., has been preparing for
band live today, wild and free, on the the Carolina Cup for a different reason. He is training
barrier island, Assateague, Virginia. Sunshine Numbers, a nine year-old thoroughbred, for
The local fire company owns the herd now. To keep the his first steeplechase of the season Saturday.
population in check foals are auctioned each year. Sabrina Sunday, October 7th, 2:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center
Dobbins made a winning bid and took a pony home. For (Mahler Room)
Sabrina it was a pivotal moment. “This pony was my light in
the darkness. I was in severe depression - I was self-harming.
My pony pulled me up. I named her Blessing. A blessing
Special Screening of Jim Jackson &
James Payne film “The Tryonites”-
Remembering the Life of Jim Jackson
Produced by Polk County Film Initiative.
Sunday, October 7th • 4:15pm • Upstairs Artspace.
Becoming Burlesque Sacred Sound
Ryan Goldhar, Canada Robin Arcus, USA
A young Muslim woman Fifty ordinary
is introduced to the American girls
empowering world of over one summer
Burlesque and seeks to find week must learn
a balance between her Faith 16 pieces of
and her new confident self. extraordinary
Saturday, October 6th, sacred music and present it for two traditional Sunday
2:00pm, Tryon Theater worship services in the manner of the classic cathedral
boy choirs. The girls, ages eight to eighteen, have limited
Luke & Jo rehearsal time. Watch and listen as they prepare their
Joshua Overbay, USA music, with the burning question, will they be ready for
Against his wife’s wishes, Sunday?
a troubled screenwriter Saturday, October 6th, 2:00pm, Holy Cross Church.
hops on a plane for
Hollywood to make one The Astronot
last-ditch attempt at Amanda Alexandrakis,
selling his latest script. USA
When a heavy-drinking, Daniel longed to touch
melancholic singer nearly the moon; with Sandy’s
plows him down with her help, he’d reach the stars.
car late one night, the two form a deep emotional bond It was 1969 and America
that alters them both in unanticipated ways. Improvised was embarking on the
dialogue and intimate, naturalistic camerawork lend a biggest adventure known
heart-wrenching authenticity to this bleak and beautiful to humankind with its
character study. Sunday, October 7th, 1:00pm, Tryon voyage to the moon.
Theater Daniel too was pursuing the unknown; leaving the path
of isolation he had known for so long to embrace the
Murder on the Reef love of another. The only question was would he be able
Allen Dobrovolsky, maintain that trajectory or would he veer off course
Australia never to be seen again. That was the challenge for ‘The
in Best Full Length Astronot’.
Documentary FilmMurder Saturday, October 6th, 4:00pm, Tryon Theater
on the Reef follows the
hotly debated issues The Silence
surrounding the world’s Chapour Haghighat,
largest living structure, France
the Great Barrier Reef. The story is set in
But is it too late? Many a small town of a
scientists now believe as Western European
much as fifty percent of the corals in the Great Barrier country. It relates the
Reef have died. Through a complex mix of voices from determination and
locals, to scientists and indigenous spokespeople, this despair of an immigrant
documentary traces the many culprits including water 8-year-old boy, who
contamination, crown-of-thorns starfish and dredging. attempts to save the life
But the elephant in the room is climate change and some of a man in agony and
of the exhausted scientists believe the fight is futile. tries in vain to communicate with others, and his concern
Sunday, October 7th, 3:00pm, Upstairs Artspace
The Nest
Local Handmade Art
for Home Décor and Gifts

13 S. Trade St., Tryon NC

Ashley Menetre

for his baby sister, left alone at home. It is a tale, halfway decisions they’ve made to once again find happiness in
between dream and reality. Does the wounded man really the increasingly difficult social environment we live in
exist ? Or is it the illusion of the child, a result of his anxiety of today. The film puts a spotlight on current social themes
the outside world that grows in his solitude ? of domestic violence, misuse of technology and the
Sunday, October 7th, 1:00pm, Upstairs Artspace importance of one-on-one counseling for those struggling
with grief, loss and abuse.
Trophies in the Attic Saturday, October 6th, 3:30pm, Upstairs Artspace
Corey Maher, USA
A story of heartbreak,
tragedy and redemption
and the challenges that the
age of information brings
to our society. The film is
an interwoven story of two
people – Paul and Rachel –
showing the separate struggles
they’ve experienced and the

John Walters, Architect PLLC

70 Pacolet Street Suite A
Tryon, NC 28782-3363

Hendersonville NC 28739

(828) 696 2001

Landrum, SC Railroad Depot Website:

Almost Cured Detainee X
Tom Dierolf, Israel Boonaa Mohammed, Canada
“After the first touchdown, the A Muslim American teenager
crowd was a little less racist, and with a passion for video games
after the second touchdown, they and comic books finds himself in
were Almost Cured”. Almost Cured the crosshairs of an islamphobic
is an honest, personalized account and polarized America. DETAINEE
about racial integration in a small X struggles to balance the two
North Carolina Appalachian com- worlds of his mother’s rigid
munity in the midst of the U.S. religious expectations; and his
Civil Rights Movement in 1963. Against a distressing back- suburban American upbringing;
drop of the South in tumultuous upheaval with widespread only to fail at both.
protests, bombings, deaths, and thousands of arrests, the Sunday, October 7th, 3:30pm, Tryon Theater
teenage African-American players on the newly-integrated
high school football team have the “weight of the world on Dishonour
their shoulders” as the team and community navigate to the Terrence Turner, Canada
championship game. Told through firsthand recollections A five year old girl is caught in
and archival media, this heartfelt and revealing movie ac- middle of a struggle between
knowledges that although we were and still are just ‘Almost her recently widowed father and
Cured’, there is hope if we focus on what unites us. his elderly aunt who disagree on
Saturday, October 6th, 3:30pm, Carri Bass Studio how best to adapt to the customs
and laws of their newly adopted
BÎR (WELL) home in the United Kingdom. The aunt’s failure to aban-
Veysi altay, Turkey don ancient African tribal traditions, including the harmful
In the 1990s many people in Kurd- practice of FGM or female genital mutilation, leads to
istan were taken into custody and potentially devastating consequences for the young girl.
interrogated under torture; their All six characters in the film are played by one remarkable
killers disposed of the bodies by female actor, Mimi Ndiweni.
throwing them out of helicopters, Saturday, October 6th, 5:40pm, Tryon Theater
or burying them in acid-filled
wells. Thousands were murdered/ Migrant
disappeared by paramilitary forces—such as Jitem and Lawrence Ferrara, USA
Hizbul-Kontra—that were financed and supported by Director Lawrence Ferrara
the state, though they have always stuck to the line: “We explores the African-Italian
didn’t do it.”The documentary ‘BÎR’ looks at the case of seven migration experience from the
people, including four children, who were disappeared from perspective of the migrants
the town of Kerboran [Dargeçit] in 1995, and tells the story themselves. This insightful,
of their families’ tireless search for their bones. socially-significant documentary
Saturday, October 6th, 4:30pm, Tryon Fine Arts Center (Veh shatters stereotypes as it personally connects the viewer to
Stage) migrants who escaped dangerous conditions in Africa only
Concrete to find unexpected challenges in Italy.
Matthew Joblin, United Kingdom Sunday, October 7th, 4:30pm, Tryon Depot
Concrete follows the journey of Jani
and Izak, both victims of modern Mrs. Schneider
day slavery in the UK. This true story Jasmine Florentino, USA
occurred in Manchester with over 30 Saturday, October 6th, 5:30pm,
people trafficked from Poland and Carri Bass Studio
housed in a derelict pub. Trapped
against their will, Jani makes a brave attempt to escape.
Sunday, October 7th, 5:00pm, Tryon Depot
Elevate Your Perspective

Blue Ridge Public Radio is everything you love about public radio.
BPR News offers NPR and local news coverage.
BPR Classic provides classical music, NPR news and entertainment.

Asheville 88.1 & 107.9 Hendersonville 99.3 & 103.1 Tryon 101.5

Never Again: Forging A Con- recruited children as spies,
vention for Crimes Against cooks, porters and even front-
Humanity line guerrillas. After the sign-
Bethel Mandefro, USA ing of a comprehensive peace
Following World War II, an accord (in 2006) between the
international tribunal convicted Maoists and Nepal govern-
Nazi leaders of crimes against ment, Maoist combatants and
humanity—widespread, weapons were brought into
systematic atrocities committed the UN-supervised camps (in
against civilian populations, 2007) where 4008 combatants
including the attempted were classified as being mi-
extermination of European Jewry. Today, however, some nors and or new recruits. But
seventy years later, the world still lacks a global treaty for the Maoist leadership delayed their release for 3 years so
the prevention and punishment of such crimes despite their they could bargain for bigger rehabilitation packages. As
ongoing perpetration. a result, child soldiers were released (in 2010) only when
Saturday, October 6th, 12:00pm, Tryon Theater they had grown into young adults. By then, their rehabili-
tation had become much more complicated.They were
Ruxi: The Road To Slavery not given proper rehabilitation packages or integrated
Hendrik Ehlers, United into society.10 years after the conflict ended, the Nepal
Kingdom government and the party they were ready to die for have
Ruxi’s parents left for England forgotten them. The former Maoist child soldiers are now
when she was very young. in their 20s fighting for survival and against social stigma.
Since then Ruxi has looked Sunday, October 7th, 5:00pm, Tryon Theater
after her Grandfather and
her sister, Andrea. Just as the Welcome to the New World
family fall on hard times, Ana Anni Sultany, Germany
comes into Ruxi’s life, with a Shot during the G-20 summit
promise of a job in England. 2017 in Hamburg, Germany: a
Sunday, October 7th, 2:30pm, Tryon Depot fictional dystopia, that high-
lights the possible long-term
The Alien Trail effects of today’s decisions
Sylvia Nicolaides, Greece and politics of the nations in
power and emphasizes the
A documentary following four responsibility of the individual
photographers who captured – staged in the„setting“ of the
with their lens the migrant real events of the summit. An interweaving of reality and
and refugee population in fiction. A bridge building between today and tomorrow:
the Mediterranean island of contentual and film stylistic. The protagonist Lenina is led
Cyprus. Photographers Antoine in documentary way through a scarcity of resources and a
d’Agata, Nicolas Iordanou, Bieke worldwide enduring state of emergency. The elite group of
Depoorter and Nikos Economo- the “Great 20”, that supposedly stand up for the protection
poulos give their own testimony, share their experience and of humanity, increasingly loses the trust of society, when
ethical dilemmas on how to document from their perspec- repression gains the upper hand. A restricted zone is set
tive, the migrant/refugee crisis. up and Lenina, who initially responds fairly passively and
Saturday, October 6th, 2:30pm, Carri Bass Studio helplessly to the situation, loses access to her home. In her
struggle to survive she has to deal with questions regard-
War Crime ing the distribution of power and wealth, the legitimacy
Gopal Shivakoti, Nepal of violence, the responsibility and freedom of action of the
Human Rights and Human Dignity individual and the kind of future we aspire to.
During the 10-year conflict (1996-2006) in Nepal, Maoists Sunday, October 7th, 3:30pm, Tryon Depot

341 North Trade Street 685 W. Mills St.

Tryon, NC 28782 Columbus, NC 28722
828-859-9141 828-894-3021

Tito’s Experience
Cocktail Party
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Lavender Bistro
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82 N. Trade St.
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(828) 440-1140
Official Film
Festival Drink
“Rescue Me”
made with
Fresh Muddled
Blueberries, Basil
Simple Syrup, Fresh
Lemonade & Tito’s
Handmade Vodka”

“Love the
God has
given them
the basis
of thought
and joy
harass them,
don’t deprive
them of their
don't work against
nature’s intent...”
Fydor Dostoevsky

Private. Non-profit. No-kill.

urges you to Donations Make the Difference Until They All Have a Home
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volunteer... 828-863-4444

Friday, October 5th


Opening Night Reception and Screening of “Life in the Dog house”- Tryon Fine Arts Center

Saturday, October 6th

Tryon Fine Arts Center (Veh Stage) Times Tryon Theater Times Tryon Depot
12:00pm The Story Of Totilas 12:00pm Never Again: Forging A 12:30pm Concealed Love (7:32) USA
(01:22:31) Netherland - Best Convention for Crimes - Best Short Dramatic Feature
Full Length Equestrian Against Humanity (46:00) Film
Documentary Film USA - Human Rights and 1:00pm One Man’s Treasure (6:51)
2:30pm Golden Genes (53:00) Human Dignity USA - Best Short Dramatic
1:10pm Harvest Season (31:00) USA Feature Film
Netherland - Best Full Length - Not in Competition 1:30pm The Nest (17:43) USA - Best
Equestrian Documentary Film 2:00pm Becoming Burlesque Short Dramatic Feature Film
4:30pm BIR (WELL) (01:01:10) Turkey (01:35:00) Canada - Best Full 2:30pm Pale in the Colors (7:07)
- Human Rights and Human Length Feature Film Bangladesh - Best Short
Dignity 4:00pm The Astronot (01:12:15) USA Dramatic Feature Film
- Best Full Length Feature Film 3:00pm Pine (20:00) Iran - Best Short
5:40pm Dishonour (38:46) Canada Dramatic Feature Film
- Human Rights and Human 4:00pm Lorelei (7:05) USA - Best Short
Dignity Dramatic Feature Film
8:00pm The Tale (01:54:00) USA - 4:30pm Somnium (13:37) USA - Best
Best Full Length Feature Film Short Dramatic Feature Film
5:30pm Curb Service (12:56) USA
- Best Short Dramatic Feature

Sunday, October 7th

Tryon Fine Arts Center (Veh Stage) Times Tryon Theater Times Tryon Depot
1:00pm The Wild Ponies Of 1:00pm Luke & Jo (01:31:23) USA - 1:00pm A Ferry Tale (10:14)Turkey - Best
Chincoteague (58:20) USA Best Full Length Feature Film Short Dramatic Feature Film
- Best Full Length Equestrian 3:30pm Detainee X (01:14:28) 2:00pm Allen + Millie: A Short
Documentary Film Canada - Human Rights and Romance (10:00) USA - Best
2:30pm Dyna Does Dressage Human Dignity Short Dramatic Feature Film
(58:57) USA - Best Full Length 5:00pm War Crime (01:05:00) Nepal 2:30pm Ruxi: The Road to Slavery
Equestrian Documentary Film - Human Rights and Human (14:13) United Kingdom - Human
4:00pm Pee Wee Lovell (01:20:33) Dignity Rights and Human Dignity
USA - Best Full Length 3:30pm Welcome to the New World
Equestrian Documentary Film (11:03) Germany - Human Rights
5:45pm - The Making of American Epic and Human Dignity
6:30pm Meet the filmmakers & hear 4:30pm Migrant (20:00) USA - Human
about the making of this Award Rights and Human Dignity
winning series. Stay afterwards for 5:00pm Concrete (15:00) United Kingdom
the closing Awards ceremony for - Human Rights and Human
theTryon International Film Festival. Dignity
Moderated By: Kirk Gollwitzer - 5:30pm In A Room At The Edge of
Tryon International Film Festival Infinity (11:20) USA - Best Short
(Co-Founder) Dramatic Feature Film

7:00pm Awards Ceremony - Tryon Fine Arts Center


Times Carri Bass Studio Times Tryon Fine Arts Center (Mahler Room) Times Upstairs Artspace
12:00pm Abigail (17:00) Turkey - Best 1:00pm Healing With Horses 1:00pm Small Packages
Short Dramatic Film (17:00) USA - Best (8:00) USA - Best
12:40pm Mother of All Lambs (16:00) Iran Equestrian Short Short Dramatic
- Best Short Dramatic Feature Film Documentary Film Feature Film
1:30pm Phulsiri (28:18) Nepal - Best 1:45pm Riding High (20:00) 2:30pm Challenging the
Short Dramatic Feature Film Australia - Best Equestrian Call (20:00) USA -
2:30pm The Alien Trail (20:20) Greece - Short Documentary Film Best Student Film
Human Rights and Human Dignity 2:45pm Many Clouds - The 3:30pm Trophies in the
3:30pm Almost Cured (29:28) Israel - Peoples Horse (14:00) Attic (44:42) USA - Best
Human Rights and Human Dignity UK - Best Equestrian Short Full Length Feature
4:30pm A Slight Indiscretion (10:01) Documentary Film 5:00pm One Day in the Life
USA - Best Short Dramatic Feature 3:30pm Horse Packer (14:00) of a Convict (22:57)
Film USA - Best Equestrian Short Nepal - Best Short
5:00pm Mafiosos (7:27) USA - Best Documentary Film Dramatic Feature Film
Student Film 4:30pm Cowgirls (23:00) USA 5:30pm Boy Toy (13:43) USA
5:30pm Mrs. Schneider (10:34) USA - - Best Equestrian Short - Best Short Dramatic
Human Rights and Human Dignity Documentary Film Feature Film
6:00pm Disclosure (8:48) USA 5:30pm Love Unleashed (14:00)
- Best Short Dramatic Feature USA - Best Equestrian Short
Film Documentary Film

Times Carri Bass Studio Times Tryon Fine Arts Center (Mahler Room) Times Upstairs Artspace
1:00pm Bad Men and the Devil (8:05) 1:00pm Allegra Hart, Equestrian 1:00pm The Silence (01:36:00)
USA - Best Short Dramatic Vaulter (11:15) USA - Best France - Best Full
Feature Film Equestrian Short Documentary Length Feature Film
1:30pm Only God Forgives (15:02) USA Film 3:00pm Murder on the Reef
- Best Short Dramatic Feature 1:45pm MIL’S LIFE (21:00) USA - Best (55:36) Australia
Film Equestrian Short Documentary - Best Full Length
2:30pm Interitum (22:54) USA - Best Film Documentary Film
Short Dramatic Feature Film 2:30pm The True Story of Sunshine 4:15pm “The Tryonites” USA
4:00pm Balance (3:00) Iran - Best Numbers (15:00) USA - Best - Not in Competition
Student Film Equestrian Short Documentary
5:00pm Repercussion (4:21) Iran - Best Film
Short Dramatic Feature Film 3:30pm Labor of Love (22:00) SATURDAY SPECIAL
5:30pm Recursion (4:39) USA - Best Germany - Best Equestrian Short Holy Cross Church
Student Film Documentary Film 150 Melrose Ave.
4:30pm The EQUESTRIAN (25:00) UK
- Best Equestrian Short Feature Tryon, NC
Film 2:00pm Sacred Sound
(60:08) USA - Not in
3:00pm Sacred Sound
Choir Performance

Saturday, October 6th
The Episcopal Church of Holy Cross
Sacred Sound Film Screening
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Sacred Sound Performance
3:00pm - 3:30pm
Sponsored by: Raymond A. Mclees
Holy Cross Episcopal Church
150 Melrose Ave.
Tryon, NC 28782

Wine & Fine Spirits

Featuring a wide variety of
local craft beers
Live Music – Food – Open Late Private Club – Supporting Local Artists!
74 N. Trade Street, Tryon
main entrance from Palmer St. Official After Party for Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Abigail A Slight Indiscretion
Soner Sert, Turkey Darren Conrad, USA
Anna is a woman in her late Millionaire Couple, Jeremy and
twenties. She emigrated Turkey Cynthia Livingston; along with
from Russia. She is earning her their 14 year old daughter,
life by nursing housebound Lauren; have the perfect life,
patients. After an unexpected home, business, cars, money,
development, Anna decided everything imaginable. One
to change her job and things tiny little, “Slight Indiscretion”,
will be harder for her. Saturday, can now easily wipe it all away.
October 6th, 12:00pm, Carri Saturday, October 6th, 4:30pm,
Bass Studio Carri Bass Studio

A Ferry Tale Bad Men and the Devil

This short film is about a Travis Lee Eller, USA
father and his two autistic One stormy night in a saloon a
children. They get on ferry in few shady men are unaware that
a wintry day. They meet with Death lurks in the corner.Best
some disappointing incidents Short Dramatic Feature Film
in their short trip. Due to some Sunday, October 7th, 1:00pm,
impatient passengers’reactions Carri Bass Studio
to his children’s unintentional
actions, father feels sad and Boy Toy
loses his hope. Destiny Macon, USA
Sunday, October 7th, 1:00pm, Tryon Depot A reclusive army wife becomes
obsessed with the mechanical
Allen + Millie: A Short boy toy her husband purchases
Romance her prior to going overseas.
Brooke Lewis, USA Saturday, October 6th, 5:30pm,
Allen + Millie: A Short Upstairs Artspace
Romance is a comedy,
romance, horror film, Written Concealed Love
and Directed by Markus Gail Shields, USA
Redmond (Fight Club; Doogie This short film is about a
Howser, M.D.) and stars Brooke grandfather sharing his love
Lewis (iMurders; Slime City story, and through his love
Massacre) and Courtney Gains story his granddaughter gets
(Children of the Corn; Back clarification. Saturday, October
to the Future). Allen Mitchell (Courtney Gains) has just 6th, 12:30pm, Tryon Depot
accepted that his life will never turn out like he planned.
His only solace from this cruel realization? An afternoon at
the movies to watch his favorite starlet, Millie Lane (Brooke Curb Service
Lewis). Of course, Millie Lane is a long-forgotten film star Andrew Huggins, USA
from the 1930s, but that doesn’t stop her from being Allen’s A long lost cousin returns home
one obsession, her old movies being the only thing in this to grieve for his departed Aunt
world that he can truly count on. But, this afternoon will be Edna. Saturday, October 6th,
much different - this afternoon he’s joined in the theater by 5:30pm, Tryon Depot
Millie Lane herself. Is this just Allen’s fantasy taking his mind
over? Or, is he in for a life the likes of which he’d never dared
dream of?Sunday, October 7th, 2:00pm, Tryon Depot continued...
Fox Meadow Farm Est. 1988

It’s All About The Horse

It’s All About The Horse

Lydia E. Juenger
Training riders
and horse owners,
to become more
naturally cohesive
with their horses

650 Dalton Road, Mill Spring, NC 28756 | Office: 828.894.5545 | Cell: 828.817.0732 |

Disclosure Lorelei
Dewayne Bontrager, USA Erika Edwards, USA
Detective Nash is questioned Two sisters. Their mother’s old
for the decisions he made house. One praying for change,
during his attempts of the other waiting for the rain.
apprehending the ring leader Saturday, October 6th, 4:00pm,
of merciless bank robbers... Tryon Depot
and the consequences
that followed. Dewayne
and Lawayne Bontrager of
Bontrager Twins Productions and Twiin Media LLC have One Day In The Life Of
been developing and producing entertaining short films Convict
and creating compelling web videos for corporate America. Nirjal Poudyal, Nepal
Saturday, October 6th, 6:00pm, Carri Bass Studio Set during the uprising
of 1990 people’s revolt of
Harvest Season democracy, this short film
Daljit Kalsi, USA tries to show a one day
in Best Short Dramatic Feature event on the lives of three people, one convict and idealist
FilA husband learns that politician and a grief - stricken housewife.
his wife of more than three Saturday, October 6th, 5:00pm, Upstairs Artspace
decades has terminal cancer
and questions if being so busy
making a living all these years One Man’s Treasure
was worth it now that the Jose Aguiar, USA
future both Ed and Elsie had Never wish to be in another man
dreamed of is being ripped shoes.Saturday, October 6th,
away by an incurable disease. 1:00pm, Tryon Depot
Saturday, October 6th, 1:10pm, Tryon Theater

In A Room At The Edge Of

Geoffrey Gunn, USA Only God Forgives
A therapist tries to help a Travis Lee Eller, USA
young man suffering from Abandoned by his gang, an
a strange form of insomnia. outlaw seeks forgiveness from
Sunday, October 7th, 5:30pm, a lone preacher riding near his
Tryon Depot hideout. Sunday, October 7th,
1:30pm, Carri Bass Studio

Erika Edwards, USA Pale in the Colors
A night in the life of Death - Anwar Chowdhury, Bangladesh
personified as a woman -as In the midst of colorful, joyous
she helps three strangers cross people celebrating the Bengali
over into... whatever they New Year, a poor cobbler (shoe
believed in. Or didn’t.Sunday, repair man) is found on a
October 7th, 2:30pm, Carri footpath. The cheerful ambiance
Bass Studio does not seem to touch his heart
or cover his pale helplessness to
the least. Moreover, unwanted
Join us for great food, spun milkshakes, and more!
Margarita Monday
$13 Beer Buckets every Tuesday
Wine Wednesday & Wing Night
Thirsty Thursday
Live Music every Friday and Saturday
Brunch every Sunday
Every NFL game during football season
155 W. Mills Street Columbus, NC •
828-894-8800 /larkinsgrill

and odd he is ordered to wrap up and move out-the wretched Somnium
cobbler loses even the minimum scope of earning for the day. Erika Edwards, USA
Saturday, October 6th, 2:30pm, Tryon Depot A young woman lives in
pursuit of a dream world
Phulsiri that may eventually
Ama Dablam Pictures, Nepal consume her. Saturday,
One and a half months after the October 6th, 4:30pm, Tryon
devastating earthquake reduced Depot
an entire village to rubble, and
a ten-year-old girl longs for
normality. News reaches her that
school will re-open in a day and The Mother of Lambs
she is understandably overjoyed, Soheila poormohamadi, Iran
but there is a hitch: she must first The lambs are being suckled
locate her shoes --- mandatory under new school rules --- in by their mothers in the
the debris that was once her home. meadow. The shepherdess
Saturday, October 6th, 1:30pm, Carri Bass Studio finds out that the mother
of one lamb is missing and
Pine decides to be the mother.
Mohammad Hormozi, Iran Saturday, October 6th,
Ali,43.has finally managed to 12:40pm, Carri Bass Studio
acquire the permit to shift an arid
land into commercial use after
four years upon the order of a The Nest
company. During these difficult Ryan Atkins, USA
years, Ali experienced a host After storming out of an
of problems with his wife and intense therapy session,
teenage son. On the day of this Rachel is paralyzed with fear
success, however, he is informed when she is face to face with
that the company is temporarily death in the form of a brutal
unable to pay him.Saturday, hit and run. Suddenly, she
October 6th, 3:00pm, Tryon Depot snaps out of it. Rachel has
just experienced one of her
Repercussion premonitions. She rushes back to her broken home, where
Ali Nikfar , Iran she retreats into her room and into her own mind, to vent
A family is watching a war movie out all these toxic thoughts in her book, The Nest.
suddenly , they experience the Saturday, October 6th, 1:30pm, Tryon Depot
same events Sunday, October 7th,
5:00pm, Carri Bass Studio

Small Packages
Anthony Faust, USA
A man’s heroic impulses kick
into high gear after he receives
a chilling ransom note.Saturday,
October 6th, 1:00pm, Upstairs


Blue Dog Productions provides high quality planning and production and highly-
skilled management and technicians for your Audio and Visual Production, Talent
and Equipment for your Local, US or International Events, Conferences and Tours.
Total Show Production Video Production
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Staging Lighting
Tour Management Film Production
Please Call 770-314-4400 for Proposal or Consultation Atlanta Las Vegas Asheville

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Tickees 2
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3rd Annual 3rd Annual
2017 Tryon International Film Festival 2017 Tryon International Film Festival
Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm
on the lawn at on the lawn at
Mimosa Inn 65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC Mimosa Inn 65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC


Screen ONE
Screen ONE
Tickees 2
drinkd dinner
Green to benefit the an
Tickees 2
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Green to benefit the
3rd Annual 3rd Annual

2017 Tryon International Film Festival 2017 Tryon International Film Festival
Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm POLK COUNTY FILM INITIATIVE Presents
on the lawn at on the lawn at
Mimosa Inn 65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC Mimosa Inn 65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC
Carnival of
Screen Screen


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Green Green
t t
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includtickets includtickets
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3rd Annual 3rd Annual
2017 Tryon International Film Festival 2017 Tryon International Film Festival

rds Screen
Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm

on the lawn at NO
on the lawn atRT Prese

Mimosa Inn Mimosa Inn INTERNATIONA
www. of
tryonin YON, NCADE ST

2878 REET 65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC
65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC

www. ationalfil 2

pcfil mfestiv Friday, April 1st • 7 pm

com m Sunnydale - 328 South Trade St. 28782 Purc
Your Tickehase

Tickets $50.00 Available at and at the door Only 220 ts Now

Send checks made payable to PCFI to 285 North Trade Street, Tryon, NC 28782 AvailableTickets



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3rd Annual 3rd Annual
2017 Tryon International Film Festival
Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm
2017 Tryon International Film Festival
Saturday, June 3rd • 6 pm to 10 pm
on the lawn at on the lawn at
MimosaVIP 15

Mimosa Inn Inn
65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC 65 Mimosa Inn Drive, Tryon, NC
October 9 & 10

e t s ore!

TRYON presented by:
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polk county

International Film Festival

Festival events:

Red Carpet Gala, Screenings 285 NORTH TRADE
NC 28762 • www.tryonintern
& Workshops, Awards Ceremony

ationalfilmfestiva •

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a n d


P r o g r a
a Fundraiser
, August 6th, VAL
6:00pm - 2016
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Polk County Film Initiative’s

3381 Huntin
g Countr y Rd.
Tickets may
be purchased
Tickets: $25.00
at Eventbrite,
La Bouteille,
For more PCFI and at
informa the door on
TryonInternatiotion call 404-379-5762. night of the event.

TRIFF 2015, 2016, 2017 Phases of Equus

Top row, left to
Bottom row, left
by artist Lydia
right: Blue Phase,
to right: Face
Peace Offering;
of Innocence,
Red Phase

It’s all about

(828) 859-7044
the horse!
OCTOBER 27 - 29

1141 South Trade St. • TRYON

presented by: polk county







28762 • www.tryon
• www.pcfil

o m e t h ing
S ne!
v e r y o
for E

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm / Sunday 12pm - 5pm

221 E. Rutherford St. / Landrum / 864-457-4000
Balance dreams. Years later, I’m looking back wondering if in my
Barzan Rostami, Iran own way, I was an athlete after all.
It’s a story about the soldiers Saturday, October 6th, 2:30pm, Upstairs Artspace
who are sacrificing their lives
and resist in order to the Mafiosos
people of the city and future Matthew Wassong, USA
generations live in peace... in Best Student FilmTwo
Sunday, October 7th, 4:00pm, pacifist Mafiosos must figure
Carri Bass Studio out to do when they discover
the body they’re supposed to
Challenging The Call dispose of isn’t deceased yet.
Milik Robinson, USA Saturday, October 6th, 5:00pm, Carri Bass Studio
Challenging The Call is call is
a personal journey film about Recursion
discovering one’s self worth Matthew Wassong, USA
while moving on from past A quest for water goes
pain. In this film, I set out to awry when Doug’s world
redefine what it means to be starts to fall apart.
an athlete. As a child, I was Sunday, October 7th,
one of the most promising 5:30pm, Carri Bass Studio
dancers in my city. Years of
being told to use my gifts for
traditional athletics caused
me to abandon my stage

Award Winning Wines
paired with Memorable

Crys Armbrust, PhD Julie McIntyre
Barbara Bricker – Small Miracles Ashley Menetre
Johnathan Brownlee Sabian Menetre
Wayne Buice Nadine Naujoks
Carri Bass Kim Oliver
Frank Calo Christian Oliver
Jamie Carpenter John Oliver
Amy Carroll Zach Ollis (Tryon Town Manager)
Mike Carruth Erik Olsen
David Cedrone Mary and Kevin Parker
Elvin Clark Parsec Financial
Bill Cooner Bob Penfold
Patty Miles-Cooner Susan Penfold
Ashley Crane Will Penfold
Lavin Cuddihee Elyse Penfold
Jim Cullen Mayor Alan Peoples
Cindy & Ken Dahlstrom (Bird Mountain) Jim Peterman
Patti D’Arbanville Nischal Poudyal
Marilyn Doheny Della Pullara
Peter Eisenbrown Jessica Pullara
Emerge Multimedia Reedy Reels Film Festival
Steve Esteb Linda Lee Reynolds
Stuart Evans Meg Rogers (Town of Tryon)
F.E.N.C.E (Foothills Equestrian Center) Janet Sciacca
Deborah J Fitzgerald, PhD Homayra Sellier
Foothills Chamber Anne Swift
Heather Freeman Jerry Thomas
Elma Garcia Kathy Toomey
Holy Cross Church John Toomey
Daljit Kalsi Dean Trakas
Victoria Jetton Town of Tryon
Lydia Juenger Tryon Depot
Gayle and Scott Lane Tryon Fine Arts Center
Lanier Library Tryon Fire Department
Frank Lee Tryon Police Department
Bernard MacMahon Upstairs Artspace
Chuck Mattern Robin Wells
Allision Mcgourty Tim Wright
Mckinsey Printing TRIFF Volunteers
Saluda River
Ornamental Iron
SC NC Realty, LLC

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158 North Trade Street, Tryon, NC 28782

Joining with our friends and
neighbors to CELEBRATE

Tryon International
Film Festival 2018

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Foam for Automotive, Marine & Furniture Industry

Penny Padgett

86 N. Trade Street • Tryon, NC 28782 • (828) 859-9304 •
southside smokehouse
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John and Cindy Boyle

Mary Boyle Steele

910 East Rutherford Road

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Advantage Realty
177 North Trade Street
Tryon, NC 28782

Williamson’s Paint Center

601 N. Rutherford Street
Landrum, SC 29356

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Our agency consists of agents who
either grew up in the area and elected
to stay here or agents who grew up
somewhere else and selected to
move here. Whether by election or
selection, it is their love for this area
that makes our agents excited about
helping buyers or sellers experience
that same feeling.

285 N. Trade St. • Tryon

Experienced agents licensed in both NC & SC • Members of Carolina MLS & Greenville MLS
Active members of the community & sponsors of Tryon Beer Fest, Tryon Fine Arts Center,
Carolina Foothills Chamber of Commerce, Summer Tracks, Foothills Humane Society and...