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Getting ready for the

challenges of the new

digital world
Lessons learned and new
opportunities unveiled by
Stavanger, March 2017
Our vision…
We at an inflection point, and why do we view this as a
digital revolution?

1  The usage of technologies is now widespread among society; technology and our behavior is converging for the
first time

2  New technologies are maturing at the same time (mobile, social media, digital devices, network reach etc.)
resulting in a step-change in functionality

3  Many enterprises have reached an impasse in their current business models and are looking to the new
technologies to drive future growth and profitability


4  Governments are ‘should bett on digital’ as the key catalyst to modernizing public services, saving costs and
transforming relationships with citizens

A DIGITAL REVOLUTION ENABLED Digital Transformation is the use of technologies to improve radically
BY DIGITAL Transformation the performance or reach of enterprises

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Digital transformation impacts value chain of every industry
creating new business opportunities

move up
Value chain 1 Raw Materials Components OEM Retailer Consumer

Inbound logistics

Outbound logistics



New Digital

Value chain N Raw Materials Components OEM Retailer Consumer

Inbound logistics


Outbound logistics



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SAP is adapting itself to the new order and
S/4 HANA is the core of it’s strategy.

HCM - Human Capital On-premise or

Vendor Management
Manage and procure staffing
Recruiting - Performance SaaS flavors
management - Training
services Core Enterprise: Finance &

HANA Cloud Integration

Cloud-based Integration
Controlling – Manufacturing – Asset
Management (including software
SCM - Supply Chain CRM - Customers management) – Industry specific

Sales & Operations engagement
Demand inventory Front Office
SRM: Full PO management – Supplier
Response & Supply planning Customer insights
management with tight integration to
logistics and production planning –
Embedded catalog
IoT SRM - Suppliers relationship
Device management Strategic Sourcing CRM: Order execution – Post-sales
Shadow device data Catalog Management service – Core transactions –
Events management Universal customer

SCM: Production planning –

scheduling – available to promise –
Transportation management –
warehouse management

HCM: Payroll – Benefits & core

transactions – Universal employee

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…that requires multi-disciplinary skills

Increased business productivity

•Real time, no batch jobs
•Manage by exception concept
•Transparent Integration between Planned & Actuals

Simplified business processes

•Role based Fiori Apps
•Less steps to execute actions

Native integration with Business

•Integrated to Success Factors, Ariba, Hybris, etc.

Simplified technology
•Simplified data model
•No data redundancy
•Mobile ready

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ECC Landscape and Evolution according to SAP


Source: Christian Vogler, Outbound Product Management SAP S/4HANA, SAP SE –Germany July 2016

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What is included in SAP S/4HANA, Enterprise Management
Detailed business scope of the 1610 release

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All key innovations will be developed for S/4 HANA platform

potential for Higher legacy
Limited to compatibility
innovation Fiori Fiori

Limited code

Extra code for

managing data Legacy model

Innovation is transported only if possible

 S/4 HANA is the new SAP corporate platform, and SAP ECC will be supported only till 2025
 SAP priority is to leverage SAP HANA, S/4 simplified data models, and Fiori for developing innovation.
 SAP Innovation will be transported to ECC when possible…

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Now that with S/4 HANA is free to evolve they are working hard to
improve its new ERP platform

We observe a growth in 46% in the number of changes between the last two releases

Logistics - PP  En la SL de S/4 HANA v1610 has 437

Sales & Distribution
 21% are changes in existing functionality
 25% are replacements to existing
Financials -
 37% are elements that are no longer there
 53% of the impact affect PP, SD and MM-IM
Logistics - MM-IM  SL v1511 had 299 entries, in th eversion
1610 we have 437. That represents a growth
of 46% in 11 months
Financials -
Miscellaneous  But real impact will depend on the real usage
of the systems
Logistics - PM
To know more look here:

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On the other hand S/4 HANA adoption is growing fast

 SAP has be Jan 2017, 2300 S/4 HANA on-

going projects and 550 live customers
 Only 30% are upgrades
 Total number of S/4 projects is growing
 Gartner expects a growth in investments in
S/4 HANA projects of 2x till end of 2017
 SAP expects S/4 HANA Public cloud to
represent 14% of SAP ERP market by 2020
 Careful we may have a new “SAP Bubble”
Disclaimer: the information presented above is based on
predictive models, and should be taken only as indicative  Factors that may slow-down adoption:
information. growth of SaaS and BaaS, lack of certified
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All those elements will impact our conversion strategy

The overall cost for the conversion will
depend on the amount of resources
available and the cost for implementing
the changes introduced in the platform

2016 2018 2020 2022 2024

The total estimated cost in time will
depend on the particular functional
3 impact that the S/4 HANA changes will
2 have in a given implementation…
Disclaimer: the information presented above is based on
predictive models, and should be taken only as indicative
0 information.
2016 2018 2020 2022 2024

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Capgemini and SAP do not recommend anymore migratings to Suite
on HANA as an intermediate step to S/4 HANA

A two step conversion represents dedicating 25% to 37% of your time to

conversion activities…


Suite on

Suite on




Conversion New GL Upgrade

project (optional) project

2016 2020 2024 2025

Disclaimer: the information presented above should be taken
End of ECC
only as indicative information. support

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Capgemini and SAP do not recommend anymore migratings to Suite
on HANA as an intermediate step to S/4 HANA

With a one-step migration we would dedicate only 12% to 15% of our time
getting additional resources for innovation.




Conversion New GL New New New New New

project (optional) Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps

2016 2020 2024 2025

Disclaimer: the information presented above should be taken
End of ECC
only as indicative information. support

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What brings S/4 HANA for business
Fiori impact on operations with S/4 HANA

Example: Inventory management

Inventory Manager
Analyze material
Turnover stock

Post Attach Analyze Transfer & Analyze

Goods plant
Entries Document inventory Scrapping Postings

Warehouse Clerk


Duration 8:10 mins Duration: 2:58 mins
Clicks: 135 Clicks: 64
Number of Apps: 10 Number of Apps: 7
Fields filled: 18 Fields filled: 8

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Fiori impact on operations with S/4 HANA

Example: Inventory management (source SAP:

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SAP S/4HANA 1610
Key Innovations mapped to the SAP S/4HANA value levers

Consistent SAP Fiori UX Industry to Core (DIMP, Oil, Retail) SAP S/4HANA Finance in Core Optimized Portfolio & Project Mgmt.
Harmonized User Experience Extend Core Functionalities Integrate Financial Operations for Compliance Management of Strategic Initiatives
Automation Automation Automation Automation

System of Intelligence System of Intelligence System of Intelligence System of Intelligence

Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP)

Business Network Business Network Business Network Business Network

Efficient Procurement Integrated Quality Management Integrated Extended WarehouseMgmt. advanced available to promise
Shopping Experience Efficient Supply Chain Warehouse Logistics Processes Product Strategy Allocation

Automation Automation Automation Automation

System of Intelligence System of Intelligence System of Intelligence System of Intelligence

Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP)

Business Network Business Network Business Network Business Network

Effective Order Management & Billing Embedded Software in R&D Real Time Inventory Management Accelerated MRP
Streamline Order Processing Lifecycle of Embedded Control System Physical Inventory Count Production and Procurement Planning

Automation Automation Automation Automation

System of Intelligence System of Intelligence System of Intelligence System of Intelligence

Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP) Agility (Integration / HCP)

Business Network Business Network Business Network Business Network

Automation: Robotic process automation of existing business processes Agility (Integration / HCP): Service consumption
System of Intelligence: Self-learning system of intelligence based on data Business Network: End-to-end collaboration (supplier and purchasing communities, IoT devices and business processes)

This is the current state of planning and may be changed by SAP at any time without notice

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S/4HANA IS-Oil: partially released in version 1610

 Full enablement of oil & gas Fiori 2.0 with unified look and feel
downstream functionalities
 Redesigned hydrocarbon product
management (HPM)
 Unit-of-measure group enhancement
solution based on simplified HPM
data model
 Inventory Planning Workbench
(IPW) optimized on HANA as part of
the SAP Trader's and Scheduler's
Workbench application
 Role in SAP Fiori for transportation
schedulers with apps for regional
dashboards, nominations, and
 New standard Fiori O&G roles: Source: Michael Lamade, SAP SE Global Head of S/4HANA Industry Program
Supply Chain Manager, Inventory November 2016
Manager, Shipping Specialist, Billing
To know more on Fiori for Oil&Gas:
Clerk, Transportation Scheduler

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Lessons learned from running S/4 HANA
Selected on-going projects on HANA at Capgemini
25 are S/4 HANA


Real time S/4 HANA

analytics New Install

HANA S/4 &

technical SoH support

Global Electric
Digital engeniering &
Global Fashion
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Key takeaways!

 Did not moved to Suite on HANA! Maybe you should move to S/4 HANA
strait away
 No need anymore to move to New GL beforehand. SAP is working to help
you migrating after you move to S/4 HANA
 Check for the impact in your running initiatives: S/4 HANA introduces
functional changes into processes that you may be implementing now: i.e.
TM, WM,…
 Think holistic: S/4 HANA may impact your operational reporting and your
strategy for Business planning and Consolidation. You may be missing great
opportunities for rationalizing your infrastructure
 Your users will love it! S/4 HANA is Fast, real-time, simple and easy to
handle for the business… And it does what SAP claims…

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FARYS business transformation over the years
Increasing Business and IT complexity

Business and IT Further business Introducing

expansion FARYS
Business expansion:
Legal, Financial &
Stakeholder Reporting
Insourcing customer  Migration on
services & billing Suite on SAP
 PPM dashboarding,
 NewGL  BW7.3 KPIs
Stepping into the Migration  BO4.x  Mobile
21st century  ISU  BPC analytics
 Mobile  S/4 HANA
(Workmanager) 1503
 SAP ERP  Lumira
 ….

2002Coming 2005
to one flexible
2010source 2011/12
of the truth 2015 
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Outcome of the project
The New Roadmap

Q1 2015 Q2 2015 Q3 2015 Q4 2015 Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 2016

Definition of new operation model of FARYS

Implementation of
New operational model
wave 1
Implementation of New Operational
HANA upgrade BW & CRM model wave 2 including simple
finance with embedded BPC
Implementation of New Operational
Mobile S4/HANA
model wave 3 including simple
Workmanager migration
Finance Fiori apps

Implementation of
logistical fiori apps

Simple Finance Evaluation of

1.0 Simple Finance 2.0

Evaluation of Simple Logistics

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How to move forward?

Discover Prepare Explore Realize Deploy Run

Evaluate Migrate,
S/4 HANA Configure and Operate &
industry best Integrate, Roll-out
Pilot adapt Support
practices Expand

• Deploy a S/4 HANA sandbox or Pilot • Industrialized • Support end • Business

system user training process
• Validate with key users Standard SAP functionality by using
migration for platform operations
best practices deployment
• Integrate the changes and
• Detailed custom code analysis with emphasis on platform • Support administration
“replacement by standard” & custom code adaptation to S4H • Activate training for • Management
required process of continuous
• Identify quick wins
system changes improvement
• Identify gaps and adapt the platform extensions • Premium and innovation

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Typical Roadmap 2017 – 2020 Preparation activities
Technical activities
Functional activities

2017 2018 2019 2020

BW4 HANA Deployment of Digital
Understand SAP Upgrade CFO Cockpit Platform
roadmap for BW4 (optional)
HANA Integration Planning +
Migrate Planning Actuals
Deployment of
solutions to BPC

Corporate mini
Optimized for S/4 Apps-Fiori
BPC Optimized for S/4
HANA Integrate CDS Views Process
to BI platform (s) optimization
Automation and
Analyze impact of IoT integration
SAP end-of support
Roll-out of Fiori
policy for Planning &
Apps for S/4 HANA
Consolidation tools
Understand SAP S/4 HANA implementation S/4 HANA
strategy for Planning Finance & Billing for implementation
& Consolidation Utilities Evaluate impact on Logistics & Asset
S/4 HANA Management
Pilot in custom developments
cloud (z-code)
Understand S/4 Understand real Business Case for
HANA impact in S/4 HANA Understand S/4
Finance accounting HANA impact
& Billing in Logistics
Analyze impact of SAP end-of support
policy for ECC components

Finance ERP
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Possible transition scenarios to S/4 HANA

New New ERP S/4 HANA on-premise Example:New or existing SAP customer implementing a
Implementation Non SAP S/4 HANA cloud edition new SAP S/4HANA system with initial data load

System Example: Complete conversion of an existing SAP
Conversion SAP ERP S/4 HANA on-premise
conversion Business Suite system to SAP S/4HANA

Landscape SAP ERP system 1

Landscape S/4 HANA on-premise Example: Consolidation of current regional SAP Business
transformation SAP ERP system 2
transformation S/4 HANA cloud edition Suite landscape into one global SAP S/4HANA system
SAP ERP system 3

Example: Existing Business Suite system whose FI

Central Finance S/4 HANA on-premise
S/4 HANA cloud edition
module is installed in a dedicated instance to enforce a
consolidated strategy for FI operations

SAP ERP Example: Existing SCM or SRM system whose

Solution S/4 HANA on-premise
Solution re-re- SAP CRM
design SAP SCM
S/4 HANA cloud edition functionality has been distributed between S/4 HANA and
design Ariba, Hybris, IBP
SAP SRM SaaS solutions

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Example of Business process
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Inventory Valuation for Year End Closing

• MRN0: Deter. Lowest Value:
Market Prices
• KP98: Copy Actual to Plan for
Cost Centers
• S_ALR_87099918: Primary
Cost Planning Dep./Interest
• KP90: Delete Planned Costs
• KP26: Planned Actvity
• CK11N: Create Material Cost
• CK24: Price Update with Cost
• MRN9: Balance Sheet Values
by Account
• FB50, FB50L: Journal entry
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Inventory Valuation for Year End Closing


• Determine lower of cost or
market value
• Change Material
• Balance Sheet Value by
• Post General Journal Entries

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Why Capgemini?
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Capgemini – A Global SAP Leader Since 1993

With more than SAP Practice at Capgemini

190,000 people in
over 40 countries,  More than 16,300 SAP resources globally
Capgemini is one of the  2,500 skilled resources in North America, 4,400 in EMEA,
world's foremost providers
8,000 in APAC and 1,400 in LATAM
of consulting, technology,
and outsourcing services.  30+ Delivery and Solution Design Centers around the globe

SAP Global SAP Gold Partner – Global SAP Global SAP

Services Partner Reseller Program Services Partner Hosting Partner

Designing and delivering solutions that meet your

specific business and technology needs.
As a Global SAP Partner, drives results through licensing, implementation, infrastructure and
application management in key industries across the globe. We focus on delivering business value
through our SAP Delivery and Solution Design Centers using our Intellectual Property solutions for the
Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, HANA; our OnePath pricing and licensing models; and preconfigured
industry solutions across the entire lifecycle of services.

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Capgemini’s Services

Implementation Application Infrastructure

Services Management Services
Broad capabilities within the Enhancing effectiveness and efficiency Infrastructure designed and implemented
SAP consulting services offering. through the dedicated support of our leveraging our COMPLETE Business Cloud
clients’ end-to-end value chain. platform which includes:
SAP Implementation Services including: Application Management & Support: Infrastructure Management:
 Process Redefinition  SAP License Maintenance Support Levels  Sizing and Proactive Cloud Orchestration
 Implementation and Integration 1-3
 Operating System Maintenance and
 SAP Application and Technical Upgrades  100% Dedicated Support Team Patching.
 Program management  Build-to-Run Approach  Infrastructure Monitoring, Metering and
 Training/Change management  Monthly Functional and Basis Support Reporting.

 Full SAP MA and Divestiture transition  Operational dashboards  System Backups.

projects  Root Cause Analysis (RCA)  Network Administration & Security.
 Pre-Implementation deployment/rollout  Proactive preventative maintenance with  Incident Management, Change & Service
Strategy trending analysis Requests.
 Existing SAP System optimizations  SLA Reporting  Full SAP Landscape Support.
 Financials, Sales, Supply Chain  Multiple Disaster Recovery Solution
Management, and Human Resources Options.
 BW, SEM, CRM, APO, PLM, QM, and
 Enhanced Reporting/Executive
* COMPLETE (Capgemini Orchestration
management Reporting
Management PLatform End to End)

We can grow with you!

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Why Capgemini should be your partner on SAP S/4 HANA?

• More than 50 projects deployed in 21 countries based in SAP HANA

Expertise technology. 22 S/4 HANA projects in most industry sectors like Utilities,
Retail, Oil & gas, Chemistry…
• 1400 trained resources (150+ certified)
• Global SAP HANA enablement programs in all key business areas like
Finance and Logistics (in collaboration with SAP).

• Since 2012 developing native SAP HANA applications for POS Analytics
Highway to Innovation for Retail, Smart Meter Analytics for Utilities, Social Media with
Geographic-based real-time feeds. CFO Cockpit RDS for Automotive.
Anti-Terrorism Squad Solution
• Pre-configured cloud deployments of S/4 HANA for Manufacturing and
Consumer products, Oil & Gas and Life Sciences

Service Set-up • Industrialized SAP HANA migration services provided by the Accelerated
Migration Factory
• Standardized tooling for custom code analysis for optimization for Suite on
HANA and S/4 HANA platforms
• Dedicated Centers of Excellence for Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile
integration, as well as a flexible Test & Demo platform

• Expertise in helping our customers in their Digital Transformation journey

Business Value • Dedicated European Centers of Excellence for Finance, Manufacturing
and Retail
• Strong partnership with S/4 HANA ecosystem (on premise & cloud) like
Customers’ Choice HP, IBM, Dell, Amazon AWS, and Virtustream
SAP HANA Adoption
Services Transformation
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Award-winning SAP Leadership Recognized

Awards: 2013 - 2016

Analysts Recognition
 2016 SAP Pinnacle Award Customers’ Choice - Service  Gartner positions Capgemini as a leader
 2015 Pinnacle Award for Services Transformation Partner of the Year in the SAP Application Management
Service Providers, Worldwide Magic
 2015 NA SAP Partner Excellence Award for Platform Solutions Quadrant (2014)
 2015 Brazil SAP Partner Excellence Award for Co-Innovation
 Gartner positions Capgemini as a leader
 2014 SAP Pinnacle Award Winner for SAP HANA Adoption Partner of the in the SAP Implementation Services,
Year Worldwide Magic Quadrant (2014)
 2014 SAP Award of Excellence Capgemini Brazil  Forrester positions Capgemini as a leader
 2014 SAP Award for Best Partner Platform in the Netherlands in the Global SAP Services Wave (Q1
 2014 SAP Pinnacle Awards Finalist in the Customer Choice Award
category  Gartner positions Capgemini as a leader
in the Global SAP Implementation
 SAP Pinnacle Awards 2013 Winner Mobile Co-innovation Partner of the Services Magic Quadrant (2013)
 SAP Pinnacle Awards 2013 FINALIST in the categories “Outsourcing and  Gartner positions Capgemini as a leader
Cloud Services Provider of the Year” and “Quality Award Partner of the Year” in the SAP Application Management
Services Provider Worldwide Magic
 2013 SAP Innovation Partner of the Year Award for Capgemini Sweden Quadrant (2013)

 Forrester positions Capgemini China as a

Local-Global Provider of SAP Services
with strong capabilities (2013)

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3 on-going S/4 HANA projects at Capgemini Spain

SPAIN S4HANA Finance Workforce S/4 HANA Finance Implementation

• 35+ SAP FICO Consultants • Spain’s largest Supermarket.
• 6+ Certifications scheduled in Q4 2016 • Finance, Logistics and Security implementation.
• Next steps: Global logistic and Roll Out
• 3+ S4HANA projects Portugal.

S4HANA Finance and Technical

• International fruit distribution company.
• Finance implementation and logistic integration
in Spain and Germany. Technical
implementation S/4 HANA 1511 version on-
premise (Multitenant, System Replication).
SPAIN HANA Administration Workforce
• Next steps: Operations processes and logistic
• 30+ SAP System Administrators integration.

• 4 Certified Technology SAP HANA

• 2 Certified OS/DB Migration HANA System Administration
• 10+ HANA projects
• One of the main Telecom companies Worldwide.
• HANA technical support, from implementation to
on-going phase.
• Products: BPC, S/4 HANA 1511 (RAR add-on),
Assurance & Compliance, IBO, Central Finance.

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Suite on HANA | S/4HANA
Projects 1/6

Client Sector Geography Scope Live Type
SAP products

77 Energy Oil & Gas North America  Path
Ausnet Services Energy APJ  Migration

Bayer Crop Chemicals Cont. Europe  Migration SCM

Media North America  New Install Cloud (AWS)

Cloud (HEC)
Luxury retailer Retail UK  Migration

Migration Cloud (HEC)

Luxury retailer Retail UK H1 2016

C&J Energy Oil & Gas North America H2 2016 Path HCP

Cameron LNG Energy North America  Path Cloud (AWS)

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Suite on HANA | S/4HANA
Projects 2/6

Client Sector Geography Scope Live Type
SAP products

Chesapeake Oil & Gas North America  Path

China Resources Energy APJ  New Install SAP CRM

CHS Agro North America H1 2016 New Install

CSL Behring GBT

Chemicals North America H1 2017 New Install
(Seqirus) ATT

Farys Utilities Cont. Europe  Migration

Farys Utilities Cont. Europe H1 2016 Migration

Gema Services Cont. Europe H1 2017 Migration

Guangdong Dev APJ H2 2016 New Install

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Suite on HANA | S/4HANA
Projects 3/6

Client Sector Geography Scope Live Type
SAP products

Guerbet Life Sciences Cont. Europe  Path

Hermes Retail Cont. Europe  New Install

ICare Public Sector APJ H2 2016 New Install

Iccrea Banca Cont. Europe H1 2016 New Install BW
Financial Migration
Iccrea Banca Cont. Europe H1 2017

Kingfisher Retail UK  Migration

Kronos Chemicals North America H1 2017 Path

Love’s Retail North America  New Install SuccessFactors

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Suite on HANA | S/4HANA
Projects 4/6

Client Sector Geography Scope Live Type
SAP products

Manchester Cloud (HEC)

Transport UK H1 2016 New Install SuccessFactors
Airport Group Concur / Ariba
Marcegaglia Manufacturing Cont. Europe  Migration

Meijer Retail North America H2 2016 New Install

Financial New Install BW / BPC

Octo Telematics Cont. Europe H2 2016
Services SuccessFactors

Pacific Drilling Oil & Gas North America  Path HANA Live

Presse Druck
Media Cont. Europe H2 2016 New Install Hybris
& Verlags

Riata Conglomerate North America  New Install

Sicad Manufacturing Cont. Europe H1 2017 Path

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Suite on HANA | S/4HANA
Projects 5/6

Client Sector Geography Scope Live Type
SAP products

Suzano Manufacturing South America  Migration

The Fifties Retail South America  New Install

Defense UK H1 2016 New Install

Topco Retail North America  Path

Oil & Gas North America  New Install

Tuscany Drilling Oil & Gas North America 

Universita Lumira
Education Cont. Europe H1 2017 New Install
Cattolica HANA Live

Volvo Cars Manufacturing Cont. Europe H1 2016 Migration

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Suite on HANA | S/4HANA
Projects 6/6

Client Sector Geography Scope Live Type
SAP products

Whirlpool Manufacturing Cont. Europe  Migration

Additional projects: Air France (Assessment SoH), Centrica (POC S/4HANA), Chanel (Assessment SoH), Isolux
(Assessment S/4HANA), German retailer (POC S/4HANA), Bundesagentur fur Arbeit (S/4HANA assessment) …

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Reference details
77 Energy – SoH Implementation

Client is a diversified oilfield services company that provides a wide range of wellsite services and equipment to U.S. land-
Client based exploration and production customers operating in unconventional resource plays. Through their umbrella of
Overview affiliates, they provide comprehensive upstream services, including drilling, pressure pumping, trucking, oilfield rental tools,
rig relocation and water transport and disposal.

Background Solution Benefits

 Implementation of SAP solution to support  The project entailed the implementation of  Technology platform to support strategic
core business processes, consisting of an Energy Path based SAP solution. acquisitions and divestitures
the following:  The approach consisted of many new  Executive reporting and analytics
 Finance to Manage (FTM) dimension SAP products and leading facilitating decision support
 Order to Cash (OTC) edge solutions that were incorporated into  View to company supply chain and spend
 Procure to Pay (PTP) which includes a the ever expanding and comprehensive  Enhanced view to company cash flow
complex, industry leading Ariba to ECC Energy Path offering. Some examples  Potential reduction of DSO
integration include the following:  Potential SG&A and operating expense
 Maintain to Settle (MTS)  Fiori development for rental orders reduction due to process and data
 Analytics (BW)  Warehouse Management supported by consolidation and standardization
 To transform and modernize its Syclo
organization to one governed by  Business Planning and Consolidation
consistent enterprise wide business (BPC)
processes, enabling it to provide market  Expanded Plant Maintenance
leading products and services.  Master Data Governance (MDG)
 Customer engagement to be supported by  Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
timely decision making based on high  The project entailed the full iSAP lifecycle
quality data and analytics. phases and work streams.

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Ausnet Services

Australian based Energy distribution company is Victoria’s largest energy delivery service, owning and operating
Overview approximately $11 billion of electricity and gas distribution assets that service more than 1.3 million Victorian homes and

Background Solution Benefits

 The client implemented a enterprise-wide  Building on the approach to incrementally  The Analytics Solution enables effective
asset and operations management deliver reports to the builds. Capgemini monitoring of existing business KPIs and
transformation, targeting improved safety, introduced an Agile development allows governance over critical business
quality, process improvement and approach across 7 sprints. With Agile processes
efficiency to offer sustainable annual methodology, some of the benefits that  Consolidated platform based on an
benefits was realized were: Enterprise Data Warehouse environment
 The client’s strategy ‘to be a high  Shortens time between ETL, EDW and that contains an integrated SAP data view
performance utility business’ is Report deployment across the implemented business process
underpinned by a migration to SAP Suite  Focuses on developing Go Live critical and one source of truth across various
reports and delivering these into Workout
on HANA based solution (enabling high Program SIT and UAT phases incrementally
SAP and Non SAP data sources at
performance and integrated technology  Consistently measure productivity and different levels of data granularity
platform) demonstrate objective results  Reducing the time-to-value, leveraging
 The Analytics stream delivered strategic,  Focuses on speed by designing by very high performance and advanced data
operational, management and regulatory exception analysis over complex data structures
reporting needs as it provided the  The complete solution was delivered  Increased data visualization and analysis
necessary information and insights to the using SAP BO over SAP BW on HANA with a consistent SAP BO friendly
business for making informed decisions instance. A combination of Reports and interface
Dashboards along with Self Service
capability was successfully delivered.

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Large Chemical group

A global innovation-driven company with a long tradition in research and development serving a global
agricultural community with expertise in high value seeds, innovative chemical and biological crop protection
solutions, and services for modern, sustainable agriculture.

Background Solution Benefits

 Technical upgrade and SAP  Capgemini was in charge for analyzing,  Successful and on time go-live for SAP
HANA adoption and modifying the affected ERP and SAP SCM (first time ever)
₋ SAP SCM Release upgrade from SCM 5.0 customer objects in SAP ERP and SAP  This technical Upgrade to SAP HANA is:
to SCM 7.0 EHP3 SCM (APO) through all phases of the ₋ A clear focus on laying the foundation for
- SAP ERP Support Package upgrade project with an onsite development team future business improvements
from EHP0/SP13 to EHP7/SP6 and EhP and support from Rightshore service ₋ Baseline for all new “Simple Applications”
(Enhancement package) upgrade from teams (development and admin)
₋ Better and faster performance in all areas
EHP0 to EHP7 Additional we did the implementation of
just now
the recommended SAP notes and the
₋ Custom code adaptations ₋ Using less memory on SAP application
detected performance issues by SAP.
 Process-, authorizations adaptations servers overall
 Capgemini was also doing the planning, ₋ Easier DB administration (on HANA)
where required due to upgrade or EHP
setup and analyzing of the load &
 Adapt SAP Add-on´s, 3rd party performance tests.
₋ Reducing effort in maintaining the systems
developments, Interfaces and Sub-
 Capgemini supports all the HANA and
Systems (SAP, non-SAP)  Now the SAP ERP and SAP SCM systems
Non HANA applications with Application
 Performance optimizations and Load Management Services (AMS) “Rightshore are:
testing Towers” ₋ State of the art
 SAP SCM HANA migration from Oracle to ₋ Conform to IT strategy
SAP HANA in a big bang ₋ Ready for innovation

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Broad Green Pictures

Broad Green Pictures is a feature film financing, production and distribution company founded by Gabriel and
Daniel Hammond in 2014. The studio distributes both specialty and wide release films from in-house
development and production as well as acquisitions and co-productions.

Background Solution Benefits

 Broad Green Pictures was using  The accounting module of SAP S/4 HANA  This implementation of SAP S/4 HANA
QuickBooks for recording financial Finance using Capgemini’s Financials Finance and indirect procurement
transactions. EDGE was implemented. provides a fully integrated real-time
 To accommodate their fast growth, the  The solution has been customized with enterprise resource planning system and
company needed a reliable and scalable developments that meet the needs of a more structured books.
financial system with a low total cost of media and entertainment company.  It will help us meet internal and external
ownership.  The SAP products used in the project are reporting needs while eliminating data
SAP S/4 HANA, Fiori Apps, and SAP HANA inconsistencies.
Live.  It will also provide management with a
deeper visibility into the organization as
well as improved financial control.
 With this implementation finance and
procurement organizations are in SAP,
and the real-time reports using SAP HANA
live will help transition from a merely
efficient organization to a more KPI-
driven organization.

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Large Fashion an Luxury retailer - SAP HANA Migration

UK based Global Luxury Brand Premium Fashion Retailer. Designs, sources, manufactures and distributes high-quality
Overview apparel and accessories through its own retail stores and wholesale customers. Also licenses 3 rd parties to manufacture
and distribute products using its brand.

Background Solution Benefits

 Digital vision – viewed as one of the most  HANA Migration solution scope includes:  Successful and on time go-live for all three
innovative & digital brands ₋ ECC on HANA including move to S/4 HANA HANA enables massive simplification to
 Significant investment in SAP – industry Finance business processes and their IT
solutions, back office and analytics + use ₋ FMS replacement for AFS landscape/infrastructure
Hadoop to mine data. ₋ POSDM replaced by CAR  Ability to process and analyse larger data
 Early adopter of SAP HANA – multiple use ₋ BW and BPC on HANA volumes, more frequently, in greater detail
cases across analytics, clientelling, digital and real time
 The above is in addition to the existing HANA
cataloguing sidecar environment  Enabling smarter business solutions e.g.
 Based on success and business value from clientelling which increases customer’s
 Integration to Hadoop is part of the overall
initial HANA deployments, client has decided buying propensity
solution architecture
to go ‘all in’ to HANA:  The SoH platform will support their new
 The hosted HANA applications will be
₋ migrate all its SAP applications onto HANA – business models such as Beauty which drive
migrated on SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud
including deployment of newly developed their revenue growth
(HEC) by Capgemini
HANA based industry solutions  Providing the base of their Digital platform –
 Capgemini will support all the HANA and Non
₋ chose a HANA Enterprise Cloud based enabling transformation of the business
deployment model
HANA applications
processes, operations and analytics

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C&J Energy

C&J Energy Services is a leading provider of well construction, well completions and well services to the oil and
gas industry. As one of the largest completion and production services companies in North America, C&J provides
a suite of services for the entire life cycle of the well.

Background Solution Benefits

 C&J has experienced rapid growth, in  Certified EnergyPath  “Capgemini’s Energy Path solution using
large part through a number of recent  SAP/4HANA- S4 HANA Finance SAP S/4HANA on HEC infrastructure with
acquisitions, including the recently closed SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the perfect
 Scope: Procure to pay (Ariba), HCM
acquisition of the Nabors Completions & fit for C&J Energy Services.”
(SuccessFactors), Order to Cash, Service
Production Services business.  C&J has chosen HCP as their digital
to Cash, Manufacturing, Financials,
 As a consequence, the current C&J Environmental Health and Safety, OCM, platform. The Field Ticketing Solution is
landscape includes multiple systems in FIORI, GRC the 1st application that is built on SAP
different lifecycle stages across business HANA Cloud Platform which captures
 SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) platform
areas causing system and data silos oilfield job information for Oilfield Service
across the organization resulting in:  SAP HANA Cloud Platform as a digital companies. HCP with its offline capability
Collaboration layer delivers ease of use, data accuracy and
₋ Absence of an end-to-end view of core
business processes. Difficulty accessing faster processing of field tickets
complete and consistent data due to  As a result, the number of DSO (Days of
multiple “shadow” systems with multiple Sales Outstanding) is reduced by 30%
“versions of truth”
because pricing information is more
₋ Organizational structures with inadequate readily available for customers to review
integration leading to system and approve.
redundancies and duplication of efforts
 C&J is also able to reduce administrative
₋ Increased IT operations and maintenance
costs of billing for field ticket data entry.

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Cameron LNG – Energy Path on HANA on AWS Cloud

Cameron LNG is liquefied natural gas (LNG) company and has its LNG terminal at Hackberry, Louisiana USA. It is
Overview committed to bring clean and efficient gas supplies to North America. The company is jointly owned by Sempra, GDF SUEZ,
Mitsui and Japan LNG Investment, LLC. It is headquartered in Texas , USA.

Background Solution Benefits

 SAP Implementation was proposed to  The scope of the project included:  It took just 5 months from start to finish and
improve current delivery and also support the ₋ Finance and Controlling it touched every element of the business.
natural gas liquefaction and export facilities ₋ Materials Management
that are being developed next to existing ₋ Plant Maintenance  This is our EnergyPath on HANA solution
Cameron LNG terminal.
₋ Human Resource (Mini Master and CATS) implemented first time on AWS cloud.
₋ Integration with Concur for Employee Travel
and Expense
₋ Integration with EcoSys EPC Project
Management Software and with HSBC Bank
using HSBC ERP link.

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Chesapeake Energy- ERP Solution deployment

Chesapeake Energy Corp is the second-largest producer of natural gas and the 10th largest producer of oil and natural gas
Client liquids in the U.S. Chesapeake has over $20B USD in revenue.

Background Solution Benefits

 Deploy ERP solution to help drive their  READYUpstream PATH Solution built on  Increased visibility into CAPEX
business strategy: Improve financial SAP Business Suite on HANA commitments and actual spend,
discipline and profitable and efficient  HANA Live  Reduced spend and improved Supplier
growth from captured resources  BW on HANA performance via analytics & controls,
 Historically Chesapeake has leveraged  PRA on HANA (Ramp-Up) Optimized utilization of controlled
disparate systems and processes; this  JVA materials & equipment
program is designed to streamline and  Strengthened purchasing and approval
 SAP SuccessFactors
optimize both. controls
 SAP Ariba
 Tightly integrated production and revenue
 SAP Business Objects
accounting processes
 Increased accuracy of owner distributions
 Reduced reverse and rebook transactions
 Strengthened revenue accrual processes
and controls, eliminated manual
processes and spreadsheets
 Increased visibility into workforce
experience and capabilities etc.

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Chinese Beverage Industry-CRM on HANA

The client is owned by a large China Resources Enterprise, a subsidiary of Fortune 500 conglomerate China Resources
Client (ranked 187th). It is a leader in the Chinese beverage industry, and its featured purified water brand is a frontrunner in the
Overview Chinese market.

Background Solution Benefits

 CRM Phase 1 project began June 2nd,  CRM Stage 1 includes three main  First SAP CRM ON HANA project in
2013, successfully went live on information platforms: CRM customer China
September 27th, 2013. relationship management, SUP sales  First CRM ON HANA project in China to
 Products implemented: SAP automation and BO report analysis. successfully go live
CRM/SUP/BO/SAP HANA Specifically, this includes customer
 Uses SAP latest technology and products
management, call management, order
 Implementation team: Capgemini China  Globally innovative corporate digitalization
management, facility management, BO
SAP C&M Team project
report management, SUP mobile
applications and master data  Successful establishment of three major
management digitalization platforms: CRM application,
BI analysis and mobile application
 The CRM project is a First project for
China Resources Enterprise's first large
CRM platform, and is a benchmark
project for China Resources CRM

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CHS Inc- SoH Implementation

•US based Agriculture Cooperative with operations in 33 countries

•Operates 68 Cooperative Brands across the USA, owns two refineries and has a chain of c-stores, actively trades in ag
Client and energy commodities, and operates a wide range of service offerings for farmers.
Overview •2013 - Total revenue up US$48b

Background Solution Benefits

 CHS United – CHS’ vision is one  Solution scope includes:  HANA enables real time position
company on one platform. Currently on  ECC on HANA reporting, contract management and order
many systems at varying levels of fulfillment.
integration. Without a common backbone,  Ability to process and analyse larger data
CHS could not grow.  TM ACM & CTRM on HANA
volumes, more frequently, in greater detail
 No prior SAP investment  BW and BPC on HANA and real time
 RFI & RFP Downselects to an orals  Global template and Buildprint developed  Risk will be understood sooner and
presentation of three competitors. in Blueprint phase managed more efficiently
 CHS selected Cap based on senior team  The HANA applications will be  CHS will be able to acquire and manage
and cultural fit and is implementing SAP implemented on CHS Hardware managed additional brands with less manual
globally.: by Capgemini workarounds
 Migrate all its applications onto  Capgemini will support all the HANA and  Compliance with Commodity Futures
Suite on HANA (possibly) Non HANA applications Trading Commission requirements and
 Phased rollout by business unit /  Hardware purchased through Captech ability to document positions at any given
geography point in time.

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FARYS is a multiservice company, that delivers daily products and services to about 600.000 customers in Flanders.
Those are mainly concentrated to drinking water, shared services center (public tendering support) for (semi) public
Client entities, Road works, Sewage systems, water management for industrial sites and management of sport infrastructures
Overview (public swimming pools and other sport facilities)

Background Solution Benefits

FARYS (ex-TMVW), had their origin in Complete Financial & Operation  Improve Traditional Business Processes
production & distribution of Drinking transformation program – OCEANUS – • Only One source of the truth
Water, as their extended their business that consists of a full NewGL migration, • Straight through processing
they had to become flexible in their finance integrated Business Planning &
solution for the future Consolidation and Project Portfolio • Paperless enablement and real-time
Management , this with an new user dashboarding
interface, on a collaboration platform • Flexible
enabled for internal & external users. The  Drive Data Integrity and a Robust Model
solution is as well mobile enabled. • Integrated master data governance by
clear rules
• Robust but flexible model, which is
future proof
• Correct & real-time performance
reporting and visualisations by ‘warm’

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Guerbet- Suite on HANA implementation

A mid-market pharmaceutical company offering health professionals contrast agents, medical devices and innovative
solutions. Turnover of €403 m in 2012, 1,400 employees and 20 affiliates worldwide.
Products and services available in more than 70 countries through 20 affiliates and a network of agents.
Overview 4 specialized plants in France: 2 chemical sites for the manufacturing of active substances, 2 pharmaceutical sites for the
dissolution and packaging of contrast agents

Background Solution Benefits

 To accompany its strategy of growth in  A SAP Core System built with 3 countries  An IS adapted to Guerbet strategy
USA, Guerbet needed to renovate its IS  France, Portugal & UK in 18 months
(Qualiac) for all business domains except  Go Live in April 2015  More flexible reporting solution – more
for Commercials. readily able to adapt quickly
 SAP Hana, all modules and PO
 A long RFI editor process to select SAP
consolidating intimacy with Capgemini  Pre-configured Pharma
(LifeSciencesPath) usage during Blueprint  Collaborative way of working
 A 6 months RFP selection process Phase
 Capgemini won against Accenture, IBM,  iSAP methodology as a standard  Involvement of IT organization (functional
CGI Logica, BearingPoint (was in the
short list)  for implementation and technical resources) in the project
 Go live April 2015 for 3 countries; roll-out  A mixed team, with Guerbet IS people in
to all affiliales and AM to be managed in the delivery team under Capgemini
2015 responsibility
 Delivery model : France/India (ABAP)

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Luxury goods - A SOH Finance Core Solution

The Group is a 14 product divisions company encompassing leather, scarves, ties, men's wear, women's fashion, perfume,
Client watches, stationery, footwear, gloves, enamel, decorative arts, tableware and jewelry. Turnover of €3 755 million in 2013
Overview with 10 118 employees.

Background Solution Benefits

 Three different SAP teams were working • Capgemini implemented a HANA solution  The result was development of a Finance
independently; resulting in poor that merged key components like Order to Core system built for 3 companies
communications and awareness of other Cash, Finance to manage, Procure to Pay (representing 50% of group turn over) in
critical projects having a direct impact on and MDG/GRC/Adobe Screen Personas. France and Switzerland.
the go live
• The delivery model is France-India

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Gruppo Bancario Iccrea

Iccrea Banking Group (GBI) is made up of Companies that provide exclusive products and services to more than 400 BCC-
CR (Banche di Credito Cooperativo e Casse Rurali –Cooperative Credit Banks – Rural Savings Banks) in Italy. Iccrea
Client Group companies provide advanced financial instruments, savings management and pension products, credit solutions for
Overview small and medium size enterprises and extraordinary finance. Iccrea Holding, whose capital is held by BCC-CR, controls
Iccrea Banking Group companies.

Background Solution Benefits

• Cost Management Project has set • Define a new Chart of Account valid for all  Single point of data source for budget and
challenging objectives for GBI to design GBI legal entities cost
and implement harmonized processes and • Design the harmonised processes for Cost  Clear defined responsibilities and rules that
data model for achieving both the Strategic Management enable simple and fluid processes
objective to strenght the Holding role in • Implement an SAP solution SoH to cover  Architecture ready for the next phase
terms of Governance and the Operative the budget process with BPC and the (enhancement in terms of UX and
objective to reduce significantly external purchasing/accounting processes with S/4HANA Finance)
service cost. ECC (MM, FM, CO, PS, FI, AA) and BW
• The following pillars are the basis for the for reporting
transformation project: • Design and implement a disaster recovery
• Budget process output is an approved architecture based on SAP Hana
budget that can be spent without any other replication
further top management approval.
• Budget is defined and managed by a limited
number of Responsability Centers for the
the whole Group
• Set up a Centralized organization for
purchasing and accounting processes

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Kronos Worldwide, Inc is a global producer and marketer of value-added titanium dioxide pigments, or TiO2, a
base industrial product used in a wide range of applications. The company sells and provides technical services for
its products to customers in Europe and North America.

Background Solution Benefits

 The first wave of the project involves  ChemPATH  Project HANA will be centered on three
building the foundation for complete  SAP/4HANA- S4 HANA Finance major areas of Kronos:
global transformation, where Capgemini ₋ Finance
will help Kronos transform their legacy ₋ Sales
application portfolio. ₋ Operations (including Procurement, Plant
 We will be working directly with SAP Maintenance, Manufacturing and Quality
around the new ChemPath Management).
solution model, as well as Thermo Fisher  As HANA is an existing Enterprise
Scientific for the LIMS/EQI Enterprise Architecture platform, it will address
Intelligence solution. client’s functional IT needs, while
 The project will be delivered from Dallas, providing an integrated solution to their
USA; Leverkusen, Germany; Capgemini’s business management and planning
Solution Design Center in Houston; and needs.
Capgemini India offices.  This will enable to be proactive with more
timely, flexible and efficient reporting
tools, and help them respond to their
evolving business needs.

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Love’s- SAP HANA Implementation

Client The client has chain of hundreds of truck stops and convenience stores located across United States

Background Solution Benefits

 Three different SAP teams were working • Capgemini positioned a formal structure  Successful and on time go-live for all three
independently; resulting in poor together to bring all three SAP team with projects and very short hyper care period
communications and awareness of other individual project managers under a and virtually no show stoppers during
critical projects having a direct impact on common umbrella of PMO. cutover or after go live.
the go live  We facilitated design decisions which did  Successful call center transformation with
not adversely impact other projects. significant reduction in call handling time
 We also introduced weekly status reports and streamlining of customer care
to track progress and tackle issues. operations.
 Regular project meetings and project  Capgemini is considered as a trusted
templates are put together to address risks advisor to Loves management team and
and capture milestones. are currently in the process of defining
 SAP RDS methodology was used to future CRM roadmap which includes cloud
conduct initial design before Capgemini based offerings along with more robust
was engaged marketing functionality
 End user training was provided using Train
the trainer approach
 FTE: Capgemini: 1, SAP: 15, Client: 6
 Modules: SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp3, SAP HANA,
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Manchester Airport Group

MAG is the largest UK airport owner and operator, which includes Manchester, London Stansted, East
Client Midlands and Bournemouth airports

Background Solution Benefits

 Customer needed an enterprise resource  The project will cover integration of different
planning (ERP) platform that can provide a systems and processes across the four  The outcome of this project would be
core business model which will ultimately airports, enabled by new-wave SAP improved customer service and cost savings
support efficient and scalable future technologies underpinned by SAP Business for MAG
growth. Suite 4 SAP HANA® (SAP S/4HANA), which is  It is our 1st Greenfield Business Suite on
designed to drive innovation by connecting HANA deal including ERP and BPC.
people, devices and networks in real time to  It is a true hybrid landscape including HANA
support the development of new business Enterprise Cloud, Amazon Web Services and
models. on-premise infrastructure.
 The platform will be a hybrid cloud platform  We are using all SAP SaaS products except
including SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and Fieldglass; that’s SuccessFactors, Ariba and
other software-as-a-service products, Concur.
including the SuccessFactors® Employee  We’re using HANALive as the reporting
Central Payroll solution from SuccessFactors, engine as the basis for a future BI strategy.
travel and expense management service from
 We’re reviewing the use of S/4 HANA
Concur and cloud based commerce
Finance for potential future use.
applications from Ariba.

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Marcegaglia - SoH migration

Overview Marcegaglia is the leading industrial holding on a global level in the steel processing sector, located in Italy

Background Solution Benefits

 Client have a SAP R/3 4.0b obsolete  Capgemini’s solution consist on a project  Successful and on time go-live for all three
release, used by more than one thousand organized on more streams: projects and very short hyper care period
end-users, with 2.5Tb database volume.  STREAM1 consist on a technical upgrade and virtually no show stoppers during
 More than four thousand custom objects starting from SAP R/3 4.0b on MS-SQL cutover or after go live.
have been created to adjust the standard with a db of 2.5Tb to SAP ERP on HANA,  Successful call center transformation with
SAP processes to the Business adapting and optimizing all the ABAP significant reduction in call handling time
requirements. custom code to the new release on HANA and streamlining of customer care
 A lot of interfaces between SAP and non-  STREAM2 consist on innovate, simplify operations.
SAP systems have been defined to and accelerate some core-processes using  Capgemini is considered as a trusted
manage the processes the new SAP ERP release on HANA advisor to Loves management team and
 Business Processes and Business  The two stream will have a single Go-Live are currently in the process of defining
Intelligence require an important re- for all the company, sites and end-users future CRM roadmap which includes cloud
engineering to come back to standard SAP (more than 1 thousand) based offerings along with more robust
to be able to activate new SAP standard  New streams will be defined during the marketing functionality
products. project on additional areas: Business
Intelligence, Finance, Sales, Purchasing,

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OCTO Telematics

OCTO is the global brand leader in providing insurance Telematics services as well as pioneering applications in motor
rental and fleet management, car manufacturing, governmental sectors and a fast growing range of specialist applications.
Client OCTO is the largest Insurance Telematics provider in Europe with 4 million active contracts to date and fast growing at the
Overview rate of 8,000+ new installations per day.

Background Solution Benefits

 Today, OCTO Telematics’ primary focus is • Turn-key project:  Significant time reduction of the financial
the provision of insurance Telematics  SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7: Finance (FI), closures
through an end-toend service - from the Controlling (CO), Materials Management
design and installation of the on board (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Plant  Increase the automation level of
unit (OBU or device) to the aggregation, Maintenance (PM), Logistics Execution processes currently running in a manual
analysis and distribution of the data to the (LE), Production Planning (PP), Human way (e.g. data reconciliation, etc.)
insurance company. Capital Management (PA,OM,TM)  Enabling capabilities to perform analysis
 In addition to core insurance Telematics • SAP Business Intelligence (BI) 7.4 on all data managed by the new platform
services, OCTO Telematics offers other • SAP Business Planning & Consolidation  Supporting planned growth of OCTO in
Telematics services - including fleet 10.0 - version for SAP NetWeaver terms of both volumes, countries and
management, remote vehicle diagnostic • SuccessFactors Employee Central, objectives
and control, road traffic information, Goal & Performance, Recruiting,
vehicle video recording and surveillance Learning  Full auditability and effectiveness of
services. internal controls over financial reporting
 Full processes compliance

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Pacific Drilling - HANA Live

Pacific Drilling S.A. is a growing offshore drilling company that provides global ultra-deepwater drilling services to the oil and
Client natural gas industry through the use of high-specification drillships. Their corporate offices are located in Houston, Texas,
Overview with offices in Brazil, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Singapore and South Korea.

Background Solution Benefits

• Pacific Drilling has an SAP ERP • Pacific Drilling decided to migrate to  With SOH, merging transactional database
implementation for its offshore drilling Business Suite on HANA, and did so with made sense:
business. Pacific Drilling was using the help of Capgemini and SAP. The • Landscape simplification
Capgemini’s EnergyPath solution. migration process was done quickly and • Real-time
the client has been live on Suite on HANA
• No ETL
• When Pacific Drilling was upgrading its for ~7 months.
• Time to value acceleration
SAP ECC instances, they realized that • After its Suite on HANA migration, Pacific for analytics
their platform was not optimal for growth Drilling decided to launch a second
project to explore other uses for HANA • HANA DB requires less administration
• Enhancement pack upgrade & hardware
such as HANA Live. In Sept 2013, Pacific than traditional DBs
replacement needed for ERP
Drilling was one of 3 customers worldwide
• Requirements for business intelligence
on HANA Live for Analytics.
reports & dashboards, not just
transactional reports

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Riata- Suite on HANA Implementation

Riata Corporate Group is a conglomerate of companies including multiple brands across Energy and Retail sectors that
Client operate in various international locations. Riata has selected SAP as their core ERP system for all the sectors.
Overview Implementation will be done company by company over the next 36 months

Background Solution Benefits

• Riata is a rapidly growing company with • Capgemini implemented SAP Business

their primary growth being through Suite on HANA.
acquisitions and partnerships and • This is one of the very few Business
needed a common business system to Suite on HANA that SAP has sold
synchronize the business processes to through the re-seller channel, further
the fullest extent demonstrating the value we are bringing
• They run a very lean workforce and to SAP in the field.
needed for the system to easy to add • Capgemini started with a common global
acquisitions and to enable cross blueprint design that will be leveraged
company resource sharing for implementations at the various Riata
• Their current IT solutions was operating companies.
inadequate to meet their current • The current implementation road-map
business needs and could not extends till mid 2015 across an initial 7
accommodate their growth plans companies.

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Suzano - SAP ERP 4.7 Migration to SAP ERP 6.0 SOH

Suzano Pulp and Paper is a company with a 90 year history marked by the constant pursuit of sustainable
Client development.Today Suzano works in the field of eucalyptus pulp,marketed in 31countries, printing and writing paper(coated
Overview and uncoated) andpaperboard,withfourlines and around 30brands, sold in 60 countries.

Background Solution Benefits

• Suzano in recent years has devoted great • Technical ERP SAP Upgrade to Suite on • Rapid Deployment of best market
efforts for the expansion of the company Hana practices;
and found that the current technological • GRC-AC implementation and Profile • Strategic Transformation Roadmap
platform needs to be up and the rebuild (2013-2016).
management of the operation does not
• SAP GRC-Nfe 10.0 Implementation  Less costs with maintenance of software
support this growth.
• SAP TRM / CLM Migration and with coupled services of Upgrade and
Limeira's Rollout,morespeed in the
• TAXBRJ intoTAXBRA Migration
implementation of projects like Archiving
• MP135 Standard Implementation ,NFe,TAXBRA and new processes thus
• Limeira´s Plant Rollout ensuring competitive advantages with a
single system to management for all its
. business units for an investment of
USD4,000,000 with estimated ROI of
9.29% within 3years.

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Transatlantic Petroleum
SAP Business Suite on HANA Implementation

Transatlantic Petroleum is an international energy producer engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and
Client production of oil and natural gas. With portfolio of assets in Turkey, Bulgaria and Albania, TransAtlantic’s focus is to acquire
Overview and develop assets with known production potential in countries that have favorable fiscal terms and prices

Background Solution Benefits

An IT platform to support growth and • SAP Licenses sale (OnePath) and • Timely and accurate information for
international expansion. Better information Implementation, SAP HANA in Suites- ECC making business decisions, An IT platform
flow to support timely decisions to support growth and expansion.
• SAP software (SAP Business Suite on
HANA, BW and BI) and design services
• This is one of the very few Business
• We are starting with a common global Suite on HANA deals that SAP has sold
blueprint design that will be leveraged for through the re-seller channel, further
implementations at the various Riata demonstrating the value we are bringing
operating companies. The current to SAP in the field
implementation road-map extends till mid
2015 across an initial 7 companies.

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The Fifties

Restaurant The Fifties operates in Brazil since 1993 in Foods segment. It has a total of 33 stores in several Brazilian states
Client acting with two flags, The Fifties and Burger Lovers. Considered by many consecutive years the best Hamburguer from São
Overview Paulo city.

Background Solution Benefits

 The company The Fifties was acquired by  The solution included the installation of  The Riata Group acquired the
American company Riata, an investment SAP localization part, contemplating consolidated financial information of the
group based in Dallas. The Riata has purchasing modules, production, financial, whole group.
companies in several countries, and accounting, sales, invoice 3:10 (GRC),
 Speed and accuracy in financial
operating in various sectors such as oil & and transportation.
processes due to integration with POS
energy, tourism, entertainment, education,  Platform based on HANA database. and the development of automatic
and food.  A developed for the POS system (point of reconciliation.
 In 2013 the Riata group started a global sales), where all the information from  Cost reduction, to be using a single
project to implement SAP in all group shops receipts, generated a sales order environment for all businesses.
companies. and accounting automatically into SAP.
 The challenge of this project was of using  Implemented automatic reconciliation of
a single instance, to many different payment methods like credit card.
countries and segments, as well as HANA
database, new SAP tool.

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Topco-SAP HANA Analytics

Topco Associates LLC is the largest American retail food GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) and the third largest private
company in Illinois. The company is privately held that provides innovative business solutions for its food industry member-
Client owners and customers Topco leverages the collective volume, knowledge to create a competitive advantage. Topco
Overview provides procurement, QA, packaging and other services for its member owners which includes supermarket retailers, food
wholesalers, distributors, etc

Background Solution Benefits

 Topco made the decision to implement  The overall projects are an OnePath  Overall benefits, is a full ERP system
a full ERP system to replace many model including SAP licensing, SAP implemented, hosted and supported
different applications Implementation, Legacy Run Support,  It also takes the “distraction” and risk
SAP Run Support, and full of IT off of Topco’s hands so they can
 Capgemini was chosen to assist Topco infrastructure support including SAP focus on their core businesses.
in the assessment. Topco did not Hosting
have the internal capabilities to
implement or run the ERP system  This is a full ITO deal and included:
SAP build, Application Management
 The goal of the project is to mitigate Services (AMS), Infrastructure,
the risk of moving to the ERP in order Hosting, and SAP Licensing
to focus on the core business and
improve relationships to the  SAP build, Application Management
member/owners Services (AMS), Infrastructure,
Hosting, and SAP Licensing, SAP ERP
 SAP OnePath
 DistributionPath

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Universita Cattolica del Sacre Cuore

Client Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is the biggest private university in Europe (with 41.000 students and 1.400
Overview professors)

Background Solution Benefits

 At the beginning of 2015, UCSC decided • Capgemini’ solution consist on a project  Simplify the IT Landscape, dismissing
to launch a transformation program structured as follow: several legacy systems for accounting
involving all the back-office activities and – Define a new and consistent data model and and logistic
processes business model, making back-end processes
simple and fast  Reduce the complexity in terms of
 UCSC administrative and logistic – Define a new Accounting/Controlling model integration
processes run at the moment on several that leverages on SFIN2.0 new features
legacy systems with relevant problems in  Simplify and harmonize back-end
– Deploy SAP FIORI apps to deploy internal
terms of integration, redundancy and approval processes (related to payment processes
consistency requests, purchase requisition, purchase  Deploy a planning and controlling
orders, …..) system with consistent and reliable
 The most important and critical processes – Take advantage of LUMIRA and Cristal
(such as periodic end closing and Report to satisfy most common needing in
managerial reporting) show lacks and terms of finance and controlling requirements  Deploy a reporting system with a real
don’t fit with time based business – Implement SAP SFIN new features to simplify focus on cost analysis and profitability
requirements and make effective the periodic end closing
analysis (i.e. “aggregation on the fly”)
 Harmonization needing (on business side) – New Features: S/4 HANA Finance 2.0, HANA  Improve Treasury processes avoiding
and IT landscape simplification were LIVE, LUMIRA, CRISTAL REPORT manual and time loosing activities
required • UCSC will soon analyze the benefits from
SAP BW and SAP Strategic Management  Improve the user experience with SAP
to enlarge the project scope Fiori, applying multi-device apps

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Volvo Cars

 Sweden based, Chinese owned luxury car manufacturer, 12.980 MEuro revenue 2013
 Capgemini CMA accounts in Sweden, business relationship lasting for more than 20 years.
Client  In the SAP area we have been supporting Volvo cars in a number of projects (among others the separation between Ford
Overview and Volvo in 2010) and we are also the current AM service provider for their SAP platform

Background Solution Benefits

 Volvo Cars run an SAP implementation  Consolidation of two SAP systems with  Initially this is an IT project with the key
from mid nineties, in a very scattered three clients in each to a 1 system/ 1 benefits on the cost efficiency side…
landscape, the current setup is hitting its client environment  …but with a clear focus on laying the
capacity limits, hence a hardware foundation for future business
 A combined upgrade/migrate/consolidate
migration was needed improvements
approach, fully utilizing SAP SLO services
 The current scattered environment also  Lays the foundation for expansion of SAP
for the ECC environment
puts hinders for the rollback of the China footprint, e.g. within the manuf domain,
manuf solution to Europe  Migration of systems to both HANA and SOP, etc
 VCC decided to consolidate on new ASE, to optimize cost effectiveness  HANA Live will give “information at the
hardware  Greenfield BW implementation with a finger tips”, a huge change for a customer
 Initial partner of choice was Infosys, we HANA Live PoC that is used to run CO-PA reports with
started as underdogs built confidence in  The entire deal was enabled by a financial performance issues
our capabilities model, which includes an extension of our  The commercial model with a monthly
 During the process we “rocked the boat”, current AM and a transfer from CAPEX to OPEX fee is the enabler for the entire
leading to a review by Accenture – and OPEX to optimize cash flow deal, and was initially launched by
Infosys was pushed out Capgemini during the RFP process as a
 In the end we beat Accenture due to the way to “rock the boat”
trust and relations we have established
with both SAP and VCC CoE
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Whirlpool - Pinnacle Program

The Whirlpool Corporation is the largest home appliance maker in the world. It is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer
of home appliances, with headquarter in the United States. The Group has annual revenue of approximately $20 billion, 100,000
employees, and more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world.
Overview After acquiring Indesit Group (Italian Group) in 2014, the Whirlpool EMEA launched an large Transformation Program to review EMEA
Organization and redesign processes under a new IT Solution based on SAP HANA.

Background Solution Benefits

 Whirlpool and Indesit are running their core  ERP Scope: Finance, Controlling,  Enable ‘One Whirlpool’ in EMEA, thanks to
business on SAP ERP ECC 6.0. Sales&Distribution, Planning, Production, the implementation of a common Business
 They are moving their ERP systems on a Purchasing, Plant Maintenance, Inventory Model in an integrated platform
New SAP ERP system based on HANA as and Warehouse Management  Enable integration, simplification, synergies
DB, using Hosting services provided by an  SAP HANA in private cloud and operational excellence within an
outsourcer.  Integration with BI, CRM, APO Integrated Solution
 The new system will be created from scratch  Implementation of MII to integrate Plants  Get an I/T architecture based on a standard
starting from the Best practice already used in Shop Floor Systems platform with features of scalability and
the two SAP systems extendibility to multiple organizations;
 Integration of Supplier Portals for Spare Parts
 After an high level desing the customer and Components  Providing more effective management
divided the realization phase in 3 streams: information
 Parallel Replacement of APO with IBP
– Functional Manufacturing - about  Simplifying processes by adopting best
manufacturing area where the business practices
process are linked with the manufacturing  PI as Interface Middleware
sites and factory distribution centers;  Program has been organized in waves
– Functional NSO - about Sales and Finance  Global Template and Slovakia Pilot
area where the business process are linked
with a COMPANY CODE  Deployment in Countries
– Technological – System management, – Commercial Subsidiaries in all European
technical integration& Developments Countries
– Main Manufacturing Companies: Italy,
Poland, Russia, Turkey, UK, France

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