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Fill in the form (3 minutes)


Juan Pérez
03rd July 1990
Date of Birth (day month
Londres Commented [1]: London (tienes que escribir TODO en
City / Town / Village inglés)

[Mobile number]

House: mark

Street: cable street

[Delivery address]
State: United Kingdom

You have joined the ‘PERFECT AU PAIR’ service. Fill in the form with complete
sentences. Use 20-30 words. You have 7 minutes.

Please tell us about your own family and / or the people you live with.

At the moment, I live sharing a flat with two people from Malaga and a pet in Cadiz, but I
normally live with my parents and my brother in Cordoba.
You are a member of PERFECT AU PAIR website and you are in the chat room. You are
talking to Jane, the mother of a family who is considering hosting you as their au pair.
Talk to Jane using complete sentences. Use 30 to 40 words per answer. You have 10

Jane: Hi! I find your profile quite interesting. Why are you interested in working as an
au pair?

You: Hello Jane

Nice to meet you! Because I would like to improve my level of English. I also find the experience of
living in another country interesting. I think that working as an aupair is an easy and safe way to
have work and accommodation insured.

Jane: Oh, I see! Have you had a look at our profile as a host family? Would you like to
work for us?

You: yes, I would, because I have been talking to a friend who was working with you and my friend
told me that you are a very good person

Jane: I can only offer you a salary of £70 per week, but you won’t have food expenses.
How do you feel about it?
You: I would love to earn 20 pounds more per week, because the standard price of living in this city
is very expensive, but for my first job it's fine.
You are a member of the ‘PERFECT AU PAIR’ service. On your last visit to their website
you saw a private message from a host family.

Dear au pair,

I am sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to keep your £70/week salary due to
recent financial problems. For this reason we have found ourselves forced to reduce
it a 10%.
We feel so sorry about it and will appreciate your comprehension.

Kind regards,

Write an e-mail to friend who also uses the ‘PERFECT AU PAIR’ service. Write your
feelings about the message you received and suggest possible alternatives. Write
about 50 words. You have 10 minutes.

Hello Sara,
What do you think about the decrease of 10% of my working salary? I can’t believe they are going to
lower my salary and work the same hours. If you ask me, the family should offer me fewer hours of
work if they plan to pay less. I just signing up and already a decrease of my salary.

Now, write an email to the host family who sent you that private message, explaining Commented [2]: Me gusta mucho cómo lo has esrito.
¡Sigue así! :D
your feelings about the change and suggesting possible alternatives. Write about 120-
150 words. You have 20 minutes.

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing in relation with the previous e-mail and I want to show you my disagreement about the
decrease of 10% of my working salary to take effect from next week.

I have been working with you for three weeks and I feel It is unacceptable to decrease my salary so
soon after signing up. I think you should rethink the my salary decrease If I am not doing my job very

I would like to suggest several alternatives:

1. First of all, personally I believe that If you have to decrease my salary, you should reduce my
working hours.
2. Secondly, If you do not want to reduce my working hours, I would love you to pay me monthly
a transport card to be able to travel around the city.

I look forward to hearing back from you If my recommendation is acceptable if not, I will look at other
job offers.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully.