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Body Cavities

Go to the following site:

Type, The Organization of the Human Body: Body Cavities on the search box.
Click on The Organization of the Human Body: Body Cavities.

Use the interactive object to label the diagrams below. Take important notes as you go through

Divisions of the Human Body

1. dorsal cranial vertebral - includes _, _,
2. ventral thoracic abdominopelvic , - includes , ,

Color and label the divisions of

the human body in Figure A. Two Major Cavities in the Human Body
1. vental
= located at the back side
2. anterior
= located at the front of the body

Smaller Cavities in the Head

1. frontal
= cavities in the
2. nasal = nose
3. teeth = mouth
4. fibrous
= contains the eyes

Parts of the Dorsal Cavity

cranium = contains the protected
by the skull

spinal cord= contains the
protected by the vertebral column

Figure A
Label the dorsal cavity, cranial cavity, and the spinal cavity on Figure B.

Figure B

Organs found in both cranial and spinal cavities are protected by .

Parts of the Ventral Cavity

1. skull = superior to the diaphragm
2. spinal = inferior to the diaphragm

separates the thoracic and the abdominopelvic cavity.

Label the thoracic, abdominal, pelvic, abdominopelvic, and ventral cavity, and the diaphragm
on Figure B.

pelvic- organ found within the thoracic cavity

thoracic- cavity found in the thoracic cavity that contains the lungs

abodominopelvic- cavity found between the lungs contains the

heart, thymus gland, esophagus, trachea, and some blood vessels
Label the diaphragm,
mediastinum, right and
left pleural cavity,
pericardial cavity,
abdominal cavity, pelvic
cavity, abdominopelvic
cavity, ventral cavity and
thoracic cavity on Figure

Figure C

Examples of organs found in the abdominal cavity:

. gallbladder
. spleen
. pancreas
. liver
Examples of Organs found in the pelvic cavity:
. reproductive organs
. urinary bladder
. colon

or serosa - protects the ventral cavity

- fluid secreted by the serous membrane that

and the layer linings.

Types of Serous Membrane (Serosa)

1. - serosa on the cavity wall
2. - serosa on the organ itself
Assuming the hand is the organ and the
air in the balloon as the serous fluid, label
the parietal serosa, and visceral serosa on Figure E Figure F
Figure D.
Label the visceral peritoneum, parietal
peritoneum on Figure G.

Figure D

Types of Serosa

1. - serosa of the pleural cavity

2. - serosa of the heart

3. - serosa of the abdominopelvic


Label the visceral pleura, and Label

the visceral pericardium, parietal pleura on
Figure E. parietal pericardium on
Figure G
Figure F.