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On June 15, 1998 I became active duty in the USMC.

Prior to my enlistment, I spent 4 years

in JROTC. Notably, I graduated high school as Asst. Battalion Commander.

After high school, I entered boot camp as an E-2, graduating high school with honors. After
bootcamp, I entered MOS school in 29 Palms California, as 2531 Field Radio Operator
School, where I graduated top of my class, and entered in 2532 Multichannel Equipment
Operator Course (MEOC), graduating again at the top of my class. While in MEOC MOS
School, I was promoted to E-3, before graduation. I also received my HUM-V License while
in MOS School.

Then I was sent off to my duty station in Camp Pendleton, California; Mainside, 9th
Communication Battalion, Terrestrial Platoon.

During my stay at 9th Communication, I was under the command of 1st Sgt Reid. During
Operation Colonel Blitz, I had lost signal with my communication endpoints, as I ran a relay
station. I could not perform my duties due to other Marines at their duty post being
intoxicated and negligent to their task. This led to my testifying at their court martial. We
found out later that 2 of the US Marines involved in their derilection of duties, were Mexican
Mafia members. I helped lead CID (Criminal Investigation Division) of the US Navy in their
investigation that led to their court martial. During this, I was attacked several times. I began
drinking, and was put into protective custody by 1st Sgt Reid. The Marines (or their friends),
even though I was moved 3 times from different places (Mainside Camp Pendleton, MCRD
San Diego, 1st Marine Division-San Mateo) by CID/1st Sgt Reid, would locate me, and I
would suffer extensive beatings and constantly dealt with being in life-threatening
environments. The Marines in question went as far as leaving death threats on my barracks
door when was finally moved back to 9th Communication, and stealing my personal effecs,
and yet again, I suffered more beatings. I was finally caught drinking under age, and held

My testimony alone at their court martials, allowed their convictions to happen by way of my
log book, which was verified by the officers of the day on duty, during Operation Colonel

After having being beaten, suffering head trauma, threatened, and being reprimanded for
drinking under age and held liable for harmless victimless incidents while intoxicated, which
led to greater depression, I used cannabis to exit the US Marine Corps because I feared for
my life, due to the inability of my First Sgt, and.the CID to keep me safe, and because I had
felt the USMC had turned it's back on me, and felt like everyone was out to get me.

Since, I have been diagnosed multiple times, with PTSD and recently with a traumatic brain
injury, and ADD/ADHD. Dr Cohen, the initial doctor who diagnosed the PTSD, of Denver,
Colorado, recommended my use of medical cannabis, and a Federal Judge by way of the
Social Security Administration acknowledged his recommendation.

Since, I have saught treatment for both substance and alcohol abuse, while reliving the
traumatic events of the beatings I suffered by Lance Corporal's Vest, Saranos, and Guerrera,
which was witnessed by Sgt Barry Saulters, who was the officer of the day during the major
attack I endured at their hands, and safely extracted me from a broom closet I was forced
into, on the 5th of May, 1999. I have been witnessed by Robin Lipsker, of Pheonix
Therapeutics in Chehalis Washington for PTSD episodes in relation to this single event.
There is not a day that passes that I do not have flashback episodes of that evening.

I believe my enlistment was honorable due to my dedication to my work, my continued

interest in my work, and my integrity which was slowly dissolved by my fellow Marines
attacking me due to their deriliction of duty, which, if was real-time, would have cost
hundreds, if not thousands, and possibly millions of lives due to the fact Microwave
communications (even today) is the most reliable form of telecommunications (even today)
that both the US Armed Services and it's members has to rely on, to provide effective
communication both on, and off the battlefield.

My testimony alone not only helped the Criminal Investigation Division of the US Navy, and
the US Marine Corps arrest, and exile personnel that were careless, negligent, but also very
dangerous to it's own brethren, at it came at the expense of my career I had worked to gain
since high school.

Due to the extenuating circumstances of my active duty time served, I was given a General
other than Honorable discharge, for "Drug Abuse" from cannabis use, which, is now my
federally acknowledged medication for the PTSD I incurred from the traumatic events I
suffered during my active duty service.