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Issue 1 June 2010 Free

HARRY POTTER Drugs - how

SPECIAL authors tackle
Pottermania lives on! tough teen
+ Themepark opens!
+ will the film flop?
Carrie Ryan on
Vampires: zombies
How they’ve cheerleading
gone from movie deals!
scary to sexy
Tips and tricks to TOP 10 BOOKS
get you published to read before
you’re too old!

How to be a
journalist N
Learn from the
W 0
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Drugs: p. 2
P. 24
ON THE Find out how your
favourite authors write
say it
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about drugs

r r i e R y a n:
P. 6 Issue 1 -
June 201

- how

Potter mania - ReadMe HARRY P



P. 11
tough teen

L issues
meets the fans SPEC IA
a lives on!
Pottermani opens! Secrets revealed:
k VE
+ Themepar EXCLUSI
+ will the fil
m flop? on
Carrie Ryan s
interview with author
P. 16 Vampires’v: e
cheerle ad ing
Carrie Ryan
movie deals
Find out about vampire How they
gone from
fiction and where it came scary to sexy TOP 10 BO
to read befo
from s to
Tips and trickished you’re to old
o !
P. 10
get you publ
Our top 10 books -
P. 36 PLUS to be a W£I 50 chers How many have
How u
Your guide to seeing your journaliste
Learn from
th bo
you read?
work in print experts
with ANTHO
ting workshop
Z! Win a wri

P. 34
Win a writing
workshop wit
P. 23
Competition time!
Day in the life of a real
p. 34 ts:

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4 Book News
30 How to Write 47 Revision Tips
5 Your Bit
32 Flow Chart 48 Orwell
6 Harry Potter Fan Feature
33 Katy Moran 49 Agony Aunt
8 Harry Potter and the
34 Day in the Newsroom 50 The Future of
Deathly Hallows
36 So You Think You Can Books
10 10 Books to Read Before
You’re Too Old
38 How to be a Ghost
11 Carrie Ryan
15 Quiz page
41 What to Write
16 Vampire Fiction
43 Poet
18 Book Reviews
44 You Write It
23 Competition
24 Drugs
Julie Anne Peters
Editor’s Picks of the
Best Books vampire p. 16
Of f
All the latest

news from the
teen book world

P re ss
The e e n
Youth panel pick
Orange Prize


e n o Teenagers from an online book

community are short-listing the

Qu ooks
best ‘Orange Prize for Fiction’
winners from the last 14 years.

It’s part of the award’s 15th
ote for Louise Rennison Queen birthday celebrations. The youth
h a n c e fo r you to v panel have
Here’s a c thor. of Teen 2008
v e fe m a le teen au chosen six books
your fa
n o f T een aw te the including ‘A Spell
ee to celebra of Winter’ by
The “Qu years ago ters for
was sta rt e d tw o
m o st fa n tastic” wri Helen Dunmore
frothiest a and ‘On Beauty’
. by Zadie Smith.
teenagers ongs and
o w ro te ‘Angus, Th To
h in 2008.
nnison (w the award The winner will be announced
Louise Re in g ’) w o n
ogg at the awards ceremony on June
Perfect Sn author, check out
an .uk/.
nomin a te
e n o f t 9th, alongside the Orange Prize
www.q for Fiction winner.
You’ve go
t ti ll Ju n e 1 4

ith boo s?
th, so get

bored w
Got the Boys
giggles! New research shows a third of 8 -16 year old
boys can’t find any books that
Entries for the Roald Dahl Funny interest them.
Prize close at the end of June. The National Literacy Trust study found 32%
Publishers have been nominating of 17,089 boys were dissapointed by the
their funniest books from the last books they chose.
year, hoping their authors will win
the cash prize of £2500. What book We know there’s
has got you laughing your loads of books you
socks off? Let us enjoy reading-
know at drop us a
line and tell What’s your favourite
us what your book?
favourite is!
Check out:
o m
for up-to-date teen
book news!

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Your bit
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iPod! t A ntho
I me witz
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ay of m
e best d en I
Send us your letters I had t h
th wh
t mon itz

and the best of life las hony Horow e

g u y s what’s printed here met A n t . v

I lo

o o k signing ooks,
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x Ride author
A le
page will win an 8 all th e be an hool.
ant to c
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, 14,
We’re Harry Potter crazy Sam ester
this month, check out the Glou
latest goss about the Deathly
Hallows film on pg 8, and Ed - Thanks Sam, check out
read about what Potter fans pg 36 for tips on how to get
have been getting up to on your work published!
pg 6.

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readme.c com for forums, fan
fiction and loads

If you thought Harry Potter was over - you’d
be wrong. In fact, there’s probably a horde of
wannabe wizards out there who’d be more than
happy to tell you so - a la Hermione Granger. The
Boy Who Lived may have grown up and defeated
the Dark Lord, but with two films and a theme
park in the works it’s going to be a long time ‘til
the craze dies down. If it ever will.

Fan Art The Chosen One

From pastel to pixel, HP fans impeccable oil painting of the There’s tons to choose from,
Check out:
have it all covered when it trio, or a cartoon strip of the but we’ve narrowed down the
comes to fan art. marauders - you’re sure to best on our website for your for more exclusive
Harry Potter
find it. convenience! content!
Whether you fancy an

Fan Fiction
Millions have put quill to
parchment in an effort to pick up
where JK Rowling left off three
years ago.

Type ‘Fan Fiction’ into any search

engine and you’ll find ‘one-shots’,
novellas and even poetry.

Dumbledore’s ‘naked time’

“ Harry still longed for
the day when he felt
comfortable enough
to not sleep with his
Harry and Ginny
wand in his hand

- Purpose and Priorities
Top 5 Fan Vids
PotterPuppet- Just beware ‘shippers’, fiction
Pals - The Mysterious about couples you’d like to see,
Ticking Noise such as Snape and Harry (unless
that’s your thing!)
A Very Potter
Musical ‘Purpose and Priorities’ by
‘Singularity’ is one of many telling
Sirius Black (Harry the story of what happens next,
Potter MV) and can be found on arguably
the oldest fan fiction website:
South Park &
Harry Potter
Quirrell and Voldy share a duet
SAGS - Harry Potter

read it!

Spellbinding: The official poster

Theme Park
Fanatics the world over finally The Forbidden Journey ride
get to see Hogwarts this year even includes an exclusive
as the ‘Wizarding World of scene filmed by the trio!
Harry Potter’ opens in America
in June. Ollivanders is on hand if you
need a wand (inset).
If you can blag the airfare,
you’ll enjoy a stroll around And once you’ve stocked
Hogsmeade and a tour of the up on Quidditch robes and
castle itself. cauldron cakes, you can relax
with a JK approved butterbeer.
Rides include Flight of the
Hippogriff, The Dragon Oh, and if you need the loo -
Challenge and The Forbidden look out for Moaning Myrtle.

Emma Watson lights up Orlando

Lauren’s Harry Potter collection (so far)

Ultimate fan? Lauren


and more. To say she is a fan more detail. look into the folklore so it’s
Dumbledore’s would be an understatement.

quite interesting. And we’ve
Army It’s more about fun
“I’m the President, so I oversee
things, but there’s also a Vice
even learnt Ancient Runic.

President, Treasurer, Creative “There’s House Points for

Five years ago 21-year-old than Director and Secretary. exams (O.W.Ls) and at the
Lauren Stones created her
anything else

own Dumbledore’s Army. end of the year a House Cup.
The club has five members “We meet once a month to do
who bring to life the lessons of lessons like Potions, Defence “It’s more about fun than
Harry Potter. “At college me and my friends against the Dark Arts and anything else, so we also do
realised we all loved the series Arithmancy. re-enactments and just hang
In her study the walls are lined and thought it would be good out so it’s not all studying!”
with posters, art, certificates fun to explore the books in “We substitute ingredients and The ‘D.A’ still runs today.

Dea t h l y
guide to the
final Potter

The long-awaited seventh film of the Harry Potter series will be at a cinema
near you in just three months. Filming for ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part I’ wraps up in the next few weeks, but many fans are wondering how on
earth this epic finale will be turned into a fab film. Here’s ReadMe’s guide to what’s
tipped to be this Autumn’s top blockbuster:

What’s the plot?

The sixth Harry Potter film left fans devastated by the death of Dumbledore at the
hands of Severus Snape. Hogwarts was stormed by deatheaters as Voldemort
came back to power. But Harry’s been given a special mission by the
Ru p ert a he dead headmaster to find the remaining “horcruxes” (places where
, t
aniel k for Voldemort hid his soul) and destroy them, overthrowing Voldemort
>> D are bac films once and for all. But what’s unlikely to make sense in the film?
a r
Emm o Potte
t w happen during the 7 Potters
last Bill Weasley sequence in the Deathly
Hallows film, since he didn’t
Bill Weasley will play a major appear in Half Blood Prince.
role, despite only being The film will include Bill and
mentioned in passing in Fleur’s wedding.
the previous films (he
appeared in a photo The Burrow
of the Weasley
family in Egypt in In the ‘Harry Potter and
‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ film,
the Prisoner of the Weasley’s home “The
Azkaban’.) Photos Burrow” was burned down by
from filming show deatheaters (which wasn’t in
Bill with scars from the book). So where will the
being attacked by Weasleys be living? And where
Fenrir Greyback. will most of the action at the
beginning of the book take
This will place?!
Battle of Hogwarts
The sixth book ended with
a mega battle between
Dumbledore’s Army and the
deatheaters - but the film
totally downplayed this. Our
sources say this was so the final
battle of Hogwarts at the end
of Deathly Hallows Part II could
be even more epic.

a l l o w s
read it!

y H
Rufus Scrimgeour
The new minister for magic
isn’t mentioned in the sixth
film, and in Deathly Hallows
he’s crucial as he leaves
Dumbledore’s personal things
to Harry, Ron and Hermione,
which are meant to help them
Filming the Deathly Hallows
Part I was planned to take
3932 days. Shots from on
location show filming’s taken
place all over Britain, including
Scotland, Piccadilly Circus in
London, Wales and Kent.
defeat the horcruxes. He’s
cast in the film though so he’ll The film’s being directed by
definitely appear, played by Bill David Yates, (who directed fifth
Nighy. and sixth Potter films), and the tion. It’s
screenplay’s by Steve Kloves a W a ts o n fi lming on loca Dobby dies.
Emm he re
The Split... (he’s written the screenplay for thought to b
e the scene w
five of the six previous films) .
It’s widely reported that
Deathly Hallows Part I will Alexandre Desplat’s writing the
end when Harry, Ron and soundtrack. It’s thought John 19 years later
Hermione are caught by Williams (who did the first two Check out:
deatheaters, and the second film soundtracks) might come Special effects similar to the
for the latest Potter
part will open with their arrival back for Deathly Hallows Part ones used in the film ‘The news!
at Malfoy Manor. It’s hoped II. Curious Case of Benjamin
because two films are devoted Button’ will be used for the
to the final book, not much will last scene of Deathly Hallows
be missed out. Part II where we see the main
What do you
characters 19 years on. think the next
FILM TRIVIA Stunt Trouble
Harry Potter film
will be like? Join
our forum on
Sadly, when test filming in last
Daniel Radcliffe developed a cold from having January, Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt and chat with
to be in mud and dirt while filming the film. double David Holmes so badly other potty
injured his spine, he’s now Potter fans about
been told he can’t walk again. the upcoming
Jamie Waylett who plays Vincent Crabbe release.
won’t appear in this film. His character’s The type of stunt he was doing
role in the plot will be taken over by Gregory was so dangerous, he was
Also, see
Goyle. being paid double. exclusive behind
the scenes of
There are 55 people in the makeup Deathly Hallows
department for the Deathly Hallows film. filming!

Bill Weasley is played by Domhnall Gleeson,

son of cast member Brendan Gleeson (who
plays Mad Eye Moody)

read it!

T O P 1 0 B O O K S
to read o l d !
y o u ’ re t o o
b efo re
by Jodi Picoult
THE CURIOUS Picoult smashed onto the

INCIDENT OF THE book scene in 2007 and has

THE SOLITAIRE DOG IN THE delivered book after book of
tense decisions and twisting plots. This novel
discusses the heartbreaking consequences
by Jostein Gaarder Haddon of ‘saviour siblings’ - where a child is
Mark worked with autistic children before genetically created to become a donor for a
The real life of Hans Thomas collides with
writing this book and obviously got sick brother or sister. Be prepared to get the
fantasy in this truly bizarre novel when
some great inspiration for main character tissues ready!

he is given a book about a magical island
Christopher Boone, a 15-year-old autistic
inhabited by playing cards that seems to
boy struggling to understand the world and
be mirroring his own journey. A modern
all the weird and wonderful people in it. This SERIES by Anthony
fairytale that’s really clever! Horowitz
book will make you see everything from a

completely new perspective. From Stormbreaker to Snakehead this
HOLES by Louis

series is the teenage world’s answer to
Sachar THE ANGEL James Bond. When his guardian dies in
A totally unpredictable ride. EXPERIMENT by suspicious circumstances, 14-year-old Alex
This book is almost like getting James Patterson Rider goes from schoolboy to superspy.
three great stories in one: how This action packed series will have you
the Yelnats family came to be cursed, why This book is fun, imaginative, adventurous,
biting your nails and rushing to the end.
Stanley Yelnats is in a juvenile detention and great to grab for a quick read! Follow the
centre, and who the heck is Kissin’ Kate adventures of Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the
Barlow? If you can push through the slow Gasman and Angel - not quite humans and
start then you’ll soon get lost in all the not quite birds - as they try to escape the evil THE S
exciting action. clutches of the Erasers. Scary stuff! DIARY CRET

and 3/ GED 13

SERIES by J.K.Rowling
MATERIALS by Towns s by Sue
We all knew they were going Phillip Pullman
to be in here somewhere! Rowling Magical dust, Daemons and
absolutely changed the nature of teenage different worlds - this trilogy is The UL
literature with the story of everybody’s pure fantasy and imagination. the ULT IMATE teen r
IMATE ead fea
a great te tur
favourite wizard - Harry Potter. If It may be a complex book insight in en character. ing
you haven’t followed the adventures a teena to the w It gives
about the death of God and ge o
and scrapes of Harry and his friends the destiny of mankind, but it’s fascinat boys mind, w rkings of
ing hic
throughout the series, then you’ve been for both , and often hil h makes
also a story about loving life and s a r
a painfu exes. Townse ious, reading

missing out! each other. lly hone nd take
through st tour s us on
A of t
THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE by ever drian, who’s b eenage life
yt e
dog! An hing from his p ing bugged
WARDROBE by C.S Lewis one, ch
d when
arents t
o the
ec fin
Ok, so a story about a magical land hidden in a wardrobe sounds and wa k out the rest ished this
a bit like the beginning of a fairytale, but give it a chance! This tch Adr of the s
(and th ian e
book has sold more than 120 million copies worldwide and has ree qua grow into a ries
rters!) y 39
everything from mystical creatures to violent battle scenes. Lewis man.
really let his imagination go with this story and it’s guaranteed to
leave you smiling.
read it!

Think you know

there is to know
about zombies?

Think again.

ForeThe zombie book eve r
silver screen. Bridget g
Zombies’ answer to Stephanie
I also love that you can make a of view characters, Mary and
Meyer: Carrie Ryan lot of social commentary with Gabry (and the one in the
zombies - as a monster they’re next book). Sometimes my
Bridget: So have you always That was The Forest of Hands really versatile. But they’re also characters surprise me though.
wanted to be a writer? and Teeth and was the first really visceral (primitive) - the I actually ended up really liking
manuscript I ever finished after I monster is you, it’s your best Sister Tabitha and I’ve written
Carrie Ryan: I have since high started writing again. friend, husband, mother, child... a short story that’s coming out
school. Before that I’m not and the line between humanity in July to explore her character
sure I even knew that I could Bridget: Now you’ve probably and monster becomes really more.
be a writer - I didn’t know how been asked this a lot, but why thin.
someone became one. Then zombies? It’s when Sister Tabitha was
I read about an author who Bridget: What do you think you a teen. She’s actually about
said she just decided to write Carrie Ryan: Growing up I would do if you were faced Mary’s age and I think you
a book one day and I thought stayed away from all scary with the barriers in your book - see a bit more about how she
“hey, I can do that too!” movies (after seeing the movie cross them or stay safe? became the woman she is in
So I wrote off and on through Poltergeist when I was a FHT.
college but it wasn’t until 2006 kid). And then one night my Carrie Ryan: Good question! I

that I seriously tried to pursue husband convinced me to see have no idea! I tend to be the Bridget: Sounds interesting!
it again. Are you ever tempted to write
about other ‘monsters’?

I’m sure I could have

I’d just started working as a
lawyer and realized that if I Carrie Ryan: Hmmm... good
wanted to be an author it was question! I have no idea! I

been convinced to
either now or never. think if I were to write about

monsters they would be
Bridget: Wow, were you true monsters - I like that the

Carrie Ryan: I don’t think I was

cross the barrier. zombies in FHT aren’t sentient.
(capable of feeling).

too nervous. I told myself that Bridget: Are you a fan of

for ten years I’d write, revise vampire books or do you see
and submit over and over again them as competition?
Dawn of the Dead and I left type of person to follow the
until it worked out . the theatre totally pumped rules, but I’m sure I could be
Carrie Ryan: I don’t tend
up. I just couldn’t stop thinking convinced to cross the barrier.
Bridget: Was ‘The Forest of to think of other books as
about it all - how they survived, Although I’d probably have
Hands and Teeth’ the first competition - I think the more
what I’d do to survive. It was done a lot more planning first -
manuscript you ever sent off? books out there the better! At
really just sort of a joke -- my it’s in my nature.
this moment my TBR (to-be-
husband got me the Zombie
Carrie Ryan: No! I’d written read) pile is teetering it’s so
Survival Guide and we watched Bridget: Which of the
two romance novels right after large and there are definitely
more zombie movies. I’m characters did you empathise
college and sent the first one off some vampire and werewolf
fascinated by what it takes with the most?
to a few agents. I was looking books in there...
to survive when everything
for a new idea and my husband around you has irrevocably Carrie Ryan: That’s a tough
said “write what you love” Bridget: Quite a range then? So
changed. question. I think because I
and I jokingly said “the zombie what can we expect from ‘The
When there aren’t stores to have to be in their heads I tend
apocalypse?” And he was right. Dark and Hollow Places’?
ransack - everything is different. to empathise with the point

read it!

e st to Film
e ryone’s talking about is heading for the
t gets the goss from its author Carrie Ryan...
leave those decisions in the Carrie Ryan: I think when I was White Cat by Holly Black
Carrie Ryan: I tend to tell hands of people who know a in high school I would have and LOVED it and can’t wait
people that when you finish lot better about how all that wanted to be Christopher for The Demon’s Covenant
The Dead-Tossed Waves works than I do. Pike or Jude Deveraux. An (Sarah Rees Brennan) to come

(DTW) you’ll know the setting interesting mix! out. I just came home from a
of the third book and that Bridget: So what was high conference with a bag full of
the point of view character books - I usually don’t read
is another girl. Usually that’s more than one at a time.
enough for people to figure out
who narrates it and where it ...the monster is you, it’s Bridget: Do you have any
takes place .
your best friend, husband, advice for teens wanting to get
into writing?

mother, child... the line

Bridget: What was the hardest
part to write in the DTW? Carrie Ryan: I’d tell teens to

between humanity and

experiment with different

Carrie Ryan: Good question! voices - try new things (that’s
I can’t think of what was the how I found my voice for
hardest emotionally to write...I
think the hardest overall
monster becomes FHT). And also read, and read
widely - I think you learn a
was the ending - I rewrote
it completely very late in
really thin. lot about writing and how to
pace and structure a plot from
Bridget: Are you reading any
revisions. reading books.
school like for you - is it true good books at the minute?
you were a cheerleader?
Bridget: Is it true the FHT is Bridget: Sounds sensible!
Carrie Ryan: Right now I’m
being made into a film? Thanks, it’s been great talking
Carrie Ryan: Yep, I was. reading Incarceron, The Thief
to you.
It was fun and I was friends with (Megan Whalen Turner),
Carrie Ryan: Seven Star Carrie Ryan: Thanks!
everyone else on the squad. It’s Raised by Wolves (Jennifer
Pictures has bought the film
always fun to have an excuse Lynn Barnes) and Hunger
rights and they have a script, so Check out:
o m
to hang out with friends. I was (Jackie Kessler). I just finished
I’m keeping my fingers crossed! for the full
much more into field hockey interview podcast!
Bridget: Wow! Do you have a
close role in writing the script?
Bridget: That sounds nice!
So what were your favourite ‘The Forest of Hands and
Carrie Ryan: The script is pretty Teeth’ (Paperback £6.99)
books as a teenager?
close to the book and I spoke
with the script writer and got to
give my input.
Carrie Ryan: I ended up ‘The Dead-Tossed Waves’
becoming a big fan of romance (Hardback £7.99)
novels. I can’t remember any
Bridget: If you had the final say,
particular books I loved - I just ‘The Dark and Hollow
would you prefer an all star cast
remember devouring them! Places’ - Spring 2011
or unknown actors?
Bridget: Were there any
Carrie Ryan: Oh, I have no
authors you aspired to be like
‘Kiss Me Deadly’ Hare
idea! I think there are a lot of
when you were growing up? Moon (£5.99) - August
benefits to both and I like to 2010

QU ?
read it! ?
? ?

? I?Z T I M E ?

? ?

? ?

Take a break from
books and puzzle
over these fab

? ?
? ?
? Soduk

?? ?
? ?
p i r e s
From monster to heartthrob, we chart the rise and rise of our favourite fanged folk

The footsteps behind you echo he joined the bard’s family on his travels who encounters Rymer, though it has been
loudly as they give chase. Your at their country house for a a mysterious stranger called accredited to Pecket Prest in
heart is pumping so fast that night of ghost stories. Polidori Lord Ruthven. As the Lord the past.
you’re not sure your breaths challenged the others to create uses his charisma to entrance
can keep up. And to make it their very own, and not only everyone he meets, our One of the most infamous
worse your legs are in agony. did a young Mary Shelley begin protagonist becomes suspicious vampire stories came in 1897
In a flash he’s beside you. As the famous ‘Frankenstein’, but of his intentions. His fears are, with Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.
he eyes your exposed throat Byron began the musings of a of course, correct and what The story was originally called
and bares his fangs, a million novel about vampires. As this follows is a race against time to ‘The Undead’ and is thought
thoughts rush through your was abandoned, Polidori sought warn the next victim before it’s to be based upon Vlad the
mind. Do you: to finish the novel ‘Vampyre’. too late. Impaler; an aristocrat who
A) Plan your escape, knowing took pleasure in impaling his
you have a polished stake in The short story was falsely In 1847 ‘Varney the Vampire’ enemies with sharpened spikes
your bag with his name on it. attributed to Byron, despite his was released as a series of during the fifteenth century.

B) Scream, faint, and hope a repeated denials, and became penny dreadfuls by Thomas
passing stranger will come to a huge success. The book Pecket Prest. They were The Romanian has also been
your rescue. follows Aubrey, a gentleman extremely popular among compared to the Countess
or teenagers and the working Elizabeth Bathory, rumoured to
C) Ask him for his phone class as regular books were too be the first real ‘vampire’.
number. The ‘Bloody expensive.

Believe it or not, all three

Countess’ Another piece featured as a
During the 1600’s the ‘Bloody
Countess’ worked with a
would probably be acceptable would drain penny dreadful was ‘The String team of four others to lure
her victims

answers if you’re a fan of of Pearls: A Romance’, which young women to their deaths.
vampire literature. Whereas included the debut of Sweeney Legends have circulated that
nowadays the thought of a and bathe in Todd; the demon barber of she became obsessed with
sinister, brooding creature of
the night has fan girls across the
country screaming their undying
love, once upon a time it was
an entirely different story.

their blood Fleet Street. This sinister tale is
likely written by James Malcolm
keeping her youthful looks,
to the point that she drained
her victims and bathed in their

Bathory is recorded to have

People have always been enticed people with etiquette
fascinated by the supernatural, lessons, before trapping them
and these fanged creatures in a torture chamber never to
are no different. Centuries be heard from again. In total
before the word ‘vampire’ she was convicted of 80 deaths,
even existed in the English though it is thought the real
language, folklore circulated number rang closer to 600.
about corpses that rose from
their graves to harm others. On a less sadistic note, our
It was here that the ward of attention turns to the classic
garlic originated, thought to ‘Interview with a Vampire’ by
repel vampires because of its Anne Rice. This 1976 book is
medicinal qualities. the definition of how to write
a good vampire novel, and
The first ever literary mention Nosferatu: Not quite the ‘brooding widened its fan base further
was in 1819 by John Polidori, vampire’ we had in mind... in 1994 with a Hollywood
personal physician to the makeover featuring Tom
poet Lord Byron. In 1816 Cruise, Brad Pitt and a young
read it!
has been released to coincide attitude, but also because of the
Bite me: Robert Pattinson as with the TV series. Interestingly love affair that began it all.
Edward Cullen
in the ITV2 series Elena has

changed from blonde to Buffy and Angel, the vampire
brunette and instead of having a with a soul, unintentionally fall
4 year old sister Margaret, now in love – even though they
has a fifteen year old brother both know it can never work.
called Jeremy. Since then star-crossed lovers
have hit a new trend; the
The author has also won vampire and the human.
praise by teenage readers for
her ‘Nightworld’ series which As an antidote to this British
began in 1996 and continues born author Darren Shan
to present day. Each book created a saga depicting
in the series surrounds a vampires and demons as
different person as they face a something much less romantic.
supernatural way of life; ranging
from witches and werewolves The series began in 2000 with
to vampires and shapeshifters. ‘Cirque Du Freak’ and followed
teenager Darren Shan (of no
Now, unless you’ve been living relation, we’re sure?) as he
under a rock the name ‘Buffy’ comes across a travelling circus
should strike a chord. This of freaks and mutants.
bottle blonde ex-cheerleader
brought a whole new attitude Among them, charismatic
towards the helpless female in vampire Mr Crepsley. In 2009
1992 with the tongue in cheek Universal Pictures released a
film of the same title. big screen adaptation of the
series, compiling the first three
Five years later its writer Joss books into one.
Whedon revamped the Slayer
with a hit TV series which ran And of course this wander
for six years and seven seasons. down the literary timeline
The ballsy Buffy Summers, wouldn’t be complete without

most commonly associated a word or two about ‘Twilight’.
with Sarah Michelle Gellar,
In 2005 Stephenie Meyer
reignited the forbidden love
“Anne Rice craze with perfect gentleman
created child Edward Cullen and accident-
prone teenager Bella Swan.
to spawn several sequels,
collectively known as the
vampire In the four book series, Bella

‘Vampire Chronicles’, and hasClaudia for her

learns that Edward and his

Kirsten Dunst. It follows Louis, ‘family’ are vampires and each
a 200 year old vampire who sold more than 8 million copies
worldwide to date.
deceased possess a unique gift or ability.
recounts his adventurous
‘life’ to eager reporter Daniel
daughter” Edward himself can read others
thoughts; all except hers.
Molloy. In the 1990’s there was a
more romantic trend with ‘The In 2008 the film hit theatres
Vampire Diaries’ by L.J.Smith. discovers at the age of sixteen
Without spoiling too much we that she is the Chosen One. with Robert Pattinson and
learn about his sire Lestat and This book series tells the story Kristen Stewart as the lead
the mind games he forces Louis of Elena Gilbert and her love roles. One of the controversial
triangle between two feuding In every generation a young girl
to play, and what is probably is destined to fend off vampires aspects of Meyer’s vampires is
one of the rare instances of vampire brothers, Stefan and that the creatures do not burn
Damon Salvatore. using their guiles and super-
a child vampire in books– strength. And she is one of in sunlight – they sparkle.
Claudia. them.
The trilogy set in high school But with merchandise flying
The author Anne Rice famously was initially intended to end off the shelves and a graphic
as just that, until mounting The series spawned numerous
created the character which books beginning in 1998 which novel shadowing the series, it’s
was later played by Dunst pressure from fans urged the unlikely that the ‘Twilight’ saga
author to pen a fourth book the provide sub-plot stories for
in homage to her deceased avid fans. ‘Buffy the Vampire is going to disappear into the
daughter, Michele. The six following year. bargain bin anytime soon.
Slayer’ is probably one of the
year old lost her battle with key figures in vampire fiction
leukaemia in 1972. ‘Interview A spin off trilogy of books
not only because of her fighting
Eclipse hits cinemas July 9
with a Vampire’ went on surrounding Damon Salvatore
This is where
we tell you
la m y

what’s hot o f mst
one was ju ps
and what’s n
be ince I to gri ey
definitely not d i n g
h a
o b
s ing th
bies e gett - but ight.
in the world of Rea urite h ld! I lov books at n reat
favo ears-o crime me up ng a g ife’
books. y
six- scary keep i
read r your
t h s
wi etime ute I un f ’ m o

som he min tory, ‘R n.
We’ve reviewed At t ctive s atterso
some of the dete ames P
by J
best new teen
reads so you
know which
authors to look

out for.

Just turn over Andr

For t e Nu
to see what our I wan he whole nn
expert team of many ted to be time I wa

sure books a writer s at scho
readers made a
love I could s possib and read ol,
of this month’s is de r
a ding
f a
u p
le to
t make
newest novels. autho itely u tasy - H o them
who r now i there! M ar ry Pot ! I
is a f s Ha te
amou ruki y favouri r
s wri t
But before you ter in Murakam e
Japan i,
do, it’s time to

meet the panel!

read it!

e v i w s
Hi ire
har I’m C Lo
vam d to laire! dg
aut pire believ You e
sto obiog s and e but may fi

hea ries! raph thing I’m nd it
tak vy an I don ies an s likenot in
bal e so d I li ’t like d sho that to
a a k
I’m nce r ny bo e a b anyt rt fun, I like
Victoria Hawkins the ight ok t it of hing ny
re! bet hat a m too
we has ick
I’ve always been a bit of a book tho the ey
worm! My favourite authors are se

Agatha Christie and Anthony ,
Horowitz- I love a good murder
mystery! I’m quite a busy person,
so a book needs to grab my
attention straight away and keep
me hooked all the way through.

a n
c k m
S pa le I’ve ch
g e t as litt tty mu s
Bri ver sincereadinggpet mtyedh to bewarite
Iw re and
E yed can an stil
enjo thing I een I wr, and avour

any As a t autho . My f ’ by
on. lished re time Wicked
pub y spa to be ‘ e.
in m k has aguir
boo gory M


Katy says...
Bridget says...
! The g
r the girls irl
d e fi n a te ly one fo r y o f fleeing in question
This is ws the sto h
by the ome after b Violetta, a
Me’ follo ainbox, as
‘No and br e ot roy
-year-old s of Illyria vil Malvolio h her pare al runaway
Lou, a 13 avigate the woe (near
. With nts ar
to n teena h
she trie s ger ta ly) being to er small co illed
life. charm kes to rn apa untry
teenage in mud rt, t
shabby when g fool Feste dy England he
h e m e e ts No, a r
it by
encou seems all h her side. ith the
When s a taste fo nter a ope is And ju
o m e le s s girl with t everything at quickly young lost, t
he p
h ve to pu r W
h o l, they ha h bad boy Lucas)
to stopp ealise he m ill Shakesp air
o ing M e
e s a n d a lc
c e w it o s tarts Acclaim alvolio ay be their are and
cigarett L o u ’s r oman h . B u t w hen N e d fo r g a n swer
ding mp ow? ‘The F a ut ood.
risk (inclu irl power can triu w far will Lou foll ool’s G hor Rees c to
at g o Twelft a
prove th g road, h h ir l’ afte m e up
n the wron as stage Night in O r watching with the id
to go d o w nd No h she be xford. a perfo ea for
e en Lou a awarded Violet c O
b e tw
it was ta’s st ame obses nce the p rmance of
ulent rela in France, where ble in English! ory is s la
the re ed with wh yers had le he
The turb m a ila
up a stor , and now it’s av means to
Don’t sult. at hap ft the
whipped er ’s P r iz e a t it really ere’s a bit le
– this t the ment
o o k s e ll r e s w h
the B explo , but th is actu ion of
De Vigan this book ste. triang ally a S h akesp
Delphine e and a family in my ta
les go
it keep , betrayals od book. C eare put yo
have a h
om 4 6 pages for s a r u
h misery
in 2
nship down you guess nd even the ammed wit off
too muc e n’t w e?’ relatio over s
side is
ing rig
ht o d d bit of
h love
e, A r f some o quic at the clim to the last
’t fo r L o u’s ‘Are w mind every girl o ere disapp kly, th ax is b page.
If it were ho will re e back of class, th o at
where inted. But it does leav t up so mu e only
uil Th
o tt ie Lucas, w r in th m
wit h h
y ’v e d r o oled ove it
destin ’s the jour aybe this is you feeling and is
e ch
crush the any giggles. ation.
You b
ney th
one o
f a little
be e the t matters m the instanc
judge. ore th es
. 3 /5! an the
it ’s w o r th a look Overa
Overall, ury ll
Puiblis I’d give this
Pulisher: w w w .bloomsb her: B
looms 3/5!
.24 @ Price:
Price: £5 £8.24
@ ww

Victoria says...
Who is Mar
go Roth Spie
Green’s late gelman? That
st book to co ’s the questio
me out in p n which Q,
aperback, h the main ch
The book o as to answer in o aracter of A
pens with n rder to find merican auth
in e-year-old Q her - dead o or John
the park. Nin and his neig r alive.
e years later h bour Margo
disgusting pra the pair hav Ro
e another ad
the start of an on Margo’s cheating fe venture, invo th Spiegelman finding a
ag lla and her dislo lv ing an all-nig dead body in
out who this onising hunt for the mys ya ht revenge-f
“girl next do terious Margo l pals. It’s the most exc est, dishing
is this just on or” he’s bee , who disapp iting night of
e of her atte n in love wit ears the very Q’s life, but
ntion-seekin h forever real next day. Q it’s
g stunts? ly is. Has sh must figure
‘Paper Town e given up o
where she is s’ is a mix of n life altogeth
, but there’s styles - it’s a er? Or
snobbish. Bu also loads o puzzle book,
t by about h f romance. I getting the re
book as it de alf w have to adm ader to solv
als with more ay in, I was gripped, de it, at first I hat
e d this book - it
e Margo’s co
nfusing clues
adult theme sperate to fin about
s, and most d out how it seemed con
I would reco o f the humou w ould end. I th fusing and a
mmend this r will appeal in k o lder teens w bit
point, you w book with a to teens in th ill like this
on’t be able plea that yo at age group
to put it dow u don’t reac .
n! h chapter fif
Overall, this te e n la te at night -
deserves 4/5 because once
Publisher: B ! you reach th
loomsbury is
Price: £5.24
@ www.blo

read it!

Andre says...
There’s a hint of Harry Potter Katy says...
about a book where an entire
family is killed, except for one boy, When
brought up by mysterious people of now oe’s family
h m
and warned away from an evil herse ere she do ove to the
lf caug esn’t e middle
man who wants to kill him. ht in a x
war. dange pect to find
Her o rous p
n laygro
Gaiman takes this popular story, have lo ly new frie und
s nd
and gives it his own twist. Bod is and th t the plot a , Gary, see
re fte ms
adopted by ghosts after his parents headc ats from Kn r years of ta to
are murdered. As he grows up, he learns the ways of ase) a a g g s (th unts
new g nd
the graveyard and encounters ghouls and ‘the Hounds The w irl to t now it’s up e school
a ake ac to the
of God’, but is told not to venture into the real world, differe y each cha tion!
nt cha pter o
because his parents’ killer still wants him dead. schoo racter f the s
lt ’s tor
impos eacher Jim eyes make y is told th
sible t s r
The language makes it impossible to put down, o put Carrington this debut ough a
down so ten book
! se it’s b
especially towards the end. Gaiman is fantastic at ‘Inside
My H almos y
anti-b ead’ s t
keeping you wrapped in his imagination, and it’s easy ull ta
to see why his previous books were such successes. who t ying week, rted life as
he Kn a
aggs o and it’ll soo short story
f your n have for
I’d rec schoo
‘The Graveyard Book’ is definitely geared towards omm l are.. you wonde
ever b en . ring
younger teens. The description and language would een b d this to an
ullied. yone
probably not be enough to keep an older reader - espe
Overa cially if
interested. ll, I’d g you’ve
Publis iv
her: B e this 5/5
Price: lo !
While it is a fun read, it may be too short for an older £5.42 omsbury
@ ww
reader with not enough going on. The ending is also a w.blo
huge letdown considering the previous six chapters of

Overall, this is a 3/5!

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: £5.99 @

Claire says... at really likes

d th e only person th e
to him se lf an r, Will has som
st ra ng e te en ager. He talks fin d o ut th at he’s not a lose
a bit of a . But you soon
Will Hodges is la ire ac ross the street
lle d C
him is a girl ca
He’s a returner
. Not only that
serious issues. G er m an y and Poland. in the
fo re an d ki lled peopl e in
hi ch ha te s fo reigners being
alive be yw
at he has been is part of a part
He finds out th he w as yo un g and his dad
ed when
but his mum di ences
re ad , w ith re ally short sent
UK . ns e er
ok! It’s an inte he is when oth
en ha lf w ay through the bo o rld . H e w o n’t accept who fr ie nd s th ink
o ut be fo re you’re ev hi s o w n po w erful w re st o f hi s fa mily and
l th is ithin th e
And you find al ung boy lost w evious life and
te th e at m o sphere of a yo se lf an d w ha t he did in a pr
to crea about him through.
convince him hat he’s going ws the
returners try to e th ey do n’ t kn o w w
en se re ad and really sho
ca us im m it
he is strange be wn but it is an you won’t put
ee r yo u up when you’re do ar an te e o nc e you pick it up
t one to ch hat’s wrong. I
Returners’ isn’ t’s right and w
All in all, ‘The o o si ng w ha
n a person ch
struggle betwee
down again.
y it deserves 4/
Overall, I’d sa
Publisher: Bloo
io ce : £5 .2 4 @ www.bloo

read it!
Bridget says...
Andre says...
– the
is a vampire e This is
Solan g e
pire to b Forest e hotly-ant
ale vam of icip
first fem d of bitten and s where Hands and ated seque
stea hecy say the fir T
st boo eeth’, and o ‘The
born (in the prop . The picks u
d ) a n d k left o
turne queen Gabry ff. Sor p
become ther is the t of.
she will y Natasha has o and ha s hy on
ad te ea
sinister L h. decide s taking risk mong her fr
o ug it’ll be s. So w iends,
ideas th an old fu he
u c y take tu ’s
rns amuse n to cross t n the gang
frie n d L ge to follo ment he bar
e r h u m an best a d e to kill Solan Mudo know the w suit. Esp ark, she’s r ier to
p r
and h er is m p (the (or Un dange ecially elucta
Solange tory, as an ord ti-vampire grou e for many c rs
name onsecrated that lie bey ce they all
sin nt
es an ng
to tell th y and a human ed to seek reve s). , or zo
ond in
fa m il m in – they de
entire p deter But w
a) turn u he
it’s ha n playful cr
go by
Helios-R f their leader. e rd for ush C
o than on 78
the death r y in less s2
wishin G
g she abry to say
th e enti r e s to
a H arvey ta k e
g had. no. O egs her to b
ld d r lp feelin f cour
While I
just to lyxa n
author A nd you can’t he One n se she e brave,
w o r d s , e ight of ’s soo
hundred o so and by the ted. secon r n
d d part ebellion lea
page s to isa in
p p o have y to the ds to t
ed and d obably o tr he
a bit c o n fu s
g a , you’ll pr ut ready u reading w ilogy by Car apocalypse
t’ s a to find ith bait rie Ry in the
‘Twiligh t least a little, b rd out w e an
ho’ll s d breath an , which wil
e a ll y love the ding’ a It’s ha
If yo u r
L o v e L ies Blee g a bit cheated. nly ‘The D
. d tissu
es at t
y lin o
enjoy ‘M come away fee before – olas writte ssed W h e
’l l a ls o a ll b e e n done d s N ic h n. aves’ is
you a t th is has W h o nee a grea
t book
th r.
to forge
t ie Meye n? , intell
r – b y Stephan t Edward Culle Overa
ll, igently
bett e ’ve g o Publis this deserv
hen you her: G e
Drake w Price: ollanc s 4/5!
! z
this 1/ 5 £9.99
v e r a ll , I’d give r y
@ ww
O sbu om
r: Bloom msbury.c nbook
Publishe 4 @ www.bloo
Price: £5

Katy says...
This new no
vel by Melis
people, che sa De La Cru
ck. Danger, z hits all the
one of New ch eck. It’s an e right spots. V
xciting life fo amp
immortal, it
Yorks most
p o werful famili r Mimi and Ja ires, check. Beautiful
seems like n es. Popular ck Force, th
vampire - is othing can st , intensely go e rich twins
mysteriously op them. Th od looking, of
m urdered. at is until one of and not forg
their own - etting
As new mem a blue blood
bers are init
about The C iated into an
have to do is ode, they so elite society
and lies that find out what on find out th where vamp
proves hard ’s after them ey ’re not be ire elders te
er than they an ing told the ach the you
could ever im d why. But in a world d whole truth
. Now all the
‘Blue Blood ag ine. o m inated by se
s’ ends on a crecy y
impatient I’d cliffhanger an
wai d I was abso
the next chap t until the next book is lutely
ter! published be gutted! I couldn’t wait to
fore you star find out who
t this one! T would win,
Buy it now! hat said, I ca so if you’re
I give this 5/5 n’t wait to ge
Publisher: B ! t m y hands on
Price: £5.24
@ www.blo

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o m
to submit your own
book reviews!

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“Is she as

of it as I
Books have an amazing ability to transport you somewhere beyond even your
imagination. You can go anywhere, meet anyone and see things you’ve never
even dreamed of. Some people spend most of their lives in another person’s
head while they do exhilarating, impossible things. Now and again though, a
book comes along which picks you up and puts you down in the worst of places.
Andre took a look at two of the best.

JUNK There are no geeky wizards or sexy
vampires in this one. The villain is much
By Melvin Burgess more real. When Gemma starts
‘Junk’ was so popular It’s really easy to say experimenting with
when it was released in ‘drugs are bad.’ It is also cocaine - you know

1996 that it was made completely ineffective.
into a BBC drama. I bet you’d switch off exactly how that
It puts you in the shoes
of a teenage couple
straight away, wouldn’t
who decide to escape
the constraints of To the majority of people, someone who
But Burgess tells the
home and live life by takes drugs is just a ‘druggie’. In this book,
story from the viewpoint
themselves. you become one of those people. You
of various people, so
understand all of the choices they make,
when Gemma finds
They want to be able even if they’re the wrong ones. There can
herself experimenting
to live a life of freedom, be no better way to find out the real truths
with cocaine – you know
like an adult, doing than to read this book.
exactly how that feels.

“ ”
whatever they want
whenever they want. Burgess himself said:

“Characters are there to make decisions

There they meet two free spirits, Gemma
and Tar, who show them how fun living
There are no geeky and sometimes they make some pretty
on your own can be, before it all takes a wizards or sexy stupid or wrong decisions or crazy
decisions, but that doesn’t mean to say
dramatic and gritty twist.
vampires in this one that they’re being condoned or that I think
Ask any normal teenager whether living they’re right.
by their own rules sounds like their idea
of bliss and you’d probably get a definite “It’s just that it is interesting to watch
‘yes’. But Burgess’ story is not for the faint- people doing that or wonder why they’re
hearted. doing that.”

And when Tar ‘Junk’ manages to be genuine and realistic

comes down and steals without preaching. It shows you the
Gemma’s stash to make him harsh realities of life on the streets, as
feel better, you are with him every well as tackling issues such as alcoholism,
step of the way. domestic violence and prostitution.

read it!

scared Fact Fix

Drug misuse: Death by

drug misuse happens
because the person was
intentionally using a drug
or combination of drugs
Drug poisoning: Deaths
are normally either
suicide or accidental -
because the person was
teenage boy who addicted and took too
stumbles across much.
By Kevin Brooks a girl in horrible
circumstances. Number of deaths from
‘Candy’ is another love drug poisoning only in
story which goes horribly Behind it all, is the 2008:
wrong thanks to drugs.Joe story of a young
is a teenager who finds couple who fall in Men: 2,075
himself lured into a world love and want to be Women: 853
of drugs and prostitution together, no matter
because of the girl he falls Deaths from drug
what the odds. misuse in 2008:
Brooks said: Men: 1,364
When he stumbles across “’Candy’ is about Women: 374
her and her pimp in a being a boy, falling in
London café, he can’t love, finding yourself Most deaths from drug
forget her and vows to in places you’ve misuse were people
help her escape, leading between the ages of 30

never been before.
him into a murky and and 39.
violent world which
threatens his entire family. Joe sees Number of deaths from
different types of drugs:
Joe sees for himself what running away
for himself what
running away from Heroin/morphine: 897

from home on a whim can do. Candy Methadone: 378
finds herself in a grotty flat with other
prostitutes, hooked on heroin given to
home on a whim can Antidepressants: 381
Paracetamol: 242
her by the terrifying Iggy and sleeping do. Cocaine: 235
with men to pay for them. Diazepam: 133
“I’ve been to those places myself, and I Ecstasy: 44
This book reveals how difficult it is to give wanted to write about how it all feels, Cannabis: 19
up once you’ve been hooked. and what it does to you, and how the Asprin: 15
things that you want aren’t always good
When Candy and Joe escape Iggy’s for you, and you know they’re not good
Number of mental
clutches and hide out in the Suffolk
disorders caused by drug
for you… but you still keep wanting poisoning in 2008:
countryside, she is forced to go cold them, don’t you?”
turkey and takes the reader through Male: 705
every symptom and emotion of Without giving too much away, both Female: 139
withdrawal for three agonising chapters. books end on a sad note – one character
in each struggling to come to terms with Number of mental
‘Candy’ is also chillingly good because life after drugs in endings that will force disorders caused by drug
it revolves around a character who is you to realise the realities of the lives misuse in 2008:
normal enough to be just about any some people live.
reader. Men: 578
If you’re fed up of your teachers boring
Women: 107
In ‘Junk’, Tar was fleeing from a violent you to death, pick up one of these
home and Gemma hated her parents books for a fantastic insight into a topic
Check out:
and was keen to try new things. In everyone should know a bit about.
‘Candy’, Joe is a completely ordinary readme.c
to find out more
Next month: SEX about drugs and
drug-related teen

in t e rview with
Exclusive American
aw a r d w in n in g
t h o r J u li e A n ne Peters

Bulli e d t o Julie Anne Peters’ latest book, will begin to see that it’s a real sites like Facebook and Myspace
The door shut and instantly all
the air in the car compressed. “By the time you read this I’ll be problem we need to address in themselves are the problem. It’s
I couldn’t breathe. Minutes dead”. It’s a hard-hitting novel, society.  the people using them with evil
ticked by. The walls closed in. about a girl called Daelyn who intent.
She left me there, alone, and I can’t talk , gets bullied, and wants Have you had feedback from
knew, I just knew she was never to commit suicide, helped by teens that the book’s been So let’s go right back to the

coming back for me. My bladder weird websites online. Sounds helpful since it’s been out? beginning. When did your career
ballooned like I’d been guzzling as an award-winning author get
depressing? Well there’s some
water for weeks, and even when Lots of teens have written to under way?
hope in the shape of a guy called
I crossed my legs and scrunched tell me how much the book

I told her, ‘I quit my

up tight, I couldn’t hold it. Well actually it was after many
years doing other things! My
At the first dribble, I squealed. first degree was in Primary
Then I exploded. I don’t
job today. I’m going school teaching and French. I

remember screaming or honking taught school for a year (which
the horn. The fear of being

to be a writer’
was a miserable experience),
locked inside, I remember every
then went back to college for
day. If I close my eyes, I can
hear the ringing in my ears, a degree in computer science.
still, from the blaring horn. Later, I got a masters in business
Santana and information systems.
I see the distorted faces of
who helps her think about her
everyone peering through the affected them, that they felt
choice of death over life.   Ok, so how on earth did you
window. Mom’s panicked eyes. Daelyn’s pain quite deeply. I
The door unlocking and her hand become an author from being a
hope young people will see
wrenching mine away from the computer boffin?
that Daelyn is making the worst
horn.  Victoria caught up with
choice possible; that there are
Julie-Anne Peters for a chat I got burned out.  My job
alternatives to self-destruction.
This is from American author about hearing voices in her head required travelling and I was
I’d like them to think, reconsider,
(!) and the ideas living on the road, not even
if suicide is where they’re at knowing where I was sleeping
behind her books, which often in life. I’d like them to search half the time. It was affecting
cover tough topics like bullying out suicide help lines and give my own sanity- I needed to get
and homosexuality. themselves a fighting chance.  out. One day I walked into my
Hi Julie! To start with, what boss’s office and said, “I quit.”
How do you feel about the sorts
made you write a book about When my partner, Sherri, came
of websites that appear in your
“bullycide” (when someone kills home from work, I told her,
book, which show teenagers
themselves because of bullying)? ways of committing suicide? “I quit my job today. I’m going
Do you think they should be to be a writer.” She kind of
Recently, nine people, censored?  stumbled backward and went,
most of them high school “Okaaay. Have you ever written
students, were charged I don’t agree with censorship. anything?” I told her, “No, but
in Massachusetts for If you want to find information, hard how hard can it be?” Ha ha
bullying a girl so you’re going to find it one way ha ha ha. Ignorance is bliss.
badly that she or another. What we should be
committed interested in is identifying young What was it like putting pen to
Julie Anne Peters suicide. In people who are headed in that paper for the first time? What
essence, a real direction, helping to give them inspired you at the start?
case of bullycide. more coping skills in life. And
Maybe, hopefully, people I don’t think social networking I’d been hearing voices for a

read it!

o d e a t h
while. (I thought I was just going I created this character, Jazz. published first then?
bonkers!) The only way to get Jazz is my wild side, yearning to
them out of my head was to break free. ‘The Stinky Sneakers
write them down. This one girl, Contest’. A book for 6-9 year-
So how did you first get olds. quite ready to publish a novel,
Casey, kept talking to me, telling
published? but you can build your publishing
me about her life. I didn’t know
That sounds like a great book! credits by submitting work to
anyone named Casey, but I
I read every book I could find on And did it take long to break print or online magazines. 
recognized her feelings from my into the teenage readers
how to format manuscripts (not  
own adolescence. It was a relief, “market”?
the five lines music’s written on, Perfect your craft. Find or create
and a joy, to write.
but your own work!) and submit a group of peer writers to give
them. I began sending work to It was about eight years and you honest feedback on your
Were your books influenced by
magazines first, and getting back seven books later that “Define work. If you plan to write for
childhood experiences?
hundreds of rejections. I was Normal” was published. It was teenagers, you need to know
For the most part. I think so. working blind because I didn’t actually marketed as a book for how your work comes across
There are personal experiences know there were things like 8-12 year olds, but I told my to them. Always be willing to
in all my books, even though workshops for writers. But the editor I thought it would appeal revise, but maintain your vision.
I don’t always recognize them more I practiced, the more I to teen readers. And it looks like HAVE a vision.
right away. Sometimes I’ll read, the better writer I became. it did!  
wonder, where did that story Eventually, a few of my pieces So what are you working on
How would you advise teenagers at the moment? What are we
come from? And it’s not until were accepted and I began to who want to go into writing as a keeping you from?
many weeks or years later that build credits. Then one day an career and get published? 
I’ll make the connection.  editor called me out of the blue
What I SHOULD be working
and said, “Julie, I have your book Love the process of writing;
Your first book for teenagers, on is a new book titled, “She
manuscript here and I like it very

Love it a lot because it may take loves you, she loves you not”.
‘Define Normal’, explores much. It has a lot of kid appeal.
issues about family breakdown
years and years before you’re It’s in the final stages and will be
I was wondering if you’d be good enough to be published,
and judging by appearance- published in the spring of 2011. 
were these issues you were
willing to work on it with me to or lucky enough to find the right

Patience, practice and

particularly keen to You can buy Julie Anne Peter’s
write about?  latest book ‘By the time you
read this I’ll be dead’ from
I think that book came
from my work with perseverance are the Hyperion Books for £7.92. 

3 Ps to becoming
kids who struggled with

family issues. When I
first started writing, I
was making less than
zero dollars (you gotta
love poverty if you
become an artist), so I took a improve it and maybe make it editor at the right time. Patience,
part-time job in a school for at- publishable.” Was I willing? Hell practice and perseverance
risk youth. I saw how these kids yes! (I didn’t even know which are the three Ps to becoming
had to grow up too soon. That’s book she was talking about. I successful, and even then only a
where Antonia (in the book) had dozens of manuscripts at small fraction of aspiring authors
came from. To give her a bold publishing houses.)  will make it. Be realistic with
antagonist, and unlikely friend, your goals. Maybe you’re not
Which book did you have

read it!

i t o r ’s P i c k s
of the best upcoming books
s t o t h e R epository
e s t Templar Key
The Yo u n g
If you’re a fan of the “Blue Bloods” series,
or you like vampire novels, you’re going to
This adventure novel tracks orphaned
love this book about the day-to-day life of
teenager Tristan, who gets involved with
vampire Schuler Van Alen (from the Blue
the Crusades after a group of Knights
Bloods series). It has journal entries,
Templar stay at the Abbey where he
never-before-seen letters about the
grew up. He’s made keeper of the Holy
vampire elite and revealing short
Grail, the most sacred relic: but will
he bring it home safely among the stories. Be prepared to be scared!
bloodshed and death? This historical
fiction book will be a hard one to
put down! Published June 29th

Published June 30th

by TickTock Books

Rush A Kiss in Tim

Jake King is a young adrenaline junkie
who joins a crew of firefighters. But when This will be a great way to kick-start
he joins their secret society “The Rush the summer, as you read about Jack’s
Club”, it proves more deadly than any trip around Europe. It’s not an ordinary
holiday though - he gets sucked in to
fire, both for Jake and the girl he loves.
a real-life fairy tale. Think Disney’s
“Enchanted” with less cute animals, and
Published June 10th more teenage angst. You’re in for a bit of
by Speak romance at the end!

Published June 16th

by Speak

How to WRITE:
Are you always daydreaming in class about unleashing the next Harry Potter? Or maybe you
think you’ve got what it takes to become a globe-trotting journalist, chasing down celebrities
for that juicy gossip? Well now we’ve gathered all the best writing tips in one place, just for
you. This month, it’s time to get to grips with writing short stories and news reports. Start
turning your daydreams into reality right now!

Short stories...
raig hin
S T l i n g st ave a t efore
FI R b
The beginning: Let your audience know what crib nd h ut b
. P LAN g et s own a te abo
makes your characters tick. 2 t to it d wri
u wan d to s ant to aper.
y o e p
The middle: Your main star will run into some So you ne t you w uches is
tion clow g
u t h a t o i r a s
trouble here! b ut w ven Insp clas blin
abo r pen e r i te? it of a er drib at a
you to w a b rev a go
The End: This is your big fireworks moment. w hat e you end fo Have
re e! Ar y. Sp ush?
t su r d r s.
No ywhe come eleb c idea
v e r y a s t c r e
e n tr late mo
The r your k for
o o
ove ance. urit
o m v o
r r fa
p you


Your characters are the life of your story, so Stick to a small group of characters.
spend lots of time thinking about who they are
and what they do. Don’t try to set a short story over weeks,
months or years, or you’ll end up confusing
Look at people you know for inspiration - would yourself and your readers more than a trigo-
that evil teacher at school make the perfect nometry lesson. Eek!
Get your mates to have a look over your
Use the rule ‘show, don’t tell’ - if your main work when you’re done.
characters trashed after a boozy session, don’t
say that - have them stumbling down the road
and slurring their words.

write it!

whatever you want!

a rt i c l e . . .
A news
Your news intro (the first sentence of your story!) Journalist’s use the ‘Inverted Pyramid’ to write
should sum up the whole event. Use the five W’s - their reports. This just means getting the most
Your characters are the life of your
Who, What, Where, When and Why - to get you important info in at the top of the story and
started. story, so
working downspend
to thelots
leastof time thinking
important at the
about who they are and what they do.
Write what you’d tell your best mate about the Look at people you know for inspira-
story if you only had 10 seconds to explain it! Try to go
tion back to that
- would the beginning of the action
evil teacher and
at school
explain how and why it happened.
make the perfect villain?
Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all the info
available - your writing needs to be clear so don’t Useactive
Stay the rule
(and I‘show, don’t
don’t mean headtell’ - if your
to the
overload sentences with too much detail. main characters
swimming trashed
pool!). Write aftertense.
in the active a boozy
E.G don’t
“The cast say ARE
of Glee thatcelebrating
- have them receiving
their first major television award
stumbling down the road and slurringtonight. ”
their words.

3. SPEAK UP IT! tral
eu rs.
P LE! to be n . aracte r
M e h
P O IT SI posed go zoonf c y ouvpethe f
U ir
Always beginning:
your workTell
outyour readers
loud and you’ll spot E
E p r l
4. K EEP are su a ngorou stmoake ylol suid’el s r
p - o
what makes
any mistakes. your characters tick . K s l l
a al y l r
o t t o ra u
4 nalist officim
Jou d ‘I’tio s as e t abeshablee airnsc,luodeand yo y
This isn’tmiddle:
The a vocabulary
mainIf star
you don’t
will know
s uld r yl t o
wSotick tryrstoshothcsaroefu ourse nom sn’t ay.
r lf etr
t e oonbe g y o e
that quisling means the same thing as a traitor,
into some trouble here! D s s
u s i n a trig in it do e theoirver
your readers won’t either. Yo eem k in eontn. f than n’t be e hav okof
oww arguupm
c l lo ’
oreu shoul er peaovpe‘saourceney.our
The End: This is your big fireworks e ne d s m h h oto
dercausEeeyk!’t leteost ctaon beu’arcehedrs
t h o a
moment. e a
r t beon. can atne yrote
Jules ss n youurr m nyo hmeynou
e a yobe a fw
m et em ork– ro
Remurm r awtio
yinofo !

a w r i t e r ?
a n t t o b e
W Do you prefer
There are so many options for people
who want to work with books -

writing fiction whether thats reading, writing or

w i l l y o or non-fiction? something completely different.

Wh a t Take our quiz to

find out what you’re
destined to become!


Non- Do you
fiction like finding out
Do you
like writing new things?
longer pieces or
shorter pieces?
No Yes

Shorter Do you Do you like to

you like to like help people to
write for a TV talking about learn?
show or film? books?

No Yes
Would you
Yes like to write for Are
theatre? you good Yes
at expressing

No Yes

Script- Novelist Play- Poet Book Librarian Proof English Newspaper

writer wright critic reader teacher reporter

write it!

One to
Twenty – six year old Katy opposite sides in a war. It’s a “Inspiration is a big thing can sometimes help you on
Moran has only been writing great book for people with a too. For instance when you your way.”
for a couple of years but real imagination who like to look around, if something
already people are tipping her see a bit of a dark side too. captures your eye write about

for a huge future. Her new Most of my books have the it, seriously that’s where I ‘Spirit Hunter’
book ‘Spirit Hunter ‘ hits same kind of vibe. started.
the shelves this month and by Katy Moran is
ReadMe can’t wait to find out “My mum and dad found an out in paperback
what’s in store so Claire Inspiration is a big old brooch in an antique shop
on June 7th from
caught up with Katy to get one day and I was fascinated
some juicy insider goss and thing too. If about how old it was and Walker Books for
find out where she gets her something where it had originally come

inspiration from! captures your eye, from, so I researched it , £6.29
wrote about it and found out
If you haven’t heard of her write about it. so much about the Vikings
already, you soon will do. and the origins of our country.
Since her first book Bloodline

“ “
was published in 2008, she’s If you think James Bond in “It’s not just about writing ,
been going from strength to the Dark Ages – a thrilling but it’s about learning on the way.
violent and scary period of Katy thinks the key to success
history combined with a bit is to try, try and try again!
of love and difficulty-you’re “I’d always wanted to be a
If you think of there!” writer but I only got published
James Bond in the

a few years ago.
Katy admits that being an
dark ages - you’re author is all she has ever
there. wanted to do since the age of
Write about what
ten. But, she says, writing for
teens isn’t as easy as people makes you tick

strength and now she can’t think. and put all of your
wait to find out what we think
“Writing teenage books can, energy into it.
of her latest offering.
at times, be difficult because
“My newest book is a they are such hard years.
That’s why I try to make my “It’s about perseverance.
spy story set along the If you really want to write,
dangerous and ancient books about adventure and
imagination because it takes absolutely go for it. Write
Silk Road (historical trade about what makes you tick
route between China and us away from the day to day
slog. It’s all about escaping.” and put all your energy into it.
the West). The two main As well, try to read as many
characters fall deeply in So where does she get her
ideas from? books as you can because
love, but they’re fighting on other people’s writing styles

A day in tThis month ReadMe’s talking to Ed Stilliard and Emma Ray,
two experienced journalists who work for The Hinckley Times
newspaper in Leicestershire. They’ll give you the low-down on
what really goes on in the world of journalism so you can decide if
it’s the career for you!

And while all of this is

happening I have to keep
on top of the stories I need
to write - the ones that are

really going to shock the
Ed Stilliard,
28, says... The best thing about my job is
the variety and I deal with so
many different people. I write
T he only constant routine I
have in my work is the
stories about people dying,

councils making outrageous
journey I make to get there and
decisions, politicians making
to get home again!
statements, criminals being
sent down, hospitals, schools

Apart from that, my days
suffering with ever-dwindling
are filled with anything and
resources and much more.

Every so often someone will
When I first started out as a
have a shocking story where
local reporter I only ever got
there’s heartache and pain;
to write stories about cheque
real people affected by real
presentations and charity

problems, without an easy
events - not the most exciting
stuff, but everyone has to start
One time, two soldiers from

Nuneaton died and I suddenly
Now it’s a completely different
regretted always wishing for
story and my work couldn’t
that amazing story because it
be more exciting, especially on

was so emotional dealing with
deadline day when everything is
their families.
But even though there are
The phone is constantly ringing

hard times, I absolutely love
and it could be anyone on the
my job. There’s always that
line - from people letting us
ever-approaching deadline
know about fundraising events
to be met to get the paper
to local celebs!

out that gives me a real buzz
and then I can look forward
We also keep an eye on what’s
to more totally unexpected
happening in the national news
things happening the next
because stories there can be
included in our local paper.

write it!

the life of...

Emma Ray,
36, says... the page so that we know how

much space is left for the news.

A s with all jobs in

newspapers, no two days
Then we work out whether we

need a picture on the page and
are the same, but for a news how many shorter stories are
editor there is a bit more needed to fill the space around
structure. the main lead story.
My main responsibility is
to check what stories the
reporters are working on and
Once all that’s done, the stories
are sent out to a team of sub-
editors, who make sure all
see where there might be gaps the grammar and spellings are
in our coverage that we can correct before writing headlines
sort out. for them.

I also help point the reporters When the page is completed it
in the right direction when they is printed out so anyone in the
are writing the stories because office can check for any final

I was a reporter for 22 years! mistakes and then I make any
This could involve suggesting
people to interview, asking But even though I work for a
questions which are not newspaper my job also includes
answered in their stories, or updating the website and our
checking up on certain facts. Twitter and Facebook pages
because now journalists are
When the stories are written I expected to work across all
read through them and choose media platforms - TV, radio,
which are the strongest. print and the web.
These will go at the front of the
paper, while the less important That’s a basic day but with
stories will go towards the so many phone calls and
back. emails flooding in to the office
practically anything can happen!
Once stories are completed
and I’ve decided which pages
they’re going on, myself and
Check out:
the editor can begin to design om
for more help
the pages themselves. on becoming a

First we draw the adverts on


he rs on yo
ur own
: Remember to keep
back-up copies of
g publis ok’
chin f i n i shed ‘bo ct all of your work!
Approa ept a oa
i s h e r s d on’t acc ing an agent t sible
y publ ut hav ’s impos
- Man uscript) witho oesn’t mean it
(man d h
r b e h a lf. That F i n d o ut whic
on you arch .
u g h ! t o d o y our rese e written.
tho eed u’v
l o n e, you n ike the one yo
i t a l need
o u c h o ose to go ublishes books e l i n e s . Do you you
- If y her already p guid his,
b l i s a n y specific I f y o u ignore t
p u hav e site?
w h e t h er they e on their web our stuff.
out pla c ow y
to find s there a ke sure you kn a compu
- Try a l e t t e r o r i
o m a o u u s e
to send ly, s If y
rite it. ut yourself an
t n o t g et a rep h a n d w
migh don’t it ab o ou
i n q u i ry, but . Tell them a b n’t matter if y
ter of onal does
S e n d in a let y more professi experience (it
- look wa you have any
it will ore
w h e t her u s c r i p t. No m
explain man
) p p e n s i n your
don’t. of what
m a r y e
d e a s m all sum !
h p o l i t e . If you’v
u g but
- Incl wo pages thou t h e -point,
tha n t ght - t o -
r a nd strai t sort of style. y
o u r l e tter c l e a
i m f o r tha p u b l i s her, onl
py ,a one and
- Kee pplied for a job m m o re than to each other
ever a lies f r o s tal k
o u g h t o get rep em! Publisher
ky en e of th
o u’re luc hing out to on ll got a copy. e
- I f y
e f u l l t e y ’ v e a n d l e t t ers to th
send th ’t like it if th k best an
d se
w o n u r b o o
they ts yo
y o u t h ink sui one.
d i t t o the one what you’ve
- Sen t elling t
o t h e r s , ly
i t t o a nother. t h e m a friend d it’s
ed send , send s, an
I f i t is reject n t w o months n three month
- tha tha
r t a k e s longer g. Any longer
he in
e publis happen e.
- If th asking what’s to someone els ally
letter o s e n d it i t m i g ht be re
y safe t ough
probabl l i s h e r s even th ntly patient.
s pub ost imp
orta ork you
i t a t e o r haras a n d m i s m , r e w
’t irr calm ritic
- Don ing. Be polite, r a d v i ce and c
tempt the i
e p g o i n g! Take !
d ke gain
f y o u ’ r e rejecte try and try a
- I y,
ript. Tr
36 manusc
write it!
Ever fancied seeing your book
CAN on the shelves? If you think

you’ve got the story to make
it big, then we’ve got the tips
to help you get published.

ry agent: r
Hiring a litera S ea rc h th e Yellow Pages fo
your genre .
t w h o specialises in agent.
- Find a n a ge n
s w h o ca n h el p you find an
writers organis with the publis
sa m e ru le s a s
er of in q u ir y following the p lo t. B e fr ie n dly, polite and
- Send a lett ce and th e n
br ie f su m m ary of experien re ss ed en v el op e so the agent ca
with a andadd
clude a stamped
professional. In
reply to you. ey won’t
ei r op in io n of your work – th .
a sk a li te ra ry agent for th fe e, th ey ’r e p robably shady
- Never ys they’ll give
it for a
like it. If one sa be a long proce
ss but
n g. T h is co u ld
for a readi
T h ey w il l se nd it to a critic
don’t harass th , y ou’re much mor
k e y ou on
- If they ta w ith a publisher
. Agents
ge t a de a l
likely to ey know
There are writers w h a t th ey ’re doing, and th l!
kn ow dea
workshops who will get you the best
w ho to talk to to
look at your inquiry
leters before you a ge n t w il l a p proach publish r
The n d negotiate you
send them. p u bl ic it y a
organise official

n d y ou r p a y . They are your ou
rights a
10 a n d 2 5 p er cent of what y
ke between
is er . T h ey w ill usually ta
earn for this. ntinue to
le a v e a n a ge nt they will co
want to
ca re ful! If you ever r you!
- B u t be
fo r w h a te v er deal they got fo
rake in dosh

Self-publish: to p u bl ish your book fo

ay a com p a n y and
f- p u bl is h in g is where you p a s m a n y a s y ou can afford -
- Sel mber -
l print a set nu
you. They wil
distribute it to on ey the book ma
a ll of th e m
ght and
is m ea n s y ou keep the copyri t of
w h o w a n t to scam people ou
s out ther e .
er e a re a ls o a lot of companie l w h o y ou a gr ee a deal with
Th refu
ed cash, so be ca
their hard-earn eating, so
a s so m e p eo p le think it is ch
pon by a lot of
It is frowned u
be aware. get published.
a ra n te e y ou
way to gu
it ’s do n e sa fe ly, it is a good
to save up!
you may have 37
How t
(But we d

Howzat! Dickie Bird’s

“ You must speak in

the authentic voice

autobiography, the best-selling
sports book of all time, was in
fact written for him by someone
else. But don’t worry this
of the subject
isn’t out of the ordinary, many
‘celebrities’ get someone to do
the donkey work for them. In this An autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by
case it was Keith Lodge, and here that person. So the ghost writer has, in effect, to become that
person. For the purposes of the book, I had to become Dickie
he tells ReadMe the ins and outs
Bird. Not an easy task, I can assure you.
of becoming a ‘ghost writer’.
It meant stepping into his shoes: understanding what made
him tick, empathising with his thoughts and feelings, being
aware of his hopes and dreams. I also had to take note of his
vocabulary, his phrasing of sentences, and the way he spoke.
It was a case of trying to get into his mind, so that what was
written was truly representative of him and would come
across as being straight from the author’s mouth. So I had to
be extremely careful not to lapse into using my own words or

You may not have heard of Dickie Bird, but ask your dad,
uncle, and even your granddad and they will all know I was well aware that quite often you would find an
who you’re talking about. He is the world’s most famous unacknowledged and anonymous ghost-writer writing the
cricket umpire and I had the task of writing his life story... standard ‘me and the lads’ pages of the sportsman pretending
stressful? You bet! It is difficult enough writing a book of any to be an author. And it does not work. It is obvious that it is
description. But what about when you are asked to write not the sportsman himself who has done the writing. And it
an autobiography for someone else - to become a ghost- detracts a great deal from the publication.
writer? That is what happened to me, and I found it a daunting
prospect. It is far better when the ghost-writer is named and yet
the reader is still left thinking the words are those of the
A ghost writer has nothing to do with Casper or eerie sportsman, which is what I set out to achieve with Dickie’s
happenings in the after-life - it’s a term used to describe book.
someone who is employed to write material for another
person, who is the named author.

write it!

to be a
st Writer’
n C a s p e r , w e ’r e talking
e don’t mea

I can’t stress enough that the first essential This was the most difficult task of all. The book had lots of
in any autobiography is that you should description and sadly, Dickie’s range of adjectives is quite small.
speak as if you really are the sportsman
you are writing for.

This is what makes the art of the best

ghost writers so difficult and painstaking,
It was an example of
as well as time consuming.
It took me nine months of hard work to how difficult the work

of a ghost writer can be
complete the required number of words for the publishers and
that meant recording countless tapes building up the
account of Dickie’s life story - in which there was never a dull
moment! I believe it is always best for the ghost-writer to be
someone who the sportsman already knows, and I have to say I
found it extremely helpful that I had known him all my working There are only so many times you can describe places as
life. ‘tremendous’ and people as ‘lovely’. Therefore, I was forced to
use many of my own words and, as a result, it lost the genuine
I was also the ghost writer for two more of Dickie’s books - ‘Dickie’ flavour of the autobiography. It was a further example of
“White Cap and Bails” and “Dickie Bird’s Britain.” The first of how difficult the work of a ghost writer can be. But it can be very
these was a follow-up to the autobiography and had accounts rewarding. So, keep writing folks. And one day, you too may be a
of Dickie’s memories of events at the various grounds on which successful ‘Ghost writer’.
he had umpired. It proved more difficult than the autobiography
because most of the best stories had been told in the first book,
and some stories in the later book were told at second or third
hand. The result was that, although the book sold well, it was not
as satisfying for me, or for the reader. It was not quite authentic
Dickie Bird tale-telling - and it showed. Ewan


Empathise with in the

film ‘The
his thoughts and Writer’

feelings, know his

hopes and dreams
If you’re fed up
waiting for the next issue of

all t ck ou
info he la t our
, au test w
thor boo ebsit
and inte k-re e for
ama rvie lated
zing ws,
writ revie
ing ws
write it!

t o
h a t
W t e :
r i
let the dice decide!
Struggling to know what to write?
Find one from that old board game under the
bed, and roll your way to a fab short story.

How to play:

1) Roll the
dice once for Genre Hero Problem
each category
Setting Villain
2) Circle what
you get Best Time
Horror School Friend
3) Start

Action The A Spy Vampire

4) Send us
your finished
beach Powers
Head- Hero falls in
Fantasy China Granny teacher love with a

Comedy Home Talking School Hero’s

friend is
Giraffe Bully murdered

Romance MI5 Shakespeare Terrorist

HQ missing

Thriller Dark Wizard

Were- Terrorist plot
forest wolf is uncovered
Check out:
to submit your short
stories! 41
sphere May 2010
write it!

Poetry is fun, so
get some done!
Poetry is so boring us he always wanted to be a “Poetry is about writing with You have to analyse
isn’t it? In fact writer but didn’t know how one another. I’d probably Shakespeare because let’s be
the funniest thing or where to start. It was only write a poem with a couple fair he was a bit of a genius,
about reading when he got a grant from a of students and then get them and the teachers seem to love
poets’ work in local arts foundation that he to write their own using the everything he ever did, but
those dull blue became a household name. techniques that they’ve been don’t be put off by him.
anthology books at Now he goes into schools, shown. That way it’s involving
school was trying colleges and theatres talking everyone.”
to understand and teaching poetry and has ‘We’re surrounded
what on earth they regular radio shows on most of So next time by rhythm and rhyme and we
were on about. the BBC stations. you’re
And let’s not counting the
should enjoy making up our own
even get started But he is the first to admit number of poems, we all like song lyrics and
on Shakespeare… that the way poetry is taught stale bogies poetry is just the same’
zzzzz! in schools is probably the on the English
reason for students dropping room wall or
But poetry, according to award to sleep in lessons. He believes imagining a rocket
winning author and poet Ian that there has to be more up the backside of your

McMillan, CAN be made fun if emphasis on newer material teacher rather than sifting Poetry, according to Ian, is
we all just use a little and the poems that are studied through the pages of your about you and your
imagination and a little music. shouldn’t be so ‘old school’. anthology and analysing imagination. So get writing
the ‘greatness’ of those poetry rather than just
“Poetry can be so much fun,
honestly. And I know that might Shakespeare writers, think about Ian and
what he says about
reading it, you never know you
might just enjoy it.
sound like I’m mad but hey, I
am! Seriously though, we’re isn’t all that poetry.
Ian McMillan
surrounded by rhythm and
rhyme and we should enjoy
making up our own poems, we
all like song lyrics and poetry
is just the same. Make poems He said: “I think it’s always
about people you know and important to analyse and
their funny and daft habits and discuss the work of poets from
tendencies. That is always the past such as Shakespeare

a laugh. Don’t offend them because that shapes what we
though, that could be know about poetry today, it
awkward!” helps us to work out what life
used to be like and our place
Poetry can be in the world. And besides
Shakespeare isn’t all that bad!
so much fun, But I certainly think that there
should be more focus on the

honestly pupils own work.

Poetry is about the creativity

and enjoyment of your own
Ian certainly knows what he’s work too.
talking about. Like many of

Each month you can send in your short

r i
stories, and the best entries will be
printed here on the You Write It page.

We judge them and the winner will
receive £50 in book vouchers plus

advice and tips from a published


New Y o r k
Y man’s eyes and he had found
Elizabeth, 14,
only be fair that she would
be put through the immortal
torture that he had to face
and would have to live with
for the rest of his perpetual
Then Buffy saw it, just lying
on the floor. Before anyone

it futile to stain the sleeves of London could notice she picked up
his already-dirty coat even the weapon and suddenly
Buffy Anne Summers glared
more, so he allowed them roll a screeching sound pierced
into the morbid eyes of her
down his face. through the dense room.
attacker. After all of the
The wind continued its The war had begun.
Dominic, 16, assault on the adolescent’s
battles that she had faced and
took victory, none of them
Carlisle face, painting his light skin a
ever caused the pain that she
faint red colour. The meagre
was about to suffer.
A blanket of grim clouds clothes he wore proved
hung over the sky, casting useless in fending off the
The Slayer froze. Nothing This is very scary
a gloomy aura over the city biting cold. The ripped,
in her power could stop this. Elizabeth, well done!
She knew that if she moved
of Manhattan. The autumn dirt-stained jeans, torn
all these people would perish,
breeze seemed unusually white T-shirt with grime and
massacred by the villain that
harsh on this particular day sweat marks, and tattered
faced her.

but it went unnoticed by brown jacket gave him the

i t
She could not risk that, but

people as they went about appearance of a vagrant, but

was there any way to defeat
their lives, except for one none of this mattered to
this beast if she did not move?
person. him. A look of inner turmoil
This battle would end either
A young man sat hunched crept onto his face as he
way. These people would
on a park bench amidst the broke his gaze on the invisible
either come out here alive or
chaos of the lively city. His tormentor.
eyes were transfixed on Why do I keep doing this to
all of them would die and she Samuel, 14,
would watch them screaming
something that appeared to myself? Why can’t I get over
in agony.
be nonexistent, yet in his it? They’ve been dead for
But if these people would
mind was staring right back years. He thought to himself. I hadn't thought that I wanted
die how could the girl cope
at him. He felt like shouting at the this, but when I saw him bite
with all this regret? Not being
An unusual, and often top of his lungs, but all he her I couldn't let myself do
able to save the many people
frightening, observation made managed to do was break nothing. Before I had been
that mattered to her the
by passersby was that his eyes down in tears again. three and helpless, but now I
were a light yellow shade, was older and stronger.
The predator smiled at the
almost as if lightning was I stood and looked at him.
Some great girl, mocking her, curious to
captured in his pupils. He held her harshly, his
predict what the she would
Their gasps of shock went description here mouth clamped onto her
unnoticed by him, though, for Dominic! After all, that small girl was neck, his teeth ripping into
his focus remained diverted. her flesh, blood oozing out of
able to defeat his family killing
Tears were fresh in this young her jagged skin into his open
them along the way. It would

write it!

ri t e i t Winner
Email your short stories to
They must be 250 - 500 words
and remember to include your
name, age and address.

s s i n Good luck!

I ran at the two of them
Assa gun sunshine,” I warned. you’re stupid double agent
and ripped her away from his Chloe, 14, “Or what?” He laughed macho-ness,” I spat at him.
teeth. Blood dripped from his Sheffield mechanically. “But I fooled them about
mouth. “Don’t,” Jim warned him, his loving you. You do look good,
When I leaped on top of His lips trembled against face now wet with tears. like that...” He said cocking
him his face changed from mine. I could hear his heart Jim wiped his face with his gun towards me.
predator-like to startled. But beat race and felt his chest his free hand, the other still “I knew all your brain power
after that my strength seemed moving up and down on pointing a gun to my head. would be in your pants,” I
to have left my body. Pulling mine. His hot breath brushed “You two lovers ever do snarled.
her away from him had taken my cheeks and then he pulled it? Doubtful! You’ll still have “My agency is gunna be so
up all my strength. away. chance after I shoot her, she’d glad when you’re dead,” Jim
I looked into his eyes; I He took a couple of steps probably have been stiff in said.
remembered the condition back then pulled out a large bed any how,” the black man “That’s the bad thing
he and his coven had made. gun from out of the back of laughed. about double agents,” I said,
It took seconds for me to his baggy dark blue jeans and Adrenaline shot through my “They’re always into the
realize what I had to do. pointed the gun to my head. body. I broke the straps on monologuing.”
I scratched my nail across His eyes were wide and blood my feet and ripped the rope I fired my gun, the bullet
my neck. My nail pierced shot and his pupils were fully off my hands. going into his head, his finger
through my skin and blood dilated from the drugs. I flew at the black man and didn’t even flinch on the
found it's way to the surface. “For God’s sake just shoot,” wrapped both my hands trigger.
I saw the resistance in his I snarled. around his gun, then bent it “Eyes always have to be on

eyes, but I pressed his mouth This was all his fault. I tried back and slammed it into his the prize,” I said kicking his
against my neck. against the ropes that tied me face. I quickly moved to his dead body aside.
I felt my blood flow through to the wooden chair I was left and stamped on his foot, “One assassin down, two
my body and into his mouth. strapped to. The ropes dug then moved to his right and to go.”
Nothing could have prepared into my skin, rubbing it away. kicked him in the crotch.
me, but I couldn't help but I could smell my own blood. I picked up the gun from
think that when he bit into “It’s not my fault, I don’t want the floor and bashed it into Well done Chloe!
me it was not the pain I saw to do this,” he said, his eyes his head making sure he was Your chilling story
in my father or mother's eyes. watering. unconscious, then I turned to has won you £50 in
This was what I now craved, “Just get it over with,” I Jim, my gun facing at his head. book vouchers and
they had not. growled, my bare chest, apart
The life that he drank from from my sports bra, rising up
“We still gunna do this?” an exclusive
Jim asked, his true face
me I had given up freely. and down rapidly. writing
reappearing, his tears
A black man walked into gone and his natural workshop
the metal cell and pulled out snarl back. with top
another gun from his belt. “The tears were too teen author
A cracking vampire “Enough chit-chat. Either much, my opinion,” I Anthony
you shoot her or I shoot, but
tale, Samuel. We the bitch has to die,” he said,
said to him. Horowitz!
can’t wait to read on! “I don’t get you. All of
aiming the gun at a more
private part of my body. Anthony Horowitz
“You’re gunna move that

write it!

3. Un
memo derstand h
d ry wo ow yo
1. Plan ahea rks ur
between now Informati
you’re going to do on
Sit down and plan wh
at few hour starts fading from
s. Revise y
and the exams. work for the same our memory afte
you and things at r
first. revision gradually regular in just a
u find most difficult into song e x te rv
s! Whate tend it - or just tu als that
Revise the areas yo ver work rn the
s for you
mary notes 4 .
. Don
2. Make sum than t ’t revise m
wo su o
Gather material and
reduce it into brief,
clear notes.
time bjects re
This will at a
help you
help you keep you
retain the r mind fr
informati esh and
on for lo will

5. Eat properly
Eat healthily and regularly. Your mind needs energy.
Even chocolate works, but not as well as a banana!

6. Choose your study

7. Make sure your study place is comfortable, well-lit,
La quiet and ensure there are no distractions.
Cu st
kee e card -m
p i
to s ng in and s in
u f p ut
m o
ma rmat st-it
o er
forg arm ise a ion to notes ev
et t s for nd, a a isi
o ta the if ne minim re gre on
ke b ed u at f
8. t u
hem s rid be,
e s tic
m . U or
Ke tho to the k the them
Ne ep u g h! e xam all
r . D over
you ves c c r
a a lm on’
r e g u l a
9. Take
bef t o n s t
ore make top yo
the sim ua to stop
exa ple bso f w ill ca u se your memory
m a mis rbin g yours el
nd ta g Over workin
don kes. inform ta l information.
’t o Go a t taking in vi
ver to b ion
stud ed and vousness.
y at early caus ca u se fr u st ration and ner
the th e This can also
last e nig
ce paper
min h t
P r a c t i
will help you
in at io n s o r past papers r.
exam are looking fo
Taking mock th e examiners
an d w h at
ch night.
u tin e co m p leting one ea
a ro
Try to get into
Pa i g e . . .
D e a r A untie Book characters find themselves in the worst
scrapes. ReadMe’s Auntie Paige gives our
favourite fictional heros and heroines the
advice they need to overcome their demons.


Dear Auntie, b im printed on

my Dear Auntie,
d ) Ja c o
nd (and ex
-boyfrien destined to
e two are to me
My best frie at birth, and now th e o ne so close
All my life I’ve dr
eamt of finding
u g h te r it h so m zombies. But no the ocean and es
baby da I cope w caping the
r. How can w I have, I’m al
be togethe ughter? family got left be e. All of my frien
my only da hind. I want to
go back for them
ds and
being with sure they ’re ok
ay. But it will be to make
here, but if I do very dangerous.
ht Saga n’t bother trying I’m safe
, The Twilig
Bella Swan ys... able to live with to get to them
aige sa
myself. What sh I won’t be
n t i e P ould I do?
Au Mary, The Forest of
Hands and Teeth

Dear Bella, en to their Auntie Paige s

f w h a t will happ ached ays...
a re n ts a re scare d o
rs , o n c e they ’ve re
Many p eir daugh te Dear Mary,
specially th that your
children, e e m b ra ce the fact ust. It’s
in a g e . Y o u shou ld
o u k n o w you can tr
a certa ne y out. Trust your instin
te r’ s su it o r is someo c h ild ’s p a rtner inside cts. It sounds as
though you can
daugh w your from them if they ’ve
at you kno opping you our own gotten you this rely on
not often th as a couple that’s st e of y prepare for the
worst though, M
fa r. I think you sh
If it’s your
in d y o u for the sak ghter. you bargained fo ary. You may no
g th is , put it b e h
in e ss o f your dau r. t find what
accep ti n ha p p come
o f m in d , and for the e’s older for trying to
peace when sh SPY OUT
thank you CAST
She won’t ul mate.
e e n h e r and her so
betw Dear Auntie,,
DODGY PAS I know this
dragged into nds crazy but a few m
th onths ago I
Dear Auntie,, crazy missio e world of MI6 and I’v got
ns to count! e been on
and what I back to sch Now I finally to o many
w ith m ys elf knowing who , ool. I want
to see my m have a chance to go
I’m struggling to
liv e e planet before long, I’m afr
a re tu rn er - I’ve been on th pe w ith aid I won’t
fit in anymo
ates but it’s
been so
used to be. I’m t co pulled apart
War Two. I can’ by my dou re. I feel lik
d I ki lle d pe op le during World ne be ca us e they ’ll ble life - wh e I’m being
an d I ca n’ t tell anyo at should I
knowing what I di d an because my Alex Rider, S
e. I kn ow I’m not imagining it torm Rider
think I’m strang lp!
d out. Please he
w ith me when I foun
fri en d w as Auntie P
aige say
Returners s...
Will Hodges, The Dear Alex,

e says...
Auntie Paig Oh Alex! A
scary, you’v ugh seeing your friend
e got to rem s again mig
Just because ember that ht be a bit
you’ve bee these are y
Dear Alex, mean you w n away for a o u r friends.
you now on’t still hav few month
at yo ur fri en d knows because probably w
orried they
e things in co
mmon. Th
s it doesn’t
th est speaking to
It’s a good thing to. I would sugg
you’ve bee
n liv
won’t live u
p to the ex
ey ’re
ne to ta lk ays better est mates ro ing! Why don’t you in citing lifesty
have so m eo
lly th ou gh , because it’s alw und to you vite a few o le
someone profes
sio na but if you
t. Yo u’ re no t a bad person, school start
s? You’ll be
r house for
a gaming se
f your clos-
to get it off your
ch es ways bet- ssion before
th es e aw fu l im ages then it is al common e
less nervou
s and it’ll giv
have flashbacks to talk abou
t at school.
e you some
ta lk . G oo d luck.
ter to
say it!

By George! Orwell
really was good
We check out one of the 20th century’s most famous writers and find out
whether he really is worth all the fuss...

George Orwell. A daft He then put it in ‘modern’ English:

old bat and a politically He is probably best known for his
obsessed fellow whose novels Nineteen Eighty Four and Animal
writings are like Farm, but his views on the accuracy and
Marmite, you either sustainability of the English language are “There were times
you love or you hate of way more benefit to up and coming when he sounded like a
writers and authors like you than anyone bit of a Wazurk”
them. But go beneath
the surface of his else of his generation - and now! He was
ramblings and a true writer with a real grasp of our great
you see that he language. So if you want to be successful,
is a great role pin back your lugholes! ‘Objective considerations of contemporary
model for all of His advice on writing, any type of writing, is phenomena compel the conclusion that
us. both refreshing, and as clear cut as you will success or failure in competitive activities
ever need it to be. exhibits no tendency to be commensurate
with innate capacity, but that a considerable
Do you bang your head on the desk or He said: element of the unpredictable must
tut in disgust if a teacher mentions his invariably be taken into account.’
1. Never use a metaphor, simile, or What on earth is all that about?! It doesn’t
other figure of speech which you are even come close to making sense!
“His advice on writing, any used to seeing in print.
type of writing, is both 2. Never use a long word where a short Orwell knew that it was the second kind
refreshing and as clear cut as you will one will do. of sentence that was gaining ground in the
ever need it to be.” 3. If it is possible to cut a word out, modern English of his day and he warned
always cut it out. that it was in danger of becoming universal.
4. Never use the passive where you can He just wanted things simple, what’s wrong
use the active. with that? We all do. Just because some
name? Or do you cartwheel around the 5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific people use big over-the-top words doesn’t
room after listening to his literary genius? word or a jargon word if you can think of mean they have a clue what they’re
Ok, I know it’s probably not the latter an everyday English equivalent. jabbering on about. It’s the structure and
but I can absolutely guarantee that if you 6. Break any of these rules sooner than the passion that goes into the writing that is
study english language or literature, be it at say anything outright barbarous (silly!) important. Simple is always better.
school, college or university, you will come
across him and his work time and time Simples! Well you would think so. But Well, that’s not bad advice for a man
again. So you’re just going to have to get Orwell decided to translate a passage of that died sixty years ago. Could you,
used to it I’m afraid. good English into modern English to show in all honesty, argue that he didn’t have
how bad our language had gotten. (Oh, a point? Just look around us. In books,
Wazurk and just a word of warning, if you prefer magazines and on television we are
the second passage to the first, then you stifled with words and phrases which
Regardless of what you think of George, probably shouldn’t continue to read this when you look at them closely are just a
and there were times when he sounded article!) load of rubbish really.
like a bit of a wazurk when he wrote
about politics and other shizzle like that, Ecclesiastes So, on behalf of all of us, we apologise
his common sense approach to the English Mr Orwell and we will never think of
language, led him to be described as the The passage from Ecclesiastes reads: ‘I you as a daft old bat again. Quite the
20th century’s best chronicler of English returned and saw under the sun, that the opposite in fact.
culture. Don’t get me wrong, there are a race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the
lot of people who still aren’t overly keen strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor Check out:
o m
on his work, but he is far more respected yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet for more info
on classic authors
now, in academic circles at least, than he favour to men of skill; but time and chance
ever was when he was alive. He died over happeneth to them all.’
half a century ago aged forty six.

say it!

f u t u r e
T h e ?
b o o k s
of The iPad is making a big splash,
but will technology enhance your

Yes! No!
reading experience?

Andre Nunn Katy Hallam

As a huge fan of gadgets and gizmos, an e-book couldn’t be Ok, so I’ll hold my hands up. I’m addicted to Facebook and I’ve
more exciting. spent so long on MSN messenger that smiley’s have practically
replaced my mate’s faces. But there is absolutely no way that
It not only means you can read a book whenever and wherever gadgets and technical wizardry can add anything to the pleasure
you are, it means you can carry hundreds of them around in you get from curling up with a really good book.
your pocket! Depending on how much cash you have to splash,
the amount of books it holds could be almost unlimited. You For a start, it’s just not good for your health. Think of all the blurred
could carry your entire bookshelf around with you! vision and headaches (ouch!) you’ll get reading an entire novel off
a computer screen. If you’re a reader that devours books quicker
If you’re on a long journey and you’re fed up of listening to your than a tube of Pringles, then the paper version is the only way to
Dad’s Status Quo or staring blankly out of the window, you go. And they’ll last forever (if your little sister doesn’t get hold of
have hundreds or thousands of adventures at your fingertips. them!)

It means if you get bored with ‘The Lord of the Rings’, you can It’s not that easy on our wallets either. At a massive £429 for
simply press a few buttons and you’ve got ‘The Diary of Adrian the cheapest version, the iPad is hardly pocket money. But local
Mole’ at the touch of your fingers. If you’re bored of Rowling, libraries are completely free and have fantastic teen sections
you can try some Pullman. crammed with all the big names (from Stephanie Meyer to
Anthony Horowitz!)
And when the whole world’s attentions are focused on carbon
footprints, e-books are a more eco-friendly way to catch up on And at that price you won’t want to carry it everywhere. Books
what’s happening with your favourite characters without causing are the perfect companions on a bus ride or a trip to the beach -
too much damage to the planet. And all for the price of one and they don’t need to be plugged in! Just imagine getting half way
Christmas present! through a new book when the power supply runs out? Or you
have a power cut at home and can‘t finish it for hours? (Eek!)
Something can be said for the feel of a good old-fashioned book
between your fingers, but even more can be said for the book There’s just no way that the bright and beautiful books that cheer
which just keeps going. up our rooms should ever be reduced to a screen. Long live the
paper novel!

Be whatever
you want to be.
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