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Delphi has indigenously developed Body Control Modules (BCMs) for commercial as well as passenger vehicle
segment at its Technical Centre India (TCI), Bangalore. The BCM records all the vital details regarding the health
of the vehicle, including tyre-pressure monitoring, rain-sensor wiper functions, interior lighting control and ambient
light sensing. In this article, Delphi explains the development process of the BCM it supplies to Mahindra &Mahin-
dra, called Mahindra Body Function Module (MBFM), and its focus on the commercial vehicles sector.


is Director,Technical Center India
Bangalore, Delphi Electronics &

MOTIVATION created from numerous combination pos-

sibilities. And that is exactly what Delphi
A vehicle today comprises of various is creating, when designing these central
modules, including air-conditioning, inte- control units.
rior lighting, door locks, power windows,
power mirrors, air conditioning, immobi-
liser system, and central locking, among PRODUCT DESIGN
others. And each module requires a Body
Control Module (BCM) to check, regulate The BCM is considered as an electrical
and operate electronic accessories centre of the vehicle, with the purpose of
throughout the car. The BCM gathers all controlling all the common electrical func-
these separate modules under one system tions within the vehicle, as well as some
so that they can function together to mon- of the electronics that is now present in
itor and control various electronic acces- the vehicle and does not have a dedicated
sories in a vehicle’s body. hardware. The architectures of the BCM
The BCM plays a deciding role in cost can be defined as:
efficiency as they allow for the amount of :: High electrical/ low electronic content
wiring within the vehicle to be signifi- (Centralised)
cantly reduced by providing interfaces :: Low electrical/ high electronic content
through vehicle bus-systems. Depending (Distributed)
on the architecture approach, different Delphi strives to optimise the Electrical/
variants of central control units can be Electronics (EE) system as per OEM

requirements. An example of optimised make a suitable decision. The feature capable of interfacing with the vehicle's
architecture of high-end BCM is the one allows automatic detection of rain and instrument cluster, HVAC and theft deter-
the company developed for Mahindra & automatically turns the wipers on or rent via CAN or discreet.
Mahindra – Mahindra Body Function off. The system can also detect the In order to leverage its BCM to the next
Module (MBFM). The MBFM is a cost- intensity of rain and accordingly level, Delphi has developed a 24 V mod-
effective design that contains a powerful adjusts the wiper speed. The feature ule for the commercial vehicle segment.
set of features, while still minimising also detects the ambient light intensity The electrical system in CVs uses either
packaging size. The MBFM has a highly to detect daylight, as well as situations, 12 V or 24 V, and Delphi has solution for
flexible design with 32-bit µC architecture where vehicle enters a tunnel or both variants. The mechanical packaging
and wide variety of interfaces. It has been parking lot. (including connectors) is same for both
developed based upon Building Block :: Door Ajar and Puddle Lamps: Mahin- variants of the BCM. The colours of the
(BB) approach and customised for partic- dra’s XUV500 is equipped with door connectors are different to ensure there
ular vehicle characteristics. ajar and puddle lamps. Door ajar are no issues during vehicle assembly,
The key functionalities of the MBFM are: lamps help safe entry and exit from the and help differentiate between 12 V and
:: Remote Keyless Entry (RKE): The vehicle, and act as a warning indicator 24 V BCMs. The BCM application algo-
remote keyless entry feature allows the to alert on ‘door open’ condition. On rithm remains same for both the 12 V and
remote locking/ unlocking of doors as the other hand, puddle lamps help to 24 V systems. This is AUTOSAR complaint
well as activating the alarm system. illuminate the door side road, when so that application is independent of
The RKE feature includes requesting the door is open, making your exit lower layer software.
the central door locking system to lock safer. The MBFM monitors these sen- The module offers the functionality
all doors and flash the turn lamps as sors during start and stop of the vehi- expected in a standard BCM, including an
visual feedback. The RKE also arms cle to generate the alarms. RF receiver for remote keyless entry and a
the anti-theft system. In case any one So far, the Technical Center India Delphi tyre pressure monitoring system. The
of the door or bonnet is open, a visual has developed two kinds of BCMs for company will supply the BCM to major
alarm is activated detecting failure to UVs like Mahindra Bolero and XUV 500. commercial vehicle manufacturers this
lock the door. year. The body computer becomes com-
:: Integrated TPMS: The Tyre Pressure plete with an immobiliser.
Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors CV APPLICATIONS
the air pressure inside the tyres. The
system will provide alerts in case of Meanwhile, the Delphi BCM meant for CONCLUSION
low air pressure, high air pressure and trucks and buses performs all basic func-
air leakage from any of the tires. The tions that are needed for modern passen- At its Technical Center India, Delphi offers
TPMS continues to provide an alert ger cars, while remote keyless entry and extensive engineering capability for the
until the problem is rectified. The immobiliser functions are standard. The BCM both for its global and local custom-
TPMS has individual sensors for each BCM records all details regarding the ers. A team of engineers works on several
tire that are monitored at regular health of the vehicle, all of which can be advanced engineering systems, including
intervals during driving as well as downloaded easily during the vehicle’s embedded software, mechanical engineer-
when the vehicle is stationary. The diagnostics stage. ing, product engineering design and other
RKE and TPMS have an integrated It is vital that functionality, wiring har- automotive engineering related fields.
receiver in MBFM. ness and power supply of the whole vehi- Delphi uses standard production build-
:: Static Bending Lamp Control: The cle electrical system is perfectly harmo- ing blocks to minimise development time
XUV 500 headlamps sport a unique nised. Central control units provide an and provide low-cost, low-mass solutions.
feature called ‘Static Bending’, (4). enormous functional density and the Del- It has a separate development section that
When the car is taking a turn, static phi BCM combines classic power distribu- works consistently on the development of
bending lamps help in automatically tion and the safeguarding of relay and modular systems in order to guarantee
illuminating the curve path turn, thus fuse boxes with the advantages of intelli- their efficient use. In the areas of soft-
improving visibility dramatically. The gent, micro-controller controlled systems. ware, circuitry hardware and mechanical
turns of the vehicle and road turns are Highly integrated modules, an optimised design in particular, there are close inter-
detected by the MBFM using either the and innovative packaging technology, as actions between the specific requirements
steering wheel sensor or the turn indi- well as cutting-edge design and produc- of the central control units and the design
cator signal provided by the driver. tion methods have been used in the com- of the modular systems.
:: Smart Rain-Sensing Wipers & pany’s products. BCMs control almost every system of a
Intelligent Light-Sensing Headlamps: The BCM supplies vehicle occupants vehicle – from engine to suspension – and
The MBFM performs rain and light with visual and audible information and OEMs are increasingly focusing on the up-
sensing using a dedicated rain-light controls various vehicle functions. Offer- integration of this technology.
sensor that provides all the relevant ing standard features such as lock control,
information of ambient lighting as well interior/ exterior lighting control and More on this article
as rain concentration at any time to motor and relay drive outputs, the BCM is

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