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Ibad Ambalawala

Business Development & Lead Generation

Highly motivated professional with skills and expertise developed in the domain of physical trading and
business development of various commodities. +92-345-8206009 Karachi, Paksitan


Business Development Manager International Trade Global Sourcing
Dadacom International
02/2018 – Present Karachi, Pakistan Team Management
Dadacom International is an independent trading house which deals in certain
commodities such as wheat, rice, sugar, fertilizer, oil seeds, pet coke & Coal.
Business Development Leadership
Initiated and developed new Partner relationships, providing strategic
Market Research Negotiation
alliances and business opportunities.
Re-branded existing portfolio with new marketing strategy and materials,
Presentation Skills
highlighting competitive advantages and value proposition for Partners and
Responsible for originating new business via cold calls, referrals, cross-
selling, networking and trade. ACHIEVEMENTS
Compiled the data and constructed the proposals which included Restructuring Quality Control Department
collaboration with the management on deal terms. (02/2015)
Acted as the lead presenter and drove the proposal presentation meetings. Successfully restructured the Quality Control
Department with new hiring and on job training.
Negotiated contract terms, built contracts and managed the "red-line"
Exclusivity (09/2014)
Signed a MOU with 2 existing buyers in the portfolio for
exclusive supply of Coal.
Head of Outbound Tours
Travel Mate Developing New Business (10/2013)
Introduced new buyers with a cumulative demand of
05/2016 – 12/2017 Karachi, Pakistan
80,000 Tons per month to the existing coal sales
Travel Mate is 100% family owned Travel agency which specializes in group tours, luxury portfolio of the company.
vacation packages, Hajj & Umrah Services.
New Business Line (09/2012)
Redefined all departmental operational procedures increasing efficiency Introduced Super Dry Desiccants as a new product to
and decreasing human errors and lead time. the company's exsisting sales portfolio.
Trained existing staff, hired additional business development executives
and managed staff to increase productivity and effectiveness. New Business line (04/2012)
Introduced Ammonium Sulphate (Fertilizer Grade) as a
Designed and implemented processes to enhance sales productivity, new product to the company's exsisting sales portfolio.
through pipelines, CRM tools, and targeted education. Increased viable lead
generation by 47% in first year. Long Term Contract (08/2010)
Develop relationships with existing client base at all levels , establishing Signed a long term supply agreement with a state
brand awareness. owned Chinese company for the supply of Chrome Ore.

Responsible for creating, planning and implementing external marketing

Created new brand awareness, through marketing, sales materials, and INTERESTS
sales replication.
Launched a New Travel destination and successfully reached goal of over Gym Board Games Cycling
$50,000 in sales within the first 3 months.
Designed, developed and implemented a new Hotel Booking product. Gardening Travelling Socializing
Finalized contracts with Various B2B suppliers and XML portals.
Accomplishments include helping the agency grow from PKR 110 to PKR
190 million in yearly hotel sales revenue.

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Senior Business Development Manager
Awan Trading Co. (Pvt) Ltd
08/2013 – 05/2016 Karachi, Pakistan
Awan Trading Co. (Pvt) Ltd is a large import house that specializes in the supply of Non
Coking Steaming Coal of various origins such as South African, Indonesian, Afghan and
Acted as a liaison between senior management, principals and clients to
insure proper lines of communications, critical in trouble shooting myriad
problems and issues requiring immediate attention and solution.
Handled legal matters by communicating with the corporate lawyers &
consultants locally & abroad.
Formulated & negotiated bids, estimates, pre-feasibility & feasibility studies
for new & existing clients.
Formulated medium term business strategy and its annual review.
Drafted contracts, MOU & Heads of Agreements for Buyer & Seller for spot
& term contracts.
Performed Business analysis and proposed & implemented improvement
Monitored local market performance and future demand of coal for the
upcoming IPPs.
Developed new business in existing markets.
Brought in additional revenue of $2.1 Billion from 2013 to 2016 growing
the business an average of 10% yearly.

Business Development Manager

Seatrade Group
10/2009 – 08/2013 Karachi, Pakistan
Seatrade Group is one of the largest independent organizations in the trading and
shipping industry of Pakistan.
Started as an Associate and got promoted to Business Development
Manager of various commodities such as Chrome ore, Iron Ore, copper ore,
Barite Ore, Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Corn, Coal, Cement, Clinker, Oil Seeds, &
Animal Feed.
Procurement, Sales and Marketing of aforementioned commodities to local
and international buyers and sellers.
Handled the portfolio of cement sector for the import of coal to maintain
the market share of company.
Personally grew a handful of large/key accounts by over 15%.
Created and executed global business plan to expand sales to new markets,
signing customers in 5 new markets in first 2 years.
Formulated & negotiated bids, estimates, pre-feasibility & feasibility studies
for new & existing clients.
Co-ordinate Presentations and other publications for the Chairman of the
group for his addresses on various Minerals and Cement conferences.
‘Cold calling’ to arrange meetings at various Conferences.

Feroze 1888 Mills ltd
05/2009 – 08/2009 Karachi, Pakistan
Feroze1888 Mills Limited is a leading manufacturers and exporters of specialized textile &
terry products in Pakistan.

B.S Joint Hons (Accounts & Finance)
Institute of Business Management
08/2007 – 06/2011 Karachi, Pakistan

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