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9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet


100 Multiple choice questions

1. Which of the following measures is more affected by an extreme score? (INFINITHINK)

A. Mean

B. Metacognitive

C. It is learning how to learn and thinking about how

D. Realize

2. To encourage introspection, which is most appropriate? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Questioning method

B. Comparison

C. Reflective

D. Genital

3. The following are characteristics of a child-friendly school EXCEPT (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Exclusive

B. Metacognition

C. Distracter/s

D. observation

4. Teacher H begins a lesson on tumbling by demonstrating front and back somersaults in slow motion and physically guiding his
students through the correct movements. As his students become more skillful, he stands back from the mat and gives verbal
feedback about how to improve. With Vygotsky's theory in mind, what did Teacher H do? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. Scaffolding

B. Channels

C. Gambling AND Smoking AND Illicit relations

D. Essay

5. Which characteristics must be primary considered as a choice of instructional aids? (INFINITHINK)

A. Mode & Median

B. Allowing learners to learn on their own

C. Updated and relevant to Filipino setting

D. Change is an opportunity 1/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

6. Which of the following qualifications may best ensure the professional competence of the school counseling personnel?

A. Early adolescence

B. Pre- operational stage

C. Mastery learning

D. Educational Training

7. There is high level of collaboration and communication in a school community when (LORIMAR-TP)

A. there is regular use of varied means of communication

B. Individual's accountability for learning

C. Able to read, write, compute and apply these skills in their daily lives

D. Special Education AND Access to Education AND Assistance to Disabled Persons

8. To solve moral ambiguity among us Filipinos, we must: (INFINITHINK)

A. central tendency

B. convergent


D. Resources

9. Which technique makes your students teach and learn at the same time? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. To relax the abdominal muscle

B. Peer teaching

C. conditioning

AOTA. Teachers modify classroom practice based on new strategies learned AND Classroom assessment is aligned with the
curriculum AND Instruction is aligned to needs of learners AND Experienced teachers are paired to mentor less - experienced

10. Based on Piaget's theory, what should a teacher provide for children in the sensimotor stage? (EDUPHIL)

A. grades show how a student achieves relative to other students

B. Get to know each member of the class.

C. Games and other physical activities to develop motor skill.

D. A BEED applicant for teaching is being asked for a date by the superintendent, before she could be hired.

11. In curriculum, the basic principle is plan, teach and test, and the three should always be aligned. This principle implies that _____.

A. what to test is based on what has been taught

B. master the subject matter

C. Emphasize the need to give right answers

D. Making a left-handed pupil write with his right hand as this is better 2/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

12. Who among the following needs less verbal counseling but needs more concrete and operational forms of assistance? The
child who _____. (PROF ED A)

A. family

B. has attention-deficit disorder

C. Educational Service Contracting Scheme

D. Erikson

13. Why should negative terms be avoided in the stem of multiple choice items? (INFINITHINK)

A. It quickly and unobtrusively redirects misbehavior once it occurs.

B. They make the construction of alternatives more difficult

C. arbitrariness and bias

D. Define the instructional objective.

14. Teacher B wants to check prior knowledge of his pupils about water pollution. She writes the main topic water pollution in the
center of the chalkboard and encircles it. Then she asks the pupils to provide information that can be clustered around the main
topic. Which technique did the teacher employ? (INFINITHINK)


B. Philippine Normal School

C. Punishment weakens a response

D. Semantic mapping

15. The _____ method is used to make the learners study in detail a specific thing, person or place not known to them.

A. Culture shock

B. Acquired rights

C. Likert scale

D. case study

16. Which of the following may NOT be adequately assessed by a paper-and-pencil test? (LORIMAR-AL)

A. Intelligence is not measured in one form

B. vocational education in the public schools

C. arbitrariness and bias

D. Sight reading in Music

17. Which of the following activities should a teacher vide to his pupils who need more practice to learn the skills? (INFINITHINK)

A. drill

B. Cooperation of PTCA AND Provision of teacher training AND Provision of facilities, materials and equipment

C. fixed the actual teaching time of elementary

D. Portfolio assessment 3/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

18. Which fundamental principle should serve as reminder for a beginning teacher as he/she plans, implements and evaluates the
curriculum? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Learning is always guided by the desired outcomes to be achieved by the learner.

B. The closer you are to the base, the more direct the learning experience becomes.

C. dealing with misbehaving students

D. The percent of cases of a distribution below the given score

19. Helping in the development of graduates who are "maka- diyos" is an influence of _____. (INFINITHINK)

A. love for work and dignity of labor

B. To relax the abdominal muscle

C. classical Christian morality

D. availability of the media

20. Which is NOT a characteristic of a divergent question? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Portfolio assessment

B. Recall-oriented

C. Questionnaire

D. Realize

21. Which competencies are expected of BEEd and BSEd graduates? (LORIMAR-TP)

Higher level literacy and critical thinking AND Principled understanding of the learning processes AND Assuming the
responsibility to sustain professional growth.

Alternative assessment systems including formative, summative, descriptive and negotiated approaches AND Assessment
principles of reliability, validity, flexibility, authenticity, sufficiency and consistency

C. To share the benefits of the education he got in whatever capacity one finds him self

D. The mind of a newborn child is a blank slate. AND All behaviors are determined by environmental events.

22. In putting up exhibits, what instructional materials must be displayed to ensure increased participation? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. patriotic citizen

B. Interactive models

C. Intrinsic

D. Opaque projector

23. Which of the following statements about computer viruses is TRUE? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. The options have no joker.

B. Text files are the only files to be corrupted by viruses.

C. The file size is smaller.

D. Sunday schools 4/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

24. You want your students to answer the questions at the end of a reading lesson. "What did I learn?", "What still puzzle me?",
"What did I enjoy, hate accomplish in the class today"? "How did I learn from the lesson?" Which of the following are you asking
them to do? (INFINITHINK)

A. Rote learning

B. Demonstration

C. Work on a drill

D. Scoring rubric

25. Scaffolding is integral to the _____ theory of learning (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Constructivist

B. Peer tutoring

C. multi- level

D. Constructivist AND essentialist

26. Which violate(s) the principle of respect? (INFINITHINK)

Teacher A tells her students that what Teacher B taught is wrong AND To retaliate, Teacher B advises students not to enroll in
Teacher A's class AND Teacher C secretly gives way to a special favor (e. g. add 2 points to grade) requested by student A, who
is vying for honors.

B. To guide the teacher in the learning activities

AOTA. Developing appropriate curriculum materials that allow students to construct meaning and develop knowledge through
the use of ICT AND Devising strategies to meaningfully integrate technology into the curriculum AND Using pedagogical skills
related to technology AND Providing teachers with skills for using software applications

D. life-centered approach AND core approach

27. You will be assigned to another school after the second grading period. You will: (INFINITHINK)

A. Panel discussion

B. The process of gathering, organizing, and utilizing pertinent data about the clients

C. leave important completed school records to the principal

D. Computer-based self instruction

28. Teacher Dina is directed to pass an undeserving student with a death threat. Which advice will a utilitarian give? (LORIMAR-

AOTA. Teachers must be role models. AND Teachers must always be presentable. AND Teachers must look dignified at all times.
AND Teachers are also models in observing proper dress code.

B. Theorize

C. Multiple intelligence

D. Pass the student. That will be of use to the student, his parents and you. 5/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

29. Example of "Learning to live together" (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Teacher's yearly performance evaluation rating

B. Teaching students and adults the art of dialogue.

C. The file size is smaller.

D. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of students.

30. What statement is FALSE with reference to Section 16 "Teachers' Obligations" of the Batas Pambansa Blg. 232? (INFINITHINK)

A. The rebus method

B. She uses instructional time wisely. AND She puts to use available and appropriate materials.

C. Lao Tsu

Exercise his rights responsibly in the knowledge that he is answerable for any infringement or violation of the public welfare and
of the rights of others.

31. The discrimination index of a test item is -.35. What does this mean? (LORIMAR-AL)

A. Add to the number of foils.

B. DECS Order No. 25

C. Designated instructors by the religious authorities

D. More from the lower group got the item correctly.-

32. Which one works against the improvement of quality education? (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Channels

AOTA. The aims of the curriculum are set by professional and experts. AND Interested groups (teachers, students, communities)
are assumed to agree with the aims of the curriculum. AND Consensus building is not necessary.

C. School working in isolation from community and industry

D. No, the end does not justify the means.

33. What is an implication of this on instructional objectives? "Would you tell me which way I ought to go from here?" asked Alice.
"That depends a good deal on where you want to go." said the cat. "I don't care much, where." said Alice. "Then it doesn't matter
which way you go" said the cat. (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Young children learn as exposed AND Begin as early as possible

B. Has not learned to get along with his agemates

C. With specific objectives, the lesson becomes more focused.

D. Give the learner the necessary assistance until she can be on her own.

34. Asked to do a learning task, Joe hesitates and says, "It's difficult. I don't like it. I can't do it." ... Which statement about Joe is

A. Every child is a potential genius.

B. Has a low sense of self-efficacy

C. Have a learning resource center of materials prepared by teachers.

D. Cooperative learning 6/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

35. Ms. Tapla is designing a Values Formation Program for a group of high school students. Which type of test should she use to
assess the needs of the target participants? (INFINITHINK)

A. Equity Principle

B. Self-actualization

C. mastery skills

D. Personality Test

36. In accordance with the DECS Department Order No. 25, s. 1974, the use of English and Filipino as instructional media starts in

A. Evaluative

B. Generalization

C. Synthesis

D. Grade I

37. Which of the following is NOT a principle of "sustainable development"? (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Living according to each personal attitude and lifestyle

B. it is the activity which is most preferred by pupils.

C. Does the material simulate individualism?

D. Oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, latency stage, genital stage

38. Miss Carlos is an elementary grades teacher in a rural community not reached by electricity yet, but she has some tapes which
can be useful to teach the topics on weather. What practical audio-visual material should she use instead? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Pictures

B. Peer tutoring

C. Obligation

D. Discovery

39. The scope of the board examination for teachers in the elementary level shall consist of, namely: (INFINITHINK)

A. It is open to more than one correct answer

B. Teacher should be non-threatening in her ways.

C. regular and special educators, parents and medical specialists, if available

D. general education and professional education

40. To nurture students' creativity, which activity should a teacher AVOID? (INFINITHINK)

A. Emphasize the need to give right answers

B. Centralized governance

C. No, it is simply earning MA units for promotion.

D. By using and adopting it 7/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

41. In order to keep the teacher from talking "too much" without diminishing her role as a guide during the class discussion, which
of the following would be appropriated? (INFINITHINK)

A. require those who would like to talk to say something

B. Anecdotal record

C. Yes, there is. Every teacher should use class hours for teaching.

D. National Competency-Based Teacher Standards

42. The supreme and over-reaching values that characterizes education is - (INFINITHINK)

A. demography

B. Pygmalion effect

C. human existence

D. Infanthood

43. Teacher Jesus in now 69 years old has been observing changes in himself such as the aging process. Which term refers to the
development change in the individual? (PNU-REVIEWER)

A. No, definitely

B. Maturation

C. None

D. Bandura's

44. You will understand when a pre-school boy asserts that two rows of five coins similarly spaced have equal amounts; but when
one row is spread out so that it is longer than the other, he says it has more coins. Based on Piaget's theory, which ability does he
lack? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. reinforcement

B. Conservation

C. interview

D. Conduct a home visit

45. Which of the following theory can help Miss Samson determine the readiness of her learners by administering a readiness

A. Behaviorism

B. Summative

C. Centralized governance

D. Maturation Theory

46. Which of the following is a right granted to schools as provided in B. P. 232, Sec. 13:1-2? (INFINITHINK)

A. all of the above

B. Educational Training

The right of institutions of higher learning top determines on academic grounds that shall be admitted to study, who may teach,
and what shall be the subject of the study and research.

D. George Herbert Mead 8/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

47. Why do we need to establish classroom routines? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. The end justifies the means

B. To ensure order and discipline

C. Self- evaluation

D. Sketching / Illustrating events

48. Which features of learning environment support meaningful learning and assessment? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. Equity prevails within a given locality since local taxes provide support for schools.

B. Use standards as means of giving feedback on student learning.

C. Attention to development AND Authentic performance AND Active in-depth learning AND Appreciation for diversity

D. Reinforce a good behavior to increase the likelihood that the learner will repeat the response.

49. A sufficient wait time can achieve the following EXCEPT _____ . (INFINITHINK)

A. Discourages slow and fast thinking students to respond

B. It is open to more than one correct answer

C. Learner AND School Facilitator AND Social and Individual Needs

D. grades show how a student achieves relative to other students

50. When school children become mischievous, explosive, rebellious or apathetic, the teacher should first look into the prevailing
classroom management practices. What should be the first step for the teacher to do? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. To write a paragraph that observes unity, coherence, and variety

B. Does the material simulate individualism?

C. Check on the appropriateness of the task assigned for each learner.

D. Teach using the other resources in the school.

51. Mrs. Catalan allowed the students to develop their own portfolio in their own style as long as they show all the non-negotiable
evidences of learning. What principle in portfolio assessment explains this practice? (PNU-REVIEWER)

A. Equity Principle

B. Discrimination

C. Brainstorming

D. Social learning

52. Which statement applies correctly to Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. The question should have only one acceptable answer.

B. As the amount of practice increases, the number of errors decreases.

C. The closer you are from the base, the more direct the learning experience becomes

D. The closer you are to the base, the more direct the learning experience becomes. 9/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

53. This law was enacted on June 8, 1940 and conferred the status of "persons in authority" upon the teacher, professors, and
persons charged with the supervision of public or duly recognized private schools, colleges and universities. (INFINITHINK)

A. Obligation

B. Commonwealth Act No. 578

C. Philippine education encourages voluntary accreditation.

D. access and equity

54. He believes that we acquire knowledge of our world through our senses. He's also the pioneer of the inductive and scientific

A. Semantic mapping

B. John Locke

C. Repeating questions and students' responses

D. The Spaulding method

55. In schools, particularly in the lower grades where children come from diverse backgrounds, teachers are expected to use
varied approaches effectively. Which approach/es would be appropriate for such diversity? (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Give more exercises/situations on comprehension questions.

B. Differentiated teaching approaches AND A variety of instructional materials AND Multi-media materials

C. Performance test in extemporaneous speaking

D. each student has his/her own distinctive style of learning and solving problems

56. Which activity is good for organizing and summarizing? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. improvement of quality education

B. The learners

C. Give the learner the necessary assistance until she can be on her own.

D. Power point presentation

57. Which activity should a teacher have more for his students if he wants them to develop logical-mathematical thinking?

A. Repeating questions and students' responses

B. Make the items homogeneous.

C. Inductive inquiry

D. Problem solving

58. It is best for a teacher to use educational technology in a constructivist way. Which illustrate/s the constructivist's way?

Student writes a reaction paper to an article read in the Internet. AND Student does group project PowerPoint presentation to
the class.

B. Inductive inquiry

C. Pass the student. Why suffer the threat?

D. Channels 10/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

59. Which one describes one responsibility of a teacher in a school dominated by Indigenous Peoples' (IP) children? (LORIMAR-

A. A willingness to suspend judgment until sufficient evidence is represented

B. Real world application of lessons learned

C. all of these

AOTA. Point out the negative elements of their culture to help them improve. AND Help them realize the positive elements of
their culture and make them feel proud about them. AND Teach basic concepts in the context of the IP culture. AND Show them
other peoples' cultures.

60. Which is an important factor in differentiated instructional process? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Entry level indicators

B. Montessori approach

C. Interdisciplinary

D. Cohort survival rate

61. Who of the Following authors would most help Teacher Lito to understand the underlying effects of poverty on academic
achievement? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. Absence of established classroom routines AND Absence of clear rules from the start

B. Show only his child's records.

C. Maslow

D. Performance test

62. What factors must be considered in the choice of best method to be employed in class? (LORIMAR-PT)

AOTA. Early childhood education AND Elementary education AND Secondary education AND Alternative Learning System
AND Education for Children with Special Needs

B. AOTA. Nature of the learners AND Aims and objectives of the lesson AND Available materials in the community

C. Integrating guidance and counseling in daily lessons

D. to call the attention of an inattentive student

63. Which is an element of norm- referenced grading? (INFINITHINK)

A. understanding fears, phobias and love

B. the performance of the group

C. group marriage

D. Mobile teacher 11/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

64. If a student is encourage to develop himself to the fullest and must satisfy his hierarchy of needs, the highest needs to satisfy
according to Maslow is . (INFINITHINK)

A. Standard deviation

B. learner centered

C. Discovery learning

D. Self-actualization

65. Approach every student/pupil as- she/he is without allowing yourself to be influenced by your foreknowledge of her/his
home background. This is an advice from a (an) (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Basic Education Curriculum

B. existentialist-phenomenologist

C. combine her class to your class

D. enhance their counseling skills

66. Teacher R asserts that he needs to make his students get interested in the subject whether they like it or not or may not get
interested at all. This is more the thinking of a _____ (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Essentialist

AOTA. Teachers must be role models. AND Teachers must always be presentable. AND Teachers must look dignified at all times.
AND Teachers are also models in observing proper dress code.

C. All learning experiences organized by the school that the learners undergo

D. Educational Service Contracting Scheme

67. Which test is given to determine the admission or non- admission of the student to the program? (INFINITHINK)

A. Achievement

B. Histogram

C. Placement

D. Reliability

68. Teacher Elena discussed how electricity flows through wires and what generates; J the electric charge. Then she gave the
students wires, bulbs, switches, and dry® cells and told the class to create a circuit that will increase the brightness of each J bulb.
Which one best describes the approach used? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Humanist

B. Designated instructors by the religious authorities

C. It helped students apply scientific method.

D. Buddha

69. Which of these statements reflects BEST active learning? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand."

B. Make her students derive meaning from what is presented

C. Focusing in divergent questions.

D. As the amount of practice increases, the number of errors decreases. 12/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

70. The lowest IQ indicated in the intelligence scale is- (INFINITHINK)

A. Measuring

B. imbecile


D. reading skills needed in other subjects

71. The complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, customs, and any other capabilities and habits
acquired by men as a member of society is - (INFINITHINK)

A. dyslexia

B. culture

C. Enabling

D. authentic assessment

72. Which of the following learner's characteristics will affect most of the learners learning in the academic areas? (PNU-

A. Pass the student. That will be of use to the student, his parents and you.

B. He got a raw score of 75

C. without cost to the government

D. His cognitive characteristics

73. At ranged in order, the steps of the goal- oriented instructional model include. (INFINITHINK)


B. Accommodation

C. Trust, autonomy, initiative

D. all of the above

74. A mother gives her son his favorite snack every time the boy cleans up his room. Afterwards, the boy cleans his room
everyday in anticipation of the snack. Which theory is illustrated? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. Family tree

B. transform his school into a high-performing one

C. Principle of rule ownership level of those concerned AND Principle of appropriate level of teacher dominance

D. Operant conditioning

75. Principal A wants her teachers to be constructivist in their teaching orientation. .... Which material will teachers most likely use?

A. Authoritative

B. materials to use

C. Hypotheses

D. Super-ego and Ego 13/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

76. On whose philosophy was A. S. Neil's Summerhill, one of the most experimental schools, based? (ONLINE LET Prof. Ed.)

A. Help their daughter improve her skills in relating to peers

B. She compares every individual students' scores with others' scores.

C. Learning to know

D. Rousseau

77. Under what type of guidance service does the concern of schools to put students into their most appropriate courses fall?

A. Placement service

B. average learners

C. Accommodation

D. Direct instruction

78. "What kind of world would we have if there were no music?" is an example of which type of question? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Experimentalist

B. Assimilation

C. Synthesis

D. Open-ended

79. To show cause-and-effect relationships for picture smart pupils, which works? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Decontextualized teaching

B. Learned curriculum

C. Early adolescence

D. Graphic organizer

80. The teacher provides various learning activities and methods in her teaching so that diverse needs and interest of learners are
met. Which principle of learning did she consider? (INFINITHINK)

A. Multiple intelligence

B. Metacognitive

C. Classical conditioning

D. Yes, with shared objectives, they become self-motivated.

81. You want to have a small group discussion in your class. Which topics will be best for group discussion? Those topics _____.

A. Students' success depends on the success of the group.

B. As the amount of practice increases, the number of errors decreases.

C. Give more exercises/situations on comprehension questions.

D. where a high degree of consensus among students does not yet exist 14/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

82. William Glasser's control theory states that behavior is inspired by what satisfies a person's want at any given time. What then
must a teacher do to motivate students to learn? (INFINITHINK)

A. Reporting to a Guidance Office is often associated with misbehavior.

B. Superego

C. Teachers should keep track of learning outcomes.

D. Organize a curriculum in a spiral manner

83. Teacher Tess is directed to pass an undeserving student with a death threat. Which advice will a hedonist give? (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Make students and teachers reflect on their learning.

B. As a class, study the life of Filipino heroes.

C. Thematic Apperception Test

D. Pass the student. Why suffer the threat?

84. To be an effective classroom manager teacher must be friendly but at the same time be (INFINITHINK)

A. voice

B. Exercise

C. rigid

D. motives

85. Which type of parenting style is most beneficial to the development of children, according to research? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. Mode & Median

B. Microsoft Word

C. Authoritative

D. neolocal residence

86. During a typhoon, your room was one of those damaged and you were advised to hold classes on the stage. What should
you do to manage the class? (INFINITHINK)

A. create the most conducive and comfortable setting out of the situation

B. Teach learners the skills on how to learn. AND Teach learners how to evaluate information.

C. the premise is true but the conclusion is false

D. Present facts and use them as means in inspiring your class to learn from them.

87. This is the objective of the continuous progression scheme that was introduced in the elementary level in the school year 1970
to 1971. (INFINITHINK)

A. Willingness to take risks


C. Pupils progression according to capacity

D. Education TV is substitute for the teacher. 15/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

88. Value clarification as a strategy in Values Education classes is anchored on which philosophy? (ONLINE LET Prof. Ed.)

A. Cognitive theory

B. Idealism

C. Existentialism

D. Moral wisdom

89. The brain's left hemisphere is involved in _____ function. (INFINITHINK)

A. Diagnostic

B. Metacognition

C. Visual

D. project

90. A person who has had painful experiences at the dentist's office may become fearful at the mere sight of the dentist's office.
Which theory can explain this? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. grievance/complaint office

B. Classical conditioning

C. Model

D. Yes, provided the teacher proceeds to the concrete.

91. Is there a legal basis for increasing the teachers' starting salary to P18,000 a month? (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Yes, the Philippine Constitution.

B. Indirect instruction

C. hypothetical question

D. enhance their counseling skills

92. A teacher rewards a child for doing things correctly. This technique is called: (INFINITHINK)

A. Inductive

B. Pakikiisa

C. Chaining

D. Predicting

93. How will you prevent truancy among students? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Learning math as applied to situations, such as being a tool of science

B. it makes experiences more concrete

C. Prepare your lessons effectively at all times.

D. Pantomime 16/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

94. "When more senses are stimulated, teaching and learning become more effective. " What is an application of this principle?

A. George Herbert Mead

B. Education for All

C. Use multisensory aids

D. Equitable Access

95. With which of the following is poor reading performance associated? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Establish your policies and give your expectations at the beginning of the class.

B. AOTA. Use of rote memorization as reading strategy AND Relatively low self-esteem AND Deprived home environment

C. The use of ICT has negative effects AND The use of ICT has a lot of benefits.

D. Empower them to initiate activities in class.

96. Which should be emphasized more for survival in a fast changing world? (LORIMAR-PT)

A. Learning skills and processes ONLY

B. socialization is a continuous life-long process

C. Learning is always guided by the desired outcomes to be achieved by the learner.

D. Instructional objective

97. After reading and paraphrasing Robert Frost's Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, Mr. Marquez asked the class to
share any insight derived from the poem. .... On which assumption about the learner is Mr. Marquez's act of asking the class to
share their insight based? (LORIMAR-FL )

A. Learners are producers of knowledge not only passive recipients of information.

B. an ineffective distracter

C. Philippine education grants university status to qualified colleges.

D. remedial instruction

98. What produces the condition for excellent team performance? (LORIMAR-TP)

A. Multi-grade


C. Demonstration

D. team norms

99. A big story breaks in your local newspaper. You want to use the headline as an inquiry device. You might begin by _____.

A. By using relevant data to promote continuous school improvement

B. asking the class to infer connotations and denotations from the headline

C. Have a learning resource center of materials prepared by teachers.

D. fixed the actual teaching time of elementary 17/18
9/11/2018 Test: LET Prof Ed (Part 1) - PNU, QUICE, Lorimar, Eduphil, and more | Quizlet

100. The Christian values of compassion, mercy, humility, sacrifices, gratitude and obedience as opposing rigor, practice, pride,
indulgence, reciprocity, and independence, respectively have found the ways of faith, hope and peace in the World. Give your
view in terms of the following: (INFINITHINK)

A. Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary

B. List animals covered with hair in 1 minute

C. likely to generate more peace and harmony

D. refer matter to your principal for appropriate action 18/18