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From: Mr.

Ibad Ambalawala
Sales & Business Development
Tel: +92-345-8206009
Issuing Date: 27th August 2018
To: Mark

Price Indication
We hereby offer the following product with their specs and pricing details:

Commodity: Full Fat Soybean Meal Extruded

Origin: Pakistan
Total Quantity: 200 Mt in Containers
Shipment Terms: CNF Colombo

Packing: Packing in 50kg new PP bags in 20’ FCLs

Price per MT: US$ 520

By Irrevocable/ Negotiable sight letter of credit issued by first class
bank, Acceptable to Seller for 100% value of goods.
15 % advance of the contract value to be remitted by the Buyer to
the Seller’s bank within 3 working days of the contract being signed
and receipt of proforma invoice and 85% balance on copy document.
Insurance: To be Covered by Buyer at their own expense
Inspection for Quality and Quantity Service at Seller 's Cost shall
inspect the Commodity at Place of Loading.
Moisture 12% Max
Crude Protein 36% Min
Crude Fat 20% Min
Crude Fiber 3% Max
Specifications: Sand/Silica 1% Max
Urease Activity 0.05-0.2
Aflatoxin 20 ppb Max
T2-Toxin 25 ppb Max
Protein Solubility in 0.2% KOH 80%-85%
1) Signed Commercial Invoice 3 Original & 3 Copies.
2) Full set of Bill of Lading "Clean on Board" marked "Freight
Prepaid" 3 Original & 3 Copies.
3) Fumigation certificate by GAFTA approved surveyor.
4) Phyto by Certified competent government authority.
5) Weight & Quality certificate by internationally certified GAFTA
approved surveyor at seller’s option.
6) Packing List.
7) Certificate of Origin from the Local Chamber of Commerce or
Industry of Pakistan

* Price subjected to reconfirmation.